Avoiding the Holiday Gut

One facet of the Christmas season that I’ve observed is that people let their dietary  choices go out the window.  People just accept that they’ll be shoveling junk food in their mouths and chugging excess booze the whole time just to make a “resolution” to eat healthy in January, which usually has them back home on their lazy asses within two weeks.   As I prepare for my collaboration with Team WB Fitness next month, I’m going to keep my diet clean this month and I’ll share my plan on keeping myself from looking like Santa by Christmas

I’ll start out by saying you’re going to need a strong will and desire to be fit.  One thing I’ve noticed about this time of year is that there is excess food everywhere!  Cookie tins in the office, bowls of candy on coffee tables, etc.  Granted you don’t have to eat any of this at all but people tend to just make excuses around this time of year.

Aside from the junk food, everyone wants to get together for drinks.  While I don’t think this is too bad here and there, the excess drinking around Christmas can add up.

The truth is, everyone knows they’re being gluttonous and that’s why many people renew their gym membership in January 1st, only for that gym to be a ghost town by January 15th.    This year, I’m opting out of the food fest that is December and I’m going to start prepping myself for the long training program I’m about to embark on.

My Plan

Simply enough it comes down to about promises I made to myself:

Don’t Eat the Junk

Simply enough, just because there is a ton of crap food around, doesn’t mean its okay to eat it.  If you wouldn’t want to eat it in July, why are we making an excuse in December?   I’m going to stick with my normal diet of high protein, high fat, low carb options.  These keep me full and give me the nutrition I need to maintain/build muscle.

Limit Booze

Once again, just cut back on it or give it up completely.  A drink or two on a Saturday is fine IMO but don’t let the season be the reason to drink in excess. Try to avoid super sugary drinks and high carb things like beers.

Keep Training

Note, this month I am doing a very basic version of Arnold’s Volume Routine just to keep my body and head from going to shit from not working out.    Regardless of what type of fitness you’re into, keep doing it through the month of December.

Keep it to Yourself

The last thing I’d want any of you to be is the Grinch who ruined Christmas by giving people shit for what they are consuming this time of year.  If anyone asks why you’re not eating the crappy food or drinking tell them why but honestly its a personal decision.  Obviously limiting what your kids eat is one thing but you can make a statement by being an example this year.


See if you can make it happen this year.  When the new year hits we’ll all be that much more ahead.  Avoid eating the holiday junk food and stay true to your diet.  Limit excessive alcohol and remember to do some regular workout every day at least 5 times a week.  Finally don’t go around giving your friends and family shit for not having strong willpower.  If someone does come to you asking for advice, then you can let them know that their shitty eating habits are what is keeping them looking the way they are.  Remember, this is a time to enjoy with people you care about so don’t be too difficult on them.

=J. Nyx

Author: Jnyx

J. Nyx is a father of three and co-owner of akingscastle.com. He understands that there is something missing in the community and that you can be a traditional, masculine man in our current age as well as a dedicated leader of your family.