Christmas Vacation

Like many of you, I took off work this week.  Out of all the holidays I believe Christmas time is like no other.  The burdens of work and life should be dialed back if they can.  This leisure time is good for you.  I got to thinking about just what it is about vacations that can be a reset a mans life, and why if you can, you should schedule time off.

Focusing Inward

When off from work, you’re not thinking about deadlines or things that need to be done.  You have more time to reflect on yourself, your choices, and your goals.  You can catch up on things you’ve been delaying.  For me, now with Christmas over, I am getting ready for the 6+ months of body building I’ll be starting in January.  I’m thinking about what financial things I’m going to need to cover in 2018.  Im thinking about what thing I want to do with the wife and kids.  When you’re in the daily grind, these things can slip away from you.

Relaxation and Health

Pretty obvious but as we kill it all the time, it can be taxing on your body.  Stress can lead to weight gain and loss of sleep.  Use your vacation time to give your body a rest.  Don’t go overboard and just lay on the couch for a week, but downtime is key here.

Also, I know people make a ton of excuses on vacation to eat like shit and get shit faced.  A night of drinking or one crappy meal wont kill you, but don’t go overboard.

Time With The Family

Between work, school, after school activities, homework, house/yard care, meals, it can seem like your kids are just going through the motions as you are.   While home with them, take them places, spend time with them, play with them.  You’ll definitely appreciate this time and these are times your kids will remember.   Even a day watching holiday movies or playing board games can be a lot of fun for them.

Once bedtime rolls around you can use the night time to do “extra” activities with the wife.  If you can find a babysitter, use this an an opportunity to go out with your wife.  You don’t have to spend a fortune but you can have a really fun time grabbing dinner together just as a couple instead of mom and dad.


I hope you guys here are enjoying this time of year as much as I am.  After the new year, I’ll be posting regularly again.  Have fun guys!

-J. Nyx

Author: Jnyx

Fitness addict, DIY guru, tech nerd, member of Memesters Local 419.

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                2. Trolling has various forms and tactics, all of which are designed to illicit strong, negative emotions from the designated victim.
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                    1. I can’t believe people get emotional online, or even in person over stupid shit like my former best friend who got mad after I told him he was being cucked by other men’s leftovers when he told me he was in love with a 48 year old single mom. I guess that was like stealing his lunch money or something.

                    2. I love it when people get all jacked up and freak out over some stupid online shit. It makes me laugh. Its always entertaining.

                    3. you think it is the younger generation? Most of us in our 40s prefer physical fights, even if we lose them. I remember starting fights over stupid shit and had my face kicked in ; didn’t matter I was pissed and being pissed without striking is just a bitchy temper tantrum.

                    4. No, any weak-minded, insecure person of any age will do it. Used to happen on RoK all the time. You’d start needling someone and find their weak spot, and then they would go berserk and do all kinds of crazy shit.

                    5. In the early 2000s when the HTML based guestbooks were used, I remember a guy wanting to actually meet another guy he was arguing with and fight him…phone numbers being exchanged, weird shit like that.

                    6. Yeah, that’s always funny. Guys challenging each other to fight over the internet. Kersey has done that, I think, but no one will fight him because they don’t want to get the AIDS.

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                    8. Well, just go bang some Haitian women and you’ll get that AIDS, too, and then you’ll be all set for your support groups and lifestyle clubs, too.

                    9. haha.I’ll budget the trip to Haiti and then I’ll blog about how hot their women are in ROK.

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                      I went over to that other site today. someone with his handle was talking about how african women (except Jamaicans) were wonderful, gotta be him(thought he depised that site?)

                    12. i think somebody mentioned that bob believes this site is some government sting operation or something like that.

                    13. I see. That makes sense.

                      I mean… that Bob thinks that way, not that it’s actually a sting operation.

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                      You reading this Kersey? We’re looking out for you, bruh. In fact there are at least a couple of guys here that will stand behind you when you really need them…in the shower…as you bend over to pick up the soap. So, rather than John Brown, shouldn’t that alter ego have been “John Brown-eye”? (wink-wink)

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                    17. You can’t really blame him. The AIDS has gotten all up in his brain and he can’t think straight anymore.

                    18. Agreed. Proper trolling is an art form and a skill most people can’t do very well. Most trolls I’ve seen are best described as trying to punch a square peg through a round hole using a mallet. There’s no finesse or wit.
                      Personally, I’m a bad troll, but I am pretty good at anti-trolling because their tactics are predictable.

            2. The problem with going on the feminist sites is if you say stuff that makes sense they will delete it, like this comment from a few days ago on Love Stinks. All I got was a comment like “If you want to post masochistic stuff, there are other sites” then deleted.

              “Looks like the feminist movement is coming full circle on male/female relations. The marriage contract of the past is the sexual consent form
              of today. No sex without it. The Victorian fainting couch has been brought back for those “tough and independent” women who are called the wrong name, or looked at the wrong way. “Save me, protect me, provide for me!” she says to the state, now that she has driven away the men who used to do it voluntarily, rather than coerced through taxation like today. The disposable “Women and Children First” men are the same as today. How is that draft working for you girls? Oh, wait.

              God forbid an accuser is interrogated before they send someone to jail for 7-20 years, you wouldn’t want their feelings hurt because they had a
              regretful escapade and are lying about it to protect their reputation. About 25% of men convicted for rape are sitting in jail falsely. If the
              burden of proof is shifted more to the accused, more and more guys will just bow out of the market. That is already happening. Video games are more attractive than risking your life savings and freedom on the modern woman of today.

              “Every year since 1989, in about 25 percent of the sexual assault cases referred to the FBI where results could be obtained, the primary suspect has been excluded by forensic DNA testing. Specifically, FBI officials report that out of roughly 10,000 sexual assault cases since 1989, about 2,000 tests have been inconclusive, about 2,000 tests have excluded the primary suspect, and about 6,000 have “matched” or included the primary suspect.”


              1. they ban you too. On my DISQUS feed, I offered up my $0.02 on an article and got banned within 2 minutes.

          1. Most of us here cut our teeth in the ROK comments sections back when the trolls would come in droves and shit all over the comments sections. I still remember the great insurgence during the ROK meetups. Thousands of comments per article.
            I actually had a white witch place a curse on me during said time. Still waiting for that curse to kick in…

            1. that’s the only time in my life I’ve missed women. You can’t help it but laugh when they call you a chronic masturbator, rapist, mom’s basement dweller, and loser, all in one reply.

              1. Oh man, I got so behind on work that day, but it was totally worth it. There were quite a few of us who waded into the shitstorm to duke it out with the trolls. So much fun.

                    1. that was about when I came on the scene. something like 3000 comments before it was all said and done.

                    2. That was awesome. Like half of them were from Brazil or something, so there were all these chicks freaking out in broken english.

  2. This break and the amount of leave I took were a little jarring tbh. I hadn’t been home in 6 months and was suddenly surrounded by “family” and little kids and was no longer in an environment where I was totally on my own. I was home for 6 days but it was enough to shake my hermitude.

    The best part was being able to talk to other people about my work and life. It was like detaching myself from those issues and looking at it from the outside. Reframing it and solving it a different way. Also, seeing other people around my age and how they’re working life right now. Makes me a slightly more self-assured.

    Oh, and running at lower altitude which reminded me I’m really not in that bad of shape. Fucking Utah.

    1. I actually had 4 days off which left me feeling surprisingly energized and ready for 2018. Wasn’t expecting the break to leave me so clearheaded or anything, but there it is. It’s a Christmas miracle!

    2. Ha. I started running again too (until the weather plunged down to 1 degree yesterday). Holy hell it’s been a long two months without exercise. I made it about a mile. Pullup sets were pathetic too.

  3. you guys are so beta. Christmas is about watching Kardashian marathons (especially episode 13 in 2015), desperately asking Siri to find me a New Years Eve Party that’s not a sausage fest, sipping Korbel California Champagne, Brut all night long, and sending out my version of Auld Lang Syne via Whatsapp and KiK.

    1. one of the younger K sisters hit 100MM subs on instagram, thats what? maybe $500k/yr for hawking products?

      1. so sad…and the guy sitting in a basement somewhere inventing space travel is probably shopping at Krogers with coupons.

        1. I dont know her name, but she is the one who completely revamped her grill. completely fake chin, lips…no biggie, lowest common denominator will still follow and make her rich(er).
          that family reallt did sign a pact with satan

          1. I think the Dad is rolling in his grave. He was an immigrant from a good family. I doubt he would approve of their complete debauchery.

            1. I’ve seen shit like that happen so many times. I think that is actually one of the biggest hidden problems with divorce, one that people don’t really talk about all that much. Divorce sucks, its tough on the parents and the kids. Having the kids raised in a single parent household has been statistically shown to be really bad for them, the going back and forth between two single households always sucks, etc.

              But when one (or both) of the parents gets remarried, that shit can seriously fuck up the entire situation. A new male or female coming into an established family dynamic will fuck things up in serious and long-lasting ways that can really screw up the kids big time.

              1. I never understood guys who get remarried after a divorce. I think it’s weak and reeks desperation. I’ve done marriage once and will never do it again. I know a guy in technical sales who has done it 5 times, real stupid.

                1. I’m in the same boat. I never, ever want to get married again. I think guys who do it are those guys who are just scared of being alone.

                  I also know a guy who is on his 6th wife. He has built and subsequently had to sell 3 companies over the course of those marriages. He’d easily be worth a couple hundred million if he wasn’t paying 5 alimony and multiple child support payments out every month.

                  1. Some guys can do it all. I’m single with a grown kid, stable life, and I’ve failed at 2 businesses while some train wrecks just have the golden touch. oh well, I guess they are good at that shit and I’m not; time to sell weed or timeshares in Haiti….

                    1. I am one of the few guys in my circle of friends who is divorced. I always have married guys coming up to me and asking me what its like to be divorced. I always tell them there are two ways I can tell it… the way that will want to make you get divorced, and the way that will want to make you stay married. The way that will want to make you stay married is the thought of some other dude living in your house, that you are still paying for, banging your ex, and making your kids call him dad.

                      It hasn’t happened to me yet, but I rue the day that my train-wreck of an ex calls me up and tells me she has some balding douchebag she has been fucking for more than 3 weeks straight that she wants to introduce to the kids.

                    2. I offered Jim my “services” with online pricing above.. I can see us taking care of him in the back seat of a car like Ace did to Lester Diamond.

                    3. but the balding douchbag would forever be raped by a dude and your ex will never fuck him again.

                    4. No man, I don’t care if he fucks her. Hell, if I really wanted to torture that balding douchebag, I’d let him marry my ex. I just don’t want some random fuckwad around my kids.

                    5. she’s that bad? sorry to hear that. Mine is too over-educated, now has a fat ass, doesn’t care too much for sex and bossy , so nobody wants to even fuck her.

                    6. That’s the best you can hope for, that you’re ex is so crazy and fucked up that no other dude wants to deal with her shit… but then again, there are lots of fucked up and thirsty dudes out there.

                    7. Tell the thirsty dudes to come to Utah, there are plenty of post-wall single women out here. Lots are never married.

                    8. Someone needs to write a thirsty game article on your round trip ticket to Salt Lake, you go after the post-wallers , promise them the world, get a few lays in, then leave there faster than a Muslim at pork rinds factory.

                    9. One of the worst things I ever saw on the intrawebs was this cellphone video of this youngish, fairly attractive divorced mom hanging out late at night and doing drugs with this group of legit hood thugs, one or more of which was her current boyfriend-of-the-hour. One of the grill-mouthed pants-saggers decided to go wake up her kid who was sleeping in the other room just to fuck with him. You couldn’t even understand what the thug was really saying, but you could see the fear and confusion on the poor kids’ face. I felt so sorry for that kid, man.

                    10. I have a co-worker with an attractive sister who, in her 20s, reproduced with a pant-sagging, drug pushing black dude. She goes around in our social circle asking all the professional men if they would be willing to take on a girl with a black baby. I mean ., seriously, point blank, she asks them….When it was my turn I really didn’t know what to say.

                    11. In this video, the mom and kid look like legit, normal, middle class people that you’d see in Whole Foods picking out organic fruit. But she’s got all these hardcore thugs partying in her house in the middle of the night, getting high and fucking with her kid. Absolute fucking nightmare scenario for any father.

                    12. I’m getting angry just thinking about that scenario. I’d seriously kidnap my own son and runaway if that happened to me.

                    13. Hell yes. The kid would be better off living with me under a bridge in a cardboard box than that shit.

                    14. there plenty of land in southern New Mexico , where the weather is warm and its close enough to real Mexico if the druggie whore even tried to find you.

                    15. what pisses me off, is the men that remarry a single mom that’s not a widow. If said single mom left the husband then you essentially are fucking over another dude who probably loved her and his kids. Scenario 2: if she left a scumbag 1st husband then the 2nd husband is taking on a woman who makes poor choices. Scenario 3: If the reason for divorce was “irreconcilable differences”, then you will end up fucked because she may not “love you anymore” after a few years. Either way, you are stupid or fucked. Don’t marry single moms.

                    16. I would consider marring again if the girl was in her mid to early twenties and wanted to be a stay at home mom. Those seem to be in pretty short supply though.

                    17. If I were ever to get divorced, I probably wouldn’t marry again simply because I don’t see a need in it. I got kids and I probably wouldn’t want to start from scratch again with another woman. LTR? Perhaps, but not marriage.

                    18. I think the problem with LTRs even is that fact that if you find a nice young lady, she will want kids, and if you don’t want to deprive a nice young lady of offspring then your potential mates are (1)Post-wallers (2)Single moms (3)Rich old grandma (4)Former stripper (5) Immigrant you can keep in a virtual prison cell

                    19. My girlfriend doesn’t want kids. She’s a career woman to the bone. She’s in her late thirties, not yet splatted against the wall, but yeah it’s arriving soon. So they’re out there — rare, but they exist.

                    20. I’m fucking..err…dating… a post wall whore without kids..Hot body but my eyes wander when I see a younger slut. I doubt it will last.

                    21. Oh lordy, cheese and crackers, save me from the to-the-bone career women. I don’t know how you can deal with that. That kind of woman drives me freaking insane.

                    22. funny how guys like jammy and myself with post or near-post wall sluts just holding onto the hot potato knowing full well it will turn into a grenade eventually.

                    23. It’s not he quality of looks or anything like that, it’s the obsessive career minded crap that gets on my last nerve. I want a woman who focuses on me, and domestic things, and kindness and being decent. Career obsessed women, no matter how pretty, are just suit wearing whores who couldn’t give a shit about pleasing a man and whose little free time is spent out getting plastered drunk to erase the pain of selling out her biological impulses. Not my personality type at all. Give me a girly girl, or I’m just not interested.

                    24. She comes with a tattoo on her forehead that says “Don’t feed the animals or like my instagram pics”

                    25. I have two girls. I would try it again for a boy. But i learned i need to do a much better vetting next time. I fell for the blue pill path hard and paid the price for it.

                    26. Yeah, it does seem futile if you’re not planning on having more kids. In fact, it seems economically suicidal.

                    27. “short supply” – that’s why I got a vasectomy immediately after my divorce. The Fairy Tale was over and I didn’t see the point in trying again with the lack of good females out there.

                    28. Yeah, me too. I could see myself getting a conservative little 19-yr-old virgin Latina when I’m in my late fifties, and moving to some rural area and putting a bun in her oven, and monitoring her cell phone usage after the baby’s born. It sounds like overkill, and totally controlling, but that’s the only way I see modern marriage working, at least based on my own past experience.

                    29. Not a bad plan really. I’d not want kids in my late 50’s because I already have some, I just can’t imagine having the copious amounts of energy required to raise a kid from 0-18, when I’m almost 60 at the starting line. Yikes. But otherwise, yeah, grabbing young, hot, hopefully virginal (or nearly so) ass and settling down somewhere out in the middle of nowhere does have its appeal.

                    30. Agreed. On top of that, is it sets a poor example for the rest of society. Like all is forgiven for destroying a family because she falls out of love. These women need to be ostracized. If the legal system does not do it, society needs to step up.

                    31. that right there should be engraved into every guy’s head. I got too many desperate beta friends.

                    32. Amen to that. Divorce needs to be stigmatized. It should be a bad thing in soceity, even if you want to say it “wasn’t your fault.”

                      I say all of that as a divorced person. The signs were there. I was just too blue pill to do what I should have done.

                    33. Should have said “wheres the father?” Then point out she is advertising she is irresponsible and makes poor decisions, but red flags aside you don’t date single moms.

                    34. My soon to be exwife is now dating another alcoholic. She sees nothing wrong about bringing him around the kids. Luckily right now she gets supervised visits only and the supervisors dont want him around. He also has a laundry list of shit on his record so im going to make sure he is to not able to be around the kids in the custody agreement.

                    35. Talk to your lawyer about what you can do about that shit. Sometimes you can get something in the divorce agreement that she can only introduce someone she is dating to the kids after they have been together 6 months or something.

                    36. See I started a thread about this very topic on AKC but it got deleted. I think it was just a little too real, lol.

                    37. Woodchipper leaves behind too much DNA. You need some chicken wire, a couple concrete blocks and a saltwater location with plenty of crabs.

                    38. Pig farm or do it Chicago style (take a spin on Lake Michigan and feed the fish freshly grounded chum).

                    39. I’d think a revolver would be noisier than a semi-auto when using a can? A nice little Ruger 22/45 Lite, with built in threading on the barrel for the can, now that, sir, is optimal.

                    40. Gas escaping from the cylinder where it meets the barrel is what I’m thinking noise wise.

                    41. Six months after my divorce, my former spouse remarried a Mexican immigrant with no job, no papers, and little English. My family and I were just joking about it this morning. She actually *downgraded*, and nobody can figure out why.

                    42. Yeah mine is doing a similiar thing and dating a loser. I think its the hamster trying to punish everyone around her.

                    43. Damn. Women do not think things through. A neighbor of mine was going through a rough patch with his wife and he told me in the parking lot one night his wife was banging an unemployed Mexican on the side. He gave her the ultimatum and she came back, got pregneant and they just had the kid. I wonder how long it will last.

                      She avoids eye contact with me these days because I know the background.

                    44. Damn, how could he stay married to some bitch who is banging other dudes? That’s well beyond the point of no return for me. Once she starts fucking other dudes, that’s it, goodbye, drop dead.

                    45. Him or someone else. She essentially got away with it without any punishment. What did the husband do? Give her a bunch of stern talkings-to and mean glares? That’s called “drama” and bitches love it. Oh, he threatened to divorce her and give her half his stuff so she could bang all the Mexicans she wanted? Not exactly a deterrent.

                    46. The post wall slut I’m fucking initially just wanted “a man who calls her back” , now she’s complaining about “not being romanced by me” .. Once it escalates to “Where’s my ring?” … I’ll go D.B. Cooper on her ass. WIthout actual, physical, and financial controls, women can and will stray.

                    47. That is how shrews attempt to snag a guy, especially ones that are or were very attractive at one point, they never developed a personality. Almost every woman in her 40s I have met have been this way. Ear plugs solves it, or just kick to curb. But the other thing about these shrews, it’s hard to get rid of them if you made their legs shake. Regardless of what comes out of their mouth, they still just show up at times acting all mad, until you put your dick in them, then they’re all nice for a couple days. So it’s either keep dicking them wearing ear plugs, or move without leaving a forwarding address.

                    48. Him. We had a beer over it and my $0.02 was DTB, but they already had a 2 year old and he “loved” her.

                    49. Yup. He came from a hard back ground (some communist country in west Africa) and is one of the nicest and hard working guys I ever met too.

                    50. Because “feelz”. Looking for a logical reason why, with a woman, is almost always a fool’s errand.

                    51. “Six months after my divorce, my former spouse remarried a Mexican immigrant with no job, no papers, and little English.”

                      Jeezus, really?
                      Was she Mexican/Hispanic herself?

                    52. Best course of action is to no get divorced until AFTER the kids are grown, if you can hold out that long and the wife doesn’t demand a divorce beforehand.

                    53. I thought you’re a successful IT consultant? Definitely not a train wreck . Some restaurant and club owners I know are serious druggies with a shit ton of woman problems yet they always seem to be making money

                    54. Oh, I do OK. NO problems in the $$$ area, except for my evil c*nt of a sister recently screwing me royally on my evil witch of a mother’s will.

                      Train wreck? Maybe not full on train wreck, but been drinking/blacking out a whole lot more than used to. Been spending more on who-ers as well. But yeah, still better than many.

                      Don’t mind me, I like to complain.

                    55. Same here .. every now and then my post wall girlfriends and post wall strippers like snorting a little blow on the holidays so do I .. I also actually enjoy scamming the women , call me a sociopath or whatever . It’s great to see them get angry and constantly barrage me with hate messages .

                    56. I’ve had hookers call me a sociopath.
                      My she-demon mother used to call me names like that when I was a kid too.
                      One hooker ($700/hr hooker, btw) said I was a sociopath because I refused to date old bags in my age range. Said I didn’t “know how to love”. I didn’t really care what she said. Was just there for the BBBJTCNSNQCIM.

                    57. I love it when women give a morality lesson yet don’t you dare tell them about their poor choices because they will laugh at you .

                    58. Oh, I tell them.
                      Especially if they are on my “no repeat” list, I tell them WAY more then they bargain for. I get my money’s worth one way or another.

                    59. I’m an engineer , but now I manage project and new products . I took time off to run a restaurant and an engine repairing/rebuilding business . The restaurant failed because of bad location, wrong demographics , and high rent . The ending building / repairing business was lucrative but it ended due to my divorce .

                  2. If my wife got ran over by a bus, maybe the thing to do would be hire a full time nanny on a 20 year contract.

                    1. Twice now you have predicted the manner in which you wife will “buy the farm” .. need any help with that? My prices for “contracts” are half what the competition charges!

                    2. What you do is find your most dependable and trustworthy friend, and you tell him that if you ever even think about getting married again, he’s got to beat the shit out of you until you wise up.

                    3. Exactly. I know more one instance where dad banged the au pair, but thats going to happen due to the proximity. She is young and far from home, so she easily latches on to guy paying the bills.

                    4. As a single guy, can I qualify to hire an au-pair?
                      Maybe a 19 yo from Iceland or something?
                      Will the au-pair agencies go for that, you think?

                  3. I think the only reason would be to have kids with her. Otherwise, you’re just looking into the face of the person that is gonna pull the plug on your respirator some day.

            1. I finnd it hard to believe being around that coven 24/7 didnt make him snap. that faig son didnt help either

              1. Oh that’s totally what did it. That guy worked his ass off for most of his life, training to be in the fucking Olympics for fuck’s sake. Then a couple years around those psychos and he catches their personality cancer, and then he’s cutting his nuts off and killing people in traffic.

                1. If he was around 7 boys instead of 7 women and a pussy, no way does he chop his junk off…

                  1. People want to argue about genetics… to me, Bruce Jenner is the prime example of why culture is what is really important… because culture is fucking contagious.

                    1. imagine if he married into the Duck Dynasty clan? he’d be out in the swamp, balls intact, shootin critters n shit

                    2. Damn straight. He’d be praising him some Jesus, wearing camo head to toe, and growing out his beard.

                    3. there is that poster on ROK who said constant porn over years damaged him to the point that he started desiring shemales.

                    4. you remember the guy on ROK who constantly talked about girls from Thailand and said his preferred body type is that of a 14 year old boy

                    5. Oh yea that’s his name. Man that guy went on and on about Thai girls. But that comment he made about the 14 year old boy bod was the weirdest thing he ever said.

                    6. I think a lot of his comments were “tongue in cheek”.
                      He loved driving some of the “alpha/pua types” crazy.
                      Pretty sure he still posts but under a different name.
                      Had some very interesting posts about living in Thailand, such as building a stilt house and growing a lot of his own food with his wife.

                    7. true but i think he was being serious about that. but then again you never know with the internet its not like i can see his facial expression or hear his tone of voice.

                    8. Yeah, you never know.
                      Whenever people go that far out of the ordinary, I usually chalk it up to “shock appeal”, but that’s just me.

              2. Naw. Like attracts like. He was fucked up for a long time beforehand. How long do you think he’d probably been dressing in women’s clothing? I’d wager 20 years. Momma Kartrashian just exploited it. Dysfunction recognize dysfunction.

            2. It takes a pure manipulative bitch to make an Olympic athlete alpha male stud cut his wanker off and grow a set of tits.

      2. There’s good money in affiliate sales. I read an article the other day about some lady who blogs about finances/budgeting and makes around $10K/month from affiliate sales. Granted, she has 100K people subscribed to her site, but still…
        We’re 1% there at AKC…We can do it guys!

      1. Yeah. I really miss the 1980’s. Women became hot while still retaining a lot of innocence. But we can’t bring back the past, alas, or I’d surely make it my first priority in life to do that.

          1. at least back then, those punk women just wanted a leather jacket and cigarettes.

            Now they want Jimmy Choo purses, a lifetime supply of purple hair dye, enough X to fuck 10 dudes a night, and pick fights with so called White Nationalists.

            1. The number of women who openly tell you they won’t fuck you if you don’t give them drugs has definitely skyrocketed since the 80s.

                    1. From what I know of him, he seems to be not the 20 something year old type of guy that would do that. Clubs. Oh lord, what cesspools.

                    2. I’m holding on to those cesspools thinking I might find that gem of a pornstar in a club..It’s a Hail Mary toss along with the Powerball jackpot I plan on winning.

                    3. I didn’t say I actually did that, I said I have had women make it clear that I could fuck them only if I get them high. And its usually mid to late 30s, upper class career chicks that I really don’t even want to fuck in the first place. Younger chicks are usually down to fuck regardless.

                      its really weird to daygame a 27 chick and have her be nice, sweet and eager to hook up. Then I’m at a work event that night and some smoke-voiced 38 year old chick with fake tits and over-tight skin starts talking about how she needs some “molly” to get off, and she expects me to be excited about the prospect.

                    4. Its those career types. They think they are such a catch, and that they can make you jump through a bunch of hoops and be so happy to fuck her.

                      I can go find a chick 10, 15 years younger (with a few hundred miles less of dick run through her) who is hotter, tighter and much more attractive, and that chick is basically elated to be hit on by an actual masculine guy and treated like a hot chick.

                    5. I find the young ones to be just as entitled here in Dallas though they are more subtle about it.

                    6. It depends where you are hunting. The young career chicks have some of that entitlement to them. The grad students and non-career types are all really down to earth and usually nice.

                    7. I need to find the location of these nice sweet 27 year olds. If I only worked around the university or even downtown during the day…

              1. 2 women I fucked around with openly admitted to only fucking guys who were either extremely hot, in their eyes, or were known to have 8-balls with them at the club. Since I was neither, they saw no use for me .

        1. It was about 1992-1994 when the grunge movement came out and women started going around with beanie caps and dread locks. Not 5 years later, multiple piercings and tattoos came out. That is about when I bailed from typical western women.

  4. I get 5 weeks of vacation a year, and can roll over 2 weeks, so this coming year I’ll have 7 weeks of vacation to contend with. I am taking tomorrow off for some legal matters I have to attend to in Cbus, but otherwise worked this week, except Christmas of course. Hate it, it’s boring as fuck and nobody else is working, but there you go. I intend however to make up for this by either riding down to Daytona come this spring, or taking an extra week of hoopdy-doo time and making a 2-3 week skidaddle to Sturgis this year. Dunno.

    Now that the kids are adults and on their own it’s really not the same feel to me, come the holidays. I guess once grandkids start being pumped out then things will get back to “normal” but right now it’s kind of a strange idling pattern with regard to the holidays.

      1. That is certainly on my list of “must do” activities the next time I ride down South.

            1. east coast is where its at with the Atlantic ocean, the Appalachian mountains, and the Statue of Liberty.

          1. Along with my other favorites quotes “the check’s in the mail” and “I promise I won’t cum in your mouth”.

    1. I just went and looked around RoK for a few minutes for the first time in a long time. Damn, that place is a fucking wasteland. I was actually kind of taken aback by how bad it was.

      1. I think I stopped caring about articles when my two favorite writers quintus curius and aruelus moner stopped writing articles.

        1. Oh, he’s there quite a bit now.
          He’s far less aggressive then he has been in the past.
          But it’s him. He posted a comment at me a few weeks ago talking about some stuff in the past.

            1. Charles Bronson (as Mr. Kersey) from Death Wish 3.
              But now is just the same cartoonish avatars everyone gets by default from ROK.

  5. OT: Woman accused of ruining $300K worth of art on date with Houston attorney

    HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — A woman accused of destroying three paintings and two sculptures belonging to Houston attorney Tony Buzbee and causing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage appeared in court.

    Lindy Layman, 29, has been charged with criminal mischief.

    According to details that came out in court, Layman and Buzbee were on a date Saturday when she became heavily intoxicated and they returned to his home.

    Buzbee believed she was too intoxicated and called an Uber driver to pick her up. She allegedly refused to leave and hid in his home. That’s when Buzbee called a second Uber driver.

    Per the information read in court, Layman was aggressive toward the second Uber driver, walked back into Buzbee’s home and shouted, “I’m not leaving.” That’s when she allegedly poured red wine on his paintings and ripped them off the wall, then threw his sculptures on the ground.

    The paintings apparently include an Andy Warhol original. According to court documents, the resulting damage cost at least $300,000.

      1. fake tits, fake blond hair with brown eyebrows, UBERs to the ladies room or to the mailbox, gets drunk, loud, 29 years old wearing her fuck me pumps around town desperately trying to land the rich attorney or heart surgeon..I hit on these types once per week . In most cases you can’t even get them drunk enough to bang . They just get violent.

              1. It does kind of look like she’s been picking at some meth bugs on her face. Or her face caught on fire and somebody put it out with an ice pick.

                1. Nothing worse than Meth Face. You’re at the club, its dark, the chick looks hot but you can tell she has the make-up caked on. You know she’s hiding something but you don’t know how bad it is until you get her home. Then you bang for a while, and between the sweat and slamming her face first into the bed while you nail her doggy style, all that shit comes off her face. Then she rolls over and — POW — you got the Meth Face looking back at you like a fucking zombie with her face rotting off.

                    1. It has been going around the Dallas clubs trying to get with rich dudes without disclosing the fact that she comes standard with 2 beans and a frank.

                    2. Fucking trannies. If you are going to pull that shit, at least be man enough to get your shit chopped off and turned into a fake vadge.

                    3. You should read the story about her baby daddy . Dude had sex on a Ferris wheel in Vegas with some nasty stripper and was caught by the cops . TMZ paid him like $4000 for an interview . He took the money to the titty bar bragged about the money . 2 black dudes killed him Outside the club

                    4. She’s a loser single mom but that never stops me from poon if it comes fairly easily , but this one obviously overvalues herself

                    5. Oy vey…tats galore.
                      Christy Mack with a full head of hair.
                      WNB. Unless drunk. Then WB. But once again, low tip.

                    6. I was about to say WB minus the fake tits… but then I imagined the sound of her voice and suddenly felt like I swallowed a bug.

                    7. The scary part is tranny technology improves every year and more are starting to look like women. It’s the main reason I am scared to go chick hunting in Thailand

        1. You know, I’m not a woman beater or anything like that but, it would only take getting the taste slapped out of her mouth one time to learn to not be acting a fool.

      2. WNB.
        – Fake Tits (which on its own I can overlook).
        – Big nose.
        – Wide face.
        – 29 – right at the cusp of my acceptable age range.
        I mean, if the agency sent her over I would bang, but I would leave a low tip and would not repeat.

          1. Without banging. Did you get a load of the cranberries on that bi-atch’s face? Not just simple pimples, I think.

    1. Typical Cookie Cutter Big City Texas Fake Bitch who thinks she belongs on one of the Housewives of

      ..and her name is quite fitting Lindy *Layman*.

    2. She should have done something about that big azz shnozz when she got those hooters blown up. Wouldn’t have had to make but one trip that way.

      1. If you are gonna put that much weight on your chest, you need to keep that airflow nice and wide.

        1. She probably has strong legs though from toting those 5 gallon jugs of silicone around.

      1. Jim, did Roosh ban you on the RooshV forum the other night when he did his live stream, i heard him say your name?

        1. Hey MAL, how was that?
          I was going to check it out, but went out and got some fresh air instead. Was at 2PM in my time zone.

          1. yeah it went ok, completely of the cuff, he got a couple of trolls but was quite funny how he interacted with them, couple of good ‘callers’ who called through and asked genuine questions, a few newbies as well.
            if you go on ROK he has linked it to youtube so you can watch it.

            1. I’ll check it out.
              Was going to stick around for it, but really did not have any questions for him or anything to contribute. An AKC call in would be better. I’d have plenty to contribute.

              1. there was a caller who spoke about working girls, i actually thought it may have been you, then he said his age was 32.

                    1. Bob Smith had an article on ROK on that topic over a year ago. Spurred some really good discussion.
                      Here in NY it really doesn’t matter.

                      The clients are left alone regardless of the few and infrequent LE crackdowns.

        1. Only the really old, sagging ones.
          Or so I’ve been told.
          I have no first hand knowledge of that, thank god…

  6. Taking time off around the Holidays, spending time with family and friends, getting a little extra rest – ALL wonderful things. This is also a great time to straighten things up, tie up some loose ends, etc…

    – Is your home, your garage, your closet cluttered? Clean it up – get organized.
    – Do things around your home require some maintenance? How about your vehicle?
    – What about your diet? Are you doing everything to maximize your health?
    – Take a look at your financials. If you’re carrying debt (secured and unsecured) find ways to consolidate or refinance. Call your credit card companies and ask for them to lower your rates and/or increase your credit limits, etc. Order a free copy of your credit report to make sure there are no discrepancies, etc.

    Set yourself up for success in 2018!

  7. ” A night of drinking or one crappy meal wont kill you, but don’t go overboard.”

    Good advice. Sounds like a good New Year’s resolution.
    How to keep it is the question…

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