Way of the Warlord: Holiday Break

Last week we continued our  Way of the Warlord program here at A Kings Castle.  This is designed to be an interactive physical, mental, and martial arts program where the authors of the site give out a two week challenge to the readers to better ourselves and become better men.  Today’s post is the mid point update where we will share our questions, triumphs, difficulties, and advice

Phase 5 Complete:

Last week’s homework was:

Physical: Team WB Fitness WB 10/10

Mental: Talk to 20 strangers

Physical: I continued the WB Fitness 10/10 4 days this week.  Once again, high volume training is not easy but gets you results.  I noticed a pump that I had carried throughout the week.

Mental:  While traveling in NY for business, it allowed me to speak to a ton of new people.  I even extended the olive branch to people in my office that I typically don’t talk to.  Seems to have done me some good.


I am suspending the Way of the Warlord program for the holiday season.  Use this time to rest up and get ready for our collaboration with Team WB Fitness January 15th.  Keep doing a light workout routine until that time.  We will have a normal post for every Friday going forward.


-J. Nyx

Author: Jnyx

Fitness addict, DIY guru, tech nerd, member of Memesters Local 419.

201 thoughts on “Way of the Warlord: Holiday Break”

  1. didja try to strike up conversations with people on the subway? pro tip: if you hear someone ask you “what time it is?”, he doesnt want to know bc its “Show-time!”

          1. “yep, saw a woman get dicked in the face accidentally by these ‘performers.'”
            CBCB’s sentence has been tweaked to fit your situation.

            1. best thing I ever saw on the subway was a drunk guy passed out on a bench, woke up long enough to realize he had to pee, unzipped his pants, passed out again, proceeded to wet his pants…he was SO close

                1. I like sliding in and out of subways in white socks and tighty whiteys. makes folks laff

      1. As much as I loved License to Ill, it just wasn’t the same after I found out one of them married and became a feminist.

        1. The irony behind them was hilarious. 3 Jewish white kids made a name for themselves in early hip hop because….well they were 3 jewish white kids.

          1. I still have the nagging suspicion that the whole thing started out as a joke – but then they turned out to be good at it.

            1. It WAS a goof- they were in a punk band before, they didnt think it would take off…went back to the punk thing with check your head

                1. rap n musical instruments on that album…they beat rage against the machine to that genre

                    1. WDRE always played their shit…Bombtrack was just that- the bomb. commie rock is cool when you are a teenager

    1. Man, I’m glad I don’t have to ride on one of those things with someone’s butt in my face.

      1. you havent lived until youve had someone else’s fingernail clippings bounce off your shoe

          1. where are they going with all those groceries? Its like the chinese in Flushing only shop in the Manhattan Chinatown, and vice versa

              1. all old women.
                “Dont send our son out for groceries! hes young and strong! Send Granma, she is 83 and has glaucoma.”

          2. That can’t smell good at 7pm either. Wth is fish cake anyway? Sounds like something we would use for bait around here.

            1. basically yes. I’m not sure. I find its best not to talk to Chinese people about what they’re eating, or actually anyone on the train…

            2. Italian fishcakes arent that bad, but I have no idea what kind of fish it is…white(ish) fish meal…breaded

              1. Christmas morning I wake up and fry a bakala cake and egg.

                Nothing like a thoroughly installed hang over and fried bakala to get the day started right

                  1. christmas eve dinner was like a fraternity hazing when I was a kid…..
                    didnt know what half that shit was.

          3. Reminds me of when I worked first shift at the prison. Just before chow call in the mornings all the inmates would start crowding around the door. Morning breath x 96

            1. I had a friend who was a CO. Didn’t last long. He said it dawned on him a few months in that he was actually IN PRISON! All day! Couldn’t bear being around all that shit day in and day out.

              1. rode the tube in London for a week..For 7 days and nights straight , I rode that fucking tube. Saw couples make out, drunks smelling like ass and feet, pervs watching porn, young women talking about stupid shit, and old ladys being appauled about everything the others were saying and doing. PURE ENTERTAINMENT

            1. I can understand that. When I fart it doesn’t bother me a bit, as a matter of fact I laugh when it’s really loud.

            1. So you just want to stand there and soak it up? I usually try to get away, unless it was me.

              1. You basically stand there and try not to breathe much and if you do make sure that you don’t breathe through your mouth because……

                  1. Hahaha I still remember the time someone yawned/inhaled a dutty fart on a crowded tube platform followed by the dude gagging and then barfing on the incoming train which in turn splashed back onto commuters. Chuckling as I’m writing this….just seeing the dude gagging with years in his eyes. Haha

          1. I couldn’t take that. If I extend my arm all the way out, anyone inside that range shouldn’t be surprised if they get assaulted. I’m not the touchy feely type especially early in the morning.

              1. As short as they when I swing my arms they would fall over like little bowling pins.

            1. Tube/subway navigation at rush hour is comes with it’s own etiquette. Funny seeing tourists with big pack packs or newbies awkwardly trying to navigate through the masses of angry locals.
              I would advise anyone not familiar with big city transport to stay put like a sardine, near a window (a must in the summer) and try not to get a boner when the yoga pants hotties derriere pushes up against your crotch.

                1. You never know. He may not be back…as the vigilante. No, this time it will probably be Nelson Mandela or maybe even Harriet Tubman.

        1. So, you got the featured comment huh! You feel like a big man, like you accomplished your dreams?
          Little did you know that the top comment is only given to those who have aids by Kersey himself. He even said that he likes you.

                    1. Great song, great video. I always wondered if they would have made anymore good music if they hadn’t kicked David Lee Roth out of the band. Because Sammy Hagar Van Halen sucked serious ass.

                    2. dunno, Roth way cooler, Hagar had better voice…this vid makes me wish I was born about 10 yrs earlier…

    1. He’s strangely silent today. Maybe he’s like the ghosts on Super Mario games. If you’re not looking at him, he comments, but as soon as you turn around, he hides.

        1. Wha? I was just taking a shit. And don’t nobody use that bathroom for like 35, 45 minutes.

  2. TGIF- EVERYONE has been bitching about missing the bitcoin runup this week- even my pizza guy…if the pizzaguy is talking about some sort of investment, you know its peaked

    1. My twitter feed has been packed with that shit. I don’t follow a bunch of RP guys just to hear nothing but “bitcoin! bitcoin! bitcoin!” nonstop. Will be glad with the hysteria is over.

            1. funny how he sold blow to keep his company afloat- how many other “legit” companies have been doin that?

      1. the carousel rider I am dating put $4000 in and now she says it is worth $12,000… yeah, maybe I was a fool for not doing it, but hindsight is 20/20 .

        1. Yeah all the idiots at my work are pouring money into it still. The kicker is they cant sell them for a week after buying them. Basically they are buying hundreds in lotto tickets.

          1. I bought a pet rock, beanie babies, and a Brooklyn Bridge years ago. They said one day I will be rich.

            1. Could be the wallet they are using. Way too illiquid if youre trying to time the peak if you ask me

      2. Once it crashes and tens of thousands of people lose a vast majority of their life savings, it will be over.

  3. OT: We made a second post today, just now, but for some reason the post appears below this one on the home page. Just wanted to make everyone aware. That is all. Resume previous activities.

    1. We made a second post today, just now

      I got an email link to it yesterday at 4:30pm, but it brought me to a ‘This page doesn’t exist’ error until, well, just now.

      1. If you rearrange the letters in “SDFGALFIARVSN”, you can spell “Vag lard sniffs”. Very telling.

        Also, “Dang Slav riffs”.

      1. Kersey said he was never posting here again, and despite all the AIDS riddling his brain, I know he is a man of his word.

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