Shameless Christmas Profit Post

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36 thoughts on “Shameless Christmas Profit Post”

          1. It can be dominant or sissy. AIDS x AIDS = 0 or AIDS can be divided by AIDS and get 1 .. binary .. the 1 goes into the 0

      1. Totally untrue. You can catch various different strains of AIDs, like Haitian AIDS, Ukrainian AIDS, Carmen Elektra AIDS, etc. Usually the different strains battle it out for dominance in your system, but sometimes they combine to form whole new strains of AIDS, like Voltron or the Power Rangers.

        1. That’s not saying much as the quality of both is so low it’s right down there next to dinosaur bones…

        2. The comments were the only reason to go there for a long time outside of a couple of interesting writers.

          Most of the articles there got bad years ago. It looks like Cosmo for guys now. 5 Reasons Women suck. 10 Best Places To Live in Poland. 8 Restaurants For A Cheap Date.

          All they need is surveys now. Is Your Girl Cheating On You? Take Our Survey.

      1. go have a look at the rantings of the mentally unhinged feminist nutter that just shat all over the comments section to his latest post “Don’t Follow A Girl’s Lead” on his own site…

        cant help but shake your head in disbelief that these people are the species as us.

    1. dont think anyone can be banned from ROK now can they?
      now Disqus has pulled the rug out from under ROK the new comments section looks retarded and as Jak said lots of very angry people (SF type) are posting now.

  1. Wait, am I supposed to be shit-posting all up on this article or the other one? This shit is confusing.

                1. Looks a little like that, doesn’t it?
                  Her name is Autumn Ames.
                  Suicide a few days ago.
                  Was headline news in the US papers.

            1. not gonna lie Slim, i am not current on my porn stars, Jenna Jameson, Traci Lords, Savannah (i know she died) and Tori Paige they are the only ones i know… know of rather.

              1. Savannah…
                I saw her at the Century Theater in SF back when I lived out there in 90/91. She was wild even for a porn star.
                In the middle of the show She started dancing up a ramp and was clearly on drugs. She was bending over and wiggling her ass and some guy who looked like he was homeless started rimming her. And she didn’t pull away. Normally I would think that was an act but this guy actually looked like a real bum.

                1. wow! now thats a story!

                  yeah i saw some doco/true holloyweird story on her years ago, what i got from the whole thing was, she was really into sex, alot, but was also into substance abuse, in a big way.
                  i think from memory some rocker went with her for a bit didnt he? Brett Michaels maybe?

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