A Salad Fit For a King

A lot of you are probably in the same boat as I am fighting off the holiday bulge.  With so many sweets and other delicacies floating around the house and office and parties being held by family and friends, overeating can become an issue for even the most disciplined man.

A general rule I try to follow is eating well at least 80% of the time.  I find that if I can manage this, my weight stays pretty manageable.  Lately, I’ve taken to accomplishing this by eating more salads.

Now let me be real with you for a minute.  I’m not a big salad guy.  I avoid salad dressings because they are a bunch of empty calories and typically filled with soybean oil(no bueno for your testosterone levels), but then I face the issue of the salad being dry and rather bland tasting.  To top that off, salads tend to be rather light and don’t keep me full for very long either.

So I set about creating a delicious salad that didn’t need dressing, was quick and easy to make (and clean up afterwards, was nutritious, and would keep me full so I’m not running to the snack machine thirty minutes after lunch.  After some careful thought and a trip to the grocery store, I created a quick recipe for my lunches that surprisingly met all these criteria!  Below, I’m going to show you said recipe and alternatives to meet your own preferences.

Fats & Protein

Men need a healthy dose of saturated fats in order for their body to create testosterone.  On top of that, fat is incredibly satiating and improves the flavor of meals.  I added a few sources of fats, both saturated and unsaturated to my salad to meet this macronutrient:

  1. Crumbled Feta Cheese – This cheese has a rather briny flavor that really gives the salad a kick.  I typically would top my salad with a bit less than a quarter cup.
  2. Almonds – I went with salted and roasted almonds, but there’s plenty of different almonds you can go with.  You can go with plain almonds or try something a little more exotic like wasabi flavored almonds.
  3. Eggs – Eggs are incredibly nutrient dense and also have a decent amount of protein to boot.  No good salad is complete with a couple of hard boiled eggs added in.
  4. Your Meat of Choice – For my salads, I added a serving of grilled pork, but you can add whatever protein source you wanted.  Seared steak, chicken, tuna, whatever suits your preferences.

Additional options: Avocados are a great source of health fats and nutrients that you can add to your salad.  Also, if you absolutely MUST have some kind of dressing, you can’t go wrong with a splash of extra virgin olive oil and vinegar.  I found that my salad was so delicious that this wasn’t necessary.


Now that we got the heavier parts of the salad covered, we need, well…a salad!

To keep the carbs pretty low and nutrient profile high, I made the base of my salad a mix of spinach and baby kale.  On top of that I added some shredded carrots and mushrooms.

You can also add other vegetables like diced onions, celery, tomatoes, etc., but I didn’t want to be messing with a ton of different ingredients so I kept it simple.

Once all the vegetables were put on the plate, the fats and proteins were added on top.  Voila, your salad is ready for consumption!


While I haven’t taken the time to measure the calories and macro breakdown of this quick and easy lunch, I am reasonably sure it is under 600 calories.  You can easily change the makeup of the salad to meet your own needs.

What I did notice once I began eating these salads for my lunches is that my energy leveled out pretty quickly, by the second day.  I no longer experienced the dreaded afternoon crash and I wasn’t starving by the time I got home, both big wins in my book.  I also noticed my stomach began to shrink pretty quickly without sacrificing any strength thanks to the copious amounts of fats and protein.


If you’re short on time during your lunch break at work, simply take a grocery bag with all the ingredients and leave them in the work fridge like I do.  That way, all I have to do is grab a plate, whip up a quick salad and I’m good to go.  The only cooking you’ll have to do is hard-boiling  the eggs and cooking whatever meat you’re using beforehand.  This should only take you 15-20 minutes in the kitchen on Sunday afternoon.

What other items can you think of to add to a salad fit for a king?  Leave your suggestions in the comments below and keep on fighting the battle of the bulge this Christmas season!

Author: Jak

Jak, married and father of three, seeks to help the Red-Pill Community take its next step past the petty cynicism and ineffectual anger. While he recognizes that men are significantly handicapped by the modern legal system and culture, he doesn't accept that traditional marriage is untenable in today's social climate. Rather, men must be willing to adapt to this new world by implementing new tactics and approaches to maintaining a balance of power. Jak is here to provide you with these lessons.

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  1. I don’t have anything constructive to add so- I used to work with a guy that was BIG, I mean like about 6-6 and 320. He was probably a little overweight but mostly he was just big and strong as an ox. At times he would decide he was going to ” lose some weight and eat right”, he would bring salads to work that I nicknamed them a “3 acre salad”. I called them that because I figure it took about three acres to grow enough stuff to make one not including the truckload of eggs and ham.

      1. I was just trying to be nice since most of the time I don’t have anything constructive to add…

  2. would never eat salads when younger – chick food
    Now I search them out – too much effort to make them – top supermarkets around here have excellent salad $/lb buffet – zabars, whole foods, citteralla etc

  3. Salad is good, meat is good, whole grains are fair.

    Milk is for babies, processed carbohydrates or poison

    1. that’s my new philosophy – meat/veg, fruit – some grains , less dairy, far less sugar.
      Was competing in triathlon till mid 40s ( and winning occasionally) – and followed the paleo diet for athletes.
      grain is a good battery of energy – otherwise mostly avoid.

          1. With six kids, I need to put carbs in their diet merely for financial reasons. But it is potatoes, rice, or flour we ground ourselves

            1. Kids need carbs. Just complex and as little processing as possible. Which sounds like what you are doing.

      1. Im on a similar plan food wise. Chicken/Pork for most proteins, spinach/broccoli for veggies, basically no grain, minimal dairy, zero sugar.

        1. Yea my most simplest – was meat in the pan – broccoli cauliflower, carrots in the steamer
          Pepper and salt

          1. Big. A guy like that probably ordered off the kiddy menu.
            For portions size…as well as for price.

            1. Did you ever notice what a big deal he made out of that cake? All those billionaire mobsters really wanted some cake, and that could have been the best time to poison all of them!

                1. was the dude who shot Roth at the airport on a suicide mission? Either he had terminal cancer and wanted to make a few bucks or that scene wasn’t thought out properly. This shit is mind bending me.

                    1. I can’t figure out why there, at that venue, with security around and where he can be easily identifiable and shot. This shit has been bothering me for 20 years and I have nobody to talk to about it.

              1. It matters. Customs matter. The old ways matter. There is a formality to how things are done and one is honor bound to follow it…regardless of whether they’re planning to murder you or not. That’s why GF is a perfect movie..details like that

          1. Fun. That’s from the show Community I believe. Great first two seasons, it was actually pretty politically incorrect except for one “holiday” episode.

  4. You mention testosterone levels at least twice in your article. Who the fuck even knows their T count? If you’re not an old guy over 55, and aren’t apiece of shit, your T levels are probably fine. Consuming small amounts of soy or meats won’t do shit to your hormones.
    I once knew a guy who was obsessed about his T levels, even knew his T count… huge fag.

    You know what’s really gonna make a difference in your life? Not salads. But shit like completely eliminating any form of nicotine from your body and alcohol.

    Also, cows eat salads all day long. Still fat as fuck.

    1. Cows eat grass and usually some pottage mixture of grains combined with meat from their fellow cows (hence Mad Cow disease). They are “fat as fuck” thanks to syringes full of hormones.

      1. soooo. out of that guy’s whole comment, the only thing you found worth commenting on was fat cows?

        1. Are you deigning to choose for me what I should and shouldn’t find appropriate to comment on?

          The “fat cows” thing was always silly, I was just pointing out why it was silly. My post, my choice of what to address.

          1. the bulk of that guy’s comment was about tards who obsess on T levels and you chose to read the fine print instead…

            rather silly to point out something that is obviously silly.

            1. A lot of guys “obsess” because we’re not just dealing with normal “just eat some red meat and exercise, you’ll be fine”, rather, we’re living in a world where The Pill has been in our water supply for decades and the results that we’re seeing now include not only mutations and asexual/hermaphrodite fish on the rise, but also Millenial “men” who are clearly a couple of hundred points lower, on the whole (and with exceptions), then men of previous generations when they were in their 20’s and 30’s. If this was 1955 I’d be totally in his camp on this, decent exercise and eating normally and you’re good to go. Today, eh, it doesn’t hurt to take precautions.

              1. serious question: has there been a study as to the amount of birth control hormones per mL of tap water?

              2. Are you a millennial man?
                Are you over 55 and can’t get an erection? Seems like you’re obsessed with testosterone.

    2. “You mention testosterone levels at least twice in your article.”

      You mean out of an 814 word article, I said the same word twice? My sincerest apologies.

      “Who the fuck even knows their T count? If you’re not an old guy over 55, and aren’t a piece of shit, your T levels are probably fine.”

      Don’t know where I said anything about getting your T-levels checked. Are you opposed to us promoting healthy eating, because that was the main gist of this article.

      “Consuming small amounts of soy or meats won’t do shit to your hormones.”

      Would hardly qualify dousing a salad in dressing who’s main oil is soybean “a small amount.” Also, when did I say anything about eating small amounts of meat? Put as much meat as you want on the salad.

      “I once knew a guy who was obsessed about his T levels, even knew his T count… huge fag.”

      Cool story, bro. Changed my life.

      “You know what’s really gonna make a difference in your life? Not salads. But shit like completely eliminating any form of nicotine from your body and alcohol.”

      Phew! That’s a load off! So I can go eat at McDonald’s every day as be healthy as an ox so long as I don’t smoke or drink? Why aren’t more doctors and fitness gurus talking about this?!

      “Also, cows eat salads all day long. Still fat as fuck.”
      LMAO! Seriously? You’re going to use that line of reasoning for trying to deter people from eating salads? Nevermind the fact that cows are strict herbivores made to survive on only plant matter and have multiple compartments in their stomach in order to effectively digest plant matter. The only people getting fat on salads are the people who pile on croutons, overly processed salad dressings, and other garbage.
      On another note, all I see you do here is bitch. If you don’t like what is being discussed, go elsewhere. No one’s making you stay here.

      1. Your sophomoric attempt at an opinion piece is laughable at best.

        Stop taking shit so personal.
        You sound like a really really boring human being.

        I guess the stuff I say really hits home. And yes, eating Macdonalds is way healhier than having even 4-7 cigs a day, as well as, alcoholic beverages.

        My comments have been featured before, clearly someone likes my “bitching”.

        Hope you develop a sense of humor one of these days.

        1. Oh don’t worry about me. Not taking anything personal from you. Hard to take someone serious who thinks people get fat from salads, because cows.

          1. Glad that’s all you took from my comment.
            Your critical reading skills continue to amaze as you continuesly demonstrate to have the uncanny ability to pick up on the most vital parts of my comments.

  5. Growing up my only knowledge of salad was the bullshit American side-salad you might find at a diner – iceberg lettuce, shredded carrots, a couple tomatoes…
    Much later I realized their value, particularly in the summer when no one wants to use the oven/range.
    The roughage part as mentioned, can be a whole world beyond iceberg lettuce. Besides spinach, red and green
    leaf, arugula, romaine are all somewhat nutritious (key being as always the green-ness), and make an excellent –ahem- ‘broom’ for your plumbing.
    Of course the real value comes from the ‘Flesh Croutons’ – hack up a hunk of anything; pork chicken, steak, sausage and pile it on. Agreed with the nuts and feta too. Good stuff.
    It probably goes without saying to this group, but ANY pre-made dressing is just crap. If you must, whip up a mixture of balsamic vinegar, olive oil, a little honey and whatever herbs you like.
    Never the less, this has to take a back seat to my brother Michael’s favorite- ziti and the meat gravy. I also like to fry up some nice thin chicken cutlets to snake on. Poor kid was watching sauce and helicopters all day…

      1. study released a few days ago confirmed what we already knew: diet sodas atually make you fatter

        1. I’ve never figured out what natural flavors are:
          “caramel color, aspartame, phosphoric acid, potassium citrate, natural flavors, citric acid, and caffeine.”

          1. I think aspatame breaks down in your body to a substance similar to formaldyehide, but its fda-approved so…

        1. It’s not like you can’t order the coleslaw salad at Wing Stop! Geez, you people are picky!

  6. Only dressing you need is some nice olive earl and balsamic vinegar. It was hard to kick ranch dressing until I realized in 92% soybean oil

  7. “I’m not a big salad guy” = “I hate iceberg lettuce and tomatoes”

    Me too. Here’s how you do it. Quickly fry up marinated flank steak in a grill pan. Using a chef’s knife, slice thinly and lay across a big bowl of chopped spinach or baby kale. Add hearts of palm and a few chopped tomatoes.

    DRESSING (this is big)

    Toss everything with primal mayonnaise. It’s made with avocado oil. One tablespoon is more than enough. I like the chipotle.

    That, my friends, is a “salad”. You’re welcome, y’all.


      1. I once knew a french girl who said that the chief problem with american’s is that they buy pre made crutons. Everything else can be explained from that basis.

    1. Everyone who knows The Clintons dies in mysterious ways.
      From the article: ‘Despite the fact police were called to the property regarding an “assault“, they instantly registered the death as “suicide” and closed the case.”
      Total piss take.

    2. That’s why you just do you job, take the money and STFU. Whistle blowing ain’t what it’s cracked up to be…

    3. Paul Manafort, Donald Trump’s longtime confidante, first campaign manager, and resident of Trump Tower…

      …indicted by federal grand jury on 12 counts of money laundering and conspiracy. October 30, 2017.

      You really want to play this game? You really want to point fingers at a failed presidential candidate who hasn’t held office in five years?

      Better idea: Can we talk about who’s sitting in the fucking White House right now? Can we talk about the 60-70 sealed indictments related to Russian conspiracy that are currently being held in DC federal courthouse? Can we talk about Michael Flynn and his son being charged with treason? Can we talk about Flynn flipping on everyone in the White House in order to spare the life of his son?

      Can we discuss the imminent collapse of the most corrupt executive administration in modern history, and the subsequent constitutional crisis that will be triggered as a result?

      Question: Who’s fucking PAYING you to spout your irrelevant shit here?

      1. There is no Russia anything in Europe or America. Parhetic excuses for shitty politicins. Cheap filler for CIA controlled media orgs.

            1. I’m just waiting to find ONE manosphere visitor who is willing to actually discuss the facts of Mueller’s Russian investigation.

              Not opinions, or predictions. Just to discuss the FACTS.

              Nobody wants to do that. Why? Because everybody knows what conclusions those facts will lead to.

              1. I have no idea what conclusions those facts will lead to.

                I cannot understand anything around the thought processes at play in this “investigation.” I’m looking for the logic, and the dots are not connecting for me. Like at all.

                I’m not entirely dense, so what gives?

                1. I think you’ve just proven that you are entirely dense, because you didn’t just nod and agree, and if you don’t just nod and agree, that means that you’re as stupid as a bag of hammers. C’mon mate, get with the program!

        1. You’ll soon find that I have different political views than most here.

          Translation: My eyes are open, while others are not.

          1. Translation: I have myopia and see no viewpoint other than my own as valid and I combine this with a huge amount of hubris, arrogance and sneering.

            Just wanted to keep truth in advertising alive. I won’t do politics with you Jammy any longer, but make no mistake, it’s not because we have different ideas on topics, it’s because of your willful arrogance, your circular reasoning and your ability to flee on a dime when you’re cornered that reeks of intellectual dishonesty. Throw in your Argument From The Sneer and I don’t know why anybody here would ever want to talk politics with you.

            Stick to non-political issues is the best advice I can tender.

            1. That’s at least the fifth time you’ve returned to tell me that you won’t discuss politics with me.


              1. And I’m not talking politics with you, I’m not rebutting your assertions on this thread that are political and I’m not offering any of my own viewpoints to you to hash out. I’m telling you why myself and others find you so unapproachable on the topic. We’ve all witnessed you go off on a sneer bender, get cornered and then flee for a week until the dust settles. You’ll go round and round with obfuscation and constant logical errors and fallacies until you’re finally in a corner, then it’s name calling time as you run away so fast that you leave behind a you-shaped cloud of smoke like the Roadrunner. On the topic of politics you have no credibility, because of how you approach it.

                1. You called me an idiot and a fantasist about the Russia investigation six months ago.

                  Guess what? Four indictments so far. From what I’ve read, there are about sixty left to go, including the current occupant of the White House.

                  I’d say you’re the one with the credibility problem.

                  Go back to Breitbart, GoJ. Continue getting your confirmation bias reaffirmed and your radical right-wing ego stroked. The rest of us — the real patriots — will carry on.

                  1. You utterly failed to see the point I was making, and reaffirmed a lot of what I’ve noted.

                    So….um…thanks, I guess?

                    1. *yawn*

                      Get over it, and yourself. Being angry all the time means that you’re easily manipulated. The best way to manipulate individuals and groups is to keep them in constant emotional turmoil. Your masters understand this perfectly and I don’t fault them for using the tactic, I only suggest that maybe you should reconsider falling to the same tactic that women use to get over on men (emotional manipulation). You’ve been nothing but “angry” going on a year now, maybe longer, that I and others have witnessed. Makes you such an easy person to lead and direct.

                    2. Discuss facts, GoJ.

                      Let’s discuss Robert Mueller and the Russia investigation. Tell me the facts that you know.

                      The floor is yours.

                    3. Not talking politics with you, kid, I’ve told you that.

                      When John Galt gets back from his Schnizle break (I think that’s what they take in Germany, right?) he’ll hand you your ass, you’ll sneer, call names, then turn tail and flee. As always. Every single time. Your non-credibility, your arrogance, your “my views are facts, yours are opinions and make you stupid, you idiot!” approach which you’ve manifested on this thread a couple of times already, makes any discussion with you pointless, frustrating and nothing more than dabbling in feminine emotionalism, in regard to politics.

                      And that’s all she wrote, the pencil broke.

                    4. I’m 42 years old. Don’t call me kid.

                      Does Galt have American citizenship?

                      I asked you to discuss facts. Is it “feminine emotionalism” to discuss facts of an ongoing special investigation? Really? Is Robert Mueller therefore prone to feminine emotionalism because he’s searching for facts?

                    5. I’m 50 and I’ll call you anything I wish. John Galt is an America, from around where I live actually, and I’ve met him in real life and he’s the most solid, factual, straight forward, down to earth man you’ll ever meet. Not that it matters and you question is irrelevant.

                      I’ve already told you, child, that you’re not dragging me into politics. I do however take pleasure in pointing out your poor debate and rhetorical skills on the topic. You are easily lead, unhinged and emotional. Perfect fodder for your masters. If you’re this emotional and easily riled by politics and other men, it can only be assumed that women play you like a fiddle. Take a rest and learn to not let yourself get so emotional, regardless of topic. That’s true red pill advice right there, brother.

                      I’ll leave you now, because you are diverting the original topic you responded to with John Galt with “whatabouthim!” ism, you’ve had this pointed out and yet you’ve projected your own failings onto others. The inability to see the irony is, oh heck I’ll say it, ironic.

                      You have a great day now, ya’ hear!

                    6. I know you did it on purpose, that’s what “whatabouthim”-ism is all about. Diverting attention from the original topic. Duh. Glad you admitted it though.

                      First you try to play the “I’m old and worthy of respect!” card and then turn around and use “old” as a sneer, lol. Your intellectual compartmentalization is hilarious (doublethink, anybody?)

                      All the best.

                    7. The only standard of age we recognize on our Telegram channel is that you’re only as old as the pussy you’re putting your dick into. Jak and Bem are the two grandpas of the channel. Heh.

                    8. ” If you’re this emotional and easily riled by politics and other men, it can only be assumed that women play you like a fiddle. Take a rest and learn to not let yourself get so emotional, regardless of topic. That’s true red pill advice right there, brother.” – it took me 40 years to learn this. I hope he does too!

                    9. It’s righteous anger, bro. Anybody who isn’t angry about this subject is either ignorant or a traitor. I don’t usually boil things down so harshly but this topic is different. You’ll see.

                    10. Or worse, alleged election rigging with no actual factual evidence. It’s like getting worked up and gnashing one’s teeth about your neighbor if somebody alleges that he doesn’t pick up dog crap that his dog makes in others yards, yet nowhere is dog crap to be seen.

                    11. Hey jamm. Work and family got in the way of me shooting the shit with AKC, but I just read through most of the thread where we left off.
                      The anger goes both ways poltically, but I am going to mass next week for JCs birthday and I promise will pray for you.

                    12. I’m 45 and I will call all of youse kid, slick, ace, bub, sport, paissan, bra, dood, pal, money, home-slice (-biscuit, -triscuit, or -piece), niqqa, dik, hoser, man, yo, ya, junior, Mary, Shirley, or cheif as I see fit.
                      I reserve the right!!!!!

                    13. high roller might be casino, but i am guessing. Fiddlin’ ben is Gangs of New York, that visually stunning film about the people even italians could look down on……Fiddler Ben on the other time sounds like a bathhouse denizen

                    14. 1 of 2. Very good.

                      High roller was from The Outlaw Josie Wales.
                      When Josie asks for whiskey at the Texas bar, they call him a “high roller”. Then wonder if they upset him when he walks out. Until he comes back with a case of whiskey.

                    15. Fiddler Ben…reminds of the “Uncle Ernie” character in
                      “Tommy” — Keith Moon (the loon) fiddling about.

                    16. The only right that you truly have to fight for, is the right to PAAAAARRRRTY!

                      Thought I’d bring that topic back around from yesterday, for consistency’s sake.

                    17. That’s exactly my point. Nobody here wants to. They’d rather, like Galt, make up fantasies about irrelevant failed political candidates.

                    18. Jammy, GoJ was discussing facts. I’ve witnessed the same thing from you. Apply what you know about women to the political elite. They use the same tactics to influence and manipulate you. Swallow the rest of the Red Pill.

                    19. Apply what you know about women to the political elite. They use the
                      same tactics to influence and manipulate you. Swallow the rest of the
                      Red Pill.

                      Damn, exactly what I’m trying to say. If you get down to it, he’s basically being a White Knight for the power elite. I mean literally.

                    20. I know! It saddens me too. He’s obviously intelligent. He’s just not making the correlation between professional politics and professional wrestling. It’s all about keeping the public entertained and polarized while they take your money. At least with the WWE you aren’t forced at gunpoint to financially support them. Not so with the gun-vermin.

                    21. I’m well aware, Boothe. I see the forest for the trees.

                      This time is different. We’ve never had an honest-to-God traitor occupying the White House before. That’s what makes this different, and that’s why I’m pounding my fist on the desk trying to get this across to you people.

                    22. Yes we did. We had a Saul Alinsky disciple in the Whitehouse for the last eight years. And the Bonesmen Bush crime cartel before him. But since you believe in stealing from your neighbors to pay for the things you want, because that’s what socialism and a progressive income tax are, theft, you can overlook your team’s treason. You’re happy when Team B violates the Constitution because you agree with their agenda. You only see high crimes being committed when the outcome isn’t what you want. But either way you ignore the supreme law of the land when it suits you. Right now you are getting the government you deserve and you don’t understand why. You are too caught up in socialistic dogma to admit that it ALWAYS fails, leaving the afflicted countries in privation and dictatorship. The best way is to allow the maximum amount of individual liberty administered by the minimum amount of government. As long as you believe big government of any stripe is the answer, you remain politically Blue Pill.

                    23. Okay let’s say 60%of the US are angry? I contend better than 95% are ignorant of what’s actually going on which is world domination by the corporatocracy and the International banksters in particular. Until you break that stranglehold, everything else is pure political theatre.

                  2. how can you call yourself a patriot when the end game is globall governance?? GEE-sus…

                    1. I always find it amazing the “you’re either with us or against us” mindset he and many people have. I’m little “L” libertarian, not “right wing”, which people with even a hint of political sophistication knows is a different thing. This has been pointed out to him many times, just like I pointed out in the past that I wasn’t a big Trump fan, but it never sinks in, because he’s only able to process the binary us/them paradigm. Not that many on the right also don’t have this problem, but it’s amazing to me how people can get into this rut.

                    2. political talk-meh.
                      back to salads- can you believe there are restaurants in manhattan that dont give you seared tuna in the tuna nicoise? can of bumble bee tuna! @[email protected]:disqus

                    3. Who the hell eats fish on salad? Ugh. Chicken, or maybe a bit o’ beef, thanks!

                    4. I do, all the time. Expand the definition of fish to include shrimp and you’ve got a rather common addition to any run-of-the-mill restaurant Caesar. Then, you know, there are the “salads” of mostly fish. Mmm whitefish salad.

                    5. Shrimp ain’t fish. But they is seafood. Probably the only seafood I can be deigned to eat, honestly.

                      Personally I can’t stand salt water fish. Just a preference thing.

                    6. So you like freshwater fish? You know who else likes freshwater fish? Russians, that’s who.

                      I’m watching you.

                    7. I can eat bass and catfish, but only on occasion, and usually only if properly prepared outdoors over or under a fire wrapped in tin foil.

                    8. I noticed that you ignored the whole Russian angle in all this, because you can’t handle the truth.

                      Since my opinions are different than yours, I’m obviously smarter.

                    9. Your points are irrelevant since they do not completely validate my points, ergo, you’re dumber than me. Duh.

                    10. Shrimp be cockroaches of the sea. They’re the bottom feeders’ bottom feeder. They’re still good though.

                    11. “Shrimp is the black man’s lobster.”
                      “Why isnt lobster the black man’s lobster?”
                      clip isnt on u tube anymore, heres the opening sequence(show never shoulda been cancelled)

                    12. In france the tinned tuna is actually common practice. The difference is that it is belly tuna, really expensive and well treated not bumblebee bullshit. Give a shot to Ortiz Bonito Del Norte

                    13. How would you know, if you haven’t visited yourself? If you haven’t visited yourself, then you’re taking second hand information as fact, which is always a mistake (because we only deal in facts, Jammy!) Thus, you’re either a hypocrite who also has visited the site, or, you’re just repeating what others heard like a good little tool.

                      So which is it?

                      I also visit he BBC site now and again. I guess that makes me British.

                    14. Oh I’m not concerned about being able to grow it. Rather, I’d look goofy as hell with it, not rugged and surly like the guy in this pic.

                    15. You’d better sedate him before you try to pull that mustache off. He looks like he’d put up one helluva fight…

              2. I can’t figure out how working with Russia does the USA any harm. When is the last time they attempted a terrorist attack on us or tried to takeover?

                1. Our entire intelligence community has determined that the Russians sought to influence the 2016 election through a hacking and influence campaign. The leaders of the Senate Intelligence Agency endorsed these findings as well.

                  Have you been living under a rock?

                    1. Interesting to note, he’s not even tried to touch your question.

                    2. Well, there are facts and then there are inconvenient facts, mate.

                    1. Seriously, this. Red pill people by definition shouldn’t be out pimping for some broad to lead men.

                    2. I don’t even sit in the passenger seat anymore. These days, the woman could be on her period, drunk, on Aderall, emotionally unstable, having a bad hair day, listening to “likes” ringtone from her Fakebook, or all the above. I’d rather be in a car with O.J. at the wheel.

                    3. And with him, you know that you’d definitely be traveling at a safe speed!

                    4. Every single teacher I know, drinks drives and txts every night.
                      Winding roads- dark and abundnat deer.
                      I stopped riding because of it

                    5. I take days off between the months of July and August just to day drink and run into horny, drunk teachers. You can drink and get laid all before noon if you meet the right one

                  1. Again, you whine about the “real facts” but then use distortions of the actual facts. The whole “17 intelligence agencies” thing has been debunked. Further, the idea that Russian engaged in a campaign to influence the U.S. election is meaningless without anything more than that. Russia has been engaging in campaigns to influence U.S. elections for decades… just like the U.S. has been engaged in campaigns to influence Russian politics for decades. Just like China, Britain, and every other country has sought to influence the politics of each and every other country since the beginning of time. We try to hack their shit, they try to hack our shit. They try to get people in they want, we try to get people in that we want. That’s why the fucking CIA exists, for fuck’s sake. The assertion that “the Russians sought to influence the 2016 election through a hacking and influence campaign” is about as meaningful as saying “It snowed in Canada in December.” That’s exactly what happens in every election, always. Duh.

                    1. I’m willing to put a little varnish on the truth as the next guy, but at least I’m not a huge cunt about it.

                    2. Of course, spycraft is dirty and all developed countries engage in it. Congrats on having read a book.

                      The U.S. has a rule of law, and those laws were broken by the current occupant of the Oval Office, whose campaign cooperated with a foreign power to influence our electoral process.

                      Do you view that as a problem? If not, you don’t believe in the rule of law.

                    3. I have a problem with any occupent of the Oval Office who breaks the law.
                      When I see proof that Trump has done so, I will call it out.

                  2. “entire intelligence community” LMAO! So you interviewed each and every field agent, paid informant, analyst and bureau chief personally I take it. I am impressed…

            1. I like to work with facts. I’m waiting for one person here to present facts about Mueller’s investigation.

              Nobody does.

              1. ok. what about facts of the several murders the clintons did? or about how big a sleazebag bill clinton was?

                pretty sure offing people is more serious than shaking hands with russians.

                1. You know the term “whataboutism”? You’re doing it right now.

                  The topic is Robert Mueller and the special investigation into Russia’s corruption of the American electoral process. Would you like to discuss that?

                  1. The topic, as Mr Galt began, was the trail of dead people behind Clinton. YOU brought up “What Trump Did” as if cued by the fake media.

                    1. Because diverting attention away from Russia towards the Clintons is what online trolls are being paid to do.

                      I do wonder, given Galt’s consistent attacks on a now-irrelevant political figure who’s lost two presidential runs, who’s lining his pockets.

                    2. :Because diverting attention away from Russia towards the Clintons is what online trolls are being paid to do.:

                      lmao! irony fail…

                    3. Ding! Winner winner, chicken dinner.

                      He’s blind to it though, and as is his wont, will project his own failings onto others smugly while telling us how his hypocrisy makes him smarter than us.


                  2. Could you explain the voter fraud without citing any establishment sources such as CNN, BBC or politico?
                    Maybe were too blind to see.

                  3. dude. you’re the one who started this “whataboutism.
                    you say the topic is mueller? well, I say the topic is about the clintons.

          2. Most people support what directly benefits them.
            Producers want to keep what they earn.
            Government (fed/state/muni) employees and those on assistance want to take more of what others earn.

      2. bubba, dubya and O met with leaders of foreign nations while they were still candidates- Trump did not. Why didnt anyone seek impeachment against those fellas? Oh yeah, cuz they were hand-picked to be the prez, all pre-ordained

        1. Way to change the topic.

          Anybody want to actually discuss the facts of the Russia investigation? You know, the one that will destroy GOP leadership for a generation?

          1. there are no “facts”- the orange one wasnt supposed to be the prez, so now TPTB are trying to get rid of him. I doff my cap to all those trolls in meatspace who repeatedly lied to pollsters(I think you might be one) and reporters about who they were voting for

            1. I think you have the the most correct. I honestly think that they didnt believe Trump would be president. I think they tried to set it up to be “Look at this evil, white, misogynist, nazi, male” vs ”
              ITS HER TURN grrrrl power” and it backfired.

              1. You’re right, that it flipped the narrative, and shocked many members of the media. But 538 had a 30% chance that Trump would win.

                The problem, to my eyes, was Russia’s interference. Comey even discussed it, publicly, in his testimony a few months ago. We need free and fair elections and what Mueller is uncovering will shock many people. A friend of mine recently left his job in FBI cybersecurity after 20 years — two months after Trump took office, interestingly — and let’s just say we had an interesting discussion a few months back. He couldn’t tell me much, but he made it clear that there is a lot of shit coming on the horizon.

                But every time I mention this, these jokers ignore the issue and start attacking me personally. Or, like Galt, furthering the radical-right narrative, which is totally preposterous.

                1. I dont understand what the big deal is about a candidate bullshitting foreign nations about what he can do for them if elected. Every four years these hacks make a point of felating Israel’s mutilated dik. Hows that different?

                  1. “I dont understand what the big deal is about a candidate bullshitting foreign nations about what he can do for them if elected.”

                    Nothing — unless that candidate accepts the help of an outside nation to get elected in his own country.

                    Then it’s called conspiracy.

                    1. I havent read WIRED since they sold out to the media borg(CondeNaste)….
                      no more arguing for me, Im taggin out to @Anigmaris Thales

                    2. Such meddling shall come to naught. Their oligarchs make money with our oligarchs. Thats the way of the world – the NationState is dead.

                    3. Like the globalists sucking each other’s cocks and making deals (taking orders) with Saudi-Israelia.

                2. Oh yeah, well, my neighbor’s brother’s friend’s ex-wife’s dog’s former owner’s aunt’s father-in-law is a plumper who once stayed at a Holiday Inn Express in Washington D.C., and he knows about shit, too. We had a really interesting discussion about Mueller and all the things he is doing, and — although he couldn’t get into the details — let me just tell you, there is some really serious shit coming down the pipe. Really serious shit. Right down the pipe.

                  1. You’re scared to discuss this. I get it. It’s not every day that the guy you voted for is revealed to be a huge puppet of a hostile foreign power.

                    1. I’m not scared to discuss this. You are a complete hypocrite. You do EXACTLY what you accuse everyone else who disagrees with you of doing. You have no idea who I voted for, or if I even voted. And, I have seen no proof, no evidence, that Trump is a “huge puppet of a hostile foreign power.”

                3. What radical narrative? I mentioned an article relating to a surgeons death who exposed fraud and you freaked.

        1. My “shtick” is a thousand times more important to the future of our society than his “shtick”.

          That’s why I mention it. The redirection and political ignorance in the manosphere is appalling.

          1. Your shtick is in lockstep with the majority of the media-driven popular opinion. That makes me skeptical. Besides, whats so bad about making nice with Russia?

                1. 100% agreed!

                  First, hackers from every nation on earth, friend or foe, constantly tries to hack into various areas of our government, infrastructure and business.

                  Second, you can’t hack into voting machines. They are not internet connected.

                  Third, the Electoral College are people not computers. If you can hack into them then we’ve already passed the point of no return in becoming Cyborgs.

                  Fourth, if you hear “100% of…XYZ agree” then you know you’re dealing with a lie. Get more than three people together and you’ll always be able to evade 100% agreement about a topic.

                  1. “Fourth, if you hear “100% of…XYZ agree” then you know you’re dealing with a lie. Get more than three people together and you’ll always be able to evade 100% agreement about a topic”
                    I fully agree with this statement. Can we get a third in agreement so that we create a reality breaking paradox?

                  2. Excellent point GoJ. Get more than three people together and you’ll be hard pressed to get them to agree on what to order on a pizza. Oops! Pizza’s OT isn’t it? This was supposed to be about salad…

              1. Oh, like the US intelligence community and longstanding foreign policy has never done anything to provoke Russia? What planet are you from? It doesn’t matter whether you elect Team A or Team B Jammy, they are just the left and right wings of the same predatory bird. And if you work for a living, one look at your pay stub will tell you who their real prey is. And what about the Uranium One deal you so glaringly ignore? If you think either side is clean, you are delusional. They are all in it for themselves at that level. The ones who aren’t never make it to the top. It’s all cutthroat and scum floats.

              2. Yet again, you say that like it supports your whole Trump-is-Putin-Hitler-Satan shtick. Our intelligence community, to the extent that it agrees Russia engaged in an influence campaign in the U.S. election, is only telling us that water is wet and the sky is blue. Russia always tries to interfere in our elections, just like we always try to interfere in their elections. That proves absolutely nothing. It means absolutely nothing. Shit, I’d be more worried if I found out Russia didn’t try to interfere in our election. There is exactly as much evidence that Hillary sold uranium to Russia as there is that Trump “colluded” with Russia — and, BTW, there is no such crime as “collusion.” It is a made-up term used by the Trump-is-Satan propagandists because its much easier to make people think Trump did something nebulous and nefarious-sounding called “collusion” than it would be to actually establish any proof of an actual crime like treason.

                Also, “Russia” isn’t a fucking monolith. It isn’t 6 guys with furry hats smoking cigars in a backroom in the Kremlin. There are lots of different political groups, criminal enterprises, corporate interests, national parties, etc., that would in and operate out of “Russia.” Plenty of them would be more than willing to do Hillary a favor by setting up Trump, which is what this whole Fusion GPS shit is beginning to look like.

                You really need to take a step back and stop screaming about other people’s confirmation bias and do a little critical analysis of your own.

          2. “The redirection and political ignorance in the manosphere is appalling.”

            Hey, whaddya gonna do, nice college boy, eh? Didn’t want to get
            mixed up in the Salad Making business, huh? Now you wanna talk about politics? Why? Because he slapped ya in the face a little bit? Hah? What
            do you think this is a poly sci class, where you shoot ’em a mile away? You’ve
            gotta get up close like this and – bada-BING! – you blow salad dressing all over your nice Ivy League suit. C’mere…You’re taking this very personal. @disqus_tj7gjZttfg:disqus, this is business and this man is taking it very, very personal.

          3. What if you are wrong, Jay? I’m willing to step back and say that I might be wrong. Trump might be guilty of illegal shit and doing illegal business with Russia. I know Russia tried to interfere with our election because they always try to interfere with our elections, just like we try to interfere in their elections. If someone produces some real, actual proof that Trump did something wrong, I’ll be right there saying he should be drummed out of office.

            But can you see the other side? Can you fathom the possibility that all of this “Russian collusion” stuff isn’t actually a criminal investigation but a political tactic? That both the Dems and Repubs want Trump out because he doesn’t play politics the way they want him too, so they are willing to entirely pervert the justice system to get rid of him.

            Because, I have to say, if you are right, then one man and a few of his cronies did some shady shit, and they need to be taken down for it. But if I am right, then the “future of our society” is really and actually in trouble, because it means there is a single party running the government, an elite aristocratic uniparty, and they don’t give a fuck who the people of this country elect, they will never give up their power, and they will do anything to make sure they stay in control.

              1. That’s bullshit, and if you are half as intelligent as you proclaim yourself to be, you damn well know it. Accusations and political mudslinging are not evidence.

      3. Jay, let me ask:

        Assume a worst-case-scenario, and Trump and friends have been “colluding” with the Russians since the beginning of his campaign.

        1. What is the outcome of that arrangement?
        2. What specific policy or strategic goal does this achieve for Russia?
        3. Was an HRC presidency a threat to those goals?
        4. What does Trump get for his collusion?
        5. What is the impact on the American public?
        6. What is the impact on the international balance of power?

        I’m not asking out of smarmyness, but out of sincerity. I have an open mind, and I am quite capable of bracketing off my biases to absorb alternative points of view. At present, I believe the Russia investigation is utter bullshit, and Mueller may as well be spending his days fucking the knotholes in treestumps. But I may be wrong, and I always change my mind in the face of countervailing information. So, convince me. I am eminently convertible.

                1. Somebody’s gotta pull you off those cocktail waitresses. I can’t even get a drink out on the floor.

        1. Wow, you’re actually showing interest. You’re the ONLY one here to do so. Literally.

          Yes, the entire Trump campaign was apparently colluding with Russians. Trump has been taking billions of dollars from Russian oligarchs over the years. His stupid son Eric inadvertently spilled those beans to a reporter in 2014.

          1. Trump promised Putin, through his intermediary Carter Page, to drop all sanctions against Russia in return for cyberattacks against Clinton.
          2. Russia wanted to keep Clinton out of office b/c of her hardline stance against Russia while Sec of State.
          3. The American public has been manipulated by an army of fake social media accounts operated by Russians. Their activity has been shown to correspond with 9-6 pm office hours, Moscow time.
          4. It is also possible that Russia compromised electoral processes of several states including North Carolina and Wisconsin, via cyberhacking. This is the most alarming thing, and we have the least information about it. The rumor is that Mueller has been reverifying certain states’ results elections as a part of his investigation.
          5. Russia knew precisely where to attack because it received voter data via Cambridge Analytica, owned by Robert Mercer, who also funds Bannon, Breitbart, Milo, and many online trolls in the manosphere.

          I could write a book, but eventually there will be hundreds of books written about this after it’s all said and done, so I’ll stop there. As the winter 2018 goes on into the spring, and as the indictments pile up, one after another, the public will not be able to hide from this stuff. The revelations will be devastating. And people like GoJ won’t be able to mock me as “feminine” for bringing it up.

          1. Thank you for the reply, but I must continue to respectfully disagree.

            If I can boil your response down to its major thrust, Russia’s motives in (potentially multiple instances of) election hacking were to get trump into the presidency, so that he trump could remove sanctions against them.

            Has that actually happened? If it doesn’t happen, what leverage do they have against trump to enforce the removal of sanctions? I do not believe that the Russians felt Hillary Clinton was a “hardline” adversary while she was Secretary of State (“reset button,” etc.).

            The one and only thing I can see as a motive for Russian interference is to prevent the expansion of NATO. That is a legitimate obstacle to the exertion of Russian power in their sphere of geographic influence. However, as a pro-peace American, I also stridently oppose the expansion of NATO. In fact, I think it should have been dissolved in the 1990s. So, I don’t see the threat or damage to the American people, here.

            1. I’m going to greatly regret getting into a political discussion… ON AN ARTICLE ABOUT EATING A FUCKING SALAD… but it is my understanding that Russia attempted to hack both the DNC and the GOP equivalent. The FBI found this out and warned both the Dem’s and Repub’s, but the Dem’s ignored this warning with the GOP took steps to keep themselves from being hacked. THAT is why the DNC got hacked. If the GOP had behaved like the DNC, both sides would have gotten hacked and this would have been a nonissue.

                1. I reported a death of a surgeon linked to exposing fraud. Just like Klaus Eberwin who “shot himself in the head” in Miami right before he was to give testimony on the Clinton-Haiti charity fraud.

                  If those facts make some commentators angry then they are free to step over those corpses and explain themselves. Or they could ignore my posts and “shut the fuck up,” –but I doubt jj can take his own advice.

            2. Few more reasons behind Russian motivation:

              1) In 2012, US passed the Magnitsky Act that directly affected the illegal financial activities of Putin and his oligarch class.
              2) Before that, in 2010, Putin and Xi met for the first time and decided that Western-style liberal democracy, and Western values, wouldn’t be foisted upon Asia. Mostly because it would prevent a Russia-China axis of power from fully developing in the future. Therefore, they partnered in cyberespionage, and began sharing intelligence.
              3) Same year, Arab Spring, and Obama’s support of the democratic uprisings in Libya etc, rattled Russia. Putin decided to leave a stronger military footprint in the middle east, showing the Arab people that there was a alternative to the US. Which is how we got Russia’s involvement in Syria.
              4) China didn’t like Obama’s “Asia pivot” in 2014, which they saw as the US restricting their power in their own continent, and saw Clinton as a continuation of this particular nightmare.
              5) Putin called Trump in 2013, having heard from Manafort that Trump had presidential ambitions.
              6) “Hybrid war” against US begins.
              7) Australia, which is in conflict with China, has tons of signals intelligence on Trump, and his daughter, plotting against the US in return for cyberattacks against Clinton.

              Hope that helps. There’s a LOT more.

      4. You accuse anyone who disagrees with your opinion of the “facts” as being ignorant or a traitor, but you give such a histrionic and biased rending of those “facts” that it is absolutely laughable. The indictment against Manafort — which is just that, an indictment, not proof or evidence or a conviction — is based on his lobbying for a government group in the Ukraine. The Ukraine is not Russia. The charges have nothing to do with Trump or the Trump campaign. The charges are basically not much more than tax evasion and regulatory “gotcha”, but they are amped into “conspiracy” up by Mueller in an effort to make Manafort roll over and give up any dirt he has on Trump. It’s a tactic, not actual proof that Manafort has done anything. More might come out in the future, but to act like the indictment is a smoking gun is just ridiculous.

        The charges against Flynn are lying to the FBI, not treason. It’s a bullshit process crime, which is what the FBI charges you with if they spend a bunch of money and time investigating you and find nothing real to charge you with. Its basically their way of saying “fuck you” for being innocent of what they were trying to take you down on. Also, if Flynn is going to be the FBI’s big star witness against Trump and whoever else… well, they just charged him with LYING to the FBI. Anyone with any sense knows you don’t charge your star witness with LYING and then use him to take other people down based on his testimony because you just charged him with being a fucking LIAR. They have got jack shit on Flynn, they are just trying to get him to roll over, too.

        Maybe Mueller has more. Yes, there are a bunch of sealed indictments but that could very well be a tactic too — the DoJ has used the fake sealed indictment trick so much its almost a joke in DC, but the press won’t tell you that because they are in the bag.

        And Mueller has just as much shady shit in his closet as anyone. The more information that comes out, the more we see the people investigating Trump are all Hillary shills who are fighting a POLITICAL battle under the cover of a legal investigation. If they cared about who was really crooked, they’d be investigating Hillary twice as much as Trump.

        Trump might be as dirty as a Vietnamese whore in an NFL locker room, but as yet, there is no fucking evidence — real, actual evidence — of his guilt.

        1. You don’t know how these boys play. Flynn was charged with merely lying to the FBI because HE’S COOPERATING WITH THEM. They have a hundred other charges against him — including the jaw-dropping potential rendition of a political enemy for the president of Turkey — that are being waved as long as he can deliver the goods on Trump. Why did he flip? Because Flynn and his son are facing capital punishment, standard for treason.

          Mueller was confirmed 100-0 by the Senate.

          You’re right that we don’t have definite public proof of Trump’s complicity in the conspiracy, but stick around.

          Side note: How much smoke do you need to see before you admit that there’s a fire?

          1. I know a lot more about how these things work than you think I do, and I’m pretty damn sure I have more experience with this kind of thing IRL than you do. A prosecutor does NOT charge a witness with LYING if he wants to use that witness’s testimony against other people. Lying to the FBI is not a charge you “merely” put on someone to get them to cooperate. There has been zero ACTUAL evidence put forward that Flynn or his son was engaged in treason.

      5. Check the releases from the DOJ IG office.

        ♦Release #1 was the Agent Strzok and Attorney Lisa Page story; and the repercussions from discovering their politically motivated bias in the 2015/2016 Clinton email investigation and 2016/2017 Russian Election investigation.

        ♦Release #2 outlined the depth of FBI Agent Strzok and FBI Attorney Page’s specific history in the 2016 investigation into Hillary Clinton to include the changing of the wording [“grossly negligent” to “extremely careless”] of the probe outcome delivered by FBI Director James Comey.

        ♦Release #3 was the information about DOJ Deputy Bruce Ohr being in contact with Fusion GPS at the same time as the FISA application was submitted and granted by the FISA court; which authorized surveillance and wiretapping of candidate Donald Trump; that release also attached Bruce Ohr and Agent Strzok directly to the Steele Dossier.

        ♦Release #4 was information that Deputy Bruce Ohr’s wife, Nellie Ohr, was an actual contract employee of Fusion GPS, and was hired by F-GPS specifically to work on opposition research against candidate Donald Trump. Both Bruce Ohr and Nellie Ohr are attached to the origin of the Christopher Steele Russian Dossier.

        ♦Release #5 was the specific communication between FBI Agent Strzok and FBI Attorney Page. The 10,000 text messages that included evidence of them both meeting with Asst. FBI Director Andrew McCabe to discuss the “insurance policy” against candidate Donald Trump in August of 2016.

        LMAO. No one is paying me. I just enjoy watching you corrupt litte cunts get exposed for the evil twats you all are. Did you catch some of the texts that puss Strzok put out there? You should. The spell out what most of us all knew about “muh Russia.” LOL.

        1. One day I will write the great American movie and it will open with a family at a picnic bench on a beautiful green lawn and the son will lift up a piece of delicious looking fried chicken and smile and say “paw, can i barra the toof”

          1. a technician, who is 45 years old, at work literally pulls his dentures out in front of you when you ask him a question. So I asked him why he was so young with dentures. He said: I’d stop at a gas station , twice per day. I’d take a 6 pack of beer and a liter coke out of their frig and take it with me to the gas station bathroom. I’d drink the beer, smoke some meth, and finish it off with the cola, drop the empty cans and pipe on the floor, and leave; everyday.”

              1. I think the best part is drinking the gas station’s beer at the gas station, then leaving…

                1. uh, well, ahem….

                  rock-bottom? Me and my friend PUSHED his car to a gas station and then divided our last $10 b/w gas and a 12-pack of mesiter brau…..

                    1. Dufuq was wrong with him? In America you’re supposed to cook your own Meth, not buy it! That’s supporting the cartels, not big pharma! Just plain unpatriotic. His teeth shoulda fell out! Sheesh! Some people…

          2. I love that WB’s idea of America is literally two places: (1) Manhattan proper and (2) Deliverance.

  8. OT.

    Just found out what my 2018 health insurance bill will be.

    Nearly three times what my bill was from 1998 – 2014.
    I “liked my plan”, but was not allowed to “keep my plan”.
    But hey, 3x the cost is not so bad. At least now I am entitled to pediatric dentistry and a free “breast pump”…

      1. If I showed you all the crap I am paying for you would roll on the floor laughing. I sent a letter this morning to Schumer and Jellybeans.
        Just to vent.

        1. pay your fair share. my pizza guy just paid the penality this year, gone up from $5k to over $10k next year.
          Thats just for one person- his wife and 3 kids are covered thru her job, but since he owns his own biz, he cant get coverage thru her

          1. I think we had this conversation a few month ago.
            I am an independent IT consultant.
            Basically, I am a corporation with one employee – me.
            I think you are a Comp Sci student or something similar, right?
            You had asked a bunch of us for advice a while back.
            A few of the other programmers here gave you tech advice.
            I gave you business advice.
            Never stay in one place more that 3 years as that is how to get pay increases. And if you get a chance to go into business (for real, not an indy like me) in your early 30s, take the risk and go for it. I passed up an opportunity like that and have regretted it ever since.

            Or am I just confused and this was not you who asked these questions?

            1. it was it just has been a while and it drifted from my mind since i have been focusing on school. Not to mention know a lot of guys on AKC do IT/comp sci stuff. i forgot the article which we had that discussion

              1. Yeah, I forgot the article too.
                But I remember the advice because I was flattered.
                Flattered that the great Kim Jong Un would accept advice from a peasant like me.

        1. are you a corporation or sole proprietor? It maybe more beneficial to be a sole proprietor in cases like this so you can deduct all your payouts from your personal salary. Again, it all depends how much you want to be intertwined with your business.

    1. Paying for health insurance has become so expensive that I avoid going to doctors so I avoid minimums and copays. Ironic…

    2. Our plan here is based on age. When I was young it was jacked up to cover the oldsters, now they’re changing it to a basically a la carte set-up….

      1. My plan is based on: let’s screw the single, self employed guy who takes care of himself and pays his own way for everything.
        The slow creep towards socialism is really starting to tick me off.

        1. who ELSE are we going to tax?1?1?! The larger businesses control the legislation to get out of paying taxes, and the working stiffs are just about used up!

          1. we need more jobs, not more taxes. top 1% in Jersey pay 42% of the taxes…less than 40,000 peeps in NYC pay 30-something percent of the taxes…this wont end well

              1. what would happen if those 40,000 people said “the view of central park is great, but Im moving to the Bahamas”

              1. Yeah, really.
                If my car was to break don in the South Bronx, they should hoist it up and carry it like Xerxes in 300.
                But somehow, I think that won’t happen…

                    1. There would be like 86 supers on one small pyramid. I’m the apex super. I get paid 120k. I make sure the apex is there.

                      Oh, and don’t even forget the 24 hour fire safety guy who will get paid 6 figures to read the news paper and call 911 if the place burns down. Those are the only people alive who still bring radios to work

                    2. no the real scam is the elevator operator.
                      Required Skills: Ability to sit on upside down bucket, knowledge of up v down, ability to push a button, at least 17 family members named Vinny.
                      Salary after overtime 150k
                      EDIT: Just checked with our CM. Our “operating Engineer” will clear 225 this year

                    3. Back in the late 90s, I worked in a company where the IT Operations team hired a guy to SCAN PROSPECTUSES @ $100/hr!!! The OPs Director was fleasing him for a big percetage of that. And another guy, a Filipino programmer, was allowed to bill for 140/hrs a week! Its not just construction. And its not what you know, but who you pay off.

                    4. Me too. I have all the cheap booze & expensive hookers I can get my grubby hands on. I ain’t going anywhere.
                      “New York, New York, a hell of a town…”

                    5. Good god, this is beautiful!!! I’m at a doctor appointment right now with my wife, and I had to leave the waiting room because I was laughing hysterically. You just made my morning!

                    6. And THAT made MY day!
                      hope everything’s OK – I get in DEEP shit for giggling through my wife’s medical issues…

                    7. Yea, we’re good, just a mammogram and running around with errands today. Everybody was staring at me like I was crazy, thats why I came outside.

                    8. You know, you can save money and give her a mammogram at home on the cheap, right?

                    9. I was doing a gas system on a closed landfill by Jamaica Bay. The NY city inspector was an honest to God Rasta man from Jamaica. He sat in a Jeep Cherokee most of the day listening to Reggae and smoking weed. He would get out periodically, walk around and chat with me for a bit. We got to the point where I finally asked him how he could do this and get away with it. He didn’t even hesitate: “It’s my religion, money.” I’ll bet his salary was astronomical, along with full benefits and a pension.

                    10. Only in New York. There’s a rift in the Ganga space-time continuum there. But you have to grow out the dreads first. It’s required.

                  1. I agree. I mean, when the aliens come back, there is going to be absolutely no place for them to fucking park.

                    1. Don’t start with me on the flying cars. We were supposed to ALREADY have flying cars by now. Flying cars, real hoverboards and fine ass sexbots. I want my flying car, dammit!

                    2. The Army produced the WASP back in the 1960’s. Pretty close to a flying car. It was scrapped in favor of helicopters.

          2. Good question.
            Can’t we go back to tariffs?
            Make China pay to sell us all their cheap crap.

            & start dumping the social programs.
            Deport the illegals and millions of jobs open up for the welfare crowd.

            1. it boggles the mind that it is still somehow cheaper to build shit there and then ship it by gas-guzzling boat across the goddamn world and then distribute it….

              1. No unions from what I’ve been told.
                & No OSHA either.
                Or safety controls.
                Lots of little 5’3″ guys running around wheezing and with a few fingers missing is how I picture it.

                1. And a 7 mile long toxic lake so the leftards can have magnets for their wind farms (a.k.a. bird choppers) and electric cars. The next time someone talks about “zero emissions” vehicles, remind them that there’s no such thing, only “elsewhere” emissions.

                  1. Yep. Zero emission vehicles are actually WORSE for the environment due to the processes required to get the materials for the batteries. I worked in a vehicle manufacturing plant for a few years and learned quite a bit about what goes into making said “eco-friendly” vehicles.

                    1. Yeah… I have faith that somewhere, in some garage, now sits a 12-yr-old boy genius who is going to invent an absurdly simple new battery technology that will save mankind.

                    2. Unless he puts it on the market himself it wont’t happen. You should see the patents that the oil companies own, it is astonishing.

                2. And that sweet slave labor… Foxconn has to build nets around their factory roof tops due to the high amount of suicide jumpers.

              2. And seeing what the outsourcing has done to the Rust Belt, it’s insane. I think this trend may reverse once 3-D printing is perfected. What would be the point of doing business with China when you can mass produce goods in your own garage?

                1. Not sure if 3D printing will be the boon to manufacturing it promises. They remain somewhat limited in materials choices, and would it be any different than having a lathe or mill in one’s garage?

        2. Starve the beast, if you can, by paying as few taxes as possible. The good news is that socialism always collapses under it’s own weight. It’s already being witnessed in California, where homeless tent cities are now starting to prop up in even the richest of neighborhoods.

        1. Nah, get COBRA. It sounds cooler.
          “What’s your health insurance?”
          “COBRA. Hssssssss!”
          “Doesn’t that health insurance suck?”
          “No, it bitessss!”

              1. Just wait until they finish their weather dominator initiative to fight anthropogenic climate change. COBRA isn’t just about heath care.

      1. Nah, just says “breast pump”.
        So I guess it is open to interpretation.
        I can think of a few creative ways to push the limit on that.

    3. Get used to it. Health insurance got completely fucked the day the government got into it, which was a long time ago. They told us Obamacare was supposed to fix the problem, but when the problem is the government interfering in health insurance in the first place, more government interference is only going to make the problem worse, not better. And no one in D.C., no matter what side of the aisle they pretend to be on, is going to let go of that much power and money, so it will never be repealed.

    4. I want to upvote this, but will not because it is the kind of thing that is so fucked up that should not be upvoted.

        1. Reminds me of that Sienfield episode where Kramer washes his vegetables in the shower to save on water. Multitasking.

  9. You see, I was cooking dinner that night. I had to start braising beef, pork butt and veal shanks for the tomato sauce. It was @disqus_tj7gjZttfg:disqus ‘s favorite. I was making ziti with the meat gravy and I’m planning to roast the peppers over the flames and I was gonna put on some string beans with some olive oil and garlic and I have some beautiful cutlets that were cut just right that I was gonna fry up before dinner just as an appetizer..that’s when I realized we didn’t have a salad.

        1. god help me if i ever meet someone from five towns. It was bad enough when I met the girl who lived in apartment 2R of her building. I must have said the word “whore” more than a convention of pimps.

                    1. you remember howard beach when all the idiots were out there protesting and the idiot counter protesters went down holding eggplants and buckets of fried chicken?

      1. At AKC, dinner was always a big thing. We had a pasta course, and
        then we had a meat or a fish. @louskunt did the prep work. He was doing a
        year for contempt, and he had this wonderful system for doing the
        garlic. He used a razor, and he used to slice it so thin that it used to
        liquefy in the pan with just a little oil. It was a very good system.

        1. “He used a razor, and he used to slice it so thin that it used to liquefy in the pan with just a little oil.”

          Hahaha! While in his bathrobe no doubt.

          1. oh man, i have my sauce making party coming up next weekend. Worse than bath robe. Full on ginzo. Pull out the sergio tacchini, the beater, the jewlry, the diadorrio sneakers…I have people over…we get a panettone, drink wine from a jug and have some ‘buca. It is a day long experience. I make 24 quarts of sauce for christmas and I do it in full character

              1. It really is fun. There will be plenty of photos. For one day of the year I take off the filters, channel the full on ginzaloon and really go at it. You should see me in whole foods, in december, in a beater, yelling at people

                1. There’s a sub shop in Nashua, NH that makes Gyros to kill for! I was in there to order lunch one day and this huge Guido in back is screaming at the help, throwing things and waving a huge knife around. I’m looking at the counter girl all wide eyed and asked if everything was alright. She just smiled and said “Everything’s fine. He’s Italian.”

        2. J. Nyx used to do the meat. He had to do everything in a pan. It used to stink up the joint and the hacks would die, but it was a good system.

      1. I wish someone would take all the movies and flying circus episodes and make one funny 3 hour dvd and just discard all the rest. The good stuff is great but whoof the rest of it is just dreadful

        1. Hank: Well, I follow the moth in the helicopter to lure it away from the flowers, and then Roy comes along in the Lockheed Starfighter and attacks it with air-to-air missiles. Roy: A lot of people have asked us why we don’t use fly spray. Well, where’s the sport in that?

  10. That many comments already, has he whose name is not to be spoken been here trying to spread Ukratian stds?

    1. Surprisingly no. Obviously the only thing to talk about on an article about salads, is Russian collusion rumors with Trump. Obviously!

  11. Render bacon, reserve half the bacon fat. Wilt spinach in half the fat. Add one tbsp dijon, one tbsp apple cider vinegar to the other half of the bacon fat. This is your vinaigrette.
    Add halved sun gold or yellow pear tomatoes, quartered boiled egg, sautéed mushrooms, raw red onion (alt: sautée red onion in bacon fat. alt alt: marinated red onion), crumbled bacon, and a proper crouton. If you enjoy cheese, Pecorino works well, and I won’t give you any shit if you choose feta. I’ll kill you with my bare hands if you get any citrus near this salad, especially mandarin oranges.

    1. did you forget that the comments section is about politics? what the hell are you thinking posting off-topic stuff?!?

      1. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to derail… Look, I know this is a bit of back-rationalization, but my post did include a death threat, and both anti-Chinese and anti-Dutch sentiment. That has to count for something!

    1. Sorry, I can’t see your post. In fact, I’m not entirely sure what I’m responding to.

    1. Im going to visit friend who works at Thai bar/restaurant tonight.
      She is too old for me. friends of a long term lover.
      But, im hoping she will introduce me to new fillies.
      You should come along!

        1. Yea. Ill organize when i get back.
          And some of you NYC guys should join.
          @AutomaticSlim and i met at a friends bar last Thursday.
          I woke up with a new orleans beads around my neck…WTF?

                1. I was just walking around now – between 10AM and midday – hundreds of women – really -unbefuckinglievable..clean, tight, tits like that ), and the nipple like that !
                  I need an age appropriate daytime unemployed (like me) wingman.

                    1. awesome.
                      BTW – can’t move my arms 10*10 – very good.
                      Also – perhaps you can put up some videos of each movement – perfect form etc – hire a hotty – or link to others…

          1. Fuck..I’ll fly in from Dallas. I lost my friends here to marriage and cucking to single moms.

            1. fuck yea – come in January – weather is great — unlimited beautiful women packed into the tightest area…

            2. If you do come to NY, I’ll send you a list of hotels that don’t require a key card for the elevator. That’s a real pain, having to go down to the lobby to bring the girl back up to the room…

                1. I’ve had bad luck with SA. A whole lotta bullsh*t.
                  NYers (especially females) are very wary of strangers (unless you meet them when very drunk). It may (just maybe) partially be my fault as well, as I may give off a certain “vibe” that makes them wary. But you seem to have it down, so maybe you’ll do better.

                  On the other hand, I have had very good luck with agencies & brothels for a long, long time.

                  1. I make a deal for drinks and sex only. Now I had one girl ask me to accompany her to Orlando florida to help her pick up a new car. She would drive and fuck me along the way as long as i pay hotel and food bills during the trip. She picked me up in an abandoned parking lot , I got her to have sex with me ” before the trip ” once I got my clothes back on I got out of the car and left . Lots of desperate idiots here in dallas . Who knows what her real intentions were in Orlando and I wasn’t about to find out

                    1. These women on sa don’t reflect on the fact that if a man is on seeking arrangement chances are he doesn’t have time to take road trips

                    2. Good move.
                      You don’t want to end up in an alleyway in the morning & missing a kidney or something.

  12. BTW, with the the Godfather references here…

    Phillip Tataglia.
    What a disgusting excuse for a human being.
    I mean combing your hair at the table? Filthy. Just filthy.

            1. philistines. He is Sicilian. Sollozo is known as the Turk. He’s supposed to be very good with a
              knife. But only in matters of business, or of some sort of reasonable
              complaint. His business is narcotics. He has the fields in Turkey, where
              they grow the poppy. In Sicily he has the plant to process it into

        1. that little farce you pulled with my sister, do you think it could fool a Corleone? (Side Note: Carlo really was screwing a side whore)

    1. Krikey! I looked it up on urban dictionary what it meant, I always thought it just meant spanking your monkey.

                    1. I also don’t believe in ass rape. For years I paid my people extra so they wouldn’t do that kind of business. Somebody comes to them and says, “ I have lubricants; if you put up three, four thousand dollar investment – we can make fifty thousand distributing.” So they can’t resist. I want to control it as a business, to keep it respectable. I don’t want it near schools – I don’t want it in the assholes of children! That’s an infamia. In my city, we would keep the ass rape in the dark people – the colored. They’re animals anyway, so let them lose their souls.

                1. I know who he is- theres this surly old white guy who works the cash only lane on the Triboro Bridge…totally thales

        1. Hey Jim, we really don’t need to get into the private details of what freaky shit that you and the missus get up to in the bedroom, okay? Thanks!

  13. OT: Does “Obnoxious troll” who we met early this morning, with less than 20 comments, remind you of Kersey?

    1. No, not really. Obnoxious Troll had gonorrhea, not AIDS. And his accent was more native Las Vegas than it was Ukranian-Haitian-British-English.

          1. I’ve learned to never, ever comment on an article about Fantasy Island, ever again.

            1. I don’t remember exactly when this happened, I was probably 8-ish. I found a partial pack of cigarettes (Marlboro reds) in the street next to the curb, there were still maybe 5 or 6 cigarettes in it. Most likely they fell between the door and seat of someone’s parked car, then fell out on to the road when the door was opened.

              MommaMurdoc was nearby and noticed what I was doing and, obviously not wanting her 8 year old son playing with cigarettes, shouted the first thing that came to her mind: “Put those down! That’s how you get AIDS!”

              1. There was AIDS when you were 8???
                Jeez, you’re a young guy.
                When I was 8 the big scare was Tuberculosis.
                After Father Kelleher contracted it and got sent away to Arizona (I think), they lined us up in the school cafeteria/gym/recital hall for those four pronged shots.

                  1. Nope. That was just the test.
                    If your arm turned red (or fell off, or something like that) it meant you had it and were then quarantined and what not.

                  2. The doctors who went to the Congo to develop Polio vaccines are the ones who spread the monkey version of hiv to people . I don’t believe in conspiracy theories but there was a cover up . I mean if hiv was caused by monkey sex or eating monkeys hiv would have spread long before 1959. Ironically the earliest blood samples infected with HIV were from the Congo .

                1. Jeez, you’re a young guy.

                  Interesting way to frame it. 😉 For what it’s worth, if the lifespan of other men in my family is a good indication, I’ve already passed the midpoint of my own lifespan.

                  I figure I could be off on my recollection of my age by 3 years in either direction, but that likely wouldn’t be enough to have changed your comment.

            1. I upvote all my own comments. I figure, if I don’t think my comments are good enough to upvote, why should anyone else?

    1. Net neutrality is one of those terms like “the affordable heathcare act” which means exactly the opposite

      1. I’ve heard good things about it but the like a of Paul joselpf Watson have had a tow about it and seems like net neutrality is one of those things that sound better than than they actially are.

        1. This bill is pushed like a ’82 Yugo from a slick car salesman. further government control of speech is what it is. So long as the speech is approved by leftists, it will be approved and deemed as art.

      2. It’s one of those bizarre pieces of legislation that there are pros and cons to no matter how you flip it. We’ll just have to see how it pans out.

  14. Tomorrow’s 15 morning “scrum” call:

    them: “Slim, what did you get done yesterday?”

    me: “Well, not much…”

  15. I’d like to recommend Red Leaf Lettuce.
    Add equal parts spinach and if you can find it, Lacinato [“dinosaur”] Kale.

    Perhaps an easier way to get your greens is just get a nutri-bullet and make smoothies. I always make a spinach/blueberry/almondmilk/cacao powder/cinnamon smoothie with breakfast.

  16. This is right on the money – the T salad. I always drink storebought vegetable puree drinks for greens but the idea of T boosting salads is new to me but here I see now on a site called: [curemyerectiledysfunction.com] is a recipe for a salad that is purported to give you a guaranteed woody. Sheesh a salad never gave me a woody before. It contains:

    arugula lettuce
    hard boiled eggs
    olive oil

    I must throw in some in some walnuts to boot. Walnuts must by all means be good for T since they look like a ballsack. I’ll throw a bag of hammered walnuts in while I’m at it. And some balsamic vinegar, garlic, cayenne, cranberries, almonds and avocado. I always thought a well hung kangaroo looked like they were transporting a sack of avocados so they must be good for T as well. Then finally I like to top it all off with a hostess twinkie.


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