Way of the Warlord: Phase 5

Last week we gave you a break, but today we  continue our new Way of the Warlord program here at A Kings Castle.  This is designed to be an interactive physical, mental, and martial arts program where the authors of the site give out a two week challenge to the readers to better ourselves and become better men.  Today’s post is the mid point update where we will share our questions, triumphs, difficulties, and advice.

Phase 4 complete

Phase 4’s homework was:

Physical: The Pull up  Challenge

Mental: Start a hobby


Physical: Week one I finally got to 12 pullups for 3 sets.  The following week I held a 10 lb dumbbell with my feet as I did 3 sets of 10.  I’m going to add pull ups into my work out more as my shoulders, traps, and back are really filling out.

Mental: Start a hobby.  I said  I wanted to do wood working and while I wanted to really devote time to making something, I ended up just fixing some things around the house.  No real projects but I plan on making some Christmas ornaments our of wood this year, so I can hone in on the hobby then.

Phase 5:

Physical: I am happy to announce that A King’s Castle has teamed up with a long time friend and his new website Team WB Fitness.  Team WB Fitness is now the official fitness partner to A King’s Castle.  This week’s challenge is to do the WB 10/10 lifting program.   This program is no joke and I highly recommend it if you’re looking to increase size.  This is a high volume routine and it it may seem crazy at first, but just try it out for the next week, I promise you’ll get your ass kicked but feel great at the same time.

Mental: This week I want you to talk to 20 people you don’t know.  The barista at the coffee house.  They delivery guy in the elevator.  Your neighbor etc.  It doesn’t matter but striking up conversation with someone you don’t know helps you in many ways.  Builds confidence and social skills with people.


As always, leave your notes and goals in the comments.  Cheer your brothers on and hold each other accountable.  We’ll have a halfway check-in next Friday.

Phase 4 Check in next Friday 12/1


-J. Nyx

Author: Jnyx

Fitness addict, DIY guru, tech nerd, member of Memesters Local 419.

43 thoughts on “Way of the Warlord: Phase 5”

  1. Still haven’t mastered those pull ups, I may have too much stuff out of whack to ever do them again but, no retreat, no surrender.
    Trying to pull all that turkey and sweet tater soufflé up there with me ain’t helping.
    Going out tonight to guard some wheat fields from the varmints, toting a rifle across plowed fields until my tongue hangs out is gaining ground though.

        1. Nah…I’m sure he’s a good guy. Most guys are decent.

          But when it comes to “worse”…there is you and there is me…
          So that begs the question. TX or NY? Where are the “vices” easier to find??? LMK because if TX is the answer I just might have to relocate…

          1. Dallas /ft worth / Houston have hot women but I doubt they are hotter than NY. Cost of living is much lower though . The strip joints at one time had top notch talent . Vinny Paul of Pantera owns one but the quality has tanked the last few years. The most popular things to do are salsa dancing , country dancing , and hunting .. as for vices .. hmmm locally brewed beer and vodka (shiner and titos) and you have to drive at least 4 hours if you want to see the country or actual cowboys/cowgirls

            1. I’ve been to Houston 3 times.
              I liked Galveston.
              And the teenage waitresses in the hotel where I was staying were pretty damn hot. Especially after 3 or 4 “Houston teas”.
              So I suppose if I ever have to get the hell out of NY, I know where I’ll be going….

  2. i like this High Rep to fatigue.
    was on pro-rowing team – undefeated state champions – at 17.
    fast movements maximum weight, slow/controlled recovery…much leg work.
    And when I occasionally go full gym later in life it is some version of this…
    Specifically higher reps – with speed/power – controlled recovery
    And not too keen on the one rep max — seems accident or progress — I can wait.
    will read up more on the 10*10 seems my style. I’m more interested in being strong and fit – and body will be good. rather than move for body shape…

    1. I wasted 2 years doing low rep high weight programs. You up your 1rm in many ways, and getting 10 sets of 10 reps of say 45 lbs one week followed by 10×10 the following week can only make you bigger and stronger.

  3. This is a recovery week for me. It is actually difficult for me to take a week off after a six week training. I feel like I really should be hitting the weights when I get up in the morning. I still stay active though, no sitting around. I did manage to hit a goal with a 15 rep set of pull ups. I had plateaued at 12 reps and managed to break through that this week first with 13 reps, then 15.

    Mental I have been working on a men’s supplement article and put a little time in on it this week. But life has been getting in the way. I already have too many “hobbies”. With respect to wood working I did build a custom shelf unit for my wife yesterday. Nothing fancy, just for the utility room, but it did give a feeling of accomplishment. I don’t consider wood working a hobby though. To me it’s just work.

    Striking up a conversation with strangers isn’t really a challenge for me. I love to talk to people and just do it as a matter of course. I will have to think about a suitable substitute for that one.

    1. I can strike up a conversation with strangers but it’s like I have to flip my personality switch on and the older I get the less inclined I am to do it. It’s kind of odd I guess because when I was younger I didn’t mind shooting the breeze with most anyone, now I catch myself dodging people so I don’t have to fool with them.

  4. I showed two 7 yr olds and a 5 yr old how to do this on Turkey Day. During dinner, my sister kept trying to get my nephew to eat sweet potatoes and he immediately said “I find your lack of faith disturbing”- complete with the hand gesture.
    I had to explain away this one and she didnt find it funny!

        1. Of course they’re pronounced pee-cans.
          Like pee-can pie.
          Is there any other way to pronounce it?

          BTW, I have heard of something called peh-cahn, but not sure what that is and whether or not it is edible.

        2. But did you crush them with your bare hands ? If you did you can put down the 32 oz slurpy and throw an sjw in your iron maiden

  5. I found out that my low T levels were due to to back to back doses of antibiotics this summer . I can pick up my warlord sword again but unfortunately I need to pack condoms in my chain mail pouch going forward

  6. Eat that turkey and sleep it off. Then plunk that wife of yours and BREED white sumbitches BREED. Your wives’ pussies are the MORTAR CANNONS that shoot babies out. “Kathunk-kathunk-POW”, blasting and carpet bombing our great green republic with fine fresh progeny. Work those drumsticks gobble gobble. Yeah baby!

  7. I’m finally settled into NYC for the winter. I live a reverse Snow-Bird life.

    Chin-ups I’ve been working on for over a year – and coming along ok…I reckon is one of the most important real-life skills..I literally had to save a body-builder who couldn’t pull himself out of the water….

    talking to 20 people – for me is chicks in NYC:
    The whether is unseasonably warm, and walking around down-town the most abundance of beautiful women.
    But, I’m with my tween daughter. She is tall – and the hotter the women, the more they stare holes in her…
    My questions –
    1st – why are they staring at a young girl?
    2nd– What to do? I want to grab them and offer my breeding services…but, not really appropriate?maybe?
    3rd – had (maybe) seizure 2 weeks ago. One of the witnesses – a yoga instructor/nurse called to “see how I’m doing” – have date tomorrow.
    Seems “Florence Nightingale” syndrome is alive and well. Typically women bolt at slightest display of weakness…so whats up with that?

    There are too many women around here for me to handle alone – I reckon its time, in my old age, for me to get a wingman…

    1. I think there’s a difference between voluntary and involuntary weakness and how it’s perceived by women. You can’t really help that you have seizures and the yoga instructor knows that. However, if you were a pasty soyboy who sobbed for an hour because you stubbed your toe, that would be different.

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