3 Activities Every Boy Should Engage In

The early years are incredibly formative for boys and provides many excellent opportunities for them to learn new skills and prepare for the challenges that await them.

Not only do taking on new and challenging activities benefit the boy who is learning and growing, they can also help strengthen the cohesion of the family and provide lifelong hobbies both father and son can enjoy for many years to come.

Today, we’re going to discuss just three of many, MANY alternatives to your kids sitting in front of the Xbox every afternoon.

The Scouts

Let me preface this section that, as an Eagle Scout, I can no longer support the Boy Scouts as they become increasingly subservient to the PC crowd while sacrificing all the morals and values that made the great to begin with (#MakeScoutingGreatAgain).

That being said, there are quite a few alternatives to the Boy Scouts to enroll your son in.  All it takes is a simple Google search.

Ideally, you should look for a program that not only shares your values, but also focuses on teaching your son valuable outdoor skills, community awareness/involvement, and emergency preparedness.

If you cannot find a program near you, consider starting your own troop.  Not only will you be able to spend valuable time with your son as he grows into a man, but you will also be able to run the group as you see fit and help other boys grow into strong, capable men as well.

Martial Arts

Just as crucial as scouting is getting your son enrolled in a quality martial arts school, with an emphasis on quality.  What type of martial art isn’t as important as finding an instructor who won’t coddle his students or allow them to advance if their performance is subpar (ie-McDojo).

Training in martial arts provides many valuable benefits to a young man including exercise, confidence, discipline, focus, and the ability to defend himself against bullies at school.

A good school will challenge your son to overcome challenges he previously might not have thought possible.  One such example is the act of breaking boards.  While more for show, breaking boards does provide a valuable lesson to students, by forcing them to break through something that they think is harder than themselves.  If you don’t believe me, watch the look on any new student’s face when they break their first board.  It’s a mix of shock, relief, and pride.


This category takes a place, in my opinion, below the other two categories, but is still important.  Sports has many of the same benefits that martial arts has, minus the self-defense aspect.

What sports lacks in self-defense, it makes up for in teaching your son to work as a team.  Now it’s no secret that I’m not a big fan of professional sports, but having your son participate in a sport, be it football, soccer, baseball, etc., will help teach your son to cooperate with others to achieve a common goal, a crucial skill for when he enters the workforce.

Sports also helps your son channel his competitive spirit while also teaching him how to handle losses with grace.

Yes, your son can also compete in martial arts tournaments, something else I highly recommend, but that is a one on one competition so he won’t get the same benefits as he would competing with a team.  That being said, competing in situations where he must rely on himself and can’t allow the team to pick up where he drops off provides powerful life lessons on its own.


Ultimately, it’s up to you how you raise your son, but trying to teach your son all these lessons on your own can be tough at times, especially when he hits his rebellious years.

Oftentimes it helps to have an outside source providing a different point of view that steers him towards the same results you’re striving for.

Do your due diligence and make sure whatever programs you enroll your son in promotes the same values that you have while pushing your son to be the best he can be.

So what activities did I miss?  Leave them in the comments below!

Author: Jak

Jak, married and father of three, seeks to help the Red-Pill Community take its next step past the petty cynicism and ineffectual anger. While he recognizes that men are significantly handicapped by the modern legal system and culture, he doesn't accept that traditional marriage is untenable in today's social climate. Rather, men must be willing to adapt to this new world by implementing new tactics and approaches to maintaining a balance of power. Jak is here to provide you with these lessons.

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  1. Agree with all 3.
    I would also add #4: teaching your son to maintain and fix things with the car and around the house.

    Having a father who takes an active interest and ensures his son is involved in the above gives the kid a huge leg up on his peers, and that advantage will continue throughout his life.

    1. #5 Basic firearms training, maintenance and safety. Explain the functionalities of revolvers, pistol, rifles, shotguns and how to properly load and unload. They don’t gave to become NRA members afterwards, but they at least have some base understanding of weapons and a little more confidence.

    2. Additionally, I would suggest familiarity with computers and componentry, possibly coding.
      With the prevalence of technology in modern society, it does you no good to be at the mercy of IT nerds whenever you have a problem.

  2. Excellent list.

    It’s a shame that some of the national level organizations for the things on that list are turning to crap (Boy Scouts, most pro sports including the NFL and NBA, etc), but on a small, local level the activities and groups are still extremely worthwhile for growing boys.

    1. I said one simple sentence to my son before he entered the 9th grade. “Don’t listen to what those teachers tell you , it’s mostly garbage.” I haven’t had to worry about the indoctrination propaganda campaign ever since that day.

      1. That’s not a bad idea…
        “Whenever they try to teach you something that isn’t part of the subject they teach, ignore them. They’re talking out their ass at that point.”

        “Class, now that we’ve covered the Pythagorean Theorem, let’s discuss why the gender wage gap is due to the patriarchy.”

        1. exactly. If a statement from a teacher cannot be substantiated with facts or proven, then it is meaningless.

  3. 4. NAMBLA member
    5. Catholic altar boy
    6. Potato steward
    7. And if you’re in the South, practice kissing your sister or your first cousin because one day y’all be married anyways.

  4. 4. Hunting (which includes firearm training)
    5. Fishing
    6. Tool knowledge and use

    1. 7. nunchuck skills
      8. bowhunting skills
      9. computer hacking skills

      Because girls dig guys with skills. Take it from Uncle Rico.

      1. Ah the classic nunchuck, a weapon which consistently does 95% of its damage to the person wielding it.

        Bowhunting is actually good. My kid’s high school had bow class.

        1. Only if you don’t know how to use it. Nunchucks are hard to master, but are very effective weapons.

              1. I’ll come upside your face

                So…you’re out and you’re proud I take it?

          1. I think that in theory the principle behind the medieval flail is sound. It’s the flipping it all around like an artsy fartsy circus performer that I think is what makes nunchucks so, well, stupid. Use it as a flail though, you’ll do some damage.

            1. Well yeah, granted. No one would use nunchucks like they do in the movies. In real life it would be part flail and part entrapment weapon. That’s at least what I gathered from my limited studies.
              The showy stuff is just that; show. It’s great for really improving your dexterity with the weapon but isn’t applicable for a real life situation.

      2. Nunchucks =bruised nut sack.
        Speaking from experience. Less people hurt themselves operating heavy machinery than they do wielding numchucks.

        1. My cousin had a set. I never learned the “showing off bit” (swinging them all around you), but I did learn how to hold, strike and return to position without knocking myself out. I used to be pretty flicking around with a butterfly knife, but it’s a clumsy weapon in a tight spot. Most guys end up cutting themselves with it rather than anyone else.

            1. Wait, that’s an 80’s thing? I thought it was more of a 90’s thing, if it ever was a thing at all. All it ever was to me was just this cool little trick that made the girls wonder how you managed not to cut your fingers off.

              I still have all mine, incidentally.

    2. I remember when boys took shop class (for tools and such), and girls took home ec (to start learning their skills).

      Seems like another lifetime on a different planet.

      1. I cannot endorse shop classes strongly enough. Its a shame they’ve been stigmatized as strictly vocational. They are gym class for the mind!

        1. I still have and use a couple small items that I made waaaaaay back in eighth-grade metalworking class.

            1. Out art teachers learned to keep a close eye on who was using the kiln and what was coming out of it.

          1. And arc welding. Still have distortion in my vision from not getting the sheild down in time

          1. So many of these faggots today don’t even want to OWN a car, much less maintain or modify one. They just uber around with their ifagfones.
            Though it is kinda unfortunate that so little on a modern car is actually serviceable.

      1. Agreed, it is a tough thing to do. You see your son cross threading a bolt or bending over the 4th nail in a row and you so much want to take over and do it right.

  5. All on lil’ gundogs’ to do list. Already started strapping the four week old to me when I take the dog out to train. He snuggles into my chest and zonks our the whole time.

  6. …meanwhile in the Kabul Independent School District there is a new prerequisite for advanced suicide bombing.

  7. Another thought, that just occurred to me.

    Cooking. Freaking A, learn to cook, guys. Best place to start is out during camping events with the Scouts, but ensure that you bring what you learn that’s applicable, inside as well. Men are always the top chefs in the world and there is nothing in the least bit effeminate about knowing how to prepare a fine meal, in fact, it’s a very masculine activity as it requires so many things going on at once.

    1. Best meal I ever had was jambalaya cooked in a Dutch oven over an open fire when I was camping one time with my Scout troop.
      Fully endorse.

    2. Plus it’s an easy tactic to guaranteed get laid on a first date.
      Far more impressive (and cheaper) to cook for your woman than take her out to eat.

  8. Instead of a martial arts school I highly recommend moving to Reseda, Caliifornia and spending time with the maintenance man in your building complex.

      1. The mods told me to get rid of the godfather. But I love the godfather so I hide it. When the mods found out, they got mad and banned me. Now I can’t stay even if knock it off.

      1. pruning banzai trees is a great way for a boy to learn how to become a gardener of tiny trees

    1. bartender, a kid can be red pilled within a week after spending time with a bartender.

      Get him a drink. Don’t be afraid, Carlo. Come on, you think I’d make my sister a widow? I’m Godfather to your son

      1. Bartending is a great thing to do. Want to disabuse yourself of all notions of how nice and sweet women are? Bartend. Want to blow away the myth that women are more clean and neat than men? Bartend. Want to learn, very quickly, how utterly predatory women are with their sexuality? Bartend. It is perhaps the perfect career to move a young man directly into the red pill zone.

        1. “Want to blow away the myth that women are more clean and neat than men?”
          That or become a janitor. I’ve heard bathroom horror stories from guys who were janitors and had to clean women’s bathrooms. WAAY worse than guys.

            1. I’m not going to go into great detail on what I’ve been told, but it does involve both feces and used pads being stuck to the walls, among other things. Nasty.

              1. Yes, that is accurate. Bloody tampons, to chicks in public toilets, apparently aren’t fit to be thrown into a trashcan and merit, at most, being tossed beside the stinking pot she’s sitting on and many times, doesn’t flush. And the stuff on walls…I mean fucking A, I’ll never, ever believe that women are anything but disgusting creatures when out and about in public. It’s like they seem to have an entitlement mentality that informs them that the world is their trash can.

          1. Yeah, but janitors generally aren’t an occupation that is swimming in drunk loose women. Bartending on the other hand….

          2. I pulled the fire alarm in 11th grade and I had to spend that summer cleaning the school. fast forward to 12th grade. I got all A’s in school after that experience.

          3. Worked as a lifeguard for 5 years (also did upkeep for facilities) and the only time we found shit smeared on the walls was after a 6th grade pool party in the girls locker room….

        2. I knew a guy at OSU who would bartend in the summer as his dad’s bar in Cleveland. He said it was the easist way to get laid and somtimes he would have 2- 3 of them waiting till closing time. He was also under no illusion as to what women were.

          1. It really is a blank check on the pussy market. I mean if you’re even half way decent looking, you become “Hot dude who is flirting with me and feeding me appletinis that all these other women around me want to fuck” which is basically female catnip.

            1. Yup. You are required to tend to people drinks, so you get to speak to everyone before the end of the night and you pick up on the vibes. Not uncommon for someone’s hot girlfriend to show up without her entrourage and her boyfriend/husband out of town.

  9. As some of you know my 10 year old son is a MMA figher, Soccer goalie and wants to play football in the fall. I notice how much more well behaved he is when he has a ton of things going on and is engaged in his activities. This list is solid. Also, there are boy scout alternatives these days that are more like the old school scouts. About survival, hunting, fishing, camping no PC bullshit. Here is a good one https://www.traillifeusa.com

    1. Trail Life USA is an excellent choice. A good friend of mine has his son in this and is one of the troop leaders. I highly recommend it instead of the Gay Scouts.

    1. I think we were going to send foreign aid there, but they declined, stating that they already had plenty of AIDS to go around.

        1. Yep they sure as hell did. Which the media, as always, studiously kept out of the press.

          1. Ninety miles away, partnership with an aids infested government — ninety miles. It’s nothing. Just one small step, looking for a man that antiretrovirals — and having the cash to make it possible.

          1. Actually, I think we kinda do. And I’m also really curious to see the mostly unreported story of Clinton giving Russia 20% of our Uranium supply get some light of day. And that 400 million that showed up in the middle east on a pallet, cash money, hey, let’s look into that too. And those jet plane trips to an island with a known pedophile, let’s shine some light on that.

            So much there to nail these mobsters with, all kept under wraps and made to look irrelevant. Fucking commies.

        2. Oh yes. Some people , a doctor included, paid with their lives for daring to speak the truth.
          Also, cometping pong dc people talked about a Haitian special pizza.
          Wtf else could that be?

          1. Seems so. Her one natural child she openly disparaged in the press and is actively trying to turn into a male (she has a daughter). Like, openly saying this kind of thing. She’s a true self hating monster.

              1. Quite so, but she has Team Woman behind her cooing “She’s so smart to do that, I would tooooooooo!”. Like adult sized children.

    2. Todays fact for haiti is an actual shithole is :
      The GDP per capita is $739. Which is less than what automaticslim pays to sodomize a 19 year old hooker.

    3. I thought this was good.

      TLDW: intelligence is very much tied to race, which is tied to income. Hait has an average IQ of 70, same a s subsaharan Aftica. Add on top of that a socialist dictatorship, and they don’t have a chance, no matter how much money we throw at them.

        1. sittin on his porch drinking sweet tea, watching the traffic on sunrise highway go by

  10. A kid should have music in his life. Helps the brain develop. My personal bias would be forcing him into piano lessons. Transition FROM piano into another instrument is easier than vice-versa.
    And of course mechanical skills, as I see people saying below. Not specifically ‘how to do this one thing’, like changing oil or patching a wall. The object is not necessarily to grow a tradesman, but rather to train the developing mind to approach things in a logical, pragmatic manner.

    1. Totally agree. And piano lessons pay off big time. I knew a kid in high school whose parents forced him to learn piano from a very young age. We were in a restaurant once with a piano having drinks and he walked over and played Great Balls of Fire. Just walked on up to a piano and started playing in a nice restaurant. The sheer amount of action he got based on having a personality and piano skills was obscene.

      1. My older cousin is a professional pianist and I grew up tagging around with him when I was a young teenager and he was mid-twenties. He liked having a sidekick who looked up to him. On my end, it was astounding the number of women, and free drinks, that came his way when he started to pound them keys. Plus he was good looking. I watched him flirt with women for years and learned to copy what he did. I don’t have those same musical skills but I owe my game to him.


        He turned into a fat alcoholic, partly (not totally) because of all those free drinks that he couldn’t turn down. The women eventually stopped coming too. Yeah, maybe he has magic fingers, but he’s still a fat alcoholic slob.

        1. Professional musicians seem to have a tendency to sell their souls young and pay dearly for it.

          Fat alcoholic seems to be one of the better outcomes, unfortunately.

    2. Yeah, after twenty-odd years of playing all types of guitar, I sometimes sit down at a piano and try to transcribe stuff I know from the guitar neck… and it’s haaaaard. But pianists I know can sit down and transcribe to a guitar neck quickly. So I see the wisdom in piano lessons first. It’s the basis for everything else. But then again, I’m an amateur, so who cares, but if I were trying to go professional piano lessons would be mandatory.

      Eddie van Halen and Eric Johnson both had classical piano training. Some younger EDM artists like Zedd and Deadma5 (both great) also spent years learning piano before switching to electronica. In all of them, it really shows.

    3. As I kid I viewed piano lessons as a form of punishment, ie a grumpy old nun whacking you over the knuckles with a ruler hehe. Picked up the guitar in my early 20s, as well as drums – I can verify playing music makes you smarter. And of course, women will flock like the salmon of Capistrano.

        1. thumbing through the images, this very same actress did a remake of this 40 or so years later. Not what I wanted to see.

      1. Imagine that on a resume.

        “What did you do?”
        “I painted women.”
        “Oh, that’s interesting, did you also do landscapes?”
        “No, I mean I literally picked up a house caliber paintbrush and spread paint on women”

  11. The Maasai know how to raise their young men. The manhood ritual involves hunting and killing a lion with a spear. Kinda makes going to judo class and a scouting trip seem weak.

        1. The only pumas I’ve ever encountered preferred coffee over tea because tea gave them a headache.

              1. It appears that whatever the joke was, went totally over my head, and even explaining it leaves me in a stupor. I feel ashamed.

                1. You are unfamiliar with Bugs Bunny cartoons, Jim?

                  Wait…are you a communist?!?

        2. Coyotes sure. Mountain lions wouldn’t be around my area. You’d have to really travel out into the boonies for that.
          Oh look! I just saw a squirrel in my front yard! (grabs spear) I’m going to be a MAAAAANNNNNN!

          1. coyotes are a pretty resilient animal. we have em here. always one getting caught in a park in manhattan or the bronx

            1. They are a declared nuisance here in Buckeyeland. There is no bag limit to them, and there are stations where you can take their pelts in and collect a bounty, due to their pest status. I’m not entirely sure but I don’t think you even need a fur bearing permit on your license to hunt them, but don’t quote me on that.

                1. also fond of wearing spring-loaded footgear and glitchy jet packs
                  edit: this reminds me of an artist who painted a tunnel on the side of a wall and someone actually tried to drive into it lol

              1. Only thing we have that’s such a nuisance around here are the deer. There are bag limits, but hunting them is encouraged.

                1. Yeah we’re borderline overpopulated with deer as well. My county has a bag limit of, I believe, 9, or did last season anyway, and I don’t think I’ve seen it under 6 in almost 20 years. Big ass deer too, but they are everywhere. Which shows that hunter conservation works, maybe even a little too well.

                  EDIT: Oops, I inadvertently lied, it’s down to 4 this season. It was 9 at one point as I recall looking it up at the time.

                  1. Ohio is over populated with deer– ask car insurance companies. The last time I went hunting the bag Limit was just raised to 4 from 2. Ohio just closed it’s muzzleloader season this year and they still shot over 13,000 of the buggers.

                    1. I’m looking at the ODNR site right now, 73,000 were bagged during (normal) gun season this year. That’s fucking impressive.

                      I was out yesterday and almost hit two of the bastards on a well populated road near several subdivisions. They have also been seen walking in subdivision yards and streets as well. We really need to consider opening full-auto season on them for a couple of years.

                    2. So far, I got two prong horn, three deer, a golden eagle, four porcupines, several birds, lots of rabbits, six ducks (all at once), two cats, and three dogs.

                    3. every day, I commute over this windy mountain pass, I got two deer and one pronghorn just since I started this job. Where I grew up has lots of wildlife as well.

                    4. Do you keep a running tally stenciled on the car with little animal shapes, like fighter pilots used to with confirmed kills? If not, you should.

                    5. Did you drive through a childrens zoo?!
                      Jim Johnson doesn’t need any fucking hunting license. Vroooooom!

                    1. Densely populated farmland? Most areas where you hunt you can traipse through fields and woods for hours without seeing another person or building. The cities are, well, cities but even they are not too big. I think Cbus has a pop of 800,000 tops. I can head out to Union or Marion county and be surrounded by nothing but cornfields and woods for miles around.

                    2. Lol, nah. It’s actually quite pretty once the crops are planted. During winter though, it’s mud kingdom when there’s no snow on it and it’s quite depressing.

                    3. good bird hunting? My wife grew right next to this huge bird refuge. Fun to go out with the shotguns.

                    4. Depends. If you’re also using it’s meat and/or skin for productive purposes, that’s fine to enjoy the sport of hunting.

                    5. Yes. Again, ‘hunting’ vs. ‘killing’. If you productively use something after you kill it that’s one thing, otherwise you’re just giggling at the bug zapper.

                    6. I’m going to need a waiver for the pocket gophers that destroy the integrity of my lawn and landscaping.

                    7. And whatever the hell was eating my strawberries last year.

                      Plenty of raccoons but they don’t bother anything unless someone leaves the trash open again, DAMN IT.

                    8. No, not entertainment. Sometimes they become fertilizer, although that probably isn’t an optimum use of the animal, especially from the gopher’s point of view.

                    9. If I leave them exposed, I’ve reason to believe the chickenhawks usually find them and carry them off, although I’ve not witnessed it so directly.

                    10. Nah, hunting controls the natural population to healthy numbers. Better to be shot and served for dinner than to die of starvation and left to rot.

                    11. No argument here. I get ‘hunting’ and its value. What I don’t get is killing things for ‘kicks’.

                    12. Really? What about lawyers, SJWs, child molesters or politicians? You wouldn’t get a kick out of hunting those varmints?

                    13. True, but it isn’t like I go and shoot the neighbors pets just to see my daughter’s friend cry. Varmints should be killed, game can be hunted, fish can be fished. Neither do I run over any valuable animal on purpose either. Rabbits…..meh…..the buzzards need to be fed.

                    14. We have pheasant and turkey, and of course duck and I suspect other birds that folks hunt, but I really haven’t taken a shine to bird hunting so I really don’t know. I know you can see turkey out in the fields or on the side of the road sometimes.

                    15. “..mud kingdom when there’s no snow on it and it’s quite depressing.”

                      But it makes it so much easier to hunt down those west coast people we had imprisoned at the bottom of the old well all autumn and release them for the “real hunting season.”

                      Their tracks in the mud give them away everytime.

                    16. We have lots of hunters come in from other places during the season. Lots of guys buy those side by side off road vehicles and run around. Not a huge deal, but you do have to be mindful of where you are shooting.

                  2. My parents like to tell me about the families of deer that now live in their neighborhood and bed in the yards…

                    1. Ferrel deer are a huge problem. Too many houses to shoot, the deer learn that they are fairly immune, except in the country, during season.

                    2. Best I’ve seen, was out shooting trap several years back, two deer standing downrange at the left edge tree line, completely unfazed by the shotgun blasts.

              1. We get a bear once in a blue moon.
                There was one running up Central Ave in Yonkers a few years ago. They finally tranked him in White plains on a golf course.

            1. Lots of Brits use two utensils when eating, something we don’t do much except with steak. Really, I thought it was good to do so.

              1. How the english eat pasta is not something that ought to be emulated. The only second utensil used in the eating of pasta is a chunk of semolina bread.

            2. You’ll have to explain it to me. Undo the damage that my parents apparently did so many years ago.

    1. We shouldn’t get carried away with some of these rituals. The Meru of Eastern Kenya, young men undergo circumcision at the age of sixteen. That gives them the right to marry, acquire wealth and property. Kenya; still a shithole.

        1. poor guy. Not only does he have a dreadful disease, but the knowledge he got it from sodomizing Haitian transvestites. Imagine having to tell your own mother something like that.

      1. You can rely on me to keep pointing out the obvious. Because that’s what I’m fuckng good at.

  12. O.T.
    Nothing for nothing, but man did I get trashed on cheap booze yesterday.
    I suppose that is the way to celebrate King day…

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