Way of the Warlord: Phase 6 Update

This week we continue with our Way of the Warlord program here at A Kings Castle.  This is designed to be an interactive physical, mental, and martial arts program where the authors of the site give out a two week challenge to the readers to better ourselves and become better men.

Phase 6 Update


Phase 6  challenge: Select your favorite lift, but lower weight to one you can get 4×12 on.

I was able to get 4×20 on shurgs and bent over rows this week.  My muscles were smoked at the end but I got a good pump. I want to try to get 4×20 on every lift over the next week.



Last Weeks Challenge:  Try to have a positive outlook on things you may usually may not.  If you feel yourself thinking negatively, check yourself and get back to equilibrium.

I’ve seen it carry over into this week as well. I’m reaching a point where I’m just enjoying me.  Getting back into the gym has got my head straight as well.  For the following week I’m just going to continue.


As always, leave your notes and goals in the comments.  Cheer your brothers on and hold each other accountable.  We’ll start phase 7 next Friday.

Phase 7 Starts Friday 1/19


-J. Nyx

Author: Jnyx

Fitness addict, DIY guru, tech nerd, member of Memesters Local 419.

470 thoughts on “Way of the Warlord: Phase 6 Update”

  1. All of us sit and chat all day and in reality know only about one another what we put out on the internet. I was thinking about this this morning with @jnyx challenges. I want to let you guys know a little something about the guy who is challenging you. Knowing him a bit now online and on telegram, never in person, and working with him in terms of fitness, I have to say that he is one of the hardest workers on the iron I have ever known. With a wife, three kids, a full time job, a social life and a bunch of extra curricular kiddie based activities he gets his hustle on in the gym (or out in the freaking cold if necessary) every day for several hours a day. He keeps his diet tight and moves his iron and keeps his energy levels high.

    So when he gives you a challenge you really should think about what a hustler he is and put that level of effort into it. I always thought I put in the big hustle against the iron, but having no obligations other than the job which pays for my hobbies I am absolutely in awe some some of you mother fuckers who get it done with families and shit.

    With this in mind I am going to submit myself to this challenge this week with everything I got.

    Physical: Time has come. 1/15 is the start date for the ramp up to my show in July. My workouts are about to get psychotic.

    Mental: I have caught myself as of late trying to force the world into the mold I want it to be in. Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge proponent of creating your own world and molding what you get into what you want rather than passive acceptance. However, doing this can lead one to the mindset that they have to control everything which only leads you to stress out about shit and makes you terrible company for people around you. So my mental challenge is going to be to accept that I’m not the little brooklyn brat who needs to fight for every fucking thing, lean back and just let some things happen.

    1. *having no obligations other than the job which pays for my hobbies I am absolutely in awe of some of you mother fuckers who get it done with families*

      Seconded. How you guys keep that many balls in the air is beyond me. Between my work and my play, my life is full. I can’t imagine squeezing kids into the sixteen hours I’m awake every day.

      1. I know I am just asking for it by saying this but….

        “I can’t imagine squeezing kids into the sixteen hours I’m awake every day.”

        Why squeeze kids when you can squeeze grapefruits?

        1. I have to tell you, if I had one single wish in this world, it would be that someone gave me enough money so I could quit work and spend as much time with my kids as possible. Every minute I get to spend with them is a blessing, and I miss so much, so many things that I will never get back when I have to go to work or take care of other shit. Whatever I have to give up or miss out on to spend time with them — it is more than worth it. There is literally nothing in this world that has brought me as much true, real, lasting joy as my kids.

                1. bem, I’m sorry your son is a tranny and your daughter is the starting catcher for the local high school football team.

                    1. Well you’re not supposed to shove it up your ass, especially after all the damage that hamster did up there.

          1. I had this same thought the other day, no shit. Fuck the money, fuck all this bullshit I have to do everyday because when I get home and I see them I’m such a different person, a better person if you will.

            I think about having to work late and missing out on things that they’re experiencing now while Im a fucking wage slave. I know I’m working to provide for them, but I hear you bro.

    2. Taking what you have been given and moulding it into what you want is an interesting and very astute take on creating your own reality. But the devil is in the details as they say and I have found that trying to control the minute aspects of what we want to achieve can really get in the way of our overall goals. If you are trying to build a road, sitting on the rock pile counting each bit of gravel won’t get you very far.

      There has to be a balance between the big picture and the details. And we also have to remain flexible and open to new ideas. So even though I strive to maintain frame and do things “my way” (i.e. according to my talents, skills and experience), I try to always remain open to learning new and better ways of shaping my life.

      So now I focus more on what I want overall, for instance to gain five pounds of lean muscle and less on the specifics. In the past I would have been very rigid on my views on how to accomplish this. But after discussing this with Jnyx and WBFitness, I relaxed my beliefs of what would work for me (a light framed hard gainer) and went from a lower rep heavier weight routine to higher volume, lighter weight. With a clean diet and enough recovery time I was able to achieve that very goal in a few weeks.

      The point is as men, too often we rely on our long standing beliefs and prejudices because that’s easy. And we focus on the minutiae rather than the overall project at hand. We as a species tend to be creatures of habit and very resistant to change. I challenge each of you to recognize this in yourself. Then like pushing through a plateau in your workout to get that next rep, push through your old habits and try something new. I am certainly glad I did.

      1. This is exactly one of my chief flaws and I intend to work on it this week. I am struggling to get things I want/need which pushes them away where a passive stance would bring them closer. It is an old habit going back to fighting at a large dinner table for who gets the food and I have to account for better ways of thinking now. In the end, achieving the goal is far more important to me than the manner in which I achieve it.

        1. “In the end, achieving the goal is far more important to me than the manner in which I achieve it.”
          That’s Pop talking….

    3. Goddamn, look who woke up on the sensitive sally side of the bed this morning, sharing all his feelings and shit. You going to Hollywood with all that finocchio?

        1. he is correct @Ainigmaris:disqus

          You had the right idea, but the correct wording would be “chelsea finocchio” I would have also accepted “Christopher Street Finocchio”

    4. I appreciate the kind words.

      I started talking with WB about a year ago on telegram. Prior to that I thought I knew enough about fitness yet my barf AF body said otherwise. I asked messaged him “Dude how do I look the way you do” and he changed my whole thought process on lifting and nutrition. I was wasting my time doing bullshit lifts that would never achieve me the results I desire. Never ONCE did anything he say turn out to be bullshit, in fact its absolutely fucking crazy how quickly you can change your aesthetics by applying some difficult but effective strategies. I’m on his workout plan this year starting Monday and I cant fucking wait.

        1. My kid has to read a Cliff Notes version of Roots and buy some pork ribs at the local soul food joint.

              1. Virgil is known as ‘The Turk.’ He’s supposed to be very good pork ribs, but only in matters of dry rub or some sort of reasonable amount of bbq sauce. Uh, his business is soul food. He has fields in Tennessee where they grow the Pigs. And in Memphis he has the smokers to process them into ribs. Now — he needs Styrofoam containers , and he needs baked beans and collard greens, for which he gives a piece of the action — I couldn’t find out how much. The Neely family is behind him here in New York. Now they have to be in it for something.

                1. Hey, listen, I want somebody good — and I mean very good — to plant those wetnaps. I don’t want my brother coming out of that toilet with sauce all over his hands, alright?

                    1. his seems to be GF2, your response is GF1, or is it all one long movie at this point?

          1. a lot of people use a half day PTO and make it a 4 day weekend, but I have no where to be and some shit that needs to get done at work so I don’t mind.

            1. You call this shit that needs to get done at work?
              At least eat a grapefruit and enjoy the healthy snack

            1. You’re welcome.
              Lets not forget many of them are great at pretending to work while not actually accomplishing anything.

      1. Maybe they will get that problem worked out for you so you won’t have to drag your butt on the carpet to scratch anymore.

      1. Me too brother – and I have a so-called REAL job!
        But I have a dream….
        We SHALL overcome this 5 day week bullshit!

      1. youre in a meeting w/o the press, dick durbin immediately throws him under the bus. this is absurd(and if their countries didnt stink, why would they be leaving in the first place?)

        1. To be fair, the guys name is “Dick”

          It is kind of like saying that @disqus_e5hyuZuRQ6:disqus is a dick head conartist.

          As for getting thrown under the bus: I am officially making reference to the Lewinsky line. Famous Carnies (by which I mean all politicians as well as anyone else related to show business) should generally assume, post Monica Lewinsky, that nothing they do or say in private is actually in private and act accordingly. It is the price of being a celebritard like Trump or the Kardashians. Want a private life, keep out of the spotlight.

          1. Monica Lewinsky takes her dress to the dry cleaner to have a stain removed. The owner is elderly and hard of hearing. When she asks the old man if he can the stain out he replies “Come again.” She says “No, not this time. I think it’s mustard…”

        2. and the press’ response to the Norway portion of the comment was “Norway has the world’s best healthcare and the highest wages …” not realizing that the Scandinavians got to that point by essentially having 0 immigration, legal or otherwise.

            1. am Cooke didn’t know much about history, and he got shot in a hotel wearing nothing but a sports coat and a shoe.

              (thank you family guy for what I believe to be your funniest line in the series history)

              1. What was Marvin Gaye’s fathers last words to him before he shot him?
                “This is the last 45 you will ever hear!”

      1. nah, hes launching his site right about now. and good for him. focus on the positive

                    1. He owns a tremendously successful house renovation company and a lot of ocean side property in miami because he was smart with his one hit wonder money so I assume he can buy one if he wants.

    1. It’s nothing most of us hasn’t said about those fetid little, well, shitholes in normal conversation before. These leftist morons are a hoot, so utterly clueless. Sorry snowflakes, but most other nations are, in fact, shitholes, especially ones in central and south America.

      1. I’ve been reprimanded for calling everything outside North America a “Third-World Cesspool”
        Sitcks and stones, people….

          1. I did that in college plenty of times, sometimes in living rooms and dance floors as well.

              1. Lose, you dolt.
                If you eaten a grapefruit this morning, your marbles you call a mind might have worked a bit better.

          1. WB, come’re. Whattsa matter with you? I think your brain is going soft
            from all that comedy your playing with those weights.

            Never tell anybody outside the family what you’re thinking again!

            1. Hey, whataya gonna do, nice flyover boy, eh? You leave town because you didn’t want to get mixed up in the city business , huh? Now you wanna troll a native, why, because he slapped yer suburbs in the face a little bit? Hah? What do you think this is the farm, where you shoot your trollings a mile a minute and they can’t follow you? You’ve gotta get up close like this and bada-bing! you blow their responses all over your nice suburban lawn. Come’re…

                1. Everybody must get trolled.
                  They’ll troll you when you’re walking down the street.
                  They’ll troll you when you’re trying to beat your meat.
                  They’ll troll you when you’re knocking on the door.
                  They’ll troll you when you’re walling on the floor.
                  But you should not feel so all alone…
                  Everybody must get trolled…

        1. Yes. Those people in shithole countries only have sticks and stones..no modern medicine, plumbing, etc..most of them don’t even have grapefruit!

      2. Oh now, what’s a little raw sewage flowing down the streets between friends? No need to got getting all brutally honest about it.

      3. The whole thing is ridiculous. Didn’t he say it behind closed doors anyway? Also, the fact that they want to come here PROVES that they ARE shithole countries!!!

        1. This is a deliberate strategy, they are working together to make every single day a “day of outrage” until he’s out of office, so that nothing will get done. What’s funny is that behind the scenes shit is getting done in a yuuuge way, but they’re so focused on the circus up front that they don’t see it.

          1. You just described Trump politics. It really is brilliant in a way. He makes some statement that he knows the left and MSM are going to go absolutely ape shit over. They bitch and complain and air it on the news etc. Meanwhile when they’ve got their dildos in a twist, he gets major shit done, laws passed, things removed etc. THIS is how you defeat them.

            1. Yep, he’s using their institutionalized ADD against them. This strategy he outlined back in the freaking 1980’s in Art of the Deal, in writing, and they still don’t get it, lol.

            2. Right… you notice no one is talking about how Oprah is going to be our next president anymore?

                1. As long as it’s not another boat full of AIDS ridden Haitians. Then I would say sink it. Sharks gotta eat too.

                  1. Nah, man, cause that might spawn Shark-AIDS, and Shark-AIDS would be one hell of a disease.

                    1. Combine sharks with AIDS with a tornado and I think you will have created the perfect weapon to destroy the human race.

                  2. Now now.
                    Sharks are an important part of the oceans ecosystem, we don’t want them to get aids.
                    Haitians, f em. They can have their aids and shithole country

    2. I’m waiting for someone to dig up all the quotes of elitists talking shit about the flyover places in America, cause I can remember them saying equally as bad things about parts of their own country.

        1. Because ‘that which is productive’ is simply a naturally occurring resource to be divvied up in their world

      1. You probably shouldn’t hold your breath waiting for that to happen.

      2. I will try to dig up that site with gem quotes by Dems. my fave is from a rep in TX, she was on some nonsense committee attached to Nasa, she asked to see the picture of Armstrong planting the flag on Mars

        1. Oh yeah, and the one about the island of Guam tipping over if they built a military base on one end or some shit.

      1. Yeah, lynching for the murder of one person is *exactly* the same thing as a wholesale rejection of an entire ethnicity.


        Don’t you have something better to do Kersey?

          1. The facts of what? That some wops got lynched for the alleged murder of somebody? Well big fucking whoop, Kersey. Seriously. If you’re trying to say that Italians weren’t welcome in the 1890’s then you’re really, really, really out of touch with reality.

            1. Italians were considered to be as low as African-Americans and Mexicans back in the 1890 by the rest of the US population.
              Go back to school or at least check some decent history books.

                1. It’s the favorite logical fallacy of the Left. And it’s a fallacy for a reason. Kersey is, as always, firing blanks.

                  1. Yep. The anti-viral drugs have dropped his sperm count to zero to match his T cell count. Shooting blanks indeed!

              1. Every ethnicity was considered to be lowlife and degenerate by every other ethnicity back in 1890, you dillweed. It was one big circle of middle fingers between all of the ethnicities. Get over it.

                Your point is irrelevant in any event. The third world is, in fact, made up almost exclusively of tin pot dictators presiding over shitholes and no amount of your Argumentum Tu Quoque is going to change that, Kersey.

                  1. It will fly, literally (Hitler), over his head. Guaranteed.

                1. The United States is a country built on immigration.
                  It is not down to you to decide whether the Italians arriving to New Orleans or New York in the 1890s contributed more or better than the Haitians arriving to Miami in the 1970s/1980s.

                  1. No, it’s a country built on conquest, first and foremost. Injuns didn’t have an immigration policy and were open borders, and look where it got them. We slaughtered them, won the war, and then deigned to permit other Europeans in, in an orderly, legal and measured fashion. And I’ll decide whatever the fuck I want based on the results I’ve seen, and I’ll tell you for a fact that Italians, especially in New York, have contributed more to this nation and the world than every single Haitian who was or will ever be born, in history, combined. Fuck that shithole and fuck Haitians (well, use condoms, they mostly all have AIDS there).

                    Which is all, again, irrelevant. Agumentum Tu Quoque, look it up. The third world is one giant stinking shithole and they should fall on their collective knees and give thanks that anybody from the U.S., Canada, Australia or Europe ever visits them and doubles the country’s annual GDP every time they rich Westerner buy a taco on a street corner.

                    1. Just for the record: how many Italian-Americans and how many Haitian-Americans have you met to come to that conclusion and make that ignorant statement?

                    2. Lol, I’m an American you simpering dolt. I’ve met plenty of Italian Americans, and I’ve met a couple of dudes from Haiti as well in my lifetime. My judgment stands as rendered.

                      You are desperately trying to move the topic away from the fact that the third world is one giant shithole, Kersey, but you keep failing. Must be all of those meds you’re taking for HIV getting the best of you.

                    3. Your fixation with Haiti, Kersey and AIDS shows you have some serious problems. Seek medical help.
                      Wouldn’t your dying town in southern Ohio be seen from NYC, Miami or LA as a shithole? (it was a rhetorical question: of course it would be)

                    4. What’s funny is the utter dishonesty of your post, given as you are exposed higher up in the thread and admit to being Kersey, lol.

                      Outside of AIDS induced memory loss, why you think I live in southern Ohio is anybody’s guess, heh.

                    5. Bro, no need to get so worked up – homeboy’s argument is that just because something stupid has been done in the past it should continue forever no matter how obviously stupid it is. It’s the “nuh-uh, you can’t ever change your mind” defense of first graders.

                      He deserves an “LOL, OK retard” and no more of your productive time.

                    6. Not too worked up, I just like insulting third world countries and making sure that the fact is established that we are superior to the rest of the world. 🙂

                  2. Italians started arriving in Louisiana after the slaves were freed, not in the 1890s. and yes, they were barely above being slaves, being paid a pittance. Still, enough with this “country built on immigration” nonsense, the real UE rate is still about 22%; not enough jobs for the natives, no matter their skin color, so, it begs the question: why(and who) keeps promoting open borders?

                    1. Ah come on. Plenty of people think the nations immigations policy should be based on a shitty poem written by chick over a century ago.

              1. missed tis one. I had Luigi from the simpsons
                Principal Skinner: Pizza day will now be referred to as italian american bread sauce day
                Luigi: Now Thats-a sensitivity

          1. In and of itself that’s true, but not really relevant to the overall point. Hit Haiti sometime, and if you’re covered in enough rubber shielding to avoid getting AIDS, you’ll come back and consider New Jersey a paradise on earth in comparison.

              1. I’ll take your word on it. The only place I’ve visited in jersey was Cape May and while it was pretty enough, the klaxons posted every 50 yards barking out “Get off the beach if you don’t have a permit!” put me off of the state entirely. Throw in every single interstate road being covered with 200 signs ordering you to do this or that every mile and it really left a bad taste in my mouth. Fucking east coast Nazis.

                  1. ape May is the nicest part of the “shore” too…

                    Only if you under age 9 or over age 60. Otherwise, c’mon, there are better options.

                    1. I’m mentally expanding the definition of nice so I don’t have to admit I’m wrong.

                      I’ve not yet found another locale that has higher THC/m^2 levels. I’m in a state where it’s been outright legal for over a year, and I’d have to say it’s still probably easier to find in Cape May.

                    2. Well I’m never wrong, so I needn’t admit nor deny anything. I will however offer that I hate the beach anyway, so I reserve the right to talk out my ass (without being wrong of course)

                1. I lived and worked in Cape May for many years. I’m sorry you didn’t have a good time. Next time get a fucking permit.

                  1. HAHAHHAHAA that should be NJs motto:
                    “I’m sorry you didn’t have a good time. Next time get a fucking permit.”

                    1. They gotta coastal resort town to run. Sometimes they gotta make people get permits to keep the riff raff out. They had a little argument, non permit holders and the city counsel, so they had to straighten the non-permit holders out.

                    2. A barracuda they can handle, but a shark? A shark will clear the beaches, and this is the biggest weekend of the summer!

                  2. lol, wasn’t my problem, I just found those loudspeakers to be really, really annoying and putting me almost in the same frame of mind as a captive in Stalag 13.

                    1. So just for kicks, what year did you visit? If it was in the first half of the 90’s, you probably saw me. Everyone saw me. Very high profile, even after going back to Philadelphia people recognized me for years after.

                    2. It wasn’t that long ago. I think around 2004? Maybe 2005 I don’t recall precisely. But one of those two.

                2. Sounds like some kind of post-apocalyptic totalitarian state they’ve got there. 😀

                  If giant scorpions show up, then it’s for sure.

      2. Newark is 75% non-white, why is it okay to be honest about American cities (I know you are American) and non foreign countries?
        EDIT: their former mayor(now Senator) black man Cory Booker didnt even live in that city, he would commute from his home in Greenwich Village, Manhattan to Newark every day!!

                  1. Classic tactic of you guys: if someone tells the truth you’ll all accuse him of being a different user.

                    1. Hey guys, he just wants to be accepted for who he is, okay? He is just looking for a safe space to share his feelings with some like-minded fellows.

                    2. No, Kersey, you’re just blatantly obvious, so it’s not a tactic, it’s just pointing at you standing there in your fake Groucho Marx mustache and glasses costume and laughing. Hell you even give it away with phrases like “classic tactic of you guys”. If you were new, you wouldn’t be familiar with “classic tactics” here. You’re a ruse and a rube. Heh. Get over yourself, kid.

                    3. Says the guy who admittedly lives in a shithole inbred town in southern Ohio and calls Midwestern White women (the most obese women in the nation) “Viking princesses.”
                      After wasting time to write over 40 000 comments on here…what would you do if this website was shut down. Do you have anything meaningful going on for you, kid?

                    4. Um, no Kersey, actually I “admittedly” live in NORTH CENTRAL Ohio, just 20-25 minutes north of THE Ohio State University, and there are scads of hot young women (because, you know, college town). You can’t even get the basic facts about me that I’ve mentioned countless times here right, you expect your opinion on anything else to be taken seriously, lol?

                      It’s out, you’re Kersey. Why do you obsess about this website and some of the posters here so much? Is it boring in the hospital?

                    5. Ghost, thanks for your openly racist posts. It would certainly help to convince Disqus to shut this site down. They did it to ROK (at that site had a lot more readers than this).

                    6. Lol! Well at least you’re not hiding it any longer. Gents, be sure to copy/paste his comments into yours so that when he does his customary “delete all of his stupidity” deal, like he always does, there will be a record.

                    7. Actually, it’s you who should be deleting comments.
                      Your comments are the racist ones, not mine.
                      You know, Disqus are not as biased as you…

                    8. You’re such a derping sperg, lol. You wouldn’t know real racism if it bit you in your AIDS infected rectum, lol.

                    9. Whatever, you closet homo. If anyone is a sperg, you should be with your 44 000 comments. Enjoy your latest hangout to be shut down.

                    10. Yes yes, “shut down”, the standard Kersey threat because he’s throwing a temper tantrum. Those treatments really affect your temper don’t they?

                    11. Hey guys, I heard about this awesome new website that’s for mixed race couples. If AKC ever gets shut down, we can all go to that website as fruit-flavored trolls and shit-post all over it until it gets shut down, too.

                    12. The fuck, Murdoc? Are you taking sides against the family? Are you a fucking traitor or some shit? Are you some kind of Russian Trump agent?

                    13. So you don’t believe in freedom of expression. You believe you should control the narrative and dictate what other people should be able to think. We fought a bloody war over that, as well as many other infringements of our individual rights, and after our ancestors shot enough of your British ancestors they left us alone. Enjoy your afternoon tea and hate speech laws. Now, go away, roll out your website and leave us to our right to freedom of speech and freedom of association.

                    14. dude, stop. this site gave you the idea for your site(which is a good idea). focus on the positive, not the negative(whether its real or imagined). and for the record, Im a partial guido from NYC, not Newark. such bigoted comments should get you banned from disqus, but I dont roll like that my friend!

                    15. I heard the term “guido” from an African-American colleague. I did not know that was offensive. It was not my intention to offend you as a (partial) Italian-American. I was trying to expose the hipocrisy and racism some users have around here.

                    16. Im not offended. its just a word. Im also German and Irish, 3 of the last ethnic groups its okay to slam.
                      Its funny bc its based on truth(or partial truth). I dont care

                    17. CB, truth to be told, I would not have come along today if you didn’t bring up Trump’s “shithole” comment about Haiti…

                    18. truth to be told

                      Truth? You want me to believe that you were not here prior to CB making the comment? He made the comment first, then you somehow just KNEW you had to come here?

                    19. But honestly if Kersey brought a legit argument instead of his everyone is racist drivel we could take him serious. For example if he argued that the West played a huge part in why the various African nations and Haiti remain a shithole then yea I can see that.

                    20. Now, now. It’s simply economically, environmentally, hygienically, and intellectually disenfranchised.

                      Get with the PC lingo!


                    21. I made no mention of that country as the media did not. I made the comment bc the left flips out at anything non-PC. He wasnt just referring to Haiti you know. I assume if he said Jamaica not Haiti you’d take no umbrage at his statement?

                    22. C’mon. You’re throwing around racial slurs, and claiming ignorance? Or does African American endorsement constitute some type of approval in your estimation?

                    23. Of course you knew it was offensive. That’s why you used the term. The fact is you really don’t know the race of anyone who posts here. You are making assumptions based on what you read. I know some of the folks that post here through other venues and this is a multi-ethnic and multi-national crowd. You’re the real racist here. You hate white people. Racial discrimination is wrong no matter who it’s aimed at. Take your bigotry and anger elsewhere.

                    24. You’re a proven racist bigot who comes to this site making inflammatory racist comments while openly stating your goal is to get the site closed? LMAO. Good luck with that.

                    25. No need. As moderator, I can go into ALL deleted comments and view them. I have Kersey’s entire comment history here at my disposal.

                    26. Good man. You know of course, that this makes you a racist. And the people who invented the comment caching code were also, clearly, racists.

                    27. Seriously, this is what Kersey is trying to do. He is trying to illicit racist comments or other harassment so he can report it to Disqus and get AKC shut down. We just need to ignore him

                    28. Fortunately he doesn’t seem to have an accurate understanding of why Disqus decided to disallow ROK to continue using their platform.

                    29. I just don’t want to have to use that other comment program though, because that RoK comment deal is really fucked up.

                    30. I’ve got a decent replacement ready to rock whenever Disqus decides to pull a Roosh. I’ve recommended it to Roosh before on a comment thread, but was ignored.

                      Kersey will at most cause a minor annoyance, but close off our only real vulnerability to outside censorship. It’ll also give me a bit of a vendetta against Disqus and Kersey, and it won’t end well for either.

                    31. Correct me if I’m wrong, but last time you were here, didn’t you say you’d never be coming back? Sounds to me like you have a hard time keeping your word, a pretty effeminate trait.
                      Time to man up Kersey and stick to your word instead of being a little bitch and coming here to start trouble. Don’t do it for us. Do it for yourself. If you can’t even keep your word on something so trivial as not trolling a website, can you really trust yourself with anything?

                    32. You said that the other day. I didn’t know what you’re talking about. Just looked it up.
                      A tv rodeo clown from the hangover?
                      I don’t get it.
                      I AM FROOT!

                    33. Jak – why do you feel obliged to keep all the racist troll that add no meaningful, on-topic discussion to your website and of whom R. Valizadeh (Owner of the Return of Kings, where most of these guys used to hang out) got rid off for a good reason?

                    34. If roosh has gotten rid of the racists, then I’m a fucking unicorn.

                      If anything, he got rid of the least racist people and kept all the stormfronters.

                    35. More importantly, what does it matter to you?
                      Why are you even here? You’ve made it blatantly obvious you don’t like our site or its readership and have promised multiple times you wouldn’t be coming back.
                      Is your life so boring and pathetic that you get your jollies off SJW trolling other sites?
                      Did your mother not love you enough as a child?
                      Did your father beat you?
                      How about instead of wasting your time trolling, you do something productive, like find a cure for AIDS?

                    36. because he loves us degenerates..We serve absolutely no purpose but to entertain. we are the tonsils of the web.

                    37. dude most of the guys that he didnt ban are worse than here. Have you seen the comment section on ROK lately.

                    38. Oh I have it, along with his entire commenting history here. He can delete his accounts as many times as he wants but the comments remain in my admin page.

                    39. So you could ban his ip if he gets too annoying. I would rather you didn’t. He is good for a laugh

                    40. Outed yourself…,,moron. What happened to you leaving and not coming back? How’s the new website going?

                    41. Mexicans and black(ain’t got no soul) women have far higher levels of obesity.
                      They don’t eat grapefruits.
                      They thieves their “community” grocery stores into oblivion, this self creating food deserts that they of course whine about.and demand white people fix it for them.

        1. I assumed you were a guido from Newark.
          Look, Newark was hole long before it has become 75% non-White.
          Parts of southern Ohio, rural Indiana and West Virginia are over 95% White. Yet, they are proper shitholes with poverty, hopelessness, fentanyl epidemic, crime and unemployment…

            1. Isn’t Jon Stone the name of the sheriff in John B. Sails? That would place him in Nassau, so probably of British descent, and his family probably owned lots of slaves.

          1. Stone? Jon stone? Thats your name? What’s your real name? Nah, what was it before you changed it?

            That’s all you need– a thieving wop on the team!

              1. It’s the name change part of the reference that’s most applicable here. Not the ethnic part.

          2. you seem to think the poverty->UE part of that sentence are all the same thing.
            UE leads to poverty which leads to hopelessness which leads to drug abuse which leads to crime….

      3. Heeeeey.
        Its the Haitian aids fag!
        How’s your shithole?
        I know
        I know
        Full of aids, of course.

    3. Another one of Trump’s manoeuvres to shift the focus from muh Russia to Clintons Haiti earthquake fund robbery!

      1. The media will never cover Clinton Haiti theft– to many people connected with it are winding up accidentally committing suicide.

          1. Eberwein was expected to testify against the Clinton Foundation in court and ends up committing suicide shortly before. Victor Thorn reportedly committed suicide with a gun on his 54th birthday on a mountaintop in Pennsylvania.

            And on it goes.

            The Clintons have a atack of bodies around them going back to their Arkansas drug op days, but the democrats are a criminal enterprise posing as a poltical party these days.

    4. The funny part is them trying to explain how these countries aren’t shitholes or how the US is worse thus negating their “ they come here for a better life” argument

      1. Seriously how many time have they done story of the immigrant comes to america from some improvished “shithole” town and creates a succesful chain of convenience stores.

    5. Lol.
      When someone says shithole country, everybody knows which ones they are talking about.
      Approximately 2.6 billion people around the world lack any sanitation whatsoever. More than 200 million tons of human waste goes untreated every year. In the developing world, 90 percent of sewage is discharged directly into lakes, rivers and oceans. And even in developed countries, cities depend on old, rickety sewage systems that are easily overwhelmed by a heavy rain.

      1. India (818 million)
      2. China (607 million)
      3. Indonesia (109 million)
      4. Nigeria (103 million)
      5. Pakistan (98 million)
      6. Bangladesh (75 million)
      7. Ethiopia (71 million)
      8. Congo, DR (50 million)
      9. Brazil (39 million)
      10. Tanzania (32 million)
      11. Sudan (27 million)
      12. Kenya (27 million)
      13. Philippines (22 million)
      14. Vietnam (22 million)
      15. Ghana (20 million)
      16. Nepal (20 million)

      1. Yup meanwhile here in the us sewage has to be pretty much drinkable before it is released. Far cleaner than the river it flows into.

        1. Had a relative work at water treatment plant tell me that. She said the water released is cleaner to drink than what is coming out of you kitchen water tap.

          1. I learned that in my civil engineering coursework epa has stricter regulations on what the fish drink than us

        1. Trudeau reminds me of a supporting character from Dawson’s Creek who somehow made it big

            1. dont get that ref, but “understanding” where Pacey and Dawson were coming from got me laid

                    1. Right, she’s gonna run right out and get that $380 “Poverty is Sexist” t-shirt to prove how woke she is.

                    2. As I recall, there was some talk about using lawyers instead of lab rats a few years back. Rats actually do have some redeeming qualities and there are people who question the ethics of experimenting on them. Lawyers on the other hand…

              1. Come on, CB, stop lying. The only people that ever got laid off Dawson’s Creek were pillow biters.

      1. So it’s not really a dump after all? I guess it’s full of hard working industrious people busying themselves turning into the garden spot of the Caribbean, a beacon of stability, a magnet of non corrupt government striving daily for equality and prosperity for all citizens full of entrepreneurial hope for the future.
        Anderson Cooper, what a dweeb.

          1. I saw his twin a couple of weeks ago in a convenience store in Rebecca Georgia.
            Totally OT but I had to throw it out there.

          2. Is that some of his kinfolk? If so, why in world would he want to be a whiney tv bitch instead of blowing his inheritance on some tropical island, hanging with superbly tanned women and having drinks with umbrellas in them?

              1. Saw a clip of him for the first time a couple days back. If that’s THE Vanderbilt, he’s not swimming in a big gene pool.

          3. Anderson Cooper? The CNN fag who was shocked everyone already knew he was butt pirate after “courageously’ coming out of his closet? I thought he died of AIDS?!

    1. I propose that “America, Fuck Yeah!” be officially made the National Anthem. I want to see it played at the Olympics. At football games (players couldn’t possibly take a knee!). At state funerals. Everywhere.

      1. I like the players taking a knee. It’s nice that even though they make so much money they prostrate themselves on their knees before the customer base and ownership during the national anthem.

        1. The Advertisers and Sponsors always stroke their hair sweetly while those players get on their knees to suck a dick, so there’s mutual benefit.

    2. It would be better without those furiners accents but hell, you can’t have everything I guess.

  2. I want to wish all ‘yall a Happy King Koon day weekend! Now, it looks like I gots me some infectin’ to do.

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