Obstacles or Opportunities

“Success is determined not by whether or not you face obstacles, but by your reaction to them. And if you look at these obstacles as a containing fence, they become your excuse for failure. If you look at them as a hurdle, each one strengthens you for the next.”

-Ben Carson

We all have the choice on how to approach hardships in our life.  Are the obstacles to our success or opportunities to grow?  Answering this critical question sheds light to our mindset and how we approach situations during our day to day lives.  

Those who approach situations as obstacles typically have a scarcity mindset.  They see these setbacks from a pessimistic viewpoint and often lament how unfair life is to them.

Is it any wonder why these kinds of people fail so often?

Instead of seeing everything from this point of view, see them as opportunities.  The type of opportunity you view them as is entirely your own.

Some setbacks will allow you to test your grit while some will test your wit.

Other setbacks will force you to see things from a different perspective.  Sometimes they require you to knuckle down and push through.

Still others might require you to ascend to the next level that you didn’t think you were capable of reaching.

I came to this realization the other day while playing a game of chess against an acquaintance on Twitter.  After each of their moves, I’d look over the board and ask myself, “What opportunities are there for me to take?”

I didn’t lament that they just took one of my key pieces or they had just put my king in check.  Rather, I focused on seeing what was open that I could turn to my advantage.  As I settled into this mindset, my matches became less stressful and more enjoyable, like a puzzle I was trying to solve.

This opportunistic approach can be used for physical endeavors as well.  I remember vividly one Taekwondo competition I competed in where I was pitted against someone who outclassed me.  He was more experienced than I was, had longer legs (a significant advantage in a kicking style martial art), and was in better shape.  As the fight dragged on, it was obvious I was going to lose.

Rather than say “Screw it.” and give up, I knuckled down and kept moving forward, throwing everything I had at my opponent.  I lost the match, but friends from my school told me afterwards they had never seen me fight so well.  Indeed, the match took my fighting to a new level that I didn’t know I had in me.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but I had captured an opportunity and it has stuck with me to this day.

“A man is but the product of his thoughts.  What he thinks, he becomes.”


Now as I go through my day to day activities, I regularly ask myself “What opportunities are here for me to take?”  This is a conscious effort on my part to embrace an abundance mindset.  It doesn’t even need to be big events.  It can be as simple as saying, “Okay, I’m home.  All the chores are taken care of.  The kids are in bed.  Now what?”

Do I veg out to Netflix or do I take advantage of the time to do something more productive?

Time is an opportunity, one that so many people waste.  Same goes with money.

My challenge to all you readers is to ask yourself at least three times each day what opportunities are being presented to you at that very moment and how you can capitalize on them.

You can take this little exercise a step further and keep a notepad with you to write them down so you can reflect on them later.  Many times the answer isn’t immediately obvious and requires some time to reflect and brainstorm.

I’d also encourage you to put in the comments below a situation you’re presently in where you are struggling to capture the opportunity being presented.  We have many knowledgeable men here and maybe, just maybe a fresh set of eyes can help you out.

Happy Monday, gentlemen.  Seize the day!

Author: Jak

Jak, married and father of three, seeks to help the Red-Pill Community take its next step past the petty cynicism and ineffectual anger. While he recognizes that men are significantly handicapped by the modern legal system and culture, he doesn't accept that traditional marriage is untenable in today's social climate. Rather, men must be willing to adapt to this new world by implementing new tactics and approaches to maintaining a balance of power. Jak is here to provide you with these lessons.

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  1. Well said this is just the right article for me. Right now I have a rather daunting task in front of me at work. Instead of looking at it as some huge burden, I can view it as a opportunity to shine if I handle it well.

    1. Truth and wisdom are truth and wisdom no matter who says it. Worrying about the source always seems a bit silly to me.

    1. I was gonna say the same thing about the Carson quote. i think Johnny Carson said that, not Ben

        1. Never..that is an abomination to even suggest it. Ghandi is pure fiction. He was probably a street vendor selling Biryani with Frank’s Hot Sauce.

      1. Quarters?! When you hit the guy in the head and the sock busts open do you spend the next 15 mintues picking them up or do you leave +$20 in the street? Use pennies if you must, but the go to was always rocks or scrap metal.

          1. The preferred method of peer discipline during basic training, yesiree Bob. Blanket parties were all the rage and had a way of correcting out of line comrades who managed day in and out to get the entire company into hot water.

            1. I heard a story –
              A guy in basic training who was a known fukkup got wind thathe was going to be on the shit end of that therapy. So he sneaks under his covers upside down, with his feet up where his head should be, with a field shovel by his side. The time comes and they jump on his feet and legs, hoping to immobilize his arms. He sits up and starts going to town on his attackers with the shovel.

              Fun was had by few.

              1. The thing is, that guy probably took it hard in the shorts the next day. It’s not like this kind of thing was done on a whim, every time I saw or heard of it, the man in question was a total dickhead who constantly fucked over the entire platoon/company and really had it coming. A dick move like that might be clever, but it wouldn’t go unanswered later, guaranteed.

              1. No. Blanket Party. The men in the barracks wait for the repeat “offender” to fall asleep, then throw a blanket over his head and beat him with socks filled with a big soap bar or two. Reserved for the truly pathetic awful and disruptive men in the company. Kinda brutal but it is effective.

                1. I’ve heard of blanket party but I thought Code Red was another term for it…might be getting it mixed up with something else.

              1. Everything’s liquid now man…….they’re onto us man , taking away our bars and replacing it with that liquid stuff…….

                    1. what if its about a vampire and a werewolf vying for the attention of a girl who turns out to be a lesbian?

  2. Seize the day, or using synonyms , it translates to “Freeze” or “Stop The Day” , which means giving up. I am fishing for a reason to be lazy after the long Holiday.

      1. you can watch all the sports you want and eat all the wings you want because when the day resumes, you can work off the weight!

  3. One of the biggest obstacles I am facing right now is uncertainty and having to wait. The facility where I work will be shut down by the end of 2018. Although we have been told there will jobs for all of us, none of us know where or when and all of them will be over an hour away.

    What’s more, we aren’t even operating much, just marking time. I suppose these are opportunities to develop more patience and overcome fear of the unknown. This is also a challenge to let go of the stress and not worry about things I can do nothing about. It’s just very difficult to simply watch and wait after nearly four decades of taking action and accomplishing goals. It turns out that being able to do nothing can also be a significant challenge for some of us.

    1. I wouldn’t take them at their word of a job waiting for you. Might send out some feelers to see if there are any other jobs out there for you in case their promise falls through.

      1. I am in a skilled trade they offer a $25K sign on bonus for and have a hard time filling positions. They have left all open positions at other facilities unfilled until the plant closures are complete. So my job is not at risk.

        I just have no desire to give up my property having spent so much time, effort and money setting it up the way we want it. Some of the openings may be as far as 140 miles from my house. The closest will be 64 miles away.

        So my options are over an hour commute or find a room / buy a camper and stay there during the week. Neither option is particularly appealing.

          1. Plus if I can hang in there until I am sixty five, I will get a real pension along with my 401K. That’s a true rarity nowadays and worth the trouble. We’re only talking about six more years. I’ve been in the work force for 41 years. I can hold my nose and do this if I have to.

                1. Yeah, its a shame they are being shutdown. Besides the cheap power they are good job providers for rural areas.

                  1. I thought trump was going to save the plants? how would we make up for that electricity shortfall w/o coal? what is it now, 30-40% still generated by coal???

                    1. Or actually kind of is.
                      Don’t buy that “scrapping the bottom of the barrel” stuff they’ve been selling since the early 90s.

                    2. oil is limitless? how about fresh water? arable land? we can just make moar of it like we print money?

                    3. Trump’s EPA has taken back a lot of the bad obama regulations on coal. But natural gas is still cheaper right now than coal for power. Some of the coal plants are converting to natural gas and a lot of natural gas combined cycle plants are going in to cover the load.

                      The problem with everything going to natural gas is it is very price sensitive to the cost of natural gas. Where as coal is more fixed cost and coal cost didnt change much. So once a liberal asshole gets in office and bans fracking or regulates it to death electricity prices will skyrocket.

        1. That’s a rough situation.
          At least one hour commute each way is brutal.
          Your day would be gone fast.
          I think you might be onto it with a camper.
          Best of luck to you.

    2. I feel for your plight. We are closing down one of our prodcution facilities now, but we did have some openings at the other site 3 hours away. Surprisingly it was the older guys who agreed to take the offers, but that is more due to the fact they are a few years from retirment and will not be able to find a similiar gig for those remaining years. Sucks having to rent a room and commute on the weekends at the age, but at least the kids are out of the house.

      1. I had this whole rant that I was about to go into, but then I just realized that I didn’t really care enough even to type it all out.

        1. We’re also Bem, and cheeseburgercheeseburger. I also think we might be you too, but I’ll need to check the logins before I can say for certain.

            1. I couldn’t agree more if I’d typed that myself. Which I may well have.

        2. The world doesn’t make sense and in other news I saw a pikachu running from the trailer park to the Dollar General the other day. Strange times we live in.

        1. And she’s divorced to boot. I mean good on her for pulling in a prince. British women must be terrifying for him to sail across the pond.

              1. She’s a post-wall, divorced, “former actress” American whore. She’s had at least triple digits cocks. She probably blew Harvey Weinstein. And she looks like her T level is at least twice his.

              1. less than 2% of the world has red hair. my nephew has red hair. isnt he a minority? shouldnt he get a free ride at an Ivy?

                  1. I dont know about that, but I have noticed a few commercials with red-headed kids, and they were bad(of course)

    1. Not only is Harry about to wife up a ho, he’s literally making her princess.

      Doesn’t the royal family have handlers to prevent this sort of catastrophe?

        1. I said it before, and I’ll say it again: She’s a post-wall, divorced, “former actress” American whore. She’s had at least triple digits cocks. She probably blew Harvey Weinstein. And she looks like her T level is at least twice his.

          1. This is a good chunk of the rant you didn’t want to go into, isn’t it? Might as well just finish it…

            1. It would be pretty much me finding every possible way to emphasis how huge a slut this bitch is, such as jokes about the echo resounding from her ginormous vagina, lots of comments about the various strands of STDs and AIDS that she probably has from all the miles of dicks she has had.

              I was going to suggest that she is much more suited to be some average Chad’s pump-and-dump cumrag on a random Tuesday afternoon than to be an English princess.

              Then I was gonna rant about the whole ginger angle.

              And I was going to lace in a whole bunch of vaguely racist stuff, just to piss off the snowflake Kersey types.

              But that all seems like a lot of work when I can just say she’s an old, stupid cunt who has taken more dick than Kevin Spacey.

                1. Yeah, she can tell the kids of England how amazing and fulfilling it was to have an Arab Sheikh take a huge dump on her face while getting corn-holed by a camel.

              1. to be honest i haven’t even heard too much of her hopping in the carousel. the only bad thing i really have seen about her is that she has been divorced. She doesn’t seem as bad as the other starlets out there (though looks can be deceiving). But anyway why make a deal out of this. Hollywood starlets have always whored it up for pretty much all of Hollywood’s existence. And on top of that the British royal family are nothing but figureheads now with very little political power .

          1. i still think hes wifing her up as a big “F*ck You!!!” to ol’ Charlie boy & Liz for having his mum knocked off for getting shagged by that mooslime.
            (i also dont believe hes Charlies legit son)

            1. She is a 36- year-old, divorced, American “actress,” and “independent woman” who’s is expected to “breathe fresh air” into stodgy old Buckingham Palace with her feminist (ie: reckless, promiscuous, frivolous) orientations.

              The reality is, she represents the core of you-go-girl-ism. This sets a hideous public precedent, that holds high miserably destructive thinking. I always thought that Prince Harry was kind of Alpha. I was wrong.

              1. yep, as most men are saying, he can get pretty much any woman from anywhere round the whole globe & he chooses this slogged out sloot?

                this doesnt seem quite right, and its not like you can say William & Harry are idiots, they are smart guys … set up anyone?

  4. OT: Like totally OT. Just got my first delivery from Dollar Shave Club. Not shilling for them, but man, nice stuff. Cheap, monthly and they sent a sample of their shaving goop that I just tried. While I’m no expert judge of all things shaving and razor, the quality was great, the razors sharp and the shave nice and smooth. Going to cost me 9 bucks a month (I went for the Cadillac 6 blade model, the 1 blade model is really a lot cheaper). Digging it. Assuming that they deliver consistently every month with the same quality blades, then I highly recommended if you get tired of paying half a mortgage payment for razor refills every month.

    That is all.

    (Not a paid advertisement, I just mentioned to some guys last week that I was signing up, so I’m giving my initial impression).

      1. Lol! Yeah, it does kinda read like that. Apologies. Still, I’m pretty impressed so far.

      1. In the end, they get to us all. You’re time is coming soon bem….

      1. *shrug*. Doesn’t bug me. If the product is good and the price is reasonable I could care less about the behind the scenes stuff. Besides, big companies never trigger my insta-hate button, they have to earn that privilege, heh.

    1. if you get tired of paying half a mortgage payment for razor refills every month

      Just stop shaving. Works for me. Saves me an additional $9, too.

        1. I’m a little sad to hear this. When the image in my head of you isn’t Jonathan Goldsmith, it’s Grizzly Adams.

    2. I took a slightly different tack on shaving recently. I have gone back to an old school safety razor. That’s what I started out with as a teenager and I remembered how close a shave you could get with a single edge. The caveat is the only safe part in “safety” is it won’t let you cut your own throat to thebleeding to death point. But they will cut you if you let the razor slide sideways.

      I also quit using shaving creme and have switched to sweet almond oil. You simply wet your hands with hot water, shake off the excess and pour some oil in the palm of your hand. Apply it liberally to your face and be prepared for the closest shave you’ll ever get with no razor burn. Plus the oil prevents build up on the blade and it will last a lot longer.

      I do recommend that you have a styptic pencil handy though. Because whether you’re new to this or an old hand, you will nick your self from time to time. But short of a straight razor (which I DO NOT recommend), it’s the manly way to shave.

              1. you grew up on the queens/nassau county border. you worked(or still work) at the valley stream mall

                    1. When I say it an sentence, its something like “rrrl” with no vowels. If I actually try to pronounce it out, it turns into something like “roo-earl”.

                    1. No doubt.
                      I remember when Godfather 3 premiered there was a full scale shootout. Takes the regular “shouting at the screen” to a whole new level!

        1. Well…I was using a double bit axe sharpened with a file and old oil from my motorcycle but that was scaring the neighbors and polluting the creek. And I freely admit to being a pussy. After all you are what you eat…dikhead (no offense to dckhead_con_artist intended). 😉

      1. I recently switched to the so-called safety razor. The most unsafe part I find is changing and disposing of the blades.
        It works so well I generally dispense with any creams or lotion and just scrape away dry.

    3. They’re just Dorco Pace 6 Plus razors. You can buy them cheaper in bulk from Dorco (dorcousa.com). I’m using their
      Pace Power razor along with Cremo and Barbasol aftershave.

    1. What did she star in? Sluts? No…wait…Suits. Since it’s about lawyers it’s easy to get that confused.

  5. I just made a seafood Gumbo, but encountered an obstacle in having no oysters. No worries, I turned it into an opportunity to use squid instead.

    The only down side is I think I’m now barred from visiting New Orleans.

      1. So what you are saying is not having oysters is a setback that we should be pessimistic about. Life is so unfair!

        I think you meant to say you are now BANNED

        How terribly clichéd.

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