Time Off

As I write this my wife went with her mother and my daughter to a ballet.  It gave me time to spend with my sons but more importantly, it gave us time away from each other on the weekend.  It got me thinking about couples that spend all their free time together and how a few hours apart on the weekend can benefit all of you.

I know many couples that spend every second of their weekend together.  They have all the same experiences, the same things to talk about, and it tends to make things a little stale.  While I have a good relationship with my wife, and I do value time with her, this afternoon away has been good.   Even in the best of relationships you have to have your own time to focus on yourself.  It was good to just spend time with the boys without the whole crew together.    My sons love hanging out with me and I enjoy spending time with them.

Its also good for my wife and daughter to have time away from us.  My sons and I would never want to sit through a ballet.  They get time to relax and have fun doing something they wouldn’t usually be able to do with us around.  The benefits of time apart I’ve observed are:


You can truly relax when you’re by yourself or just with you and your children.  My kids are pretty well behaved so I don’t always mind being around them by myself.  We play games, watch movies/tv, and the whole thing is just relaxing.


As I’ve written about before, its good for you to bond with your kids, and its easier to do when its just you and them.  You learn a lot about their personalities and it makes for a good situation to teach your kids life skills.  I’m sure my wife and daughter are having a great time enjoying some of these benefits as well.


This time can be used to reflect on things you may not have the time to when you have to be running the show.  I’m not saying you should give up all of your responsibilities, but if you can,  use this downtime to work though problems you may be stuck on.  You can also use this time to do something for yourself.  Work out, work on a project, shit even just veg on the couch if you normally don’t.

This time can also be used to hang out with your other guy friends.  Everyone should be doing this because you need these men.  These are the guys you can shoot the shit with or even come to with a problem you’re having.  These should be guys you can trust and I can’t tell you how many times we’ve gotten into deep conversation over a game of pool or horse shoes.


This was one of the best things I didn’t even consider.  Once my wife got home, it was refreshing to see her.  We had new things to talk about, and I swear it seems that spending time apart made us really enjoy the time together once they got back.  I wont get into details of my personal life, but after bed time activities were just that much better lol.


Time away from your wife is something you may not get that much of, but I feel its essential for your mental being.  Don’t just abandon your family every weekend, but a few hours here or there is fine.  Use this time to connect with your buddies, work on a project, or just do something for yourself.  You, your wife, and your kids will all benefit from this time of not being a family unit.

-J. Nyx

Author: Jnyx

Fitness addict, DIY guru, tech nerd, member of Memesters Local 419.

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  1. Heh this is perfect timing. The woman just finished her time of the month. I leave her be. Facing off with your woman during her menstrual pangs is not healthy for continuum of your patriarchal mindstate. You don’t even want to know what ideas and thoughts cross her warped mind during menstruation. It would be healthier to watch a gory horror movie alone. She’s just foregone another egg from the netherworld and had to put it back. No doubt she’s twisted. Mentally, she’s been places that would ruin the holiday spirit for everyone. You don’t even want to go there I assure you. For this every man should be glad he’s male.

    During the woman’s time of the month, it’s best for a man to not talk to her at all, but instead to spend the time with his crew of patriarchal brahs solidifying the grand order of our culture during her weeklong hyaitus of insane menstrual hysteria. But where is she supposed to go during her week of menstruation? Sitting around the house like a flopping fish? Reeking up the place with an overflowing douche pail of hideous vapid menstrual vapors?

    THE SOLUTION is chhaupadi and I can’t help but preach it. It is the way.


    Westerners need to practice menstrual apartheid like the Nepal Hindus, the orthodox Jews and messianic Christians. The Randy Weaver family practiced a Christian form of chhaupadi. Vicki Weaver had a crude shack downwind and out of earshot of the family cabin where she spent the prior week making peace with her last egg before federal goons ambushed the homestead killing her and her nursing son. Christian menstrual saparation isn’t publicized much, but the Christian women practicing it tend to be very loyal and will follow their man before any other forces or authorities. That’s one reason why the Weavers were targeted.

    JEWS TOO practice menstrual separation. The ‘mikveh’ bath house retreat is the jew version of chhaupadi. The Weavers had a humble shack where Vicki sat for the week with bible, crackers, water, paper towels and candles, but the Jewish ‘mikveh’ quarters are more like a heated spa with a princess bedroom – but of course. Yes the JEW menstrual retreats are over the top with chandelliers, salt baths, indoor gardens and statues.


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    Jeez it’s only a foul menstruating pussy. Meanwhile the Hindus in Nepal keep it simple, very simple.


    Hang in there sport. Squeal like a banshee and get it out of your system. Git er done so you can get back to the wonderful kitchen.

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    Western man needs a medium for the menstrual quarters, not too garish like the ‘mikveh’ and not a low down dog house like the Hindus.

    HOME DEPO has a great selection of chhaupadi quarters in stock.


    Take a browse with the wee wife and taylor one that tickles her fancy. They can be spruced up wonderfully.


    A space heater, cot, moving blankets, bible, honey and crackers and a jumbo nascar pillow to scream into and YOU CAN’T BUY better therapy for a menstruating woman than that.


    No one NO ONE deserves to be confined in a house and subject to the throes of a hysterical menstruating woman, especially your sons. But how? How do you convince your woman to camp out back alone for her crazy week? Well she’s got to want to be traditional. A feminist wife is one bat of an eyelash away from crapping all over you, but a woman who declares that she at least wants to be traditional needs steered and she will follow. Let her find the peace and solace first IN A SIMPLE TENT.


    After that she’ll be thrilled about shopping for a shed upgrade. It will be like getting a new Cadillac. She’ll LOVE IT. Trust me.

    1. you’re a classic MCGOO, great post mate.

      dont want to open the ol’ (((JQ))) can of worms here, but, aren’t the jewish a very matriarchal outfit?

      1. Thanks. I think it’s a hood ornament kind of thing with the Jews. A Mercedes thing trying to best the next people on the block, but the families take the peace for granted and plan what to do ahead when mommy is gnashing her teeth while doodling and writing bizzarre poetry. Otherwise you deal with it month after month and you think you have the cat in the bag and under control. But it’s taxing and that’s change in the form of time you could have spent more wisely instead of wasting your time figuring out new ways to quell the beast. Then one month A REAL monster pops out and you say “damn I wish we had a nice shed or something set up out back”. You point your finger out back for her to go and chill and . . . no shed. Darn.

    2. That’s the best time to beat and sodomize her as the evidence can be washed away and she’s legally insane . Which hole are we talking about?

    3. Wouldn’t it be easier to just let her stay in the house, and you go stay at the Holiday Inn & check out eros for the local action?

      Kidding, just kidding…not really…

    4. Show me a single American woman who would consent to living in a tent in the backyard during her period.

      You are waaaaaaaay out there.

    5. TL:DR, just looked at the pictures. Something about exiling women to little huts in the back yard after giving them some kind of Jewish bath. Overall, I give it 4 stars.

      1. “Jewish Bath” – 4 or more black men with cocks no less than 8″ ejaculating simultaneously over a naked woman of Jewish faith/race.

        1. See, this implies that Jewish women are somehow more whorish/slutty than any other race/creed of woman. But AWALT. AWALT.

      2. If you read nothing else, this line ought to be it:

        “HOME DEPO[T] has a great selection of chhaupadi quarters in stock.”

    6. Just bang ’em one good time and that helps settle them down. IF you can walk in mud you can screw in blood

      1. An acquaintance once unhappily related to me (after getting his “red wings”) that he’d asked his GF why she didn’t tell him she was having her period before he went down on her. Her reply: “You wouldn’t have done it if I’d told you…”

      1. Years ago when I worked in a uaw plant every guy had a housewife and a shopwife. They seemed to be pretty happy

          1. A.K.A. a work wife. The woman you’d probably be married to if you weren’t already married. It usually involves listening to her bitch, hearing about all her problem and no sex. In many cases it’s not remarkably different than a regular marriage, just no tax deduction…

            1. A “work husband” is a beta who is doing everything he can to try to bang some chick at work. A “work wife” is a chick who is using some dude at the office like an emotional tampon.

            2. I remember this idiot I worked with picking up the phone all flustered trying to get the name correctly and he blurted out ‘mom’, the receptionist he fought with all day, and finally (correctly) his wife’s name.
              His head was a stew of these toxic women he couldn’t diferentiate…

              1. An older coworker who bore a strong resemblance to Chuck Berry once gave me this sage advice: “Don’ neva call a woman by her name. Always call her honey, sugar or baby. Somethin’ like dat. Dat way you don’ mess up an’ call her by da wrong name.”

  2. Husbands and wives (or boyfriends and girlfriends) who spend every second together are creepy. It doesn’t mean your best friends who do everything together or soulmates, it just means you’re two clingy, creepy, people.

              1. yo you launched you site early? looks good.
                u always take off 5 months or was it due to injury?

                1. Thanks CB. I always take a long break but it’s never been this long. This year, however, I am planning on competing for the first time. My 6 month training regimen is going to be bat shit insane even by my standards so I figured I’d give myself extra time to let some body parts heal and try to depleat nyc if it’s pizza supply

          1. Right. You work in a paint store, right? You probably live with your family, you hang out with your buddies, and on Saturday night you go, you blow it all off at 2001, right?

      1. That actually reminds me of a couple I know that are absolute and total pot-heads. They work at the same place, they only have one crappy ass car, they live in a tiny little house. Their entire existence is all about getting pot and smoking pot. They work the bare minimum they need to pay their expenses, and spend 100% of their free time in their house getting baked. They don’t have any friends, and they never have anyone over — not even other potheads because they don’t want to share their stash. They are always, always together and never do anything apart. They have one cellphone and one email address. I guess you would say they are happy, but they don’t do anything but smoke.

        1. I can’t understand that. Pot is not some end-all-be-all experience. I’m convinced it’s 75% placebo, anyway. It’s just a massive excuse for whatever…

          1. Addictive personalities. I know plenty of people who have essentially constructed their lives around their addictions, even if others wouldn’t consider it a true “addiction.”

    1. Being codependent is never healthy. With great chemistry and heavy duty physical attraction, I can see how a guy and a gal can lose themselves in each other. But a man that is always with his lady is not out building anything or accomplishing anything. As soon as the lady processes that, all the chemistry in the worlds will not get her attraction for him back.

  3. Perfect time to hang out with your potatoes when your wife leaves you.
    You can pick them up, undress them, work your magic and try to make them into something decent.

    In the end, it doesn’t even matter.

  4. Just got back from ten days apart from my woman. Before that, we were frankly getting a little sick of one another. It’s been like a ctrl-alt-delete on the relationship. We’re happier now.

    1. Those are kind of nice for the first week or so. Most summers, my wife will take the kids to see her family for a week or two. By the end, I am looking forward to see them again.

      1. Agreed. Easy test for the quality of a man’s relationship: how fast or how slow you start to miss your woman when you’re apart. That will tell you everything you need to know.

        The minute I got home last week, we were ripping each other’s clothes off. I mean, literally in the first minute. We boffed four times in the next eight hours, plus an impromptu BJ. She finally had to slow me down.

        1. “We boffed four times in the next eight hours, plus an impromptu BJ. She finally had to slow me down.”

          So you were trying to give HER a BJ?

        1. There are no direct flights from nyc to salt lake city; that video might be the reason why

                    1. I miss em…the city is gonna try to force out the metro card in favor of an app on your fone so the city can keep tabs on everywhere you go

      1. Yeah, they do the opposite of us. They live outside, but go camping inside, in a “deer camp”. Duh.

  5. I tell ya, it was like a godsend when my oldest boy turned 12 so we could legally leave them for the evening. Getting away doesn’t just pertain to the wife.

  6. To me, a good test of a relationship is if you can both do something together that neither of you want to do. Like spending time together doing something you both want to do — easy. Spending time apart, both doing something you want to do — easy. Trying to get through some nightmarish dinner or boring social function with people you both hate — more difficult. The man will usually recognize that this is something that has to be done, for whatever reason, and find a way to deal with it. The woman, however, almost always has to have someone to blame. And she ain’t blaming herself, no matter what. So, in a good relationship, she’ll find a way to blame someone other than her man, or some inanimate object, or some other random thing to unleash her internalized venom upon. In a bad relationship, she’ll turn that venom on you.

    1. Absolutely with dreaded visits. And I even enjoy the ride home, just to hear all the hate and bile and not have it directed at me.

      1. I think this test is even more telling if the couple is doing something that the man likes but the woman doesn’t like. If she actually goes along with it, and doesn’t have to make him change it up to suit her, or if she doesn’t make him entirely miserable just to be a spiteful cunt, then she really has genuine affection for him… at least to the extent that women are able to actually feel things like love for people other than themselves and their immediate offspring.

        1. Recently went to a Skillet concert. Wifey doesn’t really like them but she came because she knows I like them and wanted to be with me. She never complained.

    2. What is also tough is doing something that one likes, and the other hates. My wife gets stressed out with any big social functions. I tend to like them. She will find the one or two friends that she is close to, and will go talk with them in some corner. I tend to do the social butterfly thing. It makes for an awkward evening.

        1. You used that word wrong — “gregarious” doesn’t mean “super gay queer” like you think it does.

              1. Are you suggesting there is something “super gay queer” about an unmarried adult billionaire man adopting a young orphan boy and dressing him up in tights to go walk the streets at night?

              1. It is like walking in and seeing your grandma getting a sponge bath. Some things you would want to unlearn.

              1. Before that article, I thought it meant masturbation. Now the jokes I remembered about it are so much more vile.

        2. She’ll get over it. I enjoy talking to young lovelies and my wife is used to it. I used to be socially awkward but I kind of enjoy it now

          1. Hahaha. I’d love to believe you, but mine’s older than yours by a ways and not likely to “get over” anything.

    3. An even better sign that she’s into you is when she’s not angry at you for being sad that your girlfriend is mad at you for cheating on her with a side chick! That’s a rock solid relationship my friend.

  7. Speaking of time off…. I expect all of you fucks to be online and shit-posting all through the holidays. Being off work is not an excuse… in fact, I expect higher rates of shit-posting because you won’t have to pretend to be working and shit. Western civilization is not going to save itself, gentlemen, thus we must keep up the good fight.

    1. I had my article put up this weekend, not a single shit post. Every comment was on point. Despicable.

        1. I think lots of it is just the timing. You send emails to people, and it is direct and concise. Talk to them on the phone, and get more banter. People don’t want to say meaningless crap and have it just hanging out there.

      1. It’s not too late. I’m sure that I can come up with something, possibly even something disgusting. Want me to take a look?

              1. I don’t know. He really seemed to get awfully emotional about it a lot. He literally screamed “MacGyver!!!” every time he fake-died. And he kept coming up with more and more elaborate traps to torture MacGyver rather than just blowing his head off from 1000 yards like any real professional assassin would do. And then there was the time he quit being an international evil assassin just because MacGyver had screwed up so many of his jobs, and then he had to get MacGyver to come save him from his former bosses, and they had all that emotional male-bonding. Seems like maybe Murdoc was a little gay for MacGyver. I mean, I’m not saying anything, I’m just saying.

                  1. Well, I still haven’t found a really acceptable reason why those stupid hobbits didnt just ride the giant eagles all the way to Mordor.

                    1. Like how shitty of a sorcerer was Gandalf? He couldn’t teleport them to Mordor? Give them magic wings or something? His big plan is to find the shortest possible sentient creatures in the known world — creatures that don’t even wear shoes, and who eat 18 meals a day — and he’s going to have them walk all the way to Mordor?

                    2. worst fucking sorcerer ever. Dumbledore, poisoned and about to die, fire lassoed like 10,000 zombies.

                      Gandalf Powers:
                      Seeming slightly taller to the shortest race on middle earth
                      Bonking people in the head
                      Talking to giant eagles but not really bothering using them when needed

                      He blames the disaster in Balin’s Tomb on freaking Pippen who was fidgety because he was scared to death and Gandalf decides to stop and read a freaking book rather than get a move on.

                      At the mines of Moria he has no freaking idea how to get in. Seriously, if Frodo didn’t figure that shit out they would have just been eaten by a monster.

                      He stops to shit talk a balrog….really, ”

                      ‘I am a servant of the Secret Fire, wielder of the
                      flame of Anor. You cannot pass. The dark fire will not avail you, flame
                      of Udûn. Go back to the Shadow! You cannot pass” was really necessary. Come the fuck on. He could have made it away without stopping to trash talk an ancient demon.

                      And again, about the eagles, sure, you can make a compelling reason why the eagles can’t fly them directly to mordor. But Boromir didn’t die in mordor. He died senselessly in the woods. Woods that they could have easily avoided.

                      Council of Elrond at Rivendell it is decided that the fellowship will be made and Frodo will be the ring bearer. First stop, Rohan. Ok, why are we walking to fucking Rohan? Walking? They didn’t even have freaking horses. They walked. Eagles take them to rohan where gandalf uses his super wizard power of bonking the king of rohan on the head.

                      Then Aragorn, in one of the best fuck ups every, decides that Wormtounge ought to be spared to bring the whole plan back to Sauraman. Then Eagles to Gondor. With just these two trips, forgetting having to battle the nazgul or even going into mordor, at the very least frodo sets off for mordor from Gondor, fully provisioned, with a short journey not a one year fucking walk.

                    3. Amen, brother. I’m pretty sure the elves were SJW fags that were trying to ruin everything so they could get their hands on the ring.

                    4. I think I just solved the mystery to why the eagles couldn’t fly the hobbits to the volcano. Because Gandalf is a massive fuckup and couldn’t get his shit together until the end of the trilogy.

                    5. Tough call there. Both of them had the fatal flaw of making an object that can kill them if broken and then freaking losing it but st least voldy split it into seven of them

                    6. I think because Gandalf didn’t have much pull with the eagles and they had a complete ZFG view of it all.

                    7. I posted a Film Theory video explaining all this a while back, but @wbfitness:disqus went into full on nerd rage about how it was all wrong. Heh.

                    8. That I believe. LOL. Don’t get him started on 80s cartoons.

                      My daughter and I are currently reading LOTRs to each other and it is something we both look forward too.

                    9. Does that mean we’re not allowed to have random discussions like this in the comments anymore?

                    10. I wrote off SW a long time ago. I was invited to a mens night out this Friday with a bunch of married guys. Strippers? Whore house (legal here)? Cigar lounge?

                      They are going to go see the new SW flick, so I declined.

                    11. From the reviews I read, you made the right call. From what I read, everything they could have done to fuck it up, they did.
                      Luke dies in a profoundly stupid way even though Mark Hamill is still alive to play his character.
                      Princess Leia survives in a profoundly stupid way even though Carrie Fisher died.
                      Snoke, a mysterious character set up to take the place of Emperor Palpatine is killed.
                      Then you got all the usual SJW/Progressive nonsense they typically push on top of these horrible plot decisions.

                    12. “Luke dies in a profoundly stupid way”

                      Dude!!!!! glad I saw it yesterday!

                      be fukkin it all up for everybody…..

                    13. This place has really gone to shit since they started spending all their time pumping their new forums. Like the comments section just doesn’t matter to them anymore.

                    14. They turn the Rebel Alliance into shot callers for Antifa, led by feminists. One even has purple hair. And whom do they fight? White cis-gendered hetero-normative patriarchy, of course. Jeez, Snoke even turns out to be a white guy.

                    15. YES!!! purple hair broad who turns out not only to be the bravest but also the one to shut down male. individual bravery as a means of problem solving!

                    16. There is a lot to love about it. But the boilerplate political bullshit is kneedeep, minimum. And it is bullshit politics. 2 of our heroes literally go on a mission to break stuff in a town where (evil) rich people live. It’s like an Antifa recruiting montage, and has no value to the story.

                    17. Seeing Luke is a genuine charge, and his performance is fantastic. I like Adam Driver as the pissy princess in black. [Spoilers] I really enjoyed puppet Yoda. The scene was great, if you mentally subtract the fact they are tangentially discussing Rey and accepting her unearned status as heir to their entire order. Rey herself is much more likable in this flick, and comes off as more decisive rather than reactive. Some of the imagery is beautiful.

                      What’s not good (besides the politics, which I’ve been hating more as the film settles): Finn, Rose, Poe. Useless characters. Every time they were onscreen, the diarrhea burbled up out of the edges. None worse than Antifa recruit Rose. Miserably awful. Luke Skywalker dies (of a broken heart), and Antifa fattie lives? C’mon. Feminist haircuts abound. Seriously, did they hire a bunch of lesbian hairstylists on this thing?

                    18. The next movie will be all about Rey, a white woman, resisting her natural inclination to get fucked by a badass, rich, personally impressive white man (Kylo).

                      I’ll put $100 bucks on it, right now. Star Wars 9 will be all bout telling white girls to say “no!” to the oppression of the *real* first order (“patriarchy”). It’ll be the first mass-market intersectional feminist film, with white males offered as the villains that must be wiped from the face of the galaxy.

                    19. The way they play it, Rey, Rose, and (especially) Poe all seem to want to jump Finn. Like he’s the center of desire for their whole cohort.

                    20. So you’re basically telling me that this “bunch of married guys” are married to each other.

  8. In the days before cellphones, I left my wife a note one Friday afternoon telling her I was going hunting and would be back ….Sunday night.

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