The Carryover Effect

I work in tech and I have a female for a boss.  Typical 30 something “career oriented” woman, we all know the type.  She doesn’t handle stress well and freaks out over trivial things.  I got to thinking how I pretty much practice frame on her, dont back down, and handle my shit.  It got me thinking about how red pill tactics have a carry over into the workplace.

Keeping Frame

I was away from my home office at one of our sattelite offices yesterday and long story short, IT shit hit the fan.  I was already on my way back to my home office when my phone starts blowing up.  Shes freaking out telling me all these insignificant details and wondering where I am.  I assure her I’m on my way and I would handle it.  I get in, fix whatever was broken before even seeing her and then I walked to her office. The mixed look of relief/anger was on her face.  Before she could get a word in I tell her I handled it and was going to document the incident.  Every complaint had a solid answer and I kept calm and collected.  She ended up thanking me and even confessing that she was freaking out on the phone.

This is similar to how your wife can in a stressful situation completely lose control and look to you to fix it.  I’m not saying that you should do everything for her while she sits on her ass, but keeping calm when shit is popping off is a surefire way to win.


Being confident in the workplace is a huge benefit.  Taking on responsibility builds confidence as you crush it at work.  Other than just deliverables, having confidence in yourself to go and challenge something or propose a new idea can pay off as well.  In a previous job I once again had a female boss (wtf man?!) and I knew I wasn’t getting paid enough.  I just walk in unannounced and put my proposal out there.  A month later I got a $8/hour raise.  It could have backfired but it didn’t.  It kind of follows the red pill teaching of just approaching what you want, even if there is a chance of failure.  If you do indeed fail, you won’t make the same mistakes in the future.


We’re social creatures and how we present ourselves is a big deal.  Luckily I don’t have to wear a suit to work each day, but I make sure things like my beard, fingernails, hair (well whats left of it) etc are all well groomed.  I wear clothing that fits well for my body.  I see a few guys in the office that look like absolute shit (man-bun anyone) and no one takes them seriously.


I know what you all must be thinking.

“Game in the office? Are you fucking crazy”

Traditional hook up game can land you with sexual harassment allegations.  Hell, these days sneezing around some of these women could.  Though traditional game isn’t what I’m talking about.

Game at the end of the day is how to influence people into your frame.  I game my boss like this all the time.  If I need more money in my budget or there is something I need approved I do it in person.  Basically anything I want that I don’t need to cover my ass on with a paper trail, I directly ask for.  Here I kind of combine some of the other points above.  I walk in directly, it catches her off guard, then explain what I need and why, maintain frame and always have an answer and I typically get whatever I need within reason.


Red pill tactics and teachings can spill over into your workplace career.  If you naturally use red pill theory at home, there is no way it wont work in the office.  Obviously there are times that these points wont always work but you can read the situation.  Give it a shot, see if you find the same conclusions I have.

-J. Nyx

Author: Jnyx

Fitness addict, DIY guru, tech nerd, member of Memesters Local 419.

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  1. “Typical 30 something “career oriented” woman, we all know the type.”

    Who spends every penny before it hits her account and when she doesn’t get promoted, as most don’t, into the executive circle she immediately seeks a beta shlub to have a baby with at 39. If she keeps herself in shape and is semi-attractive she might be able to stretch the search out until 45, but considering the odds she might as well play the lottery while she is at it. I know a few former female colleauges who are truly the flotsam and jetsam of the career woman route– not a happy bunch.

    On topic, don’t be afraid to admit you don’t know something and ask questions– you should always be willing to learn or invesitage further to find solutions. Offer concise answers and verify before hand your sources are valid when you see that your Input would facilitate resolving issues. One of my worst career posts was being an interim manager and reporting to a female supervisor on the US west coast. They had problems with their foreign subsidiaries and I was brought on board to help turn it around. As I kept offering solutions and work arounds within the means available on the ground, and my reqeusts for capital spend denied, I began to realize they were not actually sure what they wanted.

    I deferred extending the contract and when I went to the corporate offce to give her a debrief, I found out her complete staff were all women. Unsurprisingly I was the only male on her team (who declined to work further with her).

  2. Have worked for females twice.
    The last time was back in 90/91.
    Both were hideous.
    The first one I nicknamed “Uncle Fester”, because she looked and dressed like him.
    Although I suspect the real Uncle Fester had better personal hygiene, wasn’t married to a “beta schlub” like this one was, and never dated a “rasta man”.
    The second I nicknamed “Fat Ass Mary”. No further explanation needed.

    When I was younger (20s, 30s, maybe even early 40s) I actually gave a damn about things like putting my ideas into action, influencing others, making contacts, etc..Even used to take clients and coworkers out to places like Spark’s and Bobby Van’s on special occasions, and used to pick up checks in the 1K range. I don’t do any of that anymore (although I did take a manager to BLT PRIME a couple of times in 2016, as he went out of his way to get me 2 rate increases without me even asking). Now I just go in, do my work, and go home. I try to be as agreeable and helpful as possible, and do an honest days work. But my “ambitious” days are over. Just want to have the following combination for as long as possible:

    – High rate
    – short commute
    – lowest stress
    – least amount of hours.

    I have a decent combo of the above in my current contract.

    Although the 50 hour week is high, the other 3 areas are very decent.

    1. – High rate
      – short commute
      – lowest stress
      – least amount of hours.

      Amen. I’ve accepted a lower yearly income to have all those things, which themselves are worth money. I could be making $20,000 more per year but am unwilling to pay the associated costs that go with that, including a commute, physical stress, poor health, fewer hours, limited vacations, loss of control, and lack of passion for my work.

      1. That’s the plan I’m working on now. My commute is eight yards, unless I have to make coffee then it might be longer. Sometimes I’ll encounter my cat in the way, but she moves, eventually.

          1. Three+ years working from home and counting. They keep giving me raises, and I keep accepting them. It’s really working out great so far. If I get fired or quit tomorrow it would suck, but eh, eventually you can wiggle your way into another similar position once you get enough time in at the company. My ultimate goal is to retire in 4 or less years before I hit 55.

            1. I’ll work until I can’t get work anymore.
              If I can’t get programming contracts, I’ll go for QA or App Support. The FU fund will last maybe 6 or 7 years at my rate of spending, so I figure I will take contracts for as long as I can find them.

              Unless I win the lottery or something. Then it’s “party time”…

            2. I’ll never retire. I love what I do, and it’s scalable — as a freelancer, the work goes up and down thru the year anyways.

              Maybe, in my dotage, I’ll pull back to 15-20 hrs a week. Maybe not.

                  1. You’ll definitely want to scale back when you get older. Can’t be leavin’ a busted hip on the sidewalk when you got cars to sell!

              1. I’m not wired like that at all. I was laid off for a while and took a voluntary 6 month sabbatical, because the company gave me this huge severance package and I figured what the hell. I found all kinds of fun things to get into and had a blast and not once did I wake up in the morning thinking “Man, I wish I was dragging myself into a dank, cold lit office to work for corporate overlords”. Not once. Heh.

                1. Trust me –that cold, dank office never changes.

                  I was asked if we should arrange a xmas dinner for the head office and suggested just increase their annual bonus $100 and save everyone the hassle of showing up. Didn’t go down well.

      2. The passion is gone for me, but yeah I agree on the rest.
        I worked in Jersey on my last contract.
        90 min. minimum for one way commute.
        Never again, even if a little more $$$.

        1. Yup. people ask me “dont you want to do more interesting projects?”
          No. Not at the expense of my 25 minute walk of a commute and generous salary.
          Better to serve in hell and all that I guess…..

        2. My brother worked in Jersey for 5 years and hated every minute of it. No love for the residents either.

        1. The “short commute” I refer to above is 65 minutes door to door. For me that is short. But at least no subway and even better no PATH train like my previous commute.

          1. I love the subway. It’s the vascular system of the city. It’s rough and crowded and requires aggression. I think that the morning commute is a great way to get into the active/aggressive mind set that work in NYC requires. This is a cut throat city the commute is the good morning we need.

            It also has other perks like a social aspect

            1. Oh, I’ve gotten aggressive on the subway.
              Too many times.
              Especially when being egregiously crowded by some fat ass.
              Ever see an omega blow a gasket?
              It’s not a pretty picture.
              I prefer Metro North and walking.

              1. The question isn’t whether or not you can get aggressive on the subway, but whether or not you enjoy it. I really enjoy it. It is part of who I am and it is why I am able to kick ass in this city in the way that I do.

                Subway game is great.

                1. “The question isn’t whether or not you can get aggressive on the subway, but whether or not you enjoy it.”

                  I suppose sometimes yes for a short period, and then some regret.

                  I got into an argument last year with a fat old bag (most likely my age) who was blocking the door and caused me to get hit by the door trying to get in on Fulton St (coming home from Jersey City job).
                  She made a nasty remark to me about bumping into her (which I could not avoid given her size, where she was standing, and the subway door hitting me). To make a long story short (too late!) I ended the argument by telling her she should stay home. She said something like “no I won’t stay home” and I countered with “If you’re too old and too fat to get out of the way, you should stay home!”. This was a very loud argument on a very crowded 4 train. She shut up after that. And so did everyone else in the car. So yes, I felt good that I shut up the nasty old bag and an entire subway car, but later, I felt kind of stupid that I made a spectacle of myself.

                  A previous incident on the 6 train included me going somewhat ballistic at a guy who outweighed me by around 100 lbs. Again, he backed down and the entire car refused to make eye contact with me. Felt good for a while, but again, felt real stupid on the Metro North ride home that I made a spectacle of myself. The subway brings out the worst in me, so no I do not enjoy it. These incidents happen about 2 or 3 times a year when I ride the subway. I don’t miss it.

                  1. I absolutely get it. I use my body frequent and will full on hockey check a door standing douche bag. I don’t care if they are a local or a tourist if they don’t know proper etiquette im slamming right the fuck into them.

                    My best one was getting off the train when a black woman and her young (like 5) year old daughter tried to get on before I got off. I told her that if she teaches her daughter some fucking manners it might keep her off the pole.

                    I never feel bad and feel it keeps me on my toes.

                    Just the other day some dipshit stopped in the middle of 34th street to look at his map with his family. I said “get the fuck back to idaho”

                    That kind of early morning aggression puts you in the right frame of mind I thing

                    Maybe it is because, like Bane, I was born to the darkness but I absolutely love it.

                    1. I think it is just in your nature. My father was like that.
                      A few guys are 24/7 kick ass types.
                      Most guys are normal and even tempered.
                      And a few (like me) are omegas who snap and go psycho every once in a while. I try to keep it to a minimum.

                    2. Different types of people all around. I am pretty much aggressive about everything. It is why I could never live in suburbia. I would just wind up choking some dickhead out. I see people every year come to the city in droves thinking it will be some wonderful glamorous thing and soon have to tuck their tale between their legs and go back home with some story about how they used to live in the big city.

                      To live and work in perma light with constant noise and constant pressure from population density, the buildings, the concrete….it simply isn’t for everyone, not everyone can hack it. That isn’t a bad thing. I certainly couldn’t hack suburbia. It takes all kinds.

                    3. Oh I could easily live in Turtle Bay, Or Gramercy Park, or Murray Hill, where I would walk to work. Paying an extra $2500 – $3000 a month would be a problem though, as it would absolutely cut into my “extra curricular activities”.
                      I wouldn’t want to live in other areas of Manhattan, though.
                      Just Midtown East.

                    4. Oh even I avoid Midtown, times square and the rest of the tourist traps. I can deal with the intensity of the locals, but the fucking rubes pouring into the city make me nuts. I am comfortable living on the UES and working near murray hill but I avoid tourist areas nearly as much as I avoid the ridiculous places that those people come from

            1. I used to do 90+, so not not that bad.
              Includes 10 walk to my local train staion, and 12-15 minute walk from GCT to work.
              Normally, if I leave my Apt at 7:10 I am sitting at my desk by 8:15.

              1. I work about 10 minute walk from GCT and have oft debated moving up to the Hudson Valley where my money would go much, much further but never could pull the trigger.

                1. Yeah, buying property scares the hell out of me. Always did.
                  When I first came back to NY from CA back in early 92, I thought about buying a co-op or condo in Battery Park city. But rented in the burbs instead. I should have bought 3 or 4 of them, sunk myself into mortgages, and rented them out. I would be sitting on easy street right now had I done that.

                  1. It’s volitile. I was thinking of buying a newly built house outside of Dublin for 99k pounds and walked. The same house 2 years later was going for 170k when I left.

                  2. Bat Park is really getting expensive. Would have done really well. I had an option to buy in alphabet city years ago, an apartment I was living in, and didn’t want to sink myself into the mortgage. I never had the vision. The realization that regardless of what happens in the world, NYC real estate is the single safest and most lucrative investment in the world. THis is why the buy in is so high. The average price per square foot is just about 2k now. In the time it takes you to pay off the mortgage, that will double.

                    1. One thing to keep in mind for guys in our age group. We were just starting to earn some bread at the end of the 90s and around that time alot of cheap money and deregulation in the banking sector started. Cap that with a lot of foreign capital pouring into the US buying up real estate – it was impossible for us to see what would happen and we missed the boat.

                    2. Yup. But they were giving money away. I could have bought entire multi family dwellings in hell’s kitchen for pennies…places that are selling for 10+million today…and that is without having put a single nail in the place, just paying the mortgage and letting the animals use it as a flop house until the value sky rocketed.

                      Some people saw it. I know people who saw it and did something about it and they are all very, very wealthy right now.

                    3. True. I trusted friend told me to buy the damn house. Another friend told me to dump stock and buy gold when it was $400 an oz. I was young with a little money in the bank and risk adverse because I wasn’t sure.

                      Experience comes with a price as well. Missed opportunities.

                    4. Ive always felt I was adverse to risk because my father never trained me to take calculated risk. I am lucky to have built up my FU fund on my income alone.

                    5. Stop blaming you dad slim. My father used to get the shit kicked out of him by his old man and he got his draft notice 2 months before he graduated HS and sent to Vietnam.

                      I cut mine some slack about it all.

                    6. For some reason, immigrants seem to see this much clearer.
                      Greeks, Koreans, and Albanians especially.

                    7. I have always thought it was simply the immigrant mentality of “lets own something” and as long as it is in Manhattan or outer boroughs with easy access it becomes very lucrative…

                    8. I started in ’87 at 11/hr as a QA analyst.
                      Was happy with it!
                      And so were the girls on 11th ave on Sat. night after I cashed my check.

                    9. They sure were.
                      Over 1,000 girls.
                      Many of them young (like teenage young — legal of course!), hot, and blonde. I’d get boozed up with BYOB at the Triple Treat till 4 AM, then get in my Monte Carlo and head over to 11th. With the night culminating at the Liberty Inn with the girl of my choice. I was in my early 20s and on top of the world.
                      Now in my early 50s and I think “what the hell was I thinking”???!!!.

                      I really wish the net & the “manosphere” was around back then. I could have been a somebody…I could have been a contender…instead of a bum, which is what I am.

                    10. God, I remember the street urchins. 11th in the 40’s was totally insane. People who are too young to remember or coming her for the first time really wouldn’t be able to imagine it. Even I laugh sometimes when I think about this shit

                    11. It was “the shit” for a guy like me, that’s for sure.
                      Boy, do I have stories about those days.

                1. No driving.
                  And I get to walk about 2.5 miles a day.
                  I would prefer your 25 minute commute, though.
                  I would get so much time back.
                  I could join a gym and F-up my rotator cuffs real good…

                  1. I love it most of the year, but I still pretty much squander all the extra time. 20 years now, I’ve pretty much worn a trench in the sidewalk from home to office.

                    1. I fukked up – I didn’t build that kind of thing into the marriage early-on so it will be ruckus if I start now. Not to mention I really done know how to have “a couple” of drinks…

                    2. Me either.
                      After 4 drinks, it can very easily become blacking out, getting home after 4AM and waking up with a concussion to go with the hangover.

                      But that’s only when I drink out.
                      At home on my couch I am fine.
                      I might black out with a pint of H&D on my lap, but that can be cleaned up.

      1. Looks like a tater, I thought if you were bad you got a lump of coal or a bag of switches.

        1. Yeah, that’s what everyone is telling me.
          Reminds me of that “pointy elbows” thing.
          I was slow on understanding that one as well.

  3. I walked in a place this morning and the tv was on ABCs Good Morning America. I didn’t catch it all but, there was a segment called “Coming Of Age In The Wake Of #MeToo, How Boys 18-22 Are Redefining Masculinity. I have to idea what #MeToo is but, this kind of sounded like one of those left wing “so and so is a social construct!” sort of deal. Nothing about the young men they were interviewing appeared masculine to me so, how are they redefining it? Sounds like the new macho are a bunch of sissys.

    1. The #metoo was a social media thing where women state that some unwanted contact with men in their past was equivalent to harassment stuff in the news or rape

      1. I heard that before they put her on the stake that she could suck a watermelon through a screen door.

              1. I think that was Jeannie.

                But speaking of bottles & hooters, that gives me another idea of how to spend my day…

  4. Somewhat off topic, but the female reaction you describe to IT issues is extremely common. I often notice that when women hit a technical glitch they scream for help and immediately give up until it arrives. By contrast, when shit goes wrong for me, I try to solve it myself, and if I can’t, I request assistance and then get on with implementing a work around till help arrives. For example, we often have filing deadlines. I have seen the email system go down and women scream like their hair is on fire, then just sit there doing nothing while the deadline ticks ever closer. Meanwhile, when this happened to me, I immediately went to the fax machine, and when that back up once failed, I hustled my happy ass across town to file in person. Women don’t even see these options because for their entire lives someone else fixes their problems. Moral of the story – if something important needs to be done be a woman, supervise closely and be prepared to intervene immediately.

    And there’s a parenting lesson here – if you have daughters, teach them to be resourceful. When she comes crying to you with some problem, don’t immediately fix it for her, say, “OK, figure out how to fix it.”

    1. This is 100% true. I’ve had guys tell me “hey man I restarted my computer, tried to reconnect to wifi, and started outlook in safe mode, no luck” to which a woman is like “OMFG I CANT OPEN OUTLOOK AND I HAVE 600 EMAILS THAT HAVE TO GO OUT, A MEETING AT 2…. blah blah” when their wireless is disconnected or outlook is prompting for a password

      1. We got one lady here at work who will begin banging on her keyboard once or twice every week. Glad I no longer sit anywhere near her because she’s one of those loud, abrasive women in general.

    2. Got that issue with my middle daughter right now. She’s going through a phase where if ANYTHING doesn’t go her way, she start wailing at the top of her lungs. I tried gently redirecting the conversation, but that doesn’t work. I finally had to resort to saying “Stop it! You’re just crying because you didn’t get your way and that’s unacceptable. Suck it up, and go do XYZ.”

    3. “And there’s a parenting lesson here – if you have daughters, teach them to be resourceful.”

      I believe in America. America has made my fortune. And I raised my daughter in the American fashion. I gave her freedom, but I taught her never to dishonor her family. She found a boyfriend, not an Italian. She went to the movies with him. She stayed out late. I didn’t protest. Two months ago he took her for a drive, with another boy friend. They made her drink whiskey and then they tried to take advantage of her. She resisted. She kept her honor. So they beat her. Like an animal. When I went to the hospital her nose was broken. Her jaw was shattered, held together by wire. She couldn’t even weep because of the pain. But I wept. Why did I weep? She was the light of my life. A beautiful girl. Now she will never be beautiful again. [He breaks down at this point, and the Don gestures to Tom Hagen to get him a drink.] Sorry… [He regains his composure and carries on.] I went to the police, like a good American. These two boys were brought to trial. The judge sentenced them to three years in prison, and suspended the sentence. Suspended sentence! They went free that very day! I stood in the courtroom like a fool, and those two bastards, they smiled at me.

      1. *whistle*
        Foul on the play! Foul on the play!
        @wbfitness:disqus has used a piece that he’s already quoted in the past.
        Offending commenter will be issued 10 downvotes and a temporary suspension from commenting.

            1. Ah, give that work to J. Nyx. I want reliable people; people that aren’t
              gonna be carried away. I’m mean, we’re not murderers, despite of
              what this undertaker says.

    4. A friend of mine is an engineer on frieght trains, he told of training a female diversity hire. I don’t recall the particulars of how it all works but, they were going down a long steep grade at the bottom of which another train track crossed their route where basically if another train is coming they have to stop for it. When they started down the grade he told her to be careful about riding the brakes too much or they would run out of air (air brakes) and not be able to stop at all. She wouldn’t listen and kept riding them until the air was almost gone then jumped up from the drivers seat and said ” I just can’t do this” was going to just let it go. He had to jump in the seat and take over, he said the only thing that saved them was there wasn’t a train coming from the other way. I’ve seen similar things quite a few times, when a woman gets in a bind she just sits there and waits on someone to bail her out.

      1. what is it with women and riding brakes (or clutch)?
        Failure to commit I say! Never a firm decision! Always “guess so”!!!

      2. I used to work with a hot (& very crazy) Russian girl in my 20s.
        She 19 when the lecherous (and I mean LECHEROUS) HR director hired her. She was always looking for guys to help her with her programming. I had “convictions” back then and mostly ignored her, but a few of the guys took her up on it. Looking back, I should have done it. Might have even gotten laid…for free(!).

        She ended up marrying a Puerto Rican IT manager who looked like an obese and uglier version of Juan Epstein from “Welcome Back Kotter”.

        1. OT. so anyway do you have any more business advice for me outside of what you already told me. I appreciate the advice you and the other guys on here give

          1. Sure.
            After you graduate, stick with your first job at least 3 years (unless it completely sucks) and build up as much knowledge as you can. Break your ass. Also, choose an industry that pays well, like Finance/Investment Banking IT. Defense contracting can be highly lucrative as well. But don’t get stuck with Retail stores or other low paying industries.
            If/when you choose to go the consulting route, try to negotiate your rate up front if possible. If you can do this, then you will be assigned to a 3rd party and they will get a very low step up fee (less than 10%) and you will get the exact rate you negotiate for. 3rd party vendors will rape you if they negotiate. I have seen guys get ripped off for as mush 60%. Of course this is not always possible, but when possible, negotiate up front with the client.

            Oh, and most important. Bang the hot young Russian girl if you get the chance.

            1. thanks. I think im gonna go the cyber security route once my skills are up. That seems to be a growing field since everyone is getting hacked now a days and im pretty sure Goldman Sachs dont want that.

                1. Especially the “what you love doing” one. What I love doing is about the last thing the world needs.

                  1. yep, and don’t get me started on the “what you’re good at vs. what you’re interested in” schism…..

                    1. Yeah, just because you’re good at something doesn’t mean you have to do it for money. For example, when the spirit moves me, I’m really good at cleaning. But I do NOT want to ever be a professional cleaning person.

                    2. The shitter is, you could be a millionaire in less than a year with such an occupation.


      3. oh god that is crazy. Imagine if a woman does this on a special forces mission. “Oh well i cant pick lock so i will surrender to Admiral Akbar”

  5. Mike Pence Rule.
    Mike Pence Rule.
    Mike Pence Rule.

    Always make sure you’re never behind closed doors when you do any of these things!

    1. With all these sex charges popping up everywhere, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Mike Pence rule becomes more prevalent in regular society. It’s really not a bad idea.

          1. think you meant Pinnocchio…is this tax bill “the worst bill ever” (thought that was the Patr Act) as Pelossi is contending? WORSE. BILL. EVER.

            1. The Tax Bill is Literally Hitler, and it’s the apocalypse, and 1,000,000 innocent babies are going to die from it.

              1. Well, it is the largest forced transfer of wealth from the working classes to the elite in American history. If you voted Republican, congratulations! Put a bullet in your grandson’s head!

                    1. MY dojo.
                      Bem, what did I tell you?! Now go unclog the toilet in the men’s restroom and don’t let me catch you on the mat again!

                  1. It’s not up for debate. People with grandchildren are now literally Hitler required to murder them. This is literally Hitler that bad.

                    1. Your greedy for wanting to keep more of what you earn. Be happy jammy and his political crew allow you to keep the meager earnings you take now.

                    2. The assumption that your wealth doesn’t belong to you first, that you have no right to first claim on it, is offensive to it’s core and one of the main principles that collectivists embrace without even a shred of thought. If I’m “allowed” to keep ten cents more out of my paycheck, they see it as somehow robbing them of their due since it’s not really my money to begin with. Such hubris, arrogance and utter breathless stupidity I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed such as when I get into a discussion on taxes with a Leftist. It all hinges on you agreeing that the money you make on your own belongs to everybody first, if you deny them that they are left spinning in a big old circle in confusion.

                    3. You caught my wording perfectly. The left is always trying to moralize their crimes. Stealing earnings or wealth is where it starts and ends with gulags and death camps.

        1. The man refuses to dine alone with any other woman than his wife. He was ridiculed as a Puritan for it earlier, but now it’s made him bulletproof in view of the recent sexual scandals.

          1. More so than just dining with them I believe. He wouldn’t drink while out somewhere unless his wife was present. I believe he also wouldn’t have one-on-one meetings with women unless his office door remained open.

        2. The rule itself comes from Billy Graham when he founded his ministry in the 20th century. He wanted to make sure there isn’t even an opening for any accusations of sexual misconduct, so he created this rule.

          The Bible also contains tons of lessons and stories about the bad results of being alone with malicious women, as well as the importance of avoiding the appearances of impropriety.

          Earlier in 2017 it was revealed that Mike Pence practices this rule, so because of him it was “made famous” and it now carries his name. The media was laughing at him back then… not so much now. 🙂

    2. You can put that with my rule “The Lewinsky Line”
      Any sexual misconduct (real, not imagined) that happened prior to Lewinsky is past the statute of limitations. However, if you legit molested an intern post lewinsky and you were in a position of power you really ought to have known better.

      1. Sadly the lesson from that is you can be a Democrat politician and get away with sexually abusing anyone you like.

        Look at Al Franken. He’s unresigning as we speak. There’s no outcry from feminazis over that one.

        But I do agree, both we and our sons should be familiar with, and practice as best we can, the Mike Pence Rule.

        1. Not even thinking along party lines….just stupid shit like Tiger Woods and the highest par hole in the world. After Lewinsky celebrities (of which I include actors, athletes, politicians and all other forms of carnival folk) should have known that you can’t simply go dipping into the office girls.

          Bill Cosby, in the 1970’s, as an A list celebrity, had absolutely no reason to think that giving b list wanna be celebs and models drugs and sticking the pudding pop in them was in any way untowards. However, post lewinsky you have to know it will at the very least create a scandal.

          1. I tried finding the youtube video of Mad TV’s “Cosby’s Crib” but it was not readily available. That was a freaking hilarious skit, if you’ve ever seen it.

  6. 2nd to last furlough day of the year.
    Do I do something productive?
    Or just sit around on the internet & drink?

          1. That’s what counts right? As long as I’m impressed it doesn’t matter what they think.

          2. Well, they say perception is reality.

            Which is utterly stupid and false, but I think we can successfully apply the saying to drinking while on the job. Fuck it.

              1. Fredo’s wife?
                I took a guess there, really did not know her name.
                But confirmed it on google.
                Good one!

    1. Our holiday is Friday and Monday and I took today and tomorrow too. Phone has still been ringing off the hook I’m thinking about turning it off and go do some shooting.

  7. Statistics show that woman CEOs are more likely to be fired than men. The reasoning is that women CEOs are more likely to be outsiders, a product of diversity hiring, than the men who worked their way up to that position day in and day out for years. However, for a woman to have worked her way up to CEO of a major corporation, she would have had to sacrifice a family life in the process. In programming they call that an infinite loop.

    1. Speaking of female CEOs, I just looked up Carly Fiorina and saw that shw is married. The ONLY way that is cool is if the husband is using her money to bang young girls while she is out yapping about all the crap she yaps about.

      1. toward the end of my marriage with my attorney ex wife, I was throwing parties at the titty bars with her checkbook. I would take days off and literally be waiting at the front door around 11:00 A.M. while the first shift came rolling in. I still spend Cinco De Mayo with the Mexicans who once worked the valet.

        1. I can’t imagine a better way to have a big time at the
          ta-ta tavern than spending a soon to be ex-wife/attorneys money on lap dances.

          1. and you don’t need to buy an hour in the champagne rooms to get your rocks off. The early dayshifters would gladly give you a little lovin’ for a $20 dance since they had nothing better to do.

            1. The worst part would be having to get up early enough to be there when the doors open.

              1. initially, you’re the weirdo perv for showing up so early with a bottle of cheap vodka, but if you have adequate social skills and the girls like you, then they start looking forward to your visits.

            2. My working knowledge of modern strip clubs approaches zero, however, don’t they (or didn’t they at one time) reserve the hottest chicks for the evening/weekend hours, and let the new and not so hot ones serve for weekdays before 4?

                1. Eh, it’s kind of relevant, at least to me. If I’m going to be out banging broads on my wife’s dime, I want it to be the hottest ass that money can buy, just to drive the point home. Heh. Fucking Senora Lupe with her pot belly and stretch marks….eh….pass, amigo, pass.

                  1. You gotta embrace the scorched-earth of it all – put aside any hope of personal gain, the object in this model is to just watch the world burn.
                    Or perhaps I’ve been married to a Slav for too long….

                    1. I really don’t think I could “stand up and salute” if I had a naked/semi-naked pig in front of me.

                      Nah, if I’m using her money, then I’m going top shelf.

                    2. the quality has dropped significantly since lazy millennial whores have taken up sugar baby careers.

                    3. I learned a similar lesson a couple weeks ago — I had an attractive but weirdly hyper woman in my bed. I could NOT, for the life of me, “stand and salute” to have sex with her, because her personality was so strange and *off*. It was frustrating to boot her out the door but I really had no choice.

                      We like to pretend that we can fuck anything. We cannot. There has to be chemistry, a mutual understanding, and (for me) female submissiveness.

                    4. Exactly four hours later I had a second woman in my bed, already prearranged. She was submissive, friendly, attractive, feminine, with long brunette hair — my type exactly. I banged her three times. It was the same bed, same package of rubbers, same everything.

                      Lesson: It’s all chemistry.

                    5. I can only use them if I’m highly aroused by the woman, e.g. there’s real chemistry. If there’s the least bit hesitation or doubt in me — like thinking to myself “God this girl is weird” — it gets much tougher to perform with a jimmy. That’s what happened with the first girl I described.

                    6. I know the feeling. Once the Been There Done That sets in, it takes more than just being there naked to get me going. I don’t care how hot she is.

                    7. So many women don’t understand this. They figure “show up, throw clothes on ground, lay there and receive pleasure”. Fuck that. Show some enthusiasm, be a part of the fun, freaking put in some time if you expect any on you, all that. Dead fish in the sack women are a YUUUUGEEE turn off, no matter how hot she may be.

                    1. I just banged a 34-yr old Latina who looked almost exactly like her. They don’t need to be 20 to look great. And they’re more grateful for your attention as they get older.

                    2. I think you stated your age a few days ago.
                      If I am correct than I am about 10 years older than you.
                      I like ’em 29 & under. Mostly under.
                      But that’s just me. And my issues…

                    3. I truly don’t care about a woman’s age as long as she’s 1) feminine, 2) submissive, and 3) possessing a .7 waist-hip ratio. Last few years, I’ve slept with women ranging from 19 to 49 and those are the criteria that I’ve learned. Good sex is good sex.

                      Granted, I’ve never slept with a woman over 50… so maybe that will be my line in the sand, lol.

                    4. “possessing a .7 waist-hip ratio.”

                      Jeez, that’s pretty detailed.
                      I just go with the youngest and hottest girl that happens to be on the agency schedule that day.

                    5. 2:3 waist-hip ratio is universally desired by males. Men in every culture, from the Arctic to the Aborigines, desire the same female form.

                    6. I don’t doubt what you are saying, but I have never put anywhere near that much thought into it. I like young, thin, pretty petite girls.
                      Never cared to investigate the reasons.

                    7. I’m still dumbfounded as to why my buddy wants a permanent relationship with over 40 leftover slags

                    8. i know i probably bombard you with too many questions but i have to ask. What certifications do you recommend i go after for my field.

                    9. TBH, I don’t have any. Just my bachelors degree and the experience I built up over the years. But if you want to focus on cyber security, I am sure there are some great programs for that. Try to see if your future employer can help foot the bill. Maybe check out some cryptanalysis programs, or focus on that for a masters degree?

                      Also, this “Data Science” field seems to be very hot these days. A friend of mine in his forties is looking to go back to school for a masters in that.

                    10. Even though I prefer young, fresh ass, the over 35 ladies seem to be drawn to me.. still a nice tight body..

                    11. Naw man, I mean,really. They must have famine there or something. I would be afraid that I would break her hip.

                    12. I like petite, but now that you mention it, her long arms do look kind of “close encounters of the 3rd kind”.
                      But bangable? Hell yes!

              1. generally speaking yes, the pro-dancers and porn stars worked after 7 P.M., but during the golden years of seedy strip club game pre-2009, there were plenty of good looking girls with nice bodies , who worked the day shift. Some girls loved money so much they worked 2 shifts Thurs-Sat

                  1. hahahahah there used to be a place here called “All in the Family” I’ll give you three guesses why.
                    Man those were some banged-up broads….

                    1. Hahaha!
                      Edith’s rapist!
                      She hit him with a hot cake or something.
                      Maybe a chocolate upside down cake?

                    2. I found the whole (sort of) scene here.
                      The cheer they gave Edith was great, but what sucked was the way they made Archie look like a buffoon (again).
                      This was Lear’s feminist leanings.
                      The scene would have been even better if Archie had realized Edith’s stress (which was almost impossible not to) and together they repelled the rapist. But that wouldn’t have fit into Lear’s fantasy world. Lear was a great TV writer. But his politics absolutely got in the way of what would have been even better television.

                    3. Thanks to Carol O’Conner’s brilliant acting we remember him as the star of this show, but this show was absolutely meant to mock him and the archetype he represented. The people who watch this show and think they are making archie out to be an everyman hero are the same idiots who thought a Yale and harvard allum from a wealthy new england family who was a third gen skull and bones member was folksy and cared about average americans because he put a cowboy had on and cleared brush or, for that matter, the same idiots who thought/think a nyc real estate investor, profession attention whore and reality star gives a rats ass about middle american values because he has catchy slogans.

                    4. “but this show was absolutely meant to mock him and the archetype he represented.”

                      But Lear refused to give any credit to the average Joe.
                      He could have endeared himself to people who would normally oppose him if he could have given the slightest of nods to the working stiff who would defend his wife and family above all else. The scene was fantastic as is, but would have been even better if Edith slammed the hot pan in his face while Archie was choking the life out of him.

                    5. No argument there but there are idiots out there who actually believe the Schtick. I for one don’t give a flying fuck for poltics and think howdy doody would donas well as anyone, but that’s just me. Thinking any of these jokers have your best interests in mind is just foolishness though, results or not

                    6. No one has your best interest but you. You support the group who offers to 1). not take from you and 2). leave you alone.

                    7. That makes sense enough in theory. In practice I find politics to be a lot like college sports…seemingly important to some people and a nice distraction for others but in the end massively inconsequential. If anything, I’m in it for the lulz.

                      My personal success has always been pinned to my own diligence and hard work and who has held federal, state or local office has meant fuck all.

                      If I’m out there hustling and doing my job I’ll be just fine. I’ll leave college spots and politics to people who find it interesting

                    8. It’s important.
                      Prior to 1913 (not that long ago) there was no personal income tax. And no welfare, foodstamps, public housing, head start, or medicare. And no one was starving to death.
                      I am not saying we can return to that in our lifetimes, but if I can go from having the govt steal 40% of my income to taxes, to 30% or 20% or 15%, that would be a great positive for me. Have to chip away at the tumor to eventually get rid of it. Yes, work hard and hustle (I do the same), but if the govt takes even more (45%, 50%, etc..) to give to the parasites, then what are we even hustling for?

                    9. I hear ya.
                      I’m not much different.
                      I try to get the best rate I can to bang the prettiest escorts.
                      And do my pushups and dips for the occasional BS compliment they toss to me on my “physique”.

                    10. When I voted for him, I really did think we would have started deporting illegals by now. At least some of them. I live in the ‘burbs, but I am only 10 mins over the city line. Whole lot of illegals where I live. Even at my age, I was stupid enough to believe things would start to change quickly.

                    11. Yeah, I should have.
                      But I really had no choice.
                      No way I would vote for Dems/Hillary, and Pat Buchanan wasn’t running.
                      I want my country back (pre-90s America). So I took a chance at the hail Mary pass.

                    1. Upon further consideration, I can neither confirm nor deny that I have ever entered or contemplated entering any such establishment known to be within or without the city limits of Columbus.

              2. Yeah, Tuesday brunch is probly gonna be bottom of the barrel. That said, I’ve never been to a strip club, so don’t listen to me.

                1. It’s really not worth the time and money so avoiding them is always the best choice, unless you’re dating a stripper and she can get you in the club for free. Even then I’d probably not want to go. What’s the point of a relationship where you contribute resources to the chick and she does not contribute actual sex? Seems absurd to me.

                  1. spot on again. It’s fun at first just to drink and be surrounded by vag and body spray, but the whole point of me going was to develop rapport and eventually bang a few, which I did.

                  2. I’ve been saying exactly that for twenty years. If I ever get so sexually frustrated that I have to pay a woman for sexual titillation, I’m going all the way and renting a whore.

                    You know who reacts well to that previous sentence? Women. They like a man who understands the game and doesn’t put so much as one earring on the pedestal.

                  1. It’s actually true. I’ve no interest in giving my money to what is essentially a used-car salesman in lingerie. I want to fuck them, not pay them.

                    1. Well I have been to a few back when I was in the military many moons ago. The other guys would drag me along, but I was too much of a miser to spend my money on anything besides beer and the pool table. I paid very little attention to the dancers, since I knew I wasn’t going to bang them.

                      The irony of that is it was not unusual for the strippers to come down off the stage, walk over and chat me up. At first, I figured it was just an effort to get some money out of me (and I’m sure that was part of it). But I soon figured out that by ignoring them I stood out from the rest of the GI horn-dogs that were drooling all over themselves. That made me interesting.

                      One evening this cute little strawberry blonde got off the bass pole, walked up and point blank asked me if I was queer! When I told her no she made it plain she was ready to go wherever I wanted to take her, lol. I figured my wife might not understand, so I gracefully declined.

                    2. and fill your table up with cheap drinks to make it look like you’re the life of the always brings the girls around

          2. the only benefit to having joint accounts…is the mutually assured destruction that occurs toward the end.

          3. Only one better way. Back when I used to work at stop clubs, long before banking collapse, watching big brokerage firm guys come in with Amex platinum cards and run up 50-100k on funny money and expense it back as entertainment expenses was just fantastic

            1. My last experience at a strip club was almost 13-years ago, for my brother-in-law’s bachelor party. It was a real seedy joint, but I went along with it. At exactly 1:59AM, the music was shut off, the lights were turned on and I hear vacuums behind me… I turn around to see the strippers, still naked, vacuuming the carpet. Not only that, the girl who was just dancing onstage picked up a bottle of Windex and proceeded to clean all the mirrors. I’ve been to a few clubs over the years, but never experienced anything like this!

              1. Jeebus, it looks like the “Titty Twister” in that place.
                Does Cheech stand outside and hawk pussy?

        1. What legend?
          She’s ugly and annoying, that’s all I know.
          If some dude is blowing her cash to get laid, more power to him.

  8. Worst experience I had in this regard was being an intern for a Single-Mom Black Architect. Trifecta
    of aggrieved entitlement. I couldn’t learn a goddamn thing. Not so much because of her relative lack of knowledge (I was still in school so I didn’t know dik anyway), but because she put all her effort into being a Single-Mom BlackArchitect.

    It was impossible to ask questions because her paranoia of being exposed as a fraud paralyzed her. The hamster wheel would go into overdrive about every conceivable issues or decision, as it had to be reformulated in light of her Single-Mom Black Architectness – what people REALLY meant, what the question was REALLY about, etc.

    20 yrs my senior and I still got licensed first.

    1. “It was impossible to ask questions because her paranoia of being exposed as a fraud paralyzed her.”
      This is a universal truism and one we use here at my office all the time. Hire someone under qualified and pay them more than they could make elsewhere, but less than what a qualified person would make. Watch them be insane.

      There is no one who is more of a control freak and a lunatic in a work environment than someone who is unsure of what they are doing. They almost always will brag about number of hours worked. I once remarked to someone bragging about having worked an 80 hour week that if their job took them 80 hours this week then they are doing it wrong.

      I am still at odds with this person.

      1. I get paid hourly so I rack their ass for all I can get for about 8 months of the year. If not getting paid hourly the only thing they would see of me after 5 would be tail lights and dust.

  9. I spent nearly two decades in civilian nuclear power. Being a large organization with a lot of former military employees, there was a chain of command and specific procedures you were expected to follow if you needed equipment, wanted to make changes to systems or anything of the sort. Frequently submitting a request through normal channels got you exactly nowhere. You had to rely on your immediate supervisor to take it up with his supervisor and on and on. Unless it was something he really wanted too, it died on his desk.

    I figured out early on that if you went straight to the plant manager (they had an “open door policy”), stated your case clearly and concisely, he would almost always approve it. Not only that, but it would then “roll down hill” and my superiors had no choice but to implement the idea. Of course from time to time I have been retaliated against by my immediate superiors for gaming the system but it was always worth it.

    As a general rule if what you want will improve productivity or safety or save money and you are confident (i.e. you believe in yourself and what you are requesting), even a mediocre manager will respond favorably to that. This approach has served me well in job interviews as well. It might not work for everyone, but it has worked well for me over the years.

  10. Is it too much of a stretch to get these cougar boss ladies to wind it down and get back to their real natural biological state? Don’t let your daughters grow up to become like these cougar women. Ageing working professional women succumb to stress related illnesses and cancers. Their life expectancy is low, right down there with beat cops, rock stars and Saturday Night Live comedians.

    Along with stress, diet also plays a part. Titties on a woman must be used for tittie feeding and a cougar woman has a 25 yo piece of cheese festering in her mammary glands that was never emptied out. Use em or lose em. You gotta WRING those puppies out. A nursing baby’s job is to reciprocally keep his traditional mother’s titties cleaned out and healthy in this respect.

    The office diet of carry out food of the non domesticated, non tittie feeding cougar woman is loaded with hydrogenated trans fatty vegetable oils laced with preservatives. These chemically preserved oils end up in glandular secretions. Problematic tumors with cougar women are glandular basically.

    I’ve cleaned out gunky carburettors but a jammed up tittie is an unhealthy ticking time bomb. You could play with a cougar woman’s titties, squeeze the nips but nothing would come out. I’d rather lick a dirty carburettor clean than suck on a cougar woman’s jugs. They’ve got cured limberger underneath the surface and you’d smell when things aren’t well.

    I’m very patient with an old carburettor, but maybe you could massage a cougar woman’s titties, a vinegar rub perhaps, for a long long time and get them working and flowing freely. I dunno. But I do know my carbêurettors.

    Sometimes in an old folk’s home too you’ll see a 95 yo person with a grapefruit sized growth that appears tumorous behind the ear that hangs on the side of the neck. There’s a sebacious sweat gland behind the ear that never gets popped. Much gooze always comes out that looks like McD’s sweet and sour sauce, which of course is a chemically laiden stew of MSG, diglycerides and the devil himself – vegetable oils.

    The cougar boss women will expire miserably and the west has traded off badly again. Just don’t let your daughters go down the road of the boss woman in any business where she runs orders over big men outside the home. Her authority and command is to be over nursing and tittie feeding the young infant men in their home who are entrusted to her tittie feeding care.

    1. and in a relationship , an old cougar has nothing to do with her time besides pester a guy and overuse her hamster wheel.

  11. Looks like the mandate is history. Was somewhat skeptical this day would ever come, so I can’t help but feel a little relieved.

    1. Hopefully in a year I can go back to paying for only what I need.
      But for 2018, I am still paying for breast pumps and pediatric dentistry.
      And for $450/month more than I paid prior to Obammy care I might add.

        1. Yeah, I know.
          I should have been at the Catholic girls high schools the last 3 years, with both hands squeezing…

    2. I filed as a non disclosure for the last few years and it didn’t come back to bite me. One thing to watch for is the collapse of Obamacare as a whole. This was a preordained event no matter how you look at it or which party you support the caveat being if you are a reasonable person. The question will be can the markets normalize before the inevitable cyclical political change. If they cannot there is a very real threat of a truly awful single payer model being forced on us in the next decade or so. Keep your eyes open and your beer cold.

      1. Some markets already have to a degree. I think it’s the same reason why your failure to declare your compliance didn’t haunt you. There were waivers and exceptions and directives in place to overlook noncompliance, because of the unaffordability and unavailability of insurance in, well, I suspect more places than we were led to believe.

        Actually, thinking about it, this isn’t market normalization, it’s more the markets never were able to adjust to O-care in the first place.

      2. Obamacare collapsing will take the whole kit and kaboodle with it. Socialism doesn’t go away peacefully, too many have their fingers in it.

    1. Snack head who ignored her child and only quit the brown after shooting the kid out of her baby cannot.
      I’m under the impression that the kid received a lot of punches and kicks whilst in the womb, punches intended for the mother’s face by drug dealers.

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