5 Healthy Changes I’ve Made after 30

While just a youngin’ to some of you readers here, I turned 30 a few months ago.  I never thought the shit people say about your body and mental state were true until I hit it.  While in one part I feel like I’m hitting that prime age of life, there had to be adjustments in my life.  Today I’ll share 5 things I’ve changed in my life after hitting 30.

5. Quitting Smoking

While I technically did this before I turned 30, quitting smoking has been one of the best decisions of my life.  I don’t ever think about it anymore and I honestly do feel healthier than before.  My sense of smell and taste feel heightened.  I don’t strain to breathe anymore.  If you’re still smoking and want to quit, or know someone that does,  I urge you to get Allan Carr’s Easy Way to Quit Smoking.  I got this book after a friend suggested it as it helped him quit, and damn sure it is a god send if you’re serious about quitting.


4. Drinking More Water

Under the guidance of Team WB Fitness, WB told me to drink a minimum of a gallon of water a day.  I’ve actually cut out all other bullshit drinks other than coffee and the occasional bourbon on a Friday  night.   I have a purified water jug I keep in my fridge so I can have it super cold at any time of the day.  I used to have dry skin and I swear this change has helped.  I’m finding that I have to piss a lot more, but overall I feel much healthier.  One other thing I’ve noticed is that if I chug a huge cup of ice cold water in the morning, it gets me alert and ready.  Not as much as coffee, but it satisfies that dehydrated feeling many feel in the morning.  I recommend getting as much water as you can

3. Getting More Sleep

I wrote an article a few months ago on the importance of rest and sleep.   Getting up at 4 am to go to the gym is enough reason to go to bed earlier, but even if you’re not working out, sleep and rest is important I’ve found.  I work with people who stay up late and barely sleep and they look like shit.  When I don’t sleep enough hours on average in a week, I notice my physical and mental ability start to tank.  I aim to get at least 7 hours of good rest in if I can.

2. A Clean Diet

Diet is as important to getting the body you want as your time in the gym.  Don’t go fucking up your gym time by eating like shit.  As of late, I’ve been trying to get not only substantial amounts of protein, but I’ve really been on a kick lately with oils and cooking with them.  Vegetable and soybean oils should be avoided like the plague but true cold pressed olive oil and my new personal favorite, avocado oil aren’t bad for you.  I personally like cooking white meat and fish with the avocado oil because it is tasteless and has a super high smoke point.

1. 6 Days A Week in the Gym

One day a week I have to travel for work.  I have to get up and catch a train to NYC by 7am.   In the past I’d skip the gym on this day and just pick it up on the weekend, but I decided that I’m just bringing my work clothes to the gym with me now.  Also, getting that Saturday session in has been a lot of fun lately.  Its way more packed and I have to wait longer for things, but I typically blast my body with a super high rep challenge.  Hitting the weights 6 times a week has proven to be beneficial to my overall health and physique.


As I get older, I’ve realized that there are changes you need to make in your life to make sure you’re operating at the top of your game.  One thing I like to think about is that you wouldn’t fill a Ferrari with cheap shitty gas, leave it running all night, and never take care of it.  Too many guys do the equivalent of this with their own bodies.  If you’re feeling shitty lately, try one or all of the things I’ve outlined above and see if it helps you feel like a beast!


-J. Nyx

Author: Jnyx

Fitness addict, DIY guru, tech nerd, member of Memesters Local 419.

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  1. Another would be to take control of managing your time. Minimize the “time vampires” (eg. sitting in pointless meetings that do not add value, contact with acquintances who like to hear their own voice, etc..) and orgainze your daily schedule to save you time.

    1. Time vampires are a big one for me too…in fact all forms of vampires. I learned a lesson from someone who was a c suite officer of a major international company about meetings that I use to this day. If I am in a meeting where I am the lead person (can’t pull it off otherwise) I have all the chairs but mine removed from the conference room prior to the meeting start. Other people order coffee, snacks, lunches, etc. Fuck that. Come in. Everyone say what they have to say and meeting over. You would think you get a reputation as an asshole that way. That is what I was worried about when I started doing it. Not that I care about being thought of as an asshole, but when people respect you they tend to make your life easier. As it turns out, people didn’t hate me for this. They liked that the meetings were short and to the point. They also don’t want to deal with long pointless meetings. I got a reputation as someone who won’t waste everyone’s time with procedural bullshit.

      1. “I got a reputation as someone who won’t waste everyone’s time with procedural bullshit.”

        No one on my executive team does and for that I am really thankful. I negociated a loan for our company recently and was on the phone with a German bank right before the holidays and after answering his questions rapidly he said, “I really enjoy dealing with Americans. You guys are direct and get right to the point without all the needless social protocol.” LOL.

        PS – I am stealing that conference arrangement of yours. Thanks!

        1. Someone on this site or ROK said they take everyone’s phones and put them in a safe until the meeting’s over.. I like that move too.

            1. Most rooms don’t come with built in safe spaces, regardless of how much Millenials whine about it.

              1. you could take their phones, put em in the microwave and hit the “popcorn” button. that might work

          1. That happens, but if the person does not immediately shut it off ask them to “stand up and take the call because apparently it’s way more important than anything being said here.”

            Saw that once. No one ever came into the conference room with their phone on after that.

      2. “Other people order coffee, snacks, lunches, etc. Fuck that.”
        depends on the nature of the meeting. We had this one sadistic fuk who would call regular weekly coordination meetings with consultants from a dozen different disciplines, spanning from 10 – 2pm with no lunch, no break, no nuthin’. After about 90 minutes it became a waste of time because everyone’s attention span was shot.
        At times I think he was flirting with cannibalism….

        1. Sounds like a very bad manager. Multi-disciplinary meetings that stretch for hours are a sign of bad managerial skills. Instead, have each department have checklist meetings within their own department, then send one rep/manager to the group powwow. A pre-sorted list of goals for the meta meeting being in place prior to any of the meetings of course. Bang badda boom, those 4 hours dwindle to a 15 minute standup, 30 minutes tops.

          The only meetings that really need to stretch for any length past 30 minutes are high level strategy meetings or mega-project brainstorming meetings, in my experience, but that’s only from an IT perspective, it may be different in other industries.

          1. O he was a disaster. Eventually the client demanded he be removed.
            And regarding high level strategy those work best if the attendance is strictly limited.

        2. See now that is cruel. But if I have, say, a vendor meet where one guy is blaming the other guy and I need them both in a room to tell their stories in front of each other or if I have my weekly staff meeting with updates these meetings can easily last 2 hours or 30 minutes depending on the level of comfort provided.

        3. Oh the fun that we independent contractors miss…

          We wake up whenever we want and work however and wherever we want and never have to sit through a single meeting … I answer about five emails and ten text messages a day. Maybe two phone calls a week.

              1. That’s not really true, but it’s an accepted cultural myth. Generally employers will care about their employees to the extent that they need them, which many times works out great for the employees, especially in competitive markets. The field I’m in has a really high demand for native speaker IT people due to the complex business terminology and cultural familiarity, so they treat us *very* well after a certain threshold of competence has been achieved. So while Haji may come in with low pay (and fuck him, he shouldn’t be there at all) to do crap level pseudo-coding that doesn’t function, the high level developers are raking it in with salary and benefits.

                Corporations are tools of commerce with neutral value. Some are used for bad, but many are used benignly for good ends.

                1. “Corporations are tools of commerce with neutral value.”

                  Who provide goods and services at a lower cost than the individual or the government could obtain in order to generate a profit for it’s share holders. Who is the biggest US shareholders? Private pensions — people who maintain 401ks or IRAs.

                  I find it funny that — people (I hate the term “masses”) have seized the means of production completely inverse to what Karl Marx was referring. But Marx was an incompetent twat outside of stroking feeling of envy and disfunctional economic system that would ensure poverty.

                  1. Yes, precisely. Every “eat the rich!” screed I hear I shake my head at the stupidity of the person or people screaming it. Sure pal, basically you’re calling on folks to indirectly raid your retirement and savings, good thinking there, Karl.

                  2. For years I have been “gonna” write an essay to this effect – that socialism kinda sort exists already in the corporate model.
                    Marx was good for socioeconomic commentary and analysis but he really mailed it in in terms of solutions, ie “we’ll, uh, take the stuff away from the guys that make stuff”

                    1. I dunno, he had literally no concept of micro-economics and how they extrapolate to the greater macro-economic scene.

                      And it’s not socialism by any extent, just some of the ends are reached that they profess. Socialism is the seizing of the source of production by a governing agent. Corporations selling their stocks to the public is not the same as the public seizing their stocks.

                    2. “..that socialism kinda sort exists already in the corporate model.”

                      I would definitely agree. Big government and big business merged a long time ago and spend most of their time ensuring their own survival. Stop all welfare, both corporate and individual, for a few years and society would have the course correction they need.

                      “Marx was good for socioeconomic commentary and analysis..”

                      For 1848 perhaps, but I had read more than enough of his twattle in college and used fo tuck with the Profs regading “dear Karl” giant logical gaps.

          1. Whatever you’re doing… I like it. Assassin? Record producer? Poet? Who else gets on with their work with so few interruptions?

        4. Get your savage urges under control.
          You should know what the solution is, take a grapefruit and eat it.
          Eat fruit, not people.

      3. I’m late to this discussion, but I’ll pass on another tip – cultivate an expectation that you are going to be given one and only one brief chance to say your piece – both whatever you are required to brief at the meeting and anything else you want to talk about. If you don’t say it during your allotted two (or however many) minutes, tough shit. So many terrible meetings I have been in went off the rails as soon as the organizer started allowing folks to talk out of turn and bring up issues that they should have already spoken about. The question “does anyone have anything else” is a signal that your meeting is about to be fucked up because people will start to pile on with all kinds of shit, and because someone jumps in, everyone else does because you can’t be the one who has nothing to say.

        First, if you are not running the meeting, this is your opportunity to set the example, shut the fuck up, and give hints that others should do the same.

        Second, if you are running the meeting, grab your fucking balls and put a halt to this shit before it wastes 45 minutes of people’s valuable time. It’s easy – “take that up as a sidebar” or, if you’re a dick like me “time’s up.”

        I fucking hate a poorly run meeting. And most people run them poorly. I’ve been in stand ups like you’re talking about that took an hour. No shit, I have just walked out of meetings like this. In the Marines, we used to run battalion level meetings where close to a dozen people talked about serious life or death shit in 10 minutes. If you can’t run a corporate meeting on a similar timeline, you’re a complete fuck up.

  2. I wonder how trump get by with 4-5 hrs a night. by the way:only meds hes on are for cholesterol and hair loss of all things.

  3. Great post! I have always said that if people start drinking a gallon of water a day that within a month they will wonder why the hell they didn’t start earlier. In the summer, if you are lifting, we are going to double that.

    Congrats on quitting smoking. Lighting cancer on fire and sucking it into your lungs never made sense as a hobby to me. At this point I really can’t understand why anyone smokes.

    Sleep is my own weakness. I haven’t had a full 8 hours of sleep in as long as I can remember.One of these days.

    1. 8 hrs is hard. Im happy with 7. I still smoke 2 or 3 butts a day. gives me a reason to get away from my desk(I know, I know). They wont let me take a Bubble Yum break

      1. I just can’t stay asleep more than 5. I will lay in bed for 7 but I never get that much sleep.

        I am actively trying to end cigarette breaks at my company now.

          1. what about all the time spent jerking around on the internet? people spend more time shopping online than they do on a few smoke breaks…

            1. Jerking around on the internet doesn’t make everything smell like a cancer fart when you get back to your actual job. Also, jerking around on the internet shows one has a handle on all their responsibilities whereas smoking shows that people are insane and gullible enough to stand in the rain or snow or freezing cold or humid disgustingness just to inhale cancer. Bad judgment is never isolated to a single place. Non hire.

              1. well, you better find an alternative then. I wouldnt mind a room with a heavy bag I could go hit. maybe a soundproof room where you can go scream for a minute or two

                1. There is a spot in Washington Square Park where a big circle is drawn on the ground and it says scream circle in it. People step into the circle, scream at the top of their lungs and just walk on.

                  I would love to put a heavy bag in my office. I could see taking a heavy bag break.

                  As it stands now, it is mostly just weaving godfather references into conversations that gets me by

                  1. This morning the Girl’s like “where’s my hat? I’m not leaving till I find it”
                    I says “you dont fly without your lucky hat?”

                    1. I’m not saying stop talking in movie quotes to her this minute, but you got to stop. You got to keep up appearances. I’ll talk to the girl. I’ll straighten this out. I know just what to
                      say to her. I’ll say you’ll go back to her and stop making these idiotic movie references. I’ll romance her. It’ll be beautiful. I know how to
                      talk to her, especially to her. In the meantime, you and Cheeseburger spend the weekend watching the godfather movies. Have a good time. Make all the references you want. Take a few days off. After that, you’ll go back to the girl. There’s no other way. No divorce. We’re not animoli.

                    1. maybe 20 years ago in Tompkins Sq Park.

                      It really is funny to see people in suit and tie randomly and calmly put their briefcase on a bench, walk into the designated circle and scream at the top of their lungs, walk out and calmly grab their briefcase and walk on.

                    2. oh, Wash. Park is the one by NYU? always get them mixed up. “scream” is code word for molly in that one

              2. “Cancer Fart”…I am so stealing that for a punk rock band name! Seriously, I think it’s a good idea to abolish smoke breaks in your company. I would back you up 100% on that. Funny thing, and in a slightly related but ironic topic: I often drive by a local Kaiser Permanente-big-ass administration campus, and see about five or six people out smoking at any given time during the day.

            2. similar, and god knows I’m guilty of it. BUT – there’s less recovery time between internet jerkery and work (thank you windows)

          2. same. I am seriously having conversations with legal and ownership teams here about banning them. Smoker checks one of my boxes for people I wont hire.

          3. Do you know who J.B. Watson was?

            He was trained American behavior psychologist who went on to work for Maxwell House coffee and inventor of the “coffee break.”

              1. I haven’t looked, but I am sure Philip Morris had a couple of behavioral psychologists on the payroll.

    2. I drink a pint and a half of water (mixed with *little* bit of juice) first thing in the morning. Then I have two cups of tea over the next two hours. Best to start the day with hydration. Coffee, for me, is an afternoon thing.

                  1. As Pizza the Hutt Said when Lonestar said the interest on his loan was unfair
                    “unfair to the payor not to the payee, but you’re gonna pay it or else”
                    Lonestar: Or else what
                    Pizza: Tell him Vinny
                    Vinny: Or else Pizza’s gonna send out for you

                1. more time than I spend smoking two cigarettes I bet. If I was your boss, Id limit your piss breaks, wasting time man!

                    1. this reminds me of an snl skit back when adult diapers werent advertised on tv- giant ass diapers with gallons and gallons of fruit punch (with pieces of fruit in it) to demonstrate the absorbancy…god I dyin right now, time for a break

                    2. I want a standing desk. They have one on a hinge so you can stand at some times and sit at othrs. Sitting at an office desk all day is terrible for your overall health.

                    3. Was provided something like this with push-button height adjustment at an office I was recently in. Very nice. Could raise it such that the keyboard was nearly at eye level, if I ever needed to inspect the dust underneath without touching it.


                    4. Standing desks were actually an idea that came from the original concept of a cubicle. The original cubicle idea was fantastic and could result in some really high productivity. What it turned into was fuzz walled cubes of despair where all human social contact was cut off but none of the disadvantages of human contact was eliminated (smells, loud noises, etc).

                    5. Finally, your life will have meaning.
                      This is what you’ve been waiting for, don’t screw it up

                    1. I find that as long as you deliver the results and are reachable when the boss needs you, you can pretty much do as you please regarding your time on the company’s clock.

        1. My XC/Track coach taught us if your piss is yellow, youre dehydrated. Since then Ive been a waterhead

    3. “I haven’t had a full 8 hours of sleep in as long as I can remember.”

      Same– at least without copious amounts of alcohol. I found getting 6 or 7 hours (between getting up once or twice) suits me alright.

      1. That’s where I fall too, naturally. There may be the occasional off day, if I’ve had a really stressful week and haven’t gotten but 5 hours of sleep a night, where I will make it 8-9 hours on a Saturday but usually that doesn’t happen but once in a blue moon.

    4. Lighting cancer on fire and sucking it into your lungs never made sense
      as a hobby to me. At this point I really can’t understand why anyone

      How can you knock something you haven’t tried?

      1. What’s interesting about cigarettes is that it’s the chemicals in them that are the main carcinogens. I think that natural leaf without fifty different addiction causing chemicals in them isn’t really as bad as it’s made out to be. Not that I’d advocate smoking, nor am I suggesting that even natural non-chem can’t cause cancer to some extent, but it seems to me most of the problem comes in with the additives.

        1. I find it odd that shampoo makers are forced to list their ingredients, but cigarette manufacturers are not.

        2. Even health professionals and organizations are starting to advocate vaping over using such processed tobacco as a much better alternative, if you can’t quit the nicotine. It’s telling.

            1. Hmm.. This area does have a higher-than-average gay population.

              No, seriously, really? I see tons of guys doing it. Didn’t get any gay vibe from it.

              1. i was just fooling around. Its the same thing with calling guys who like marguritas instead of the hardcore man drinks gay

            2. Vapes are mouth fedoras. You see that nerdy fat kid vaping away inside a building just waiting for someone to tell him to knock it off so he can go full sperg on them saying “THIS ISNT A CIGARETTE!!!”

              I’ve seen this on multiple occasions

        3. yep, pretty sure they spray the crops with RoundUp(drying agent). I remember an alt dr saying smoking organic tobacco once or twice a day is actually good for your brain, but he didnt reco starting or using this as an excuse not to quit.

      2. You are assuming that in my long and eventful life I have never smoked a cigarette.

        However, even if I have never seen a cigarette in person I don’t need first hand experience to know that something that gives me cancer, makes me smell like shit, reduces my lunch capacity and requires that I stand outside and brave the elements because I am such an addict to the substance is a really, really bad thing.

        1. Actually, I just wanted to say that, not engage in serious deliberations of the pro and cons of cigarettes. But since you started..

          reduces my lunch capacity

          See? It helps fat people lose weight.

                1. Was that you who went on that rant against weed? If it’s the one I’m thinking of, I had considered it for a while and found myself deeply sympathetic to that point of view. I still stop short, although now just barely, of saying that weed ought to be illegal.

                    1. If it didn’t harm anyone else I would say sure, but if I have one more conversation with even a recreational pot user I think I will have an aneurysm. This is not a victimless crime.

                    2. hahahahahahaa
                      In another comments section I declared that “pot makes you stupid”
                      and some clod challenges me to “proove it”
                      as if I keep in touch with my asshole HS freinds who all became stupid.

                    3. I have always had the proof. Alcoholics, crack heads, heroin addicts, roid heads, smokers, coke heads — all of them will tell you not to start. Don’t do it kid, trust me it isn’t worth it. Only pot can warp the human mind so fucking much that not only will pot heads make a sustained argument that pot doesn’t do anything BAD but they will argue that it is actually GOOD for you. Pot makes you stupid? That doesn’t go nearly far enough.

                  1. I’m for making it entirely legal. And I think it’s dangerous. The key point here is that no social assistance at all will be rendered to help them, whatsoever. Because I’m an absolute Darwinist and feel that drug users ought to perish underneath by-pass bridges in the middle of the night, cold, alone and starving to death. The cost of picking up the bodies and throwing them on the cart (“But I’m not dead yet!I I’m alive!! Tennis anybody!?!?”) is way lower than dealing with the current costs we have now via welfare and/or saving their stupid asses time and time again with ambulatory services and free medical care.

                    1. Me too, per my post below. I’m a 100% social Darwinist Libertarian. I don’t give a shit about goodwill and being nice, I figure let the dangerous stuff that you voluntarily consent to be your own downfall. And if you can handle it, then the gene pool is also strengthened. Win win.

                    2. Not to mention allowzing that stuff to be legalized would hurt gangs and the cartel since more competition would be adde. And on top of that the main reason the United States has the highest incarceration rate is due to the war on drugs

                1. the weed is terrible for you even if it is vaped and if you are vaping you have the added trouble of having to call your father and telling him you are gay

        1. I used to use a brita, kept in the fridge. But these days cold water hurts my teef. The tap water here’s fine if you can ignore the swimming-pool level of chlorination and the smell of rotting infrastructure.

      1. Well Arnold and Jesse Ventura both became governors….I am still waiting for Carl Weathers to get his nod. There is no reason that the entire cast of Predator shouldn’t eventually be a governor.

      1. This conflict should have been included in Stephen Covey’s the 3rd Alternative : Solving Life’s Most Difficult Problems.

    1. he said the broadcasting of his talk show in east germany helped bring down the berlin wall. HE REALLY SAID THIS LOLOLOL. talk about an ego

        1. Jerry Rivers is from the island? he talks so much about that other island, I thought he was born there

              1. just make him the emperor of puerto rico. also make sean penn emperor of haiti. things will get sorted out quickly

      1. I don’t know man, any white supremacist that shows up with a tie and banker haircut means business.

    2. Old Tyrone there proved their point. He could not handle debate so he started choking a non threatening person.
      Bloody Geraldo is funny looking.

      1. yeah, it took me years to understand my mother’s advice . When you become angry at what a man says, you’ve given your power away. In this case it clearly shows Shawan Jamiqua Jackson lost the argument.

  4. I turned 29 a few months ago and I can honestly say that as I push 30, I can feel it pushing back sometimes. I’ve made a lot of changes last year such as cutting back on soda/Red Bull (still have my Jack and Cokes every so often), eating cleaner and trying to eat less, and working out but the one change that’s made me feel the best was trying to get 8 hours of sleep. None of that other stuff makes me feel as good as a good nights rest.

    As a side note, kudos to all you guys who get up at 4am to workout.

  5. Another really healthy change to implement is to avoid travel to Haiti if you regularly go there, in order to avoid AIDS. Could be a real life saver.

    1. I may have neglected to draw a pentagram in human blood in order to make this summons work. We’ll see. Ritual details are sketchy at best sometimes.

    2. And cholera

      The 2010-2017 Haitian cholera outbreak was the first modern large scale outbreak of cholera, once considered a beaten back disease with a preventative vaccine, yet now resurgent, having spread across Haiti. By March 2017, it had killed 9,985 Haitians, and sickened more than 800,000

      1. Cholera. A disease caused by poor sanitation. As in not not having or using indoor plumbing connected to adequate treatment facilities. Shitting in a hole outdoors near open water, as it were.

        (But do not dare say it lest you get called a racist.)

        1. This is also the MO of Ebola. People get all frightened and I’m like “Um, dude, unless you live in a shithole, you have nothing at all to worry about”. Stuff like that can’t and doesn’t spread in a neat and orderly society, but sure as hell thrives where people routinely squat in the street to take a crap.

            1. Basically any kind of major societal level disease. Plague still exists today, but you don’t see Europe losing 1/3 of it’s population to it since they developed indoor plumbing.

              1. With global travel, though, those distant plagues can easily, easily, EASILY become our problems too. All it takes is one person. And running water and disinfectant won’t be enough in some instances. We’ve escaped it so far (at least since 1917) but that luck has to run out soon.

                1. Nope, disagree entirely. We can get people show up here, but since we don’t live in sewage and have managed to discover that science is better at solving medical issues than, say, sacrificing goats, we’ll handle it just fine.

                    1. I don’t actually believe that fatal superbugs are or will ever be a thing in developed nations.

                    2. A strain that is fatal to the host even with advanced sterile conditions would be an evolutionary dead end. It would kill everybody and then itself die and nature tends to not propagate species that are suicidal.

                    3. Not germain to the wider point I was making. It’s not just “antibiotic resistant” that matters. If it happens it has to spread, it has to spread by having facile conditions to do so, and in a “superbug” scenario we’d institute what we call “quarantine” unlike, say, the goat humping communities of Africa and Asia. Let the thing run its course or kill the small segment that have it (which again would go against evolutionary forces to allow a species wide suicidal strain of organism propagate).

                    4. End of the day many people use Hollywood’s scare shows as a basis for reality.

                    5. The same with the whole robots taking over the world like the terminator. Most people don’t understand how computers work so they let their imagination run wild.

                  1. Except for the fact that we’ve been letting in hordes of people from shithole countries that live in their own sewage and sacrifice goats here.

                    1. Well that doesn’t really refute the point so much as note that if we TOO devolve to the level of village shamans whose entire medical expertise is in dipping sticks in shit and shaking them at the gods, then we too will go that route.

                    2. My point is that we have growing segments of the population here that have already regressed to that point and continue to do so. Which makes our entire population more susceptible to that shit, because we have more exposure vectors.

                    3. Nah. Even the worst places in Appalachia seem like a high tech paradise compared to ebola country like Liberia or Sierra Leon. I know what you’re saying but we have a long, long way to go, and those of us who remain in Western conditions really don’t have a lot to fear.

                    4. I’m not talking about Appalachia, I’m talking about San Diego. San Francisco. Downtown Houston.

                    5. Parts of Appalachia are perhaps the most poverty ridden areas in the nation, or so I’ve been lead to believe. They just lack 90% of the crime of the inner city hellholes.
                      And like I said, you’re describing what happens if we go that route. The places that don’t emulate the third world and continue on our current vector really don’t have a lot to worry about, and honestly, how many of us visit those slum areas enough to catch even a fleeting cold, let alone get exposed to some weird third world disease? Maybe 1 in 10,000? Great, quarantine and treat, problem solved. Or let them die outside of the safe zones, which is probably more appropriate, heh.

                    6. “Parts of Appalachia are perhaps the most poverty ridden areas in the nation, or so I’ve been lead to believe. They just lack 90% of the crime of the inner city hellholes.”

                      Demographics is destiny. I can’t name a single white majority country that defecates in the same water it drinks. I can name a dozen African and Asian countries that do.

                    7. Hep a in San Diego(whales vagina) for example. Due to having a ……………………
                      Literal shithole next door.

          1. I’d be a little more careful with Ebola if only to avoid establishing a reservoir. One of the reasons it keeps popping up around the west coast of Africa is likely that there is some local animal or insect source. Preventing that from happening in other locales should be high on the list of preventative priorities.

            1. I’m not indicating that it’s not highly infectious, but rather, if you live in a clean orderly society the first, the very freaking first thing you do, is quarantine the fuckers who contract it. As mentioned, Bubonic Plague still exists, and is animal borne, but folks in France or Holland aren’t dying in hordes and being shoveled into mass graves because of it. But what do they do in Africa for this kind of thing? Fuckers keep walking around sneezing on people and nobody says boo about it.

              We have the potential for some animal borne illnesses here, but the key factor as to why it doesn’t become a huge issue is the sanitation and high level medical care and expectations of society to handle this stuff immediately. Africa, India, they just don’t care in the least and let these typhoid Mary types walk around and wiping their shit stained hands on everything. I’d wager that 99% of Liberian ebola could be contained and eliminated overnight, except for a few animal borne cases, by dousing the country in Lysol and establishing standards regarding hygiene and sanitation that we assume as natural in our society.

              1. Nothing unreasonable there. I read a little bit into the “People get all frightened” part. Remember, we imported ebola infectees several years back instead of quarantining them in-place. Moving them around, even to a place where we have high standards of hygiene and sanitation, never seemed like a good decision in a first-pass analysis.

              2. Dude, madagascar has the pneumonic plague.
                Very serious, dangerous thing.
                What do the people(just like us cuz paint job theory, right?) Do?
                They dig up the corpses and dance with them.

                  1. Pretty good actually
                    Wonderful climate and soil
                    If people who know what they’re doing took over there, they could produce all kinds of wonderfully healthy foods.

        2. Oh and fuck google. You google “reasons why haiti is a shithole” you get a bunch of articles about trump being a racist asshole. Now search the same thing in bing and ROK is the top result.

          1. Wow. The ROK thing is true (on duckduckgo, too) and, if I might observe, is actually quite impressive. Injecting your way into a high profile debate like that is exactly what he needs to rehabilitate his site and numbers.

            Now the comments on that particular article, though, are another matter entirely. They won’t help a bit.

            1. The RoK comment section has gone to absolute shit. Its just like swamped with bots and legit imbeciles.

              1. legit imbeciles = Indian males admitting to being a 5 in looks wondering why they can’t pull American women who are 9s,

                  1. LOL. His pitching for sex dolls and doing reviews on sex toys does seem to damange his credibility.

            2. The article was actually pretty good. But wow the comments and to think kersey got the guys here banned because they were racist.

    3. You know a country is a REAL shit hole when it was better off while it was under literal attack and occupation by U.S. Marines than it has been at any time in the intervening 85 years since, with the only brief intermission being another invasion by the United States.

      1. My grunt friends from the Marine Corps said Iraq felt like a 1st world country compared to peacetime Haiti.

        1. I’ve no personal experience with Haiti, but based on my time in Iraq, if that comparison is accurate, all I can say is “what the fuck?”

          1. This is why if you were to adopt you go with an asian kid. So peoples first thought “oh they adopted” not “oh she fucks black guys”

            1. depends on the dirt source; I can get you some dirt from northern Brooklyn that will put you in an early grave

                1. thats in the middle.
                  VICE used to produce quality content prior to borg assimilation. about 10 yrs ago, they did an expose on how toxic greenpoint and williamsburg were(the two most polluted ‘hoods in america at that time). the video was on you tube for years, mysteriously disappeared after they were bought out…

                  1. the episode about the russian oligarch was great as was the south american tribe who bangs goats. I think they did an episode on that russian chick who looks like a barbie doll too. They had some great stuff. I think my all time fav was the one about the two rich homos who had the huge and elaborate (and insanely expensive) wedding for their dogs.

                    1. um, yeah those pieces are clearly from after viacom/time warner/whoever bought em out

                  1. I am trying to make an arnold joke but my goodfellas line sapped me of all my creative juices.

                    BTW do you remember ever having to trek out to Fortuneoff? That place was even worse than TSS

                    1. You gotta pace yourself.
                      I never heard of Fortunoff until I was in high school. Always thought it was for rich people, unlike the TSS on Montauk Hwy

                    2. I am not sure what fortunoff was exactly only that i had to go there once and it was terrible. TSS I knew was on metropolitan avenue and eventually became a caldor i think

                    3. was TSS the place with all of the catalogs out front? you pointed to a picture of something, they went in the back and brought it out for you? It was like an early version of amazon

                    4. No that was either Service Merchandise or Consumer’s. (competitors)
                      I worked at a Comsumer’s and huffed a whole box of whipped cream charges one day in the back.

                    5. Consumers! oh man, “we wrote the book- on savings!”- right? I couldnt tell you the color of my boxers, but i remember the tagline

                    6. hahahah yep. Great model – come in, look at a catalog, fill out an order form, then stand in line for three days just to be told that that item is actually out of stock because bem and his pal stole a case of them while high on whippits.

                    7. LOL, one of my few remaining friends bought his first “GF” some locket/charm thing from that place circa 1990.
                      She rejected it.
                      for us, its a funny story. today? it would be broadcast across social media and he woulda committed ritual suicide as a result of the humilation

                    8. Oh the cruelty of it all….back then your friend just sacked up, forgot about her and got wasted on OE with you instead! what an innocent time.

                    9. actually he lost his virginity at 14 banging some girl in the racquet ball court- he didnt waste any time!

        1. thx for the upvote even tho I got it backward” “ask nawt what your shithole can do for you, ask what you can do do for your shithole”

        2. to quote Al Bundy: “Where the cops are at the door, and there’s a Kennedy on the floor, at the nudie bar.”

      1. Obama. “ask not what you can do for your shithole, ask what your wife can do with a strap on”

  6. “drink a minimum of a gallon of water a day.”

    – Jeez Louise! That’s a lot of water! Have to ask, how many times do you get up at night?

    “the occasional bourbon on a Friday night.”

    – Old Crow? That’s my brand (and avatar). Stuff is like liquid crack.

    “Getting up at 4 am to go to the gym is enough reason to go to bed earlier”

    – Alright, that’s hardcore. And I thought getting up at 5:20 to do pushups and other BS exercises was “badass”…

      1. Hahahaha!

        That’ll probably be ME in about 10 years.

        I’m seriously laughing like an idiot now!

        1. I was reminded that my granddad used to drink the Crow. One year for as birthday or Christmas gift, my mother (or uncle, I forget) gave him a bottle of old croak as a gag. It says that it’s embalming fluid but it was probably either water or some really cheap-grog bourbon.

      1. How in the Molly Fuck these hacks at Time, Newsweak, CNN and MSNB-HEE-HAW still have jobs, I’ll never fathom.

  7. Very on point, Jnyx. I also hit the iron six times a week. But I have one or two dirty days with 4000 calories. Since I consume 2000 Monday-Friday it works; still around 10% body fat.

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