Open Thread: Gym vs Homegym

I recently decided to say screw it to lifting outside in the cold and joined a gym.  I did the home gym thing for years, but now I’m loving going to the gym over lifting at home.   There are pros and cons to both.  Let’s hear your opinions.

-J. Nyx


Author: Jnyx

Fitness addict, DIY guru, tech nerd, member of Memesters Local 419.

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    1. don’t be glad yet. I can already see the commenters posting dissertations to compensate for this article’s brevity.

      1. Commenters are going to post dissertations to compensate for their personal lives being severely lacking.

      2. Open threads typically have short paragraphs to open up the conversation here. Makes me wonder why I write long ass blog posts because you guys comment no matter what.

          1. “The rain of the endoplast mitosis carrot is utterly without a fan servo, and stim packs are highly over represented in the general population”

            Unreconstructedconfederate: “Well, I don’t have anything to contribute to the topic, but….etc”
            Bem: Posts memes related to cellular growth
            cheeseburgercheeseburger: Makes comments that are humorous about Bem’s meme.

  1. I have done the home gym for a year – have gloves for sub-zero – feel like I’m doing a bit of old Rocky 2? training.
    Good to have both
    Real Gym is better.
    And I am investigating one-discipline businesses – such as boxing/bootcamp that seem to be popping up everywhere.
    $35 per class
    has nothing to do with the fact they are 90% hotties

    1. Unless you are either a) really passionate about it or b) doing it to pick up chicks avoid the one discipline boot camp style stuff. Most gyms will already have a program like that as part of your membership. The stuff you do there is basically a poor man’s CrossFit. Think of that. It’s cross fit, but lamer.

      If you are on the tubby side and need to shed some weight and if that is a format that will force you to go there whatever. But to form any real kind of routine is hyper expensive, you will never see the kinds of results you want and it’s all included for free anyway at most gyms.

      1. yea – I get it.
        and $35 for a class – is far too expensive – when free within the gym.
        but my gym is full of man-hater types.
        and walking around recently – many hot women in these classes – However, the owner/trainers are super-alpha so chicks are probably there as groupies…
        so pointless.
        but, I will go once or twice to mix it up

        1. When I am in training I do a Bikram yoga class (union square) once every other week or so just to get a good stretch. You want to see many hot women…try a class of nearly 75 where almost every one is a woman, all almost completely naked and all impressed you are in a class.

          While it is expensive, I really think that equinox is, if you really use it for all its worth, a value for a gym. The classes are better than any of the small box classes, the equiptment is perfect, the hours are great, there are social areas (midtown has an awesome roof deck and one of them has a huge pool where people socialize)

          For the cost of 6 of those classes you get a global membership (I’ve done in Miami and holy shit). A little mix up is fun (like I said, I do like my bikram classes) and I have even been known to go to a crossfit class when I get a free coupon.

          Funny about that, last year a new crossfit “box” opened up and was offering a free WOD to newbies. So I show up in shorts and a beater and take it. No doubt, it is a legit cardio workout and had my heart pumping. Doing all that shit is hard, and I was up around 230 at the time so 45 minutes puts a beating on the cardio vascular system. Afterwards the guy and girl who run the place hit me up for a membership and I told them “i really wish I could, but I work out every day and don’t have time for this”

          Seriously though, if looking for a fun thing to mix up workouts and possibly meet people, yoga is the way to go.

          1. One of my clients who has never opened up about his personal life to me suggested I take a Bikram yoga class, just for the girls. Dude says nothing about his off hours in 3 years of knowing him professionally, but can’t help but gush over the yoga chicks. I must be missing something pretty righteous.

            1. So a bikram yoga class is a dark room with (YMMV but where I live) between 30-90 people. Of them 90% will be women and of the 10% that aren’t 90% of those will be fags. It is a dimly lit room. The room is at 105 degrees Fahrenheit and 40% humidity. There are 26 asanas (positions) repeated twice, the same in every class. Everyone pretty much is stripped down. I will wear just a speedo. Some guys might wear a bathingsuit but that is uncomfortable and if you try like board shorts it will straight up kill you. The girls are all essentially in very tiny, specially made bikinis. You stand there while an instructor goes through a dialogue calling out poses. When you are done you are exhausted. Think about being in a sauna for 90 minutes while actively stretching hard. I can do it maybe twice a month. It is great for sore muscles but yeah, because you have to get so stripped down and because it takes so much athleticism just to make it through, there will never be out of shape girls. I have done this for about 5 years now and while I can’t say every girl was hot, I have never once seen a girl without a decent body. Add to that that you are pretty much the only guy in the room and all the girls are so impressed that you are taking part in their thing….it’s fishing with dynamite. If you are in good enough shape to feel comfortable in a speedo in a room full of women and don’t at least give bikram a shot then you are nuckin futz

                1. If you seriously think of going I would suggest the following
                  1) Get a list of all 26 asanas online and look at how to do them. You don’t have to know how to get into them, that’s what the instructor is for and they are usually super helpful with beginers but at least it won’t be a curve ball.
                  2) under no circumstances put any food in your body 4 hours before getting there. It will end badly
                  3) Drink no less than one full gallon of water before going in. 105 degrees and humid in a room full of people for an hour and a half will really dehydrate you

              1. you’re right. I’ve see videos of bikram yoga classes. nothing hotter that sexy, young and sweaty women.

                1. He sounds like an arrogant twat to me.

                  “You Westerners are like spiritual babies,” Choudhury says. “You were
                  born in the wrong country, with the wrong skin color, in the wrong
                  culture. You can never be spiritual! It is not your fault. I’m sorry
                  about that. If you can even get the body right, that much is good enough
                  for you!”

                  Yeah, we weren’t born all spiritual in a big pile of shit with garbage in the streets and feces everywhere as far as the eye can see. Poor white people, they don’t know what they’re missing, not living in a giant pile of shit. They’re so unspiritual.

                    1. The article just takes it in stride as the words of a decent person. Turn it around culturally though and watch bullets fly.

                      “You Hindus are like intellectual babies,” Von Haussentrapp says. “You were
                      born in the wrong country, with the wrong skin color, in the wrong
                      culture. You can never be truly intelligent! It is not your fault. I’m sorry
                      about that. If you can even get a basic logic puzzle right, that much is good enough
                      for you!”

                2. That is teacher training and that guy is some famous guy. The girl teaching the class and the attendees in union square at 6 pm on a weekday are considerably different.

            2. I tried hot yoga twice. All girls except me, and they were on a girl trip, that yoga hivemind thing with spirals in their shining eyes. Also, it’s really easy to slip on your own sweat and hurt yourself. Would not recommend, but try it once just to see.

      2. I’m happy to see you point out that CrossFit is “lame.” I like watching the “Fittest on Earth” competitions for the extreme sports value, but I don’t understand CrossFit. I had a friend that was into it, and I felt like she was in a cult.

        1. it is super cultish. And look, I won’t totally slam them. They were instrumental in making fitness popular and I would rather live in a world of people doing crossfit than fat stoners any day of the week. Further, crossfit is a great cardio circuit. That said, it is a very quick way to get injured. It is, as you say, super cultish. It will totally destroy any kind of muscle gains and other than core strength it really does nothing for you. I would recommend basiccircuit training to people who want to lose some weight, but would avoid the cost and cultist nature of crossfit and go straight to tabata circuits.

      1. I can get anyone laid in NYC, even you, with 7s & higher for $300 & up.

        Tokyo on the other hand, is not in my territory.

  2. I don’t have anything constructive to add…again,so- back in the day a couple of my friends who were twins had a “home gym” under a big pecan tree in their yard. Including a square arbor bolt that was about 2×2 and maybe eight feet long with a couple of cast iron front end weights off the front end of an International tractor(100lbs each) . There was a rope with big knots in it every couple of feet tied to a limb in the tree that they would climb using only hands. They also had a big truck tire and rim with a rope through it, they would tie the rope around their waist and run with it along with having about a truckload of various pieces of scrap iron they used in working out in different ways that I don’t recall now.
    Nobody in their right mind would mess with those boys and I suppose if times ever got hard they could have sold all their gym equipment to the scrap metal man for some cash.

    1. why are you so worried about not having anything constructive to add? nobody here has that concern.

      1. You should stop concerning yourself about what my worries are , I mean, I’m not concerned about those horrible stds you’re going to catch by hanging out in the alleys behind gay bars.

  3. Real gym, for me.

    I could never set aside the time to focus on a workout in my home environment. Besides the fact that I don’t want my house stuffed with iron, the house has too much work waiting, too many demands. Actually leaving my environment for the gym’s puts me in a different mental frame. It turns the workout into a mission.

    1. same here. Also, I love the social aspect of it. Not just talking to people and shit, but last year I was doing some heavy deadlifts for fun…my workout was already over but my adrenaline was insane and I had no where to be so I decided to load up the bar. I set my phone to catch a video and I made a really nice pull. I don’t remember even hearing it, but when I play back the video I hear someone yelling “FUCK YEAH!” as I lock out.

      I am also a big fan of the gym march. After total and full exertion I love to just walk away from the bench or rack or platform and take a walk around the gym

    2. I’ve found the same is true. When I leave, it’s a whole different thing. I focus on my workout more instead of what needs to be done at home. I go, lift, and leave.

      1. we spoke about this over the summer. In your head you feel like a wrestler walking to the ring. As cheesy as it sounds, think about those intros and the intensity of that walk to the ring some guys had. That was fucking real.

                1. That guy still shows up to comic events and stuff and basically just sits there alone, no one even knowing who the fuck he is. There was a whole site dedicated to it.

                    1. I think it would be pretty funny if SJWs ever discover wrestling, because it’s pretty much chock full of all kinds of anti-PC shit.

                    2. I’m pretty sure if an SJW watched an episode of WWE, they’d be so triggered, offended and assaulted, they would curl up into the fetal position and cry themselves to death.

                    3. Racist, sexist, homophobic, it’d be their dream world. They could just protest and bitch and complain forever

                      We need to make a pay per view called WWE vs SJW

    1. “Home Gym” contains not a single letter we find in the word “Russia”, ergo, it’s a conspiracy and home gyms are clearly meant to divert attention away from the larger, more nefarious issue at hand.

      1. Collusion between Russia and homegyms has been documented for decades! Why do you think all these kettlebells started popping up in the US??

        1. The Russian plot to infect the west with kettle bells has been confirmed by all 172 intelligence agencies.

                    1. No no no, the 47th was the one diddling all those underage boys in the basement of that pizza place.

                    2. Nah, Weinstein was just showing his wang to chicks… although, to be fair, one of his victims (((allegedly))) was Rose McGowan, who now looks like a dude.

          1. It all started with that Pavel Tsatsouline guy with kettle bells and stretching routine. It’s fitness infiltration if ever I saw it. He was turning manly American men into a bunch of soy boys practicing Yoga. It was so the Spetsnaz could strike without warning and face no more resistance than a ballerina brigade. I know it’s true because I read it on the Internet. Huffington Post or maybe Politico IIRC.

        2. all are mic’d up, relaying valuable intel(merkan broads grunting) back to the motherland…

          1. I don’t care what anyone says otherwise, but in the first Grease movie, when she came out with that painted-on outfit, I nearly bust a nut the first time I saw it, lol. She was one seriously pretty lady in her day.

    1. Yes, but it involves Russian Dressing, so I’m afraid to share it with you.


              1. I had a professor once say I was ruining good work by rushing it.

                I think she said that, I was heading for my car already..

        1. We should all believe Putin. It’s important to always believe Putin because he speaks the truth and bears the light.


          1. I’m an equal opportunity distruster. My common stance on someone running for office is the same as in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy:

            “Anyone who is capable of getting themselves made President should on no account be allowed to do the job.”

              1. He’s even admitted that he’s a russian nationalist . Too bad the women are all gold digging whores .

                  1. That is so true. Men need to analyze your statement and read it over and over again. Would you rather have a bitch fake loving you or admitting she’s a gold digging whore.? I’ll take the latter

    2. You can pickup a lot of tips at the San Francisco bath houses. They will show you secret recipes that are finger licking good.

  4. I have a weight bench at home with 300 lbs of iron ( i do 3 sets , 15 reps each, 155 lbs) and a pull up/dip station (I do them until i am exhausted ) that I bought from Craigslist for $150 . I do push ups 3 sets of 40 (fists planted) and situps , 3 sets of 120, 4 days per week on nice plush carpet at home. For legs i runaway at lightning speeds from whores I rip off and play soccer . I’ll never be the body builder type or liftophiles some of you guys are but I’m almost as lean as my 15 year old son. Any more talk about male bodies is borderline homosexual.

                    1. Sewer rat may taste like pumpkin pie, but I don’t know because I wouldn’t eat the filthy muthafucka.

                    1. I remember the first time I grabbed a handful of vinegar and salt potato chips, thinking they were sour cream and onion. Didn’t even know such a vile combination existed in chip form. Talk about being in for a rude awakening!

    1. If you aren’t obsessed over muscle and shit like that (I do this shit because I love it first and foremost) than what you are doing will keep you in damn good shape for the rest of your life. However, the idea that discussion of male body is homosexual is just another tool being used to keep men from constant improvement.

      One of my favorite analogies is motorcycle driving. When you shift lanes you don’t “steer” to the other lane. You just look at the other lane. With your eyes focused on where you are going the bike will follow. Not sure I said it well, but if you ever rode or currently ride I am sure you will understand.

      The same with physique. Since the start of recorded history men have valued the building and maintenance of the male physique. At some point in the late 20th century all the people who cared about that got called “homos” and 30 years later we have a nation of fatass men.

      Bunch of fat fucks sitting on a sofa eating crap food watching better men play sports calling me a fag because I care about stuff like lats and delts doesn’t scare me a bit.

      1. Oh trust me. I wrestled since I was a tot and during tournament weigh ins if you were a 1/4 lb over you had to drop your underoos in front of 300 men.I didn’t give a shit because I was determined to wrestle despite how shriveled up my manlihood was in the morning of the tournaments … and if you won on placed in the top 5, after all that ego busting preliminary hurdles , then you were respected .

          1. Wow, you are such a totally obnoxious troll, with all your totally obnoxiousness and and your trolling. Like such an obnoxious troll.

          1. Just bang a dumpy Asian chick. She’ll be so happy to get some white man sex, she’ll straighten your cuticles up for free.

            1. Foot baths were good enough for jesus they are good enough for me.

              It is one of the activities that I truly enjoy doing. It raises your SMV whether you want to believe it or not and it is really relaxing.

              Sack up and go get a mani/pedi

              1. Now see, the foot bath thing definitely has something going for it. I’ve never been one for going to a strip club and throwing ones at some whore to show me her tits from 15 feet away. But if I could find a place where hot chicks would wash my feet and shampoo my hair, I’d be there twice a week.

      2. Hey, I may be a little heavy but I ain’t got time to sit on the couch watching other men chase balls, thank you….homo.

            1. he might be my favorite scumbag. he was starring in a broadway play a few yrs ago, and he missed opening night, claimed he ate too much sushi the might before and got mercury poisoning

                1. It’s always Putin, man. He was the second shooter on the grassy knoll. He was the real Vegas gunman. He came up with the whole New Coke debacle. He’s evil, man. Really evil

            2. That guy is pretty much Ari Gold. I’m surprised he hasn’t been busted yet for rape — real rape, the club-her-over-the-head blood-on-her-clothing one.

        1. Hmm… wouldn’t have guessed that one. He’s gross enough that some girls may complain.

      1. I want to see the list of actresses who serviced Weinstein and got valuable careers for their trouble. JLaw? Emma Watson? Lindsay Lohan?Jessica Alba? Who got a good deal out of it?

        1. If he nailed Jessica Alba that might in fact elevate him to hero status in my eyes. And I hate the dude.

        2. It isn’t like these whores weren’t up to it anyway……Lindsey Lohan went from white trash long island whore to wealthy hollywood whore for a price she would have paid for a date at a diner

        3. Weinstein was quoted, regarding JLAW, “For five years we had her under
          training. Singing lessons; acting lessons, dancing lessons. I spent
          hundreds of thousands of dollars on her. I was gonna make her a big
          star! And let me be even more frank, just to show you that I’m not a
          hard-hearted man, and it’s not all dollars and cents. She was beautiful;
          she was young, she was innocent. She was the greatest piece of ass I
          ever had, and I had’em all over the world!”

  5. A real gym typically has the latest and greatest workout equipment, and a wide variety of the same. Plus, there’s a reasonable expectation that such equipment is maintained when you’re not using it.

    Unless you’re super rich you can’t really afford to drop the kind of money needed to get or maintain that stuff.

    1. They just have more. I dont use machines, so I really just go for the nice free weights, dumbbells up to 60lbs etc.

      The true reason I decided to go to the gym was I had to lift outside due to having a house with low ceilings. That shit sucks in the winter. When I was doing quick 5×5 sets it was doable. When doing 10 4×20 sets, its a LONG time in the cold.

      1. I do a mix, machines are quicker to strip weight on, better for how i workout, very slow reps, 5-6 secs a rep…mike mentzer style

      2. J.nyx is perfectly content doing 5×5 in the cold. Along I come with my olive oil voice and guinnie charm and say J.Nyx…time to start lifting 2 hours straight.

        1. Dude in the summer, no problem outside. Its shaded and not too bad. Being out in that fucking tundra for 2 hours, plates frozen to the ground and the bar cold as fuck even with gloves on I sad nah, smarter not harder.

  6. Currently I am going to the gym. I am a mechanical engineer and I am planning on designing, analizing and manufactureing a squat rack so that I can workout at home. The reason being;

    1) Building something by yourself is a masculine challenge.
    2) No gym with a squat rack in the whole town.
    3) Stupid “fitness instructors” that don’t know jack about strength training.
    4) Gym songs drive me crazy.

    1. Oh no.. as an engineer I’ve seen what happens when other engineers try to reverse engineer something practical. They over analyze it and make it so complicated that you might as well buy the wal mart version

      1. Don’t worry I have done some basic manufacturing in the past. I am doing this as a challenge so buying is not an option. Thank you for your concerns though.

        1. I was just joking man. I thinking about building a second story deck that has load sense at the bottom of the wood columns , using expander joints connected to the house with a stainless steel spiral staircase. I will add a sliding sunscreen on top that is light adjusted all for the low cost of $75000

    2. Build it so that you can also do bench press, pull-ups and any other exercises you need a spotter for. I have a Keys Fitness power rack that allows me to lift to failure on every conceivable exercise with the barbell and no danger of getting crushed under the weights (I lift alone). There’s been more than a few lifters seriously injured and even killed because they weren’t using safeties. I don’t want to leave a really fit corpse behind with a bar on its throat.

        1. Just make sure all your welds are sound and use Grade 8 bolts where fasteners are appropriate. Overbuilt is a good thing in this case. 😉

        1. Same here. I was thinking that next week was a little premature. My plan is to go out like I came in. Kicking, screaming and covered in someone else’s blood. 😉

  7. I’ve always preferred to workout at a real gym. I’ve had the great pleasure to have trained at some amazing gyms over the years: Ken Norton’s Golds, Milos Sarcev’s Golds and a few other hardcore independent gyms. Unfortunately, you see fewer and fewer of these gyms anymore.

    These days, I do both – home gym and real gym, mostly out of necessity. In the last few years, the two independent gyms near my home have closed, so I picked up a membership at a large commercial gym. It’s a very well equipped gym, but it’s a longer drive and it’s also very busy. I go there on off-hours to avoid the crowds.

    Since no good “hardcore” gyms would be cropping up anytime soon, I made the decision to equip my home, and it’s been great. I found a guy on Craigslist who was rehabbing an apartment complex and he was selling all the gym equipment (good commercial stuff that was barely used). I got the equipment for a fraction of what it would cost new, and he even delivered it to my home.

    I’m actually pretty happy with my current set-up – I have the convenience of working out at home, but I still go to the gym for the sheer love of the iron.

    Oh, one more thing: Don Jynx, I am honored and grateful that you have invited me to your gym on the day of your workout. May your workout be a masculine workout.

    1. remember: its a bad omen if your former workout partner sends you a dumbbell wrapped in wax paper…

                    1. Absolutely no one would confuse my slow southern drawl for a Brooklyn accent, I can gua-ron-tee y’all that.

    2. Lou, the 23rd is my sauce party….Got my louis prima, dean martin and the rat pack christmas ready to go, my outfits picked out (sergio tacchnini track suit, wife beater, cornicello necklace and diadorio sneakers for sauce making and later, after that, my slacks with dress shoes and suspenders over wifebeater.

      Got a jug of ernest julio gallo wine which will be poured into a pitcher with some sliced fruit and drank from water glasses

      One buddy is bringing a Panettone and some cookies and canoli from ferraras. Another friend is bringing some prosciutto, capicola (GABAGHOUL) and cheeses.

      Even gonna get a couple loaves of semolina for sauce dipping purposes.

      1. If I ever win the lottery, the absolute first thing I will do after I collect my cash is through out every suit, dress shirt, dress shoes and pair of slacks I own, and replace it all with track suits, t-shirts and flip-flops/sneakers. I will put a provision in my will that I must be buried in my fucking pajamas.

      2. That’s a beautiful thing! Yes, next Saturday the 23rd, the fun begins. I don’t have an outfit quite like that, but I do have my bathrobe and slippers, and I have the same music list. A live stream of our kitchens would be hilarious!

          1. I have Telegram on one of my computers, but never used it – my nephew installed it for me and he handles most of my IT stuff. I’ll see if I can get it figured out!…

          2. Yo, Homie! As of tonight, I’ve wrapped-up all my business for 2017 and shut things down until Jan 3rd. I installed that Telegram App on 2 more computers and a cell phone, but I don’t have a clue what to do next… let me know if you want to share photos, recipes, etc.

            It looks like we’ll be about 6 people short for Christmas, so I may abbreviate my menu a bit, but I’m still baking my Cheesecake and Biscotti on Saturday, just maybe not the additional sauce. Hope everything’s well!

  8. If only Forrest Gump joined a gym then Jenny would have loved him like peas and carrots instead of shooting up heroine with bad boy hippies .

        1. Is that the one where Will Farrell adopts a small Vietnamese boy and trains him in the ways of kung fu?

              1. I can also remember Bill Murray — at least, I think it was Bill Murray — during a lounge song version of the Star Wars theme song… “Star Wars… nothing but… Star Wars…” So funny.

  9. If I were single, I suppose a membership gym would be better. As it is , I can be more consistent doing it at home. I have little excuse to not do a half hour or 45 minuets of stuff

          1. Boy — ah say boy — if you, uh, con-tin-yew to dis-pair-radge my Southern, ah, her-a-tadge… we will be ah settlin’ this matt-tahr at dawn by dool-lin pistals.

            1. ya know I HAVE had sweet tea- is the Po’ Folks restaurant still around? giant mason jars of water and sugar, remember that from when I was a kid

            2. I saw video on YouTube the other day of an English voice/acting coach attempting to “teach” people how to speak with a southern accent. It was atrocious, and to think people PAY him for that. Hell, if they come here I’ll teach em to speak southern in no time flat for half what that dipstick charges.

                  1. You’re fuckin’ A right He does. Jesus may have been born in Bethlehem, but He was born in a barn in Bethlehem, which makes Him a Southerner, by God Almighty. Can I get an Amen?

                1. faking a Boston accent seems to be impossible for an american(easier for english or irish actors for some reason)

              1. There have been some pretty atrociously bad accents done by some famous actors. Dennis Quaid brutally murdered a New Orleans accent in DOA way back in the 80s. And Liam Neeson late-term aborted a Kentucky accent in Next of Kin (an otherwise perfect masterpiece of film).

                1. Neeson was hilarious in that film. His diction was only slightly worse than Adam Baldwin as an East Coast mobster Goombah.

            3. Also helps to sip on a mint julep while fanning yourself and injecting the phrase: “I do deee–clayy–ahhhhh” at least twice.

            1. hey, i knew people right out of college who could rent houses there on the cheap(early 2000s). right by the ferry, then take a bus to midtown. now those houses are marketed as “minutes from Manhattan with magnificent views of the city skyline!”

          1. Yeah, too bad you fought on the wrong side of the Late Unpleasantness with the North, you fucking traitor scum-whores.

      1. Must be @CynicInChief.
        I’m a catch and since you’re my doppelganger, that means you must be as well, leaving only one admin out of the equation….

        1. “Hey Vinny, is @wbfitness:disqus on the list?”
          “Yeah, he’s on the list.”
          “Ok, thanks. It’s cool, Snowflake. He’s on the list.”

        1. And now you’re congratulating another man on getting it up. I’m a little worried about you, Jimbo.

        1. Oh really, Jim? Have you acquired a taste for gayness? Because acquiring a taste for gayness sounds gay as fuck to me. Fag.

      1. That’s reason why I posted it hoping one of you Yanks would explain whether this is one of your country’s favourite group activities.

  10. Something just occurred to me. I haven’t walked up to someone at their desk in a professional environment and caught them surfing porn in about fifteen years. Prior to that, it seemed to happen with some regularity.

    1. Something just occurred to me, too: it’s not required to post every random thought that pops into your head.

      1. Very good. Now, just refrain from doing so and that small part of you will be consistent with your belief system.

          1. do they not have seamless delivery in Alabama? thats why you need to move back to new jersey

            1. Listen, you can joke about me living in New York or New Jersey or Long Island all day long, but don’t you ever — EVER — even suggest that I’m from fucking Alabama or I’ll fucking kill you.

    2. Most corporations have software on the firewall that blocks access to sites like porn or gaming sites.

      1. Ah, yeah, I suppose a desire to consume porn isn’t a compelling enough reason to learn how to deal with access controls.

  11. leg raises/bicycle crunches/russian twsists/pushups on the floor.
    Deep knee bends, Dips on the kitchen countertop.
    Light weights.
    All in my Apt.
    Not great, but better than nothing.
    1) I’m a cheapskate when it comes to most things
    2) No time for gym due to work/commute
    3) Prefer exercising with no one around. Although I do use gyms when staying in hotels.

  12. The only downgrade from a home gym is if you choose a cheap gym with people who aren’t serious about lifting. The gym I went to in the Bronx had a line of 10 people for every machine, and the machine was often occupied by a 300lb welfare silverback on her cell phone talking about God knows what. Tripling my monthly cost and time in commute to go to a real gym was more than worth it. Choose wisely.

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