AKC’s Christmas Gift To You

We’ve been busy here at A King’s Castle, and with a little help from our guest writers we’ve been able to give you fresh content every day.

That said, there’s a lot of wisdom that our readers have to offer. While the comments section is a good place to offer it, there’s not a lot of flexibility for topic based discussions that aren’t what the articles are about and where the discussion might span a month instead of a day.

We’re providing yet another avenue for wisdom, discussion, and a place to shoot the breeze with the new A King’s Castle Forums.

The rules on the forums will be more strictly enforced that the rules for our comments sections for posts.  You can review the forum rules here, but the main takeaways are this:

  1. Stay on topic for each category.
  2. If you have a new topic to discuss, create it within the correct category.
  3. No shitposting outside of the Random category.

The link to the forum can also be found on the top menu bar.  Enjoy!

  • Jak

    Just want to give mad props to Cynic for spearheading this project. Way to go man!

    • Agreed, Cynic made this happen! Thanks!!

  • Jim Johnson

    So, are these supposed to be where people post their own topics?

    • Jak

      Yes. Any questions or topics that men want to discuss can be brought up here. All we ask is the commenters post their topics in the relevant category, stay on topic, and not deviate from the topic being discussed in that thread.
      If a new topic arises in a current thread, please create a new thread for that topic.

    • Yes. You can create topics in any of the categories besides Annoucements and others can discuss.

      • Jim Johnson

        I just made a test post, seems to work. I had to register and upload this John Wayne photo, but it seems to work.

  • Boothe

    Ahh, so we now have a woodshed to take JammyJayBird to for political discussions. Good deal!

    • jammyjaybird

      Nah, I’m done talking politics with you knuckleheads. From here on out, you’ll get nothing but lemon meringue pie recipes from me. 😉

      • La’darell Luthor

        We made JJ great again!

        • Jak

          Did someone say lemon meringue pies?!?

      • UWOTM8

        I….can’t be upset about that.

      • John Galt

        An early New Years resolution?

  • dckhead_con_artist

    I’m going to go get the papers , get the papers

  • What we still don’t have is an answer to the real question: Who had frankie pantangelli killed?

    • Ainigmaris Thales

      Frankie Five Angels killed himself. This is known.

    • dckhead_con_artist

      Same person who shot JR Ewing

  • UWOTM8
    • Jak

      Save it for the Random section, big guy. 😉