Meal Prep 101

If you guys are following a lifting program and trying to pack on muscle, you gotta eat.  I foolishly had to learn this the hard way and wasted two years lifting while not eating enough for muscle growth.  To put on muscle, you need to eat, and you need to eat a lot of wholesome, clean foods,but things like family, work, and other time constraints can get in the way of the nutrition you need.  Today, I’ll go over what meal prep is, how I prepare all my food for the week, and how even non-lifters can benefit from cooking all their food at once.

The Basics

Meal prep is exactly what it sounds like.  You attack this in one of two ways.  First you either spend a few hours on the weekend and you cook up everything you’re going to eat for the week, or you put together all the ingredients you’ll need so you can just open it up each day and toss it in a pan.  I actually use both methods, so we’ll go over each of them.

Pre-Cook Method

This is how I handle my lunch for the week.  I spend about an hour making lunch for myself each Sunday.   I try to get as much protein as possible during lunch.  My breakfast is 5 eggs just to hold me over so I like to make lunch a big meal.

Typically I’ll get a pack of pork chops or chicken breast while grocery shopping that will be my base for my lunch for the week.  I usually spend about $6-$9 on 3-5lbs of protein.  That breaks down to $1.80 per day for lunch.  Not bad and way better than anything you can get on the go.

For flavor, I try to come up with different ways to season the meat to keep it interesting. It can be kind of fun to see what spices and flavors you can come up with and experiment with.  I’ve done things like sriracha barbecue sauce, habanero mango salsa,  lemon pepper garlic with honey etc.  You know what flavors you like, and pork and chicken go well with a huge variety of spices and marinades.   I let the meat sit for about an hour minimum to let the spices do their thing.

During the warm months, I grill the meat outside.  The sauces really get locked in that way and the char tastes amazing.  When it gets cold, I cook them in a cast iron skillet.

When done, I weight out portions on a food scale and bin it all up for the week.  I typically get around 50-75 grams of protein in each bin which is great for building muscle, and a no brainer as you just grab and go.

Pre-Prep Method

My wife and I both work full-time jobs, but that doesn’t mean our family eats unhealthy processed foods or fast food for dinner.   We eat about four meals a week out of our slow cooker.  While I’m preparing my lunch, shes binning up dinners for the slow cooker for the week.  We have everything from ribs, to whole chickens, to fajitas all cooked this way.

We’ll get everything all ready to go in bins and leave them in the fridge.  Whomever comes home first dumps the ingredients in the slow cooker, sets the temp and it frees us up to pick up kids, take them to their various activities, and not have to worry about having to cook a whole meal when we get home.   Also, cleanup is pretty easy with the slow cooker as everything is cooked in one place.

Even if you don’t use a slow cooker and plan on making each meal the traditional way, having all the ingredients ready to go into a pan or the oven will save you a ton of time.


Doing meal prep is great for lifters, but anyone can benefit from the methods above.  Doing meal prep ahead of time saves you:

Time: Sure it takes time out of your weekend to do meal prep, but getting it out of the way for the week frees up your evenings with your family.  You get to bond over a meal that you already prepared, so you get more time to relax after the day is over.

Money: I told you above that I only spend about $9 a week for my lunch and I get enough protein and calories that I need.  What I didn’t elaborate on is how much money I save on using the slow cooker.  On average, I spend about $110-120 dollars on groceries a week for a family of 5.  We eat a home cooked meal 6 nights a week and every time we have protein, and vegetables.  With our busy schedule, I know we’d have to resort to going out to eat or buying crap food if not for this method.

Health:  Eating food you cook at home is typically better for you than shit you get on the go (generally speaking, microwaving Elio’s pizza for yourself is not cooking.)  I know that me and my family are getting proper nutrition and even more, the kids are being exposed to a variety of different foods to hopefully prepare them to eat healthy for their entire lives.


I want to note here that I get all of my protein macros hit by food.  No supplements or shakes, all home cooked food.  Not that I’m opposed to supplements, I just find it more enjoyable to hit my macros using food.

If you’re a lifter, you need to eat, and if you have a life outside the gym, hitting your macros can be difficult.  Next time you buy groceries, think about doing meal prep for a week.  See if it works for you.  If you don’t have a slow cooker already, get one.  The possibilities are almost endless as to what you can cook in there.  Finally, meal prep is great for saving money and time.

If any of you guys would like any of my recipes let me know.

-J. Nyx


Author: Jnyx

Fitness addict, DIY guru, tech nerd, member of Memesters Local 419.

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  1. You’re doing it all the right way, Jynx. Great article, great advice! Getting all your macronutrients from whole foods has always been my preferred method as well. I’ve lived this way for 25+ years… The the long-term cost savings and health benefits are tremendous.

    1. Did it years ago. Once was enough. Turkey stuffed with chicken, stuffed with duck, all stuffed with layers of pork-sausage corn stuffing. It is the most un-kosher, anti-halal meal ever devised. All it needs is a few shrimp tossed in there to make the heads of observant Muslims, Jews, and Seventh Day Adventists swim.

      And honestly— that mix of proteins has got to risk giving rise to a virus or a prion, or some other such nightmare.

      It did taste pretty good, though.

        1. Actually, I stuffed a turkey with cut apples the last time I deep fried— the result was fantastic. The sweetness of the fruit leeched out into the meat. And it was done in 12min!

          1. I am debating if i want spend the $50 on oil to deep fry the turkey. Never tried stuffing the bird when deep frying. Will have to try that next time.

  2. Reading about some of you guys spending $100ish a week on groceries for a family makes me wonder what the hell I’m doing when I spend that on myself for a weeks worth of groceries.

    1. Don’t buy stuff in boxes. Shop the outer edge of the store, and don’t wander the aisles. That’s my best cost saving tip.

      1. About the only thing I buy in boxes might be some Shake n Bake and cereal but even then I have t bought a whole lot of either this year. I do know the grocery store I frequent does change a little more for better quality meats, fruits and vegetables.

          1. Yeah, I can’t live without a selection of mustards. Can’t cook without Olive Oil either.

            I have found however that you can make your own mustard, to taste, which at *least* rivals the top shelf stuff you’ll find in any grocery or restaurant, you just need to buy the mustard seeds/powder, some white vinegar and any kind of “special seasoning ” you might want (most people add a bit of turmeric to make it that pretty yellow color) and apply 10 minutes a month to making it, and you’re golden. Throw the new mustard into small half pint jars and seal, age and done. So to speak.

    2. You buy a lot of processed stuff? Main way a lot of us get buy on so cheap is because we buy whole foods and do the cooking ourselves.

      1. Pre-processed food is actually way cheaper than buying raw veges and good meat cuts I think.

        1. It depends, organic is overpriced, IMO. Buying local produce in the season is the way I like to do it. Not always possible, but we do eat more onions and potatoes during the winter months, more greens in the spring, more fruits during the summer. The stuff you need to watch out for is the “fresh” out of season fruits and vegetables, where they need to preserve them.

    3. Several years ago, we bought a ton (literally 2000 pounds) of wheat from this farmer. We grind up as needed into flour. In it’s whole form, it will stay good for decades.

        1. One fun part of doing that is getting to finger the cow you want slaughtered. Few times in life do we get to seriously evaluate a creature on its deliciousness while it is alive and right in front of you.

        2. As far as prices go, it usually works about the same, but the quality of the meat is much better. A steer raised in a feedlot is not the same as the type that you get from some farmer and get it butchered how you want.

        3. This requires a bit of preplanning, but we have good relationships with various neighbors who raise beef cattle. We also have three deep freezes. So we put up a lot of our garden vegetables, lamb, chicken and rabbits that we raise and beef we buy from the neighbors. By committing to buy a side of beef back in the spring, I was able to purchase 300 lbs. of grass fed beef for less than $2.20 per pound including processing. That includes the cuts that I wanted, packaged in the portions that suit us with the bones cut up excess fat ground for our dogs. If you can manage to buy in bulk, for cash, locally, you can save a bundle.

          1. Nice man, but I can never bring myself to trust freezers. We’ve lost electricity more than once that lasted for way longer than a day, and you lose everything when that happens. So, we can items. Old fashioned to be sure, but lasts a long time and if the electricity goes out, you don’t lose your harvest. Also keen on dehydrating veges, which serves the same purpose.

              1. This is why I refrain from having four year olds in the house. Heh.

                  1. Give it a year or less and they’ll be gone. Four year olds have a pretty short period of activity, like you rarely see one longer than 12 months most of the time.

            1. I have a good friend that is huge into hunting. After they filled the freezer, they will cut the meat up into roasts, slow cook them, and can them. The meat was very good years later.

              1. That’s a great way to do it. I’ve heard freeze drying is also a fantastic storage method, but those freeze driers are *really* expensive, where a normal canning set up is quite affordable.

                1. We will usually clean out an apple tree and sauce it and can it in the fall, maybe some peaches, green beans from the garden or make raspberry jam. If almost feels like sacrilege to boil down fresh raspberries, but they need to be preserved. .

            2. My wife dehydrates a lot of things too. I suppose I should have mentioned that I also have two generators in case we lose power. I have lived out in the country most of my life and experienced stretches of several days without electricity in the past. I leave nothing to chance if I can avoid it. 😉

        4. My aunt used to raise several of them herself, all grain fed, and the rest of the family would do exactly that and fill their garage freezer. Best steaks I have ever had bar none. She was getting people coming out of state to buy the rest. She made a small margin, but in the end it got to be to much work when her kids left the farm.

      1. That’s the way to do it. A ton of wheat will last you and your kids their entire lives if stored properly I’d wager. Unless you live on Bread Planet and only eat bread, and then ten loaves per day per person.

        1. They put it in these 5 gallon buckets, in a nitrogen atmosphere. 50 buckets at 40 lb each. It was a full pickup load. My parents used to go and get some as needed from the grain silo.

          It makes for healthier bread, although the gluten is minimal, so it isn’t very good for pastries or cakes. Now when I eat wonder bread, it is way to gummy for me.

          1. There’s a Mennonite restaurant near here that makes their own wheat bread. It feels very heavy/dense compared to what I’m used to but, that stuff is so good it’ll make you want to slap your grandma.

              1. We do biscuits often. There needs to be some filler now. If not potatoes, then rice, or biscuits, or pasta. Something to fill the ravenous kids at the table without breaking the bank.

                1. I remember being like that as a teenager, I could never eat enough at one time, was always hungry.

              2. Never heard of it however, the mennonites have about convinced me to start rolling my own.(pun intended)

    4. Kooopuns are a great thing. Also loyalty cards (if you don’t mind, you know, them tracking how you spend money in the store). Sales, which you can pre-determine from either Sunday newspaper ads or their online website, can also be anticipated. I dunno. I can’t see feeding a family of more than 2 on a Franklin per week either, but there are ways to be frugal that most people don’t feel the need to be arsed to do most of the time.

    5. Right now I am not in training and I spent about 60 dollars a week on groceries. However, once I am in training my grocery bill jumps to 150 a week or so. It is expensive but on the other side I wind up with a net savings as my alcohol bill drops to just about 0. It is not cheap to eat 5000 CLEAN calories a day.

      I mean, think about costs this way. In one day I will eat
      1 Dozen Eggs
      2 Cups of either almonds of Cashews
      1 avocado
      4-5 pounds of protein (afternoons I eat lean protein like chicken or turkey or pork tenderloin) nights I eat fatty protein (like beef or fish or lamb)
      I will use half a stick of butter
      drink 6 scoops of whey protein

      So just Monday-Friday I am looking at buying 25 pounds of protein and at least 1/3 of that is fatty cuts of steak like strip or rib eye). Yeah, I will shop smart and look for deals but it gets freaking expensive. People all say they want to put on lean muscle but there is a cost physical, mentally, emotionally and financially to do so.

        1. I love both fruit and vegetables but when I go into training I leave both to the side. I supplement the vitamins I miss out on and stick to meat, nuts, avocado, butter and whey protein for the most part.

          1. Gotcha, I do what I can to be in the 85-90th percentile as far as being in shape for my age, but I have other priorities. It sounds crazy to me to have that high of a fat content, but like you said a 5000 calorie diet.

            1. I totally get that. This is a life long passion of mine and really is one of my very few hobbies. I have no wife or kids. Between work and fitness about 80% of my life is accounted for time wise.

              To give you and idea on what this diet does for me, in august I stopped my massive workout program so I could heal, rest, enjoy some food and booze and psyche myself up for my next run that starts in January. I went from eating 5000 calories a day with 95% of that being just protein and fat to eating 1600-2000 calories a day with a split of about 60% protein 20% fat and 20% carbohydrates. I also stopped lifting weights to let some tendon issues heal and just have gone with some light cardio.

              I went from 225 pounds at roughly 10% body fat to 195 at roughly 15 perfect body fat. I have very specific goals and so my diet is focused around that, not just being “in shape” but being in a very particular shape.

              Anyone, I believe, can do what I do but it really has to be something they are passionate about and they have to force the time. If you are super passionate about it and willing to sacrifice other pursuits you can and will find the time and energy to get it done but it really does become the focal point of your whole life and the lens through which everything else is viewed.

                1. I think you and I have spoke about this before and are in perfect agreement, one major problem with people is that they think they can travel all paths. The modern lack of realization that one has to pick a road to travel and eschew the others is why people are all over the place, taking half measures, never committing. If you want to be a family man you can’t juggle a bunch of women and vice versa. If you want to live a fitness life you can’t also just go for a pizza and a few beers after work….literally EVER…when we commit to something whether it is a life style, a woman, a god…we should always do so knowing what we are giving up in the process and accepting that fact. One foot in and one foot out leads a man to be good and knowledgeable at exactly neither things

      1. That’s a pretty heavy daily diet. I’ve cut back a lot as I’m trying to drop a few pounds as well as save some money on groceries.I skip breakfast and just have my Red Bull to start the day. Throughout the day, I’ll have a tuna sandwich (wheat bread, onions, and a little mayo) an apple, a banana, cashews, and some peanuts and maybe some string cheese and just snack on that through my work shift.

        1. It is a heavy diet and I wouldn’t recommend it without the physical output. Keep in mind I am doing 1 hour of intense HIIT a day and between 3-4 hours of high volume lifting in super and giant sets 6 days a week with an active rest day where I am very physically active. I am specifically looking to gain weight not lose it. I have a lot of success but the time and energy output is fantastic and it takes its toll on the body which is why I take a few months a year off

          1. Yeah, that’s like Michael Phelps 12,000 calories a day regimen when he’s training for the olympics.

            1. I’ve read Phelps it’s insane but his output requires it. When I think that he is eating 7k calories more than me when I am eating an insane amount it’s mind boggling

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    1. Holy shit, I have a new goal. Forget Way of the Warlord, and it’s holistic training plan… I am all about getting on Hot Dudes Reading, now!

  3. “My breakfast is 5 eggs..”

    Damn. I have that many over the weekend, but during the week it is normally a glass of water and a cup of coffee (in the office).

    1. I more or less do the opposite. I work out five days a week and recover over the weekend. So I will usually do an intermittent fast on Saturday and Sunday. Nothing but black coffee and water until noon (or later) which gives my cells time to clean up debris. I realize this does impede my gains from lifting, but it is a trade off I am willing to make for the overall health benefits.

  4. This is a solid approach to good nutrition. As a hard gainer myself I cannot stress the importance of a surplus of clean healthy calories every day if you want to grow. I also thaw enough meat to ensure I have plenty for the week ahead. Then, just like the author, I cook everything on Sunday and prepackage it for the week.

    I do the same thing with eggs and sausage as well. Some weeks it’s boiled eggs, some weeks scrambled. I divide them up into 4 egg / 4 oz. Portions in Pyrex containers to avoid the estrogenic effects of reheating in plastic. I do the same with meats.

    I eat very few carbs, eschewing all breads, cake, cookies, pasta and refined sugar. I do have raw broccoli, spinach and kale pretty regularly. But the bulk of my diet is meat, eggs and cheese.

    At 58 years young I feel better and I am in superior physical condition to where I was in my thirties. The key is to eat to live, not live to eat.

    1. you ever hear of a Dr Wallach? he runs a supp site-

      I think the only protein he eats is eggs, a dozen a day, slightly undercooked scrambled eggs. hes 79 and has a 32 inch waist

      1. He’s got me beat. I have a 32″ waist but I’m only 58, so I will have to hang in there another 21 years. Always someone setting the bar higher for me. smh

  5. Glad to see you getting the food you need Jnyx. It is such common sense, but everyone forgets it….more food makes you more big. Whether that big is fat or muscle has to do with the type of diet and the type of physical output.

    As for meal prep, I have a little protip for you guys especially in urban areas. Go to your local ghetto Chinese shithole and tell them you want 15 take out containers. The place across the street charges me 20 cents each. So I plunk my 3 bucks down and take them home and package up my food. With a sharpie marker I write on them
    Protein: x



    Then I pack up my fridge so I look like an OCD lunatic. If you are eating 5 meals a day just add more cotainers. Then In the morning I toss the number of contairs for the meals I will be out of the house into my bag and go. Do not microwave in these. Either eat cold or put in a bowl or on a plate and microwave.

    You add 60 cents or so a day to your meal cost but you don’t have to buy (or store) Tupperware and, best of all, there is no cleanup. You just toss in the garbage when you are done.

    1. thats a great idea- and now you dont have BPA from the tupperware leaching into the food when you reheat it

      1. Never reheat in Tupperware. But I don’t mind storage in it. I just dump it and put it on a plate or in a bowl before popping it into the microwave.

      2. We do the tupperware thing, but it is quart to gallon sized containers for leftovers. If you want a snack, take out what you want and nuke it in a glass bowl.

        1. and if you have an oven at your office- heat it up in there. I used to have one at a previous gig, no one ever used it, the microwave was grody to the max. I wish I had one at work now, nuking your food really does damage it, youre better off eating it cold

          1. @Boothe:disquswas telling me when I asked him this that he just eats it cold. I have begun to do the same. If you are seriously thinking about dieting either to lose weight or to gain muscle or for performance or whatever one of the first hurdles to break is the one where food is this luxurious and fun experience. Food is fuel. You need to put fuel in your tank if you want to get the output. Yes, make it taste good so it isn’t hell to eat, but I can eat room temperature turkey breast or leg of lamb as easy as I can eat it warmed up and it will give me the same nutritional values.

            1. no oven in the kitchen area I assume? shit is always spic n span! no one could wait 15 min for it to reheat when you can nuke it in 2 min

              1. at my office, no. Just a microwave. I would use an oven but at this point i am fine opening up my little chinese container with info written on it and just sticking a fork in. Sometimes I see someone in the office munching a big hot bacon cheese burger and it drives me nuts…that’s when I excuse myself to the rest room, pull up my shirt and remember how cool it is being in your 40’s with a 6 pack and v lines.

            2. I think there is something to be said about not making food too appetizing. You see someone who is totally into food, and it shows. Be mindful of the content over the taste.

              1. Food obsession always makes me scratch my head too. I love a good (fill in the blank type of food except sweets) but to make it the focus of life always seemed silly to me. Most of the time I see it as nothing but a necessary habit. But, it’s easy to fall into the view that it’s “all that”, and modern convenience food seem to have this addiction thing built into them such that the more you eat the more you want to eat, so I can see why people fall into that rut.

                1. once on a biz dinner we were scolded for ordering sides that were “redundant”- I wish I coulda seen the look on MY face when the waiter said that…

              2. This is all part and parcel of a world that has blurred the line between “i like this” and “this is good” to the point where it no longer exists.

        2. Admittedly I… mostly eat out. 😀 However some of the habits out here are curious to me. Case in point. Was invited over for dinner. There… were no left overs. Apparently that’s not a thing. La Mamma seems to know the exact amount to make. (It was also as excellent as the restaurants I’m used to.) Moreover I found they don’t freeze anything like my folks did when I was a kid. It seems the usual daily routine is hitting the market so you have fresh stuff for the day. No wonder everybody here is razor thin!
          I’ve been away from the US for awhile now, but sometimes things I just “assume” are the same are radically different. And I still run into them even now!

      3. And even if the container is touted as “BPA free” that’s only part of the problem. There are other estrogen like compounds in plastic as well. Bottled water is another culprit for this. I either eat my food cold as @WB Fitness mentioned heat it on inert substances such as glass or ceramic. One of the things I have noticed about eating this way is that when I do eat something like a steak right off the grill it’s a special treat and I appreciate it that much more.

        1. I think I mentioned the other day to you that rather than warming up that nice lamb i made i warmed up some bone broth and used it as a gravy which transferred enough heat into the meat. I’ve been cooking my dinners every night when I get home because I am only in the gym in the morning for an hour but when that changes to 2 hours in the morning and 2-3 hours at night I will need my food waiting for me when I drag my tired ass in the door.

          BPA free, as you say, is total bs. aluminum bottle me thinks.

          1. nope, glass only. aluminum cans are lined with plastic…worst thing to buy is canned tomatoed sauce, the acidity allows a ton of the chemicals into the sauce…

                  1. Feh…Clemenza’s sauce…he put sugar in it.
                    The witch used to do the same thing.
                    Just the thought of it nauseates me to this day.

                    1. “He Mikey, tell the nice girl on the phone that you love her…I luvva you witha all my heart…” hahaha!

                    2. When I was a little kid on Sunday I would ask witchie-poo to put hot peppers, onions, etc.. in the sauce. She would bark back at me “that’s how puerto ricans make sauce!”.

          2. I use a stainless one quart bottle. I try to run my drinking water through a Big Burkey gravity filter, but even if I don’t our tap water out here in the country isn’t too bad.

            Like you I have quite a few time constraints, so having my food ready to go is essential for me as well. It may sound silly, but eating is pretty much just another daily chore, so I try to make it as efficient and convenient as possible. Anyone who tries to eat about a cup of raw broccoli a day will know exactly what I mean. Even at that I still supplement to make sure I am getting all the vitamins and minerals I need…which is another chore.

    2. Well, sombitch. This is such a fantastic idea and I only wish I had thought about it years ago while I was still working in an office environment. Just the “appearance” of a take-out container would have saved me years of frustration due to all the half-baked comments from my co-workers… “oh, I see you made your food again, you won’t be joining us for lunch I suppose, blah, blah, blah.”

      Oh, the mental anguish… I remember packing my lunch in special containers everyday and thinking “what asshole is going to say something stupid about my food today?” – I took all their bullshit comments, I wanted to strangle those pricks! Ha, screw ’em, they’re all sick now and half-dead, while I’m lickin’ and still tickin’ baby!

      1. Oh God not THAT film! HAHA! I saw that once after a week of finals at university. I think that’s the best time to appreciate films like that. 😀

                    1. There is a learning curve JJ and the first, and maybe hardest, lesson is to check the ego. It will seem tough at first as you are lifting weights you would normal have laughed at….but ask @jnyx when you start seeing results in a few weeks you are going to kick yourself for not doing it sooner.

                1. fortunately I was 8 or 9, right over my head. there was a dude who was playing a gay guy, really fat, he dressed like a biker, all leather…bad guy of course. that wouldnt fly today..

                    1. When Vince McMahon said “Morph!”, he morphed.
                      He was 33 when he died.
                      He looked to be about 55 in that picture.

                    2. There were lots of gay characters. Goldust was probably one of the more well known. But even the non-gay ones were pretty gay.

                      I mean, they put on swimsuits, oiled themselves all up, and then went out into a big crowd of people to “wrestle” and roll around on the ground with another oiled-up dude in a swimsuit.

                      That’s gay, I don’t care who you are.

                    3. he passed away, so did bobby “the brain” heenan recently…all the legends are goin down

                    4. Wrestling has more suicides and overdoses then just about any other job. Really something. Heenan I believe went from natural causes. And I believe the Animal was a school teacher or something. He was actually much more normal than the others.

                    5. It’s all the Nitrous Oxide. It gets into their system and fucks up their amygdala, and other areas of the brain. Lots of studies have been done on this. Dentists kill themselves like 7 times more than any other profession.

                    6. In all my years of going to the dentist, I have never once been given nitrous. God only knows what the people who get it have to do for it…

                    7. Wrestlers aren’t on that list.
                      That’s odd.
                      Maybe too few of them in total.
                      But their suicide percentage would be very high, I believe.

                    8. Ladies and gentlemen, based on Mr. Thales’ statement I think we have identified him as a viable candidate for public office…

                    9. It’s always that 5th dentist. You know, the one who doesn’t agree on stuff that 4 our of 5 dentists agree on.

                      Lilke 4 out of 5 dentists agree that flossing and brushing is better than brushing alone.

                      Somehow that 5th dentist is alway sodd man out.

                    10. “I met Flair at a bar in Florida. I am a little guy and I said I could do
                      something he couldn’t do. He showed me $1000 that I couldn’t. We went
                      outside and I could hold myself off the pole like the wind is blowing me
                      sideways. He was so shit faced He was still trying 20mi later as I left
                      the bar. I never got the money.”

                    11. Here’s one of my favorite videos of him. From late in his career…Jay Lethal does a great impersonation, and you can tell Ric appreciates the tribute.

                    12. That’s awesome. Did you see he claimed to have banged more than 10,000 bitches? I can believe it. Probably 3 and 4 trailer park skanks at a time.

                    13. Probably, but I don’t think Heenan or Steele took steroids.
                      They were fat. And they were both relatively old when they died.

                    1. Ohhh, so that’s what Bella Abzug is. All these years I thought that was a venereal disease that vets brought back from Southeast Asia.

              1. yeah, no breaking character. they were all totally fucked up though lol. Come to work drunk, fall on face, drop your glittery storm trooper helmet, but you sync up with the recording man, you sync up with the recording.

                1. Yeah, the only one not fooked up was Booker, probably since he spent 16 months in prison ona felony and was most likely still on probation.

                    1. no idea who that was/is, they wanted people who were current/aspiring/failed entertainment writers with some track record- even patrice oneal wrote for them for a yr or two

                    2. He was (still is?) the big story writer for them.
                      Appeared as a manager quite a bit as well.
                      And I believe he was the ECW owner.

                    3. Sandman. All he did was drink beer, smoke, and hit people with that stick. Awesome gig.

                      There was one guy who was a scrawny ass dude who was a CPA by day and then would go moonlight on ECW, and just get his face beat in.

                    4. ECW was insane. went once. dudes in the rafters would throw “weapons” into the arena or whatever you called it….toasters, etc…dudes would pick em up and use em lol

                    5. its pretty clear to me either you or AS woulda been better writers than me- if only you had submitted a Friends knockoff to ABC that wasnt picked up

                    6. I think writing for WWE is one of those jobs that sounds good in theory, but in practice is suck-ass. I think you probably have to be “creative” but only as creative as the top brass wants you to be, and there are a fuck-ton of conflicting backroom politics that you have to deal with, like so-and-so never jobs to so-and-so, and this big star always has to look good, and shit. Plus, i think the scripts get thrown out the window about half the time and have to get constantly rewritten, etc.

                    7. I think you have a lot more bosses, a lot more changing relationships, and you have to put out a lot more content on a consistent basis than a regular TV show. Because its really multiple TV shows a week, plus monthly pay-per-views, a whole WWE channel full of other content. That’s wrestling’s main problem right now, actually, overexposure.

                    8. youre about 4/5’s away from a compelling cover letter there; Im sure most of the writers are just contracters writing shit remotely at this pt, might be a side gig for you

                    9. Yeah but the 5 of 5 there is “I’ll blow anyone I have to blow to get this job” and Homey don’t play that.

                    10. On second thought maybe it was better you did not end up working for McMahon.

                      Didn’t work out so well for Haku — who from all the stories may be the toughest man on earth.

                      Here he is at his current job:

                    1. didnt pay as much as you would think. work outta their corp offices in fairfield county, conn

        1. I remember Brutus Beefcake.
          Haku picked him up with one arm, by the throat, in a backstage fight. The only reason Haku let him go was because Hogan intervened, and Haku had respect for him.

    1. Kratom wasn’t made for eating it was made for snorting off the backside of strippers.

  6. “My breakfast is 5 eggs just to hold me over so I like to make lunch a big meal.”

    5 eggs each morning?
    Or one per day for the week?

    If the first…holy cripes!!!

      1. Maybe not a big meal, but a whole lotta eggs.
        I go with an apple & a glass of V8, and maybe a handful of shelled walnuts. But I don’t have any time in the AM, so I go for speed over quality.

        1. butter. always butter. no cancer spray. No margarine. No oive oil. I know some guys like coconut oil because of high smoke points but I can’t say this enough….eat more butter.

          This message has been brought to you by the dairy farmers of america.

          1. I think butter and coconut oil are both acceptable since coconut oil is also very high in saturated fat (it’s what your t-levels crave), but nothing quite satisfies the taste buds like good old butter.

          2. organic irish butter is pretty affordable- yellow like margarine, but so much better. drawing a blank on their name but Im sure you eat it

                    1. I know LOL. I was an expat in Dublin for 2 years and know the island well. Had quite a few “adventures” with some of that partly due to my irish last name and catholicism.

                    1. I cook that stuff up, cook bacon, throw in a bunch of garlic and saute. Add the green beans…… good stuff

                1. If you include versatility into the mix butter wins hands down over bacon grese. I would say taste wise butter wins too, but that is subjective. It’s versatility, however, wins every time.

      1. On the weekend I’ll go with a 3 egg omelette. Western, Spanish, “freestyle”, etc.. But that includes fried potatoes, sausage or bacon, and toast. But I am pretty sure you guys most likely have at least 50 or 60 pounds on me (170 soaking wet these days). And I certainly don’t work out to “bulk”. Just trying to stay fit & trim. Which is tough enough with my hours & commute. I never tried to find a place in Manhattan, to shorten my commute and get almost 120 min/day back. The extra $$$ I would spend on rent would cut into my other expenses…unacceptable…

  7. Way, way, way off topic, but I have to ask.
    Has anyone ever seen Vodka freeze?
    I had less than half a liter in the freezer overnight and when I took it out a few minutes ago, it was mostly frozen. I have never seen that before.
    It’s Tito’s by the way. Maybe something funny with that brand?

    1. I’ve never seen that before and can only guess there is water in it. If you have kinds of experimental drinking age they are prob drinking and replacing with water

  8. Cooking is an involved activity that takes time and a kitchen. Eating on the go or while working doesn’t have to be fast food crap or the 7-11 quickie mart heat lamp cancer special. The nearest supermarket is where to go for healthy choices and bulking foods.

    A juicer is laborious to clean but juicer quality drinks can be found at the supermarket. Slam one on the go.

    (Pure source vit A. You’d have to eat 8 lbs of raw carrots to get the same)

    For protein on the fly, TUNA IN A CAN is a protein rich source. It’s also an ideal storable survivalist staple. The cheap yellowfin, grated or chunk light tuna has less mercury than the larger white albacore fish. Choose Alaskan over one that says product of China.

    SUGAR – Molasses is the squeezed sediment from sugar cane processing. After the sugar crystallizes out (refined cane sugar contains no nutrients), molasses is what’s left and it’s chock full of everything from the entire batch of sugarcane plants which didn’t go into the refined sugar. The remaining molasses syrup squeezings of the cane is a sweet dark colored goo containing so much source iron, calcium and magnesium you can taste it. Again this is another packaged container food you can carry in your pocket and take swigs in your mouth while on the go.

    PENAUT BUTTER, old fashioned natural is on any supermarket shelf) PB has oils, fats and protein. PB is great when on the run since you can eat it by the spoonful with no cooking involved. If your carbs or sugar run low, you nail it with a few globs of PB on a plastic spoon, chuck the spoon and wash hatch with handful of salt and water. Eating shouldn’t be that big of a deal. I don’t make that big a deal of shitting either. Some people sit on the pot like a buddhist shrine and relax “ommm” like a yoga session or something. Me, I’m anything but a relaxed shitter. I elbow flap like a chicken to get the way up shits moving and maintain a wiggly worm squatty potty posture until the final caboose on the shit train comes out. Then I’m outta there.
    Likewise, eating on the go while bulking shouldn’t be a big timeconsuming deal either. Primarily spend your eating time devoted to chewing everything into predigested puree mush, then swallow.

    Finally, there’s no easy eggs on the run, so scramble up 8-10 with garlic n veggies at home.

    Total cost: minimal

  9. I made the mistake of staying too long on a low carb diet. After a couple months I stopped gaining and should’ve cycled back to a more inclusive diet. So I got leaner, got stronger, but muscles didn’t get bigger. Now I’m just back to eating more cals and increasing my carbs, and I can see growth already, but it’s tough cause I just don’t like to eat all the freakin time. So I do supplement with whey protein isolate and non-gmo maltodextrin. All that said, you gotta be careful cause it’s easy to put on too much fat. Fat goes on easy but unless you’re lucky, or young, it’s hard to get rid of.

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