Seeking Balance

There’s no doubt that today’s society seeks to emasculate men.  The food, media, lifestyle, and norms are all designed to crush the male spirit.  As this continues over many generations, we have seen men become increasingly feminized in both body and mind, so much so that we often don’t notice.

I was asked earlier tonight a question that brings this issue to light:

Do you ever find yourself doing something you feel is kind of feminine? And if so how do you stop it or correct it?

While this question seems pretty simple on the surface, it takes a bit of introspection and conscious effort.  

What Is Masculine?

Before we can answer the question of whether we are doing something masculine or feminine, we must first determine what constitutes masculine and feminine behaviors.  For these kinds of discussions, I like to view masculinity/femininity not as incompatible forces, but more like yin and yang.

Without one, there cannot be the other and within each resides a little bit of the other. A man who embodies pure masculinity without any of the feminine spirit is not whole and vice versa.  For example, a man should be rational, confident, and decisive, but if he’s a father, he must also have some degree of nurturing and compassion (more feminine qualities).

Let’s take a second to review some basic masculine and feminine traits just to establish a baseline:


  • Dominant/Submissive
  • Opportunistic/Risk-Averse
  • Strong/Soft
  • Rational/Emotional
  • Enforcer/Nurturer

None of these traits are bad, per se, but a man with too many traits from the feminine category will typically be seen as effeminate or gay.  This can cause problems in relationships as the masculine role is left unfilled, forcing the woman to fill in this void and, as we know, women make pretty poor substitutes for men (and vice versa).

A woman who must spend a lot of time fulfilling the masculine roles of a marriage/LTR will usually be stressed and unhappy.

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To determine if you are embodying too many feminine traits, you must spend some time studying your behavior and actions.  This is something best performed throughout the day instead of trying to analyze everything you did at night.

To help simplify the process, I like to break this down into a few basic categories: physical, social, and mental/emotional.

For physical, it’s simply walking and moving in a confident manner.  Am I standing up straight, eyes looking straight ahead, and my shoulders back (not slouched)?

Do I slump in my seat at the office?

Do I try to make myself smaller to appear less imposing?

If you catch yourself doing any of these things, correct yourself and carry on.  After a while, walking tall and confidently will become second habit.  You won’t shrink into your seat (what feminists call manspreading).

The social category involves primarily speaking and mannerisms.  Typical masculine traits for conversing is a low, even tone.  This is something I have problems with when I get excited or passionate about a topic.  Gradually my voice gets higher and I begin talking faster.  I’m sure many of you have the same problem as well, but it can be worked on.

Another aspect of social masculinity is eye contact, again something I’ve had to work on.  Holding eye contact for many is uncomfortable, but with some consistent effort, it becomes easier.  I found that staring at the spot between a person’s eyes helped me get more comfortable with this until I could finally become comfortable enough to look people in the eyes.

Finally, and this is something the gentleman asked me specifically, there are hand gestures.  This area of discussion is a bit grayer than the others with no “right” answer.  Some people simply gesticulate while they talk.  I would say that as long as you’re not doing any gestures clearly effeminate (like the wrist flicking thing you see a lot of women and gay guys do), then you’re fine.

Lastly, we’ll cover the mental/social aspect.  When I was younger, I was a lot more emotional than I am now.  In many ways, I’ve done a complete polar switch, but this wasn’t a natural occurrence.  I had to force my emotions down whenever they threatened to boil over the surface and allow my analytical side to take over the problem that was presenting itself.  I found that dissecting problems and creating a step-by-step plan to fix them kept me from becoming overly emotional.

At first, this is easier said than done as emotions can hijack your thought processes before you even have a chance to muster a defense.  If this happens, take some time after the situation is over to review what happened and what things you could have done differently.


Embracing and cultivating your masculine traits has many benefits such as improved confidence and respect from your peers, but you shouldn’t completely discard the feminine side of the equation as well.

There are times where you may need to flip the switch on the feminine attributes in order to be a better father or more loving husband (see my series on Love & Respect to get a better understand of this).

At the end of the day, you need to be happy with who you are.  If you have some feminine traits, it’s not the end of the world and doesn’t mean you’re a sissy, but it might mean you need to spend some extra time cultivating your masculine side.  Instead of the phrase “just be yourself,” strive for being the best version of yourself.

Author: Jak

Jak, married and father of three, seeks to help the Red-Pill Community take its next step past the petty cynicism and ineffectual anger. While he recognizes that men are significantly handicapped by the modern legal system and culture, he doesn't accept that traditional marriage is untenable in today's social climate. Rather, men must be willing to adapt to this new world by implementing new tactics and approaches to maintaining a balance of power. Jak is here to provide you with these lessons.

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  1. ” I had to force my emotions down whenever they threatened to boil over the surface”.- There’s no telling how many hammers,pliers, wrenches and prybars I “planted” in my younger days by getting mad and throwing them somewhere where they couldn’t be found. I still find that boiling up from time to time where I want to kick out the windows, but if I walk off a few minutes,when I come back it isn’t as big of a deal anymore.

    It’s 0500 get up, you bums.

    1. I actually slept 6+ hours last night. That’s pretty damn good for me.
      Got home around 8:30 PM and had only one drink w/ dinner (a salad & some cold cuts & cheese) before hitting the sack.

      1. If there’s one thing for sure in this world, if I didn’t have to work for a living I would never get up this early lol.
        I went to bed unusually early for me at 8:30, then wide awake at 3:30.

          1. For me the difficult part is falling asleep. As for sleeping, you couldn’t wake me up with a punch. Waking up in the morning is something I LOATHED since I was about 3 which is my earliest memory of being forced out of bed.

            1. I prefer to work out in the evening, shower and relax a little before hitting the rack. Sleep way better. Letting go of the day-to-day problems is important. Naturally women tend to want to talk about ALL the issues of the day right before you nod off.

              1. Agreed, exercise is great. Also, turn off the electronics at least a half hour before bed. Like chickens, our sleep cycle depends greatly on the amount of light we get. Staring at a screen will inhibit our ability to sleep.

                1. For electronic devices you can get f.lux which reduces the level of blue light which affect your boddy’ s circadian rhythm.

                  1. TV anywhere is, except toilet, kinda appropriate having a mud watching much of the same on TV

              2. Yes on all counts.
                3 favorite times women want to talk about stuff:
                -right after you doze off
                -just as you leave the house or car
                -when you’re in the shower with soap in your eyes and ears

                1. Happened to me this morning as I was headed out to work. “Time to tell me that was between 7-10 PM last night. I cannot help you now.” — Let em learn.

                    1. Y’all are forgetting the verbal diarrhea download that occurs the instant you walk in the door from work. I do not miss that shit.

                    2. Maddening isn’t it? I mean you can’t even take your coat off before she wants to download her entire day to you. She’ll ask you how yours was first as a courtesy but if you say more than “fine” she’ll immediately segue it into a 45-60 minute vent about her day, which consists almost entirely of *nothing important*.

                    3. Best bit I ever saw on this subject. Dad character comes home, cracks open a bottle of beer sits down. Wife comes at him with both barrels. He cuts her off, indicating with his finger the half-way mark on the bottle, and says: “not till I’m here”

                    4. I find it *highly* rude. It all stems from feminism and women out working. They used to provide comfort and solace when you came home and a sympathetic ear to listen to you, now that they’re men with tits they want to bitch about their day just like you do, only now now now because I’m entitled princess! It’s bullshit.

                      My grandmother was stay at home (clearly) and she’d putter about the house doing housework and cooking in a normal cotton shirt and informal pants/slacks/dress, but half an hour before grandfather would come home she’d go and change into a nice, almost formal type dress, and doll herself up for his arrival. We’ve really gotten a raw deal on this scene, thanks to the Boomers dropping the ball all in the name of “free love”.

              3. The WB Fitness routines have cured my insomnia. So much chemical zaniness floods the system, it’s like being shot with a tranq dart.

            2. amen. If I lived alone I’d still be in bed 25 years ago….I have to consciously force my self up and out. Shacking up with a goddamn morning person helps.

          2. It drives me up the wall at times, once I wake up good then I’m wide awake and there ain’t no going back to sleep after that, well until it’s time to get up, then I get sleepy.

    2. Getting mad at someone without physically fighting them is just a temper tantrum and means the angry person is a little bitch, respectfully speaking .

      1. I wasn’t necessarily talking about being mad at somebody, if I was mad at somebody I would have hit THEM with the hammer. I was mad with SOMETHING. Step across this line right here…

        1. For sure. Being angry when alone and venting alone is healthy . When angry at a person you can state your point to them and walk away calmly. Real simple.

          1. It takes willpower to walk away calmly when you would rather strangle them. Now, step inside this circle…

            1. When you’re angry at someone and display it, you give your power away . In wrestling , we were taught never to get angry because you lose concentration and it plays into your opponents strategy

      2. Right. I don’t do ‘pissing matches’. Someone that throws a tantrum has just revealed all his cards and is full of shit.

    3. That’s interesting. I’ll be clearing woods at the edge of my yard and mowing, trying to square off the nice part of the grass. I keep finding old rusty tools every so often. I thought someone lost them or maybe dropped them while working on something. It’s too late to return them. The wood handles on the hammers I find are old and rotten so that tells me that the guy is probably old or dead by now. I clean the tools up on my wire brush wheel and spraypaint with red derusto so you can see them in the grass next time. There’s quite a big pile of the tools on my bench. I’ve used them a bit too. Hammers, screwdrivers, hatchets.

      Question: Did you have a favorite spot you threw your tools or did you go every direction? The tools I find are scattered. The guy must have been pissed off. It all makes sense now.

      1. It was dependent on which direction I was facing at the moment. Although I’ve planted a lot of them over the years, none ever sprouted.

        1. A tool garden with snap on sockets growing on tomato vines, cigarette trees and whiskey waterfalls – that sounds like the Big Rock Candy Mountain.

  2. Slouching is feminine?
    I just thought bad posture.
    I do have to work on that, though.

    And I set my adjustable chair very low at work. But that’s to keep my knees from hitting stuff under the desk. People have commented that I sit so low they can’t tell if I am there unless they walk over. I kind of like that. Being under the radar and all. All I care is that the check comes on Friday.

    Finally regarding talking with hands and being loud.
    For some of us here, that’s an ethnic thing.

    Very common with us “Northeast ethnic types”.

            1. y’all is much better, it has a much deeper level of sophistication than the “you’se” used by Irish knackers.

                1. they used more of a “you’sens”, at least in N. Ireland, Lots of bastard kids from single mothers over there.

                    1. I always thought it was with a ‘u’. Is there an Appalachian dictionary we can consult? No? You mean they haven’t formally codified their peculiar dialect? lol

                    2. Their peculiar dialect can be traced directly to Elizabethan English. Words like “betwixt” and “yonder” and “yon” are and were proper English words, we just don’t use them any longer, whereas they do. In many ways they speak a more original and correct English than a modern Briton, however, as it’s antiquated we associate it with not being highly educated (which in the case of Appalachia is true more times than not).

          1. English really cries out for a plural form of you like you’ll find in some other languages (usted/ustedes, etc). We really shouldn’t have dropped the familiar form of “you” either (thou) but we did, which was stupid.

            1. My dad used “thee”/“thy”/“thou” all the time. When I try, people actually respond with hostility, like I’m trying to start some kind of drama.

              1. That’s really interesting! Why? It fell out of fashion before the printing of the King James Bible, so that when the first edition came out it sounded to the contemporary ear at the time like how “grandma and grandpa speak”, even back then.

            2. From whenst thou comest? Just doesn’t have the same ring to it as, where the hell did you come from?

                  1. *pretty sure* it’s not a substitute for the word “the”, bro.

                    1. It’s still wrong. The usage of Thou is the same as the usage of “I”, in the sense of thy/thine/thee/thou and when to use them. What he would have said in that case was “Does you bear shit in the wood”, which is silly.


                      What I find really interesting is that spell checker is totally cool with the second person familiar, not a one of them trigger a red underline.

            3. Added bonus: In Spanish, when someone moves from addressing you in third person to second person, it means that he/she has accepted you. It’s unique. We don’t have a similar way of expressing that in English.

              1. Oh, quite so. That’s why it’s called the familiar form, it suggests a closer state of acquaintance.

          1. The fuck you say. “Y’all” ain’t plural only! Now, “all y’all” is plural only, but that’s a different story.

            1. No, y’all means two or more. You is only one. Nobody says that shit like , ” youall wanna come over here and sit by little ole me”?.

              1. Many a time I have glanced at a hot chick, looked blatantly at her tits, and then said, “Y’all come over her and sit by me.”

                1. When you say ” hey y’all , come here “, you should be referring to more than one person. You say “hey you! In the red shirt,come here”. As long as everybody ain’t wearing a red shirt it’s all good.

                  1. What are you, the fucking southern grammah police? Y’all” can be singular all day long, and I have already definitely established that. See, ergo: “all y’all” motherfucker.

                    1. Yes I’m the southern grammar po-leece and the po-leece don’t like fags fucking up the usage of “y’all.

                    2. Anybody from further north than Macon Ga is a Yankee and there ain’t no hills around here.

                    3. You sumbitches couldn’t close an umbrella!
                      Gleason had an atrocious southern accent but, he gets a pass for being so funny.

          2. you mean to tell me that everything south of New York City isnt like Gone With The Wind?

            thats my idea of the USA ruined.

            1. Sorry I ruined it for you lol, I think the only actor in the whole movie who was from the south was Hattie McDaniel(Mammy).

          1. For me it’s the Wisconsin accent. Think the movie Fargo.

            There’s no range of emotional expressivity. Folks who speak like that have got to be power kegs inside…

              1. Yeah, you’re right. It’s more Minnesota than Wisconsin. But it’s starts to show up in Wis…

                  1. I had a guy on a work gig in Green Bay refer to a significant problem as “a real boner” in the most earnest tone of voice imaginable. I abruptly stood up, left the conference room, and laughed myself sore in the hallway.

                    1. I remember some older men using that term like “a significant problem” growing up but never anybody Baby Boomer age or younger. It fell out of fashion here I guess, likely because of the giggle factor. Funny that it’s still being used up in Cheeselandia.

            1. I met a chic from Wisconsin at the beach one time. When she found out I grew up on a farm in Georgia she wanted to know how to grow peanut trees.

          2. I once banged this chick who was born in Georgia (like the former USSR country over by Russia, not the state) but who grew up in Boston. Her accent was so fucked up, it was awesome. Plus she was hot as fuck.

            1. (like the former USSR country over by Russia, not the state)

              This sounds awkward and takes a lot of precious time to have to explain it long form. Isn’t there some sort of shorthand, like dot/feather for Indian?

              1. AIDS/No-AIDS

                I’m assuming that if Ukrainians have AIDS then it stands to reason Georgians do.

                  1. ‘Murica is non-AIDS. Georgia, through it’s association with the Ukraine, would be “AIDS”. One jaunty little boat trip and you can transmit HIV from Georgia to the Ukraine and vice versa, so I’m going with it.

                  1. These fucks have just spent 2 hours debating how to differentiate Georgia the former USSR country from Georgia the US state. I think that’s pretty good goddamn evidence that I should have just said “Russia.”

                    1. To be fair, I wasn’t so much interested in the debate as I was finding the absolute most offensive way to refer to them.

                    1. Pretty sure it’s the commies and socialists who love soccer, bro.

                1. Convenience store is very cumbersome.

                  How about “quickie” as in “Quickie Mart” instead?

            2. That’s awesome .. real Caucasians .. you really like that type ? They tend to be con artists

                1. My redneck buddy just paid $30 to tinder to see what he can pull in Moscow. He hasn’t been off that fucking phone all week

                    1. Same with latinas . That waist bulges in 10different directions after they pop out a kid or hit the magic age of 30

                    2. Nothing worse than getting a fine latino package home and unwrapping it to find those post-baby flat-pancakes tits with the super dark-brown, extra-large dinner plate nipples.

                    3. I don’t get it either . My prom date in 1991 had a hairy bush and I had to force my tongue thru that. It felt like eating a brillo pad

          3. I have to say I think the Indian (dot/convenience store) accent is the worst accent ever. I would rather run sharp cheese-graders over my ears than listen to that shit.

            1. The upper caste types speak good English, almost British proper, but fuck, the middle/untouchable types, good God, it’s like they’re talking with a mouth full of shit. I *loathe* listening to it, and wouldn’t you know it, 3/4 of all tech interviews are with one of these mumbling idiots. I’ve actually been turned down for a job because I couldn’t understand the “tech contact” that the HR person brought to the interview. When the HR guy started giving me the eyeball I straight up said “Seriously? Can you tell me in all honesty that you can understand anything he’s saying?!?” Dude refused to answer me, then I was asked to leave and escorted out of the building. Fuckers.

                1. Kind of? Isn’t that like saying that the Hindenberg was kind of flammable?

              1. I was at the drivers license office one day back when Georgia State Troopers still ran it. This teenage Indian girl had brought here parents to do the driving part of their test , they had already passed the written exam. A trooper got in the car with mom and they didn’t even make it out of the driveway. Trooper got out of the car , walked over to girl and said” they’re going to have to learn English before taking the drivers test”. The girl said” they speak kings English well”. The trooper said” I don’t know anything about kings English but, if they want a drivers license they gotta learn American English”.

                1. While I generally find a southern accent to be very pleasant, there are some places in west Texas, and definitely some places in Alabama, where the chicks have accents that are like nails on a chalkboard.

                2. The fuck? I mean the trailer trash, yeah, sure, but a genteel Southern accent on a pretty woman is divine.

                3. I’m with you on that. I’ve heard them called “southern belles” well I don’t know what sound a bell makes in the south but I assure you no angels get their wings

                    1. That ain’t fair, if I had to be around her, I would duct tape her mouth shut. Best I remember though she wasn’t hard to look at back in the day.

                  1. is that how everyone south of NYC speaks?

                    sounds very cool btw.
                    and the answer to her question when its sunny and raining, “sun shower”

                    1. More or less depending on the region but it’s mostly similar from Virginia to Louisiana in the coastal areas. Those mountain folk sound a lot different though. It took some searching to find a female with a normal (to me anyway) southern accent. There’s a few few videos about “stuff southern women say” but they kind of over emphasize it making it not sound authentic.
                      Having said that, as I’ve gotten older and started paying attention I notice that some people have slightly different accents who grew up just a few miles apart and the more I notice it and pick up on it the more interesting it is.

                    2. thanks for that answer UC, would love visit the south of the US, from what ive read of the knees posts id probably be killed by an irate New Yorker for being to much of a tourist (i cant blame NYers for being pissed off at tourists, damn Sarah Jessica Parker & Kim Cattrall)

                    3. The south is like most anywhere else, it’s got its good points and bad. I wouldn’t mind going to NYC one time just to say I had been but I probably won’t ever get around to it. I would rather go places where there are less people.

                  1. dot or feather?
                    i can picture a feather injin called George, kinda like the one on Joe Dirt.

            2. Yup. Especially an Indian female. Most annoying accent ever. The way they roll their R’s is the worst. And say “Yee” instead of “E”.

    1. I wouldn’t say slouching is feminine; more so emasculating. You’re making yourself smaller and less obtrusive. Plus slouching restricts air flow in and out of your lungs, making you weaker.

      1. Depends on the brand of bad. Military posture is really atrocious. Good posture is always best. My gargoyle posture makes it look like I’m going to hit someone in the near future. My whole damn family walks like aggressive gargoyles. It’s annoying

          1. I’ve seen it..that straight as an arrow posture that just screams someone taught me how to stand using guidelines from the government. Neutral posture is great but try though I may I can never pull it off

    2. With body language, something may not be feminine, but it can definitely be unmasculine.

      1. Only way to silence a zip, wop, grease-ball, dago or any other kind of guinea is to tie their hands behind their back.

  3. Any of you guys ever chopped a twelve inch or bigger tree down? If you ever have to clear brush, take the time and do it. Using a chainsaw is fine, but theee is something about attacking with and axe until it falls that is satisfying.

    1. Not since boyscouts. But dropping a 3-4′ diameter tree right where you want it is still pretty satisfying even with a chainsaw.

      1. I like breaking stuff. The reason I bring this up on this subject is there is a real connect in what you do and your mannerisms. Spend all day every day in front of the computer leaves little to build a masculine demeanor. Ever noticed the difference between the average Joe living in a metropolitan setting, versus the average Joe in a ranching community?

              1. It’s still a tough job. Riding in a combine is all well and good, but there’s more to it than that.

                1. im pretty sure it is. I was just contemplating why alot of people that live in rural areas are fat. But bem brought up a good point on how most of those people arent farmers

          1. Farmers and people who work the land directly generally are not. But the kind sitting in a double wide drinking “coke” all day and eating pork rinds, oh hell yeah.

            1. Death preppers… they don’t need to worry about the apocalypse. Diabetes will get to them before North Korea

          2. You are probably referring to the white trash ruralites. They live in houses that would have been abandoned as farms get bought up by corporations, but don’t have land. They don’t walk from point A to point B, too far.

  4. If you want to avoid acting feminine, here are three basic rules to give you a big headstart:

    1. Stand up to piss.
    2. Don’t suck dick.
    3. Don’t be a pussy.

    Boom. Done. Also, spell out the word “fuck” like a grown ass man instead of doing some lame purposely misspelling like fag.

          1. Calling out people for being little bitches is never feminine.

            Also white-knighting for bem isn’t just feminine, it’s gay as fuck.

    1. Urinal splash stains my white silk pants. I’m sitting down to pee bitch. Whacha gonna do ‘bout It ?

        1. Also when you’re uncircumcised the little fold of skin can cause the stream to shoot in unknown directions . It’s highly volatile down there especially after you’ve had a few drinks

                  1. I had a college friend that told me a story of this hot girl diahreaing all over him at orgasm. He just picked her up and took her to the shower.

                    1. it is usually a mood killer for my wife. she is going crazy, and then it happens and then she gets all embarrassed and apologetic. sucks.

                    2. I dated a Guatemalen girl who squirted a pint every 5 thrusts . I seriously thought she was going to die of dehydration

                    3. not striving for perfection, but refraining from taking someones dick in your butt is a reasonable standard

                    4. learnt a new verb today! you guys are better than ‘s “word of the day”

                    5. Seriously, how do you not take a flamethrower to her and the entire room at that point?

                    6. The point is to erase the entire experience out of existence, to me anyway.

      1. Hey, I’m just trying to help. Sit down to pee all you want. Suck as much dick as you want, too.

  5. Hand gestures are situational and cultural. In Latin cultures, the men do a particular limp-wristed movement that isn’t gay, just an expression like “I’m improvising something right now”.

      1. But that’s not gay! And when they meet in formal situations and grab each others dick and fondle each other’s asses, that is *totally* not gay. Nope!

          1. I don’t even want another guy in the same house with me when I’m banging a chick. The closest I’ve ever gotten to a gangbang was fucking a chick in a hotel room.

            1. Another girl in the house, preferably in the same room, however, is ideal.

            2. I’ve never had the experience or been asked to join one . People I know who have been in 3 somes say it was not that great , MMF or FFM

              1. Confirmed. Years ago I was with two girls at the same time and it really wasn’t that great. It’s not even on my mental highlight reel. Maybe if they’d been hotter or more enthusiastic…

                1. Well, flip the script and imagine yourself and a girl with some other bloke gyrating his gonads right in front of you. I don’t think I would be too enthusiastic either.

                  1. Hey, they asked ME to join their little giggly experimental lesbionic party. They coulda showed a little more passion. At least one of them.

                    1. Yeah no passion is pointless no matter how many girls you have.

              2. I had one with my college girlfriend and her roommate. Ended the typical college threesome way, the roomate puking and my girlfriend crying. But before that it was pretty fun.

                  1. They were both were very drunk. The roommate went to another dudes room in the frat house. I screwed the gf in the ass and everything was alright.

                    1. somewhere out there both are probably now wives and mothers attending PTA meetings and science fairs.

                    2. Yeah the gf just got married to some tool. The roomrate had fucked most the frat house by the time she graduated. Luckly i was number four and didnt have to buy the keg like the next guy when she hit BINGO.

                    3. they always marry the tool. My post wall fuck buddy*I guess girlfriend as she likes to say ) just checked herself into the hospital for anxiety when I walked out on her drunk ass 2 nights ago. She was once involved in a 3 some years ago. That shit makes them loopy crazy.

                    4. Yeah they were both pretty unstable before that and didnt get anybetter after. Me constantly ripping on the roommate about it prolly didnt help

                    5. she’s under the false impression that her slutiness is keeping me attached to her. I play politics with her and tell her how she’s the one for me and she’s so fun..blah blah ..blah…Little does she know I’m also setting up a date with a 19 year old tomorrow.

                    6. You know, if my wife got ran over by a bus, I think the only way I would remarry is find a career chick, date them awhile, then if they are reasonably clean, give them an ultimatum, quit your job and marry me, or not. Take it or leave it.

                    7. why not use the career woman for her money and dress like Rusty Ryan aka Brad PItt in Oceans 11?

                    8. And they pretend it never happened, later in life, getting all stuffy and uptight. I went out with a girl for one date, then was talking to her friend (girl) about her later and I mentioned how kind of uptight and conservative this girl was, she was very “feminist” after an hour of conversation, was really, really conservatively dressed and acted like she was above things. Her friend said “Wow, she’s sure changed, in college she went through over 200 guys” I never called the broad back. Fuck that noise, I don’t want to work for what 200 other guys got for free, lol.

                    9. On facebook you see the girls dressed all nice with their husband and kids and i just remember all my frat brothers stories about the fucked up shit they did to these girls. One chick wouldnt go out if she was on the rag “because whats the point if she couldnt bring a guy home”. Would bring a guy home everyother night of the week, got doubleteamed by two of my buddies and now shes married.

                    10. I scammed a whore on seeking arrangement last year and just happened to find her on Facebook. Well some guy was lovey dovey on her FB wall so I decided to PM him and sent him the naked pics she sent me prior to us meeting. It didn’t phase him one bit.

                    11. they have a kid together..The guy is a bartender and avid body builder. He could pull more tail than I could, yet he wifed up a quasi-whore.

                    12. I never got around to asking her to be honest. Hell I didn’t even know she went to college until her friend told me, although I kind of assumed because she was well dressed (in an uptight manner), but no, never asked. Didn’t care. The last thing on my mind regarding women is their education and their career.

                    13. imagine the dude that will take that shit on. he’s fucked and deprived. at least the post wall slut I’m seeing now still fucks like a pro or else I’d skip town on her ass.

                    14. She’ll get somebody eventually, my guess is a church going man, as she’s playing it up with the Ice Princess look. That being said, she was really very pretty. No doubt some unlucky sonofabitch will put a ring on that, in time.

                    15. my (former) best friend has been exposed to the red pill for 10 years. We have both been going to bars, strip clubs, and running as much as game as possible but he still thinks that 40 year old multi-divorced single moms can be life long partners for him. On top of that, he’s looking online for his old single mom post wall unicorn.

                    16. My absolute favorite part of the manosphere are the “This girl was such a whore…” stories.

                    17. I got a friends sister who is such a delusional whore, she once showed up to the funeral of the married sugar daddy she was banging just to see if he was leaving her anything.

              3. Like anything it’s what you make it. If they’re just there because they’re bored and feel like they have to, then it’s the same as being with only one woman who has the same attitude. Two enthusiastic pretty girls though? Sign me the hell up.

            3. Reminds me of a beer party back in the day. A good friend of mine was in the back bedroom with this blonde. Just to be a turd, I yell out, loud enough for the whole house to hear, “HEY TED! HURRY UP AND EJACULATE SO YOU CAN COME OUT AND DRINK SOME BEER!”. The whole house erupts in laughter, including Ted. He yells back, “YOU GUYS ARE SPOILING THE MOOD”. Funny as hell.

              1. O I used to love that shit – banging on the door, rocking the car…best fun to be had for the one NOT getting laid…

                1. Not long ago, I parked with my wife on a back road and some teenagers pulled up behind us. my wife had her shirt off. They come up and ask some nonsensical things. All the while my wife is hiding under a coat. They take off. Totally killed the mood and now she is much more leery about going at it in the outdoors

                    1. I always found that mindset funny. Lots of city dwellers have that attitude when coming across someone when secluded. Like a guy is a murder or butt rapist because they are wearing sloppy clothes and off the beaten path.

                      (Lots of stories today) During Christmas break from college, some friends from Portland, OR came to where I grew up. We go sledding at this abandoned ski run. We are parked on the shoulder of the road, and a carload of guys stop and ask if we needed help. I didn’t know who stopped, but we chatted about something. When they took off, the girls I was with commented that they were scared. I found that odd.

      2. I’ve lived/travelled all over Latin America and have never seen men walk arm-in-arm. Once in a while, particularly in Argentina, guys kiss on the cheek, but it’s only between bros, and they’re manly about it.

        1. I’ve seen it in affluent areas of Monterrey Mexico when I lived there . Kissing on cheeks mostly in Middle East or former ussr

  6. Men generally get less expressive and less emotive as we get older. That’s good because it can help you navigate problems in life with minimal stress.

    However, it’s bad because young women really like expressive men. Youthful exuberance is the single characteristic that separates those who can pull young women from those who can’t. You don’t want to be the boring stonefaced old guy who sits there with arms crossed, never reacting to anything.

  7. On eye contact – I find that maintaining it increases your persuasive power exponentially. Especially if you can do it without coming across as an overbearing psycho. But maintain calm and aloof eye contact while you say what you want and people will want to believe you. It conveys confidence. Hard to explain, but it works.

            1. Once they make an all female version of Robin Hood: Men in Tights, I say we light our torches, grab our pitchforks and head to Hollywood to end their reign of terror once and for all.

              1. come on Jak, women in tights would be so much better, but butchering the Robin Hood story would be blasphemy.

      1. They must be busy cutting their own throats and to think they’ve been sitting around wondering why people aren’t going to the movies.

  8. haven’t read him but if he’s gay I wonder what jack donovan would know about balancing the old yin and yang ? Not that there’s anything wrong with not balancing the old yin and yang

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