Open Thread: Way of the Warlord Edition

Today marks the first full month of Way of the Warlord.  I’d like to leave it open for discussion today and get some feedback about the series as well as the progress that you have made.

For me, the best part has been keeping me nutrition on point and lifting as much as possible.

Author: Jnyx

Fitness addict, DIY guru, tech nerd, member of Memesters Local 419.

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      2. Man, if I could install this app in google glass, I’d actually buy it…walk down the street and see what women really look like….just like They Live

          1. That would be for the guys looking for a LTR. When you buy rather than rent, you got to look at the bad along with the good.

            1. funny, my grandmother told my sister when she got married to always wear make up to bed so that her husband never sees her without it. My sister thought this was terribly dated advice. I thought it was sweet to think of my grandmother going to bed with fresh makeup on knowing that my grandfather would come in from work at midnight or later.

              1. My wife sometimes will do that, she will paint herself up and put on some lingerie. It is no stretch of the imagination to think she wants to be treated like a whore on occasion…… Good times.

        1. Actually CC that’s kind of a depressing thought. I have only been closely associated with a couple of women who did not wear makeup nor did they need to. One of them came to work all dolled up for a social function and was scarcely recognizable in a good way! I prefer to think of most of them with the evening’s costume and war paint still in place, not how she looks in the morning after I’ve ridden her hard and put her up wet. 😉

          1. yep, me too- 2 gfs in college, neither needed makeup. one resembled diane keaton, the other kate moss. had a 24 yr old asst 10 yrs ago, in an open marriage and was into BDSM stuff, always flirting with me…amazed how I resisted that one…

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    1. Eat eggs and liver.
      Lift weights.
      Take a good multivitamin that also has magnesium and zinc.
      Don’t drink more than one night per week.
      Get 7+ hours of sleep per night.

      1. I lift 2 to 3 times per week mostly high reps low weight because I love soccer and don’t plan on getting Big . Eggs yes … can’t muster up the courage to eat liver

        1. One thing you might also want to look into is minimizing estrogens in the body. The best way I know how to do this other than supplements is to eat a ton of cruciferous vegetables, broccoli being the go-to vegetable in this case.
          If all else fails, find a doctor who will get you on TRT. If one tells you no, go find another.

          1. doctor hunting in order to fuck with your hormones in an extreme and temporary way registers right next to eating broken glass on the smarts meter. old farts like dickhead here have lower T than younger farts like you and younger farts like you have lower T than young farts like..whoever is young here.

            The question is, is it low or is it low for your age. The first doctor that tells you no is probably trying to spare you a whole lot of grief that comes from fucking with your natural hormones. There are legit reasons for this shit, but most of them are really serious medical and not just tryin’ to feel 16 again.

            As William Burroughs wisely reminds us, in order to feel 18 you have to be 18…..don’t sell your soul for a strap-on

          1. seriously? I get cut , as long as I keep my diet in check, but don’t you also do very little cardio ?

            1. gotta do it right and eat right. Very little? I do one hour of intervals on a very high setting on the stairmaster 1 hour per day…so not a ton but not a little. I get cut as well. Lean muscle big. The old cliche of lift heavy weight low rep for size and light weight high rep for lean cut is just bad thinking that mostly creeps into the world through bad bro science and uniformed gym goers who think backwards.

              growth is pinned to caloric intake. I get to 225 with 10% bodyfat fairly easily using all light weight and high reps (with the exception of weekly bench mark lifts to see my strength gains) and a fuck ton of meat, eggs, butter, nuts and avocado

              1. oh shit avocado, yeah i need to eat more of that. I love avocados but don’t want to spend the time peeling them. Every second counts when you’re a single dad running around. I am at 180 lbs with 6-8 hours of soccer per week. At the gym , I am the guy with the least amount of weights on the curl stand and the bench . I do about 200 sit-ups per day. This low-T condition has been fucking me up mentally though and I skipped the last 3 days.

                  1. No I do not, sorry. I did take the advice though. On Friday, I took the following supplements: Ginger root, a daily vitamin, vitamin D, fish oil, Fenogreek, and drank green tea. I fasted all day Saturday and at night I ate an avocado. Saturday night I had a date with my girlfriend and I drank a chili pepper pineapple margarita which got me in the mood for sex. I did have one normal bang but I had difficulty on round #2. On Sunday I ate an avocado egg omelette, played soccer, and ate just a handful of potato salad. I tried to limit sugar intake. My doctor prescribed me 30 days of Wellbutrin which is an upper and I took it the last 4 days. I do feel much better but more than likely will take a testosterone shot this week while I flush out the toxins and change my diet. I only want to take the meds in the short term. Any other food or supplement suggestions?

    2. Start fasting once in a while. It raises levels of testosterone and HGH in your body naturally.

      It also has a host of other benefits including resetting insulin levels, resetting blood sugar levels, and initiating your internal cellular recycling program (autophagy) which clears out dead, damaged, and diseased cells in your body.

      1. Fasting….for how long? Water permitted? Details, damn you, details!

        1. There’s all kinds of plans based on personal preference and what people can handle.

          Some people do intermittent fasting. They basically skip meals and eat all their food in an 8 hour window (or 4 hour window) instead of grazing all day. It amounts to a 16 or 20 hour fast. I don’t know if I consider these fasting, but technically they are and they are more beneficial than eating 6 times a day, which is what is pushed on everyone as “ideal”.

          Some people fast twice a week for an entire day.

          Some do combinations, and mix in longer multiday fasts every month or three months.

          I just eat every other day now. I’m also trying a three day fast this weekend. It’s day two now and I’m about 44 hours in (I last ate Wed night).

          Water is always permitted.

          There is also juice fasts, and some people do “bone broth” fasts. Juice and bone broth are not really fasts since you are getting calories, but it helps some people get through and they get a good portion of the benefits.

          There’s really no one way to do it. The main thing is to start addressing the issue of “when and how often you eat” instead of just “count calories” or “graze all day”.

          There’s way more information than I can fit in a post. Start googling “fasting and testosterone”, “intermittent fasting”, “fasting and hgh”. It’s really fascinating just how fasting works, and why we had this idea that eating 6 six times a day was pushed on us as a country.

          There’s also a number of articles by Dr. Jason Fung on a site called Diet Doctor. He’s used fasting to reverse Type 2 Diabetes in numerous people at his clinic. He has a lot of articles on the effects of fasting.

  1. Supercomputer Programmed To Think Like The Zodiac Killer

    So these idiots have programmed a supercomputer to think like the Zodiac Killer, and it has already started writing its own creepy serial killer poetry.

    Have they never watched any movies? Have they never read a Stephen King novel? How stupid are these dumbasses?

    This never, ever ends well.

    1. Yes, but I just read a Popular Mechanics article that says there is nothing to fear about artificial intelligence. We will have self driving cars and all that.

      1. Yeah, they say that in the movies, too…. just before the self-driving car rams into a wall doing 90 mph and kills everyone inside.

            1. So is Kersey. His anti-AKC AI will destroy all of our accounts and send our information to his Haitian lair where he will have the finest village girls serving him some nice water. He will also snort coke off of the butts of his Ukrainian mistresses.

        1. Say a pedestrian steps in front of your self driving car. Swerving kills the driver not swerving kills the pedestrian. Now how does the programer weight each life.

          1. Good question. But it won’t be a programmer making that decision, it will be a team of lawyers.

            1. True self driving cars will be great for lawyers. They will have plenty of lawsuits against some big companies everytime one of these cars kill someone.

              1. I dont think so- car companies will be immune from prosecution, this was snuck into a bill a few months ago

                1. Legislation is made by lawyers for lawyers. They may be making certain companies immune from some kinds of prosecution, but there is no way that the lawyers are cutting off the source of funds to the lawyers.

          2. Easy, the jaywalking pedestrian is at fault. Murder those sonsabitches and use the grease for your bearings.

            1. jaywalk is one of my favorite etymologies.

              A “Jay” 100 years ago means a silly person. A jaywalker is a silly walker with all the cute connotations of silly

        2. Pray for ……….and all that drivel + location specific profile pic on Facebook. And if you protest the they might take money off your chip implant. Also, did you know that there are apps in China used to rate your loyalty to communism?

      1. I wish I had the link to the article, but it claimed setting up SkyNet will be much easier to achieve than having self-driving cars…

                  1. There is some character in some book i read at some point who says that “the only book i bother reading is the dictionary….every other book is in there anyway”

                    1. I missed out on alot of R rated 80s movies…my dad knew the guy who owned the video store, he’d say “well, lets just call your dad to make sure hes okay with this rental…what? okay, The Dark Crystal(again) it is!!- say hello to your parents for me.”

                    2. That’s why you took the VHS tape of Porkys 2 out of the box and put it in the Dark Crystal box, dummy.

                    3. did you even VHS bro? the actual tapes were behind enemy lines- you gave them the box, box went on shelf, they gave you the tape

                    4. mom n pop stores kept everything behind the counter. Im starting to think you are a rooskie operative. what year did mickey mantle win the triple crown?

                    5. That’s a trick question. Mickey Mantle didn’t win the Triple Crown, he banged the Triple Crown winner. 9 months later: Sarah Jessica Parker was born. True story.

                    6. I’ve always wanted to ask her “why the long face” and the one time I actually saw her I didn’t. I don’t have a lot of regrets, but that’s one of them

                    7. I vividly remember taking the Lethal Weapon tape out of the box and putting it in the Princess Bride box so I could rent it at the local video rental place. Then I rewound the scene with that chick’s freckled tits in the shower like 143 times.

                    8. I am saying I believe you, but that the security measures taken in whatever godforsaken part of america you live in might have been less stringent than in nyc so quite possible both accounts are correct.

                    9. I know, I just wanted to tell the freckled tits story. I remember those tits as being absolutely glorious, but I bet if I watched it again, I would be totally disappointed.

                    10. all 80’s girls are disappointing compared to the shit we have now.

                      The best analogy I have is that its like smoking crack from 2000-2017 and then saying “i remember how good doing coke was, let me try that instead”

                    11. I find it hard to believe. I worked in those stores in HS and college, and each new release was $99 each, a huge hit if it was stolen/unreturned

                    12. I recall the same which is why they were all hidden in those biog drawers (I wonder what those cabinets were re-purposed for) I am merely saying it is not “un-possible”that in a town that only has 6 people they might be more trusting

                    13. no, mom n pops, one in boston got bought out by hollywood video later on…that shop had an amazing selection

                    14. Hey Dark Crystal was AWESOME.
                      but I know what you mean. I think I was the only kid I knew who could figure out how to get porn out of the cable-box and who’s dad didn’t hoard Playboys…

          1. like you said yesterday: “Im too old for this shit.”
            I thought they banned using women as plates in nyc years ago?

              1. bem you have been married too long. no one under the age of 30 has any curly hairs anymore you 80’s throwback freak. The world is clean and smooth and hairless and wonderful

        1. Most things that are being brought out of your control e.g cars, currency, heating (if the world gets that communist) will be used to control you.

          1. oh I know- that mic in your shiny new autonomous car(free Sirius Radio though!) will record everything you say…car will lock the doors and drive you to the labor camps when the time is right

            1. Anything with the word ‘SMART’ will keep records of your activity! smart meters for your utilities, car electronics, phones (obvs), smart watch, TV and even children’s toys have been found to have spying capabilities.

                1. no, all that info winds up at the bottom of Lake Tahoe. you actually want a Smot Meter(not dumb meter like everyone says)

                    1. Im picturing pacino saying “you broke my hot” and giving his SmotTV the kiss of death as he switches over to DirecTV

                    1. hey…really…go forth this weekend…watch godfather and godfather II it really is required for this board at this point. you have missed, as @bem pointed out, a solid 30% of the jokes

          2. Jails use heat to control. Western jails use the thermostat to refrigerate the inmates who are given a sheet so they can remain curled up like a ball in their cells when they sleep. A/C costs money true, but the inmates environment is completely controlled.

            Third world jails have no thermostat. At least hird world jails throw you in a cage with your nice suit on, everything. You can even keep your giant moustache. Nice western jails take your clothes and give you orange hospital clothes but they let you keep your underwear. So if you’re going to get busted in the west, wear a longjohn style thermal jumpsuit for underwear but no whitie tighties beneath. Technically it’s your underwear so you can keep it on. Black with integral attached hood is ideal if you’re that much wrongfully confined and determined to escape.

          3. Jails use heat to control. Western jails use the thermostat to refrigerate the inmates who are given a sheet so they can remain curled up like a ball in their cells when they sleep. A/C costs money true, but the inmates environment is completely controlled.

            Third world jails have no thermostat. At least third world jails throw you in a cage with your nice suit on, everything. You can even keep your giant moustache. Nice western jails take your clothes and give you orange hospital clothes but they let you keep your underwear. So if you’re going to get busted in the west, wear a longjohn style thermal jumpsuit for underwear but no whitie tighties beneath. Technically it’s your underwear so you can keep it on. Black with integral attached hood is ideal if you’re that much wrongfully confined and determined to escape.

    2. why not program a computer to think like Thomas Jefferson or Nikola Tesla? why a serial killer?? unless they are planning to kill a bunch of us?

    3. Sounds like the Russell Crowe movie where he’s a computer program made up of the personality of several serial killers then he somehow escapes to the outside world and goes on a rampage.

      1. yes! that movie and “Strange Days” came out around the same time, presaged the future

          1. That fucking movie. I mean, ok alright with taking some liberties to make it a more compelling movie (and I am especially alright with having Edward G Robinson play the least convincing overseer in the history of the world) but come the fuck on. I watched that move with my jaw agape

    4. In all honesty, these kind of geeks/science nerds never ask *if* something should be done, they just wonder “can it be done” and have zero…zero…intuition regarding what problems their meddling can cause. I’m not talking normal inventors, I’m talking guys going out and figuring out how to mount machine guns on drones, or programming an AI killer, etc. Freaking high IQ morons.

      1. Oh c’mon Ghost…what’s a little SkyNet between friends? After all who wouldn’t want to live in a techno-topia where autonomous killer droids & drones try to hunt you down 24/7. Boston Dynamics should be delivering the first wave to the DoD any day now…

  2. 2 months without alcohol, eating-well and working out.
    Fit and healthy – but collapsed on street, taken to hospital – plenty of tests over 4 days, and “nothing” wrong.
    I reckon is lack of drink.

    1. You know, back when I smoked in my early 20’s, I was climbing all over the mountains and never got winded. 20 years later, I can’t keep up with my former self. Maybe I need to take up smoking again.

      1. smoking – so much worse than drinking…
        I get a healthy dose of smoke on the streets of NYC — whether you want it or not..
        Used to smoke, then like the 2nd hand a bit — now disgusts me.

          1. Same here. I was climbing up and down the terraces on closed landfill sites when I noticed that I was really getting winded. Now twelve years after quitting smoking I have my wind back. I can climb a 50′ vertical ladder faster than my younger coworkers now. I get a little out of breath, but nothing like when I smoked.

                1. I like the martini with a twist of lemon. I, for whatever reason, am very sensitive to the taste of salt.

                  Negroni is an early 20th century italian drink that is one part gin, one part dark vermouth and one part compari and has an interesting history and an excellent taste.

            1. I also don’t like a lot of popular gins because i find them bland…i like really assertive tasting ones (I also like assertive Islay island scotches as well) and I go with bols genever. Not only is it fun to order bols (pronounced balls but it isn’t balls gin which is different) but has a super taste and a very interesting history to boot.

        1. I’ve tried several kind of gin and none of them has ever appealed to me. After shave taste, the lot of them.

        2. F.I.T – fashion institute of Technology
          Place to find great tasting leftist? sloots in the ’90s
          Nowadays I walk past and cannot determine whatthefuckzitis

      1. I’ve never actually drank turpentine before but, if I did it would probably taste like gin.

      1. No.
        Everything good.
        Walking with 12 year old daughter and faceplanted.
        Poor kid handled it well .
        4 days on tests. Nothing showed. Seems like seizure to me.
        Just got new threads/haircut girls are looking again….
        Bastards cut my coat of me, and scabbed face, and feel like shit- weird. Gunna chill for couple of days

        1. Im feeling your pain brotha. The low T has hit me hard and I just started dating a girl who has a high libido

                1. I’ve known friends who had a random seizure . One friend never had a second episode , the other had chronic episodes . Hope you never have one again

        2. You should’ve eased off the potion instead of cold turkeyed it. Some bodies can’t handle the shock an abrupt stop brings.

          1. i read that, but only if extreme alcoholic.
            They are going to do sleep study…i sleep 2 hours at a time…killing me

            1. See if you can get something called SNAP from your doctor. It’s an administer yourself sleep study so you don’t have to go to the hospital for it. I did it and it worked well and I didn’t have to be in hell for a night

  3. I reintroduced citrulline into the mix. In all seriousness, it is the most effective supplement I have ever used, I am kicking myself for ever not using it, and I recommend it to you all.

    So good, I may even stop freebasing Kratom.

    1. The only reason citrulline works is because of the Kratom. Snorting it off a strippers ass makes it even more effective.

  4. Trial and error as far is fitness is concerned. I’ve come away with results, though. Most of my deficiencies come from the nutrition standpoint and I will be stepping up my food prep for adequate caloric intake.

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