Setting Your Boy Up For Success

My son is turning 10 this year, but I can honestly say he seems much older than that.  The kid is insightful, smart, tough, and I honestly enjoy talking with him.  I’ve noticed that he is becoming less reliant on his mother and comes to me for answers to things.  I realize that this is the beginning of me teaching him the correct way to be a man, and I’ll share what I’ve been thinking about teaching him about.

A father and son interacting when you reach this point changes quite a bit.  I’m sure at least some of you guys here remember this point in your sons life.  There are clear boundaries and I don’t let him believe that we are equals, but I do value what the kid has to say.  I think about how many boys don’t/didn’t have someone to teach them how to be a normal healthy male.  One can take a single look at a good portion of the population, especially anyone under 35 and see who grew up with dad around.

As for my boy, I’ve been thinking about a few key things I want to make sure he understands. These are all things I think that a boy growing up needs to learn.

Self Sufficiency and Responsibility

I want my son to be a man of his word.  I want him to be able to get himself in or out of any situation.   I want him to take on responsibility and truly value hard work.  While hes young, I wont just take over and do something for him.  I want him to have to figure things out on his own, and more importantly, I want him to be able to trust his own ability and remove any fears of failing.

Self Worth

Too many males lack confidence.  They are weak willed, and doubt their ability to live life completely.  I want him to know the value he brings into any situation.  I want him to not pedestalize anyone over himself, especially women.  Which leads to my next point…

Normal Male Feelings

Despite the trend these days, I will not tell my son he’s wrong for thinking a girl his age is attractive.  He doesn’t have to be rude about it, but a teen boy thinking a teen girl is hot is 100% normal.  If he chooses to be in a relationship, I want him to not squash his own desires or point of view just for a chance at a piece of ass.  Never degrade himself to externally validate.

Health and Fitness

One indicator of shit-tier parenting is people with overweight or even obese children.  Most of the time the parents themselves are ham planets as well, but I honestly think it is a damn shame for the kids because they typically just eat whatever you give them.  Worse than that, they never experience healthy food and adopt this shitty eating habit into adulthood.

We eat a home cooked meal every night that consists of a protein and a vegetables.  I encourage all my kids to at least try something new they never had before.

I also plan to start my son with high volume training in a couple years.  Hes already an MMA fighter and football player, so it will only help him and I think he’d respond well to it.

Finances and Future Planning

This was one spot I did not have any guidance on when I was a kid.  We didn’t have a lot of money to throw around.  I foolishly spent money I didn’t have when I was younger and I want to teach my children that frivolous spending isn’t the right answer.

A further thing I want to teach them is to think about their future.  This will be a little later when they’re in high school but this was another place I wish I had more guidance.  Out of high school it was just right to work at a shitty job.   The state of colleges these days is pretty toxic but I think he’ll do well, as he is already leaning toward what I believe will be an engineering job.   Another thing I’ll be real with him about is if he does try to go down the path of some bullshit degree, I’ll tell him.  My Indian buddy’s father did this to him when he said he wanted to be a photographer.  Straight up called him a “fucking idiot.”  I like that approach.


This list is far from complete as there are many more things I’d like to teach my son to prepare him for life.  I think one thing to take into consideration is to let him figure things out too.   Give guidance but don’t take over completely.







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          1. Oh, we are on different pages here.
            I though hog was a reference to penis.
            I refer to my dick as hog all the time.

      1. I thought you were handing them out like hot pretzels for simply writing a comment. I never day no to free shiznit.

  1. the degree/feminism — good heads-up to advise/order him not to go down the wrong path.
    when I graduated – in 2004 – was 100% tech – no minor. My college was changing that up.
    In any case was no room to be exposed to feminist crap. I reckon no way to avoid so must give the kid a heads up on their nonsense.
    It’s normal to have morning wood on the school bus.

    1. too many men placing value on single moms over 40. I’m serious. It is getting out of hand. Men chasing women, who still luckily manage to be attractive past 40 , and not for quick bangs, but for LTRs. Even the most alpha males have succumbed

      1. That misguided practice might have a solid motive – is it possible these fools are trying to save the kid from singlemomdom?

        1. They do not even let the guy lecture or guide the kids, as the women label it “abuse” or “mean”.

      2. for LTR not a good idea, but i get it for ONS or even consistent f buddy. If she has a kid already she isn’t going to be scrambling to get her last egg fertilized. I saw, without hesitation, the most dangerous woman to date is a 29 year old. Not saying avoid, but be on your guard.

        1. I have a friend who is “in love” with a twice married 47 year old single mom. She actually broke up with him. He has no kids, is 43, is a sprint car racer and commercial real estate developer. When I told him that these women are leftover trash only good for FBs, he got mad and stormed off.

          1. I learned a long time ago that it’s best not to attempt to help your friends in those situations. Poontang almost always over rides logic.

            1. We pass each other in the office now and don’t say a word yet for 15 years we ate lunch together almost everyday,

          2. sprint car drivers are usually pretty switched on guys (with deep pockets)

            sad for your friend, once the solo destroys him, no more race cars!

  2. On the parents with fat kids, I wonder about the bedridden lady on the 600 lb show. She can’t even get out of bed. So what is the mechanism by which she obtains more food you wonder? The doctors tell her to stop eating but her skinny kids are under her control somehow. The kids appear fit and trim but the fat blob mother somehow pulls the kids’ emotional strings and they’re seen bringing her plate after plate of fried chicken and grilled ham n cheese sandwiches. Then the kids are in tears how they’re slowly losing their mother as the bed creeks, the mattress springs boing and the kids do the daily shop vac on her feces and heave her to the side to wedge a new clean sheet underneath. Can’t they just force her to eat crackers and water? Can’t someone in that family stand up and tell the big heap to STFU and starve it out?

    Cleaning up your diet and getting active is a personal journey it seems. A fat lard ass woman should be placed under food sharia, but her options abound in a feminized society. A fat lard ass woman can and will call the cops if she’s denied food. She feels that entitled. She’d rob a bank for a bacon cheeseburger if it came down to it and the vocal feminists would still give her a pass.

    Feminism just keeps giving and giving. If men and society won’t supplicate for a fat lard ass woman, then the feminist mouthpiece which has no allegiance to support healthy civilization will supplicate for them converting blame and liability again to males and the patriarchy. Ergo keep feeding the fat bitch like she’s a strung out food junkie to avoid withdrawal or else the feminist nanny state will intervene.

    There’s two types of fat woman families I notice. One where the woman is fat and the man is healthy, and the other where both man and woman are hopeless wheezing sickly obese – an au pair of food junkies, kind of like the sorry parents passed out on dope in the famous car photo with the toddler in back. Two obese parents will nominally have one sickly obese child.

    The other case is that of the healthy man and obese woman. The woman needs red lined with exercise. She needs commanded down and strapped to a dog sled. WORK THAT BITCH DOWN – YEE HAW! But the feminist system tries to persecute men who wager to gain crack control over their domestic situation – and thus a woman for a propensity to accumulate cellulitic glad bags becomes a trustee divorce rapist. That’s why both the ghettos and suburbia alike have so many fat disgusting obese divorcees with messed up kids. The feminist bitch system will sabotage the man’s efforts to control the woman’s food hole or to control any aspect of the woman’s life.

    A large number of women really don’t know what is best to put in their hole and women have several holes to consider. Man knows what is best for civilization and what is best for what hole.

    1. I went to a local NYC Diner recently – noticed a couple in the 300++Lb range – both man and woman.
      My daughter sat facing them – was fun watching the expressions on her face – “they just kept ordering more and more food”.
      My kid is captain of the swim team – and “makes responsible life choices”.
      When younger we would only have sodas at the diner or movies . I told her she can have a soda when she is old enough to dilute it with bourbon.
      she now she rejects all junk food/drinks

      1. That is the funniest part of junk food…once you keep it away long enough you forget about it.

        OT apparently times square explosion. Trains are shit this morning.

              1. Seriously, if you set off a pipe bomb in freaking times square station during morning rush and manage not to hurt anyone and get caught within 10 minutes there is something really wrong. A lousy class of terrorist.

        1. “The 27-year-old suspect, Akayed Ullah, was badly injured in the arm and torso from the explosion that went off in his arms, sources said.” – Al Queda Technical support: “Did you not read page 3 of the manual that says the fuse length of the ACME bomb must be over 1 foot long, NOT 1 inch!”

            1. they could have even used a candle for a delayed fuse. Candles are everywhere even in gas stations, where you can also buy highly flammable gas .

      2. Regarding soda, I dont know what devilry of marketing transformed it from ‘desert’ or ‘treat’ into ‘legitimate beverage with meals’…..
        That piss became standard fare with a meal when I was little! My parents should have been arrested.

        1. I lay that solidly at the feet of the South. Those fuckers have to buy heavy duty fridges to accommodate the 2,000 2-liter bottles of sugar drink that they keep on top of it at all times.

            1. They also cursed us with “sweetea”. Ohio used to be “sweetea” free until a few years ago, if you wanted sugar you had to request it. Now that shit is served everywhere and if you order a simple “tea” they ask “Do you want that unsweetened”? Dufuq? Tea is unsweetened naturally, if I wanted it sweet I’d ask for it!

                1. Nasty vile shit. Granted I don’t like sugar, but back when I could drink a pop or tea when I was a kid I always recall being revolted by “sweetea”. Ugh.

                  1. Yeah, I avoid the sweet tea as well. It’s pretty strongly ingrained down here and even when I clearly enunciate that I want Unsweet tea, there’s a 50/50 chance that I’ll still get sweet tea.

                2. And yet you won’t make it the featured comment. Jeez, who does a guy have to know around here anyway?

          1. Oh sure, blame everything on the South. I swear, ever since you Yanks won that little backyard brawl in 1865, you think you can just blame everything on us. Go pick on California or something.

      3. “noticed a couple in the 300++Lb range – both man and woman.” – gravitational pull is a solid foundation for a relationship.

    2. Jesus dude, that was a lot to read.
      1.half a ton behemoth and emotional power over kids.
      2.robbing a bank full of cheeseburgers.
      3-4 feminism and different subclasses of fatties.
      5. Profit.

    3. You mean you haven’t met the fiercly indendent woman make healthy life choices and maintain her personal balanced finances? That unicorn hasn’t been seen yet.

  3. “I think about how many boys don’t/didn’t have someone to teach them how to be a normal healthy male.”
    You can find them in cell blocks or other state institutions.
    One of the biggest lessons a father can teach his son, it so warn him how treacherous a woman is and you can never really trust her with you thoughts. They will be catergorized and used to bludgeon you into submission later. Also women fit into either one of two groups in the end –whores and relationship material. If they enter the first category, they are never going to be in the second and should be treated as such. Don’t waste time or money chasing poon. Work at your goals and better yourself– the poon will follow.

        1. “Son, never be the last in line for slop at dinner time and never be the first in line to the showers.”

    1. Hear, hear.

      Sharing your thoughts is for brothers and men worthy of respect. Reveal nothing to a woman that could harm you if turned against you. Not ever.

      1. Tell them absolutley nothing about your past proclivities (especially ilkegal ones) or relationships. Thats one tip my old man did pass on.

        1. I had to get burned a few times, by hearing some of my very private shit come out of the mouths of girlfriends’ mothers, sisters, friends.

          1. You’re so right. They are fucking ruthless when it comes to airing your shit to others. Everything that can be used against you, WILL be used against you.

            1. They will twist out of context and stab you with it. Cannot over emphasise that keeping your mouth shut is the best.

          2. That sucks. My brother and I were both in college around the same time and we never spoke about what we were up to on the weekends. Not even to each other.

            I’de hit several campuses and had a lot of success. Unfortunately a female cousin was attending one that I’de target and we ran into each other a couple of times. She kept her mouth shut, but every family get together she would ask how my weekend was with a big shit eating grin.

        2. I dunno, past relationships can be used strategically if they were particularly dread-inspiring.

          “Yeah, that girl I was seeing before I dated you was a fitness model, here, here are some pictures of her and I together last year in Panama City. Man that bikini cost a boat load of cash!”

          1. Wife found a few old photos of some my ex GFs and exclaimed how ugly they all were. I just smile. “Sure kid.”

            If her insecurity were liquid I could paint the house with it.

    2. You can’t shake an whore tree and expect an angel to fall out of it.

      1. that why the mob created EZ Pass soze they dont have to slow down on the highway anymore.

    1. I recall how I and every other guy in my high school had this life threatening crush on this one teacher who was, in our eyes, supery dupery hot.

      I went back through my yearbook from senior year not too long ago and saw a picture of her and thought “Dufuq were we all hot and bothered about? Chick is average at best!”

      Hormones: amazing things.

      1. the best looking teacher in my high school taught French and she left her husband for another woman.

      1. I would say….no, that’s some gay ass looking shit too. Black shirts are ok sometimes but, shouldn’t wear one every damn day.

        1. I wasn’t aware that blacks wore specific types of shirts.

          Oh shit, I think I may have just triggered the lurking Keresy…

          1. When I play street soccer , everyone is required to bring white or dark shirts. When we were short a white shirt yesterday an African took off his shirt.

                  1. Houston, which is tropical had snow about 4 days ago when it got below freezing, but yesterday we had a warm front. We actually get 40 degree differentials in a single day sometimes.

            1. An African couple lives nearby me. Weird people. No idea from where in Africa, but they are coal black. Decent enough, all things considered, but they do like to fight verbally and yell now and then, and they do it in a combination of English and Ubuntu (I’m aware that this is a Linux distribution, but it’s also a great default name for all sub-Saharan African languages, so I’m going with it).

              1. the African players argue with each other all the time. The French speaking ones creep me out. For some reason, they never smile like real French people.

    1. I simply told my son not to wear clothing with anything printed on it. I don’t use my clothes to provide free advertising, make political statements or otherwise give away my position on anything. Let ’em guess what you’re about and if they’re seriously interested they can come up and talk to you.

  4. only slightly off topic.
    I had an idea of a tv show kind of like Smallville but Called Minneapolis. Instead of a young Clark Kent/Superman coming of age story it is about a young Prince. Here is the kcker, he is basicaly the same as Purple Rain era prince only younger, sticking out his tongue to teachers and stuff.

  5. ” I believe will be an engineering job” – keep him away from engineering, unless he wants to drive a train. Driving a train is cool because every boy wants to drive a train.

    1. But in honesty, engineering isn’t QUITE the goldmine it once was. I know a few smart guys from good engineering schools who can’t find employment.

      1. Not necessarily a gold mine in and off itself, but an excellent foundation for a solid career.
        Besides, NO college major is a goldmine – REAL wealth is not achieved through ‘career choice’

        1. the drawback to any technical job is that it is full of anti social weirdos and ugly women (who create drama like hot women). You’re only hope to meet women are at the gym, online, bars, or out and about. The social circle you end up in just drinks all the time and talks about all the other people or how cool the new pens are.

          1. true. From what i heard from some of you guys is that having good social skills will make you very valuable in these fields since most of the guys in the field lack them

            1. True to an extent, if you can wrangle that into a team lead/management position. It’s sometimes held against you when you’re working the floor with other tech heads though, being happy and chatty scares no small number of these types.

              1. Once you realize that you don’t have to be anti-social and WGAF if the others know you are banging bar sluts, then you become management material.

              2. Exactly. From what I’ve seen, the most financially successful ‘engineers’ don’t do any engineering at all – they are project managers, rainmakers, business strategists. BUT – the ones with a successful foundation in the discipline are that much more adept.

                1. good engineers are immersed in their work and stress over fine details, managers like me just distribute work, come up with project strategies, work out budgets, are on AKC, and bullshit most of the time.

                  1. Also, once you know your shit, you can work smart rather than hard, freeing up several hours a day for these more erudite pursuits.

      2. well nothing in life is have to work harder and smarter than the competition if you want to win

            1. I’m a fair caser/burglar but a lousy con-artist. I’m plagued with an unhealthy capacity for sympathy. Its held me back at many turns in life.

              1. I became a better con after I got conned many times by women, an ex wife, and a franchisor. I only con other cons though never an innocent person. I am conning a girlfriend now by pretending I care about her, I con sugar babies, but need to find someone who deserves to have their money taken away from them.

                  1. absolutely, nobody can possibly be born an evil thief, at least I’ve never met one (edit, nevermind, my ex wife was a virgin bride…)

  6. My Indian buddy’s father did this to him when he said he wanted to be a photographer. Straight up called him a “fucking idiot.”

    Any professional photographers here today? I, uh, have something I’d like your comments on.

    1. “professional photographer” (or artist, actor, model, musician etc…) is simply one skilled in that work who’s livelihood was otherwise provided for…

      1. True, in the majority of cases I’d agree with you. Generally speaking, I’d also recommend something a little less artsy and a little more rooted in the hard sciences. But there are exceptions.

        Maybe I would have been happier if the tone wasn’t so absolute, or it was qualified:

        My Indian buddy’s father did this to him when he said he wanted to be a photographer, despite having no skill in photography whatsoever.

        1. Well, there’s “follow your dreams, tendencies, gifts” and there’s also “make a fukkin living”.
          Good parenting should nurture both, neither to the detriment of the other.

        2. I’ve found most people who do “art” for a career think they’re going to make whatever the fuck they want and people are going to pay them for it. A graphic designer I know makes coupons.

                  1. 30% off Golden Whiskers Cat Food. Limit 35 per single fat bitch. No expiration, unlike your cold, rotten ovaries.


    2. photographers are pretty much obsolete. Anyone with a $400 camera can take good photos. A burger flipper has about the same skill level.

      1. Have to disagree with the burger flipper comparison. I have that $400 camera, and a friend who was an actual paid photographer in the past. I enjoy talking with him, every time we get together and talk photography I learn something new.

      2. The skill isn’t taking good photos it is monitizing on them. Look at Slutwhisperer (kirill bitchosky or some shit). he is like in his early 30’s with a net work of 500k who makes a living on dumping milk and champagne on 10’s while they strip for him at parties and throwing bologna at their tits and then putting the photos on instagram. I don’t know dick about what makes a good photo, but I know talent when i see it and some average run of the mill middle class kid getting rich by going to clubs and having hundreds of women who are all 8-10 line up to strip while he dumps milk on them and shoots them in the face with champagne is a brilliant man as far as I can tell

      3. Rich people love to pay people to walk around and take pictures of them at important events with important people so they can show other rich people they know them and hang out with them.

    3. Indians hate admitting failure and will suffer immensely so they don’t fail. I bought into the same franchise as an Indian guy. My business was open for about 2 years, his 4 years. His business has been losing money for all 4 years and it got to a point where he was working 12 hours per day making less than minimum wage from that business in order to keep his costs down. His primary source of income is a physics website where he provides online tutoring. He could build that physics business but instead he is slowly killing himself working in his own restaurant.

        1. If I were Italian, I’d cry too if people thought I was an Indian.

  7. I think one good think you can do for a kid is to make him aware that he is unlikely to only have one single “job” when he grows up. In fact, he may not even be in the same profession for his whole “career”. Lots of guys I know saw their fathers work one job in one industry for one employer their entire life, and they just assumed they would do the same thing. Go to school, learn to do X, go work for Y, and spend the rest of your days doing that.

    It has come as a big shock to some of them to have to change employers a couple of times, and several of them have had to change careers.

    So maybe raising your kid to think he will go to school to be an “engineer” or an “architect” for the rest of his life is doing him a disservice. Raise him to understand that he will need a lot of different skills in a lot of different areas, skills that can be used in various different industries. Like just about every job needs computer skills these days. Getting a good, basic grasp on technology can be useful in several different areas. But also consider basic skills like sales. An “engineer” might not think he needs “sales” skills, but he does need to sell himself to prospective employers, sell the value of his work to prospective clients, sell his worth to his employer to get a raise, etc. And sales is a skill that definitely translates across a lot of industries.

    Raise him to understand that he will need to adapt, to change as the time changes… to look ahead and see what the next wave is so that he can ride that wave rather than get swamped by it.

    And, of course, warn him about the AIDS.

    1. I lucked into choosing a field that is very versatile (nursing). I started as an ER nurse but now work in Information Systems. Nursing has a vast array of different roles, about half of which do not even involve direct patient care. I’ve even looked into working in sales for home health agencies or being a traveling consultant for IS, but I really don;t want to travel a lot right now with young kids.

      1. I know a guy who got his RN at 45 after his wife fukked him over and his life fell apart. He had been a volunteer EMT for some time and it seemed like a natural money-paying offshoot of what he’s already learned. I never realized that becoming a nurse could be more than an eternity of bedpans.

        1. And a lot of people think that all male nurses are gay. I don;t think I’ve ever worked with a gay nurse. Of course it’s probably just because of where I live/work

        2. I know a guy who became a RN in his late 30s as he got tired of working at plants just to close and move to Mexico. He was never the studiious type in HS, but he did well and landed a job a local hospital. He got divorced, so his wife filed a DV against him causing him a lot of problems about his license.

  8. I know nothing about raising kids, but I do feel that if instead of being asked “what I want to do” as a kid I was asked “how do you want to live” I would have got a much better jump on the direction I wound up in. Reverse engineering a lifestyle to a career seems a much better way to go. I could have told you from the time i was like 10 that i wanted to be in a suit and tie in a big city in an office with a condo on the park. I never wanted to live on a farm, or in a suburb, or have kids, or any of the other totally valid things to do. Meanwhile, the thought of what I want to do instead of how I want to live made me essentially spend 10+ years of my life focusing on a hobby as if it would make me happy as a career.

    1. What you want to do is still a valid question because it introduces the requirements for doing so early.
      “What do you want to BE?” Is total horseshit though.

        1. I’m waiting for my daughter to bring up the Ballerina Gymnast Veterinarian Horseback-Riding Princess thing.

        2. See, people would ask me “What do you want to be when you grow up,” and I would look at all the grown ups around me who worked all the time at jobs they hated and got paid shit to do, and I was like “Fuck that, I want to be Peter Pan and never grow up.”

          Then I learned Peter Pan was really a 40yo chick, so then I figured I was fucked and I had to get a real job.

                    1. knowing now it will just be a musical remake of 3.
                      “I have A Stone In My Shoe: The Musical”

                      I can only imagine, btw, how bad the bronx tale musical was.

                    2. Like a pretty little angel with wings? Huh? Am a pretty little angel with wings to you? All made up in a pretty white gown, huh? An angel? Am I here to bless you or something? How am I angel?

                    3. “went into construction”, then 4 generations later begat one of those orange dikheads on Jersey Shore….

                    1. Ever wondered about the term anti-body? How can anyone be anti-body especially when you are sharing your AIDS?

                    2. Yes Thales, we have quotes from three and they are great , it’s true, if anyone would say they a thing like they aren’t they would not be a friend, they would be a dog.

                    3. You know, we always have all these great quotes from past movies… movies that are like 10, 20, 30+ years old. But what quotes do we have from any recent movies? I mean, I can still remember random quotes from even what we considered “bad” movies from a long time ago, but I can’t think of any decent quotes from recent movies, even ones we would consider “good” recent movies. What’s up with that?

                    4. You may think this comment runs counter to the point I am making, but I think it actually supports what I am trying to say.

                    5. a lot of those screenwriters were struggling/failed novelists…now you just take a few writing courses in film school and voila! you are a writer

                    6. The only Oceans 11 quotes I like is ” I have a question, say we get into the cage, and through the security doors there and down the elevator we can’t move, and past the guards with the guns, and into the vault we can’t open…
                      Yeah well, say we do all that… uh… we’re just supposed to walk out of there with $150,000,000 in cash on us, without getting stopped?
                      Oh. Okay

                    7. thats like 11 bitcoins; each guy could just put one coin in their pocket and walk right on out

                    8. Bitcoins aren’t real, dumbass, They are made of transistors and light waves. Duh, everyone knows that.

                    9. thought you could actually get one if you wanted, but who wants something worth $18k thats the size of a subway token?

                    10. Social engineering is the main goal for movies today. Having a story about real aspects of life isn’t going to happen.

                    11. people who want to commit career suicide. you know, he made sooo much coin from that flick, he wanted to start his own movie studio

                    12. Kinda yeah. The war movies sure were. The Westerns and other flicks of that time though? Don’t see much social engineering outside of the stupid Christmas shows (and war movies) for a while, until at least “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner” showed up in what, the 60’s was it? Maybe I have a huge spot of cultural amnesia though.

          1. I had a friend growing up whose mom was nagging him to get a job. He told me “she only has two things to say….I hate my job and get a job its like saying try this food its disgusting”
            This was a very brilliant young man.

            1. Yeah, I’m pretty sure there was a Beastie Boys lyric along the same lines that I found wonderfully deep and insightful as a young man.

                1. then one day she meets a
                  John Holmes motherfucker, and it’s like, whoa baby. This mother fucker’s
                  like Charles Bronson in “The Great Escape.” He’s diggin tunnels. Now
                  she’s gettin this serious dick action, she’s feelin something she ain’t
                  felt since forever. Pain. It hurts. It hurts her. It shouldn’t hurt. Her
                  pussy should be Bubble-Yum by now. But when this cat fucks her, it
                  hurts. It hurts like the first time. The pain is reminding a fuck
                  machine what is was like to be a virgin. Hence, “Like a Virgin.”

          1. Feminist Analysis Of Ancient Asian Art, or something real close to that. I had to take an elective to graduate and it was the only class with an opening by the time I got around to registering, because I was a doofus. *Hated* it, and this long predates the Manosphere/red-pill.

            1. Ha. That sure sounds like fun. Especially the part where it serves to remind you that, at least for this segment of your life, you are someone else’s bitch, and you WILL dance to their tune.

            2. Same. I refused to take a femnazi class and took something simliar–history of eastern art or some such noise.

        3. “Dan Bilzerian” was not one of the careers listed on the guidance counseling forms back in high school.

          1. The best I ever got from those useless assholes was “go to CW Post and study English or something….”
            Like my becoming poor was in their interests!

    2. I hated the fact that my Dad loved his job. It was either familial propaganda or total bullshit.

      1. I’ve never understood someone loving their job. ANyone who asks me if I like my job gets the same answer “of course not. They actually have to pay me money just to show up”

        1. for some reason my Dad was proud of his. He showed me all the nuclear reactor cooling towers he designed in another part of the world. I can only imagine what the SlutWhisperer will show the children at the 2025 career fair .

            1. Yeah, he was an old WWII vet, Battle of Midway survivor. Always sniggered when telling the story how he told the Japs it was perfectly safe to put it right on the fault line. No risk whatsoever, he said.

          1. My father was the same way. He loved his job. He LIVED his job. He basically just became his job. It defined who he was as a person, dominated his personality. All his “free time” was spent doing stuff to help him at his job. His “friends” were all people that were important to his job. He just was his job.

            1. Even after my Dad retired, he played around on AutoCAD and asked me to give him some of my work so he could do it at home for fun.

            2. Was he happy? I can see that state of being as something super liberating, or horribly confining .

              1. I think he was happy in that he was content. He was good at his job and successful with a good reputation. But I wouldn’t say he was a truly happy person. It isn’t a life I would want for myself.

          1. I read an interview with Keith Richards where he was complaining about having to always play satisfaction. 30 years of a song he didn’t really like in the first place. I mean, I get it conceptually but it is hard to read Keith Richards complain about his job

            1. I hear songs like Journey – Faithfully, Blondie – One way or another, or AC/DC – Ain’t no Fun, or see guys like Kurt Cobain kill themselves, and I get that most get burned out being on the road.

              If they paid the same, I would probably go back to digging trenches with a shovel. There certainly wasn’t the stress level involved with making large dollar decisions that I do now.

              1. If they paid the same, I would probably go back to digging trenches with a shovel.

                I say the exact same thing all the time but I use “toll booth operator”

                1. I should have said bucking hay. My dad paid me 25 cents a bale, and I could hire whoever I wanted. Usually it was some high school chick to do the driving and my best friend and I would pick up hay onto this flatbed trailer and load on a stack. We would do that for a couple hours in the afternoon, then go up to this reservoir to rinse the dust off. Many occasions we had a decent group show up and just hang out while we work.

                  1. I have never bucked hay. In fact, I have never even seen hay. It does, however, sound like something (like shoveling snow which I have done) that doesn’t really feel like anything when you are 15 but really puts a hurtin on you when you are 45. Way to go on early foremanship

                    1. It was fun, they weighed 60-80 lb and you just pick them up and stack them. My dad wanted to get an automatic bale wagon, but he would rather pay us, then some farm equipment dealer. In the course of a summer, we would do about 8000 -10000 bales. That’s where I built most of my muscle early on.

              2. My fantasy is to own an urban parking lot. People show up in the morning, leave you some money, go away, and you never have to do anything except pay the property taxes and hire muscle to drive away competitors.

              3. That is a key reason that ditch digging doesn’t pay what management and engineering pay. Very little thought goes into it and it’s virtually stress free.

      2. familial propaganda AND total bullshit.

        Every single day, bem Sr. would collapse into the house after his 90 minute, 40 mile commute.
        Ma bem would ask how his day was and he would reply, every single day: “It sukked. Every day suks”

        1. mine never complained, he came home, put on a robe, smoked a pipe and watched Peter Jennings on ABCNEWS. He never even came to one of my wrestling matches or soccer games

                    1. as an adult, you realize this toon shoulda been called The Gang Who Couldnt Shoot Straight…zero kills for them or cobra command or whatever they were called

          1. He was prototype testing. You can’t just try these out on crash dummies. Someone has to pull the chord

              1. and the chord will most certainly be a C sharp Minor seeing as he bombed (himself that is)

        1. When the media says “bomb” they’re talking about him carrying around a DVD of the feminist remake of Ghostbusters.

      1. Jihady dude looks like hes blown his pecker off. How funny would it be if everyone would start calling him Suzie or Fatima from now on?

    3. That is a critical bit of perspective that you just dropped.

      Putting the thought into a kid’s mind, “what do you want to do when you grow up?,” frames their future endeavors as servitude. It reduces them to a function in somebody else’s program .

  9. Teaching a kid about his self worth is instrumental. Right now, a man is under attack in the feminist media. Either we are portrayed as a bumbling Homer Simpson, a self absorbed career workaholic, or a violent stalker. Rarely do I see a positive portrayal in the media. Primary education is 85% female, women who have been indoctrinated in the feminist mindset. There is a difference in grades being marked down for boys over girls, proven with blind tests. Daycare is predominately ran by females. Welfare is replacing the man as the breadwinner in alarming proportions. Is it any wonder that guys are just bowing out?

    Turn the TV off, have a traditional family, home school your kids, and teach capitalist principles.

  10. This should be an ongoing discussion, because I think we need to come up with more and better ways to teach our boy children. Even if the gynocentric social sickness reaches its point of maximum insanity with our generation, our sons will be living in an environment that fears and loathe them for their gender, and which actively trains them to hate themselves for it.

    Even at age 10, I don’t think that it is too soon to introduce them to this critical truth: men make the world. Every brick of every building they ever step into was placed by a man. Every yard of every road they travel down was built by a man. Electricity that comes into their home at the flick of a switch is the work of men . So is the amazing network of sewers under our feet that carries water away. And just as men build the world, it is essential to remember never to follow a woman’s lead down a woman’s path. Building is not her aim. You cannot serve her, and you cannot honor her, and you cannot live as yourself if you do– you will lose all, and she will despise you for it. If you are to make a life with a woman, she has to walk the road that you build. Always walk your own path, never hers. Build the world.

      1. Good! We are lucky because we still have an older generation of men who never got the indoctrination. Our boys will become men in a world with no unindoctrinated adults still alive. They will have to fight for their souls.

        1. I think things are going to start to change in the next 10 years. Gen Z as they’re known arent their Gen X and Millennial parents. Seem to be more conservative and traditional ways of thinking are whats cool now. One can only hope.

          1. I think some of this is that most of your liberal Xers and Millennials don’t have kids, meaning the more conservative have been the ones making babies. I worked with a doctor once you said we (meaning people with sense) had to outbreed the stupid. He had 8 kids

      2. at 10? getting lippy with mom? how do you deal with that one?
        I think this Neal fella from Heat is the only marriage counselor a man would need btw

        1. haha not lippy with mom, but my some of my friends wives or girlfriends were acting a bit uncouth, and the way he just looked at them was like “dafuk bitch?”

    1. And mainly by Western men as well. The Chinese have had a continuous civilization for thousands of years but they have to steal everything they have that’s worth having from the West. Japan was stuck in feudalism in the 1800s until Western contact was made. Look at Africa and the Middle East

  11. I made sure that I impressed the importance of being able to repair things on my son. When he was a young teen we had a discussion about toys vs. tools. I showed him hand tools I still have from my childhood. After that, he quit buying playthings with money he earned and gifts from family and started building a tool box.

    I taught him basic mechanical skills and when he reached driving age he was ready to work on his own truck. I acted as a consultant, but for the most part stood back and let him do the work. I would make an exception to demonstrate something.

    Before he went out into the world, he knew auto and small engine mechanics, basic electrical work, plumbing, carpentry and taught himself fine woodworking.

    He also knew how to hunt deer, skin and process them. He has been a very successful at deer hunting ever since. He is also an avid gardener. And even though he lives in the city, he raises a lot of vegetables in high density beds every year.

    I think the most important thing we can teach our children is self sufficiency. With those skills they will always be able to survive. Without them they are at the mercy of the people who know how to do these things.

    1. I’ve told my son along with other young men, if you have a drivers license and basic mechanical skills you’ll never have to be without a good job.

                1. I don’t even know what bedazzled jeans are, and I suspect that I should be very happy about that.

                  1. They’re the only ones in your closet…that you haven’t came out of yet. You and the rest of the commies have been doing bad things in there.

  12. What a great article Jnyx.
    Simply fantastic.
    Your son is extremely lucky to have you.

    “One can take a single look at a good portion of the population, especially anyone under 35 and see who grew up with dad around.”

    I am WAY over 35 and even though my parents were not divorced, my father might have been in another state and I would not have known the difference.

    “One indicator of shit-tier parenting is people with overweight or even obese children. ”

    Or abnormally skinny boys as well. Want to get picked on nonstop? Be a kid who weighs under 70 lbs in the 6th grade. And the worse part was my father was into fitness and went to the gym several times a week.

    But anyway, don’t want to complain here (yeah I know, too late!, hahaha), but just say once again great article and good luck with your son & family!

  13. Good ideas… I’d add “learn the art of CYA” to it though. Sadly people who don’t provide affirmative proof that they did the right thing will be steamrolled when the blame train rolls through.

    One specific example of this – the Mike Pence Rule.

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