Book Review: Titus Hauer’s “PEAK”

“I don’t want to be at the mercy of my emotions. I want to use them, to enjoy them, and to dominate them.”

-Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray

To preface this article, the full title is PEAK: The Neuroscientific Way to Self-Improvement, but I thought that might be a bit too much for the headline.

In the Red Pill community, discussions about stoicism, frame control, and controlling your emotions are pretty common place.  What’s less common, however, is the discussion on why we have emotions to begin with and methods for controlling them.

Enter Titus Hauer and his latest book, PEAK.  In this book, Titus digs deep into the topics of the origins of our emotions, what causes them, why we react the way we do to them, how to become aware of them, and how to control and harness them.

Large portions of this book reads like a scientific study, but don’t let that dissuade you from digging into it. While there’s a lot of technical discussions, Titus keeps the language simple enough for the layman (your’s truly) without dumbing it down to a condescending level.

So why would I recommend this book?

We men are the foundation of our homes.  We must be strong in order to support our wife and kids.  A man that breaks down to every shift in the wind is like building a house on sand.  We must keep our indomitable frame regardless of what our life (or wife) throws at us.

One key to maintaining frame in a relationship is to not let another person’s emotions persuade how you are feeling.  If your wife is angry and snaps at you, causing you to get angry as well, guess what, you’ve fallen into her frame.  When writing it out, it sounds like such a simple thing to control, but in the heat of the moment, it’s a completely different thing.  We’ve all been there and can remember the heat of our anger flush through us.  How do you control it?  In order to effectively lead your family, you absolutely must control your emotions regardless of what is lobbed your way.

How can we expect to do this if we don’t even understand what emotions are and why we have them?

You are not your thoughts, as long as you don’t act upon them or let them
dictate your behavior they’re just thoughts that are pretty harmless.
Once you are aware of the connections and how they form you are free to
change them as you will.

Titus Hauer not only covers the background of emotions in exquisite detail, he also covers many methods and tactics for recognizing when your emotions are about to spiral out of control and how to regain said control.  What makes this better is that all the tactics he prescribes are simple and can be applied anywhere at anytime and in a matter of seconds.

I found myself nodding as I read the methods he prescribed as they made absolute sense on both an intuitive and cognitive level.  Now mind you, just because the methods he gives are simple, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re always easy.  Many of these tactics prescribe thinking of the situation and your emotional response from a rational point of view, not something easily achieved when you’re fuming mad or on the verge of an anxiety attack.  Our amygdala is in overdrive and we’re dangerously close to fight or flight, but this is exactly what you must do.

You must engage your higher brain functions.  As Titus explains in his book, PEAK, engaging your higher brain functions minimizes, or completely shuts off, our baser brain functions, allowing us to regain control over our emotions.  Once that’s achieved, we can harness those emotions to enhance our performance or set them aside so they don’t negatively affect an important decision we need to make.

All in all, this was a pretty easy read (84 pages), but very informative.  There were some typos and grammatical errors within the book, but nothing that makes it unreadable.  Titus is from Germany so I will chalk it up to it not being his primary language.  To be frank, it’s a lot better than if I tried to write a book in another language!  I would recommend PEAK to every reader here for it’s information on controlling your emotions and using them to propel you forward.

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Author: Jak

Jak, married and father of three, seeks to help the Red-Pill Community take its next step past the petty cynicism and ineffectual anger. While he recognizes that men are significantly handicapped by the modern legal system and culture, he doesn't accept that traditional marriage is untenable in today's social climate. Rather, men must be willing to adapt to this new world by implementing new tactics and approaches to maintaining a balance of power. Jak is here to provide you with these lessons.

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                    1. No, but HE was an acclaimed cocksmith who was booted out for sampling ‘the student body’ now and then….

                    2. This guy was hilarious….the biggest ego in the world, said we should be tossing him money. At one point it turned into an entire class pelting him with change when he faced the board. He taught world (German) history as well and did his damnedest to ‘wrap up’ WW2 in the spring of 1942 with Germany liberating Europe….

          1. have you ever been in the car with someone who compulsively reads signs out loud as you pass them”

            “XYZ Avenue”

            “Buy Toilet Paper”

            “Cracker Barrel Exit 597”

            “Baby on Board”

            It is one of the most infuriating things to me.

              1. It’s funny, nails on a chalkboard never actually bothered me. This, however, is one of the things that drives me nuts. Also people (like my wonderful and loving mother) who anthropomorphize cars.
                “Ok Mr Toyota, use your signal when you change your lane”

                “Come on Honda….go faster”

                1. what do you think the conversations will be like when men take their real love dolls on dinner dates?

                  1. everything he likes- sportsball data, comic books, videogames…install the google maps app too, so she can figure how the quickest route to buffalo wild wings…its gonna be AWESOME

                    1. “Sorry [insert waiter name] she seems to be low on funds and cannot pay the bill.However she can wash dishes, I’ll come back and pick her up later”

            1. I read the mile markers once. almost got tossed out the car, thats only funny the first few markers

                1. Count Von Count? That’s his name? I thought he was just “The Count”.

                  The More You Know…

                2. 2 things about count von count.

                  Count von Count was the subject of a childhood dream that haunts me and, in some ways, guides me to this day.

                  Also, it is not arbitrary or just because of the title “count” that makes Count von Count the math guy. Because of their ultra heightened senses, one myth about vampires is that they would toss sand in the air and count the grains before it fell to the floor.

            2. my mom comments on every store and and sign she sees while in the passenger seat, then when there is nothing else she complains about my driving.

          1. I am REALLY missing Greg Kelly on Good Day NY- he was a cool dude(and most women thought he was a sexist pig of course- #1 in NY for like 8 yrs)

              1. Ray Kelly’s son.
                He was falsely accused of rape a few years ago by a bar waitress. Funny thing is that I used to work near that bar, and went there once a week for lunch (great Irish breakfast).
                This was at the same time the accusation happened.
                Pretty sure she served me more than once.

                    1. Nice! And they say the Irish don’t know anything about food.
                      Now I want to go there just to get one!

            1. Just recently noticed they took him off the air.
              They replaced him with a black girl.
              Noticed from the commercials.

        1. they can’t even read the menus at Dennys. Their ADD is hypersensitive due to crazy meds and sometimes just ask for shit that isn’t on the menu.

  1. Just out of curiosity, who is Titus Hauer? I googled him and other than manosphere reviews and his own self-promotion I see nothing. Does he have any background in neuroscience? Is he a medical doctor who has specialized in neurology? Has he done advanced research in psychology, neurophilosophy or cognitive theory? Has he any significant background in neurobiology? Is he a Biotechnologist? Biomedical Engineer?

    The reason I ask is because the internet seems to have made it possible for anyone and everyone to pass opinions off as expertise and I am very cautious in taking a book on neuroscience seriously when it comes from someone with zero credentials other than his opinion and the knowledge of where to find Wikipedia. Most of the time it is basically just “bro science” dressed up to seem like serious scholarship.

      1. I am not sure i really need to know all that badly and going to a website called forehead ain’t happening, like my uber rating, my browser is clean and virginal.

        1. Haha, fair enough. For what it’s worth, many of the things he discussed in his book lines up with what I’ve studied on the subject so it’s not like he’s making a bunch of shit up out of his ass.

          1. I don’t know what is in there and no reason to assume it is all bullshit, but there are tens of thousands of books written on this topic with people who actually have a background in the field, have spent their lives dedicated to the study of the science and who actively participate in professional associations where they keep current with material like the SFN.

            Given that I could spend the same time reading a book by an amateur versus a professional, I would usually side with the professional.

        1. reminds me of an old SNL sketch “Dream Gynecologist” starring mel gibson.
          “Mrs Smith…you were just in for a checkup 3 days ago”

        2. I already am an exceptional amateur gynecologist. Does that count? I mean some of the course work really did stink. But if you can get past the smell you’ve got it licked…

    1. You know, I have no objection to “bro science,” so long as it 1) spreads no harmful misinformation and 2) inspires dialogue and deeper inquiry.

      1. And that is fine CoP and I am with you….the thing is, neuroscience isn’t something that everyone knows enough about to really get the difference between information and misinformation. With a world of people who actually know the field, the history, the dialogue and the pitfalls, who are trained in the subject, who have made contributions to the field I don’t find it particularly interesting to read the ramblings of an amateur. I feel this way about most fields…including and maybe especially philosophy. Watching people talk or write about shit they couldn’t possibly understand with the pomp of an expert is mind bogglingly annoying

        1. No argument there. I think in my case, my BS filters are so heavy duty that questionable info never even penetrates deep enough into my brain for me to be able to articulate a critique.

    2. Checking the credentials of the author is certainly important – there are too many books that promise just about anything and which are written by authors who are not really qualified to deliver. However, one has to take into consideration what one tries to achieve. For example:
      1) If I need rigorous scientific information I will read scientific articles.
      2) If I want to learn something just out of curiosity I will read some popular science books (preferably written by
      a renowned scientist in that field).
      3) If I want to achieve real change in my life I will read a book or blog or whatever from someone who has achieved the same thing I want to achieve. Even better if that someone had the same starting position as I do.

      I think of it this way – if one wants to learn to pick up women, who is he better to ask for advice, an evolutionary
      psychologist or a natural with a few decades of experience? Similarly, if I want to become rich I think it is better to take advice from a successful businessman than a university professor of business or economy. Yet another example would be quitting with smoking – just ask someone who managed to do that instead of asking a doctor who either never smoked a cigarette in his life or is a smoker himself.

      Based on the above I do not think that not having a background in neuroscience would necessarily disqualify Titus Hauer as author of a book that promises to teach “How to get in control of your Emotions” etc, but I would certainly like to know a thing or two about the guy to see whether he actually achieved something worth imitating/reproducing in terms of controlling his emotions before I spend my time/money/energy on reading his book.

      1. fair enough point, but I know nothing about Titus other than that he wrote his book. For all I know is that he is some pansy. He frames his book in terms of neurosciences and his topic is emotional control yet there is no proof he knows dick about either of these things–other than the circular argument that he has written a book about it. The advice may very well be sound, but there are tons of books out there on this very topic by people who have credible backgrounds.

  2. Proper frame is one of the more important, and yet tougher things to master. This weekend, my wife read my “Routine Maintenance” article. She asked what Dread Game is, I told her it is basically a 12 step process where the first six focuses on increasing your value, and the last six focuses on threatening to cheat before you actually do in order to change things in a marriage, rather than divorcing. This sparked a decent conversation about what women want. She said the basic thing women want is to feel secure.

    This made sense to me. Shit tests, throwing fits and the like are all aimed to see if you have what it takes as a man to deal with it accordingly. They want to test the waters to know they are on stable ground. They want to know that you have the strength, knowledge, and trustworthiness to be counted on. Financial problems, IMO are largely a result of shit tests. She doesn’t necessarily want that new purse, she wants you to put your foot down. Yes, she wants a bigger nest, but more importantly, she wants to feel that you are capable of reining in her spending.

      1. thought this was a jernt for men? letting the wife know about site(s) is a bad, bad, bad eye-deer…

          1. you should make you account private. all she needs to do is tell a friend about this site, what your handle is, she innocently clicks on your profile…

              1. Just you wait! One of these days you’re going to snap and go off the walls. It will be like it wasn’t even you but a doppelganger saying all these things…
                Which reminds me, have I ever told you how I got banned from ROK?

                  1. Alright Bem, go time….
                    I need a meme with the picture of the joker asking “Do you wanna know how I got banned from ROK?” instead of asking about his scars. Annnd….GO!

                    1. Just to have some fun and see how long I could get away impersonating him before someone caught on. Turns out, it’s hard to say something so absurd that people begin to wonder if it’s an imposter. I got progressively crazier and people still kept thinking I was the real FO3. I think Jim Johnson was even debating me at one point.
                      Well it all ended when the real FO3 came on and saw what was going on and began hemming and hawing about a (((troll))) that was being paid by the elitists to shut him down. Like the elitists give a flying fuck about some loon on Disqus. He eventually cried enough that ROK banned my IP.

                  1. When I’d actually say something crazy, Id refer to screennames of rok’ers who said it

                    “Where the hell did you hear that women get sole custody of the kids 85% of the time?”
                    “Darth Vader and God told me.”

                    1. I blame everything on Bem. Then follow up with “He uses Carlin for his avatar, what do you expect?” Which evokes that knowing “Ohhh, I see…”

                1. It was more of an accident, I was looking at my phone, and I quickly shut it off. She thinks I’m looking at porn, so I show her it isn’t.

              1. what was that thing made outta loose leaf called? seemed only a girl could make one?
                “pick a letter” (then she’d open and close it with her finger)
                “now pick a number”
                then she’d open it up and the message would read “sorry, you are gay”

                1. oh yeah….the thing you open and close and open and it answers your questions. Only girls could make those. Remember when they split the boys from the girls back in like 5th grade and taught the boys math and how to make a budget? Making those things, manipulation and blowjobs are what the girls learned

                2. I remember those too!!! Well, except the gay part. It was usually something about asking her “out”.

                  Except I also figured out how they did it. Yes, I know. I’ll be heading back to the nerd room now. Haha!

            1. I don’t think she spends time here, mostly church related websites or fakebook. She has told me I am less angry since August.

              1. I think she may have a point on that one. I find I’m not as angsty myself when not consuming comment after comment about how degenerate US women are.

      2. Some big drunk dude in a bar in Derry asked me if I was a catholic of a protestant once. That was a very, very, very scary moment as this was not the most peaceful of times. Woah. That could have gone badly

          1. Not too far off from how it wound up playing out. Suffice to say “are you a catholic hindu or a protestant hindu” is the strangest question i’ve ever been asked in a bar

        1. and ordering the wrong whiskey could get you clobbered too- if its a protestant bar, you ordered Bushmills; Catholic, Jameson’s.
          how did oyu diffuse that situation?

                    1. One time an irish girl was going on and on to me about the rape of ireland. I told her “i’ve seen you irish girls in spain…there was NO raping going on. You pasty chicks were waiting at the shore for the Spaniards to come in like kids wait for christmas”

                    1. That’s a good way of putting it. If I’m getting out of the house on my own for a drink, it’s because I want some fucking peace and quiet, not to have some awkward conversation with some other guy at the bar.

            1. I once witnessed a german tourist continually demand a Bushmills from old barman down in county Cork one night. The tourist didn’t believe the barman who said they didn’t carry it. Suggested he order a Jamesons instead before he got his ass beat.

              *Note: Bushmills, the oldest distillery in the world, has (supposedly) never hired a catholic since its founding in 1608.

          1. here is a good one.

            I was with a friend at a wedding downtown and we dipped out for a drink at Pound and Pence. My buddy, who is such an asshole he makes me seem like Jim Johnson, goes up to the big english bartender and orders an irish car bomb. Then orders another. On the third the bartender tells him “how’d you like it if I was in a bar ordering a 9-11” and, bless his heart, my buddy says “i don’t know, what’s in that”

        2. You know, I was one of those missionaries with the nametags in Ireland, we were about the only ones who could go into either neighborhood unscathed. If where were any Catholics (by heritage, not religion) that we converted, they had to move to protestant neighborhoods. Crazy over there.

            1. I so much agree to that, and I think they see that as well. We are just foreigners trying to do good.

              1. Yeah, my experience too (not the doing good part lol) but simply that once they knew you didn’t have a horse in the politics race you became measurably safer.

                1. Don’t think that’s an option anymore nowadays. Now it seems if you don’t wholeheartedly support the correct candidate, you get mauled. Being neutral is no longer an option in certain circles.

                  1. I’ve managed being neutral this long and will continue to do so. Politics is basically College Football and Hollywood with less athletic and attractive people.

                    1. yeah, but that’s ok. People taking dumb shit too seriously is like 80% of the stuff I mock. If I don’t have stuff to mock then I would be in big trouble

                  2. I think he meant in the context of Irish Cath-Prod warfare mindset.

          1. Reckon why they can’t just be like Baptists and Methodists? They talk a little trash about one another but they don’t go around blowing up other people’s shit. 🙂

            1. It’s a political thing there, If more than 50% get the vote, they could vote to become part of Ireland. Until then, Northern Ireland will remain with the UK. In the 1970’s, the IRA did a big push to get the Protestants out. Since then, there has been several Protestant groups like the UDA sprang up to counter them. (Listen to “Anarchy in the UK” by the Sex Pistols) Now, those groups have degenerated into turf wars over drugs, but there is still a huge animosity between the Catholics and Protestants as a whole, SJW’s are capitalizing on that much like they are here with the Democrats and Republicans. Curious how the Muslim invasion has been changing things.

              1. I once knew someone who told me that Catholic/Protestant arguments or Irish/English beefs are all caused by the same thing….lack of minorities. All these pasty doofuses are exactly the same, but they don’t have enough minorities so they have to hate each other. The muslim invasion may make tensions between these guys a lot better.

                1. That could be a part of it, but the discontent is so much more intense there. Where I grew up, there were no minorities to speak of (perhaps 1-2% Mexican at the time) and we never had animosity like that.

                    1. That was certainly in the culture there, vomiting in the streets, loud obnoxious behavior…….but then, that could have just been the tourists.

              2. You are on the right track but it is much deeper than that. There has been constant localized fighting for centuries. The majority of the American military up to WW1 was Ulster bred. My great grandmother explained the conflict in Northern Ireland like this. “You vandalize my livestock and spoil my grains… Our clan will burn your entire village to the fucking ground.” Something to that extent

    1. “She said the basic thing women want is to feel secure.”

      one interesting thing I have notice with regard to this, and keep in mind that my experience is not in marriage so things may be totally different, is that yes this sis 100% true, but it is only part of the story.

      When a woman is already safe, feeling secure is a given. The thrill of maybe not being safe and then looking at you and feeling secure is a big thing.

      Sure a woman feels safe on your arm, but if there is no danger even that safety gets routine. This can be extrapolated to emotional or psychological issues (hence dread game) as well as issues of physical safety

      1. She wants you to make her feel safe and secure from everything *except you.* You are to be challenging, charming, dangerous, funny, unpredictable, and anything but safe— while also being competent at keeping the slings and arrows of the world at bay. This is how it is.

        1. That totally jives with my own experience.

          BTW in one of the songs on his new album The Program, Cam’Ron suggests that when you meet a woman, the very first second you meet her, you should just bitch slap her right in the mouth. This way, in the future, she will never complain that you don’t treat her like you used to

        2. I like that. She wants to feel like you are crazy enough to take on the world and be exciting, yet trustworthy.

    1. More important than learning to read, is learning to question what you read. – George Carlin

  3. Been skimming the articles, but have scant time to do otherwise at the moment. I’m now the proud owner of a 6lb9oz eating and crying machine, and the default setting kicks on to MAX between 2am and 4am without fail. But she is the most beautiful eating and crying machine I’ve ever seen.

      1. Ah, yes, I couldn’t go with Porcer Jr., the wife wanted something a shade more feminine. So I went with Porcerette “Murdoc” Jr. II.

      1. Seems to be the season for babies. Lot of newborns at my church lately. Been giving me the baby fever, but I think we’re done at three.

        1. I liked having them in the fall. The kids are older in their class, and you will be spending so much time indoors anyway because of winter.

          1. My kids are spring and summer babies. Twins were born on the fourth of July so that opens up a bunch of fun ways to celebrate their birthdays. I call them my little firecrackers…when I not calling them my little tornadoes.

            1. We have five birthdays from the beginning of September through the beginning of November. Then one outlier (not very careful with the BC)

      1. Thanks Jak, et alii. I discovered the dirty little secret about pregnancy regulating a woman’s mood. Hands up if this played a part in deciding or accelerating additional children. Because I can see it playing a very minor, but nonetheless distinct role. 😉

        1. I think the mood thing does play a role to a point, but in about a year, you and your wife will forget all about the pregnancy issues and will be looking for another.

          My wife was really prone to morning sickness and nausea. It really cut down on sex the first half of her pregnancy. The second half was better, but offset due to her being huge.

          In the coming weeks to about the first couple months, she is prone to depression. More hormone changes to come. Sorry buddy, you aren’t out of the woods yet.

          1. Think kinda the other way around. Wife was so very upbeat and happy during pregnancy, there were almost no issues, just some minor nausea at the beginning. I think such a positive experience will help cause another pregnancy sooner.

            Now I’m just wondering about the spacing. Start trying in a few months or wait 12, 18, 24 months?

            1. I’ve heard that about some. Consider yourself lucky. My wife was continually nauseous for the bulk of each pregnancy, and she threw up several times each day for 3-4 months. Still, she was willing to have more. This time, however we are getting rid of the baby stuff as he grows though. I think we are done.

              We did ours about 2 years apart, so 15 month wait.

            2. Congrats. Enjoy it, they grow up quick. Two year spacing works well. They play well together as they get older.

  4. I figured much of this out on my own. One piece of blue collar union wisdom that sums this up is “If I get into an argument only one of us is going to be pissed off and it won’t be me!” The person who keeps his cool is the one who is in control. And I like being in control. Furthermore, if there are witnesses to the interchange and you are calm and reasonable while you’re adversary is losing his shit, it becomes very obvious who the asshole is. Maintaining frame really is the key to success on many different fronts.

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