Way of the Warlord: Phase 5 Update

Last week we continued our  Way of the Warlord program here at A Kings Castle.  This is designed to be an interactive physical, mental, and martial arts program where the authors of the site give out a two week challenge to the readers to better ourselves and become better men.  Today’s post is the mid point update where we will share our questions, triumphs, difficulties, and advice

Phase 5:

Last week’s homework was:

Physical: Team WB Fitness WB 10/10

Mental: Talk to 20 strangers


Physical:  I did the WB 10/10 challenge this week, and I am tired as hell.  The high volume training is no joke, but it feels good to be on a program again.  I will be joining Team WB Fitness January 15th for the full on 8 month high volume training assault, and I urge all  of you to do the same.

Mental: Seeing that I travel a lot for work, talking to strangers came easy.  I honestly got into a good conversation with a guy who traveled through Mongolia last summer while on a train.  I plan on talking to even more people this next week



As always, leave your notes and goals in the comments.  Cheer your brothers on and hold each other accountable.  We’ll have a halfway check-in next Friday.

Phase 5 Check in next Friday 12/8


-J. Nyx

Author: Jnyx

Fitness addict, DIY guru, tech nerd, member of Memesters Local 419.

276 thoughts on “Way of the Warlord: Phase 5 Update”

  1. Sparking up a conversation with a stranger is difficult. “I’m not interested in things that don’t concern me”

    1. Maybe if you didn’t grab them by the ass cheeks first they would be more inclined to have a convo with you.

        1. The King of Comedy starring deniro and jerry lewis- underrated movie, clip no longer on u tube, but the whole movie is, for free

      1. lamest wizard ever.
        Dumbledore has a lasso of fire that he kills thousands of zombies with while on the brink of death. Gandalf powers
        1) Seeming slightly taller to already midget sized humanoid hobbits
        2) Bonking people on the head with a stick
        3) Ability to call enormous eagles but not ask them to help fly the hobbits to mordor
        4) Pithy quotes

        FFS gandalf even tells the hobbits “fly you fools” like yeah, where is the fucking eagle dick. And if he didn’t stop to shit talk a Balrog they would have all made it out ok which isn’t even as bad as the fact that he stops to read King Durin’s diary (like the diary of a dead dwarf who has absolutely been hacked to death) will shed any light on anything or like waiting to read it outside would be horrible) and an ansty hobbit makes some noise he blames the hobbit.

        Gandalf: Worst Wizard in history.

        1. As if you’ve never stopped to shit-talk a Balrog.

          Gandalf has choice pipe weed. Everybody is happy to see him, because he comes around with the good shit. The only pipe Dumbledore smokes is penis.

          1. I’ve watched this video and ones like this. Still bullshit. Boromir dies in Parth Galen. Even IF the argument that the eagles couldn’t take the ring because they would be corrupted and are too powerful, or the nazgul would get them or frodo was afraid of heights or fuckin’ anything the eagles could have at least taken them to fucking Rohan and then waited for them to finish there and taken them to Gondor. Boromir died because gandalf is a lame wizard. No need to go through the mines of moria at all. From the counsel the fellowship takes the eagles to Rohan. Easy. Takes like 1 day. They spend a few days putzing around and bopping the king of rohan on the head and then the eagles take the guys to Gondor while Aragorn rides with the king, bangs his neice and wakes the army of the dead.

            Even if the ring can’t be carried to Mt Doom (lamest fucking focal point name ever) the entire trip can be reduced in time by like a fucking year and Boromir is still alive.

            1. I have no rebuttal against Gandalf being a lame wizard. I totally agree with you on that. Simply presenting an argument why they can’t fly the ring straight to the volcano and drop it in.
              The most legit reason I remember from this video is that the birds are fucking huge and would be spotted from miles away.

              1. The birds were also kind of neutral as I recall, much like the Ents were until pressed, and even some elf clades. There’s actually a lot of back history that explains a lot of these things in the Simirillion but nobody except the geekiest of geeks reads that (guilty, I guess).

                  1. Tolkien was an accomplished and published linguistic expert and an English professor without peer in his day, I expect nothing less from that caliber of man.

                    1. Pattered *very* strongly on Finnish of course. Which in and of itself sounds like an alien or magical language that doesn’t belong to actual human beings.

                    2. I love that sub genre of fantasy because it relates to the Nordic tradition. Strong, independent men and beautiful, submissive women. Swords, axes, bows and arrows, oh my!

                1. I heart Simirillion. LOTR was my first foray into fantasy so it holds a special place in my heart. GOT (the books) are pretty good too. And Joe Abercrombie is good as well.

              2. Ok fine, but no flight to Gondor? Whatever, don’t do all the work but help a hobbit out ya know. It’s not like the drove. They fucking walked. Walked. How about half way to Rohan just to take like 3 months out of the journey? Gandalf blows.

              3. So what if they would be spotted from miles away? What are the bad guys gonna do, take them down with anti-aircraft fire? They are giant fucking eagles. They swoop in, perch on the edge of the volcano, Frodo hucks the ring down into the lava — bing, bam, boom — everybody is home in time for elevensies.

                    1. I don’t think I’d discount flying dragons too much.

                      I do think that including Eagles was a huge strategic mistake, but he does try to address that somewhat in the literature that nobody reads. Eh, I’ll give him a pass. The story is an allegory for Christianity and a morality tale, not a piece by piece analyzed factual account of how things should have gone tactically.

          2. Just fly on one giant eagle for a while, then transfer to a second giant eagle for a while, then to another. Problem solved. Tolkien really fucked his whole shit up when he deus ex machina’d those stupid eagles in there.

            1. He definitely opened the door to a lot of controversy when he brought the eagles in to pick everyone up at the end. Should have made it a suicide mission where everyone dies completing the mission.

  2. Woot! Glad you enjoyed basic training Jnyx! Enjoy it now. When January comes it will bring the pain. 46 short days until Monday the 15th. This is gonna be the real deal. Red Hook is joining us too. I’ll have the #teambeater wife beaters ready for inauguration day.

  3. Spark up a conversation with a Mongolian- sounds like the final step in a fraternity initiation

        1. hun. mongol. Whatever dude. As far as I am concerned it is patently absurd to think that 95% of this country exists. You think I care about Chinks A and B?

          I present, as exhibit A, dialogue from All in the Family

          Edith: I wonder what they say when they sneeze…

          Archie: Who’s that, Edith?

          Edith: The Chinese. I mean, do they say “God bless you” or “Buddha bless you”?

          Archie: You really wanna know, the Chinks just sneeze and say nothing. They can’t speak English.

          Mike: Why couldn’t they say “Buddha bless you” in Chinese?

          Archie: Because they don’t say that, that’s why. If they say anything at all, it’s “Sayonara”.

          Mike: That’s Japanese.

          Archie: Same thing.

          Mike: It’s NOT the same thing.

          Archie: You put a Jap and a Chink together, you’re going to tell me which is which?

          Mike: That’s right, because I find out about them. I talk to them as individuals.

          Archie: Sure, you’d talk to them. You’d say, “Which one of you guys is the Chink?”

          1. fun fact: the huns used wraps to shape the skulls of the baby boys- when they reached maturity, they had pointed skulls. imagine that? a bunch of Coneheads on horseback attacking europe- I woulda been terrified by the sight of them too

            1. You gotta wonder about the Huns. They come across Europe-kinda and challenge the rapidly fading Roman army which is made up of mercenaries and *Italians*, for God’s sake, which seems to me to be rather trivial. Then they wipe out the Goths. Ok, big deal, we’ve all met Goths, they’re strange, wimpy kids who wear black and sit around being depressed, so really, how challenging could this have been for the Huns? Then they get over near Chalons, France. Oooooh, big accomplishment there, whipping up on French people, which is supremely easy and surpassed only by a squadron of soldiers invading a kindergarten playground during recess and wiping out all of the kids. Color me unimpressed.

                  1. I understand you’re as fond of the ‘burger as the rest of us, but calling him that is just a little too damned GAY.

        2. When they’re hacking and raping their way through Poland you dont stop to do a “23 and me” test…..

          1. you grant these genetic testing companies a permanent royalty-free license when you do these tests…all your DNA are belong to me

              1. yeah, shit like that occurred to me…also make it harder for your progeny to get health/life insurance if they see any diseases in the family history

              2. From Woody Allen’s short and hilarious story

                “Once, I entered a mansion, blew the safe, and

                removed six thousand dollars while a couple slept in the same room. The

                husband woke up when the dynamite went off, but when I assured him that

                the entire proceeds would go to the Boys’ Clubs of America he went back to

                sleep. Cleverly, I left behind some fingerprints of Franklin D. Roosevelt,

                who was President then.”


            1. On the other hand, you don’t necessarily have to fill their sample vial with saliva. Can send them any dna rich fluid, really…

      1. For when you absolutely, positively need to learn how to shoot a bow with your feet while driving.

        1. Not gonna lie, there are times in life when I’ve really needed that skill.

        2. I have spent a lifetime driving stick in manhattan. I could shoot a bow with my feet while downshiftingm, switching lanes and drinking coffee at the same time.

          1. Knee, would a Honda Civic or GM Suburban SUV be better for getting round NYC??

            always thought it would be a mission trying to drive a big American ‘yank tank’ round NYC (in peak traffic anyhow)

  4. not even a manslaughter conviction for the Steinley girl’s killer? @NemesisEnforcer how is this even possible?

      1. That’s basically correct. Also a lot of major cities, esp. where you hear about “polar bear hunting” and “the knockout game”. It’s total bullshit. Fortunately it tends to avoid areas where folks are armed in day to day dealings.

      2. California cities especially San Francisco is like a have for liberals and degenerate ma. So it’s no surprise there

    1. The prosecution pushed for a murder charge, is the problem. It was clearly a manslaughter and the hood rat admitted to firing the gun openly. My hunch here is that proving murder is way too hard here, so the DA pressed that as a covert form of “let him go” because pressing manslaughter would have seen this killer in jail in short order. Just a hypothesis.

      1. I think he said he was just trying to shoot a seal. if he actually killed a seal, I bet he’d be in jail now

        1. You have to wonder if he was even trying at all. Maybe he’s a good prosecutor when he wants to be.

    2. remember back in the good old nyc-crackwhore days? when there were so many kids shot from strays.
      They even began selling bullet-proof children’s coats…

      1. I knew guy who had the best idea ever back then. He proposed having the city open up and run clinics which taught marksmanship to the jerk-off criminals then running the streets. Sooner or later, he argued, they’d be shooting so adeptly that the whole problem would just take care of itself. And as a bonus you’d have less of these ‘stray bullets’ blowing up innocent kids everywhere.

    3. my future-ex-wife was on a murder trail jury in the south Bronx in about 1990 .
      I went to watch one day. I was the only person in the court.
      And heard the defense lawyer coaching the 14 year old kid. (before the court was in session).
      Same story IIRC:
      “don’t know nuffen bout guns”
      “feared for my life”
      “found it upstairs in Geromes apartment”
      “it just went off”
      “don’t know nuffen bot guns”

      not guilty.

        1. the ADA was bumbling idiot.
          Defense guy – probably pro-bono – was sharp…
          a la Bonfire of the Vanities…

          1. Member how in the old days of Law & Order, the ADA was always a hot little chick that the DA was boinking. Then the ADA became a short-haired post-wall lesbian feminism and the DA became a pillow-biter.

                    1. No, her greatest accomplishment was marrying the last white cornerback(who was actually top notch b4 blowing out his knee) the world will ever see- jason seehorn from the ny giants…

                    2. dude you have a better chance of seeing sasquatch taking a bong hit with a grey alien than you do seeing an elite white CB again…

                    3. 15 years since he retired- no one has seen an albino cornerback. tune in to coast 2 coast on any given night, and a caller will have said he has seen big foot

                    4. You keep talking about sportsball and the missing link… still not as important as how how she was.

                    5. youre gonna keep typing til I raise the white flag, arent you?
                      best combo for women is 50% Irish + 50% other…see her, tera patrick, etc

                    6. Makeup is the worst thing a woman can do to her skin. Thankfully my wife never has worn it (our women don;t wear makeup). I think a lot of that damage you see to celebrities faces when they don;t have makeup is actually from wearing it, which leads them to have to wear it more. It’s a vicious cycle.

                    7. “I think a lot of that damage you see to celebrities faces when they don;t have makeup is actually from wearing it,”

                      Pretty sure the drugs do

                    8. The Irish gene seems to be a catalyst that applies well to other genetic makeup, no question. Irish-Germans all around here and some super hot babes to be had.

                    9. Wait, you’re not an elite white CheeseBurger (CB)? Dufuq are you brah?

                    10. Had to look her up, never saw her before. The young her was pretty, no question. The older her is starting to square up on the ol’ jaw line. I’d still bang, but you can see where she’s heading down the road.

  5. The Squat/Dead-lift
    Spoken about much on manosphere – Today there is long story from Cortes – and even Taleb, the smartest guy in the room, advocates squats(or deadlifts).
    Younger days – I did plenty for rowing.
    Older days – mostly running and riding for triathlon
    More-Older days – walk 2 -10 miles per day – feeling real good…

    But, want to do more heavy work…
    I reckon High reps is perfectly good for this – whatda ya think? Or does it have to be under 5?

    1. Deadlifts always make me nervous, but I’m not really built for them either (long legs). I prefer to keep the weight lower and do more reps to help prevent me from hurting my back. If you do want to go higher but are concerned about injuries, put something under the bar to raise the starting position, like a plate under each side. Helps immensely.

      1. I’m really thinking about sets of 12 -> 20 lighter weight….
        ultimately anything is good – don’t want to ruin my knees

        Although many older friends are getting bionic knees, hips, shoulders etc… soon it may be easy replacement.

        1. I’ve done deadlifts in that range and it makes for a brutal workout.
          @wbfitness:disqus actually had me on a workout regimen where I did deadlifts starting at 20 and working down by 2 reps at a time.
          So 20, 18, 16, 14, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 1.
          You’ll end up feeling like you lifted weights AND ran 3 miles.

          1. I like that – gotta get the motivation back now. had some time off…
            Was looking at GYM prices – previously was at expensive NYC gyms – $240 -$175 per month…
            can’t afford that now.
            Found a place — $25? per month – Planet Fitness – watched videos on line that they have a “LUNK” alarm —cannot breath or make any lifting noises???

            Have you guys seen this? is it true?

            1. its awesome! they got rid of the squat racks I think, so dont even bother going there

            2. Many of the “family oriented” gyms prohibit grunting, dropping the weights (which I can understand) or anything of the like. If you are going to maintain strict form with lighter weights and can refrain from grunting and groaning as you burn out, you’ll be fine. Otherwise find a meathead gym like my son did. Or set up your own weights at home.

              1. dropping the weights, I get, but grunting? planet fitness might ban you if you grunt too loudly…

                  1. lol, you ever see how a really fat bitch has to kind of roll her lard ass out of the car, steady herself, then basically squat her fat ass up onto her haunches?

                    1. A new trend I’ve noticed this year at Cedar Point (giant arse amusement park). They reserve the right now to refuse to allow passengers onto their rides if the passenger is fat. If the belt won’t snap or the shoulder harness won’t go all the way down, they can and *will* tell you to disembark the ride. Saw it several times this year (went twice), and it was refreshing each and every time it happened. Used to be the tubs of lard would sit there and “demand!” that ten staff get together to force a belt to snap or a bar to go down and would hold up the ride for many, many minutes. Now “Get off the ride, fatty, you don’t fit” and the rides proceed in a brisk fashion.

                    2. lol, yeah, then they mount their motorized scooter, with all their folds of fat cascading down the side like a hippo sitting on a tricycle.

                1. Yeah. A similar venue nearby, Ozarks Fitness had a no dropping, grunting and no chalk policy. No chalk means no heavy weights. Gyms like that are what I consider low T gyms.

                2. I always wear headphones, so I never notice if anyone is grunting. Shit, I don’t even know if I am grunting.

                  On the other hand, there are those douche bags that want everyone in the entire gym to know they are lifting heavy weights multiple times and have to yell out on each rep.

                  1. yeah, this dude at mine always slams down the bar when doing squats, I think he actually saw me scream out “You muthafucker!” in the mirror

                    1. thats fine, but there are doods who slam the bar down on every rep of a deadlift wtf

                    2. We have a crossfit joint downstairs and I hear that shit constantly, but in fairness they’re lifting Buick engines, anchors…..

                    3. Yeah. Only excuse I can make for that is if it is one rep max as the lift is technically complete once you lock out so dropping the lift isn’t a missed lift. That said,one rep max is bullshit.

              2. “maintain strict form with lighter weights and can refrain from grunting and groaning as you burn out”

                yea I reckon I can do that.
                I have some weights at home – most important a chin-up bar…
                And for $25 bucks a month – worth it just for a hot shower…(my pad sucks)

                1. Tour the gym first. Some of those cheaper places have very few (and sometimes no) free weights. They cater to chicks who want to go walk on the treadmill for 30 minutes while watching TV. There is a $25 a month place not too far from me that has only one free weight bench press and no squat rack.

            3. NYC gyms are expensive, but I look at it like this. I will go to the gym every day after work and never eat out and never go to a happy hour. I promise you that even 2 drinks at happy hour 2 times a week will add up to that equinox membership.

            4. Oh, you should check. My healthy insurance has a thing where they reimburse me 600 dollars every 6 months for gym membership so long as I provide paperwork by the gym that I have gone x number of times per month (it is such a small amount that I don’t even remember because i prob blast through it in the first 10 days.)

              1. ok that reminds me to sign up for health insurance today.
                yea Equinox probably worth it – so many around now.
                my finances last decade have gone from:
                New York Athletic Club
                Reebok Sports Club
                Chelsea Piers
                Home Gym
                Stressing about Planet Fitness.

                a nice gym like Equinox — will make me happy . and can change branches to where the better women are too….

                1. reebock and printing house now part of equinox now.

                  I left equinox like a year or so ago to go to a hard core lifters gym. I thought it would motivate me but as it turned out it was just small, dirty and had nothing i liked. 3 months and i went back to equinox and couldn’t be happier. I fucking love it there.

    1. And people wonder why so many kids are fucked up nowadays…
      We got this filth being spread all over TV. For fucks sake, this shit is on Disney? Whatever happened to simple cartoons where the sole narrative was a coyote trying to catch a fast bird or a goofy bald guy trying to shoot a wascally rabbit?

      1. Yep. Disney is pushing all kinds of LGBTQRSTUV shit these days. People think they can let their kids watch Disney because its Disney, but they have tons of gay and transqueer plotlines on their shows now.

        1. Our kids watch Disney Jr. but I closely monitor what’s is being shown. So far, they haven’t tried any of that nonsense there, but I imagine it’s just a matter of time.

          1. If Disney keeps this up, PBS (Sesame Street) and Nick will follow. That means that kids in school and at daycare will get indoctrinated with it. Even if you keep you own kids clear of the direct mindwash, all their friends are going to get it. So you own kids will have to deal with it, simply through interacting with their peers.

            1. Doesn’t Nick already have some overtly Progressive show like this?
              Nope wait, that’s Cartoon Network with Steven Universe.

              1. I don’t know, man. This strikes me as a serious thrust into unvarnished pedo land.

        2. Disney, and Hollywood in general, are pure poison for the minds of children and young adults. Their scripts are basically and purely propaganda for the race-mixing, LBGTIQEUJMC and Feminist agenda.

          I was amazed when I saw Maleficient a couple of years ago. That movies is the most nauseating feminist movie I have ever seen.

      2. I think that you’re confusing Disney with Looney Tunes.

      3. yep, thats how I learned dynamite is nothing to be affraid of…cant tell you how many times I killed myself only to re-spawn seconds later

      4. I’m actually freaked out by this. There is no market for it, no audience demand for it. Nobody is out in the viewing public clamoring for little-boy-princesses. This megacorp (Disney) simply desires to shove a young boy in a dress into the eyes and minds of millions, because it feels like it. It is straight-up mainstreaming of children as sexual beings, targeting parents. It says, “Look, parents. You need to open your little boy’s mind to the possibilities of exploring gender in a healthy and accepting way!” Utter bullshit.

        Men like us are increasingly becoming an outright insurgency.

        Disney is going all-in on the sexualization of children with this. Maybe all that Hollywood pedo talk is not a conspiracy theory after all…

        1. its all soft population control- if they can mess up X-percent of kids, they will ruin their lives and not reproduce. singles (esp women) tend to be liberal/marxist…

        2. I agree, it is incrementalism. The same strategy of incrementalism was used by the homosexual lobby to normalize homosexuality.

        3. “Maybe all that Hollywood pedo talk is not a conspiracy theory after all…”

          You need to go back to RoK or a lesser forum if this is what you truly think. You are about 4 Internet years behind.

      1. See, I’m okay with them making up a new chink spider-chick. What I hate is when they suddenly decide that Thor is a black lesbian midget tranny and Iron Man is a genderqueer Muslim 12yo girl in a wheelchair.

        1. Same here. Although not being a child, I no longer delve into childish things like comic books, but your point is very well taken. When they made Spiderman black and Thor into a woman I kind of figured out pretty quickly that the “industry” was lost.

  6. Physical: I am currently increasing the volume of my workouts. But I am in a transition phase, since I have to experiment to see how much I have to decrease the weight for a given exercise to get into the target rep range. Sometimes I hit failure at a lot lower reps than desired or I still have energy left. Next week I will have a better handle on it.

    I will still stick with a five day on, two off schedule on a six week cycle. Then take a week off for full recovery. This week, by merely doubling my reps and adding an additional set for each exercise, I have been able to maintain an exquisite level of muscle soreness every day. It took my legs a full four days to recover. WB Fitness finds this highly entertaining. He will be over fifty soon enough… BWAHAHAHA!

    Mental: I am currently finishing up my article on men’s health supplements, reading a book on the Illuminati and will be starting to read a book on Neuro Linguistic Programming this weekend.

    Martial: I am working with my instructor on loading and cycling a semi-auto pistol with one hand and we will start night shooting drills this coming week. I am hopefull that the temperature will drop below freezing for an added element of stress during training. That’s it for now.

        1. The World Health Organization (WHO)? I hadn’t thought of that angle. Those sunsabitches are controlled by the Illuminati I bet and they got to me!

      1. I think it was Neuro Linguistic Programming that “made me” want to. That’s why I am studying NLP next…

  7. Since the my last update:

    Physical: lifted aprox. 40 to 50 half-liter bottles of german beer (various brands), an undetermined number of 0.5 cl glasses of Jaegermeister, undertermined number of kgs of bratwurst and currywurst, and possibly 100 kgs of chocolates.

    Mental: tired and without energy from seeing beautiful paintings and sculptures at the german museums, the beauty of the beginning of the winter and the beauty of german women.

  8. Where is Jammy Jay Bird? Why isn’t he all up in here gloating about Flynn lying to the FBI? After all Jammy’s hard work on the Mueller investigation, I thought for sure he would be in here taking credit for Flynn and telling us how Trump is going down, etc., etc.

            1. Nine out of ten LBGTQ psychiatrists surveyed stated that prison shower rape is actually rehab. Keep up with the times man!

            2. It’s only rape when a white heterosexual male does it to a womyn (which includes touching her, talking to her and even looking at her). When five members of an oppressed minority group are holding some cracker ass honky down in a prison shower and banging him that’s “levelin’ d’ playin’ field” and retribution for past injustice. He deserves it see, because “white privilege.” I thought you knew all this shit..

              1. Boothe, that is a disturbingly specific and detailed description of gay prison rape. Maybe you should stop watching so much gay porn.

      1. Can’t quite figure why Flynn wasn’t up-front in talking to the FBI about the contact. If it was just Flynn making a bad judgement, then nothing further will come of it. But with Flynn’s history, I can’t help but wonder if it involves someone else, maybe a name that hasn’t come up before.

    1. Flynn is being permitted to plead guilty to a mere process crime (making a false statement). So far the media indicates that Flynn is prepared to testify that Trump directed him to make contact with the Russians in December 2016— initially to lay the groundwork for mutual efforts against ISIS in Syria. That, however, is exactly the sort of thing the incoming national-security adviser is supposed to do in a transition phase between administrations.

      It’s a nothing burger, but the left will still be the pigeon that knocks over all the pieces, shit all over the board and bob around liked they won the chess match.

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