The Art of Hosting Events

For better or worse, my home seems to be where people tend to converge.  Whether it’s a holiday, a sports event, or even just a random Friday night, people gather at my home.  I like to think that my wife and I are good hosts seeing the turnout we get at our events, but I began to think deeper on the subject.  There are pros and cons to hosting things at your house for each member of your family.  Today I’ll discuss some of my favorite, and least favorite parts, as well as some things you can try if you’ve never hosted.


Gatherings of friends and family can be a double edged sword for some.  Getting together may be a time of fun and happiness, but sometimes it can be a real pain in the ass or even downright violent.  When planning on hosting at your home, your castle if you will, you have to consider some options.

What kind of party is it?

A child’s birthday or mother’s day isn’t a time you should be busting out a keg of beer and fireworks (Though at Thale’s house this may be the norm) You’ll have to recognize the event and what should be going on.  I’ve found with things like this, well thought out plans work.  Plan for the kids to play, then eat, then sing happy birthday, then GTFO .  Once you establish what kind of party it is, you have to then consider who you’re going to invite.  You can be more lax about it if its just a random kick back with friends out back.

What guest’s will you invite?

Does your brother have a psycho girlfriend?  Does your uncle want to fight your grandfather over something stupid from the past?  These are also things you should consider when having people over.  Also, remember that this is  your  home.  Your wife, children, and everything you own is in it.  As a rule I don’t allow people to just call up everyone they know to come loot/trash my house.  I’m not against meeting new people, but you have to know someone I trust, or I must have met you prior to the event.


When you have a gathering you’re hosting, you are somewhat responsible for each and everyone there.  If someone gets shitfaced and sneaks out and kills someone, there could be police at your door.  Tying into the point above, you don’t want undesirable people in front of your family.  I like to provide a couch to sleep on if someone drinks too much, or if I just want them to go, I’ve even ordered an Uber to come pick them up.  Also, try not to get too REKT when you’re the one responsible.  If there is any issue that arises, you’ll have to handle it.

My Favorites

Food: My wife loves making a ton of different things for people to eat.  We bond over food, so having good food available makes things that much better.   I enjoy grilling in the summer months, and love making burgers, dogs, and all kinds of different things on the grill for everyone.

One on One:  People tend to break off into smaller chat groups or do activities together.  There may be someone you don’t know that well, or haven’t really gotten to know that well that may participate or speak up.  I’ve found people tend to congregate in the kitchen, a game of horseshoes or even throwing around a football out back can be rewarding, even if you are the host.

Family:  I think its good for my children to know their extended family.  These are people they don’t see on a daily basis, but they connect well with both sides.  Not only that, but the kids tend to want to spend time with them, giving you a bit of a break.

Accomplishment: Throwing a great party makes you feel good.  The people you care about will continue to tell you how much fun they had.  Even though the cleanup sucks, I’ve always reflected at the events we’ve hosted and realized that even with everything going on, it was a lot of fun.


I’ll note here that this may not be for everyone. For some they don’t want anyone in their house that doesn’t belong there, and I get that.  For me, I like having a party and even the ones where things didn’t go as planned were still pretty fun.  Feel it out for yourself.


-J. Nyx

Author: Jnyx

J. Nyx is a father of three and co-owner of He understands that there is something missing in the community and that you can be a traditional, masculine man in our current age as well as a dedicated leader of your family. Fitness addict, DIY guru, and tech nerd.