Men’s Supplements – Part 1

As we age our bodies simply do not perform as well as they used to. But aging does not have to mean poor health. Many “age-related” ailments stem from a sedentary lifestyle, poor diet and chronic stress. Many folks have no interest in fixing their health problems because that’s “too hard.” They go the doctor and get a pill since that’s easy. If that’s you, read no farther. But if you are genuinely interested in maintaining good health naturally as you age, read on. Here in Part 1, I will focus on supplementation for general health, leaving performance enhancement and more specific disease preventative topics for later articles.

A common argument against supplements is that we should get our vitamins and minerals from a good diet. It would be great if that worked. But much, if not most, of our produce and meat comes from depleted soil. Sure, the farmers fertilize, but typically only with potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen. If the essential minerals aren’t there to begin with the plants, and by extension grazing animals, won’t provide them either. Some areas simply don’t have the minerals we need. If you live in the South, it’s likely that you are zinc deficient. That can make you crave salt, among other things. Care to guess which part of the US has the highest blood pressure?

Most of us know how important vitamins are. But vitamin supplementation is especially important if you live on the Standard American Diet. There’s a reason its initials are SAD. I ate poorly when I was young; fast, processed and junk foods. I knew I was eating crap, so I took a high-quality men’s multivitamin to compensate. As I aged I found that wasn’t enough. By 45, old knee and shoulder joint injuries flared up interfering with my workouts and general quality of life. But I wasn’t ready to throw in the towel and become a middle-aged couch potato like so many of my contemporaries.

I did some research and tried a Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM supplement. After about six months the joint pain was gone and I still use that supplement. At nearly 60, I can squat and dead-lift with no knee pain. I perform strict Military presses with no shoulder joint pain. That success led me to explore other natural remedies and preventatives and my supplement stack grew.

If what I am about to share seems like a lot, consider that I am seldom sick. I am in better physical condition now than I was in my thirties and I seldom have any reason to go to the doctor. The money I spend on supplements is a fraction of what many of my contemporaries spend on doctor visits and prescriptions. The difference, besides the money, is I don’t suffer from side effects.

Please note: This list is based my own research, personal experience and opinion; it is not to be taken as health advice. I encourage you to do your own research. There are numerous studies published on the Web; I encourage you to read them. I am not affiliated with or compensated by any companies I may mention in this article; I am only a customer.

Part 1 – Essential Supplements

NOW “Adam” multivitamin – this is a two a day vitamin (morning / evening) with other men’s health supplements included. There are numerous high quality men’s multivitamins on the market. I happen to like this one based on formulation and quality. If I was only allowed to take one supplement and nothing else, this would be the one.

Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM – 2X / day – morning / evening. Various studies on this differ. Some show a benefit for arthritis and others do not. I had long term joint injuries. I don’t know if they were arthritic, but this works for me. I use NOW brand because their product contains what the label says (as independently verified by Consumer Reports) and it is moderately priced.

Saw Palmetto Extract – 160 mg 2X / day– morning / evening. Around 50 I was getting up to pee two or three times a night and noticed reduced flow. I started taking Saw Palmetto extract. I noticed a significant improvement in flow within a few weeks. Now I only get up once at night (I drink a lot of water to avoid kidney stones). This doesn’t work for everyone, but if you are having issues it’s worth a try.

Turmeric Curcumin with Black Pepper Extract – 750 mg 2X / day– morning / evening. This is a very effective anti-oxidant, improves brain function, helps prevent heart disease and cancer (it may even be a cancer treatment since it reduces angiogenesis). Curcumin can cross the blood brain barrier and helps clear the Amyloid plaques seen with Alzheimer’s. It is more effective in treating arthritis than NSAIDs and is a natural antidepressant.

Fish Oil – 300 mg 2x / day – morning / evening. The documented benefits are numerous: reduced risk of heart disease, anti-inflammatory, improved brain function, preserves eye health and vision, aids with fat loss and liver fat reduction, promotes healthy skin and helps reduce anxiety, depression and ADHD.

Olive Leaf Extract – 20% Oleoropein, 750mg 2x/day – morning / evening. A study in Europe on identical twins showed this reduces blood pressure and cholesterol. I was diagnosed with hypertension in 2013, made some lifestyle changes and added this to my supplement regimen. My blood pressure is back where it was in my twenties with no prescription drugs (or their side effects).

Zinc Gluconate – 50mg 1x/day – evening. This promotes healing, strengthens the immune system and can help lower blood pressure. In men, zinc deficiency reduces testosterone and can lead to erectile dysfunction. In one study, older men who were given a zinc supplement doubled their testosterone levels. A significant portion of the US population, especially in the South, is zinc deficient.

Vitamin D3 – 5,000 IU 2x/day – morning / evening. The “sunshine vitamin” is important for your immune system, regulating calcium and phosphorous absorption, fighting heart disease, multiple sclerosis, flu and even regulating mood helping to control depression. This one is tricky because it is a fat-soluble vitamin and is more difficult for your body to eliminate. At 10,000 IU per day, I take the upper dosage limit. More than that can cause hypercalcemia (elevated blood calcium levels). At 5,000 IU most people within the 125 – 200 lb. weight range should be fine. Ideally you would have a blood test to confirm your D3 levels and adjust the dosage accordingly.

Vitamin K2 – 100mcg – 1x/day – morning. If you are going to take high dosage vitamin D3, take K2 with it. K2 promotes calcification of bone and helps prevent calcification of soft tissue (like your artery walls).

Magnesium Citrate – 400mg, 1x / day – evening. Magnesium is involved in numerous chemical processes in the body. It helps stop insulin resistance, reduces the frequency of migraines, fights inflammation, has an anti-depressant effect, improves energy for exercise, aids lactic acid removal, improves sleep quality, maintains high bone density and even helps prevent cardiovascular disease.

That’s it for Part 1. In Part 2 I will cover what I consider to be non-essential supplements, but important for disease prevention and improved quality of life.

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  1. “By 45, old knee and shoulder joint injuries flared up interfering with my workouts and general quality of life.”

    Same here, but for me it was 46 and the shoulder flare ups became serious golf elbow to the point where I couldn’t turn a door knob with my right arm. From years of doing flies on the floor as well as standing biceps curls and military presses with dumbbells. The flies really did me in, I believe.

    “Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM supplement.”

    Going to check it out and give it a try. Thanks! Would love to be able to get back to heavier weights instead of just pushups & dips. Speaking of which, time to do the pushups…took two weeks off. Got to get rid of the “holiday flab” now.

    1. why not try Test and HGH therapy if your joints are shot? joe rogan has been taking both for 10 yrs. swears it helped his shoulder injury(that, and simply hanging from a chin up bar, I think Ill try that when my shoulder flares up). these rejuvenation clinics have popped up all over manhattan, seems affordable, $150/mo for T shots

      1. From what I remember,what actually saved his shoulder was stem cell therapy injections he got in Mexico.

      2. He makes some excellent points. Especially about doing after 50 and staying strong into early 70s. But I have to admit. When I hear test/hgh, I think steroids. And when I think steroids, I visualize Tony Mandarich and his man-tits. And that scares the HELL out of me.
        Also, for better or worse (most probably worse) I am still a very horny bastard even at my age. I’d be even worse with TRT. Another scary thought. But yeah, I suppose they have advanced this shit since Alzado/Matuszak/Mandarich. I should have an open mind about it.

    2. I’ve been taking 1 capsule daily of Glucosamine(500 mg)Chondroitin(400 mg) in order to minimize my knee and ankle pain after soccer in addition to daily icing. It reduces the time for a full recovery by 1 day.

  2. Kratom will reinvigorate your body so much it will go into a Benjamin Button state. Take a hit just before sleep and wake up as a 15 yo.

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                      I like that philosophy. Hence my address…Unfortunately they’ve FOUND me….

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  3. Though I am 22 right now, I am trying to collect information about this stuff for my later years. Thank you.

    1. You can’t start too early. One of the biggest things I’ve found that you need to care for are your joints. If those go to shit, everything else will as well since it’ll hurt to do any activities. Glucosamine/Chondroitin are good, but I’d also highly recommend making homemade bone broth and eating it daily.

        1. I believe Jell-O is also pretty good for joints, though it’s higher in sugar and not as nutrient dense as bone broth. I suppose you can buy the unflavored Jell-O packets and add your own fruit/flavorings to up the nutritional value.

          1. I just buy sugar-free, flavored jello. I suppose the artificial sweeteners are not good for you but the jello components sure are. That helps me mix it up, so I’m not eating the same supplement every day.

            1. You can also buy unflavored gelatin. Knox is a popular brand. Throw it in gravy to help thicken.

      1. I’ve been taking a boron supplement. It’s a trace element that gets lost in the soil due to the rigorous grow schedule for most produce. It’s supposed to aid in the body’s use of existing testosterone. I have not noticed any changes, yet.

      2. Bone Broth…or “seolleongtang”. my first Korean SB/GF used to make that for me all the time. With “dogani” — beef tendons stewed & softened in the broth. I should have stayed with her. Maybe my rotator cuffs would never have gone to sh*t.

        1. Also I eat kebab for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Boosts testosterone like nothing else.

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      1. I understand as well. As the divine leader of North Korea I have to be in the best shape when I am addressing the people .

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    1. I have been taking Fenugreek, D-Aspartic Acid and shots of T. Fuck it..go all out..anything is better than living without sex.

  4. I really have never taken supplements regularly other than maybe vitamin C when the cold is going around. I would say you may have a point with the salt craving. I don’t understand why Morten and friends want to give only purified Sodium Chloride. Road salt would be healthier for you as you would be getting a wider variety of minerals.

    1. Boothe suggested in our Telegram channel to also take Vit D3 supplements with the Vit C to help keep your immune system boosted. Something about them working synergistically.

      1. Sounds like he knows what he is talking about, I haven’t given it much thought yet, just trying to eat healthy.

        1. In fact, I’m looking to delegate more aspects of my life to Boothe. I think he’d do a better job in general.

      1. It leads me to posting KPOP girl group videos.
        To much Old Crow leads me to posting AC/DC, Ted Nugent, and Black Sabbath videos.

  5. Guys, please do your own research before taking a bunch of unnecessary potato advice on supplements.
    For example, taking a bunch of zinc, over 40mg a day can lead to problems with the absorption of copper and thus to anemia. And taking zinc for years can actually lead to prostate cancer. Yay! Or if you have diabetes, zinc will lower your blood sugar.

    Vit K- too much can cause kidney and liver problems
    Turmeric- can cause bleeding problems and really fuck your shit up if you’re taking NSAIDs
    It’s an unproven treatment and there are no standards for dosage.
    Vitamin D- he’s suggesting 5000mg twice a day? lmao! A quick google search showed anything more than 4000mg a day is bad for you and will fuck with your body’s calcium levels. Affecting liver etc and can actually lead to kidney stones (something OP drinks water to avoid) again lmao! Those doses will harden your arterial walls. Bad.

    Don’t be potatoes. And research before blindly taking advice from opinion pieces on line.
    Or just stick to Kratom.

    1. At one time I thought along the same lines until I had a shit backup. I was sweating at night and the best the doctor could do was give me anti-ulcer medication . My mother gave me a jar of flax seeds and a jar of chia seeds. (49% fiber per tablespoon) The next day I was on the can for 3 hours with a 10 torpedo pile-up in the bowl and my shits have been at 11 AM everyday ever since. Some guys say seeds are for the birds but whatevs, I’m shitting like a shit factory and I see no harmful side effects.

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    2. I’ve always wondered about NSAIDs. Everything from water to plutonium seems to warn that it will be absolutely fucking awful for you if you take an NSAID. Is it possible that the NSAIDs are really the terrible stuff?

      1. You might be thinking of MAOIs. Almost everything in existence is incompatible with MAOIs. NSAIDs have their share, but it’s not as bad.

      2. I take an Advil one hour before playing soccer twice per week . It prevents inflammation and eases the soreness after . Once in a while it causes a slight upset stomach , barely noticeable . It’s like anything else ; too much meaning 3 times per day and there will be long term side effects like ulcers and stomach bleeding . A long time ago a study was done linking cancer to saccharin . The double blind test was done on mice who ingested 1000 times the normal human dose per day .

            1. pretty sure I’m older than you… and I stopped sliding because artificial turf. Not worth it

              1. my futsal teammates swear artificial turf screws up the knees more than actual field grass, but I’ve experienced the opposite. I would rather slide on artificial turf than on actual grass because there are no rocks and pebbles embedded in turf.

                1. rocks in the pitch? bloody hell what the hell kinda groundsmen have you got in the US?

      3. When i ruptured my discs, I was taking NSAIDs as if they were fucking Tic Tacs for several months, just to get through the day. My liver swelled up like a football. I could run my hand down my chest, and feel the bulge out from under my sternum and ribs. This is not an exaggeration.

        Avoid if possible.

        1. I was popping NSAIDs like a motherfucker one time due to fucking up one of my fingers/joints pretty badly. Ended up pissing with blood in it and never took them again.

          1. I avoid most painkillers (and meds in general) unless I absolutely need them. Minor headache or pain? Nah.
            Only time I really begin popping meds like candy is when sinus season starts up and that’s because I know if I don’t, I’ll be getting a sinus infection.

          2. This is the reason I take the Curcumin. All the anti-inflammatory benefits of NSAIDs with many other health benefits and no side effects. I want to sac save my liver for processing alcohol.

          3. Sounds about right. The irony is a 5 day course of actual steroids would have fixed you up, with far fewer side effects.

        1. That’s right! Northern Sudan AIDS. It’s way worse than the Ukrainian AIDS or even Haitian AIDS. They say Northern Sudan AIDS will scare those anti-viral drugs right back up into the IV bag!

    3. I got a container of powdered turmeric at the Italian grocer over Christmas. I threw a heaping tablespoon into my morning cup of bone broth. The resulting orange liquid ass-plosion was really quite remarkable.

    4. A) If you are on any prescription medications it’s wise to talk to your doctor AND do your own research before taking any supplements. The doctor may not know about potential interactions.

      B) I am guessing you got your zinc numbers through anal extraction. Even in the picolinate form, zinc is very difficult for your body to absorb. A daily dose of 50 mg per day of zinc gluconate or citrate will not increase serum zinc levels more than a placebo (see the National Institutes of Health Pub med 3630857). The picolinate is better absorbed, but only a fraction of it. But once again hair, erythrocyte and urine tests would be in order to determine dosing (blood serum tests are not a reliable indicator).

      C) Vitamin D3 is dosed in “IU” (International Units), not milligrams. IU to mg is not a straight forward conversion because it is dependent on the substance in question, but 10,000 IU equates to about 250 micrograms of vitamin D3, not milligrams. If you are light skinned your body can produce 10,000 IU of D3 in 30 minutes of sunlight.

  6. Saw palmetto is truth. Ten years ago, I was peeing twice a night, doctor said my prostate was swollen, and I ordered the stuff because I heard a radio ad for it. It worked in under a week. Problem solved.

  7. Very good article. That has always been on my mind on what multi vitamin to take. I take one a day Men how would you guys rate that .

    1. most of those mass marketed multis are made by big pharma, so I think theres your answer

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                    4. I wear suits because I like how I look in them and it gives me a boost in confidence. I’ve played both the guy with assets and the guy without money in my time. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. When looking like a rich guy I can score 18 year olds and never call them back but yes I might have to get them drunk and fed beforehand. With the poor guy persona I only get older women to sleep with me that are attractive for their age. Once youve had 17 year old ass again in your 40s it’s hard not to play the money guy.

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                      – Some girl I met from an agency in Jersey back in October.
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        2. look up vitamins made from fresh fruit and vegetables. drawing a blank on what i take

        3. I looked at a lot of different vitamins and experimented with a few before I settled on NOW Adam. Since they are two a day, you get more even dosing than a one per day formula.

          I have used ON Opti-Men in the past and they are every bit as good as NOW, but they are three per day and I often forgot to take one in the middle of the day.

          NOW stands for Natural, Organic & Wholesome and based on my research they live up to their name. Like I said in the article, I am not affiliated with these folks, I have just been a very satisfied customer for well over a decade. But I encourage you to do your own research and don’t hesitate to be a Guinea pig to find out what works best for you.

          1. Good source of D is sardines. 2 cans is 100% D and 650% B12. Salmon has higher D but sardines are mercury free due to small size. Toddlers should get used to sardines instead of Gerbers. Also sardine cans are great storable bunker food. I drink Florida’s Natural grapefruit juice with calcium. It has the citrate form of Ca whereas cheaper brands have calcium carbonate which is the same as blackboard chalk. Citrate form assimilates but chalk doesn’t. Lamb is highest in zinc. Otherwise cans of spinach or dried pumpkin seeds for zinc.

    1. On the Yahoo message boards, I wrote “4 seasons every year since fake global warming” and the best a lefty could say to that was “It is due to the Earth’s tilted axis” … I hope he didn’t imply that humans have the ability to change that.

        1. you come here to the AKC message board. We will never lead you astray, for a small fee.

        1. If we all got on one side of the Earth and jumped at the same time, we’d probably be able to straighten this darn tilt out.

    1. I like your site. I was interested do you design a program for individudals? — I picked up in past posts that you were advising people?

      1. Hey, thanks.
        Yes Galt, I do design costume programs and meal plans. If you can get in touch with me via telegram I can walk you through the process.

            1. That can’t be a typo , you’ve said plenty of times attire is half the experience .

            2. Less a typo and more a Freudian slip. We know how much you enjoyed all that cosplay on Sauce Day.

              1. thought cosplay referred to dressing as characters with super powers(unless being a super-guido counts)

    2. Resolutioners also keep the restaurant industry in the green after those first 12 weeks

    1. It’s used for erectile dysfunction, pain, and low shitpost counts.

      I guess there is no need for anything else if it solves all your problems at once.

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      1. bem, we’ve discussed this before. You aren’t allowed to post pics of your ex-girlfriends on the site

  8. Well said. I take complete multivitamin pills once almost every day of the year and very often eat curry, which contains turmeric, and occasionally also cinnamon and cardamom. I get most of my avocado, salmon and ginger from eating sushi 1-2 times every week, but sometimes I add fish oil capsules.

    I would also recommend eating fennel and other ingredients/foodstuffs that are associated with the Okinawa diet, plus olive oil, whole boiled eggs, chicken filets, hazelnuts, almonds, and lots of raw fruits and vegetables, especially bananas, apples, cauliflower and green beans. Those that are rich in potassium help to reduce neuroticism/depression.

    1. Potassium from source is good. I go by the blood type diet.

      (short list)

      Bananas are good potassium source for type O but not A. A’s should get potassium from guavas. Each blood type has certain superfoods that benefit only that type. Lima beans are bad for A but good for B. Some foods like broccoli and pineapple are ‘people’s’ foods good for any type. They really need to have 4 lunch lines at schools segregated according to blood type. Restaurant menus too. Corn will kill a type O with autoimmune reactions but it’s great for A. I had an uncle type O who farmed and ate sweet corn every year and he was on a nebulizer for breathing by Christmas. He cut out the corn, got back to red meat and potatos and hasn’t been sick since.

      Terry schiavo went on a self induced fast (anorexic) and went comatose in 1990 when her potassium fell critically low. One banana, that’s ONE FRIGGIN banana eaten the day before would have upped her potassium and avoided her cardiac arrest and coma – assuming she was type O. If she was A then one guava would have metabolized instantly and hit the spot.

      I always plug this book

      1. Well I’m not going to start eating a bunch of soy products, so I’d be eating a lot of onions and broccoli lightly grilled in olive oil, according to that chart. 😩

        1. Right soy is for type A women. It’s women’s food. Also escargot is a superfood for type A women, prevents reproductive tumors. Onions, challots etc are highly good for A men. An A type bulking diet is more like a sumo wrestler plate with good amounts of fish n vegs. Hot mustard is also good for A. Expanded list (A type).


          Note the stark difference from type O which calls for no dairy or egg and to pile on the red meat

          [O diet]

    2. Good stuff Will. I like to add a lot of seasonings to my meals since most of them are actually miniature powerhouses of nutrients and antioxidants.
      Cayenne Pepper

      I try to meet me dietary requirements through my actual diet but will supplement as needed.

  9. one warning about magnesium and sleep:

    while for most people magnesium improves sleep, for some people it does exactly the opposite – that is fucks up your sleep totally. i discovered it just recently. took me several months to pinpoint what’s going on. stopped taking magnesium – and my normal good sleep was restored the next day. there are discussions on the net where people report exactly the same thing.

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