The Abundant Man

“When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears.”
― Anthony Robbins

In today’s society, we’re often taught to look out for number one.  Always make sure you’re getting yourself taken care of and screw everyone else.  In a lot of ways, that’s sound advice.

Don’t sell your soul to your company when they won’t hesitate to drop you to increase their profit margin.

Don’t extend yourself out to strangers who will gladly screw you over for a few bucks or a fleeting moment of fame.

The dark world can be harsh and leave us cynical and selfish, but there’s one area that shouldn’t be true; with your family and friends.  A friend that I look up to has reminded me lately that you must be generous to your family and friends, even if you personally have nothing to gain from it.  He practices what he preaches and praises other men for their accomplishments while expecting nothing in return.

Many of you have probably heard of the concept of abundance mentality.  It’s the idea that you give freely and abundantly because there’s always more left over.  This is easy to understand with your family.  Give your wife and kids abundant love.  It’s not like you’re going to run out of it.

Application can be tougher however.  The kids can be bouncing off the walls.  The wife can be in a bad mood.  It’s hard to express your love for them while you have a vein bulging out of your forehead, but it’s vitally important you do so regardless.

We often talk about our role as leaders of the family.  Displaying an abundant mindset is one of those roles.  You are the example they look to.  If you practice a scarcity mindset, so will they.

As you give more to your wife, the more she will give back to you.  The same holds true for your kids.

This brings us to our next topic, how do you practice abundance within your household?  It doesn’t mean buying your wife and kids whatever they want or being a doormat.  Rather, it means treating your family with benevolence.  Below is a list of actions and their counterparts to help illustrate both abundant and scarcity mindsets.  As you review this list, reflect on the impact practicing each will have on your family.

  • Complimenting / Criticizing
  • A Sense of Gratitude / A Sense of Entitlement
  • Forgive / Hold a Grudge
  • Accountable / Blames Others
  • Transformations Perspective / Transactional Perspective
  • Wants Others to Succeed / Hopes Others Will Fail

If you are working your way out of a bad point in your marriage, applying these concepts will seem even rougher and your cynical nature will urge you against it.  She’s not doing these things for you, why should you do them for her?

It’s counter-intuitive, but that’s precisely the reason you must give of yourself first.  If you’re not willing to put yourself out there, what example does that set for the rest of your family.  You must enter action with boldness, unafraid of the consequences.  If things have been especially bad lately, don’t be discouraged if it’s not immediately reciprocated.  It will take time for them to realize you are sincere in your intent.

As we near the holidays, take time to reflect on what kind of future you want for your family and the role you play in that future.  Make conscious efforts to build your family up and not be so petty that you tear everything down around you.  This is what it means to transcend the Red Pill – pushing past the cynical aspect to enjoy the life you create.

Author: Jak

Jak, married and father of three, seeks to help the Red-Pill Community take its next step past the petty cynicism and ineffectual anger. While he recognizes that men are significantly handicapped by the modern legal system and culture, he doesn't accept that traditional marriage is untenable in today's social climate. Rather, men must be willing to adapt to this new world by implementing new tactics and approaches to maintaining a balance of power. Jak is here to provide you with these lessons.

321 thoughts on “The Abundant Man”

  1. “you must be generous to your family”

    Good advice for your own nuclear family. Where you get to pick you wife and train your kids.

    Can be very dangerous, though, if applied to the extended family (siblings, cousins, etc..). Especially a sister. You can pick a wife and make sure she is not a greedy, lying, conniving parasite. My advice: Beware a sister who attains power of attorney of a parent with alzheimers. Be very wary of that. And never feel sorry for her, despite her sob stories, and do something stupid like buy her son a car. It will only add insult to injury when you get the rug pulled out from under you in the end.

    1. Nuclear Family?

      Sounds like a superhero origin story about a family who was exposed to radiation and wound up with super powers and now fights crime, but they are also totally disfunctional and constantly arguing In public and making bad guys feel awkward

            1. This guy that comes around on occasion, Waldemer Pabst. He has a terrible propensity for spurging videos, memes, gifs, and other stuff that slows down the load rate for users.

              1. dont forget saying 100% of all relationships in the USA are black man, white woman, i think GOJ & the Knee told him he’s just flat out bonkers.

      1. I would be careful about that. Some “sisters” might require you pouring buckets of water over them until you can gather enough people to push them back out into the ocean.

      2. She’s 2.5 years younger than me.
        In other words, her usefulness dried up over 20 years ago.
        But hey, if toxic waste removal is your thing, I’ll be more than happy to try to trick her into it.

    2. I cant stress how important it is to define ‘family’ yourself and to apply generosity accordingly, independent of any externally derived expectations.
      Shit, I’d be more willing to put myself out for some of you people over most of my so-call ‘relatives’.

              1. What’s there to cleanse? My natural Mediterranean grease keeps me young and wrinkle-free!

                1. OT: But I got your submission and read through it the other night. Will probably send you an invitation to set you up as a contributor tonight so you can submit the article on our site. Really enjoyed it and it was very well written. Didn’t see much editing that I’d have to do (a definite plus for me).

                    1. Of course, you will find that your account as a contributor won’t work because you are already banned.

  2. Sound advice however, I would like to add- “Don’t extend yourself out to strangers who will gladly screw you over for a few bucks or a fleeting moment of fame.” Include family in that, I don’t mean wife and kids but, siblings, cousins and in some cases parents. They will screw you over (or attempt to) and then be mad at you for not going along with it. Watch your friends closely too, I may just be cynical but, I’ve learned it over time. I used to be under the impression that most people thought like me, don’t screw over those closest to you,evidently they don’t think the same.Those closest to you will do it and not think twice about it. Or maybe I just hung out with the wrong people.
    I’ve been saying for a while that the only people I get really concerned about are the ones in my household.

    1. I’ve long lived by the creed that if you expect the absolute worst from everyone you will never be disappointed.

      Funny thing is, when I have tried to judge people individually I feel I get it right about 70% of the time whereas when I just assume everyone is a total fucking cunt I am right about 90% of the time and the ones I am wrong about will usually accept an apology. So I play the numbers game

            1. I bet you have relatives in Brighton Beach,Brooklyn. and if you do, I bet you know how to work a nice medicaid/care scam

                  1. close…the next worse scammers…My parents immigrated to Queens and couldn’t hack it Brooklyn.

                    1. as the bumper sticker says…I wasn’t born in Texas but got here as soon as I could before the warrants were issued.

  3. In all seriousness, I have to take my hat off to you guys with families. This morning I was thinking about it. I left the house and forgot my headphones and didn’t water my plant. If I had a baby it would be dead in a week. Way to go fellas.

    1. hogwash, you’d be great with a kid- feeding it formula with whey protein in it outta chinese food cartons

          1. some guys put forth the idea that hollywood crossed the rubicon in the early/mid 90s; I think they were correct. he goes from T2 to this?

              1. they can now implant wombs into a transexual. inventing science turned into a really bad idea

                1. Reminds me of this show we watched in the dollar theater last weekend. These two crash landed in the Uintas in Utah. (I recognized the area from the Kings Peak trip last summer) black guy, white woman. Upon walking out, they found a cabin to fornicate in. We walked out of the theater at that point.

                    1. Never seen it, never will. I don’t care if it got “Best Cinematography” Not going to subject my eyes to that, even if there is copious amounts of eyebleach (mountains) in the film.

                    2. A well-made movie about a stupidly unbelievable story with excellent scenery. Really had to close my eyes several times though…

                    3. I love the counter when a lib calls you a homophobe, you answer with “Don’t make fun of my medical condition, you damn ableist! Phobias are uncontrolled by the individual and I don’t appreciate you making light of my struggles!”

                    1. Hey if it were me, that is one thing, If my kids are watching, it is awkward either way you slice it.

                  1. so did you blow $2 or $8? 😉

                    the last second- run theatre in nyc closed over a decade ago- $3 tickets

                    1. 8….The ads made it look like an adventure type story, so I didn’t think it would hurt to have them see a PG-13. Nope, they were getting it on for several minutes. I had two kids in a headlock so they couldn’t see, my wife was doing the same with two more. The others were too young to understand.

                    1. I don’t know, anymore we are mostly limiting ourselves to stuff made before 1970. Very rare that you are pleasantly surprised.

                    2. haha my parents did something similar to my sister and I. My sister was never allowed to see trashy chick flicks. She had to rent Gone With the Wind from the library…

            1. I’d give it just a bit later. The Matrix/Office Space/Fight Club/American Beauty came out in 99 and the LOTR trilogy came out early 2000s. That trilogy would never be made the way it was today. To prove that, Amazon has declared a reboot.

                  1. They have to find a way to make the hobbits all happy little communists, the elves all intellectual socialists, and the bad guys all evil capitalists with bad blonde wigs.

                1. Yep, very recently announced. Couldn’t have that borderline flawless interpretation of Western mythology and high fantasy left unsullied, could they?

                    1. This all reminds me of the other night. I was catching up with the newest season of The Flash as I was doing shit around the house and they had an episode where all the girls went out for a bachelorette party. Well shit goes down and these broads go into full “grrl power” mode even going so far as to putting their hand in the circle like sports teams do and saying “hashtag feminism!” I shit you not.
                      I had to turn it off after that. Just couldn’t take it seriously anymore.

                    2. It pays to shut some show off or walk out when crap like that goes on. It makes a statement that that kind of stuff is not to be tolerated.

                    3. Yep, probably not going to finish the season now because of that nonsense. Am watching The Punisher series on Netflix instead. It’s pretty damn good.

                    4. Hmmm, I’ll have to pay more attention to that. He does have some flashbacks where he’s beating the shit out of muzzies in the Middle East.

                    5. Pretty much everyone he punishes is a white male. And every single doctor or medic in the series is black.

                    6. That’s true, but at the same time they’re lending credence to the fact that white people go through shit too. There’s no white privilege when you got one kid suffering from PTSD from his tour overseas, and The Punisher and Micro having their families stolen from them.
                      What I’ve taken from it is there are many retired soldiers who have fallen from grace and are struggling to regain some semblance of purpose in their lives as they battle their demons. It’s not all “Oh whitey is a dopey dude who needs (insert minority figure) to constantly pull their ass out of the fire and fix their mistakes. But who knows, I’m only 4 episodes in so it could very well turn that way.

                    7. Perhaps you are right. Maybe I have gotten too “sensitive” to SJW shit and have started seeing it everywhere. I did feel like there was a change in the direction of the series about halfway through.

                    8. Guess I’ll see over the long weekend when I get further into it. Quick question: They don’t do a huddle with their hands in the center while saying “hashtag feminism,” do they?

                    9. You will. The ethnic female character has to save us from the crazy white male veteran who becomes a terrorist.

                    10. sounds legit…its called “programming” for a reason, yet no one ever picks up on that

                    11. It really ruins everything. Overall, it is a great series with some great acting, and just about all of it is well done. But you seem them inject these same tired old tropes in there, this lame SJW crap, and it just ruins it. It’s almost jarring to me, because otherwise it is this very gritty, semi-realistic deal (except the usual over-the-top violence), and this SJW crap just doesn’t even fit.

                    12. The Man in the High Castle was interesting, but I heard it was cancelled bc too many viewers liked the German general- strong, family-oriented, good leadership, etc…we’ll see if it returns or not

                    13. I found the main characters to be really bland and boring. Only made it about halfway through the first season.

                    14. Haha I heard about that. I looked it up on Youtube and all of the comments were more or less talking about how their alternate history didn’t seem so bad lol

                    15. You nailed it. Even “Sophia”, the first AI/robot “citizen” of Saudi Arabia, came right out and stated that humans are programmable. The real question is are you programming yourself or are you letting someone else do it?

                    1. No… no….
                      I’ve already had two coffees this morning. Just saying if this is the route this conversation is going, I’m going to need more.

                    1. I’m curious what a nuva ring is, but something tells me I shouldn’t google it at work, Am I right?

                1. and they dont have 11 women- its 8 or 9 stars. wrap your head around that one. hwood banks on the increasing stupidity of it audience

                2. Aka ruining the bloody thing. Bet they will drink memosas after the heist while comforting the one who just got divorced.

                    1. still whats with remaking movies but with a women cast. What next a Janet Bond with a cast of Bond Boys.

                    2. Guilable market made up of mentally uneasy people with severe insecurities who are willing to pay to have their fragile egos caressed by moving pictures. Why would such a movie fail?

                  1. their accountants are more creative than their screenwriters…lotta dirty $ gets laundered thru that town…

                    1. They are exempt from GAAP reporting practices and do not operate as a standard business, so lots of opportunities for graft.

                      Make them comply and Hollywood would be done in one night.

                    2. IIRC it goes back to WWII and assisting making govt. films however they donate big to the democrat party hence why those old rules are still in place. Their accounting is not in line with most busuness practices.

                  1. Their virtue signaling peon brains. I feel hollywood doesnt even give a fuck about the money anymore and just make whatever they want to make them feel “good”

              1. LOTR was the last gasp. A few years ago I tried to watch the first “Hobbit” on a flight and turned it off half way through. I understand it was nothing but a pure money grab, but the unnecessary deviations such as the KAF (kick-ass-female) elf killed it for me. Now they want to reboot LOTR?

                It will be made into another simpering SWJ shit fest and vag empowerment flick.

                1. Peter Jackson was pretty much dragged back to make the Hobbit and it shows. Those movies are so baffling and lifeless as to be totally forgettable.

            2. After getting paid less than 100k for each terminator I am sure arnold was happy to cash the 10 million dollar check they paid him for Junior

              EDIT: It may be conan they paid him shit for

    2. Reminds me of that scene from Transporting when they find the baby in the crib after the group had their massive skag binge.

      1. Such a fucking awesome movie. I was actually shown this movie by my 11th grade English teacher, IN CLASS. He was a fat basement dweller metalhead guy that rode a bicycle to the school. Fun post script to this is that he lost weight and is now a competition weightlifter.

        But yeah, shitting on blankets, dead babies, fishing for pills in shit infested toilets. Imagine if a teacher tried to play this in a classroom today.

        1. That teacher would be loved like Dumbledore is loved in Harry Potter. That teacher would be a few hours of free air, few hours of bullshit-free zone.

          How old are you, old guy? You don’t seem to talk often with not-insane millennials or Generation Z. They hate everything feminism with zealousness, great passion, remorselessness. Just consider all of the kids sharing their stories about feministic parents have all fucked up their families, holidays, relations, everything. Imagine them gathering, and collectively understanding the root of the problem; feminism.

          Thank you very much for the movie recommendation, though. If you can recommend good movies, like this one, you must be something.

          1. Turned 30 this year so im kinda on the higher end of millennials but honestly don’t really have many friends in that group because I cant relate to them much at all. Most of my friends are Gen X or older. A few other cases of millennial friends I have that aren’t batshit crazy.

            My son is gen Z and your points are all correct. The allure of being a burnout loser has faded away from the next generation of kids. Being competitive, stand up and carrying yourself well are things they seem to resonate with.

  4. I didn’t even read the article (opinion piece).
    Too many words. Fuck that.
    I’m just here for Kratom references.

    1. combine the Mike Chang afterburn effect, with Kratom and Tony Robbins and you get a Superbeast.

  5. New blog in the Manosphere, coming in December 2017! We are launching a blog for men who are in the mixed (“interracial”) marriages and are fathers of mixed-race children.
    Look out for updates.

                1. Look, I am just letting people know we are launching our blog. Some readers may feel the new blog will be relevant to them. That’s all.

                    1. Hey, I’m just saying that going to some other website and pimping your own website all over the comments is kind of a dick mov… oh, wait…

                    2. damn… when did he slip up and out himself?
                      thought IC was going alright for a little while there, posting some comments that were normal.

                    3. Assuming he thinks we are racists, I don’t think Kersey understands how to change hearts and minds.

                    4. I don’t think Kersey understands much, period.
                      Btw Kersey, if you’re still issuing challenges to fight, my offer still stands. Come down to Nashville and we’ll have a bout sponsored by AKC. 10% of the proceeds go to us and 90% goes to a charity of the victor’s choice. No dirty fighting (groin shots, biting, eye gouging, etc). Just mano y mano with the weapons God gave us at birth.

                    5. I would like to see that. Straight boxing rules, or UFC? I’ll pitch in if it goes mostly to charity.

                    6. SEE! this is how i got in trouble. YOU ARE THE ONE that challenged that aids infected lunatic to a fight and he thinks it is me. I would never fight that mother fucker. He has aids dude. There is no winning. I couldn’t figure out why he kept saying i challenged him to a fight. I know myself. I am not fighting anyone with aids. Hell, I hope I never fight anyone ever again, but ESPECIALLY if they have aids. This is on you Jak.

                    7. As I recollect, Kersey originally challenged YOU, because GOJ (being you of course) called him a nigger or somesuch fabrication…

                    8. A) I only brought this up the last time he surfaced and that was AFTER he was already accusing you of challenging him to a fight.
                      B) I never technically challenged him, I just said if he’s still looking for a fight, I wouldn’t turn him down if he was willing to come down to Nashville.
                      C) I would require him to get a blood test before the fight to make sure my own well-being is assured.

                    9. A) Well I don’t know why he thinks I challenged him to a fight. I would NEVER do that
                      B) I am going to leave you “not turning down” Kersey to other shitlords
                      C) I wouldn’t even give him the blood test, let alone the fight.

                    10. A) He’s an imbecile.
                      B) That doesn’t work when I put it in the context of us fighting. Would work if I ONLY said “I wouldn’t turn him down.”
                      C) Where did I say that I’d pay for his blood test? That’s all on him.

                    11. A) Yes
                      B) If you think these shitlords care about context while taking your words and making you sound like you were asking an aids patient for buttsex then you haven’t been around for long enough and this is YOUR site
                      C) I wonder if he will ever get tested and post his results. That would be one way for him to have us stop saying he has aids.

                    12. I am the real Kersey. you fools dont know who you are really dealing with. I have many names, all live rent-free in your minds…I have enough screengrabs of your posts to destroy all of you

                    13. No, I’m the REAL Kersey, Cheeseburger (if that is his real alias) is Callahan. I had all of you snowballed. I almost got away with it to, if it weren’t for those meddling kids.

                    14. no- I am Kersey. Have been for years. Tired of you clowns. You will all get banned from the web, c/o me.

                    15. this is really getting weird. dude, if youre out there, I know Ive told you before raise your kids well-all that matters. This stalking thing is boggling my mind…but gives me a chance to post a kickass Dinosaur, Jr. tune!

                    16. Kersey sighting confirmed.
                      I guess he didn’t get all the WN comments he was hoping for with his little stunt so he decided to jump ship.

                    17. Welp, there goes my fun for today since it looks like it was shaping up to be another sting operation by Kersey. Ah well. I expect he’ll be deleting his account soon if so.

                    18. Like that crazy uncle Rico, very irritating when he is around, but a great source of entertainment when he isn’t

                    19. Nah. Just another shit talker on the internet. Funny thing is, if he actually followed through and fought me, I might actually have a modicum of respect for him. As it is, he’s just a pathetic little keyboard warrior who thinks he’s on some grand crusade to turn the internet into the world wide safe space.

                    20. Not surprised.

                      Several years ago, someone sponsored an amateur night boxing match where I was living. Anyone could pick who they wanted to fight against, under standard boxing rules for a small fee, they had a ref there. Some coworkers at the sawmill I worked at didn’t get along and fought there. It was a fun way to settle differences IMO.

                    21. That DOES sound like fun, though I’m not much of a boxer. I know the basics, but I’m much more of a mixed bag of sorts. Not MMA in the conventional sense, but I’ve trained in enough styles to be familiar with each. I guess you could say I’m…
                      a Jak of all trades. YEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!

                    22. I could see doing it with MMA rules. Problem would be, IMO is they would degenerate into street fighting rather quickly.

                      This fight was much, much slower and awkward than professionals, but a sight to see nonetheless.

                  1. There’s outlandish and then there’s FO3 outlandish. Only he could say with a straight face that sex is painful and we’re just brainwashed to believe it’s not.

                    1. I remember at one point he was trying to say how Trump’s bloodline was from (((Da Joos))) because Drumpf is a German name and….yeah, I kinda lost him after that.

                    2. It was funny to watch him crash and burn much in the same way it’s funny to watch some jackass skateboarder try a trick and wind up crushing his balls on a handrail.

                    3. that really was a great episode!

                      when the Barney Gumble story plays its quite sad, then that follows…. now that is funny!

            1. Mother was always the focus of derision as I recall. Sisters? Seems everyone hated their own anyways so the insult was powerless.

  6. This goes back to the Biblical admonition to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. And you reap what you sow. If you wait around for other people to do things for you first, you may be in for a long wait. You have sown nothing so there is no reasonable expectation of a harvest.

    It is up to each of us to be proactive in a positive manner. If you drift through life, don’t be surprised if the current carries you through the worst rapids and the sharpest rocks, often sideways. To successfully traverse this river we call life you have to steer and paddle. Part of that effort is looking out for and helping the people around you.

    I realize that many if not most people will take advantage of you if you let them. That’s part of steering through life. Set limits on where and how far you are willing to go and stick to them. When we go too far in helping others, we make them completely dependant on us and that does more harm than good.

    Helping children with projects is a good example of this. In many cases it is far easier to just take over a project and do it for them. But you have cheated them out of the learning experience and taught them they can be lazy since you will just do things for them.

    As we age, we gain knowledge and experience in abundance (or we should anyway) and that is one of the most important assets we can share. Being patient and teaching our children, our friends and even our wives skills that help improve the quality of their lives is the best gift we can give them.

    1. “If you wait around for other people to do things for you first, you may be in for a long wait.”

      Holy fuck did I get a potent face-full of that today.
      Thanksgiving party at work, everyone and their family in attendance. I followed my social and military conditioning and gave my coworkers opportunities to introduce their families and spouses to me. That’s how I was raised, you introduce your family/friends to new acquaintances. Nothing doing, they’d keep talking while the spouse just stood there awkwardly or I floated off equally awkwardly.

      Left livid and feeling like I’d been socially transported back to freshman year of high school. Never. Again.

      1. In that situation all etiquette bets are off. I step up, introduce myself to the spouse, ask about the children, etc. If I want to tweak the husband and flatter the wife, I will tell her “It’s so nice that your father brought you.” “Oh, that’s your husband? You look so much younger than him…” That is usually good for a smile out of her and a snarky “Thanks.” out of him.

        I used to follow my social and military conditioning, but I am deprogrammed now. I am going to enjoy myself and if it makes some other folks uncomfortable, especially if they are being rude, that’s too bad.

        1. I can’t pull that level of snark and hope to survive in my position, but I made a note to be far more direct and dictate my own terms of engagement in the future.

          1. Excellent! I warn other men that what works for me may not work for you. Part of being a man is developing your own style and knowing the limits of what you can get away with in any given situation. I have been known to push the limit in the past…usually after a few drinks. Ha!

      2. I hated that kind of thing too. Most everyone didn’t want to be there, and those that did were falling over themselves to see who could out ass-kiss the boss. Kind of humorous thinking back now though. So ridiculous!!

  7. Good article. The compliments/criticizing I disagree with in regards to them coming from opposing mindsets, I think they can come from either. I do get what the author is trying to convey but I think it’s too broad to not have expanded further on that one point as both of those can be from either mindset. Being constantly critical and never positive I can see this as not coming from abundance which I think is what the author was getting at, however…

    In my experience a criticism can be just as much from an abundance mentality as a compliment as long as it’s warranted and not being a constant bitchy sounding nag. Same goes with compliments, only when warranted. Too much of either and you become white noise and watered down, a kiss ass or a negative nancy.

    A couple of examples:

    I got asked the question “does my hair look ok?”… she had massively ratted/frizzed out hair from being outside in the wind. I responded with a flirtatious criticism “well if you are going for the I just jumped out of an airplane look, it’s fantastic!, but if not then you might want to find your brush”.

    Another I’ve been asked “does my pussy still feel tight?” … I was direct here: “you might want to look into kegels babe”. She got mad for a minute but respect was gained here as she later apologized for getting angry and thanked me for being direct to her question. A month later she asks the same question (after having done kegels daily)… ah wow it feels great babe… she was ecstatic at a) the compliment knowing it was genuine, b) that she achieved her goal, c) that she was rocking my world, and conversely I hers … etc.

    1. You are correct. I am speaking of the constant criticizer, not the occasional, warranted criticism.

      It would probably behoove me to give some exceptions when I’m talking about a general topic but A) I don’t want to ramble on most times and B) I assume our readers are competent men who understand these nuances.

      It’s a fine line to walk, certainly but the good side is it opens up the topic to discussion and discourse.

      1. “You are correct. I am speaking of the constant criticizer, not the occasional, warranted criticism.”

        UGH Of course you would say that wouldn’t you.

            1. It was an abortion. An abortion, Michael. Just like our marriage is an abortion. Something that’s unholy and evil. I didn’t want your son, Michael! I wouldn’t bring another one of you sons into this world! It was an abortion, Michael! It was a son Michael! A son! And I had it killed because this must all end! I know now that it’s over. I knew it then. There would be no way, Michael… no way you could ever forgive me not with this Sicilian thing that’s been going on for 2,000 years.

              1. Must be my day for thinking of university anecdotes. Saw that with some other students during my bachelors. One of those fluffy “humanities” courses the idiot university forced on science majors. I was the only one that thought his response to her was not only justified, but beyond tame. She murdered his son! Cement shoes are called for. Or dealing with her at a great height. Over water.


              1. I haven’t seen that movie in 20 years and still remember some of the lines.

                “You want to look thin? Hang around fatter friends.”
                “One son I put through college. The other I put through a wall.”

                I will see if I can find a copy for the holidays.

      2. Yeah I figured that was what you meant.

        Occams razor is always a delicate one to traverse. Discussion is always the best part anyway haha

  8. Happy Thanksgiving you Crazy Bastards!… Enjoy the Feast of “Abundance” …Or, as Mama Celeste would say: “Abbondanza!”

    1. Hey Lou, have to ask, does this mean anything to you?
      Just curious.
      There are many variations.
      This one seems to be the original Italian version.
      I am more familiar with the Bronx version…

    2. Oh that’s right! It’s… I think right now! Today! I’ll get some pasta dish with lobster in it for the occasion. 🙂

      I was always forgetting US holidays while I was still in the US. Of course here in Italy I’m hopeless. It’s a bit worse here though because literally EVERYTHING is closed when they pop up.

  9. I noticed some deleted comments below, did the troll with AIDS ( I’ve yet to determine if he has Haitian, Ukrainian or Nigerian AIDS) whose name is not to be mentioned delete his own comments?

    1. Today was pathetic. he comes in as “Father of Three” (FO3 mentioned a 4th last time he was around) and advertises a non-existent red pill interracial marriage site. Jak straight up challenges him to a fight which he soon after stops commenting and deletes his account. Keyboard warriors are funny.

      1. They tell me that those who crave attention crave it whether it’s good or bad. He comes around asking for it, then gets mad when he gets it.
        That dude has serious psychological issues for which he should seek immediate attention before he shoots up a post office or something.

        1. I would agree. I would bet you the guy has a crappy marriage where he goes home and watches TV at night after work, rinse, repeat.

          1. I bet he lives alone because if someone was stuck in the house with him they would strangle him in his sleep…. I probably would while he was awake.

            1. I wouldn’t doubt it. He has mentioned having a colored wife, but other than that, I have never heard him talk any specifics about her or his family life.

      2. Also, I didn’t challenge him. I merely informed him if he was looking to fight someone, I wouldn’t turn down a challenge from him if he issued it to me. Semantics. Heh.

            1. Dear old Papa Confederate used to say that to me, meaning when you acted a fool your backside would be too sore to sit on for a spell.

              1. I like it, but I’d only be kicking his ass figuratively speaking. Chances are he wouldn’t be doing much standing after I worked him over.

                1. In that case a friend of mines father used to tell him, “boy, I will kick your ass slam up around your shoulder blades!”.

    2. Not very sporting of the fellow. The least he can do is keep his ridiculous posts online long enough for me to get amusement out of them. 🙂

  10. Looks like Kersey’s been through here again.
    Damn. I always miss the good stuff.
    Too bad it wasn’t yesterday. I was working from home yesterday…

  11. Not in any way related but the title had me instantly thinking of Obsolete Man. That old Twilight Zone episode.

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