Be The Chancellor

I myself always found the role of Chancellor a more fitting role to a guy like me than a king. Not everyone can rule, and I am okay with this. Every aspect of life is a game in one way or another; I am merely offering a different perspective. Let us begin looking at the history of kings and their various realms.  Sure, they obtain respect, legacy, and power.   However, they also gained arrogance, gluttony, and in time weakness from one venture or another.  Most of those rules were blind past their own ambitions and comforts.

Look at modern Western accomplished men to this regard.  They gain the physical totems of acceptance: House, Wife, Children, Car, Career.  by all accounts they are the ideal construct of success.    But, What I call the ”Kings Disease” begins to set.

Due to their self-imposed sense of status they fall to a number of issues.  Weakness of the mind due to comfort. Weakness of the body due to no longer needing be in competitions. Alcoholism, weight gaining, and other self-destructive habits begin to form, and eventually fester.     Eventually these kings become little more than children unaware of the world around them.  They become stuck in a mindset or identity where they believe that because of their past ventures, they still hold value.

The Difference

A once proud warrior now reduced to a fat, or deluded psychopath that if left to his own devices will bring nothing but ruin to his followers and realm.  To the average citizen, they either are seen as a madman or figurehead.   Then there is the Chancellor.  A Chancellor is kept sharp.  Daily, he is seeing to the continuation of laboring fruits.  He meets with the people and is able to understand them.

He does not need to command respect, he is given it freely.  He does not speak of his wealth; no matter how deep it maybe. He keeps his assets secret.  He learns law of the land and understands how to use them to his advantage.  He fore sees events and prepares for them, not by ten steps; but by a hundred.

While engaging in physical fitness, he plays a mental game to himself.  ”If someone were to invade how would I counter.   If the crops are to spoils, how would the citizens be fed.  If the kingdom were to fall into debt; what resources are at hand in trade. ”.    A Chancellor is not allowed bare the infection of success within himself.    For success is a lethal delusion.

Even those of either neighboring or enemy kingdoms know of the others Chancellors and hold them in high regard.  Even if the monarchs were to fall; The Chancellors retain their positions.  But do not misunderstand, it is also the duty of the chancellor to assure to the wellbeing of his king when need be.   For the chancellor who has a strong bond with the citizens; must also have one with his king.

He must impart knowledge to his lord.  Such as when war is necessary, and when it is not.    Or when guidance is needed instead of punishment.  He is more than just his office; he is the will and heart of his nation.  Akin to Sir Thomas More while under the charge of King Henry The VIII.

A man who only thinks of himself and his own accomplishments, or self-importance is not suited or worthy of the position.  A right hand should not be vapid or seek glory.  Also, he should quell it when it grows in others, and those he cares for. His quest is not to be a good servant, but to be a good brother.

Band of Brothers

However, in this time such concepts are foreign or scarce.  One should never follow a man because he demands it, but because he deserves.  Another facet one should carry in their arsenal is keep their desires unspoken as they would not be used against you.  They should also be moderate in their consumption.   A lush is not respected, neither is a man commonly scene in the air of entertainment.

You hold a dignity and must appear as so at all times. That is not to say you must drown in gold, fabric, or trends; but hold a clean, and maintained appearance.   It is also important to know that a man may have his faith, but he must be practical and not ruled by it.  There is nothing more repelling then a man who claims to work in the name of his creator; only to either it become his sole purpose, or to have it only be used as a tool for chicanery.

I could see how there could be a misunderstanding in this.  You see it is not that man must empty his heart, but the opposite where he must be the heart and will of his land.  He must be the voice of reason, and logic when there isn’t one.  History does not remember such people, but without question; it is made by them.


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  1. Have nothing of value to add here.
    It’s a good post and yeah, we should all be more like a productive “chancellor” than a sedentary “king”. I’ll never be either. Just striving for enough disposable income to indulge my pastimes.

    But, that being said, just want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. Have a great one guys. And thanks for listening to/tolerating my crazy rants.
    All the best to you and your families for 2018!

  2. Smart, succinct article.

    “A once proud warrior now reduced to a fat, or deluded psychopath that if left to his own devices will bring nothing but ruin to his followers and realm.”

    I see what you did there.

    We have many Chancellors working in secret right now. One of them, whose name begins with an M, may even become the next “king”.

    Merry Christmas to y’all.

      1. “fat, or deluded psychopath that if left to his own devices will bring nothing but ruin to his followers and realm.””
        Hillary came to mind, but then I remembered -SHE LOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. Angela Merkel? Arrests for terrorist acts went from 200 to 1200 in one year in Germany.

          ☆Merry Christmas lads. I’ll be cooking for the rest of the day until the skype session with family.

  3. I find this article particularly interesting because this was how my dad handled things in his professional life. He was the king at home, but on the job he was definitely a chancellor. He listened to his employees’ concerns, treated everyone with respect and never acted like a pompous ass just because he was in charge. He could and would be stern when needed and there was never any question about him being in charge. But overall he put people at ease and received a tremendous amount of love and respect from his subordinates and peers.

    I’m not sure if I inherited these traits or picked them up by observation, but either way I am thankful that he passed this on to me. Sometimes it has it’s downside. In one situation as a manufacturing engineer, I had garnered so much love and respect from the women that worked in my area that the plant manager (i.e. the king) became quite jealous. He started seeing me as a potential threat and put undue pressure on me. This escalated to the point that I sent a couple of letters to his superior and corporate H.R. Within three days I was “laid off due to the economy.” One of the dangers of being a chancellor is the potential for “Off with his head!” if you run afoul of the monarchy. I mistakenly believed that the royal court (upper management) would want the truth. We live and learn.

    As I had warned previously and often, that plant was moved to Mexico shortly thereafter. Another thing you have to be aware of as chancellor is the royal court may very well have a secret and nefarious agenda you are not privy to. In this case it was a labor cost reduction by “off shoring” the manufacturing plant. The whole time they were pressuring me to cut costs and improve efficiency, they were planning a plant closure behind my back. So all of their goals and targets were bullshit and “the chancellor” in this case, acting in good faith, was the last to know.

    The flip side to all this is I would meet women out in public that worked there for years later. They would come up, hug me, thank me for all I did for them when I worked there and tell me how much they missed me. You can’t put a price on that. And it is something that the “king” in this case never experienced, because in the words of the CEO of another area company he was a “pot bellied little prick.” He was the quintessential American male who had been “reduced to a fat, or deluded psychopath” and did “bring nothing but ruin to his followers and realm.” “King” or not, I wouldn’t want to be him.

  4. Viceroy always sounded cooler than being the king, anyway it’s good to be king, if you fuck with me, I’ll kill you. Oh, by the way, Merry Christmas.

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