46 thoughts on “Happy New Year!”

  1. Maybe three hours of sleep, a holiday and o still automatically wake up at five am, stupid biological clock

    1. I envy you. As soon as I’m back home, I lose the will to get up. I got 14h of sleep last night. I’m sleeping my vacations away.

  2. Due to serious setbacks to our troops in Guantanemo and Santiago — my position in Cuba is untenable.
    I am resigning from office to avoid further bloodshed. And I shall leave the city immediately. I wish you all good luck.
    Salud! – Salud! – Salud!

        1. Colonel Jesup would have never resigned even with 5000 Cubans waiting to kill him at any given moment .

        1. Roosh is whining about what a tough year he has had and is trying to get people to contribute articles.

          1. IMO he’s an attention whore no different than a so called Instagram model . He’s not the center of attention anymore so he’s pouting . He’s trying to retrieve the fame he once had .

          1. Roosh who?

            2018 is the year we forget irrelevant and pathetic wierdos trying to attention whore online to suplimemt their sad lives and try to be more relevant in the real world

      1. I love the way he blamed Disqus banning RoK for making it so all the commenters that he had banned could come back and spread their “filth” on the site.

        1. The funny part is all the people he banned were moderate to indifferent to the whole racial thing. The people he kept were the I hate Jews,blacks, and anyone who isn’t white club.

          1. I’m moderate to indifferent to the whole racial thing, and he never banned me. I feel kind of jealous.

              1. Probably too late, but I got banned by mentioning AKC to ROK followers. I doubt any ROK followers are unaware of AKC anymore.

          2. Did you get banned?
            Just curious.
            I was not banned. But I was never a “high volume” commentor. Still post comments once in a while.
            Its funny because one of my main topics (no, not the one where I complain about parents, and no, not the drinking) is against his commenting policy. Luke even suggested once that I submit an article.

    1. Look at his blog and more recent YouTube videos , I believe he’s getting needy and wants his former glory back (not gloryhole) where he was hated and he got tons of attention .

  3. Happy 2018 , hopefully the black monolith won’t land on a random farm in Nebraska and this isn’t an apocalyptic year as predicted by the Chinook or some other obscure Indian tribe. #MAGA

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