Trusting Your Gut

Trusting your gut is a phrase that makes perfect sense to some while making others cringe.  As an INTP personality, I fall into the latter category, and struggle trusting my own instincts, preferring concrete proof before making decisions.  While this might sound like a logical conclusion to many men out there, it has its drawbacks.  Today, we’re digging into why and when you should trust your gut as well as steps to improving the accuracy of your instincts so you can wind up being right more often than not.

Why You Should Trust Your Gut

The primary advantage to trusting your instincts over your logical processes is that your lizard brain will often pick up on subtle clues that your “more evolved” brain won’t catch.  This is especially true in social settings.  Say you’re talking to a girl or a potential client and your lizard brain starts throwing up red flags.  Your logical brain doesn’t find anything wrong with anything going on, but there’s a nagging feeling deep in your subconscious that just won’t just up.

Later on, you’re stunned to find that your perfectly laid plans fell through.  What the hell happened?  Everything was going so well!

…Weren’t they?

Most likely, no they weren’t.  If you find your subconscious screaming at you, most likely it is picking up on subtle body cues, facial expressions, or tones that your logical mind is oblivious to.  If you feel this happening, it’s time to take a step back and assess the situation.  Either excuse yourself to the bathroom for a minute to remove yourself from the situation long enough to reevaluate how things are progressing or ask the other person an open-ended question and evaluate their response.

If their answer is short, their voice emotionless, and their body is closed off to you, chances are things are not going in your favor.

Your instincts also play a crucial role in your very survival.  Have you ever been out somewhere at night and all of a sudden your instincts are screaming at you to get the hell out of there?  Chances are your subconscious is picking up something that you are not.  Most times, it pays to heed your inner voice, even if it winds up to be nothing.  It only takes your subconscious being right one time to spell your demise.

When To Trust Your Gut

Now this is just my approach, but I only trust my gut on topics that I am already pretty familiar in.  If I had just started a hobby, I’m not trusting ANYTHING my lizard brain is telling me.  I will do everything by the book, until I become more fluent.

Others might approach this differently and that’s fine too, especially if the issue at hand has minimal consequences.  I call this learning through the School of Hard Knocks, but again, to each their own.  Some learn better this way and are more comfortable just diving in and learning through trial and error.

I, however, am not such a person.  I am very analytical, sometimes painfully so, and often check my research many times before ever executing a plan.  As reasonable as this sounds, it can greatly slow down any progress I wish to make on a goal.

Improving Your Gut Response

Like most other things, improving the accuracy of your gut reaction involves repetition.  Make mental notes of the outcomes and tweak your approach each time.

Does a small change on your part elicit a large or small difference of outcome?

What can you do differently next time?

During the learning phase, treat it like a science experience and play with the variables.  As you become more comfortable, treat it as play and enjoy the process.

So what camp do you fall in to?  Are you more prone to trusting your gut or examining the entire situation before acting?

What steps can you take to increasing the accuracy of your gut so you can make faster and more accurate decisions?

Leave them in the comments section below.

Author: Jak

Jak, married and father of three, seeks to help the Red-Pill Community take its next step past the petty cynicism and ineffectual anger. While he recognizes that men are significantly handicapped by the modern legal system and culture, he doesn't accept that traditional marriage is untenable in today's social climate. Rather, men must be willing to adapt to this new world by implementing new tactics and approaches to maintaining a balance of power. Jak is here to provide you with these lessons.

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  1. What if you have a lactose intolerance and get mad poops every time you eat cheese or dairy? Do you still trust your gut even after it gave you swamp butt when you had some ice cream?

      1. apparently not. It thinks you are trying to poison yourself, so your gut activates it’s reject mechanism.

          1. Aye, Special K doesn’t pretend. He will directly insist he has a sense of humor and then proceed to demonstrate the exact opposite.

  2. Good article. Us religious folk call it being in tune and recognizing the spirit. There are numerous times I have changed my plans because something didn’t “feel” right. Whether it comes from divine manifestation or the more primitive parts of my evolved brain is up to debate.

  3. INTP = Jimi Hendrix. INTJ = Emperor Palpetine. Amazing how the tendency to make gut judgements versus making master plans defines us.

    1. I seem to switch between those two personality types depending on what mood I’m in whenever I take the test. What remains constant is the “INT” portion of the test, with the “P” and “J” being the only changing variable. For the sake of not driving myself crazy, I typically settle on the INTP personality as it seems somewhat more accurate.

      1. I took the M-B test for the first time a few weeks ago, and also came out INTP. Seems right, I guess. But of me thinks there is a degree of astrology in it.

        1. I took the retard test again a few weeks ago, they always get me on how to pronounce the word “two”- I always pronounce it as “twoh”, not “tew”

            1. you dont remember that “test”?
              “How do ya pronounce T-W-U?”
              end with t-w-o, everyone pronounces it “twoh” and then realizes a millisecond later they been had!!

                1. I passed an exam for entry to an elite HS in Manhattan, but I failed the psych evaluation, so they didnt want me; does that count?

                  1. Yes.
                    And frankly I think that’s bullshit. If you have the brains, ‘psyche’ should have no bearing on educational opportunity.

                    1. I was nervous, so I was cracking jokes(14 yrs old). Thought I wasnt serious about getting a free ride. You ever hear of Regis High School?

                    2. Im pretty sure they shot that final scene of Scent of a Woman there- the “take a flamethrower to this place” part. classy lookin jernt

                  2. Did anyone else ever get pulled from class to re-take one of those state exams that was applied to the class? Happened to me once, but I never found out what it was about or the results.

                    1. I didn’t comprehend that until years later, but they never brought it up after I took it a second time. When they stuck me in a closet to re-take it, that should have been a clue.

                      Considering the amount of young female teachers I had, I always suspected a bit of teacher conflict with these types of tests. Boys scoring high on placement and IQ tests, but their grades and her observations do not correlate with the test results.

                    2. I saw that quite a bit in school. Girls get the higher grades on assignments but couldn’t perform on the tests.

                    3. If people cannot home school, I would still advocate getting rid of the brick-and-mortar schools and simply have them do online course work with a possbile weekly meeting with an instructor.

                    4. I totally agree, I am working on an article about home schooling. Because my wife does the bulk of the schooling, I am trying to incorporate her input into the piece. It is tougher to do than anticipated.

                    5. You remind me of something I forgot to do many years ago. I wanted to check to see if I actually ever graduated High School. I don’t recall ever getting a piece of paper saying I did, and I may have failed enough classes senior year to fall short of the state requirements. I did not care at the time, because I had already been accepted to university.

                      Exactly one of those scoring high on tests and placement, but uncorrelated grades and behavior circumstances..

                    6. I tell my kids, “do you know what happens if you do not learn the basics (reading, writing, math) and learn the core logic you need to succeed in life? You end up becoming a teacher. You remain in that purgatory relearning the same lesson plan for the rest of your life as punishment.”

                      Needless to say I am not a hit at the teacher-parent conferences.

                    7. Yup. Neither have I. Which in my case is quite fortunate. Perhaps if I wanted to get a CDL, they might require one?

                    8. Every now and then, you will hear of a doctor/engineer practicing without a license. But as far as most of the professions out there, I don’t think too many check. The problem would come when you mess up and then the lawyers get involved. Your insurance would not cover you.

                    9. Talking high school diploma here, I have all of my other, later degrees and certifications in order. Well, the ones that matter, anyway.

                    10. I don’t think that would matter. Who cares if you can’t do algebra, so long as you can perform open heart surgery competently?

                    11. Exactly! And here is the thing.. I can do the “algebra”.
                      In particular, one class I would only show up on test day Fridays, absolutely ACE the tests, but never did any homework or otherwise participate.

                      Apparently demonstrating expert level proficiency wasn’t enough to even land a D, damn it…

                    12. I was that way in high school, bored. I did well on the tests, but neglected to turn in complete homework. I finished with about a 2.6. Engineering school was different. It was a shock to my system to actually have to work at my grades.

                    13. It wasn’t until my thermodynamics class that I understood the need to work out problems neatly and show the problem solving steps. But when it takes 4-5 pages for a single problem, it has a purpose.

  4. “Gentlemen, I don’t find it easy to talk at a time like this, but I got
    to say something about that guy up there, and I can sum it all up in
    just one word: courage…dedication, daring, pride, pluck, spirit, grit,
    mettle, and G-U-T-S, *guts*. Why, Ted Striker’s got more guts in his
    little finger than most of us have in our large intestine, including the
    colon.” – Steve McCrosky

  5. Imissed out on the bitcoin run up; thought the feds would crack down on it. that was 4 years ago, now they are requesting the info of people who use one exchange, probably will target other bitcoin exchanges. not sure if that qualifies as a win for the ol gut, was $400 then, now around $10k per “coin”

    1. Huh. I have like .003 of a Bitcoin. Should check the value. Might be enough to cover a nice dinner…

              1. I was there right when they made the change. Wasn’t there long enough to see the effects. I hear Germany got ticked off at most of the rest of Europe as the poorer countries sucked money from them.

                1. They still are sucking money. Greece is a good example where it is all heading. They have borrowed all the money they can and will never pay it back (eventually will be written off on the backs of tax payers).

                  Funny thing is, Margret Thatcher said in 1992 that the Europe Union would fail because the industrial nations will end up subsidizing all the others until the ineveitable economic reset or collapse. The countries have no incentive for cutting spending or benefits.

                  1. I read the only reason Greece was granted entry in the EU was bc Russia had designs on making a deal with them to use their ports for their naval vessels

                    1. Russia was going through economic turmoil in the 90s and mothballing battle groups as they didn’t have the cash. Greece cooked the books for entry and every one knew it, but too many Euro planners wanted to achieve their goals so ignored it all.

    2. Except that you can’t track Bitcoin so it really doesn’t matter what “list” they request. Anybody using a real name and not using onion routing to access bitcoin trading hubs is an absolute fool and never understood the principle behind Bitcoin to begin with.

        1. Sounds like they didn’t understand the entire concept of anonymous digital currency. Their bad.

    3. It’s got $12000 now……i might start buying 500 bucks worth of just to try my luck.
      It will go up in value in no time, maybe it’ll reach 20k by February.

      1. I missed the boat whenever every ROK guy sailed over to Ukraine and banged 10s just by stepping off the plank.

        1. You aint lived until you’ve sailed to Mongolia. Young ladies waiting for American men down at the piers

      1. How? They have no way of knowing if you’ve received or sent Bitcoins. No way to know, no way to ever know. Proper utilization of BC’s makes that kind of thing literally impossible.

        1. There are lots of ways they can get you. Like if you convert it to something over than Bitcoin…. cash out and put it in your bank account.

          1. So they “get” you if you link it to your bank account in the real world? Yeah, well, that’s entirely NOT the point of using BC’s and not the proper way to utilize them. As a digital currency you use it *AS* a currency, not a proxy for federal reserve notes. So, as already mentioned, if you PROPERLY UTILIZE IT, that is, use it for payment of debt or to buy items, then you’re are 100% safe. Trying to trade it like Swiss Francs directly into a real world bank account is exactly how you are NOT supposed to use it. So my original post stands.

            1. Even if you buy something directly with Bitcoin, it could still count as a increase in your assets such that it would be a taxable event. And that is even assuming that the IRS would treat Bitcoin as an investment rather than some other kind of taxable transaction.

              1. There is no way to prove you bought something with BC’s. That’s the entire point of BC’s. They’d have to put a man literally looking through your window(s) and filming to find such a thing. They may be able to say “Hey, you got a pizza on Sunday” but have no way to prove how you did or didn’t pay for it.

                Proper utilization of onion routing combined with changing the coin id upon receipt cancels out everything except some human being watching you with binoculars from across the street.

                1. The IRS doesn’t have to prove you did anything wrong. It can seize your assets and force you to prove that you did everything right.

                  1. Well by that standard then you’re fucked no matter what you use and they can take your house because you own the wrong breed of dog.

                    They actually do have to have some semblance of a case or they’d have 90% of the population in literal chains breaking rocks down at the quarry by now. It’s only *after* they have something on you that they come forward and you have to prove that you’re innocent, in complete disregard to all existing jurisprudence and legal rights pertaining to the matter in history.

                2. guy I know made a nice 5 figure profit, converted it back to $, took himself a nice vacation…we’ll see if anytihng happens to him

                  1. I’m planning something like that for when Litecoin explodes. I have a “cash-out” point that involves paying off my mortgage while stashing 20% in hard currency

                    1. I think I’ll try to start writing again after the hollerdays, providing I still have the go ahead here. Pretty busy around these parts until after Jan. 1

    4. yeah but the Fed gov’t need you working; think of all the good you are doing by working and paying taxes! heh..

  6. Im of the mindset that you cant lie to yourself. You can hide from the truth or even believe it isnt there, but if you feel some shit is shady or not going to work out, then your subconscious knows. I cant tell you how many times I’ve felt “Idk about this” and was right almost every time.

    1. 100%
      Lies, especially the ones you tell yourself, will ALWAYS resurface. Like the Princess and the Pea, or a tire in the landfill….

  7. “prefer concrete evidence before making decisions” – I hear you on that. The concrete evidence is nice, but slow. Sometimes we need to decide quickly. We need to know whether we should trust someone or not without performing a background check.

  8. not only cant Detroit build anything well anymore, they cant destroy anything either

      1. The biggest issue I see is what the hell are they going to do with that building now? They can’t go back in since it could collapse at any time. I think at this point, the construction workers should be given RPGs and hand grenades and told to knock themselves out. Would be a blast!

        1. They could just hit it with a wrecking ball a few times, preferably one with Miley Cyrus riding on it.

    1. Read about it in the Guardian yday! Apparently the stadium is bound to collapse but the demolition firm doesn’t know when exactly.

  9. I stopped being so analytical once I realized my gut was always right. I still go through an analytical exercise from time to time, either for the fun of it or a fundamentally new circumstance arises that I’ve no internal framework to handle.

    Not sure, however, if the gut was always right or my analytical side has just trained it very well.

    1. Something that has stuck with me since high school was when one of my teachers told us before an exam that if we didn’t know an answer to always go with our gut response. He told us that 90% of the time, we’d be right with our initial instinct on the answer (multiple choice questions). Not sure if that 90% estimate is correct but I followed his advice and graduated with honors, so….

      1. I have heard the same thing. I know when I have gone with my gut on test questions they have been overwhelmingly correct. And when I have had time to go back over a test and second guess my first choices I have noticeably wrong! So now I just go with my gut if in doubt.

    1. Best cure for nymphomania is wedding cake.
      Wedding day = last blowjob she ever has to give
      “If you fear loneliness, do not get married” – A. Chekhov

      And like a bajillion other quotes and jokes from time immemorial. I’m sure it’s all just playing and not reality though. Just myths. Really. That’s what I’ve heard.

      1. a friend of mine (age 40)that I just went to lunch with is about to marry a 43 year old single mom with a grown kid. They have been living together for 5 years. Her son, 19 years old, is lazy and is a mamma’s boy. I told him that he can do better and do be weak by marring this woman. After the wedding, the sex will cease, and then she will demand the next big thing , whether it be a new house, car, furniture, vacations, purse. He gave me the middle finger and left angry. At least I tried.

        1. I concur. Unless they are widows, stay away from single moms. If she lacks the moral character to avoid single motherhood through the carousel, or divorce, and will not avoid living together (who goes to church) that is another red flag. Any woman that does that also lacks the character needed to refrain from the AWALT tendencies. Your friend is doomed.

          1. Yep, he won’t let himself admit it, and he won’t want to be reminded of it, so he’ll hate you instead of facing the truth.

            1. He called me insecure , that I cannot handle these women or have the skills to deal with them ; as if I wanted to tame them in the first place . I think he’s too emotionally attached to her by now . He just threw away 15 years of friendship .

              1. “He called me insecure , that I cannot handle these women or have the skills to deal with them..”

                If handling a 43 yo single mother makes one insecure, I hope I remain an insecure bastard for the rest of my life!

                1. He also called me weak because I manipulate women and tell them I’m going to be their one and only , and I’ll give them the world , then after some time and sex , I run for the hills .

        2. One aspect of beta blindness is low self worth. If the guy is successful in other areas, he’s still pretty stumped on the red pill aspects of females and he fails to realize that he’s worth more than a post wall divorcee. Surely he could do better than her. Maybe he could ‘click’ with a 30s woman who’s never been married, no kids and who has a few eggs remaining. In fact I stumbled across such a woman on youtube. She’s not perfect by any stretch, but she’s never been a divorcee or had kids but still wants to marry and have 2. She comes across as having such a good heart and she’s unlikely to divorce rape anybody. She’d walk away if hurt but she’s not the estate robber divorce rape type, just the love and fun type. She’s not virgin BTW but wants to settle. As you know after #1, all popped cherries are the same – USED. Still she has a good heart and no kids so she’d beat out your friend’s 40yo divorcee. You might say she’d be ideal for the incurable beta and that’s what this 30s gal needs, someone to accept and understand her. Her dad was a race car driver so she’s got a bit of daddy’s girl in her. Well, here she is. Her name’s Channon ‹pronounced ‘Shannon’›.

          I have matured greatly in red pill wisdom so I could never settle for marrying a girl like Channon, but I understand how she’d still be quite a prize for an incurable beta. Like I said I stumbled upon Channon rummaging around on youtube. What a pretty face and good kind heart. Yeah I’d consider her if I could throw her in a time machine and erase all the dick. Funny thing is the incurable beta needs a time machine worse – to erase all the emasculating and self worth depreciating shit heaped on by a bossy dominant mother and wimpy or abscent daddy. I decided to study Channon further so I probed a LITTLE DEEPER into Channon and caught this youtube. “Whooo-eee” I exclaimed. ›››

          Still we’re back to what I said earlier, that once a woman is popped, they’re all the same – used. Whether it’s one dick or a thousand, used means used. Only a tight brand new v card lass will do for me, otherwise a girl is ‘unmarryable’ in my book. I’m not an incurable beta by any stretch but I’ll stress again what a good kind heart Channon has from what I see. Good luck and best wishes to the lucky beta man.

          I bring up Charron the ex porn star who would never divorce rape anyone because it’s something I notice with super duper ho’s. They have no need to hurt or divorce rape anyone. It’s like once a woman has been round the world at light speed and been hosed by thousands of dicks, her kind supplicating heart is all that’s left. It’s like going full circle where you’re back to being Mother Theresa again. Strange but seems to be the case.

          In fact I once worked with a stripper who told stories like Charron’s. It wasn’t in a strip club, but she was a hiree in a warehouse plant where I worked. She had to get a regular job after her club manager BF went to jail. At the break table, other women who were fat divorce raping ogres and pigs would gloat about ‘cleaning their ex husband’s clock’ and denying visitation with his children. The ex stripper girl had tears in her eyes hearing the cruelty from the other women. She was more beautiful and out HB’d them all. I’ll never forget her words. She said “My God I could never keep a child away from their father. How could you do that to someone?” What a heart of gold she had inside. It was years ago when I worked at that plant, but I still remember how odd it was that the ex stripper had a better heart than all the piece of shit single mother femicunts in that place. That’s when I suspected there’s a ‘full circle’ phenomenon taking place with a ho becoming like a saint eventually. Or maybe the truly saintly ex porno women were saints all along but were targeted early by jew pornographers to be used up as much as possible. Satanists too are known for desiring the purest and most innocent victims. Across the west, alot of ex porno girls were once the purest best wifing stock until they got jewed early in life – so all the west is left with is the gold digging ogres. Ultimately the rule still holds – ‘GO VIRGIN’. Only BRAND NEW WILL DO for wife material.

  10. Everytime I ignore my gut I’ve been wrong. It’s almost always related to a decision about whether or not someone is trustworthy or reliable as well. My gut says no, and I talk myself out of it trying to give the person a chance, and my gut always ends up right.

    Your subconscious is an amazing thing. It picks up on little hints and clues that your consciousness is too busy to process.

  11. Sometimes ya gotta follow your gut instinct, sometimes you gotta follow your brain but never trust your tallywhacker.

      1. It’s also lead to some places I shouldn’t have gone to while everybody else was saying NO,NO,NO and he was saying YES,YES,YES, DONT WORRY IVE GOT IT ALL UNDER CONTROL!

  12. I definitely trust my gut that there was something odd about the way the commenters all got banned from ……oh, it’s all ancient history now…..still got to trust you’re gut

    1. someone bragged about getting certain people banned on that other site a week or two ago; a screenshot was taken of that post, and was posted on this site…take it up with that guy

            1. A few weeks ago. Not sure when. You can check my Disqus profile to see when and where it was posted. Kersey has since deleted that account so his ramblings are gone.

              1. Ah. Alternately, I could have read cbcb’s preemptive clarification, “someone bragged about getting certain people banned a week or two ago“.

          1. Thanks for the response. Just because someone claims something doesn’t mean its true. I never really followed the whole kersey pantomime so I’m not sure what to think about it, but based on what he says in that post I imagine he’s bull-shitting based upon what he’d heard about the situation – he was after all a troll, yet here we are supposed to believe he is some kind of SJW evil mastermind. I’m not sure I buy it.

            For a start Roosh doesn’t exhibit paranoid schizophrenic traits. Neither did any of the commenters who undertook the biblical exodus from the Egypt of ROK (would that make Roosh pharoah?) to the promised land of AKC come across as racist to me. In fact they came across as precisely the kinds of guys who didn’t like that sort of thing. Obviously Hipponax that rabid antisemite might be an exception……but other than him and a few terse words from the occasional commenter about muslims I’d say Mr Kersey must be bullshitting. Whether Disqus abandoned ROK on account of its racist commenters is moot – how would Mr Kersey know? Does he have inside knowledge on the matter?

            Personally I wouldn’t worry too much about an SJW / Disqus take-down.

                1. Honestly, there’s no reason Disqus should or would ban us, but we like to be prepared just in case, especially lately as a lot of internet services have taken the SJW route and began refusing service to sites they deem “problematic.” Never hurts to have contingency plans.

                  Kersey seems to think he has a case against us as he’s dropped in a few times threatening to take us down, claiming we’re essentially Stormfront 2.0. He’s even come in here with anonymous accounts trying to bait our commenters into going on racist rants so he can, presumably, screen cap them and report us to Disqus.

                  One such incident was where he came on under an anonymous handle and announced he was going to be opening a new site soon focusing on interracial marriages. When he didn’t get the reaction he was looking for from the commenters, he deleted his account and all the comments.

                  1. well maybe embrace it. Try to precipitate the ban if you think it might happen despite your playing by the rules. Disqus is becoming pretty worthless by the sounds of it. Try to think of more ways to become offensive – not randomly or unethically – but with a view to finding a few ticklish spots. What are the ticklish spots? To be honest I still think RoK does tickling better than you guys, but its certainly positive if the likes of Mr Kersey is on your backs. I’ve only encountered him a few times, and I couldn’t really take him that seriously for some reason, but we all need our Mr Kerseys. Start tickling and the Kersey’s of this world will come a gallopin’. We need them. They serve their purpose. Anyhow, it’s good to be prepared

            1. Frankly I like Disqus – functional wise. I’d recommend going for a clone of Disqus, kind of like is a lesser clone of Yahoo mail but works the same. There must be something out there like a generic Disqus only without the flag buttons everywhere. The flag buttons are hazardous for accidentally touching and unintentionally killing good people – like throwing razor blades on a playroom floor.

              A good Disqus clone would have a separate long form page you would have to go to if you want to bitch and flag someone and a separate box where you have to explain a good reason why said commenter pisses you off and should be flagged. Just because you can’t reach out through your computer screen and strangle the person on the other end is not good enough reason to wish someone to be flagged. It’s just not nice. The accidental flagging is the real danger with Disqus as it is currently.

              R0Ks new system doesn’t distinguish threads easily and is time consuming to scroll down and read vertically after 30 or so comments. Plus you can’t flip it from newest to oldest or best. As far as readability, the system compares to Disqus like the Indian interstate highway system compares to the Autobahn. It’s still better, much better than the Indian storm sewer infrastructure. Damn, got something on my shoe again.

              1. Disqus was pretty user friendly, although it doesn’t really provide the user with much control over historic posts. You can’t export them or search through them or save them for instance, presumably because they remain the property or at least within the control of the site owner – so for instance Roosh was able to export comments en masse but otherwise it’s not clear what happens to them (and I for one don’t care to go trawling through pages of historic posts that sometimes load slowly when they’re a couple of days old let alone months / years etc.

                So I agree that there is a need here, and something that could quite easily be addressed if the will existed. I don’t care for the new commenting system either, but the email address system appears to provide the site owners with a slightly easier way of controlling messages posted. People will be more likely to speak guardedly if they can be traced through their emails. Ultimately, the powers that be really, really want you to be able to lose your livelihood if you misspeak

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