Perseverance and Living in the Now

Perseverance should be looked upon as a virtue.  The ability to stick with it even though every part of your being wants to quit is something we should all have felt in some point in life.  When you push through something that is difficult it is your true chance to realize that you’re alive.  Being in the moment is necessary to get through it I’ve found that these are the times that build you.

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment” -Buddhist Proverb

I got thinking about how dealing with a struggle makes you feel the most alive.  Not in the sense you feel alive when doing something fun, but in the sense that you truly look inward, somewhere to find some bit of strength to get through whatever it is you’re dealing with.

I’ve been stuck on an incredibly difficult project for the last 4 months at work.  Things started to get delayed, there were a bunch of unforeseen issues that came up and there were a few times I wanted to pull what hair I have left out.   I remained calm though, knowing I had to just nut up and get this done.

Finally last Friday it all came to an end.  Everything got taken care of and I can move on, but now that its over I realize that during that time I learned and grew as a man.

Living in the Now

This is important in all aspects of your life.  Obviously things like planning for your kids future or retirement are good things, but what I mean is don’t worry about shit that may happen.  So many people are deathly afraid of change or some abrupt problem that they drive themselves crazy worrying about it.  Deal with what you have to do, and plan for the best, but if things get fucked up, its all good, you’ll get past it.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have people who dwell in the past too much.  They relive their glory days in their head while they piss their time away.   These people are typically have negative points of view because they think things suck now.  An accomplishment is great, but what people fail to realize is that when you accomplish something, it raises the baseline that you have to then push past again.

The Right Time to Quit

I’ll note here that there is a time when you must accept defeat.  If it comes down to not possessing the correct skills or you don’t have enough time to fully dedicate toward what you’re doing, you should stop.  Completing one task 100% is better than getting 10 tasks 10% done.  Sometimes you have to swallow your pride and let go.  I’ve found in these situations, everyone benefits because the person isn’t stressed to do something they don’t know how to, and the people who need things done can find someone capable to handle it.


Having the balls and determination to keep at your goals and obligations is one of the ways you will grow as a man.  Your dedication will go a long way and you’ll fully get to know yourself and your abilities.  Truly analyze how you reacted and felt when things were going crazy and you can use your past experiences to help you today.   Remember, there are times when calling it quits is an option, and that is when the mission has a small to zero percent chance of getting completed.


-J. Nyx

Author: Jnyx

Fitness addict, DIY guru, tech nerd, member of Memesters Local 419.

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  1. “On the other end of the spectrum, we have people who dwell in the past
    too much. They relive their glory days in their head while they piss
    their time away. These people are typically have negative points of
    view because they think things suck now. ”

    Sounds like “Al Bundy” syndrome. Pining over those 4 touchdowns in the city championship. I am sure this is very common, but there is also the problem of dwelling in past due to misery and defeats. That will hold a guy back as well. Probably even more so, much more so, than J.Nyx’s example. I know a little something about that.

      1. I don’t fret the future, really.
        I just spend my money now on things I want to do.
        I don’t look at things past 70. So I figure I have 18 years of “partying” left. 3x a week, anyways.

                    1. Honestly, I don’t think the “Jon” guy was Kersey.
                      I could be wrong, but his style and background seemed more like a guy named Mike Meyers on ROK. An American living in the Phillipines.

                    2. Judging by a previous confirmed Kersey’s IP address and the latest encounter, I’m pretty sure it was him, though I’m no computer genious.
                      I CAN tell you both IP addresses matched except for the very last digit in the series.

                    3. The IP doesn’t lie.
                      You got him, sir.
                      He’s getting real crafty. Because his back story and the comment he made about guys in the midwest not venturing out of their towns are exactly the same things Mike Meyers says. Becoming a chameleon I suppose.

                    4. Nah, that was actually a flag for me as he commonly makes slams like that at GOJ; the whole “you uneducated hicks in flyover country” stuff.

                    5. Yeah, I’m the epitome of the uneducated hick from flyover country. I even have a cousin named Cooter, and I’ve never ever learned to cipher properly.

                    6. No, but I do know of a Cletus and Muss, if that counts? (actually, I do)

                    7. Good point.
                      He seems more subdued on ROK these days.
                      He wished me a happy new year and I did the same to him.
                      I guess he takes out his grievances here.

                    8. Good God guys!!!
                      Do you know how many hookers might default on their rent if you lost that bet???

                1. I think thats your state only. banana and peanut butter sammies for breakfast today?

        1. same here…I live with my 15 year old son. I play soccer as if I still got a chance to be a pro, I have the money to pay for porn stars, I bang anything else I scrounge up at the bars and I pay for shit I don’t really need. Then I got friends who want to marry 45 year old hags with multiple marriages under their belts and some bastard kids as baggage. WTF? I have so much partying to make up for in the next 30 years.

              1. Yeah, but has she reached level 23 yet and unlocked the Holy Light paladin skill? Yeah, didn’t think so.
                She also needs to upgrade that common sword she has to a legendary weapon from one of the 20-man raids. Chop chop!

                1. +1 even though I don’t understand much of it, other than the Chop Chop part. The only “Paladin” I remember was Richard Boone.

                1. Bai Ling as King Arthur. In theatres this summer.
                  I think that song was about pulling yer pud btw

        1. they always sing the same song and dance and they always say they will find me. Apparently, they have enough money for private investigators.

          1. Wait she didnt question you paying in euros? You tell her you just got back from a business trip.

            1. told her I was on a business trip to Spain and I had a ton of Euros left.. She lives by the airport and there’s plenty of money exchanges around she thought she could get dollars from. Dumb slut

                1. I got a friend of mine who started doing the same in Budapest. He says it’s the best thing any friend has taught him. time to share the knowledge and treat whores like whores

      1. Hahahaha!!!!
        Dckhead does it again!
        Go Dckhead Go!!!

        Was she Russian or something?
        She writes in broken English.

        1. “I’m going to tell the police that you’re prostitution with FAKE money to the police!”

          Pure gold, right there.

          1. I’m reminded of those ‘X calls police to complain drug dealer sold him fake drugs’ stories that pop up fairly regularly.

            1. My guess is that he’d radio in a request for an interpreter.

              1. His last name was Twinkacetti. Jennifer thought he was gay and not a threat to her lifestyle.

                Balki, on the other hand, was a stud. Mary Anne played dumb, but knew exactly what she was doing.

                1. not to split hairs over a show as inconsequential as —– Strangers as I dont remember the entire show name, but I think twink was a neighbor with the comb over hair

      2. How do you even get to the point where you get them to accept pokemon money, I mean don’t they count it first?

        1. Put it in an envelope with the flap open . It looks like there’s money there and if you’ve convinced her how wealthy you are she won’t question it. However , yes, there are times they check and depending on where you are i.e. in your car , her place etc .. then you either bolt and take your losses or tell them you have no money and they should fuck you or walk home

        1. I love how they do their best to insult me and shame me..”you’re a loser” .. “you are broke I feel sorry for you” .. to which I respond “thanks for the good time, you can never un-fuck me and you’ll remember me forever!”

            1. At one point 2 years I ago I felt guilty about the scamming and I actually paid one for 3 months and she became a total attention whoring cunt so I went back to scamming

      1. its like the corporate version of a japanese movie called Battle Royal, except they all are going after the striaght white guys.

        1. Battle Royal is awesome. Too bad that hunger games shit cashed in on their idea. I remember seeing the first trailer for Hunger Games thinking “Dafuk? This is battle royale!”

          1. Now I enjoy imagery of frightened children being murdered as much ans anyone, but I couldn’t even get through that drek.

            1. I liked the first fifteen minutes, but then they put this girl who knew nothing about how to fight as the ultimate badass hero

              1. Same template they used for the latest Star Wars too. It’s such utter 2nd grade level propaganda.

            2. Agreed, it was a complete rip off of Battle Royal an it fucking sucked. The 10 year old humor I have sometimes kept calling the main character “KatPiss”

            1. The hunger games books are poorly written teen fantasy. Severely overrated.
              More kids need to read the Redwall books and LOTR.

            2. 5 comments from googles fucked up culture to hunger games critiques.
              And nary a mention about the many health benefits of grapefruit.

                1. Grapefruit consists of 91 percent water. This makes it one of the most hydrating fruits available. Grapefruit is also full of electrolytes and a great snack to have available to prevent dehydration.

  2. Being that is it “King” day, anyone here old enough to remember this king (or Kang, perhaps) :

    1. my sister saw him on the long island railroad on more than one occasion. he had a lot of kids in tow. I wonder how Chuck D gets around?

        1. maybe. this was in his post heyday, and he was taking mass transit with him kids though

    1. Had to.
      No choice.
      If I went in they wouldn’t have paid me.
      In the past I have volunteered to do support on this day (Global IBs) and got to work.

    2. On the road this morning I was contemplating the obviously large amount of traffic government is responsible for. Granted, there is a lot of school related movement about, but still..

      1. Really? Traffic around here was minimal. Zipped right into work during our normal rush hour which would usually leave us at a standstill.

        1. Yeah, to rephrase slightly, the large amount of traffic I noticed missing because everything government related is closed today. It was about one quarter the volume it normally would be.

          So 75% of the traffic on normal days is government related. Seems sickeningly high.

          1. Nah, lots of private businesses offer today as a holiday. Banks, engineering firms, most white collar outfits.

                    1. It means that MD 20/20 is produced by the Mogen David wine company. The same way that Thunderbird is produced by Gallo. Bum wines gotta come from somewhere.

          1. If I was black, I’d be pissed at the way MLK Day has turned out. Where I live, it’s mainly the places where mostly white people work — professional places and offices — that close on MLK day. The places where mostly black people work — fast food restaurants, stores, etc. — all stay open to serve all those out of work people. So it seems like most black people have to work on MLK Day while mostly white people have the day off.

            1. Whoa whoa whoa.
              Most black people have every day off work.
              The ones who do work service jobs, as you described, do work.
              In sure they are happy to get holiday pay.

    1. Beautiful-thanks bdog!
      And of course:
      If by chance an honest man such as yourself should make enemies, then they would become my enemies. And then they will fear you.

        1. Well, I used to live there, and it’s not technically a requirement to be Italian to eat deli food. All the delis and pizza joints in the area are owned and run by Greeks anyway, so it would get too complicated if they had rules like that.

          I’m not even the slightest bit Italian. Nor Jewish. But the Italians and the Jews have the best food. And I ate it all the time.

          1. I will, on occasion, eat corn beef and cabbage.
            But only with several pints of Guinness and many shots of Bushmills.

            1. I’ll confess to eating corned beef and cabbage as well, on St. Paddy’s Day usually. If prepared right it’s actually quite good, but it’s so freaking salty that I can take it only once a year tops.

    2. my grandparents had a music box which played this. not the german/scots/irish side of course

  3. Happy koon day, y’all.
    I sincerely hope you have been getting enough citrus fruits in your diet

    1. That pic is funny, they have a table with three guys and one chick and they have to point out which one is Danica, lol.

      She is so fucking overrated it’s beyond not-even-funny. Girl crashes more than she finishes and was nothing but a flash in the pan used for advertisers to hook in white knights. “Look boys, an HB6.5 drives NASCAR, how hot is that?!?” Ugh.

      1. “advertisers to hook in white knights” – I never thought about that angle.. NASCAR trying to rope in skinny jean wearing hipsters but nothing surprises me anymore from the media/sports marketing

      2. HAH I thought the same thing! Well thanks for pointing out which one was her, it’s is rather hard to tell. 😀

    2. That fucking baffles me..but I do not have to look too far. My former best friend, no kids, has a career, all debts paid, family with at least $10million net worth and he’s chasing 47 year old grandmas and 5 time married leftovers. He;s also cheap and doesn’t want to spend any money on women when he clearly can and have plenty to spare.

      1. Well at least he’s smart enough not to spend cash on used up has beens, so he has that going for him.

        What kills me about this, is that Millenial chicks are out there screaming for any kind of man to show up and fuck them, and yet you have these GenX guys, who Millenial chicks will crawl over broken glass on their bellies to be with, who instead go for the used up elderly goats.

        1. I’m at the beginning of the Gen X set and I can tell you I will never chase after an elderly goat. Let the skinny jeans hipsters have Mrs. Howell.

        2. The programming works.
          They have been brainwashed to think old broads are so cultured and experienced and better.
          And that dating young chicks is weird and so close to being a pedo.
          They dont eat many grapefruits.

        3. oh I wish the millennial chicks were screaming for men, instead most are screaming to BECOME men. Some are screaming for a pot dealer…

      2. Did you ever try to red pill that guy?
        Maybe with a brick to the Medula Oblongata?
        He’ll thank you for it in the long run…

        1. he thinks he’s got game by banging these 47 year olds and he thinks because of their age, in his words “they will support my dirt car racing” .. he’s delusional

            1. he gets a high off one of these “old goats” as GOJ eloquently put it, showing up to the races and watching him, yet he never makes $1 off of the racing, he sinks $30K per year on the worthless hobby.

    1. It’s all them joos’ fault!

      Or have we moved on to aliens yet? Oh right, the aliens were a federal plot to keep the world engaged in a never-ending conflict! So sneaky of them feds! 😀

        1. So it was jews that built the pyramids???
          Who knew?
          I thought that was just propaganda from Cecil B DeMille.

            1. And screwed the aliens for a higher percentage? Oy veh!

              Trust me booby…you’ve got to trust me!

    2. one of the comments: ” going back to beta chump 9-to-5 employment in the USA is nigh on impossible.” – There’s nothing beta about making 6 figures in the USA when you have a degree and you can still run an online forum in your spare time. Is being broke now considered “masculine” or “alpha” ?

      1. You’re not a real alpha if you’re slaving away making a ton of money in the evil corporate, materialistic, misandrist US!

        Real alphas don’t have jobs and beg for money online.


      2. “There’s nothing beta about making 6 figures in the USA when you have a degree and you can still run an online forum in your spare time.”

        That’s a good description of myself, aside from the fact that Jak and JNyx pretty much run stuff here and I just keep up the IT side of it.

        You need to get into a position of Fuck You, but that doesn’t mean you have to quit and go self-employed. Once you’ve got a safety net and no debt, you can run whatever website you want.

        1. Point is working hard for a living either for yourself or others is what men do , there’s no beta or alpha about it . The bridges and space craft of this world were built by men working for others . Being self employed and broke isnt exactly respectable if that is what roosh or his supporters claim it is

          1. Agree 100%.
            And there are ways (independent consulting for one) to both work in Corporate America and not get involved in touchy feely crap like “diversity initiatives”.

            The “alpha” gaming site guys and personal trainers and MMA instructors on ROK and other sites can keep their 50K/year jobs. I’ll keep getting up at 5:20 AM for my “corporate beta” consulting stints and make enough to buy the 8s/9s/10s they work so hard for with their “game”.

            1. If I was a 9, I would demand the highest value male possible. That is the strategy our mothers employed when selecting a mate. 9s know they can get looks and money. men married to 9s have both and they also have some social skills to get where they are.

            2. Yea I forgot who said it. But someone said to think of yourself as a mercenary. The more value you have as a worker the more employers would want you and you can choose who to work for.

      3. Honestly it’s about time he did something like that. Going with Freestartr should keep him from getting banned and he’s got enough followers that he can keep ROK running on donations. Now all he needs to do is put in a better comments system and get more good quality posts and ROK might turn around.

    3. Honestly it’s about time he did something like that. Going with Freestartr should keep him from getting banned and he’s got enough followers that he can keep ROK running on donations. Now all he needs to do is put in a better comments system and get more good quality posts and ROK might turn around. If not, he needs to write another book or something. You can only coast on old book sales for so long.

  4. Mr. Kersey just posted this and then it was deleted. I couldn’t print screen it so I just copied it.

    Hello cheeseburger. There is nothing wrong with being from Newark, or being Italian-American. What I have a problem is people who try to turn one community against another. Haitian (or Haitian-Americans) have been contributing to the US since 1776, regardless of what Trumps says about them.
    You should know that Roosh lifted the ban for some former commenters. You are probably welcome back to ROK. I still frequent that side semi-regularly. Not the I agree with everything that is written/said on there. Very often disagree with some of the writers and commenters. However, at least they stay on topic and you can debate with them. It is also important that normal, non-racist men make their voices heard in the Manosphere. And ROK is the most-important side of the sphere. Everyone knows Roosh Valizadeh (and nobody heard about Jak or CynicinChef).

    To you, GhostofJefferson. I am going to spend the first week of February in Miami, Fl. Considering you “challenged me” for a meeting before, here is your chance. Since you don’t have a passport but you hopefully can afford the coach from Ohio or Florida. Come over to North Miami Beach- a very safe part of town, mostly middle-class Jewish people, as well as Haitians and Cubans live there. Miami has a proactive policing , so if you conspire of doing something silly you might get yourself arrested or shot.
    It is an opportunity to prove you are ally the person you claim to be ( a 40-something “pick-up-artist” who is self-employed, wealthy and successful) and not what you are likely are. (a 17-year old obese, basement-dwelling computer troll from the Rust Belt). I’ll name the exact location on the day. If you don’t show up, we can safely assume you are a 17-year old troll and the other commenter could see your future comments in that context.

    All the best

      1. the obsession with @GhostOfJefferson ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ:disqus is far more disturbing…..

        1. I told him that I don’t swing that way, but he seems quite determined to recruit me to the HIV Club, Motto: We’re positive you’ll love our organization! We’re HIV positive!

          1. he’s probably the founder for “Help The HIV” a non-profit org dedicated to saving endangered viruses.

    1. I saw that, didn’t know if he self deleted like he usually does, or if Jynx or Jak got to him first.

      My reply, which I was typing when he deleted:

      It’s fun to not have a passport, it makes sneaking past security checkpoints in airports a real hoot when I visit the U.K. or Europe proper. Adds an edge to travel, which I’m all about.

      Why would I fly to Florida to meet up with some internet loser, bro? You want to meet, you come to me. I’m never one to threaten violence so I’m guessing that once again you are making up things about me in your mind to fill some void and creepy urge to obsess about me.

      Your “meet me under my conditions or it proves XYZ” is a fallacy, you know that, right?

      CynicInChief has met me by the way. So have a couple of other posters here. I don’t need to prove anything to you Kersey, and besides, I don’t want to catch AIDS by breathing the same air as you. Fortunately, Miami, being infested with Haitians apparently by your descriptions, is a safe place for you to travel without fears of infecting the native stock.

        1. Run out of keyboard condoms and didn’t want to risk the infection?

    2. He challenged ghost to a duel uh oh. Wait but hasn’t jak challenged him why isn’t he challenging jak. And damn ghost what did you do to him it’s like he has a personal vendetta against you

                    1. I think it’s her shoulders hunched all the way up to her earlobes that’s the tell…

      1. He has a poor memory, I think because of the low white blood cell count, so he ends up blaming me of everything under the sun that I’ve not ever done, as well as he consistently makes huge mistakes when trying to recite personal facts about me. I hear that some of those treatments do a real number on one’s grip on sanity.

    3. Kersey, you going to come back and back up your shit talk, or you gonna keep hiding like a little bitch?

    4. “Everyone knows Roosh Valizadeh (and nobody heard about Jak or CynicinChef).”

      Lmao! When did we claim to be big internet celebrities? The fact that he’s making this shit up out of thin air at a blistering pace makes me think he’s playing the long troll game and isn’t serious about any of it. He’s only here for the lulz.

      1. That makes the most sense considering he has said numerous times that he wasn’t going to come back yet he does.

      2. Sounds to me like he thinks we are ALL one person.

        If you don’t show up, we can safely assume you are a 17-year old troll
        and the other commenter could see your future comments in that context.

        1. from all the years i have read your comments, i thought you were a married man?

          dont know where the K Dog got the idea you were a 40 YO PUA?

    5. Lol.
      That guy needs to get some magic Johnson aids medicine.
      And , of course , eat a grapefruit.

  5. Kersey, I know you are really upset about the God-Emperor calling Haiti a shithole… but can you actually refute his statement? Can you provide any evidence that Haiti is not, in fact, a shithole?

    1. Because it’s not a hole, you shitlord! It’s an island! A shitisland!

          1. That’s awesome. Haiti is such a shithole, you can see how shitty it is from outer fucking space.

                    1. Ad for prune juice?

                      Speaking of prune juice, I once invented a drink.
                      Myers rum and prune juice.
                      Was torn between calling it a “Grandma Moses” or a “Brown Bomber”. Went with the former. It never took off…

                1. There was one a kindergarten teacher who was working with her students on speaking like adults by correcting them whenever they used baby words. She would regularly have the children tell the class of something they did over the weekend or their summer break and correct them as they talked.
                  Timmy, the first kid that spoke about what they did over the weekend, told the class proudly that he rode on a choo-choo.
                  “No,” corrected the teacher. “You rode on a train. Now what did you do Susie?”
                  Susie stood up and told the class that she went to the pond and saw some baby froggies.”
                  “You mean you saw some tadpoles,” the teacher corrected again. “Remember class, we’re working on using adult words.” Next, she turned to Johnny. “And what did you do over the weekend, Johnny?”
                  Johnny stood up and said, “I learned to read a new book.”
                  “How wonderful!” exclaimed the teacher. “What book did you read?”
                  Johnny paused and thought for a moment before responding.
                  “Winnie the Shit!”

              1. I don’t know, and I don’t want to know.

                – Fred G Sanford
                And the G stands for I’m Gonna stay the hell out of Haiti!

  6. Sometimes it’s just a matter of choosing to get up out of bed every day and keep going rather than grabbing the .44 from the nightstand and putting it in your mouth.

          1. Giving you shit man, lol. I put my KSG under the bed out of view, and my Colt Series 80 1991 on the nightstand a mere 3 feet from the KSG. Somebody breaks in my house, well, that’s all she wrote, the pencil broke.

            1. I want a pistol license.Would LOVE to get a Browning 1911. And maybe a Glock as a backup. But where I live, they make that real difficult. So for now, just the shotgun.

              1. I want a pistol license

                WTF is a pistol license? You in Michigan or one of the national socialist states on the north east coast (except New Hampshire/Vermont)? I guess maybe Cali, Illinois and Hawaii too?

                1. “WTF is a pistol license?”

                  I believe you asked me that one time before.
                  I live in the next county over from The Bronx.
                  The 2nd amendment NYC suburbs not so good.
                  Attaining the right to bear arms here is worse than pulling teeth. I stay here solely due to the lucrative contracts I get as a Wall St. IT contractor. The trade off is the sacrifice I make as to my 2nd amendment rights. Shitty trade off, I admit. But the $$$ I make for tight young poon is just as important, IMO.

                  How are the contracts in Columbus?
                  JPM Chase has a site out there. Among others.
                  If I can buy the guns of my choice, and still get hot young girls, I just might consider it. LMK. Thx.

                  Florida would be great too. Can get a 50 round magazine for an AR 15 at Walmart in Fla.

                  1. I don’t have papers or license anything on any of my firearms, a right is a right, fk the paper jockeys or anyone that says otherwise.

            2. thats one thing i envy of you American jokers, if a perp breaks into your home and is going to hurt you, YOU have probable cause to defend yourself, here even if you bash the perp with a Louisville slugger YOU are in the sh*t not the bloody crim, sad times here, sometimes wonder what it would be like if America had of come here first instead of the poms.

      1. Indeed it would. The mess it would make is really the only motivation for not doing it these days… e.g. my family members likely would find the mess. So if I do decide to say fk it, nobody will find me for a long time.

  7. They seem to be deleting perfectly reasonable comments on ROK now.
    It’s getting to the point that I will no longer post there.
    And the mighty AKC will become my sole internet outlet.
    God help you Jak, JNyx and Cynic.

    – And thanks a bunch for putting up with me…

      1. Thanks Lou!
        Yes, I know.You guys are my friends too!
        If you or anyone else ever comes to NYC and need a guide (or guido..hahaha!) just let me know!

        1. Ah, New York, now it get the “license” thing, my bad, I think you mentioned this before a couple of times and I forgot.

          1. Yup. Like pulling teeth in these parts.
            Really sucks.
            A buddy of mine from Brooklyn is moving to Tennessee
            to get away from this BS.

      1. It was a relatively benign post on an article about Asian guys having problems “dating” in the US. I gave my honest observations and opinions on the subject, and the moderator deleted it for some reason. What’s worse is that they refused to explain why. Getting very weird over there.

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