Sunday Wisdom: November 19 2017

and to aspire to live quietly, and to mind your own affairs, and to work with your hands, as we instructed you, so that you may walk properly before outsiders and be dependent on no one.

1 Thessalonians 4:11‭-‬12 ESV

Most of us aren’t anything special. We aren’t famous, rich, big executives, or well-known womanizers. We struggle to lead our families, provide for them, and not go insane in the process. To the outside world, we are disposable, faceless cogs that the big players think they can swap out with someone else whenever they want.

But realize what you are: You are a man who has taken control of what he has and leads his family with a purpose. The quiet and peaceful life is one filled with rightousness and joy, not the debauchery and emptiness of the famous. You work for money not because you are a miser, but because you and your family need it. While the SJWs destroy their lineage by pointing them towards homosexuality, sterilization, and even by making them eunuchs (in the name of transgenderism), you raise up well-adjusted children who will be good parents in their own right. Stay at home moms are more content and have better satisfaction (including sexually) than the career woman.

Being a working father used to be widely respected and praised. It is not so today, but it is still the proper thing to do and is recognized by all. The childless and the fruitless will only last their lifetime and will pass on to punishment. You have chosen the path of righteousness that will last generations longer than you will. You have chosen what God wills despite what the desires of the culture are.

Spend time with your family this Sunday. If you can, visit the parents or in-laws that raised you or your wife well. Honor them for what they did, and maybe let them keep the kids while you show your wife how much you love her.

Have a blessed Sunday.

11 thoughts on “Sunday Wisdom: November 19 2017”

  1. Agree with most of this but do have a question.

    “The childless and the fruitless will only last their lifetime and will pass on to punishment.”

    The first part of that sentence of course is true, but why will the childless be punished? Especially if a guy knows he is not fit to be a father, isn’t it better he doesn’t have kids?

    1. From a secular standpoint, provided they don’t die prematurely, with no children they will probably end up alone a nursing home. There they will spend countless hours in a living hell. That’s not to say it doesn’t happen to people with children and grandchildren. But I would prefer to have my son decide on my long term care facility should it become necessary, rather than the state.

      From a Christian standpoint espousing and worse yet, teaching your children, a doctrine of perversion and evil is a sin. Clearly the entire SJW platform goes against the basic tenets of Christian morality and it is being pushed in the schools.
      Better to have a millstone around your neck and be cast into the sea than to deceive one child. They are deceiving millions.

      From portraying the homosexual / transgender movement as normal, advancing the “slut” culture and murdering the unborn to the theft that is “socialism”, the attacks on the nuclear family and their lies about “love” and tolerance, there will be no place in the Kingdom of Heaven for them if they remain unrepentant and do not turn from their wicked ways.

      A big part of their agenda is to destroy Western civilization. Lawlessness and chaos bring great evil upon many people. You reap what you sow. You cannot go through life doing these things without repercussions. I have seen it happen too many times to believe that a sinful generation will come away unscathed.

      1. Sure, I agree with this as well.
        Except perhaps for the part about ending up alone in a nursing home. As long as I can find a home depo to buy a nice strong rope, that ain’t gonna happen.

        But my question was not directed towards the SJW crowd. Their goal is to destroy traditional western civilization.

        Basically I am asking if a guy who believes in traditional western values knows he is unfit to be a parent due to any number of reasons such as doesn’t like/impatient with kids, heavy drinker, womanizer/whorechaser, violent or abusive tendencies, etc.., isn’t it better if he does not have children?

        1. Well I can’t speak for the author, but I took by inference that he was speaking primarily about the SJW crowd. I do believe that a man who is unfit to be a husband and a parent and knows it shouldn’t have a family. That includes wilfully unfit as in being a drunkard, promiscuous, prone to violence or otherwise morally incontinent. I believe this goes back to Christ’s admonition to be either hot or cold, for if you are lukewarm He will spew you out of His mouth. In other words, He has more respect for a man who boldly embraces a terminally hedonistic lifestyle, knowing full well he is enjoying his reward right here right now, than a pretender who gives the appearance of morality. If you are going to live a life of immoral pleasure, then you certainly shouldn’t drag children into it.

          1. Good answer. And I guess it was the one I was looking for as well.

            “or a man who boldly embraces a terminally hedonistic lifestyle, knowing full well he is enjoying his reward right here right now”

            I suppose some do “boldly embrace it”. Others just wind up there due to the circumstances of their life.

      2. Interesting what you said about being alone in the ” old folks home”. I have male friends in their 50s that are brothers who are both childless. One is in the hospital alone at the moment and is going to be there a few days at least after having surgery with a 12 week recovery time, going to be out of work the whole time, his brother has to work so doesn’t have time to care for him. He lives with his elderly mother who’s not in the best of health and his father is in a nursing home. They don’t have anyone else. I also know a couple in their mid 60s, the husband is dying of cancer, they have no close relatives alive and soon the wife is going to be alone with no one to help her either. They never had kids because it would have caused them to “Change their lifestyle and cost too much”. I sometimes wonder if these people may think differently now. Many people no longer have children now so that they themselves can remain children to do all the the things that adults should have given up long ago.
        Go ahead and be a hardass now, perhaps in a few years when you’re sitting in the old folks home alone waiting on somebody to change your shitty diapers you’ll see the light. No, there’s no guarantee that your kids will give a damn about you being there but, in general if your kids hate you, it’s probably your fault.
        Also just because ” you keep yourself in shape ” doesn’t mean that you can’t find yourself being an invalid tomorrow.

        1. On Bumble, I swiped left on a childless women age 38 who adopted 3 kids from Haiti. You think those 3 kids will give a shit about her when she is frail and wrinkly? I am glad I got one kid despite being divorced. It’s been a mental and physical struggle to raise him but I made a best friend who plays soccer and video games with me.

  2. A man must keep a voice in his house always. If you tune out and relax, you’re not managing. You must be able to maintain an aura like a big cat napping, always with one eye open when you’re reclining, able to pull strings with your toes and bark commands when needed from the top, all seeing and all aware even if they think you’re unaware in your recliner buzzing.

    This is kind off topic buut . . . do these eyes look a little strange to you? Kind of like photoshopped maybe?

    I’d #2 in my pants if her eyes are for real. I’ve been to the zoo once or twice and those eyes look vaguely familiar.

    I must be getting warm. I know I’ve seen those exact eyes before. I scrolled through quite a few images and the one I remember had black fur and was a nursing grandmother with some toys strewn about. Maybe that’s one of her litter above.

  3. Spend time with your kids lol, yesterday my grown son and I went to an automobile swap meet then visited a friend in the hospital and I just finished a couple of hours of playing Mario Kart with my grown daughter.

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