The Importance of Rest

Here at AKC we always advocate to take the route that may be more difficult, but it pays off in the end.  You kill it in the gym, you crush it at work, and you’re the natural leader of your family, but we all need a bit of downtime.  Recently I’ve realized that I wasn’t giving myself enough recovery, if any at all.  We’ll discuss the importance of rest and downtime for dads and husbands who dominate life.

My posts always come out of a personal experience as I don’t like to write about things I’m not familiar with.  Through my teens and 20s I was a night owl.  It was rare for me to be in bed before midnight.  I felt like after a hard day’s work, this was my time to do what I want and that usually consisted of beer, cigarettes and TV.  I’d wake up feeling like shit and I’d have to drag my ass out if bed unwillingly after hitting snooze on my phone for the 4th time.

I was thinking the other day how people these days don’t sleep enough.  With the 24/7 distractions we have, combined with an ever increasing workload, we are all sacrificing more than we think when we decide to neglect sleep.  Just like I had been above, people assume that you should wake up feeling tired and sluggish.  Since I’ve increased the hours I sleep, I can say it’s just the opposite.


Getting a full 8 hours sleep has done wonders for me. I wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day.  When you’re sleep deprived for so long you forget what a good night’s rest is like.  Before, I wouldn’t have even felt this way until around coffee cup number two.  I’ve even cut back on the caffeine because I feel I don’t need as much to get my ass in high gear.


Eat big, lift big, get big as they say, but sleep is a crucial part of building muscle and strength. Not getting enough sleep won’t allow your muscles to recover from your workout.  Plus, if you workout early in the morning, the added energy boost makes it a little easier.

Mental Benefits

This is an unexpected but logical gain of getting more sleep.  I feel that I can handle stress better and my problem solving ability is heightened.   I feel that I have the ability to focus better on tasks.  Things also seem to take less of a toll on my brain as they used to.  I used to be mentally drained by 5pm every day, but it’s not the case anymore.


This is small and possibly a placebo affect but I’ve noticed my eyes don’t look as tired and my skin seems to have improved a bit.  I have cut back on booze recently so I’m sure it’s a combination of both but noteworthy none the less.

The Goal

I went from getting roughly 5 hours of sleep a night to 8 and it’s been great.  For guys, especially guys who do weight training, 8 hours is recommended if you can.  I’d say 7 hours should be the minimal amount of sleep you should get.  I know everyone has different obligations and schedules but try to get as much as possible. Also, I’ve found that all the time I used to use staying up late doing things that gave me no benefits have been traded for all the productive things I get done by waking up early.


In our society today, people are resting less and less.  It takes a toll on you in the long run and even increasing your sleep by one hour if you can will help. More sleep will help you physically, mentally and give you more energy and focus than you ever imagined.  Give up watching TV or drinking at night to get some well needed shut eye.  I promise you won’t regret it.


-J. Nyx

Author: Jnyx

Fitness addict, DIY guru, tech nerd, member of Memesters Local 419.

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            1. Hello Carlo.
              Any time I sat in the back and some one got in the front seat, I cannot help but say that.

  1. There is not placebo effect caused by the sleep, actually resting helps your body process toxins better and during rest the system has time to heal and repair better hence the improved skin.

  2. There can be lots to be said about that. The “early to bed and early to rise” bit is good, but sleeping in until 9-10 on the weekends is not the same as getting a good nights sleep. That is just being lazy. Consistency is key.

  3. taking zinc and magnesium (you are probably deficient in both) helps you sleep. I tried ZMA for a while, but it can give you rather intense dreams(had this effect on me)

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      1. the new thing for joint and gut health is bone broth(collagen). supposedly better than gluco for joints, comes in powdered form too

          1. @akingscastle:disqus and I have a long standing agreement that if you eat something with a bone that bone needs to be broken and the marrow needs to be devoured before you are finished.

        1. I’m drinking some powered bone broth, right now. I swear by it.

          Dump in some hot paprika to prevent it from tasting like anus.

          1. guy I know had really bad pain in one hand; after 2 months of taking the powder, he swears all the pain is gone…

          2. bone broth is just great stuff. When I am carb loading i make rice with it. When i am off the carbs i just heat it up with a little arrow root and make gravy.

            1. You can also make my famous egg drop soup from the broth. Get the soup piping hot, crack an egg, and drop it in. Whisk well.

        2. I can attest to that. I pushed past my peak of 200lb during my gain phase thanks to that. The more marrow, the merrier.

      2. I do the multi and fish pills. I’ve been advised to take more D (huhuhuhuhuh) during the sick-season.
        The up and coming supplement these days seems to be pro biotics.
        Turns out all the antibiotics and shit food is making our bowels into mush.

        1. They have probiotics now and prebiotics, both of which are useful. They’re combining them both into what they’re calling symbiotics, since one without the other is not nearly as useful as both together.

          1. So far I’ve avoided a total digestive collapse without supplements.
            I’ll let Sir Anthony explain the quality of my Work:

            1. yep, best thing Ill see all day. watched it 5 times already. Didnt Kellogg want people to eat more cereal bc he thought it made you less horny? I know he was a hard-core christian

              1. He was a total nut job. His company today is one of the primary contributors to major left wing causes. Fuck Kellogg, the person and the company. Absolute wonking madman who hated sex.

                1. There was a guy around the block from me named Kellogg. My friend used to fuk his daughter.
                  Just remembered that….

                  1. When it comes to breakfast food companies, I feel that passion is always warranted.

              2. Certainly my favorite role of his. Don’t know about Kellogg, but in weaker times I’d fuk up a box of lucky charms and lose interest in just about everything.

      3. Same. I have pretty much eschewed all suppliments. I use a normal daily (and animal pack daily when training), fish oil and when in training I use ZMA at night which is zinc, magnesium aspartate, and vitamin B6. I stopped using creatine over a year ago and honestly never noticed the difference (i think because i already eat so much red meat) and have dropped my pre workout in favor of simple caffeine or a redline 7 hour energy thing.

        1. I remember when I came into the realization that people dont actually think about what the word supplement actually means. If you’re getting your macros from food, then why do you need to take supplements? I can eat 10oz of pork and get more protein and less bullshit than a protein shake. You just gotta eat like you’re going to the gallows

          1. Yup! I came the the protein realization a while ago too. When I am gaining wait rapidly i will drink a protein shake here and there because 450g of protein is sometimes just too time consuming or expensive so I always leave a jar of powder in the house, but my number one choice is meat.

            2 scoops of protein powder 64g of protein plus a parragraph of fucking ingredients. 8 ounces of steak is 69g of protein, healthy fat and, ya know, is fucking steak.

    1. I just read an article about zinc deficiency yesterday. It can lead to all kinds of negative consequences, none the least of which is high blood pressure. And even if you are taking a good supplement such as zinc gluconate, the absorption percentage is fairly low so you still may not be getting enough.

    1. Sleep always matters, we just lie to ourselves when we’re in our 20’s thinking that “Nobody needs that much sleep, I have way too much to do!” Yeah, but your body still needs to process toxins and your brain/muscles need recovery time, regardless of how you “feel”.

                1. whenever I meet a woman who is on Aderall, I tell her that she’s a meth-head. They deny this because when a doctor prescribes it, that means it’s legit and helps them focus.

                    1. Remember the episode of Family Ties when Michael was up for 5 days studying after taking meth? …..okay maybe you don’t remember and I shouldn’t have admitted to watching that show…

                    2. the only ep I DO remember is when Tom Hanks is the uncle, and he has a drinking problem, and there was no booze in the house for some reason, and he started drinking vanilla extract to get a buzz

                    3. Yeah, she’s using lesbianism as a crutch to explain her bad personality. She says she had those divorces because her sexuality was confusing her. Looking at pictures of her at the time, and given the amount of kids she had, and the length of her first few marriages, and it seems to me that she’s just evading responsibility for poor behavior and is jumping on the ol’ bandwagon.

                    4. “evading responsibility for poor behavior and is jumping on the ol’ bandwagon.”

                      That’s a given, but if she has a history of drug abuse or BDP, neither would surprise me.

                    5. Agreed, lesbianism is a result of poor family life and/or a resentment towards men for one reason or another.

                    6. We need to be keeping a running record of all wise observations from the comments– starting with that one.

                    7. yep, I make small batch moonshine in my tub. pity about her, very pretty…guess peeps from rural Mass were messin with that back in the 90s…never saw it in nyc

                1. that’s pretty sad if society gets nostalgic about reality shows, one day the Kartrashians will be on theTurner Classic Network.

                  1. I truly wonder if and when the constant worship of celebrities will die. I know that most people are addicted to everything these fucking rich burnouts do but it seems that the everyday person in the US is starting to not give a fuck about them. If Kanye and Kim want to dress up as elephants and do coke on top of the Eiffel tower I truly dont give a fuck.

              1. MATGA


                I always loved chicks with no tan lines, but the gov had to scare peeps away with this cancer nonsense

    2. sleep and taking shits at home…so inefficient. Do it at work: “For instance, if you make $50,000 and you visit the loo three times a day and spend an average of four minutes there, you gross (ahem) $1,250 a year.”

      1. The president of our union local tried to get me to take over as recording secretary when the spot became vacant. I explained that it was a long drive to the city and back at night. And I have a tendency to go to sleep at the wheel. His response was “Well if you’re not getting enough sleep at work that’s your own damned fault!”

        1. “Never shit on your time, never sweat on their time.” Ghandi, speaking in front of the United Auto Workers.

    3. if only we could un-eat all that gray’s papaya, white castle, and mystery meat like scrapple from our 20s…

          1. and the Natty Light was a breakthrough cure all replacing flax oil, Ex-Lax, and Colace Stool Aid

          1. scrapple!

            Back in my youth while driving through the uncharted wilderness that is Allentown, PA a buddy and I stopped in a diner. We asked a salty old waitress what scrapple was and her response was “Exactly what it sounds like”

              1. About the only thing that is worse than scrapple is souse. That’s basically anything too foul to put in a hot dog (if there is such a thing) then congealed into a loaf for slicing. I once asked an older gentleman that had worked in a packing plant for decades what part of the pig they DIDN’T use. His response was “Th’ onliest thing we don’ use is th’ squeal.” This is one key reason I raise and butcher my own small stock.

                1. Souse is bad, but the only thing i have ever tried to eat and simply had to spit out (and I have eaten and enjoyed durian fruit) was Balut. It was the worst fucking thing in the universe. If there is something worse than balut i will need to seriously question what I know of the word horrible.

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                    2. You’re full of movie quotes today. Or something in any event.

              2. This is making me hungry. Time to order a case.. Temperature is right, too, so I can save a days worth on shipping.

                1. I knew a guy here who had a guy who made is own. Full chain, from naming the pig through baking….
                  Best I ever tasted!

            1. Nah, it’s a PA thing. Never saw it here, although I don’t get around to Youngstown much so maybe they have it there? Dunno.

                1. Not that I’ve ever seen or heard, in any event. Scrapple always is described as something they make over in PA for the most part. We have Euchre, y’all have Scrapple. Every state has it’s “weird thing”.

      1. I eat gray’s papaya once a year. two papaya dogs with onions and mustard and one papaya drink. As long as GP doesn’t close I will eat it once a year for the rest of my life.

    4. Its crazy man. I remember not too long ago I could drink all night, eat half a pizza, sleep for 4 hours then do it all over again the next day. This aging thing is bullshit.

      I kid but idk I kind of reached an epiphany moment at this point in my life. Hence quitting smoking, cutting back on booze and getting more sleep. The guys you see 30+ that still party like they did in college arent much to aspire to. Celebrities and super rich excluded.

      1. Yeah that whole “all-nighter” nonsense is a distant memory. All-nighter? that means I’m at work past 6pm….

    5. By your 40’s, you realize that what you did in your 20’s begins to actually matter. Those drunken dirt biking escapades come back to haunt you.

      1. Those escapades are what make you what you are today. I don’t regret a single one of them. Imagine a life lived perfectly healthy and proper in your teen years through the age of 30. Ugh, you’d have no fun memories, no real experiences and you’d be boring as cardboard.

  4. Try fasting.

    Just like your whole body and brain need a chance to recharge, your digestion system does as well. The benefits of short fasts multiple times a week are enormous. Humans were not designed to eat every three hours for decades.

    There are a number of ways you can do it to fit into any lifestyle or activity level.

    For everyone interested in lifting while fasting, look up the LeanGains intermittent fasting by Martin Berkhan.

    People will tell you not eating constantly destroys muscle and kills your metabolism but that’s far from the truth. Your digestive system needs a break once in a while and the human body evolved to use that time wisely.

    1. do you do the “fast” where you cram your eating into a small window or do you actually not eat a few days a month?

      1. I eat every other day for the most part. I’ve eaten 15 days this month. Longest time without food 84 hours. A couple of times I ate two days in a row. Usually though, it’s a simple one day on, one day off.

        1. Idk man, I’ve fasted before, but I wasnt doing the absolutely insane workout I do now. I limit my food to some veggies and meat, avoid sugar and grains for the most part and I’m pretty happy. With the absolute assault I put myself under in the gym I need to eat enough to gain muscle. I’ve seen the lean gains page and that guy is jacked but idk, not eating was something I fucked up on when lifting and my performance and growth suffered.

          1. Fasting while doing any kind of serious working out is roughly as useful as drag racing while your gas light is on. I can understand avoiding some foods like carbs, but in my experience fasting is the fools goal of dieting.

              1. When I did that 72, it was nothing. I think I got an infection because it hurt to pee for awhile. But I did stop smoking.

                1. Yeah, really the worst part is the first day. The hunger pangs get intense but after a while they go away. During days 2 and 3, my hunger stayed around a 3 out of 10, but my energy levels were over 9000!

                  1. Yep. Day one is the worst, but I still didn’t think it was that bad. Once you know why you’re brain is signalling it’s hungry (even when your body is fine) it becomes easier to tune it out.

                    Day two the hunger starts to subside, and by day 3 I wasn’t hungry in the slightest.

                    Also had normal energy levels.

                    Once your body is adept at switching from burning glucose to burning fat, your energy levels can remain good for long periods with no food.

                    1. Did you have shitty sleep during your 84 hour fast? I slept very poorly, especially the first night, but it didn’t seem to matter. I was a ball of energy all three days.

                    2. I slept okay. I was taking magnesium during it. I learned that a while back before I did the 84 hours, though.

                      I didn’t require nearly as many hours of sleep either. I slept through the nights and I think I got 2 hours less the 2nd and 3rd nights and felt great.

                      Proper magnesium is key to good sleep and a lot of people (even healthy eaters) are deficient in it.

        2. Is an 84 hour fast an exercise in mental control, mostly? Does not seem physically balanced.

          I went 4 days without eating while I was in highschool (17 yo, I think) and trying to lose weight. On that fourth day, I passed out– like a full on 100% blackout. I woke up with a spoon in my mouth. My mom was sleep-feeding me Cream-O-Wheat.

            1. This is very common. I often have recommended ZMA to people who told me they can’t sleep and I would say about half of the people who tried it told me they had crazy nightmares.

          1. A 72 or 84 hour fast isn’t that long once you get used to shorter ones. You have to get your body used to switching fuel source from glucose to fat.

            We tell people to eat constantly nowadays so we never run out of glycogen, so our body’s ability to switch to burning fat is out of shape. Just like every muscle or system in our body, if you don’t use it, it atrophies.

            Once you do some shorter fasts to burn off the glycogen and get your body starting to learn how to switch to burning fat, it gets better at it. Most people of average build (not obese or fat by any means) carry enough fat to live well over 40 days without food. It’s just a matter of your body being able to use it well.

            Also, you were 17. Growing teen males need a lot of food (A LOT) to develop and grow properly.

    2. Agreed. On top of the physical, there is a spiritual side as well. The act of putting off physical desires and denying yourself something is an exercise in self control. At church, we do a monthly – 24 hour fast. Since getting into that habit, I found it easier to deny myself thing that are not necessarily as good for you.

      1. I try to fast 24 hours every week. We do a 72 hour fast every 3 months at church. On the extended fast, once you pass 48-ish hours you really are not even hungry anymore

  5. Great article Jnyx. Sleep is so important to pretty much everything in life including, but in no way limited to, muscle growth and regeneration. There is an old saying, I can’t remember who it was, “you don’t build muscles in the gym…you break muscles in the gym, you build them in your sleep”

    1. Going along with bem comment and yours I find it interesting the things that interest you or that seem important change as you get older. Sleep, health, finances and stuff really kick in around 30ish. You just dgaf about the bullshit.

      1. Absolutely. I am sure that having a wife and bunch of kids the road of what you do care about will be slightly better than mine, but I am now at a point where I dgaf if the fucking world burns so long as it is good for me. I have come to the point in my life where the upside for me and how much I care are directly proportionate

      2. Priorities shuffle with age is all. And, as @WB Fitness:disqus would agree, at some point we may all be willing to
        give four million just to be able to take a piss without it hurting.

        1. This is why it’s important to take care of syphilis the moment you notice symptoms.

            1. Don’t be in cuba????? bu bu but Here we are, protected, free to make our profits without Kefauver, the
              goddamn Justice Department and the F.B.I. ninety miles away, in
              partnership with a friendly government. Ninety miles! It’s nothing! Just
              one small step, looking for a man who wants to be President of the
              United States, and having the cash to make it possible.

        2. You are correct, though 4 million is a lot if you are just running molasses out of Canada. You can’t really afford that until you are bigger than US Steel. Pearls/swine…you know

                1. do you two know every line, or did you wind up watching most of 1 and 2 on thanksgiving just like me?

                  1. I don’t know about bem, but I don’t even have to watch if. If you sit me in a quiet room for 5 hours I can just close my eyes and play them in my head.

    2. “You break muscles in the gym….” I don’t think that is so much an old saying as it is a scientific fact.

        1. I remember back in high school, we had daily doubles prior to football season. Twice a day, the coach would run us and then we would lift weights. For several weeks, I saw my performance decrease. The muscle was just breaking down with not enough time to regenerate.

          That being said, if you never break down the muscle in the first place, your body will find no need to rebuild it stronger.

          1. And that is in high school! Us old farts need even more…until you are about 80 I’ve noticed. Then you just sleep 20 minutes a day and spite sustains you….ymmv

          2. “..we had daily doubles prior to football season. Twice a day, the coach would run us and then we would lift weights.”

            In the August heat and 100% humidity hitting in full pads. Coach was a nam Vet (with the scars to prove it) and built like a brick-shit house and had no issues booting you in the ass while verbally humlitating you. We lifted in the off season year round, but not during football season– no time.

  6. OT: I would like to propose a law: anyone who plays or broadcasts Christmas music prior to December 1st or after December 25th will be summarily executed by a gunshot to the head.

    1. Objection but only by a little.
      I have always said that the christmas season starts when THE REAL santa, who is the last float in the Thanksgiving Day Parade, officially kicks it off when the parade is over. That is when it is ok to buy a christmas tree, play music etc.

      He comes all the way from the north pole to be the last float in the parade and kick off the season. That is how it works. That is how it always worked. Prior to that very moment there is no christmas anything anywhere.

      (side note, thanksgiving morning is a time to force young children to listen to Alice’s Restaurant)

        1. All young children should be forced to watch Godzilla movies. The old ones, in black and white, with the bad dubbing, and the weird little miniature chicks that sung the weird song to summon Mothra or whatever.

              1. Yes, definitely Kung- Fu. The old kung-fu shit where you never know what in the fuck is going on, and a single flick of a finger will knock a guy across the room. Kids need to be exposed to that shit.

      1. It’s like a week between Thanksgiving and the beginning of December. You can start selling Christmas shit in the stores then, but no music and no decorations until its actually December,

        1. So what you are saying is that traffic in christmas shit will be permitted, but controlled…. and there will be the peace.

          However, I am sure that you will want strict assurances that as time goes by, and people sell more and more christmas shit, that no attempt at decorating and playing the music will be made?

          1. I want to keep it respectable. I don’t want it near schools. I don’t want it sold to children! That’s an infamia. In my city, we’d keep the traffic to the Cat Ladies, the SJWs – they’re animals anyway, so let them lose their souls.

            1. I’m a suspicious man – if something should happen to that tree, a Grinching, a bolt of lightning….I’m going to blame some of those here…

                    1. Yes. Or rather, score, because they do that for a field goal as well.

                    2. im not a pom Bem ol’ pal, but yeah agree, know a few jokers from England and its a mix of good and bad.

                1. I believe in America. America has made my fortune. And I raised my daughter in the American fashion. I gave her freedom but I taught her never to dishonor her family. She found a “boy friend,” not an Italian. She went to a Christmas movie with him. She stayed out late. I didn’t protest. A week before Thanksgiving he took her for a drive, listening to Christmas music, with another boy friend. They made her drink egg nog and then they tried to make her decorate a Christmas tree. She resisted. She kept her honor. So they beat her, with candy canes. Like an animal. When I went to the hospital her nose was broken. Her jaw was shattered, held together by wire. She couldn’t even weep because of the pain. All she could do was hum “Silent Night.” But I wept. Why did I weep? She was the light of my life. A beautiful girl. Now she will never be beautiful again. Now she all she does is stare out the window and sing Christmas carols. I went to the police, like a good American. These two boys were brought to trial. The judge sentenced them to three years in prison, and suspended the sentence. Suspended sentence! They went free that very day, playing Christmas music as they left the courthouse! I stood in the courtroom like a fool, and those two bastards, they smiled at me, singing Christmas carols to me, in front of my family. Then I said to my wife, “For justice, we must go to Don WB Fitness.”

                  1. is “total recall of movie quotes” somewhere on the autism spectrum? If so, autism is awesome

        2. seriously though, the friday after thanksgiving has always been my tradition to walk out to the tree vendors on the street, by the tree, bring it home, set it up and decorate. That is what that friday has been, like an official holiday, for as long as I know so I don’t mind.

          1. I’m willing to compromise. I’m a reasonable man. You wanna buy a Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving, then you go buy a Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving. But if one single note of Christmas music is played on a radio station or public place outside of Christmas tree distributors… then we kill everyone. We kill the perpetrators, we kill their families, we kill their friends, and then we salt the earth with their ashes so nothing will grow there for until the end of time.

    2. I would also like to add that any company who begins selling Christmas items before mid-November should be closed down. It’s honestly getting out of hand when I see Christmas trees for sale in August…

      1. There is a store on the lawn guy land in pawt jeffashan which is a huge store that just sells christmas shit year round. THere is a huge red mailbox for “letters to santa” out front. Years ago, when I was working at Stony Brook, I was in PJ and to call my drunk would have been an understatement. I put my rent check in that stupid fucking mailbox and had to go into the Christmas store loaded and get some manager who had the key.

        Yes, I could have called the bank, but when I say I was drunk….lol…woah boy

        1. There’s a place like that in Michigan as well near/in the Frankenmuth area called Bronner’s. The whole Frankenmuth area is set up like an old timey German town. Very quaint and lot’s of neat little stores to go to. Great place to take your family to during the Christmas season.

          1. Great place to take your family to during the Christmas season.
            I was thinking Mass Shooting, but tomayto, tomahto….

          2. Been to Frankenmuth quite a few times, it’s semi “local” for a Buckeye, as in, not a far drive. Very pretty and yes ,Christmas season is great. The beer is brewed in town, and there’s a place where the chicken dinner will satisfy you for the remainder of your life, which will be approximately 45 minutes after you’re done eating it and then suffer a massive coronary in the parking lot. But it’s worth it.

              1. I honestly can’t remember, all I know is it was this huge old timey banquet hall that had a monster of a buffet with some of the best fried chicken in the entire world, bar none, which I loved, and I’m not even a fan of fried chicken.

                  1. It’s famous throughout the town, like “the” place to go to according to basically everybody, so I’m betting it’s exactly the same place. It’s really hard to miss.

      2. Oh shit. I’ve always wonder what it was that was wrong with you. Now… now I know. You’re one of THOSE people. That explains SO much,

            1. I just got an “OMG! I LOVE that song!” from the female sitting next to me….chillax

                1. nah, lean and mean. korean. pretty, but she died her hair that weird rust color i despise…

          1. It took me several months and someone actually TELLING ME before I was able to make that out of your handle….

            1. You telling me that you haven’t used numbers as a letter substitute when typing on late 90’s/early 00’s mobile ph0n3$?

  7. The comments are appropriately salty for a Thursday.
    Are most of you commenting from work?

    OT: tan or charcoal pants to go with navy blazer?

        1. what do Americans call guys who wear navy blazers with white shirts unbuttoned 2 from top with tan pants & boat shoes?


            1. ha! cool always wondered what a prepper was, its a rich college guy right? like prep school.

    1. Congratulations, dad! Enjoy your time now, which you won’t realize you should have enjoyed until the kid is 21 and buying you firearms and mowing your grass for you, but still. Nice!

      1. I’ve found that I don’t stress as much about stuff with baby 3 as i did with 1 & 2. I think having 3 or more kids helps you learn to roll with the punches a little more. Something’s always happening

        1. The first baby is this nightmare of “Are we doing this right?!?” obsession, which is perpetrated 95% with the woman and 5% with the guy (where the father worries mostly about looking before he sits down on the couch so as to not crush the new child under his ass).

          The second kid, I found, is where you basically throw the kid in a child seat, bring him home, and get on with life without any kind of real obsession, if no medical issues are present. A third I can’t even imagine, you’d have to go from man on man coverage to a zone defense I’d think.

            1. My sisters never wanted to get into the act when it came to raising my kids. Lazy broads is all I can assume.

              1. Once my oldest boy saw we would pay her money to babysit, he wanted in on the act. The girl I am referring to is the one I did that “Dear Daughter” article on. If she keeps her course, she will be a prize possession for any guy.

              1. Kid #5: “Hurry up, you’re dripping blood all over the floor!”

                (That was a real quote from a couple weeks ago and my 5 year old hurt himself playing on the swings)

                  1. “If you’re bleeding stay outside! You’ll get your blood all over my carpet!”

                    The 70s really sucked.

        2. Not stressing over ‘stuff’ so much as an inability to get enough sleep. To this day, I’m still impressed when people tell me they can function on 6 or 7 hours a night. I’ve always needed closer to 9.

          One friend tells me 4 or 5 is usually enough for him. I’d call him a liar, except he is one of the more productive individuals I know.

        3. Yes and no. In my experience, by the 2nd or 3rd kid, you stress out less over things like a boo-boo or them running a fever, but now you got 3 kids running amok from the time they’re up until the time they go down, which creates a whole different list of stressors.

      1. Just one day. I figure once the kid starts school, I can take a day off work and not tell anyone. Get some sleep in my truck down by the river.

    2. Ive learned you just need to schedule more time to sleep. If you are used to going to bed at 10 before work, now go to bed at 8 for the inevitable 2 hours of being awake.

      1. Yeah, figured this one out real quick. Not back to work yet, though, so I’m being more generous and flexible, getting up and cooking breakfast, etc, and generally operating on mom & baby time.

        1. I hear you. Got to help out as much as you can for a bit. For my wife, I maybe take a day or two off, depending on how it fell on the weekend. Three weeks of doing most of the chores when home, six weeks until sex is possible. By six months, she should have lost most her baby fat, although it has taken longer with each succeeding child.

  8. This is so OT that it makes even me call foul with “Off topic, dude!” but I feel the need to say it.

    Fuck Hipsters and SJW Millenials. Virtue Signaling “There is no difference between breeds, see how trendy I am with my gentle pit bull” idiots have crowded out every fucking rescue shelter in a decent driving vicinity from my place with 2-5 year old pit bulls. A good 60% of every dog shelter I’m checking (this is a rounded off number that I’m guestimating) is pit bulls. All so a bunch of virtue signaling idiots can make some veiled stab at “racism”, then give the dog away once they realize that, it turns out, genetics does play a part in an animals temperament and impulse control ability.

    June: Hipster buys pit bull. Proceeds to brag about how docile and gentle it is

    July: Hipster has pit bull with her everywhere, saying with an ironic sneer “Ooooh, it’s so vicious….with love, it’s just environment, if you raise it right it’s the most gentle breed in the world! Genetics means nothing!”

    September: Hipster quietly takes caged pit bull to shelter and drops it off, in the rain, at night, so nobody sees her, because it bit her and one of her sister’s kids for no reason.


    All I want is a nice friendly goofy dog with a low level of exercise needed, like a Mastiff or something (yes, big dog, but likes to hang out and not do much except lean against you getting pet). But noooooo, pit bulls galore. Fuck pit bulls.

    There, that should suffice for this month’s quotient of ranting.

    1. I’m pretty much done with pound dogs. They were put in jail for a reason. 6 months of shitting on carpets when it is 3-4 years old and no end in sight or biting random people. I’ve promised to get my kids a dog if they keep the chickens well taken care of until summer without me nagging. Because of our smaller yard, we are getting a smaller, non barky dog like a cocker spaniel, and will keep him outside.

      1. I don’t mind pound dogs, but I screen them pretty carefully. A lot of them are there because the owner was a dipshit and didn’t understand how to properly raise, break and train an animal, which is no fault of the dog’s. That being said, there are breeds I avoid, and if a dog is > 2 years old and not there because his master passed away (which happens a bit), then I’m a bit leery. Every one of my dogs since I’ve been an adult has been a rescue animal and I’ve had no regrets thus far, but you can’t go in blind with “awwww, how cute” as your criteria, with no knowledge of breeds, energy levels and trainability/intelligence by breed, or you’re hosed. All of the cats I’ve had in life have been rescues as well, but they don’t matter as much. You just sit down and the one that jumps on your lap, demands that you pet it and then falls asleep while sitting there normally gets the okey doke, lacking any health issues or extreme age.

        But, I emphasize again, fuck pit bulls and fuck SJW’s who buy, and then abandon, them to virtue signal.

        1. I guess it doesn’t matter so much for an outside dog if they crap everywhere. Putting up a fence.

          I would disagree on cats. The only cats I like are feral and earn their keep my keeping the mouse population down. Growing up on a dairy, we had 20-30 feral cats that would come from miles away and we would leave out a couple gallons of waste milk for them. None were tame. Come spirng, they would disperse back into the fields.

          1. Nothing to disagree about on cats, since you’re talking barn cats (which are plentiful all over farm country across the nation) and I’m talking house cats. I only have one right now and mostly because it’s been with me for 10 years and I felt kind of compelled to let her live out her life, plus she’s a real sweety and pleasant, otherwise I wouldn’t have a cat any longer. Dogs are where it’s at for me basically, but they can be a lot of work. That said, I really want a nice large but not overly energetic dog, like aforementioned Mastiff or maybe a Great Dane. I’m a tall guy with a good build, that kind of animal just looks “right” with me I’d think. Big guys with lap dogs need to be punched in the mug.

          1. That guy gets on my last nerve. He’s one of those “open borders, I’m an immigrant” douche nozzles that can go take a flying leap. Some of his music is all right if you’re into elevator bubble gum type pop I guess, but I’m not.

            1. oh thats on cable in the US as well, thought it would just be on normal every day TV in the US as its such an average show.
              its on the equivalent of cable here, my mum loves it, dont know why for the life of me.

    2. a hipster in my hood bought a bloodhound i think(looks like Flash from Dukes of Hazzard, but bigger with longer legs)- gotta weigh close 100 lbs. lives in an apt. that thing must howl all day long, his neighbors must despise the guy

      1. Hounds are bread for one thing, a strong sniffer. They are usually dumb. Those are amazing creatures though if they are in their element.

        1. what are they for? prison breaks? no reason for that dog to be in nyc. got three women on my block, all have pit bulls…always pulling on the lease…it wont end well

          1. I would agree. They can track trails that are days old, but as a house dog in NYC, they are one of the worst choices out there.

            1. the most well behaved NYC apartment dogs i have ever seen were a basset hound and a weimaraner.The first was just dumb and lovable with big floppy ears–easy to manage. The later was an amazing dog owned by a very wealthy person who was in an 8500 square foot apartment and basically sent the thing off to private school. The dog was, possibly, a member of skull and bones but man was it a well behaved and beautiful dog

              1. never met a Weimaraner that wasnt an asshole. pretty but skittish. Dalmatians are awful too

                1. My mother has a Weimaraner. Way too much energy, that’s supposed to be an outdoor dog and even if you get it used to the inside, it is, as you say, a total asshole at times. Wouldn’t recommend one for living in an apartment or city, generally.

                  Greyhounds, Mastiffs, Great Danes, etc. are surprisingly adept at indoor living and very low energy (yes, greyhounds, except when racing, are low energy believe it or not, one walk a day and it’s ready to sit around the house sleeping or playing). Hound dogs kept indoors though, who are not exposed to their natural “work” outdoors, tend to get loud and destructive.

                  1. yep, seen rescue greyhounds here- always twitching, looked like Fraggle Rock rejects.
                    Knew someone who had what I believe was a Rhodesian Ridgeback- smart looking dog. thing jumped, and i mean cleared a 7 or 8 ft fence, ran away lol…prolly back to rhodesia

                2. i’ve only met the one so i’m no expert, but this one was an amazing dog. I guess the trick is to have the kind of money that allows for an 8500 square foot Gramercy Park apartment and really good dog trainers

                    1. During the day that park is filled mostly with fat haitian women walking babies and children around. Seems Haitians are a favorite for the nanny. My boss told me because he want’s the kids to speak french. makes sense. Been to the park a few times under different circumstances, really is beautiful

                    2. once you wrote “Haiti” i assumed “AIDS” woulda been worked into the mix.
                      thats interesting, get a nanny slash language teacher, and only pay for the nanny-ing. how the rich stay that way, no?

                    3. That’s what I figured and hey its a fuck load better than raising your own kids. I remember a friend from a wealthy english family talking to his wife about having kids saying he wants the kids raised as proper english children.

                      Born: Father looks at them and they get handed to nanny
                      School Age: Sent to boarding school. Have formal christmas dinner with family once a year
                      Graduate boarding school: Given handshake sent to Oxford
                      Graduate Oxford: Given watch

                    4. btw i have long suggested rounding up the homeless, putting them in that park and letting them battle to the death. The last one that lives gets 1 million dollars.

                    5. Put a semi-circle wire cage over the iron gates and you’ve got yourself “thunderdome” there…

                    6. 1000 men enter & one man leaves with $1M big ones, hosted by Tina Turner, now thats a reason to plug the television in again!

          2. Bloodhounds are best for catching escaped fugitives and they are damn good at their job, unless there’s a blue tick hound involved.

      2. A hound dog has absolutely no place in a city. None. Zero. In fact, they should be sued for even thinking about doing that, let alone doing it.

    3. What these low level thinkers seem to not understand is that EVERY breed of dog we have today was bred for a specific job or purpose.
      We have hunting dogs, work dogs, defense dogs, and the list goes on. The breeding process that they’ve gone through for thousands of years greatly influences their temperament and behavior around people and other dogs. To equate recognizing differences in dog breeds to racism is just plain stupid.

      1. Actually they say that there are no differences because of genetics and differing environments/breeding, that “all dogs are equally the same, it’s all environment that determines their nature” which is pure bunkum.

        1. I guess I was out of the loop, I thought anyone with common sense would know a German Shepherd is smarter than a Chihuahua because they were bred for that.

            1. Great dog. Bad hips. Every single time. But great dog. Get a pup and socialize it with your kids, don’t go for the grown dog adoption, serious as I can be.

                1. You can kinda fudge with some breeds, if they were already socialized with kids, but German Shepherds are really one-family dogs and I wouldn’t trust one, even if it was socialized with other kids, with my own kids. They’ll be friendly around other kids without a problem but in the home it’s different than kids petting it while you’re out walking.

                1. dunno. knew two people who had em- great dogs and intimidating AF, but by age 8 or so, they couldnt even walk up a flight of stairs

                2. Honestly no. They are really prone to hip and joint problems, really bad. I mean talk to a vet, but I’m betting he’ll tell you the same thing. Maybe a mixed breed will have better luck though?

                    1. And a Millenial to boot.

                      You might as well start growing an Ironic Mustache modeled after a portrait from the year 1889 right now and be done with it.

                3. There’s a few things you can do nowadays to reduce the problems.

                  1. Don’t get them spayed or neutered too early. Never, if possible. It screws up their growth hormones.

                  2. Feed them the best diet you can. Raw food diets are showing a lot of benefits of all kinds to health issues in dogs, including helping reduce inflammation and joint problems.

                  Neither guarantees you problem free dog, but they do better than the old ways of neutering at 5 months and feeding them a diet of dry junk for life.

                  1. The spayed/neutered sounds interesting, I’ve never heard that.

                    1. I first heard it three years ago when I got my current male. Breeder said don’t neuter til 2 at the earliest. I had never heard that. I spoke to another one later on and they said the same thing.

                      Their heads also grow bigger when they aren’t neutered. His males were huge with gigantic heads. But they were all super healthy.

                      Went online to look around and I found a fair amount of stuff on it, so my boy is staying intact for life.

                      The diet is big, too. A guy in Sweden switched his Great Danes to raw diet. They normally average like 7 or 8 years lifespan.

                      His started living to 15 and 16 with far less joint issue.

              1. It’s not a huge issue. My folks raise them as a side job to their retirement. They have always backed up the hip dysplasia, sold hundreds of G Shepherds, maybe 2 or 3 they had to cover.

                1. Growing up my parents were into GS’s and they all developed bad hip problems. I wonder if it was just bad luck of the draw? I’ve heard lots of horror stories about the breed as well regarding this.

                  1. It may be the breeding stock in your area. They will get a new male every year, in that they require them to be AKC certified and look at them for any sign of hip and other problems. The pooch has a year of being rotated through about 6-7 pens with females in heat then gets sold off. Poor dog is treated like a sex object.

              2. Don’t get them spayed or neutered early. It causes issues with their hormones and they grow differently (they grow taller than normal).

                I’ve talked to a couple of breeders who stop neutering their males early (2 years min, preferably never), and they don’t have as many hip problems.

            2. They are fairly possessive and will love and protect your kids like no other. But, if you have any fear of getting sued for biting others, you may want to steer clear. They can be aggressive.

              1. Definitely naturally protective of the house and family, and that big booming bark when they realize someone is around is just fantastic. Nothing like it.

                1. It is not so great if you are visiting my folks with your whole family, sleeping out in the yard in tents, with about 10 shepherds barking at you if you roll over. Keeps going all night.

            3. Great dogs. My previous dog was a German Shepherd. My current dog is a closely related breed (Berger Blanc Shepherds, which split off German Shepherds a while back).

              Easily one of the best breeds in the world.

            4. lovely dogs, the hind quarters give out on them in old age though, something to remember

          1. Right? There’s an entire psychology behind this choice, and honestly I’m betting 50% of them don’t even know why they’re participating and they’re doing it only to be trendy so they mimic the same words, but there is surely a strategy behind the origins of hipsters getting into pit bulls.

          2. One of my ex gf’s had a Pug.

            Nice dog. Very friendly. Looking into it’s eyes was like looking at a marble. The lights were not on.

            Look into a well trained working dog’s eyes (including the really good working line Shepherds) and you can tell there is something very smart in there looking back.

            1. The most intelligent dog I’ve ever owned was a working dog, a Blue Heeler (Australian Cattle Dog). Thing could, from sitting still, jump a solid 5-6 feet straight up in the air, it was like this jumping bean action that was amazing to witness. Also required about 10 minutes training to learn even semi-complex tasks (not agility stuff, I mean basic dog training tasks) and I’m fairly certain that if I allowed her, she would have been quite competent to do my taxes for me on an annual basis.

              1. Those are really nice dogs.

                My taste in dogs has three things. Looks basically like a wolf, is decent size, and is smart.

                Shepherds, Huskies, Belgian Malinois, Australian Cattle Dogs, etc.

                1. Yeah, she was very clean, agile, active and super cuddly. As long as you let her run around the yard at 956 mph for 15 minutes or longer and took her on a daily walk, she was content to snuggle up and hang out most of the day. Although she did get really animated when anything “fun” was happening in the house. Lots of energy in those dogs at their fingertips, a very fun breed. Sharp as freaking tacks and if an owner isn’t careful he’ll quickly be outsmarted by that particular breed of dog.

                  1. All those working dog breeds are like that, which is why so many people have problems with them.

                    They need exercise and lots of it. They aren’t made to sit on the couch all day and do nothing. They’re smart and they’re energetic and if you don’t do something with them, they’ll make their own fun.

                    People need to be honest with themselves about what kind of dog they can live with. There’s nothing wrong with wanting a dog to just sit on the couch with you, but get the right one.

                    1. Yeah, that’s why I’m looking at the bigger breeds right now, the “were raised to be the animals owned by kings who kept them inside except during war” kind. Really gravitating towards GD’s and Mastiff’s, maybe greyhounds, but not sure if I want the slobber involved or not. Not really into small dogs at all, who are normally the ones who are better for indoors.

                    2. I was driving down the road near the last place I lived. Lots of big acre ranches around. I see this guy walking and there’s all these big animals near him and I couldn’t tell what they were at first. It was a bizarre sight.

                      Small horses? Deer? WTF is that?

                      He had 5 Great Danes, all walking perfectly calm with him.

                      Wish I’d gotten a pic. It was weird. Very cool, but weird.

                    3. I’ve second hand (as in I never owned one but I know people who have and I’ve been around them) experience with GD’s, they are great. Really pleasant, calm, gentle, low key, low energy and just want to lean against you and be pet all day, like truly big old marshmallow type personalities. Plus really freaking huge and intimidating which is cool.

                    4. One of those images in your brain you would rather forget. But that quote for the black guy following this was awesome,

                      Butch: What now?

                      Marsellus: What now? Let me tell you what now. I’m gonna call a
                      couple of hard, pipe-hitting ****s to go to work on the homes here with a
                      pair of pliers and a blow torch. You hear me talkin’, hillbilly boy?! I
                      ain’t through with you! By a damn sight. I’m gonna get medieval on yo’

                      Butch: I meant “what now” between me and you.

                      Marsellus: Oh, that “what now.” I tell you “what now” between me and you. There is no “me and you”. Not no more.

                      Butch: So we cool?

                      Marsellus: Yeah, we cool. Two things: one, don’t tell nobody
                      about this. This shit is between me, you, and Mr.
                      rapist here. It ain’t noboby else’s business. Two, you leave town
                      tonight, right now, and when you gone, you stay gone or you be gone. You
                      lost all your L.A. privileges. Deal?

                      Butch: Deal.

                      Marsellus: Get your ass out of here.

      2. yeah, the only dog nyc’ers should have are english bulldogs- big blob of a dog that doesnt bark and not much exercise. the fact you can teach some to skateboard is icing on the cake

  9. This is a timely article, as I just read over a study on sleep vs. longevity published by the National Institute of Health. In short, if you want to live longer 6.5 to 7.5 hours of sleep appears to be ideal. Now I realize that will vary based on the individual, but probably not by much. I have found over the course of the last few years that I function best between 6.5 and 7 hours. If I get to bed by 2200 I will wide awake between 0430 – 0500. I am awake before the alarm goes off when I do this consistently.

    If something happens that keeps me up long hours and I miss sleep, then I will end up sleeping longer the next couple of nights. And I will feel like shit the day following sleep deprivation. So I am adamant getting quality sleep every night. And when someone interferes with that they really aren’t going to like me (as in guests that want to stay late or when my wife encourages that).

    Like the author, when I was young I would party all night, on some occasions get home in time for a shower and head to work. Even in my early twenties I still felt like death warmed over. But it took a while for my priorities to change and the correlation to sink in. You cannot compensate for sleep deprivation with diet, supplements or even drugs. Sooner or later it will catch up with you.

    1. When I was younger I could stay out til closing time at bars, drag myself home, and get up at 5AM and go to work. It wasn’t fun, but I was able to do it and I did it for years.

      That only lasts when you’re young, though.

      I was also one of those people who always hit the snooze bar for an hour before I dragged myself out of bed, even when I had moved on to other jobs and could get up at 8AM. I was still staying up til 2AM every night, and then needed an hour of snooze buttons before I could get up.

      Now I’m the exact opposite. I go to bed between 2100 and 2200. I need to be up at 4:30AM nowadays. Usually, I’m up before the alarm, and I don’t use the snooze button at all.

      I also bought myself a new bed. One of those memory foam ones. My old mattress was really old (15 years).

      The quality of sleep has improved greatly, which is probably one reason I’m able to get up earlier without any trouble.

  10. I wake every night – can’t get back to sleep for hours.
    I can also function well on few hours sleep – short term.
    Long term – its killing me…

    1. I used to do that, not sure what changed, but I think it was my previous job was stressful and it would go to my head.

    2. Have you tried supplementing magnesium and zinc? Seems to help others sleep.

      Also might try melatonin supplements although some (like me) don’t react well to them. Some swear to it, but for me, I slept shitty and woke up with a headache. Maybe try it on a weekend where you don’t have to get up for work the next day.

      1. I will buy some Mmagnesium and zinc today.
        Seems so many people have sleep issues.
        I fall asleep easy – as I am so tired – its waking after 2-4 hours that sucks. 6 contiguous is good enough for me…

        1. I am with you. I have had sleepless nights, but they are usually pegged to some particular anxiety or stress I am dealing with. In general I fall asleep really easily.

    3. Long term, it can kill you.

      Brother, aside from Lifestyle/Heavy Stress (life, work, etc.) look back at what you consumed 3-6 hours prior to going to sleep – this can typically point you in the right direction…

      Without getting into a long lesson on nutrition, please look into the following as a start:

      – Stay away from alcohol.
      – Stay away from any type of stimulants.
      – Stay away from any and all processed foods.
      – Try a little Casein Protein before bed (cottage cheese, hard cheese, protein powder, etc.).
      – Try a little fresh turkey breast before bed (contains tryptophan).
      – Try a little banana or sweet potato; these contain potassium which helps relax muscles.
      – Don’t forget the Brain (it operates on glucose). A few cherries, a few bites of pineapple, etc. can go a long way to help keep things calm throughout the night.
      – Try ZMA; it’s worked wonders for many people, including myself. Knocks me out in 15-minutes with vivid dreams, feeling refreshed in the morning.
      – Try herbal teas; Raspberry Zinger tea by Celestial Seasonings. Knocks me out in 20-minutes. No dreams, but feeling refreshed in the morning.
      – On the rare occasion that I find myself up at night, I close my eyes and concentrate on something that brings me great joy. It doesn’t matter what it is, as it has a very strong calming effect and everything shuts down pretty quickly, usually within 15-20 minutes.

      Good luck to you – get some sleep!

      1. Chamomile tea with lavender works wonders too.
        There’s also some epsom salt mixes they sell at Walmart that have chamomile and lavender mixed in. When I have trouble sleeping, I grab some of it and soak for about a half hour. By the time I get out, I’m ready to pass out. Nearly fell asleep in the bath tub once.

      2. I am a fan of alcohol, but I also have no problem sleeping. It shocks me that people think that a drink will help them sleep. Even if the break down into sugars doesn’t keep them up, the sleep of the passed out is in no way restful.

        Great advice otherwise.

    4. You can also try learning to meditate at night.

      It’s hard when you start, but once you get a little more practiced with it, it helps to calm your mind down.

      Like someone else said, Magnesium helps as well. You may want to try a magnesium supplement and see if that helps.

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