Open Thread: Deathstorm 2018 Edition

Blizzard hitting the North Eastern US today has given me a day off.  I’m home with the kids today, dropped the wife off at work.  What are some things you guys do when it’s just dad and the kids?  What fun activities?  We’re going sledding later.  Drop a comment!



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      1. That’s actually not a bad idea, since nobody in the deep south knows how to drive in the snow. Atlanta grinds to a halt whenever there’s a dusting of snow, and considering how bad they drive normally snow must make it impossible for them to drive.

                    1. It’s like that peculiar food where – if you’re not introduced to it when young – you’ll never fully accept it.

          1. That right there is a very good reason to go wheeling in the mud or ice with your boys when they get to be around 14 or so. They can pick up so much by just getting the feel for how to drive if the tires are not fully engaged.

      2. whats with that?!?!? every time there’s a hint of snow, people develop LactoMania and rush out to buy milk!

        1. At this point, I think it’s more tradition than anything else. Like putting up a Christmas tree or carving a jack-o-lantern. Snow hits, buy all the milk and bread. Why milk and bread and not something like tequila and burritos? No clue.

          1. Some good hootch is normally what I go for, and whatever food I may be real low on in the pantry. That said, the time to buy your food and supplies is before there is even a threat of a storm (of any kind). Why people don’t understand this is anybody’s guess. If you have to rush to buy staple items for a storm, you’re doing it wrong, and are scheduling yourself to be first on the extinction list if a truly bad disaster happens.

                    1. Yeah, you think its easy now… come talk to me when your chakra is tied up into knots by a ddos attack.

                    2. See, you blew it already. I have no inner feminine side. Which is why Kersey and the other snowflakes always think I’m so “hostile” and “mean” lol.

                    3. You wish that I wished that you wished that you was I and a queer fag homo fag fag faggity fag fag.

                    4. Whoa-whoa-WHOA! Watch it there, man…. I almost got PTSD from you saying all those mean words on the internet. Now I have to go get my emotional support teddy bear and cry myself to sleep.

                    5. Okay, I’m good. I went to my safe space and colored in my adult coloring book, and I really feel like I worked through all those negative emotions. I visualized them passing over me like storm clouds over a calm blue sea. Very invigorating.

                    6. Going to add a caveat to your sentence: “A teenage girl of legal age.”
                      Last thing we need is another Social Kersey Warrior accusing us of promoting sex with minors.

                    7. has anyone truly made the distinction between fag and homo? Even the gays are perplexed.

                    8. that’s why I hate apologies. People hate a guy for being “dark triad” then when he goes “soft” (no pun intended Obnoxious Troll) everyone then gets bored.

            1. Now that you’ve mentioned that, her ass-nose is all I can see. That’s why the good lord invented paper bags though.

      3. That’s weird. During hurricanes aren’t the big goto items bleach, boards and water? At least some of that makes sense, or at least, more sense than milk during a snowstorm.

          1. I saw a documentary about this online. From what I can tell, the step daughter will not only put up the slightest of token resistance but quickly get into it and be very talented despite claims to never have done it before

            1. I’ve messed around with 2 single moms in my life (longer than the standard pump & dump) and the only reason I stuck around was to seduce the daughter. Neither case worked out but I tried.

              1. Dated this chick once and then started banging her little sister. The mom realized what was going on and told me we needed to talk. She started giving me shit for messing with both of her daughters, but then the conversation got really weird. I was still too blue pill to realize what was going on, but later I became convinced she was giving me a shot at the trifecta, but I missed it.

                1. Once I took the 40 year old mommy and 19 year old daughter to Six Flags in August. I was comforting the daughter on the scary rides all day while putting my hand on her bare shoulder. I would have gone for the knee but I was trying to be discreet about my intentions. She would hug me frequently but it never got passed a innocent hug and kiss phase.

            2. From what I’ve read the step-daughter gets jealous of the mom; the mom, getting more attention, and more male $$$.

  1. You’re basically a stay at home dad bro.
    What kind of man has his wife go to work while you stay at home with the kids? So much potato in you.

      1. Hey, I have nothing better to do and I don’t even have kids.

        Also, as unreconstructed will tell you, I don’t even have a garage you can call home and ask my wife!

        1. And furthermore you don’t have green teeth, you’ve never worked undercover for the FBI and you’ve never even been to a Klan rally, much less infiltrated them! Sheesh! What some people come up with around here…

    1. Hear, hear! If you don’t train with a little adversity from time to time, how will you respond in a real life situation under less than ideal conditions? But I tend to agree with GoJ, small children don’t need to be in the middle of that.

      1. yea – meant more as metaphor for any activities — the systems of gloves, and other cold weather layering systems cannot but theorized – must be used in real world…
        and sometimes with gloves etc can be very difficult with small children…
        practice in real world ( and limited frequency situations ) is essential…
        as far as shooting — tongue in cheek — especially in in NY.

  2. the wind chill is gonna be -10 on fri and sat- should I even attempt to warm up my car or should I wait until the temp is above zero?

    1. Dont let it sit too many days – If you don’t need it daily, go start it up and leave it running while you unbury it, even if you dont go anywhere

        1. I can’t believe that queer Broderick had that ’61 250 GT retrofitted with a manual transmission so he could drive it. I will never, ever get over being pissed about that.

            1. yes, edited. I couldn’t even TYPE it. It is like some part of my brain just refuses. I mean, it would have been bad enough if he did it with whichever model ferrari had come out that year, but to do it to not one BUT FUCKING 2 1961 250 GT’s was a fucking tragedy. I think i doubled over like Yoda when order 66 was executed (yeah, this is me tacitly allowing your prequel argument. Use of the prequels will be allowed, but controlled. Episode one will never be used and there will be the peace)

          1. John Hughes took some flack for that from a lot of car Lovers after that movie. I was actually shocked when it came out that Broderick married horse-face. Principal Rooney was into boys though.

            1. Seems like Hollywood is truly the cesspit of evil. I think this is about more than Hollywood and believe that this kind of insanity has been prevalent forever in thespian/actor types (not all of them but it does seem to be a pretty common trait). There’s a reason I believe why actors in days of yore were considered to be the lowest of the low of humanity, and I’m betting this kind of crap has a lot to do with it.

              1. This Star Wars thing is a lot bigger deal than people think, if you look at it from a Joseph Campbell level. The new Star Wars movies are literally about destroying the ancient wisdom and mythos of humankind that got us to this point, and rewriting the future as some feminist fairy tale.

                It seems meaningless because its just a movie, but it is an active attempt to rewrite our subconscious mythos, our understanding of basic truth and morality.

                No longer is the ancient tale one of a young boy who learns from an ancient master (gathering collective wisdom), and gathering a group of like-minded friends (community) then going on a quest through difficult struggles (maturing through hardship) to slay the dragon (good defeating evil) and save the princess (perpetuating the species).

                Now the story is becoming the girl is born better than everyone around her, her instinctive knowledge (hamstering) being far more wise and insightful than even her elders. She needs no training or education, nor does she need any moral guide. She just acts on her feels and just by being herself (moral relativism) and overcoming the people trying to make her obey the rules, she saves the universe alone.

                1. Don’t forget the triumph of ill-communicated, blue-haired female primacy over assertive, action-based male problem-solving.

                  1. These days, it doesn’t need to be. But I bet whoever wrote it has sucked at least one cock.

                  2. Saw this part of a review about how feminism ruined the Last Jedi:

                    Rey, on the other hand, never encounters failure. In “The Last Jedi,” instead of being instructed by a wise sage, Luke, in the tradition of the mythic hero, it is she who teaches him. Luke is thus deprived of the opportunity to pass from the warrior-hero into the mentor-teacher. At the end he is still impetuous, still myopic, still being lectured by Yoda. But Rey—she’s perfect. As Yoda tells Luke as the last Jedi archive burns, there is nothing in “those books that the girl does not already possess. In other words, she does not need the lessons of the past or a mentor to guide her. She already knows because she’s empowered. You go, girl! But beyond her inauthenticity as a masculine hero, Rey’s perfection and her cross-dressing deprive the film of another crucial element: a romance.

                    There are no princesses to rescue in the new “Star Wars.” There is no need for the traditional heroic story of the triumph of good over evil ending in love and children. It is in romance that the masculine and feminine hero journeys unify, resulting in new life. By making Rey a female character in a male role, the movie reveals its own contempt for life-giving femininity and its symbiotic relationship to strong masculinity.

                    1. Yoda uttered those words?!!?! guess I dont need to watch it. also heard Luke is portrayed as a coward/pussy

                    2. I don’t know, I haven’t seen it. I could tell from the Force Awakens where they were going with it, though.

                    3. I had a good laff when Han’s son took off his mask looking like Ross from Friends with long hair. no wonder the girl kicked his ass at the end.

                    4. Yep, even the bad guy was feminized. A whiny little limp-wristed brat who isn’t evil, just angst-ridden, and who acts out by killing his father — the original trilogy’s ultimate symbol of male virility.

                    5. Because no one’s “bad” based on their actions, they’re just misunderstood ‘victims’ or toxic masculinity!

                    6. Oh god that was the moment I stopped taking Kylo ren seriously. He should have never took his mask off

                    7. The storywriting for the new trilogy is amateurish at best. They’re taking the major plot points and reveals that took 2 movies or the entire trilogy to get to in the original SW and putting them all in a single movie.
                      When did we finally see Darth Vader’s face? At the very end of the trilogy.
                      When do we see Kylo Ren’s? About halfway through the first. Way to remove the mystique of the character.

                    8. hamill slammed the way luke was portrayed, but he still took the giant bag of cash

                    9. dudes had no career for 35 yrs. signing autographs at ComicCon for aging geeks who smell like nachos. Id take the bag of cash too

                    10. Some things are more important than money. I say this as a hard core capitalist type. If I’m offered a billion dollars to make the world unlivable and/or torture for my children and grandchildren, then I’m going to decline.

                2. Pretty much, heard they made her parents deadbeats. So she’s not special in any way and just kind of showed up. So being a nobody is now better than being from a lineage of powerful force-users.
                  Also, all men are useless and admirals are pink-haired spinsters. Not grizzled veterans.

            2. Rooney being into boys was no shock, but yeah…horse face? Before Broderick turned into one of the golden girls he could have had his pick of crappy washed up actresses.

    2. Wind Chill != real temperature. If you have a reason to, then sure. Otherwise, I’d let it sit unless you haven’t started it in a while. I’m currently tending to my two dormant summer vehicles in such a manner, and I really need to get my ass in gear and just remove that motorcycle battery and put it on a charge tender instead of constantly being outside starting the bike when the temps drop, but have been forgetting to do so. Sounds like an evening plan for later today actually.

      1. you have a Battery Tender?
        last time it was this cold, it wouldnt start. 2 days later when it was above 32 degrees, it actually started for me. Was pumped! so youre saying leave it be on fri-sat, then try sun when its warmer? or should I still attempt to start it on these 2 frigid days?

        1. It really depends on how cold it is. That’s why I noted that -10 wind chill is not really the temperature, and batteries only care about real temperature, not wind chill. Negative real-temps can do a dozy on a battery. Really it’s your call but until it drops to true negatives, if you’re driving it semi-regularly anyway, I’d not worry too much, assuming the battery was in good condition prior to the cold snap.

          Yes, have a battery tender, for my motorcycle battery. Almost nobody puts theirs on a tender in winter and leave the battery in the bike and most forget to even start the bike more than one or three times in winter, so their battery life rarely exceeds 2-3 years. My bike is a 2005 and I replaced the stock battery in it in 2016. 11 year battery life, because I take it out religiously every winter and put it on the battery tender, in a warm room (basement). Given battery prices and the very little amount of electricity that’s needed for a tender, it’s a great investment.

          1. I have a battery tender “pigtail” wired directly to the battery in my bikes. When I put them up for the winter in my shop all I have to do is plug the tender up to the bike and I’m good to go. You should also change your oil before winter storage to eliminate acids that form from combustion products.

            1. Yep. I have a pig tail on my battery too, however I use it to connect a USB plug that I use for charging my iZombie on the road. Winter time I put the battery inside out of really cold temps. It seems to have helped a whole lot regarding battery longevity.

    3. Wind chill is just a bullshit number made up by weathermen to make cold weather more scary so they can make people freak out easier.

      1. Well I don’t know if it’s that conspiratorial. A 9 degree day with no wind does in fact chill you way less quickly than a 9 degree day with 20mph winds, when you’re out in it, so there is some merit to it. That they almost only now report “wind chill” and you have to look up real temp, is where it aggravates me, and gives the impression that you just noted.

        1. I didn’t say that the wind doesn’t make you feel colder, I’m just saying that the “wind chill factor” is (at best) a guess without much scientific backing and the way the weather junkies constantly go on and on about the “wind chill factor” is designed to scare people, not inform them.

          1. […] designed to scare people, not inform them.

            But then, this is true of all media, not just weather reports.

            1. Very true. You’d think the weather, though, of all things, would be the least politicized…. but then you’d be wrong.

  3. I think the folks on the Weather Ch get sexually aroused by blizzards. and hurricanes. and tornadoes.

  4. As I recall from when my kids were actually not adults and this kind of thing happened:

    1. Snowball fight(s)
    2. Sledding
    3. If way too fucking cold for those, board games or some other kind of multi-person game
    4. Lessons on how to start a proper fire in the fireplace (if applicable to your home)
    5. Somebody mentioned shooting, and while I’m all about that 100%, if it’s -10 out and the kids are young, then you may want to wait until they’re teens for this particular task. 9 year olds in -10 degrees trying to fumble shots, not so good.

      1. Red Ryder BB’s guns with the compass in the stock stray shots can be stopped by a decent pair of glasses, if you don’t drop them in the snow. A .22LR and higher, not so much.

        1. How powerful is a .22LR? One of the zombie audiobook series I was listening to was claiming they’re not powerful enough to pierce the skull from any real distance and were strictly close range calibers. I don’t know enough about this topic to make even a SWAG at it.

          1. Close range it sure can penetrate a skull (I don’t mean point blank, just close range). Long range, probably not unless it got through your ear hole/eye/mouth (would mouth count?).

          2. if you’re planning on shooting liberals at least pick a weapon and ammunition type that gets the fucking job done.

            1. Haha, nah. It was just one of those things that they kept bringing up in one of the zombie series I was listening to and it just made me wonder if they knew what they were talking about or were just making stuff up.

              1. Within 50 yards a 22 Long Rifle will certainly penetrate a human skull if the shot is made straight on (perpendicular to the target point). An oblique shot can and most likely will be glancing (it will hurt like hell but probably no significant damage).

                The thinnest and most vulnerable area is the center of the face (above the maxilla up to the top of the eye sockets in a triangle), so if the threat is coming directly toward you, that’s the best target point to penetrate into the brain with a rimfire cartridge. Shot placement on a moving threat will be critical and problematic.

                Heavier bullet weights and round nose bullets (vs. light weight hyper velocity hollow points) will penetrate deeper. So for head shots out to 50 yds., I would use a standard velocity round nose lead projectile. The advantage is a lower sound signature which wouldn’t attract more of the undead from greater distances.

                Ideally I would prefer a suppressed AR-15 variant in 5.56 NATO with a good reflex sight and a magnifier for longer range work. I prefer not to let the undead get too close. Infectious splatter concerns me…

                    1. In my defense, he was pretending to be female and his dick is small enough to sodomize a chick’s nose.

                    2. Biscuits? Biscuits aren’t gay. Biscuits will make you a goddamned heterosexual tyrannosaurus.

                    3. That truck stop is perfect for us. A small family truckstop, good food. Everyone minds his
                      business. It’s perfect. @disqus_tj7gjZttfg:disqus they got an old-fashion’ toilet — you know, the box, and – and – and – ah the chain-thing. We might be able to tape the gun behind it.

                    4. Trannies are starting to charge female hooker prices. Don’t ask me why I looked into this.

                    5. Just research, like pete townsend?

                      I can see the tranny market pulling in a premium. Whores are like any other commodity, supply and demand. 55% of the worlds population has a cunt between their legs but how many legit transtesticles are actually out there?

                    6. muffington post would gladly pay you to write this piece. just make sure your conclusion as to why this is happening is because of muh Trump

          3. the 0.22 may not pack a punch but you can shoot 1000 rounds for less than $20. The Ruger is also a nice looking weapon.

            1. I got one of those 10/22 carbines when I was 14. Some fun, but I haven’t fired it since….In terms of home-defense, I imagine using it as a club.

            2. Yup, a must for target practice. Shoot all day for the cost of one magazine of .300 Mag (not nearly as cool though)

            1. To get a good kill with a .25 ACP you just have to use the proper method. It involves placing the muzzle firmly into the gut of the intended victim, avoiding areas of calloused skin.

        2. Try one of those 10 pump “fucking asshole bastard” BB guns that shoot .177 rifled projectiles. Buddy kept shooting me with a CO2 BB gun so I grabbed the “fucking asshole bastard” version. Told him to pick between a hand or his wallet and if he didn’t I’d pick something for him. Went right through every card in the guys wallet.

    1. Why did Ohio winters seem to be calmer than most of the others? I don’t remember the high winds as much as I remember just lots of snow and ice.

      1. High winds aren’t a characteristic that is normal here, although we get our share like anyplace else. Dunno man. This entire area used to be a sea/ocean/huge ass lake (I don’t remember which) so I assume the weather patterns are still set for it’s previous status? Just taking a guess. Probably has more to do with topography though. I really couldn’t say.

        1. At the UAW shop I worked at, the guys would ride in their motorcycles to work in December and girls would wear shorts.

          1. That’s not unheard of, although we do tend to get really freaking cold during winter, and get our share of snow. Me, I’m not a December-February biker, sans the one or two odd days where we get unusually high temps and sun (rare). Fuck that. I have a truck.

            1. I guess you could drop a bike in the 3 feet deep snow and still get up without a scratch.

                1. an actual pic of the plant I was in 2 years ago. 3 of the 4 are women. They wonder why there’s no blue collar work for men anymore.

                  1. They only guys I knew who could land a job at GM or Ford had relatives who had been there for decades. Purely nepotistic. Curious– how many of the women at your plant were single moms?

                    1. 1.5X overtime, 2X on Sundays, and 3X on Holidays….Union dues for them were $90 per month

                    2. hahaha, wake up on election day morning and you already worked 8 hours. Show up and do an 8 hour shift and there is another 24 hours. That is 36 hours worked on a tuesday.

                      Funny, I know one guy who was so long in the union, three generation, local 1 plumpers/welders, that his brain was wired to see things in union time. Guy would go out to Kennedy at 6 until 10. Take an hour lunch. Leave at three and look like total shit. By 5 pm he would be in the bar. I would show up around 6 from work and he would look like shit. As far as he body knew he had worked 36 hours that day.

                    3. Have to slow down and be tender with ’em. If you’re going to be rough, you’ve got to get a real live one.

                    4. I’d been married 8 years by 1999. And I didn’t marry straight out of high school neither, went into the military for a hitch and spent some bachelor time afterward.

      2. Yeah due to the lakes you get enough moisture for everything to freeze solid. Meanwhile in Utah, everything’s windy and dry.

  5. wish I had kids with me now. There is unlimited fun an, memories, experiences to be had – especially with the kid that does not need a coat (because its warm inside)
    Kinda bored – may have to get to gym for some 10 x 10s…

    1. when are we getting an article on the proper way to slam those ropes (which look thick enough to keep a battleship moored) into the floor of the gym

      1. I hate fucking battle ropes, but for the purposes of cardio they really are hard to beat. Maybe I will put something together like 5 things to do for cardio when the stair climber gets boring.

    2. should have read that before I went.
      “Guys too often avoid hip thrusters and I think that is a terrible idea. The reason most guys avoid them is that they feel awkward doing them in the gym and aren’t 100% sure how to do them correctly.”

      I stared at that setup for a bit…bit weird…Will watch and learn from others next time.

      So how much rest is important? This time of year and in this weather – I am more inspired to go to the gym – why not? – nothing else to do.
      But, is it detrimental? On the other hand if I just started a hard labor job – I would not get a day off cause my triceps hurt!

      1. Hip thrusters take patience. A lot going on. Clench those ass cheeks as if that faggot thales is around, holding the bridge, humping the air. Start with no resistance to track the motion. Then add just the bar. Once you are confident with the movement start putting on the weight. The extra strength you gain and injury resistance you build will be worth it 100%.

        As for rest. I am a 7 day a week guy. I don’t believe in a rest day. In the summer I suggest an active rest day and by rest i mean to do a crossfit wod or bootcamp class, play basketball, do hot yoga, a long hilly bike ride etc. However, I am not in the CT Fletcher overtraining is bullshit camp. He trained the same muscle 7 days a week and unless you plan on pumping a ton of juice into your body that will hurt you. My general rule is that you should give 3 days between isolating particular muscles with the exception of abs and wrists which you can hit every day.

        So yeah, go to the gym 7 days a week. Great. But don’t hit Triceps until Thursday if you hit them on Monday especially because they will be a secondary muscle for many of your other lifts.

        1. speaking of Hot Yoga – must be demanding.
          I met a very helpful nurse/yoga-instructor many weeks ago when I went to Hospital. She was a true deep-throat-CIM-swallow, good Samaritan.
          I asked her later if she had done hot yoga. She said yes – twice – and threw up both times

          1. Those damn Samaritan women.

            It is tough, but I don’t find it vomit inducing. As long as you are plenty hydrated and have an empty stomach.

            I’ve seen a lot of people give up on it, but never saw anyone yak.

            I don’t do it often, maybe once or twice a month when I am in training. I find it very therapeutic for the muscles.

            1. My personal experience has been that hot chick nurses in the ER are not usually down to fuck behind the curtain, but an ICU nurse is usually down to give you a sympathy blowjob.

  6. I understand the epicenter for Deathstorm 2018 is supposed to be NYC. I further understand that the snowfall total for Manhattan currently stands at 0.01″. How on earth is anyone supposed to survive this calamity?

    1. I went out earlier and endured a little snow in my running shoe.
      going out again now to sexual harass business women stuck in a hotel lobby bar

      1. A harrowing tale of survival. Expect the local news station to contact you to record a two part series on your ordeal.

    2. I hope that beforehand you bought a gallon of milk and a dozen eggs, if not well, it was nice knowing you.

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