Keeping The Challenge Going

If you go the the gym and lift the same weight the same amount of reps each time, you wont progress after a certain point.  Your body and muscles will adapt and you’ll just be spinning your wheels.  The same can be said about other parts of your life as well.  As men, we must constantly challenge ourselves to do better, to be more than who we were yesterday, and push limits because it is that fire inside us to overcome obstacles that keeps us on the correct path.

January marks on year since I left my truly entry level job and took on a job which I will admit, at the time of me taking it, was way more responsibility than I expected.  I went from a simple help desk technician to a full on IT Manager for a huge corporate company.  Granted I know the technical side of things pretty well, but this was a whole new ball game.

There were times I wanted to quit.  Times I hated this place and wished I’d never taken this position.  I made my choice though, and despite hating it at times, I have a family to feed so I had to do my absolute best.  I was handed a bucket of shit in terms of a network, and I was expected to turn it into gold.   I stuck with it, and over the course of the year I’ve learned so much and made myself so much more valuable.  Reflecting on this got me thinking about how all aspects of our life need to be fine tuned and can’t stay stagnant for too long.

Always Improving

If you’re doing the same shit you’ve always been doing, you’re going to have the same shit you have always had.  Taking on more responsibility can be a little frightening at times, but unless you royally fuck something up,  being someone who accepts this is what you took on, and sticking to the main goals you have set, you’ll grow and prosper.

This doesn’t just apply to work or career either.  You should always try to learn new things or push past your comfort zone even just a little bit.  A few years ago I decided that I wanted to go  bow hunting.  I had never been, my father wasn’t a hunter, but I decided to give it a shot. (lol)  I had practiced and got my sights targeted in, bought all the shit I needed, but the true test was going out into the wilderness in the dark, cold early November air.  This was the moment I waited for, so I had to nut up and go for it.

Each time I went out, I went a little further, and a little deeper into the woods.  I didn’t see even one buck, but trusting myself to get back to the cabin each night helped my confidence and it proved I could rely on myself to get to safety.  A skill you never know if you’ll need unless you’re in that situation.

Bringing It Together

This way of thinking is what prompted my mental goals in the Way of the Warlord challenges.  I want to build my mind as well as my body.  We all know of that 70 year old man that still gets up and kicks ass in life because he has the will to do so.  I know of 50 year old men who are basically helpless due to their will to be that way.  It all comes down to you in the end.

If you want more, you have to make it happen, and if you keep doing the same things, you wont get shit.  You can make all the excuses in the world, but if you don’t take the initiative to change things, despite how difficult they may be, you’ll remain where you are.


Don’t be afraid of taking on more.  We are not cowards, we are not bitches.  You have to trust yourself a great deal to know you can deliver when push comes to shove, but if you never get yourself into a position where that can be proven, how can you truly be sure?  In every facet of your life, try to always be improving even if it is one percent.  It will pay off every single time I promise you.


-J. Nyx


Author: Jnyx

Fitness addict, DIY guru, tech nerd, member of Memesters Local 419.

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  1. Solid advice and I don’t have anything to add I just want to point out that I was the first one here……at 0330 wth?

    1. I’ve been up since 3:30 but stayed away from the computer.
      Tried to get back to sleep but got maybe an additional half hour at best.
      Agreed on the good advice.

      1. Woke up at 3, had to take a leak then couldn’t go back to sleep so I just gave up and got out of bed. Cold and raining here today, I’m going to have a hard time staying awake. Maybe Kersey will come back and keep me busy for a while.

          1. or just jack off to near the point of no return, get worked up and lift weights at 4 AM. … uh.. not like I’ve ever done this before or eh yeah…

          1. he should at least say “thanks” to the guys who started this site, gave him the idea for his

      2. seems everybody does this.
        I had sleep study last week. Paid $3,000 for a night in a crappy hotel room – with no happy ending – just to tell me there is nothing wrong.
        Should have just asked you guys

        1. It comes in spells with me, I’ll go a while waking up like that not being able to go back to sleep then sleep like a baby for a while. If I go to bed really early I will be back awake around 1230 or 1.

          1. yea – same here.
            have done some great software work from 12:30AM to midday though.
            I think I have to just accept is normal and many people do not need 8 hours – as we are constantly told. And adjust – nap – etc as required

            1. If you are doing creative work on no sleep, it means that you are in strong mental/spiritual alignment. When I’m off my inner groove, no amount of rest can ever energize me. And when I’m on my groove, rest seems totally unnecessary.

            2. The latest studies have shown 6.5 to 7.5 hours of sleep a night are optimal for most people. Our ancestors often practiced segmented sleep as well. Our modern scheduled and structured lifestyle prevents most of us from being able to do that even though it might be healthier.

              1. Id love to be able to take a 20-30 min nap on my lunch break. only takes 5-10 min to eat lunch

              2. This guy told me in Mexico, they have an afternoon siesta where they take a couple hours off work and go take a nap. Consequently, the nightlife was much livelier.

                1. IIRC, that is a long standing tradition down there. It is my understanding that it gets so hot in the afternoon that all you can really do is find a spot in the shade and take a siesta. But I can see where it would improve your nightlife.

              3. segmented sleep – and to function adequately – is useful trait.
                Whether working on a fishing boat, or manning a parapet – keep you alive.
                So, I have done much the same thru-out life and is good asset.
                But at 8PM can’t keep my eyes open, and the girls don’t come out to 11PM sucks (or not)

        2. Yeah, you should have just set up a camera to film you while you were sleeping. If you had that sleep apnea shit, you’d be able to see it.

    1. The only way to get on top is to try, you got here early enough to get a head start on everybody else.

    2. I support your selection as featured commenter since this comment is insightful and packed with wisdom.

      1. such wisdom should be chiseled into every monument in D.C…also every henhouse, outhouse, whorehouse…

        1. Do you know why chicken coups only have two doors on them?


          Because if they had 4 they’d be chicken sedans!

          1. you hear about the bill that just passed in the house? you would be able to conceal/carry your gun across state lines…one of the top cops in nyc already freaking out about it lol “what if these people bring their guns to Times Sq on NewYear’s Eve”

                    1. the image of a middle aged man pulling on that yellow plastic brake thingy in order to spin out made my day

                1. y’know – all things considered it was nice to see kids that age show a little ‘follow-through’. Sorely lacking….

            1. Fuck New York. And New Jersey. And Hawaii and Illinois and California. If they can’t be arsed to follow the Constitution then they need to be dragged kicking and screaming into compliance whether they like it or not.

            2. Ehh if someone wants to kill people I doubt a gun ban will stop them. The various gangs and cartels in the U.S seem to be getting guns and I doubt most of them can get them legally

                1. Almost every city does fine with legally owned firearms in the hands of
                  trained and licensed concealed carry individuals, who are almost by
                  definition Eagle Scout level law-and-order types. The only place where
                  that doesn’t apply is where the children haven’t proven themselves
                  mature enough to be trusted with liberty and need nannies to watch over

              1. Gun ban plus search and sieze made New York safer. If you live in the middle of no where you may need or want guns and that’s fine…they don’t belong in a city.

                1. I think this should be more of a case by case basis. For example, if you are Asian and run a Kwik-E-Mart or liquor store, you should be required to have several 12 ga. shotguns at the ready.

                2. “Gun ban plus search and sieze made New York safer.”
                  so did ‘getting rid of’ all the poor people.

            3. They should put up some of those “Gun Free Zone” signs all around. That will keep everyone safe.

            4. “Cop in authoritarian state fear-mongers for already ignorant urban populace”
              And nobody was surprised….
              The bundled-in background check modification is no fun though….

            1. By all means, it’s not like I have a copyright on it! 🙂

            1. I’m curious the difference between Uncle Humor and Dad Jokes?

                1. Yup, part of the Uncle Humor is the corruption. A friend of mine convinced his nephew that there were monsters in the toilet right when he was being potty trained. That pissed off his sister like none other. We laughed at that for years.

                  1. I think it is legally required for all uncles to buy their nephews a drum set somewhere between the age of 8 and 12.

                    1. My brother gets my kids the loudest battery powered toys as possible every Christmas, time after time we him not to.

                    2. That’s about the age that my two uncles took me out and showed me how to safely unseat a bullet from a cartridge and empty out the powder, then repack it and powder from other bullets into a pipe so as to be able to construct a cinder block destroying mini-IED. Great guys (still are).

                    3. Try that these days, and Homeland Security will put you in jail for 25 years…. if you’re a white Christian.

        2. “also every henhouse, outhouse, whorehouse…”

          Too verbose. Eliminate redundant words for concise writing.

          1. Oddly enough, we had this outhouse when I was a kid. The chickens would roost in there. You had to check for chickens or you might get your butt pecked at.

            1. Always check an outhouse, even if you don’t have chickens. This is not lesson that is fun to learn the hard way.

    3. Wait, the other day you said you were just here for the upvotes….make up your mind.

    4. you will fly high above the rest of DISQUS with your drive and determination to be the best.

  2. Speaking of fitness, anybody have any experience with taking DHEA supplements? I hear that it can be very helpful to get off of plateaus, both for strength gains and weight loss. But, I’m a little bit scared of negative side effects – like shrinking my testicles.

    Any experience out there?

          1. and with the reflection from the sun, you could generate 0.002 KW of solar power and sell it back to the grid. How’s that for a side gig?

    1. Hair loss too I believe.

      The best way for strength gains that doesn’t mess with your hormones is a good pre-workout energy drink if you ask me. The more I consider hormone stuff, the less inclined I am to mess with it. Plus if you have an undetected testicular cancer it can really, really make it worse I hear.

  3. I wonder with those struggling with fitness plateaus that – maybe it doesn’t matter so much to always be “making gains”
    being fit – to extra fit maybe enough…
    that maintaining a reasonable workout routine is good enough. Healthy etc…
    Same analogy as a Public traded company always trying to achieve gains for stockholders/MSN
    and in both situations taking too much risk and then failure.

    I am no where near a plateau in fitness or finance… doesn’t apply to me!

    1. I’ll freely admit I plateaued in my fitness. Frankly, I am just fine with that. looking at guys my age, I am in the 85-90th percentile. I can do my rock climbing, I can still jog a mile without having to walk. I can still lift my wife and throw her on the bed. So what if I am not as chiseled as I used to be, I have other aspects in my life (career, family, church) that fill out the complete package.

  4. Challenging yourself is a must for personal development, but you can easily burnout and lose interest if you don’t approach it correctly. Years ago, I learned to apply a 90-day rule… you set a specific goal and it has a specific deadline. You go hard for those 90-days, then take a breather, evaluate things, make adjustments, – cycle on and cycle off, etc.

    I’ve applied this technique for many years to my business and personal life with great success.

  5. Right now at work there is little I can do to challenge myself. With the upcoming plant closure, we are spending a lot of time shut down. It will be this way for the next year. So we are mostly identifying post closure requirements and documenting them. After that, I will be moving on to a new facility and the learning that goes with that will be a challenge. But right now as Tom Petty said, the waiting is the hardest part.

    WRT fitness, at my age significant strength and size gains are pretty much a thing of the past (screwing around with anabolic chemicals is out of the question). But that doesn’t mean that I am stagnant. Right now I have followed WB’s advice, dropped back on weight and increased volume. Frankly, I was sore as shit last week so I know it’s working.

    This also forces me to go from a five day schedule to six days. These changes are another means to challenge your body. In addition to this, paying close attention to form and varying speed on your reps is another challenge. It’s not always about more weight or reps. The quality and intensity of each rep is just as important. No matter how long you’ve been lifting there is always room for improvement.

  6. RIP August Ames. We salute your brave, moral stance against fag cocks. Yes, even though you were willing to — and did, multiple times, usually at the same time — take any other color, creed, size, religion, race, shape or nationality of cock, real or fake, without any regard to cleanliness, hygiene, self-respect or the welfare of your internal organs… you had one single line, one single bridge that was a bridge too far… you refused to suck gay cocks. For that, and for the gaping cesspool that is all that remains of your vagina, we wish you well on your journey to that great porn studio in the sky. Farewell, August Ames…. fare thee well.

        1. Yeah, but you know she didn’t *really* look like that. That’s 75% make-up, lighting and air-brush after effects.

          1. I’m not really caring much about her authenticity or the quality of her soul here, bro.

              1. I cannot even fathom being the father of a famous porn star. I guess on the other hand, fathers who actually raise their daughters right don’t have to worry about that. But still, man, that would really, really stink on ice I’d think.

                1. I think being the father of an unknown porn star would be even worse. Because she’s still a porn star, but she’s so awful no one even wants to watch her fuck.

                2. It is not out of the realm of possibility. Kids get a rebellious streak from time to time. My wife had a good friend that she grew up and went to Seminary with. He went gay, smoked poles in SF bath houses and just recently died of AIDS.

                  1. I’m really losing the capacity for mercy and love these days. Not sure I’d even go to the funeral if I were his dad. Not out of some tight lipped refusal to acknowledge reality, but because “fuck him”. My ability to write off people is really growing a lot these days.

                    1. You got to if you are to keep your sanity. Getting heartbroken too many times whether through some girl, your kin, or even some bimbo that you see throw her life away is emotionally draining.

                    1. It is just a 6 AM class in the for 14-18 YO kids, before they go to school. Parents drop them off at church, they sleep through the class, then the kids with cars will take them to school.

                    2. wow…..”Cooter” means something entirely different to me….You wouldn’t like a nickname like that.

              2. How much difference in dick mileage do you think a “porn star” has on her compared to an “average” girl these days, really and truly? I mean, one frat party has got to be about the same as 2 or 3 pornos, right?

                1. I often convince myself about bar-girls in SEasia. They spend months with one guy – often.
                  My sweet little kindergarten teacher gf goes out for “just one drink with my girlfriend” 7 nights a week. And was banned from a diner at 5PM once.
                  If I have to use willing suspension of disbelief – so be it

                  1. Technically, if *all* a girl did was porn, I bet she’d end up having taken a lot less dick than the average sorowhore or carousel cunt. Plus, with all the testing for diseases and shit, she’d probably be a lot cleaner. But, you know porn whores probably do all that porn shit, and then go out and still ride the cock carousel for all their worth, because the porn is their job, and the carousel is for fun, or some other fucked up hamstering.

                    1. That is until she hits the wall and marries some beta white knight. Then the sex is neither fun nor part of the job description, so she will get fat instead.

                    2. I completely changed my life to avoid those girls. Once I figured out what was going on, I did what it takes to get as far away from that lifestyle as possible.

                    3. I do not want anymore kids or marriages, so I try to pretend I will love the former carousel riders as long as I “get some”

                    4. Best policy. Being decent to a woman is not a winning bet. She’ll fuck you over the minute her little mind gets distracted with something else, leaving you cold and alone and grasping for answers. The only sound policy with women, is to do with them as you wish and leave when you’re finished. Trying to be a decent man, unless you’re converting to the Amish faith and marrying an Amish virgin chick, is pointless.

                    5. This carousel rider I have now told me on Tuesday.. : “Maybe I am delusional” .. I didn’t answer and kept drinking my beer.

                    6. The only acceptable verbal response, if you had answered, would have been “Maybe?”

                    7. …and these days they are forthright with their past sexual forays, then in the middle of telling a few they stop and think….Then they lament “I shouldn’t tell you this, men use it against me every time.”

                    8. See, I think that is great. There is no reason to have contempt for these women who made a decade or two of mistakes. With no kids or family, there really is nothing to hurt.

                    9. I wish they would be more rational and retire on the carousel! It’s a win-win for her and divorced guys like me.

                    10. I got a former carousel rider I am seeing now. She’s the opposite. She’s still horny all the time and we have sex 5 times per week. This is costing me a lot less than being a sugar daddy but she thinks she met her future husband.

                    11. plus add in the boyfriend who actually cuddles with her , so therefore, she mercy fucks him….

                2. while being on seeking arrangement, I can attest to the fact the the younger girls 18-22, had at any given time, around 5 sugar daddies. most of the SB/SD relationships last about 3 months . Add in the “hot” losers the actually want to fuck, and a boyfriend they love , and the number is gynormous

          1. You have a lot of experience with dead whores, bem? Please, tell us more about what dead whores are like.

            1. You have a lot fo experience with dead whores, bem? Please, tell us more about what dead whores are like.

              I admire your dedication to Ebonics, man.

                1. Blood splatter contamination is a serious thing, with him.

      1. They think suicide, but not sure. Apparently she made a comment about refusing to shoot porn with dudes who also did gay porn, and the LGBTQ fags went nuts, started bullying her, destroyed her “career” etc., and then she maybe offed herself.

        1. yeah that doesnt compute for me. gay men do straight films? Im sure there were enough straight guys offering to boink her for free

          1. I don’t know, but I assume its just like chicks in porn… once they start feeding them money and drugs, they’ll fuck anything.

            1. I prefer the 90s VHS buttafaces…hot women who dont need to resort to this becoming prono stars…

                  1. Don’t be so hard on yourself, Jive. I’m sure if you ask your mom, she’ll tell you that you have a pretty face *and* perfect boobs.

          2. I read somewhere one time that most of them do fag movies too because they they get paid more. They say that was how John Holmes caught the AIDS.

        2. Well we all know, the fags are nothing if not tolerant and accepting of other lifestyles and points of view.

          The Gaystapo is really, really pushing the limit these days. When the backlash happens and they’re being beaten up in the street, I will have *zero* sympathy for them.

          1. So, you’re saying when they start getting thrown off buildings you aren’t going to try to catch them? 🙂

                  1. More likely they just would have been whores, like they are now, but without quite as many people watching.

              1. They drank cooking sherry then ran their hand through the wringer on the washing machine.

          1. There’s word on the street that professional wrestling is fake. It’s just hearsay though, I wouldn’t put any stock into it.

            1. Next thing you’ll tell us is there’s so much mob gambling money riding on the NFL games that they’re fixed too. Freakin’ conspiracy theorist…

                    1. I’ve looked on there occasionally. Nothing of interest anymore. If it was Kersey’s plan to get ROK thrown out of Disqus to reduce the racism on the site, it certainly backfired. It is comically vitriolic.

                    2. Yeah, I commented in our Telegram channel the other day that if Kersey thinks this site is bad, his head would explode if he looked at the ROK comments. A lot of the comments I saw looked like they belonged on SF. Those guys can stay over there.

                    3. Agreed, from the comments, I can tell we are slowly getting more visitors from the wild. The ROK purge was a shot in the arm but with few exceptions, the rest of them can stay.

                    4. “Agreed, from the comments, I can tell we are slowly getting more visitors from the wild.”

                      That’s one thing we’re working on right now – getting our name out to new readers. The ROK purge gave us a solid foundation, but we’re looking to expand our readership substantially.

                    5. You ever watched that goofy Gangham Style video? The guy with the cowboy hat in the elevator reminds me of a Korean M.M.

                    6. more more people are calling them out too. I honeslty dont see how kersey see it as ROK kicking out all of the racist people since most of your hardcore racist are still over there. If anything ROK kicked out all the people that were moderate to uncaring about racial issues.

                1. hey, looks like sports gambling will become legal nationwide- uncle B called that one

    1. Do pornstars go to Vaghalla when they die on the casting couch?
      Do all hoes go to heaven?
      Serious questions.

      1. Yes, all pornstars go to Vaghalla (pronounced “Vadge-halla”) when they die, where they spend eternity getting spit-roasted by BBCs with no lube. So its pretty much like before they were dead.

            1. Sup cbcbcbcbcb!
              Been lurking other parts of the net lately.
              Found a right-wing crew in Toronto and we made our own little private channel. Trying to get connected to people that are more local to me lately. The American mindset that you guys take for granted around here is actually pretty rare north of the border so that’s held my attention lately.
              Also trying to get rich off of cryptos… but I fucked up and only got .22 bitcoin… somehow that’s 5k CAD now though lol.
              What’s good with you fam?

    2. In related news, it turns out her real name was ‘Mercedes Grabowski’, which (and this is fairly common) would have made a much better porn name than the porn name she was using.

      1. Me n some friends met him on the street once – “Hey, Al Franken! we love Stuart Smalley!” blahblahblah…he ignored us and kept walking.
        He was a C list hack on an A list comedy show, and he ignored us. speaks volumes about that guy

          1. Exhibit A. he also got in a dig at that Moore fella from AL. If they had a pic of him doing this to a teen in a 1970s roller rink, Id say he wasnt fit for office either, but they dont

    1. YES!

      That little sniveling rat faced punk didn’t even win the office in the first place, fuck him.

      1. Seriously fuck that guy. They would not have had the 60 to pass Ocare without that asshole stealing that election.

    2. Just to clarify, he announced that he will be resigning sometime in the next few weeks. So he didn’t actually resign, he just said that he will resign someday soon. Because he is a rat weasel fuck and he wants to hold out until after the Alabama election. That way, if Moore wins, he’ll say he doesn’t have to resign if Moore doesn’t resign or some bullshit like that.

    1. I don’t believe it. Even the gays are not dumb enough to push the agenda like this. Like gay marriage, they will make sure it is normalized in the media and then polled endlessly until they get the numbers needed to change the law.

      1. I don’t believe it either, but different reasoning. It feels suspiciously like the sort of thing a rightist subversive might create to attempt to slander the gays. Not defending the gays here so much as I am merely being cautious about believing everything I see on the internet.

        1. Yeah, this got my spidey sense going. I would believe that is where it came from. It also very well could have came from the gays, but to call out the rightists and then make fun when it is disproven (like Obama birth certificate)

        1. Apparently, it stands for “Two Spirits”, and it’s a North American Indian thing.

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