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As men, we have a limited number of tools at our disposal to prevent the further decay of society. These tools have varying degrees of usefulness and negative repercussions. We can be an example, we can raise awareness, we can use some legal means, we use force, we can….etc. One tool that has been neglected for some time is ostracism.

Historical Context

John Adams, the second President of the Untied States, had a son named Charles who was considered of low character. Although a graduate of Harvard University and clerk for a New York Lawyer, he was a drunk, had a low sense of morality, and was irresponsible. His father disowned him and he died of cirrhosis of the liver November 30, 1800, some 30 years prior to his father’s passing.

In 2008, a HBO miniseries depicted this story in a negative light towards John Adams, as abandoning poor Charles in the pursuit of a political career. While we may never know the full context of what happened there, we do have some insight.

Ostracism Today

In our society today, inclusion is the order of the day. No matter what misdeeds are done, we are to love those around us. Europe is descending into chaos as a result of politicians encouraging this social experiment of replacing their low birth rate with hordes of violent immigrants. If you as a man, present conservative values, you are instantly labeled as a sexist/racist/homophobe.

Liberals are hypocritically doing all they can to fight against exclusiveness, while being exclusive in the media, schools, and in daycare facilities. Men, especially conservative men need not apply. In the course of divorce, some 85% of women have primary custody. Although ostracism is supposed to be a thing of the past, it is alive and well in the arena of ideas (I include child rearing).

Where Exclusivity Can’t Be Used

There are legal ramifications to hiring and firing because of race/gender/political persuasion (excluding the NBA, strip clubs, and the liberal arena of ideas). Employers have the state monitoring them closely on who they choose to go into business with (God forbid a company is able to use their own money as they see fit.) Also, in situations regarding the law, discrimination against anyone other than the white male is prohibited. Do so at your own risk

Where Exclusivity May Be Used

Numerous families have children who are bad eggs. As in the John Adams example, ostracizing a family member may have implications that cause more harm than good. Use prayerful consideration.

My uncle has/had a son whom they adopted at seven years of age. This kid had numerous problems including but not limited to, physical abuse, sexual abuse, and drug addiction. For years, they struggled to change this kid for the better. On numerous occasions, the kid got into serious trouble and was in and out of jail. While in his 20’s, and addicted to meth, he broke into my uncle’s house and stole thousands of dollars. Since then, my uncle has had to pretty much disown his son. For his own protection, they changed the locks. Since then, the kid has been in and out of prison for numerous things.

If you think love will change them, by all means, love them. But there comes a point where you need to cut them off. It will probably cause harm your kid, but your example may get others to think before doing irreparable damage to themselves.

Prior to the sexual revolution, if a daughter got pregnant, they would often go to live with a family member, have the baby and give it up for adoption. As tough as that is, far fewer single mothers was the result, the young mother still had an opportunity to improve her life, and the baby would go to a stable household.

Where Exclusivity Should Be Used

There are numerous organizations that have been inundated with women/gays over the years. The Boy Scouts is the latest in a string of encroaching leftist idealism. Fraternal organizations such as the Order of the Eagles, Moose Lodge, Bowling Leagues and the like have been infiltrated and have consequently been losing numbers. What guy would want to go to an organized meeting, only to be browbeaten by the type of women who want to insert themselves into men’s organizations? If you happen to find an exclusively male organization left, support them, and make your opinion known. Keep the women out, and maintain your sanity. NO MA’AM may be worth looking into, perhaps set up a local chapter?

Certain websites such as this and others should also stay predominantly male. A woman or two are inconsequential, but with large enough numbers, they want to change things. They have done it with sports, organizations, and other places.


Two years ago, our Church Priesthood Quorum (Adult Men) decided to have a softball game/hamburger feed. It went great, and it was talked about for awhile. Last year, the Quorum President decided to talk to the women’s group and invite them for a hamburger feed. This time, guys acted much more reserved, and ended up pretty much cooking while the women and children ate. Not nearly as fun. This year, I got called as Quorum President, and I think we are going to keep the women out and do another game, only competing against a neighboring church.

Where Ostracism Shall Be Used

Divorce is a plague. It destroys children’s lives. Women (and men) need to understand that such behavior is not to be tolerated. Since the courts will not punish, or even reward single mothers for destroying families, we need to be willing to stand up and show disapproval of such behavior. A car thief is imprisoned and shunned by society, yet an individual who destroys lives is supported by the welfare state, ex husbands under court order, and white knights. This needs to stop. Where a car thief costs a person maybe 10-20k, a single mother costs society up to a million or more over her lifetime. The resulting loser children will do the same. Stay away from these criminals.


In the mid 1800’s, Nathaniel Hawthorne, a socialist, wrote “The Scarlet Letter”, in an effort to take away the private enforcement of morality and hand that to the state.

 If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary.

– James Madison Federalist Paper #51

Since the founding of our nation, socialists in whatever form have been corrupting the people in order to justify stronger government power. As we go further down the road of corruption, the stranglehold of government becomes increasingly tighter. May we use the power we have as a people to govern ourselves so we don’t have a tyranny do it for us.


Author: Jim Johnson

As a man in his early 40's, I grew up on a dairy farm in an irreligious home. Disgusted with the choice of women out there, I looked into religion to find a worthwhile mate. At 23, I joined the LDS (Mormon) faith, married, became a civil engineer, and now have six children. My favorite things are puppies, long walks on the beach, and the color blue (not really).

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  1. Good article Jim. You are right that male spaces have been under attack in recent years in to promote fairness . I also like that fact that you point out that we the people should uphold morals and values instead in relying on a government.

  2. Very nice as always Jim.
    I especially like this part:

    ” Where a car thief costs a person maybe 10-20k, a single mother costs
    society up to a million or more over her lifetime. The resulting loser
    children will do the same. Stay away from these criminals.”

    So true and the vicious cycle continues on with the kids. The same can be said of the welfare system and to a certain extent the foster care/social services system.

    Were orphanages really that bad? They were church run and enforced a sense of discipline in the kids. These days a bunch of liberal SJWs are calling the show. Which explains why a lot of the kids in the “system” go feral (also taking into consideration the kid’s heredity).

  3. Great article Jim and I applaud how succinctly you made your points, but your preaching to the choir. I never understood praising and rewarding single moms–I lived that for several years, and know plenty of others who did as well, and it sucked for everyone. Family courts need to dissolved and authority reaffirmed back to men.

    1. “but your preaching to the choir..”

      Yeah, but still nice to see a somewhat political article here on AKC.
      I like the other stuff, but a politic topic is good every once in a while.

        1. I’m not saying a word about politics, other than to agree with you about the single mother epidemic. The healthiest adults almost always grew up with two parents present. The data supports it.

            1. Absolutely.
              And Ostracism/Shunning/Peer Pressure is a time honored technique in accomplishing that goal. Especially for females. Becoming a social outcast is the female equivalent of being an “incel”. Human society worked for 100 thousand years because of females policing themselves. Asinine to think that it should change. The 60s brought this insanity upon us. It must end ASAP.

              1. You can’t blame this one on the 60s.

                America has never been much of a shame culture; it’s been more of a **guilt** culture. The difference is whether the policing comes from an external source (neighbors shouting “shame!” and wagging fingers) or internal source (your own conscience, which is guilt). As an individualistic society, we’ve always looked to our own consciences for guidance, particularly American men.

                However, my crystal ball tells me that social media will be carrying us rapidly towards a shame culture… let’s see how it goes.

                1. “The difference is whether the policing comes from an external source
                  (neighbors shouting “shame!” and wagging fingers) or internal source
                  (your own conscience, which is guilt).”

                  Have to disagree.
                  For females, it used to be a shame culture. Which is all they understand. Prior to the 60s, if a female stepped out of line, the mothers, grandmas, siblings, aunts, cousins, and friends smacked her back into line. That no longer exists in this “you go girl” culture we now live in.

          1. “single mother epidemic”

            brilliant, totally agree, it is also quite bad in the US among the working middle class?

            1. Yes, in the US, the stability of one’s marriage correlates directly with one’s level of education. Multiple divorces occur most often in the lower classes. If this trend holds, marriage is headed towards becoming an upper-class indulgence.

  4. What prompted this article was doing genealogy reasearch the other night. My wife had a great great great aunt that had a bastard child then divorced that year. The bastard kid had kids with multiple problems. Jail, multiple divorces etc. the chain reaction was so apparent. I am sure most of throse decedents are losers today. As much as it sucks to do, This crap needs to be mopped in the bud

    1. It’s nothing new then. I know of a couple bad apples in my own family tree. I sometimes wonder if the war on men and stable nuclear families is motivated out of spite. Have you ever seen other women shoot daggers at your wife when she is out with you and the kids?

      1. When we go to Oregon to visit family, yeah it happens, especially if we take all the kids in the grocery store

        1. So its not my imagination. The worst ones I find are the bitter old feminist types. The are usually alone and the hate in their face is genuine.

          1. I really feel for those women. They have been so caught up in the socialist lie that they have destroyed any sense of happiness in their lives. They listen to the sirens telling them that being a wife and mother is being oppressed that a dead end career is where to find happiness but their biology is not geared that way. By the time they realize they want family it is too late and they end up bitter, blaming men rather than the other feminists who lied to them.

            1. I don’t. They made personal decisions and must accept the consequences. They alone are to blame for their choices— but thats how men think. Responsibility isn’t a feminine concept.

              1. Come on, Throw the doggy a bone. Not saying you have to like them, but there has to be a certain amount of empathy or there won’t be any damper when the pendulum swings the other way

                1. I feel sorry for them to a degree.

                  I should start pointing them out to my daughters and say, “thats what happens when you don’t let a good man in your life. You wind up old and bitter and your cats will eat you when you die alone in your unheated flat.”

                  1. No kids here — obviously.
                    But really, I don’t have ANY IDEA what I would say if I had daughters.

                    – Don’t be a slut?
                    – Don’t chase after “bad boys”?
                    – Don’t make a pig of yourself in college or at your first job?

                    No clue, really. How does one compete with TV and the internet and their “friends”?

                    Other than immersing your family in devout Christianity, is there any other way?

                    1. No way I would have network tv with my daughters at home. Let them grow and be happy in their roles without femininist rhetoric telling them being a wife and mother is being oppressed. My daughter while in diapers wanted to change her little brothers diapers. This natural inclination to nurture is pounded out of them, not the other way around

                    2. “No way I would have network tv with my daughters at home.”

                      Good decision Jim. Excellent in fact.

                    3. Invoke the christian faith and controll her associates (play dates) as long as you can. The girls ask me pointed questions when mom isn’t around. And you maintain and break the answers down so they understand. As a father you tell them that you love them, and that its unconditional as is Gods love, and you take every oppotunity to spend time with family (grandparemts, cousins, etc…) so they have a comparison how functional famalies opperate.

                      You do the best you can and pray your seeds of advice take root as you acknowledge your own limitations (and mortality).

                    4. “As a father you tell them that you love them, and that its unconditional
                      as is Gods love, and you take every oppotunity to spend time with
                      family (grandparemts, cousins, etc…) so they have a comparison how
                      functional famalies opporate.”

                      Yeah I suppose that is best. Examples from your your own extended family.

                      Just curious, do you use the public school system? That seems to be a real cesspool, at least here in the NYC Metro area.

                    5. “..use the public school system? That seems to be a real cesspool, at least here in the NYC Metro area.”

                      They are all toxic bud. The youngest is going to an international school and last year she came home perplexed question. “Why was the teacher asking us about marriages with women marrying women and men marrying men?” She read one of those “Heather has 2 mothers” stories and then specifically asked each child how they felt about it.

                      I made an appointment the following week with the school superintendent (female,natch) and she showed up along with the appointed state school student social worker (also female). I was always calm and cool in the past, but it got heated and I let them have it with both barrels. Why were they indoctrinating 7 year olds with homo propaganda? Made firm that they were completely out of bounds with imposing their moral and values on other peoples kids. One reply was, “In fact, why don’t we invite the muslim parents into this conversation– I think they would like to hear your reply.” The socialist old hags did not hold up well. Walking back to the car my wife started to laugh. “You didn’t see them go pale and start shaking with fear as you verbally barraged them?”

                      From one of the teachers, I was informed I was the “talk in teachers longue” for a couple of weeks. I’m apathetic to the whole homo-marriage thing, but leave the kids alone.

                    6. Those social marxists in education are a terrible nasty bunch. You can debate them or petition against them but they won’t change their stand. The fact that they dragged a social worker into the room meant that they wanted to keep it as a closed doors gang bang against you and likely they wanted to fish for something to build a fraudulent case against you. This should have been taken to the school auditorium with numerous red pill parents and microphones and with daddies standing with large kahone sacks swaying in unison as the mothers clap on queue.

                    7. I had second round with the social worker later on as she was fishing for info by interegating my daughter alone (in order to get child services involved) in her office. We looked at the statutes and made another appointment and ripped her apart. I told her that “if she wants to continue to use stasi tactics to continue her jihad, then I go directly to the state house and file an ethics complaint and ask for a state review of her performance. What she is doing resonates what communists and nazis used to do.” I (and my wife) were angry– I told her I know what she is attempting and she is going to lose and pay a personal price for it.

                      She backed down and no problems since. Last month all the parents received an email that the schools social worker will be leaving due to health reasons. LOL!

                    8. Big golfer’s clap to that. That was creative. I would have taken it to the auditorium. In the past, schools never had a resident state socialist worker. The dean handled all disciplinary issues. In my high school, the PE coaches were the people to talk to if you had a problem. You went to them and not the other way around. Students were never pulled out of class and interrogated without being read their rights while court seasoned school counsellor/shills pump the student for information to generate some heresay case against the parents. Your kids have to be aware of what dangers lurk with these folks and have to be red pilled enough to hold their turf if cornered and to remain silent as per 5th. Your child has to know the worst case scenario if they say the wrong thing causing them to be whisked away, placed on psychotropics and eventually trafficked to a meat market depending on the state or country. Otherwise bailing a kid out of state custody or foster care is about $50k to file special motions and throwing out their forged case. But $50k still amounts to a serious mugging. Totally uncalled for. The whole bunch of them needs audited big time. Very serious swamp draining.

      1. Jim what did you say during the Rooshmas call in that got you called out live and banned by Roosh? We are all dying to know

                  1. Of course not.
                    He was too busy getting his ass kicked in the garbage vestibule.

                    Is that what you call that place? A garbage can vestibule?

          1. he had 2 computers going, one for the people who were calling in to chat the other was the RooshV forum, he was looking at that computer when he said your name.

  5. great article & topic Jim
    “inclusion is the order of the day”
    this great line could maybe be improved by including another word… “FORCEFUL inclusion is the order of the day.”

  6. If I had a daughter that was preg or who became a single mom where the man was abscent, I’d take the trouble to round up the guy and see what’s the deal before I chuck away and ostricize a good daughter of my own bloodline. I’d need to know how come he’s not around and keeping her domesticated? Are there sneaky-poo wimminz behind the scenes who rigged my daughter’s domestic situation for her to fall into single motherhood?

    A lot of times these days you’ll find that particular other women around your daughter are the ones who corrupt her the most. Barren women, career women and loose unmanaged women are high risk and need watched. Most men simply want a good woman to domesticate uninterrupted and unfettered.

    It’s the covert feminists and scorned witches who mess things up. Sometimes it’s embedded family members – like the bitter old biddies that couldn’t produce and the dry hens – who will run independent woman/single mother game on your daughter without you even noticing. They’re drama masters and they’re sneeeaky. Always tempting and encouraging single motherhood and female independence like it was the greatest thing since sliced bread. And ooh are they sly and sneaky . . .



    And they so effortlessly segue every situation into drama. They themselves are also the authors of the drama. They produce drama like a fruit tree produces ripe fruits. They dangle with ripe fruits of drama wherever they go. When you encounter them, they dangle with so much ripe drama, it looks like a fig or pear tree overloaded with so much low hanging fruit that it’st about to tip over. You barely have to shake them and so much drama comes out it’s like ripe mushy figs going splat on the ground when the wind blows. You could literally make a pie.

    I’m sure most of us viewed some family females this holiday who created and pulled drama out of their hole like a magician pulls a string of rabbits. They’re so good at it. When they visit, they dangle with the stuff and you just want to bring aluminum pie pans for them to sit on and place under their chins and on their laps. Just keep it up ladies. Make us some rabbit and fig pies. We need a great big pie pan.


    Everyone knows I would give carte blanche to a RP suitor to do what it takes to keep any of my daughters domesticated and in the fold of the tribe. It would be easy for a man to keep one of my daughters proper because I’m likely more cocked against the system than they are.

    The problem with a lot of single mothers is that their single motherhood was codified the moment they signed blood papers with the system. Otherwise the father would still be communicatrng and entering his residence freely like Lenny and Squiggy barge in every thirty munites “Hello” to readjust the frame of Lavernne and Shirley.

    When the bitch court system gets it’s hooks into a family, the real daddy can barely approach his woman to communicate if ‘no contact’ orders have been rubber stamped by some family court witch. And the last nail in the kid’s coffins is when the same courts police the time the father can spend contacting his own blood brood. I would give the same before I ever take a knife under my throat like that. Let anyone dare tell me when I can and cannot speak to my own children or enter the house I built or call order to my clan for the day’s plans. NEVER DARE that vile enemy take a sledge hammer to my fine dining room table, to my skull or to the patriarchal order that I breathe and sweat.

    I refuse to recognize or concede to the entire domestic court farce. My wife knows it and so she of course has no love for the anti family bitch systsem either. We just finished a 1000 pc Christmas puzzle the other night and then she danced naked and blew me. Life is good when you never concede to evil authority. Aaah.


    1. shite MCGOO!!
      “We just finished a 1000 pc Christmas puzzle the other night and then she danced naked and blew me. Life is good when you never concede to evil authority”
      thats funny right there!

      1. The round puzzles are rediculous. You do the outside edge first and then the center has 4 easy to find pieces that look like ¼ pie slices. Then you go round and round from the center. If you got puzzles for Christmas, do em. There’s a reason you got them otherwise they will collect dust. I couldn’t have thought of the pie analogy until after we did that puzzle.

    2. I still don’t know how you post comments this long.
      I have the attention span of a gnat, and I always assumed everyone else does as well.

      Well, do you?
      Do you have an attention span longer than a gnat?

      1. Funny you ask. I can throw 1/2 of a 1000 pc puzzle together like chicken salad while doing the rubik’s cube with my feet. With my hands it takes me 1 min or so and feet . . eeh it’s a good square foot massager. Ever notice when you’re getting your feet done, your woodie goes down? It’s some chakre thing. Get your girl to do your feet and the chakre goes down to your feets. The more she rubs your piggies, the more the chakre builds. Then she stops doing your feet and the chakre goes back to agitite a new woody. It’s BOING and if she’s not at least 50 feet away she gets plastered for a good long while.

        1. “Ever notice when you’re getting your feet done, your woodie goes down?”

          I’ll have to remember & take note the next time I hit the rub ‘n tug joint.

  7. Divorce is a plague. It destroys children’s lives. Women (and men) need to understand that such behavior is not to be tolerated. Since the courts will not punish, or even reward single mothers for destroying families, we need to be willing to stand up and show disapproval of such behavior.

    Even though I am divorced, I still agree with this 100%.

    1. Even though I have never been divorced, married, engaged, had a serious girlfriend (other than an SB), a real relationship, or even a free date for Cripes sake, I agree 100% as well.

  8. Great article Jim. So true….. it’s been mentioned before that the genesis of these problems gained critical mass with womens suffrage. A little compromise here, a little there…. women were designed by God to be followers, and go with the flow (see Black Pigeon Speaks on Youtube, if you haven’t already watched). Many, many people, including most of the Christian men I fellowship with would be aghast at the suggestion that women should not vote. I tell them to open the Bible and support their belief. Deborah is one of my favorites. She led the Israelites when the men WOULD NOT. A bunch of p#$$ies that had to be led into battle by a woman (and she told them as much). Now, there are more women than men, and the DEMs began bringing in hordes of immigrants from 1965…… mathematically…. we, are, screwed. Even if you can get your daughter to toe the line….. who will be there to support her with your granddaughter (in the figurative sense). Even if each of us gives 100%, it’s not enough. The numerical superiority is too overwhelming. So…. this leads me to ponder. How can we “outsmart” this problem? I’m not seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.

      1. Some would say so….. but the american south tried that, south aftrica, rhodesia, angola, etc…… the voters would send our own brothers against us, to put down the “rebellion”.

        1. “south aftrica, rhodesia”

          The deck was stacked against that.
          Reagan was on their side.
          But he was voted down.

          If not secession, then I guess the time honored tradition of whiskey and guns.

    1. I don’t think at this point we have the numbers to single them out, but we sure can avoid marrying single mothers thereby lowering their smv. If that happens enough, they can understand it is not a viable option

      1. I see a ton of single moms on tinder, shamelessly “looking for a real relationship”. I don’t think anybody picks them up for anything other than a smash n’ dash.

      2. That is the way it should be and has been since the beginning of civilization….. until now. Now these rascals just keep voting themselves more benefits! Keep up the good work Jim. You’re an inspiration to us all.

  9. I think getting rid of child support and the all encompassing welfare state would curb the single mom problem. Ostracizing them is difficult do due to their abundant numbers where I live. Great article.

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