Way of the Warlord: Phase 6

We gave you a holiday break but now we’re back with our Way of the Warlord program here at A Kings Castle.  This is designed to be an interactive physical, mental, and martial arts program where the authors of the site give out a two week challenge to the readers to better ourselves and become better men.  Today’s post is first one of 2018, so we’ll issue new homework this week

Phase 6 Homework

Physical:  I took off of lifting the last 2 weeks of December.  With the holidays and just wanting time off from the gym, it was fun…at first.  By December 29th I was losing my mind.

Now I’m back and in the prep phases of staring the collaboration with Team WB Fitness to get myself in great shape this year.  I wont be giving away the program I got from WB, but what I can give you guys is the first Way of the Warlord homework for 2018.

Its all about volume.  What I learned most from WB Fitness is how important volume training can be for getting your body cut while losing fat.  Volume training has been around for a while, and it emphasizes a higher rep range than power lifting.  Power lifting falls in the 3-5 rep range, while volume is in the 8-12 typically (sometimes more)  As someone who did power lifting for 2 years with shit aesthetics and hitting plateaus I can say that volume training works for me.

This weeks challenge: Select your favorite lift, but lower weight to one you can get 4×12 on.

Mental:  Maybe its just the turn of the year, but I’ve noticed that my outlook on life seems much more positive lately.   Not Haitian AIDS positive, but my general mood lately is calm and collected, and super confident.   My obligations are all the same, but for some reason I’m just handling them better.  One time at home, things did get the best of me and I shouted at my daughter for something that didn’t warrant it. I checked myself and just returned to the state explained above.  Another benefit to dealing with life lately is that the wife is experiencing a shitty time at her job, and I’m keeping things very calm at home, and its just making her not even think about whatever is stressing her.

This Weeks Challenge:  Try to have a positive outlook on things you may usually may not.  If you feel yourself thinking negatively, check yourself and get back to equilibrium.


As always, leave your notes and goals in the comments.  Cheer your brothers on and hold each other accountable.  We’ll have a halfway check-in next Friday.

Phase 6 Check in next Friday 1/2


-J. Nyx

Author: Jnyx

Fitness addict, DIY guru, tech nerd, member of Memesters Local 419.

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          1. Believe it or not, I did once. I was in nearby Akron for a funeral, but we went into Cleveland to see the “Christmas Story” house as well as the cool-ass church from “The Deerhunter”

              1. Christmas Story AND the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame, which is actually worth visiting (once). Get very good advice from residents on the area on where to go and not go though, it can be sketchy in places.

                1. Does that fit on a license plate?

                  I have been petitioning (in my head, I don’t actually do anything) for New York to change their state slogan to The 9-11 Tourism Related State. John Hodgman is a brilliant man.

                1. Easy, Rudy militarized the police force allowed for stop and frisk and mandatory minimums for guns became a thing. Within 5 years there was no more public gang violence, graffiti, hookers, bums, street hustlers, gun violence dropped by like 80% and it was safe for decent people to stumble home from bars at 430 am in respectable areas…respectable areas grew to places where natives never thought they would and everything was nice. Our current commie mayor things that taking away power from the police force and giving it to the scumbags is a good thing so things are getting a little worse, but not by too much just yet. He is on his last term.

                  Have a few million people on a 23 mile island? Make damn sure the police know which people pay taxes and which people don’t and give them unprecedented powers to beat the shit out of the ones who don’t.

                  Easy Peasy

                    1. Luckily the The Terminator didn’t arrive at a gay bar. I doubt that there was a subroutine in the T2 OS to deal with that.

                    2. Actually Cleveland has become scads more safe since concealed carry went through. Used to be you just wrote the entire town off, now major sectors of it are safe to stroll around in, and getting safer with each passing year as Clevelands anti-gun bullshit is being struck down repeatedly by the courts. Fuck tyranny.

                    3. Call that “Privatizing”! Why pay the cops all that OT when the citizenry will beat down the thugs for FREE?!?!

                    4. And have far less incentive to act as if they’re hands are tied, than the cops. Carry has really straightened out a whole mess of “city” crime, and is only getting better with each passing year. Our CHL license rates have been skyrocketing for years now and Concealed Carry academies are a huge lucrative business, for at least 10 years now. And crime continues to plummet (it fluctuates of course, but stays in a nice low range).

                    5. I find it hard to believe these numbers havent gone way back up since the early 2000s…

                    6. Maybe the stats are under reported, but I doubt it consider how they have expanded what constitutes violent crime. Combine increased CCW permits, longer sentencing and an aging boomer demographic it makes sense.

  1. “Try to have a positive outlook on things you may usually may not. If
    you feel yourself thinking negatively, check yourself and get back to

    Great idea.
    Reminds me of :
    “Pins and needles, needles and pins, it’s the happy man that grins”.

    Easier said than done, but anything that helps reduce stress is a good thing.

  2. I know volume lifting is all the rage, but I never had big issues with power lifting. I don’t mean “Russian big giant guy who looks like a beach ball but can lift 2000lb” type stuff, rather, just heavy lifting. As with most things in life, I generally find the ‘purist’ approach to most topics to ultimately be self limiting. My upper end on power lifting is pretty fucking good, especially given my age, but I don’t eschew volume either (nor aerobics via the Hatemaster aka Stairmaster). I think that there’s validity to volume lifting for certain things and I’d need to research more for a more accurate assessment, but it seems to me more geared towards aesthetics than power, which is fine. Aesthetics is a grand thing, and I think that the dump some take on power lifting is due to either not doing it correctly or through doing it too much to the exclusion of other techniques/methods. Dunno. I’m always of the mind that a more balanced approach works best *for me*. Volume seems to be geared towards energy/sugar depletion with diminishing returns on muscle tear down over time, whilst extreme heavy seems to focus too much on low reps but max weight which can cause some serious damage plus even if done correctly doesn’t give you that Olympic God look. Gotta be a middle ground that serves to both increase strength to higher levels while still taking your muscles to the max breakdown and fat burn (for aesthetics) without getting to the point of diminishing returns.

    What I do know is that heavy weight, mid range reps have always worked for me. I’ve increased volume some but I’m probably not of the mind to lower my weight stacks to 50% max and increase my reps by 20 per set to the point that I’m only burning energy reserves. What works for others, of course, is great for them, but I’m an old dog and set in my ways on things sometimes, and I think I look pretty fucking good already so my motivation just isn’t there like it was when I was 25. 🙂

    All that said, I’m going to the gym a lot more as part of my annual “tighten up the diet and exercise routine” regime, and intend to strive for max gains, both via mid-heavy and mid-volume, whichever seems to serve the best for me for a given muscle group.

    As to mental, staying positive and calm like Jynx said is the way to go. I’ve passed a major life event that has just “ceased to be” a few days ago and am now feeling very at peace with the world, and would like to keep it that way. I’ve also approached the interwebs differently and outside of here I’ve limited my internet socialization some, intentionally. Getting out more in real life, even if it’s to take in a game of bowling (or whatever) or play Euchre with friends, is where I’m sitting a lot more these days (work hours excluded of course).

        1. We live in the age of Twitter, where thoughts longer than 144 characters are too difficult for most. Heh.

          1. Hehe no need to get snarky Ghost, memes are the dogs bollocks…..you know a picture says 1000 words or something like this.

    1. That’s always a great photo once you know the story behind it. Little bitch getting shot in the head totally deserved it, fuck that sniveling commie pinko rat bastard. Academia and the MSM shed tears over it and decry the lack of humanity, because it’s one of their own that was caught and dealt with. Fuck them too.

            1. How can cigarette perform bestiality acts on camels when they don’t even have a mouth like the doctors do?

                    1. I have no idea who that is, but I’m willing to bet that, before she hits 18, she’ll have more nudes on the internet than Jenna Jameson.



                  Because it pisses you off. That’s pretty much the criteria for getting featured comment status.

                2. A King’s Castle is the only website on the interwebs that uses the feature comment to troll the readership.

                  You have to admire that level of dedication to trolling.

                3. I said yesterday that I’d give the kinder, gentler Thales a day before he reverts. Glad to see you didn’t let me down.

              1. There is a funny line in one of Kant’s lesser known works where he is making some analogy about something (i really don’t remember what) but he says “for instance, think of when your child plays with their toy lead ball”

              1. if this isnt proof positive you should be wary of your “doctor”. I dont know what is

              1. These look like those crappy costumes Dan akroyd sold on snl.

                Lil johnny fireball or whatever

            1. He just wants attention, poor lad. I’ve found that not responding to him kind of withers his enthusiasm in short order.

              1. withers my enthusiasm?! lmao you aren’t man enough to reply to me directly so take the shelter of your ideological rival like a fucking pussy

                get knotted, wanker

                1. Whoa!! Chill out, bro! No need to be so hostile. He didn’t say anything so offensive either, so peace.

                    1. Hahaha! Love the pun, man! You’ve got a good sense of humor. We’re gonna be fast friends.

                    2. Now I finally understand it. This shit right here is why Roosh started banning motherfuckers.

                    3. Roosh? That imam in charge of Return of Stormfront? I don’t really waste my time with Negative Nellies, man.

                    4. It’s a weird day indeed when a Persian bans a bunch of top contributors because they are not skinheads.

                    5. Tell me about it. I was mostly a lurker on that site, but I got quickly turned off by all the moaning going on, and the bad kind too!

                    6. even weirder to have another 7 hour call in on New Years while talking to a stuffed animal named Arnold and a squeaky chicken

                    7. I try to avoid talking too much shit about Roosh… but that really does make it look like he still lives in his parents’ basement.

                    8. yeah, I mean he was ballsy/crazy enough to use his real name and his photos on a site like that- just let it go- no one else does that

        1. I’m a work in progress. And I’ll never, ever have a soft spot in my hard for communists. I’ll be a zen ass motherfucker, but will still be apt to draw down on a pinko, just to make the world a more serene and peaceful place.

          1. Sounds like how the Buddhists are kicking the shit out of Muslims in Asia right now. I recall one of the monks saying something along the lines of “you can’t coexist with a rabid dog” in reference to Islamists.

            1. Something so little known that it shocks people when they first hear about it. Zen, peace and love are great and worthy goals, but if you have some dickhead constantly coming in and shitting all over your house, and he won’t be persuaded otherwise, then you have a choice to either move out of a relaxed state and constantly deal with his bullshit, or you remove his presence from your life and continue down the path.

    1. me n a few guys tried to get into a lesbobar once, male bouncer wouldnt let us in. should we have sued?

            1. It certainly isn’t in my wheelhouse. However, if i can make a buttsex joke at the expense of someone elses comment you bet your sweet balloon knot imma do it

        1. was like 15 yrs ago, so that nuttiness didnt exist yet. also told by a korean coworker I would not be let into a hardcore korean bar where he hung out- no round eyes allowed

          1. I’ve been to one of those hard core korean joints up on 35th or 36th. I was with some heavy roller korean steel dudes closing out a deal. I got in (rich koreans) but I will say I was not made to feel welcome.

            1. the rationale I was given made sense: they dont want us hitting on their women. seems sensbile to me

                1. Whites are the only race that Asians seem to have any respect for at all…and I’m pretty sure it’s only because we kicked their shit in a couple times and they love improving our inventions.

                  1. It’s like the abused housewife scenario. Kick her ass a couple of times and she loves you ever more.

              1. I have some experience with koreans, though not extensive. The younger generation seems to be backlashing against the extreme racism of the older generation and is all about race mixing. Then again, that is from my personal experience with about a dozen or so of them so I won’t say it is some paradigmatic principle.

                1. Seems legit. I mean, I used to do Track & Field in high school, but getting out there and racing other people now? Nah, fuck that.
                  …what? That’s not what racist means?

                2. When someone insinuates that I ask if they have ever read the book “The Rape of Nanking?”

                  When the JIA occupied the city of Nanking they began exterminating the population with bullets, bayonets and sword (pics are online). They killed between 300-600,000 Chinese and it took 6 weeks.

                  That was just one city.

              2. Asians are chock full of racism. Just like every other ethnicity, only whites are trying to beat it out of their souls, but they will lose in the end because, and this is just a hunch, no matter how much philosophy and education you have to the contrary, I believe that racism is rooted in the fight or flight instinct, so you’ll never truly get rid of it. I’ll bet even your average white Hipster, while smiling and mouthing anti-racist platitudes, will move to the other side of a street he’s walking down at midnight if he sees a group of young black men approaching from ahead. Can’t be helped. I do advocate judging each man as an individual, but I don’t deny the instinct not to is pretty powerful sometimes.

                1. There’s quite a bit of study that supports “racism” as an evolutionary survival tool. I put racism in quotes because it’s not so much hating and putting down others because they’re a different skin color, but rather seeking out people that are similar to you to form your tribe.
                  Back in ye olden times of the hunter/gatherers, different looking people meant they were from another, potentially hostile, tribe. That instinct has been burned into our psyche over countless generations. A few decades of PC peace & love isn’t going to root it out.

                  1. Tribal instict– it is a survival mechanism. A federal republic that promotes equality unde the law, individual and property rights, capitalism, shared culture, etc… mitigates that. However if you have a large political party activily undermining that with diviseness (for short term political gains) that promotes centralized control and that ones race, sex, religion, ethnicity… as to who gets to particpate and who receives subsidies, it will not be a republic for long.

                    1. Yep, when you want the best man for the job, or to sell the most products, you’re inclined to motivate yourself to put your instincts in check, no force needed. It’s natural. I’ll hire any color man of any ethnicity if he is best suited for the job and can make me the most money, fuck race. But have some idiot bureaucrats coming in telling me to hire DeTyrone regardless of his merit and I get real mad, real quick.

                    2. Well said. Equality under the law (right of due process) is a pillar of a decent society, but equality of results (communism) is a dumpster fire (eg. see contemporary Venezuela).

    2. This is one of those things that looks like a stupid deal, but it really is a very, very important step down the slippery slope. This is an appeals court upholding a fine of $135,000 on a small family-owned business for refusing to bake a wedding cake for a lesbian couple. The fact that the business owners refused to do it because of their religious beliefs was immaterial to the court, which essentially found that the state law against “discrimination” based on “sexual orientation” was more important that the bakers’ Constitutional right to exercise their religion, or even their basic human right to liberty and to do what the fuck they want or don’t want as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else.

      Maybe this will go to the Supreme Court, and maybe the Supreme Court will overturn it.

      But for now, this is the law of the land. Any old SJW “discrimination” bullshit can get you put out of business if you don’t do what you are told by the PC police.

        1. Go find an extra-extra-large deep fryer (because I know you weigh 300+) and dive headfirst into it.

      1. Was there not an element of holding the business to be a ‘public accommodation’? While I consider this to be a distortion of the intended meaning of the term, I worry it will be a rather big hurdle to overcome should it make it to the Supreme Court.

        If true, we might expect a decision to cut a clear line between the requirements a state can hold a business entity incorporated under state law to, versus what a person engaged in the same business but operating in his own name.

        1. There was some talk of that, but I feel like it was mainly just the court looking for something to give the decision some vague sense of credibility. If a small baker qualifies as a public accommodation, then what doesn’t qualify? The public accommodation part becomes meaningless if everything can be deemed a public accommodation.

          1. Well that’s where I was going in guessing what a court decision might look like – Being deemed a public accommodation is derived from the act of creating a corporate entity under state law.

            1. But that’s a serious catch-22 in the real business world. Incorporate yourself and be subject to the ever-shifting cornucopia of SJW “discrimination” claims, or don’t incorporate and lose all of the liability protections and other advantages of a business entity? That’s not a real choice.

              1. But this is precisely the type of coercion government is known for.

                Maybe I’m being overly cynical here. But when something can be claimed by everyone as a win for their side (Hey, look, there is still a way for you to keep your freedoms, and the gays are still allowed to eat cake!), it’s simultaneously the most likely and shittiest possible outcome.

                1. No, I don’t think you are being overly cynical. I could see the court pulling some shit like that. None of the typical corporate lobby would really be against it because they are already bending over backwards to capitulate to all this SJW shit.

              2. We survived for a long time without corporations, you know. And honestly I find it odd that you can get a corporate CEO who ramrods his dick into people at will, who is not held personally liable under law, while the lackeys who work under him who do not do the ramrodding, have to pay a collective penalty because the “corporation” gets sued instead of the one dickhole CEO.

                1. In the real world — the world outside of Hollywood and the mainstream media — the only way a CEO gets away with shit like that is if the people who own the corporation know that CEO is running the business so well that whatever he may cost them (in legal fees, insurance costs, reputation, etc.) is much less than the amount of money he is making for the company. Either that, or the shareholders are stupid and not paying attention. People who own controlling interests in corporations don’t let jackasses fuck around and waste their money, but they will let a guy who is bringing in top dollar get away with murder. That has nothing to do with whether its a legal entity called a corporation or not, that only has to do with human nature.

      1. Personally, I’d decline to compel someone that doesn’t quite like me to prepare my food. Damn this sense of self-preservation. I’ll never make a good SJW.

        1. Yeah, you’re bound to get a little Ancient Chinese Secret in the batter if you push people to do things against their will like bake you a cake.

          1. I’m trying to answer the question in opposition: What would make me or what frame of mind would I have to be in to want to compel someone who doesn’t like me to bake my cake?

            I’d have to believe that the entirety of the world outside of my being is a soulless and emotionless machine that exists only to serve me.

            1. You’ve perfectly encapsulated the world view of SJW’s.

            2. While I certainly believe there are plenty of SJWs just like that, I think another big part of it is that a lot of these people have an incessant drive to force others to bend to their worldview, because deep down inside, they know that their worldview is wrong and fucked up. Like so many homosexuals and lesbians who want to be “out” and in your face with their perversions, having “pride” parades where they are all half naked and practically fucking each other in the street. It’s because, deep down inside, they know their lifestyle is twisted and fucked up… but if they can make everyone around them “accept” it — which really means not just “accept” it but condone it and encourage it and praise it — then maybe it will quiet the little voice in the bottom of their soul telling them they have to stop being such degenerate fucking heathens.

              1. True. There is also the money, the publicity, the sanctimony, the me-too-ism, the power trip, ..

                1. NGOs, attorney fees, social engineering, gaystapo, christian hating, intimidation via law-fare, etc..

                  I would have baked the cake after getting cash up front and loaded it with laxatives and shards of glass.

  3. The thing about the BS gimmicks you find in the fitness world is that they are, ironically, all the spawn of laziness. People who are in that 5-10 rep range cling to it the way fat boys cling to their Cheetos. Sure, you will find websites that talk it up, but you can find websites that say anything. In the end true strength is built through hard work. The big ass powerlifters you see pulling 1000 pound deadlifts are also doing massive volume work, just not on the stage. The only difference is in their diets (and usually their genetics).

    SL, SS, Crossfit, any of the shortcuts are basically just a bill of sale to lazy and gullible people who want the benefits without putting in the work. I am sure if they shoot themselves full of a bunch of test or steroids they will get great results, but at what cost?

    If you want to build real strength and carve a real hard and toned physique at the same time high and/or massive volume is the only way it is done. Everything else is just bullshit.

    Day in and day out people are going into gyms, lifting some weights, usually with shit form, and they simply are not maximizing their goals.

    Whether it is arnold or ferrigno or metzner or zane or guys like steve reeves or clancy ross from the silver age, it was always massive volume. It is funny, I keep telling people, daily persistence in the way that people have been building bodies forever is the way to go and they tell me I am crazy or that they have a better system. It’s bullshit. They are just lazy and laziness doesn’t win prizes.

    Even super big power lifters like Thor Bjornsson and undisputed deadlift king (over 1000 pounds) Eddie Hall stick to 12 rep routines when they are building the strength. The one rep max is for the stage, not the gym.

    It is funny, but in the end the old wisdom is true and everything else is either someone conning you to make money or you being lazy and wanting rewards without work. So enjoy your injections. I’ll be in the gym and at the meat counter of my local grocery store. I have no hate for people who take the short route. Hell, it’s tempting. I just can’t do it. I enjoy the hustle too much.

    1. It’s not laziness that stops everyone from pursuing bodybuilding. Some of us don’t want to lose our athletic ability and maintain some agility. I’d much rather stay in the middle range of muscle while preserving my ability to run fast, swim fast, make quick lateral movements, continue playing soccer, etc. In fact, at 6’2″ and 220 lbs, I’m already too muscular for soccer.

      Also, remember stuff like carpal tunnel syndrome has its effects on ability to massive volume. I’ve got a touch of carpal, and my elbows flare out if I bicep curl more than 45 or bench more than 220. That’s fine with me, I know I’m still miles ahead of the game. No need to risk injury.

      1. Yep.

        And anytime I hear “the only way” I tend to cringe. While human beings are the same to some extent, there are differences. You go with what works best for you. Metzner pioneered HIT (which is heavy weight, low rep) and won some major titles. Sometimes your genetics play more of a role than the given technique du jour, and you go with what wins the day for your particular circumstance.

      2. I’m sorry Jammy, either you misunderstand me or I didn’t make my self clear so thanks for the opportunity to clear it up.

        It is ABSOLUTELY not laziness that stops people from pursuing bodybuilding for all the reasons you say and 100 others you didn’t. What I am talking about specifically are people who are in the gym and lifting weights as a way of life and doing it in gimmicky ways that cater to their laziness rather than the tried and true ways because their ego or their stamina or their drive simply isn’t up there.

        As for massive volume, keep in mind that I am suggesting massive volume on reps….and drastically decreasing what people think is a valid amount of weight. I can guarantee you that adding reps and reducing weight is far better for carpal and may, by actually strengthening muscles around joints, assist in it.

        What makes people risk injury is the ego to lift heavier than they can, poor form or a simple misunderstanding of physiology. I curl 20 or 25 or at most 30 pound dumbbells and my arms at 17.5 inches unflexed without a pump just waking up. My joints are fine. The laziness comes when people want to drop that rep range and ego curl more weight. Cool story bruh, enjoy the surgery.

        I am all about avoiding injury.

      3. I don’t see how you can ball roll and dribble at 220, much less a rabona or juggling. I am at 175 but when I occasionally stray into the low 180s, my ability to turn quickly on a dummy pass or even trapping the ball diminishes. That’s great that you can play at 100% while weighing 220 and I am curious how you do it.

        1. I play center back, which in the old school way means a big physical enforcement game as opposed to fine touches. In fact, I love playing guys my own size because I know I can strip most of them of the ball easily. (Except that one dude last season, damn him he was good for a big guy lol. Got past me ONE time and scored like a mofo.)

          I dribble decently, and yes I’m a good juggler — that doesn’t depend on size, but no, I’ve never won any awards for my finesse. Center back doesn’t require it. I basically play smart and physical and never keep the ball for more than two or three touches.

          1. today’s back 4, Argentina for example, will play tiki-taka on the back line, while tiring out the high pressure from the strikers or CFs. As a CB, you have to make low risk moves, i.e., clearing the ball swing outs to your LB or RB, and most of the time you shouldn’t have the ball with a good team. traditionally, backs were more like rugby players than soccer players.

      4. playing soccer

        Oh, wow. That explains so much about you. It’s all much clearer now.

    2. I’ve read from many spec ops candidates that they recommend CrossFit for pipeline training. A good gym that just wears you down with reps and constant movement keeps you agile and with good endurance.
      There are some really pretentious CrossFit gyms though.

      1. I won’t shit on crossfit. It does have its place and I am always more happy with fit life than fat life. That said, crossfit as a regular fitness regiment is, I believe, incredibly dangerous. As a supplement to a good workout program and diet it can be good for cardio gains

          1. I will constantly shit on crossfit as a culture or a be all end all….but as a suppliment on rest day it is a fine activity.

            What i don’t like is how they position themselves to be something they are not…which is healthy lifestyle

            1. They strike me as the vegans of the exercise world. Pretentious and arrogant like they are the end all, be all.
              Want to build muscle? Crossfit.
              Want to burn fat? Crossfit.
              Want to be able to run for days? Crossfit.
              You’re injured and can’t do Crossfit? Crossfit.

                1. You ever tried to carry on a conversation with a vegan? You’ll curse yourself for not wearing a tie that day so that you could hang yourself.

                  1. O I know it. Same with queers, jews, writers, doctors, architects, artists, Ivy-League grads, atheists, Civil-War Re-enactors, and people who don’town a car and/or TV.

                    1. Holy shit, I met one of these once (ONCE!). I really didn’t think they were serious or thought they were talking about some crazy pubcrawl like santacon or the zombie walk or something. WTF dude. These people seriously just need to be put down.

                    2. But you know what – I’m glad those nuts CHOOSE to do it, because somewhere in the back of my mind I fear that otherwise it would somehow become MANDATORY for the rest of us to do it…..
                      I feel the same about the Mummer’s parade.

                    3. I do admire their level of commitment, I mean how many of us just “talked about” gunning down all the cool kids?

                    4. You didn’t give her musket the old ramrod? She could have been a great asset to all your costume adventures.

                    5. You didn’t hear? He got married. Settled down with this Asian millionaire chick. Yeah, she totally broke him. Makes him wear skinny jeans and everything. It’s pretty sad.

                    6. Yeah, he’s totally her big American trophy husband. She makes him take off his shirt and flex every time her Asian friends come over so they can ohh and ahh at his big American muscles. Totally degrading. Treats like a piece of meat.

                    7. In fact, the only way to recognize him anymore is that he calls her Chinese, despite her being from Vietnam.

                    8. I really don’t get the animosity towards eccentric people and groups. As long as they aren’t harming anybody, who cares? One of the major ideas behind America is that this was a place you were supposed to come to if you didn’t fit in with the place of your birth. We were literally the Age Of Reason’s version of the Island Of Misfit Toys. While you couldn’t pay me to be a Civil War Re-enactor, they’re harmless and if they’re having fun and not hurting anybody, more power to them.

                    9. The animosity is limited to attempting to have a conversation with one, as Jak mentioned. It doesn’t matter what the topic starts out as, but it will *ALWAYS* have some tie-in to re-enacting the Civil War.

                      I don’t mind them actually re-enacting the Civil War. But when all I want is for one of them to pass the salt, I do not want a complete breakdown of the various uses of salt during the Civil War, common substitutes for salt in the Civil War, the logistics of supplying front line Civil War troops with salt, and the differences in quality between salt in the south versus salt in the north during the Civil War.

                    10. I tend to just nod blankly and wait for the salt. They’re weird, no question, but so are most of us. Everybody has their “thing” and I suspect that all of us tend to ramble about our favorite topic at inopportune moments from time to time.

                      Random Person: “Hey, Ghost, my friends and I are having a party that features Jello.”

                      Me: “Jello you say? I heard somebody saying he wanted to shoot Bill Cosby. He wanted to use a .22LR to do it, for silence, but at a range that just was not plausible, so I suggested considering a decent .243 with the appropriate compensator on a nicely outfitted Remington 788, but he would have none of it. This is weird to me because the .243 is perfectly suited for mid sized game like human beings and the ballistics are….”

                      Random Person: Passes out from boredom

                    11. I always say that, when the cashier asks me if I want paper or plastic.

                    12. That’s a fun real life trolling game – always steering any conversation towards a per-determined subject. The Real Pros use movie quotes I hear.

                    13. Don’t forget people who write poetry.
                      You JUST HAVE to hear some.
                      Fun fact; more people write poetry than read it.

                  2. No no no Jak, look, suicide is never an option. Murder….sometimes is….

                  3. I spent NYE at a vegan’s house, and she couldn’t have been nicer about it. We brought ribs and pork chops and chicken soup. She was delightful.

                    1. Yeah, 99.9999999% of vegans are not just vegans, they are Nazi vegans that will literally (hitler) set you on fire if you dare suggest that they could possibly exist in the same room as a dead animal.

                    2. Have you seen any of the YT videos of Freelee the Banana Girl? I think this woman has been a vegan for too long and it’s begun to rot the mind. She’s bragged about eating 30 bananas a day before and went on one rant where she was talking about how she fantasized about forcing everyone to become vegans by gunpoint if necessary. She literally (Hitler) is a vegan Nazi. Great for some lulz.

                    3. Right, I’m not going to say anything bad about a girl who eats 30 bananas a day because I’m pretty sure her deep-throat skills are going to be top-notch.

                    4. Maybe you could get her to just eat a bag of bananas while you fucked her so you wouldn’t have to listen to her mouth.

                    5. Hairy legs? Ugh, I’m out, I don’t care how pretty a chick is, no thanks.

                    6. So many girls afflicted with high-T manjaw nowadays. This isn’t a “elbow too pointy” remark, I’d nail her with righteous fury, but this whole square jawed thing is really disappointing in women.

              1. Ultimately with most things, there is no one size fits all. Everything in its place, and do what gives you the best results for your goals, and switch it up when it stops serving those ends.

                But yeah, Crossfit seems like a cult.

              2. absolutely and this attitude is really insufferable.

                Every now and then, maybe once or twice a year, I will jump in and do one crossfit WOD for fun in the same way that I also eat a salad but know that being a vegan not a good idea.

                Still, I will say this: I am happier with people being obsessed with crossfit than with video games.

                  1. i’ve tried to play a fight game on PS 4 and wound up drooling in the fetal position. If you can play anything on it I think it qualifies you for an engineering degree at a state school of your choice in the US. If you win a title you get the degree from MIT

                    1. I would never buy a fight game, their body movements on the screen look like they have arthritis.

  4. Like Jynx, I’m feeling pretty calm and focused these days. Part of it is setting new work goals, part is the cold weather, and part is returning to exercise after almost three months off (owing to injury). It feels good to run fast and lift somewhat heavy again.

      1. Let’s hope I don’t have to repeat the lesson with the D. Once is punishment, twice is love.

                    1. the game was racist. The German had a mustache, Piston Honda had slanty eyes, and the Muslim was dark.

            1. Most didn’t. Thats why I was the only guy in my office to bet on Holyfield. He was a young punk back then, but he did get f’cked over on the rape conviction and Don King.

              I actually like the guy despite his gaffs.

              1. Yep. I made money on holyfield beating him. And Lennox Lewis too.

                Bernard Hopkins and of course, money mayweather were all great bets for me.

              1. Nope.
                I just know boxing very well. And mike.
                I love mike Tyson, he seems to have found some semblance of peace in his life. In happy for him.
                I’m also super excited, still, about mike tysons mysteries.
                Mike and norm in a show like that is something my old smoking friends and I thought up.

                Mike was insecure, and terrified of peoples judgements about him.
                One of many reasons he acted out.

                1. On a personal level about being a poor kid in a rich man’s world? Absolutely. No argument. He also took, when he was younger not so much now, even the slightest insult as a death threat. So if you mean insecurity in that way, sure, can’t argue you there.

                  But just the way he stands…just standing still, his physical confidence is amazing.

                  1. Bingo.
                    The contrast between mikes imposing physicality vs his fragile mental state(mostly when younger) was one of the most interesting things about the man.

                    1. Yes, it is what makes him interesting. When you said insecure I thought you meant his body language maybe because he was older and that is why I said it was absurd. His physical confidence was great and I believe, especially after Cus died, a hiding place for him. It is really hard to analyze mike (especially not knowing him) as he is deceptively complicated.

                      Is inner emotional fragility is an amazing thing and he can be at once very sweet and at the very next moment fighting for his life over nothing. He is one of the people I would love to get to know he seems like such an interesting person to me (aside form my thinking he was the greatest boxer to ever lace up)

                      You do mention when he was younger, and you are right, but Cus really knew how to control and harness it…use it as a strength rather than allow him to retreat from it into the physicality.

                      I could talk mike all night. He is just fascinating.

  5. “This Weeks Challenge: Try to have a positive outlook on things you may usually may not. If you feel yourself thinking negatively, check yourself and get back to equilibrium.”

    When you’re as awesome as me, it is simply impossible to think negatively, brah. Take notes.

      1. Tyson’s a man after my own heart! He’s got the attitude and the swag to boot. Proving the fact that when you’re awesome, you have to time to waste on negativity.

      1. This is the first time we’re meeting, brah. No idea what your style is.

        If you’re referring to the name, well, I live a hedonistic lifestyle and uhhh. my banana is curved like a banana. So… there! No plagiarism involved in my choice of name.

      1. This is the beginning of the end. I’m calling it now. This shit right here is miserable.

            1. It still cracks me up that Kersey said he wasn’t going to come here anymore the he comes here. I honestly think he is just a troll.

              1. He just can’t stay away. I find it funny that he has such a hard time controlling his weird pathologies.

            1. Just reading them is funny, but listening to them say them out loud on the newscast is fucking hysterical.

              1. I mean the fucking balls of steel on the intern who sent that info. God I love that kid. I wish they released his name, I would send him a fucking gift basket every year on the anniversary.

                  1. I can see perhaps getting fooled by the first two names… but by the time you get to the third and definitely the 4th, how can you not realize it?

                  1. Captain Sum Ting Wong has got to be the best. And the order of the names is genius too… it reads like a play-by-play of what happened…

                    1. Yeah, the whole thing is perfect. This is true genius. I think they said the intern was a student at American University in DC. Can’t remember for sure. This is a young man destined for greatness.

  6. Don’t go out to eat in Detroit…

    Customers of Six Detroit Restaurants Warned to Get Hepatitis A Vaccinations

    The Detroit area is dealing with a significant Hepatitis A outbreak. The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) reports 630 known cases in Southeast Michigan in 2017, twenty of them resulting in death. There were 150 cases diagnosed in the city of Detroit alone last year. Public health officials are especially troubled by the number of food handlers who have been infected with the disease.

    1. See, this is one of those ways you lie with statistics. You know how in urban area’s ice cream sales are directly linked to crime rate. Yeah, the numbers work but the correlation is all wrong. It is just that both violent crime and ice cream sales both go up in the summer.

      Everyone who is, has ever been or even thinks about going to detroit already has Hep A. The restaurants here are inconsequential .

        1. to be honest i don’t know. I don’t know much about what goes on in the strange area between manhattan and LA only that I want to avoid it at all costs

            1. Sure, once I am old and useless I can move to a place that more accurately fits my state of being…it certainly will not be in the bad lands though. Something warm and near an ocean

                  1. Once you leave NYC, you will later question why you ever hesitated.

                    Keep socking 25% of your earnings and you’ll make it.

                    1. I’ve left. I left for 2 years at one point and for another two years in scattered journeys. I have seen most of the continental United States and find pretty much all of it terrible. Parts of Europe I liked but didn’t love. Other than some few places in France which are probably much different now than I remember them and Southern California I cant think of any place I’d rather be than here. I have some ideas for retirement destinations down the coast but who knows what the future brings eh

                    2. I have no worries as being alone never bothered me. I have had a good time and met alot of interesing people being because of that.

                    1. Damn fine question. I have a couple decades still and the one thing I learned is sure about the future is that the thing you think will happen is the one thing that absolutely will not

              1. Once I am “old and useless” I go to Home Depot to buy that rope. “Old and useless” means no longer independent and no longer able to use your googis.


        1. Yeah…but really, with all of Tony’s money and free time?
          And he looks like that???
          He should have had “Muscles Marinara” training him instead of just driving him.

            1. Yeah, good point.
              He overdosed on shrimp and rum.
              Not a bad way to go, but still.
              He was only 4 years older than me!

        1. I dispute this ‘Pabst’ claim. My shit is highly cultivated and relevant to the topic at hand.
          You homo.

              1. We’re gonna deport all the illegal guest posters and we’re gonna build a firewall. It’ll be great. I promise you.

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