2 Steps to Improve at Any Skill

I tend to be a methodical man, taking a problem and working through it very analytically.  Oftentimes, I will lay out a step-by-step process to handling a situation, either writing it down on paper or making a checklist in my mind.

This same analytical process comes to bear when I am trying to improve a skill set, be it a physical endeavor, an entrepreneurial venture, or a hobby.  Throughout the course of my life, I have come across a few practices that I have found beneficial to helping me develop the skill in question.  Today, I’m going to share these practices with you.  One method many of you will know about, but the other you probably won’t.

S.M.A.R.T Goals

Most of you have probably heard of this principle in the past so I won’t spend much time on it.  Basically, S.M.A.R.T. is an acronym for tackling what may initially seem an insurmountable goal.  If a project or problem seems so large that you don’t even know where to begin, this tactic can easily help you begin building momentum to get you kick-started.

S.M.A.R.T. stands for five key aspects of a goal you’re wanting to set.

  • Small – Pick one small piece of the project to start on.
  • Measurable – Your goal should have some metric to determine if you are making progress.
  • Attainable – This means that your goal should be something you can realistically achieve.  Setting a goal to put on 20 pounds of muscle in a month is not attainable without copious amounts of Kratom (heh).
  • Relevant – Deciding to clean up the clutter in your house shouldn’t begin with mulching your garden bed.
  • Timely – Your goal needs a timeline and deadline.  If not, you’ll find that you might never start, nor finish.

A simple example of the S.M.A.R.T. principle in action is applying it to your fitness routine.  Let’s say I want to lose 5 pounds within a month’s time.  Let’s apply the S.M.A.R.T. criteria and see if this is, well, smart.

  • S – This is a small, short-term goal that doesn’t stretch out into the far future.
  • – To measure this, I will use a health kiosk at my local grocery store.  Also good for measuring my blood pressure and heart rate.
  • A – An individual can safely lose up to 2 pounds of fat per week so this goal is certainly attainable.
  • R – Is this relevant towards my overall fitness levels?  Yes.
  • – I have a deadline and a loose timeline (1.25 pounds per week) to help determine if I’m on track.

3 Goals Method

While the last approach can be viewed as a more macro approach, this one can be utilized each session.  I initially learned of the 3 Goals Method while competing in Taekwondo tournaments and employed it extensively during my more junior years although it can be applied no matter your skill level.  For this method, grab a small piece of paper and a pen and write down 3 very specific goals you want to complete in your session.

I will use a Taekwondo match to help illustrate:

  1. I want to execute at least 5 kicks to the head.
  2. I want to feint my opponent and then execute a spinning kick when they react at least once.
  3. I want to slip my opponent’s attack and put myself in an advantageous position at least twice.

Notice what these goals don’t have?  They aren’t dependent on successfully landing a technique on my opponent.  Rather, they force me to do things I might be struggling with and want to improve.  By writing the goals down, I now have something to measure my rate of improvement with.

Basing your skill against whether you beat your opponent or not can be misleading.  After all, not every opponent is the same and even the same opponent can have off days or be trying a new approach of their own.  By writing down personal goals that are independent of who I’m up against, I can not only improve my skills, but I have a metric of success outside of winning or losing the match.


Improving any skill takes consistent and diligent effort.  Sure, you’ll make some gains simply by getting in there and bumbling around, but in order to excel to the highest levels, you must critically analyze what areas you are weak in and take steps to improve them.

If you have another method I that you think might help others, leave it down in the comments section below.

Author: Jak

Jak, married and father of three, seeks to help the Red-Pill Community take its next step past the petty cynicism and ineffectual anger. While he recognizes that men are significantly handicapped by the modern legal system and culture, he doesn't accept that traditional marriage is untenable in today's social climate. Rather, men must be willing to adapt to this new world by implementing new tactics and approaches to maintaining a balance of power. Jak is here to provide you with these lessons.

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          1. if coppola would stop making shitty vino and get back in the director’s chair, at least we’d have Godfather 4 to quote mine

  1. “Sure, you’ll make some gains simply by getting in there and bumbling around…”

    “Bumbling around” is pretty much the story of my life. Even at work. To this day I have never “designed” a computer program. I code as I go. It was how I started back in the 80s and how I have remained. It has served me well up till now as I am the type of consultant companies bring in for tactical work and updates, not architectural overhauls.

    But I have to admit, the methodical approach seems more professional and most likely much less stressful.

  2. These are great – and seems the proper way.
    But, I’ve never been like that. Sure I make lists, and such.
    But, somehow – whether construction, small business startups – including construction in retail bar/restaurants.
    Legal paperwork.
    yachts – maintenance/circumnavigations
    Massive Wall St software projects.
    Mostly all single handed, and just get in and make it happen.
    Perhaps the planning is happening on another level…

    I graduated software degree in 2004. there was some modern project management modules, where we had to work in groups( carry thru the strong and independent women).
    That sucked and not my style.
    prefer do it alone…

            1. The coffee pot guy looks a little like Christian Bale.
              Or the guy who played “Ghoul” in “Hacksaw Ridge”.

              1. Thank you. Pabst who, right??

                That clip has consistently made me laugh since it came out. EXPERT absurdism.

    1. “he asked me on a date – I’M HARASSED!!!!!”
      “I wore a short skirt and he looked at my legs – I’M HARASSED!!!!!”
      “he smiled at me – I’M HARASSED!!!!!”

    2. They haven’t put out the details yet, but I am going to guess the female he “harassed” was over 40. He seems the type to go for the old bags, like the Guthrie woman (although was not her).

          1. this was about August – I just looked up wife on internet and seems it was her.
            for the Hampton’s it could have been anything – much younger chick with wealthy dude – or gay (seems he would be to me)

    3. Again? I am getting sick and fucking tired of this bullshit. They give a man public consequences based on undisclosed accusations of “harassment,” whatever that means.

      No more. I have no love for Lauer, but he’s now in the public stocks, being fired and slimed before anybody has a clue what he’s done, or if it is even out of line. Being a scummy, needy jerk is not a crime, unless it violates the specific bounds of law. I was looking at a list of Hollywood “predators” the other day, and almost all of them committed no specific crime— they are just assholes.

      We need to stop this shit now, or we won’t be able to find jobs without being chemically castrated like sex offenders.

      1. I agree it is going too far, but unfortunately, a business can pretty much fire anyone at anytime for any reason. That being said, if this Lauer person is indeed innocent, he needs to take the broad to court and sue the pants off her (pun intended).

        1. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t like these guys, and if I was a woman I am sure I’d loathe them. But this #metoo moment is spiraling into a Salem Witch Hunt. It is a civilizational-level orgy of antimale bigotry, and we’re all going to feel it, in turn.

          1. Totally agree. I’m at the point to where MSM and Hollywood can be hit by a meteor and I wouldn’t blink, but this kind of shit floats downstream. It’s something that can wipe them out, but it’s going to take a lot of innocent men on our side out in the process.

            1. I will say though, that some men of our sort can get out of this alive. Look at Mike Pence, the MSM lambasted him for refusing to be around any other woman than his wife. Now that’s made him untouchable by any of these schemers.

          2. You can ruin anyone’s life by putting up a sign in their front yard that says: “Child Molester”
            This is no different.

          3. Agreed, this idea that the media can come in and destroy people at will without any verifiable proof. This has gotten to the point that anyone can be destroyed just for going against the wrong people.

        2. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not rising to defend men who genuinely use threats to a woman’s career position to bargain for sex. That’s already against the law. Furthermore, I don’t like these guys, and if I was a woman I am sure I’d loathe at least a few of them.

          But this #metoo moment is spiraling into a Salem Witch Hunt. It is a civilizational-level orgy of antimale bigotry, and we’re all going to feel it, in turn. Standby for the interpersonal blowback.

          1. Weinstein seems like an actual rapist.
            Ratner is worse than a rapist. He was a lowly, vile procurer (wimpy pimp) bringing young models (most likely exclusively white and non-jewish) to the vile no-talent Simmons.

            Franken is an annoying jerk and always was. But his “trangressions” with females seem very minor.

            Roy Moore did absolutely nothing wrong. A single guy dating pretty girls back in the 70s. People making a stink about the age need to realize the age of consent laws were more reasonable back then.

            1. Franken is a major asshole— but what he did is no worse than what happens in every high school drama club, everywhere.

              Would I have done it? No. Do I approve? No. Do I expect it from actors/carnies? Totally comes with the territory.

              1. Yeah, agree and as I said, what he did is very minor.
                But that Ratner — he needs to be dealt with in very bad ways. That motherf*cker deserves the worst.

                1. yeah, he directed the worst XMEN movie ever. almost ruined the franchise. off with his head

                  1. I must beg to differ: Age of Apocalypse looks less like an X-Men movie than it does a gay pride parade.

                1. We treat actors as paragons of civic virtue. It is helpful to remember that in Antiquity, actors (and assorted carnies) were literally whores.

      2. this is true. its what I stated on day one.
        nothing will happen to any of these top democrats/feminists…
        and it is the precursor for tightening controls over men.

  3. Another important part of planning.
    I don’t work in a cubicle – but if I did – I would soon be fired for ogling the office chicas – so wouldn’t…
    Last year I saw Richard Gere’s beach house for sale $54million. and sold to someone called Matt Lauer. had to look up name. and thought how can some guy on a news show afford that?
    And today he is fired for being a man or something…amazing shit.
    So if you plan to keep your job — don’t fraternize with the office staff.

    1. I work in an open area on a long flat desk – they call it “trader style”.
      The building floor space is enormous, and there are several hundred people on the floor. 90% male. And of that 10% female only 1 (!) is ogle-able. And that is TYPICAL of IT.

      BTW, the ogle-able one is a young, yappy, chinese girl. At times she yaps like no tomorrow and can be quite annoying.

      1. I would definitely try and fuck her.
        Damn – was just thinking – whats the body odor like in there?

        BTW – I have long haul holiday over xmas – will be couple of stops in SE Asia… going to be great!

        1. – Yappy chinese girl is engaged — and Converting to Judaism for hubby-wubby!

          – Body odor is atrocious. Bathroom odor is atrocious. Microwave curry stink from the pantry at lunch is atrocious.

          – Enjoy SE Asia! Bang some tang real hard!

            1. It is a standard move for asian chicks who believe that Ari loves them and isn’t just indulging a fetish or looking for cleaner genetics to mate with.

              1. Contrast it with just how difficult it is for a male to convert to (Orthodox) Judaism. It makes little sense since t is a Jewish mother not a Jewish father who makes the child officially Jewish…

                1. In the US it is absolutely cultural. Orthodoxy is limited to in-bred fringes while the Law of Moses is meaningless to the cult at large.

              2. had an asian friend who married a jewish chick; oh man, that scene was awesome! buncha of Japanese trying to speak hebrew…rabbi said something, they tried to repeat what he said…also:yamulkes.

                    1. yep, thought the culture diff, not the age, would do em in…had to move to bergen co to be close to her parents…she couldnt have kids, wanted to move back to the city to be closer to her friends…whole marriage was about 5 yrs

                    2. “had to move to bergen co to be close to her parents..
                      ugggggh, pussy like a venus flytrap. Dude got sucked in. Hope he’s OK now.

  4. One place I worked put up “STAR” placards up all over the place. Nobody knew what this was about. After about two weeks of “suspense” management rolled out the S.T.A.R. program to improve our safety and efficiency:

    Stop – before you take an action stop.
    Think – think about the action you plan to take.
    Act – take the action.
    Review – review the results of that action.

    But they were dealing with a blue collar work force predominantly made up of male military veterans. We knew better than that BS. What S.T.A.R. really meant was:


    1. It’s always a woman who teaches this shit, she couldn’t make it in the technical arena so management gives them shit like this to implement

    2. Any time I see motivational placards at a business or site, it’s a red flag coming out of management’s ass.

    1. Sound like a lot of the same frustrations that led to the creation of this site – the need to disengage from Pop-Outrage and focus on positive changes one can achieve on the individual and family level.

      Besides, I’ll say it again: ‘manosphere’ always sounds like some kinda gay thunderer-dome or some shit….

                    1. BTW, why does that weirdo have to pick two of the greatest actors (he was Ins. Callahan too) to use as avatars.
                      HIs incarnation as John Brown was much more approriate.

                    2. He will pop up every now and then, shit all over the thread and then delete his account. He thinks we are the Klan because we don’t follow the PC mantra about race.

                    3. Could be, I have ran the gambit with Mexicans though. Some would give the shirt off their back to a stranger, others will stab you if they thought you had something in your wallet.

                    4. PRs will stab you for looking at them funny. Or if they are just bored and you happen to be nearby.

                    5. Eh…some of those MS-13 guys make a compelling argument against that… (yeah I know Salvadorean, Mexican…)

                    6. Mexicans born and raised in Mexico tend to be genuine (cartelmen excluded)
                      US-born Mexicans can be different…albeit most of them are still OK.

                    7. My wife served a mission in Miami, she would say the same about the Hatians, direct immigrants are very nice, the second generation makes a change for the worse.

                    8. Gentlemen, this bit right here has to be one of the funnier threads I’ve seen in awhile, well done.

                    9. Funny? Funny how? I mean funny like I’m a clown, I amuse you? I make you laugh, I’m here to fuckin’ amuse you? What do you mean funny, funny how? How am I funny?

                    10. you ever hit a deer on the way to your mudder’s house? sometimes you need a big knife to cut its paw outta your grill

                    11. “Elaine & Paul Deli
                      1627 S 2nd St.
                      A big pile of fecal matter was found in the basement area.

                      Due to imminent health hazards observed during this inspection, the
                      establishment was issued a Cease Operations Order and must discontinue
                      food operations immediately. The establishment could not operate for a
                      minimum of 48 hours. Inspected Oct. 17.”

                      Yes, because 48 hours is the exact time it should take to clean and sanitize a basement after removed a big pile of fecal matter.

                    12. The thing that gets me (unless I’m reading too much into this) but reading through the various descriptions, there seems to be a distinction between the operator voluntarily closing to address the problem and the need for the health department to issue a ‘Cease Operations Order’.

                      Which would mean the owners of this particular establishment, on their own accord, saw no reason to stop serving food merely to take care of a big pile of feces.

                    13. Looked them up on Google.
                      They have a 12 pack for $209.

                      Oh wait, that was Jim’s…
                      This cheesesteak stuff is complicated…

                    14. see if they deliver roast pork,sharp prov, brocoli rabe sammiches. might be worth it, although that $200 cuts big time into your “ladies of the night” budget

                    15. Yes, arabs are ontologically hairy. It is like how a lot of women are ontologically fat. The actual hair or weight content doesn’t matter, it is part of their being a priori

                    16. nah, the owner of Luke’s insisted the franchisee get his food from him- daily. he would always run out of shit by EOD. dude finally said eff it and shut it down

                    17. somewhat off topic, best slice in new york (slice shop pizza, not coal fired pies which is a whole different topic), is and will always be Joes on Carmine and 6th.

                    18. I’ve actually done a few different sets of sisters. Mostly it’s dating the older sister and then banging the little sister on the side, but I’ve also dated the younger sister and then banged the older sister. The competition angle always seems to overcome any family loyalty. AWALT.

                    19. Of course, 10 million people, all wanting to live together. They would have to be the most people friendly people around.

                    20. Burberry, huh?
                      So I take it you met her at the mall?

                      A long time a go I used to bang a DR chick.
                      Never did that again…They are freaking nuts.

                    21. Why can’t any of you pussies spell out the word “fuck”? Misspelling it just makes you seem like you are 12 years olds who are too scared to use real curse words.

                    22. If you wanna be dropped from a choppa into that giant gleeming black cube in the utah desert, be my guest.

                    23. Gleaming the Cube was some of Christian Slater’s best fucking work, but I don’t know what the fuck that has to do with fuck all.

      1. A lot of the old brass from the manosphere’s creation are doing the same thing; shying away from the term. I’m fairly neutral on the term. It is what it is. I don’t use it out of some sense of loyalty for a cause, but rather more to help men looking for sites like ours. SEO plugging if you will.

        1. No matter what term is used, the opposition will figure out a way to poke fun. The “teabagger” phrase comes to mind.

          1. exactly Jim, it doesnt matter what Men call themselves, as soon as the liberal/anti male media gets hold of it, BOOM, movement over, the left can make up any false info they want & get away with pushing anything ie Hitler worshipers, KKK members, panty sniffers or basement dwelling virgins, it doesnt matter what they label men, society as a whole is still attached to their lies, and believe what they read on facebook, the news paper or what some talking head tells them at 6 pm every night, thats something men really need in their corner, news delivered by a man to men (thought Roosh was that man for a little bit, but i guess he got burnt out)

    2. Naw, this is just wishful thinking by feminists. The manosphere is bigger than a bunch of sniveling guys protesting about hurt feelings as is portrayed in this article. There are real social issues that we are working to improve. The manosphere has three major factions, PUA, MGTOW, and traditionalists. All of these are marked my life choices, not waving a banner on a street and claiming victimhood. Even if the organization does disintegrate, those lifestyles will remain.

    3. I think Manosphere is a stupid name. It should be killed.

      That said, the whole thing is evolving.

      Sites that cater to guys who just whine that they can’t get laid and women are all evil trash are no longer interesting.

      Conversely, sites where a bunch of guys tell each other they’re all alpha males because they banged some chick and never texted her afterwards are boring as well.

      People are moving to new sites that are either more useful, more mature, or more closely aligned with the person’s specific interests (or some combination of all three).

      1. There’s a reason we said a long time back that our site and sites like ours are the next evolution of the red pill. The reasons you provided are exactly what we saw and partly why we chose to take AKC in this direction.
        PUA has been beaten into the ground and is ultimately unfulfilling for most ment in the long term.
        MGTOW is weak and whiny.
        The screeching about politics and feminists/SJWs does nothing to improve your own life.
        AKC is about creating your legacy that you will leave to your children.

        1. Your articles steer away from some of the more argumentative topics on ROK. It is more pleasant here.
          That’s not to say I wasn’t one of the more caustic commenters on ROK, as I was. Am trying to tone it down.
          Your articles help.

        2. While I am not a part of it, I do appreciate the MRA’s who work to get the word out that we are not playing on a level field. Things like divorce rape, job discrimination, etc. are real issues that need to be put out in the public if feminist attitudes are going to ever change.

    4. Once you take the red pill you can’t go back. Sort of like a soldier that returns home form war but the war never leaves him.

        1. Is that what herpes is like, bem? Because I don’t have any idea what herpes is like. Please, tell us all about herpes, bem.

  5. Golly, I feel old. I plan out normal life activities pretty rigidly, but that said, life goals right now are pretty sparse while I await the new phase in my life to commence (outside of diet stuff and regular living stuff). Ideally my next goal will be getting a new house as well as buying a bar and retiring, but that comes after next year. Guess I’m on the other end of the race track compared to a lot of guys here. I take hobbies as they interest me, but as far as my career, unless I want to go into management (I don’t) then I’m pretty much at the top/end point of my game (hence why I’m considering buying a nice bar).

    Feeling really unmotivated today, yet surprisingly content and at ease in life. 🙂

      1. It’ll be over for me too. Probably sooner than later. 10 years, 15 years left? Who knows? But when that day comes the spending of the FU fund will commence. And when that’s gone…so am I!
        Goal: Die broke, owing as much as possible to the IRS.

        1. You and I are not only on the same page, but roughly the same schedule. Remind me to buy you 12 bottles of champagne one retirement day as we race to a point where money is gone, credit is no more and the irs is demanding money. I hope the last thing I hear in life is a gulp, a giggle and the ringing of my phone from a collections call

          1. I wanna croak at the upscale AMP.
            Spending my last 400 on being treated like a king.
            They can throw me out into the alley when my hour is up.

    1. “then I’m pretty much at the top/end point of my game”

      I’ve been there since 1999.
      Could be better. But also could be much, much worse….

    2. You have changed GOJ, you’re a lot calmer and your comments seem to be less serious. Your profile picture kinda gives it away.

      1. If by calm you mean less prolific, yeah.

        I’m entering a really peaceful phase right now. Maybe it’s the dreary winter weather and my summer-me is just put away and I’m kind of hibernating. Dunno.

          1. “WIL-MAAAAAAA!!!!”- Fred Flintstone, ca 55,000,000,000 BC or 1965 AD depending on who you talk to

    3. You should have a ring that way we can have official bar fights . We can have the fight between jak and Kersey there .

            1. Well, it is slightly better than that other animal that starts with “Jack”…

              But “Jackhammer” would have been optimal.

                1. You can’t name yourself. That’s now how nicknames work. Sorry man.

      1. I’m having a problem coming up with a valid reason why this isn’t a great idea.

        1. I don’t know what all rules and regulations they have about sparring matches. But it seems possible. Just have them sign a waiver beforehand and let them go at it.

          1. Speaking of that, what happened to the King’s Castle Youtube vids being a regular occurrence? It seems like it’s been a while since the last one.

      2. You mean bum fights? All I need to do is go about 4 miles to the gas station and it is on like donkey kong every 1st and 15th.

        1. I knew that! It’s just gotta be a classy high end biker bar. I stay out of the ones with the buckets by the door where they dump the hair, teeth and eyeballs when they sweep up at the end of the night. Ha!

    4. Management as a job is highly overrated if you actually give a shit. I am in the process of turning around a pretty decent sized business at the moment. What type of bar are you thinking about? I know about the new digs but a bar is definitely something I could give you hand with professionally.

  6. Oh no management techniques…. I was forced to take at work like smart. Next up asking people if they should follow your orders instead of telling them .

        1. everytime he makes a new account, I get a new tattoo. where should I get the Gandhi tat? I already have Bronson on my left asscheek, Eastwood on the right, so it cant go there

          1. Hahaha!
            And “John Brown” is already in the middle.

            But seriously though, he is getting craftier and craftier.
            No more backtick.
            No more SJW rants.
            It’s almost like he is performing “intelligence gathering”.

            For what I’ll never know…

          1. Do you know have or have you ever had a sense of humor?
            Does you wife peg you in the ass on a regular basis?
            Are you a card-carrying member of the ACLU?

                1. I’ve “spoken” with Bart for years on the interwebs, he’s not Kersey by a long shot.

  7. S.M.A.R.T. my ass? D.U.M.B. is the way to go. Want to do virtually nothing? Park your fat ass in a cushy chair while your fellow countrymen support you? Then collect a fat pension and full benefits? If government employment sounds right for you, you need to be D.U.M.B. about it:

    Dull – pick a career path that is so mind numbingly boring no imaginative or productive person will want to do it.

    Useless – make sure your job has no value in the private sector so there’s never any danger of free market competition.

    Mediocrity – always shoot for average or slightly lower performance so your superiors don’t see you as a threat.

    Banal – never do anything to stand out or bring attention to yourself or your position so you remain unnoticed.

    If you can be little more than air conditioning load for a mere thirty years, you can retire with a pension and benefits most people will only dream about. Then you can tour the country in your motor home while the productive working class stiffs continue to support your sorry ass for the rest of your life! That doesn’t sound so D.U.M.B. after all, does it?

      1. It was actually your fault. You responded to Ghandi about dumb vs. smart right before he dematerialized. I just picked up the ball and ran with it. Crédit where credit is due. 😉

  8. Is there any way that I can sign-up for text message alerts when there’s a Kersey sighting? I miss him every single time and then all I get to see are “deleted comments” – I’m starting to feel left out over here! WTF!!!

    1. We didn’t know it was him until way after the fact.
      Well, at least I didn’t. Lolknee seems to have known.
      Not sure what the Kersey’s angle is. He is one strange bird.

    2. It wasn’t very exciting. If you remember yesterday, he was Gandhi. I cracked a couples aids jokes, and as soon as he started asking “Who is this Kersey?” Lolknee figured out who he was. Deleted his account again.

        1. The guy is a nutjob. Most of his comments are fine until he gets on this tirade. Much confusion in him I sense. He’ll be back.

      1. It does seem that there’s a correlation between a newcomer asking “Who is this Kersey” and them actually being Kersey. My records state it being a 100% probability.

    3. Sure! All we’ll need is your email, social security number, and credit card number and we’ll get you set up to receive the latest texts.

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