3 More Activities Every Boy Should Engage In

Today we’re going to add onto the activities that every boy should engage in.  This time however, we’re going to focus on activities that are more mental than physical.

These activities are great for boys for a variety of reasons including being able to practice them regardless of the season or weather and they will help round out your son’s development.  After all, what good is a strong body without a strong mind?


Learning an instrument is a great pastime for boys.  Some take to it with enthusiasm while others (ie-me) aren’t so keen on the idea.  The benefits however, are outstanding.

Not only will your son learn to read music, but they will be developing their fine motor skills, and their focus and discipline.  Not only that, but they will have a hobby that they can enjoy their entire life and entertain others with.

While any instrument will work, there’s not much that beats the piano in my humble opinion.  Learning to play the piano will greatly increase the dexterity of your fingers.  The piano is also incredibly adaptable and can be used for many occasions.  If you need a different sound than a classic piano, many electronic models provide different music styles to choose from.

It’s also hard to go wrong with learning the guitar…just saying.


Chess is the classic game of strategy.  While many other strategy games have come and gone over the years, nothing has come close to the popularity and longevity that Chess has enjoyed.

Chess will teach your son how to plan many moves in advance (ie-long-term thinking), develop and execute strategies and tactics, and learn to adapt when your plan doesn’t work.  There’s also studies that show that regularly playing Chess increases your IQ.  I’m not sure how valid of a claim that is, but it definitely wouldn’t surprise me!

If you don’t know how to play Chess, that’s fine too.  You and your son can learn together and match wits at night after his homework is done or when it’s a rainy weekend.

Cheap Chess sets can be purchased online or you can even play for free on Chess.com.


Oftentimes we focus so much on developing practical skillsets in the red pill community that we neglect the value of exercising our creative muscles.

I’m using art as a bit of a catchall since there are so many mediums to work in:

  • Graphite
  • Pencil
  • Marker
  • Paint
  • Clay
  • Woodworking
  • Photography

These are just to name a few, but really anything that flexes your creative muscles can work.

When I was in middle and high school, I used to draw ALL. THE. TIME.  My focus was insane and would spend hours or even days working on a single project.  Some even earned me awards at the County Fair.

Find some form of art that your son enjoys and let him go to town.  If he enjoys writing, encourage that and help him create his own books.

If he spends a lot of time painting a picture, frame it and hang it up in your house.


So we’ve covered ways to help young boys develop both physically and mentally.  What else are we missing?  What other awesome activities have we left out?

Leave them in the comments below.

Author: Jak

Jak, married and father of three, seeks to help the Red-Pill Community take its next step past the petty cynicism and ineffectual anger. While he recognizes that men are significantly handicapped by the modern legal system and culture, he doesn't accept that traditional marriage is untenable in today's social climate. Rather, men must be willing to adapt to this new world by implementing new tactics and approaches to maintaining a balance of power. Jak is here to provide you with these lessons.

374 thoughts on “3 More Activities Every Boy Should Engage In”

  1. good thing we had no school shrinks in my day, my doodles woulda gotten me tossed into the looney bin.

        1. They examine anyone who’s outside to the curve to see if they are genius, sped, or homicidal maniac.
          i forgot what they determined…

  2. You’re right about the benefits of chess.

    Another important point is that chess encourages introspection. For example, do you have fear of failure? Or you can’t concentrate for long periods of time? Or you aren’t good at planning? All of these issues point to negative qualities in one’s character and overcoming these qualities over the board will also transfer their benefits to real life.

    1. Meh. Never cared for it.

      If I’m going to mentally concentrate that hard on something, it had better matter in real life.

    2. There’s no luck. People can’t blame their losses on rolls of the dice or card shuffles.

      Everything that happens is the result of a decision made by the two players.

      1. That is exactly the attitude chess encourages. Whether you win or lose, it is entirely due to your skill as a player. There are no external factors.

          1. Only if your’s is lesser. During the game, you don’t even think of your opponent. You only see the board and try find the best continuations. If your moves are better than your opponent’s, you win. If not, you lose.

            1. Well, there IS some psychology at play especially if you know your opponent’s play style before the game, but yes, ultimately it’s best to look at the overall board and make the best play you can find.

              1. Yeah. But personally, I find psychology too unpredictable to be reliable. At the highest levels, the players will take any advantage they get. At levels below that, objective thinking and skill matter the most.

                1. Agreed. For novices and intermediates, it’s best to just focus on the board. Psychology and meta-gaming works best for masters and can still be unreliable.

                1. Not to be a drag, but computer chess games have ruined it for me. Lots of guys will play that for hours and then think they are all that when they play others who haven’t.

                  1. It’s like that for all video games. I remember playing Halo 2 years ago. I played online with my buddy a lot and was pretty good at it. One night, I was a chaperone to a church lock-in and the boys heard that we had Xbox’s hooked up and wanted to play Halo. They were talking all kinds of smack about how they had beaten the game so many times on the hardest difficulty. I smiled and said nothing.
                    About midway through the first game, you could hear them yelling from the other room about how I was demolishing them.

                2. Chess is like hockey in that fighting is legal. It cuts down on the cheap shots and taunting.

                  I think.

        1. What if, like, you know, the chess pieces are human beings and you’re the king of France and decide to rape the Queen chess piece? I mean it’s good to be king and all, but that would be a factor in the game play I’d think.

            1. I think I still have that somewhere in a box in a storage shed actually.
              But I was making a movie reference. This place has gone so deep in Godfather references that it’s made other movie references arcane and mysterious.

        2. I taught my youngest chess a few years out of sheer boredom. Wife was peaved I would not “let her win.”

          Three years later we still play and her game has improved immensly. Her school announced a chess club has formed last fall and she was disappointed to find out she was deemed to young.

          Teach your kids chess and take the time to explain strategy and weighing your opponent and his options. It is applicable throughout life.

          1. Too young? To play chess?

            Seems like it would be an evaluation of skill based process, and that’s only if they had to have limits at all.

          1. It’s a very valuable mentality that encourages you to take responsibility for your decisions. Apart from thinking logically, this is one of the biggest benefits I have gained from chess.

      2. That’s probably the main reason I like chess so much pure skill no luck involved. Now sure card games require skill and the ability to read people but there is always a luck factor( unless your some super math nerd like the people the movie 21 is based off of).

      1. Oh god why did you bring that up. They didn’t need even wait a year after the heff died to add a tranny

        1. What’s more is it makes no damn sense to add trannies to Playboy. Why would straight men who buy Playboys to see naked women want to see trannies? That’d be like opening a grocery store and not selling groceries.

              1. I seriously cannot tell that’s a dude in the pic though…and in a dark bar, I’d be fucked.

                  1. It’s really not *that* common, chief, it just seems that way because of the interwebs and mass media. They’re as rare as hen’s teeth 364 days of the year except for the annual Fagapalooza Parade that’s held to remind everybody that they are degenerates.

          1. It’s getting bad in Dallas. I had 2 match me on Bumble. It’s hard to tell what they are.

            1. I only match them if I blind-swipe. Fucked up to know that they’re out there and actually think anyone would be attracted to them, though…

          2. Yeah, it didn’t make any sense to me either. Alienating your core readership is bad business.

            If I buy a box of pasta, I don’t want to open it and find rice.

            1. I thought they reinstated the nudies. Haven’t recently bought a copy to check, though.

              I think the last time I bought a copy was .. 2001. April or May.

  3. I’ve played guitar for twenty-five years, starting at age 16. For the group, here’s a few things I’ve learned about the value of the instrument:

    1) Taking lessons teaches rhythm. Growing up, I had zero rhythm. The process of learning shuffles, 12-bar blues, boleros, etc finally taught me how to hear them. Once I had that, I learned to dance really well, and that gets you laid by the bucketful. (Drum lessons can do the same.)
    2) You don’t need to read music unless you want to play classical guitar really well. But you do need to know music theory, which is more fun to learn anyways.
    3) As guitar drops further out of sight in popular music, the guy who knows how to play one is more popular than ever, especially among young people.
    4) Playing acoustic is more valuable than playing electric. Buy a steel-string and a classical. Women respond really, really well to Spanish style, particularly passionate pieces like “Asturias”. It sounds better when you’re playing solo. Also, as I get older, I naturally head more towards acoustic anyways.
    5) Learn some old-school GnR or Metallica if you travel to South America. They worship those songs there.
    6) Don’t just play old stuff. Yeah, Zeppelin, Floyd, and Rush are fucking brilliant, and I got my chops practicing those songs, but playing them too much today can make you look old. Therefore, also learn songs by Bieber, DNCE, the XX, etc. Stay somewhat up to date with your playing.
    7) Learn to sing moderately well, enough to stay on pitch and accompany your guitar. The leftover panty collection in your bedroom will triple.
    8) Playing slide guitar is a bitch.

          1. Id take it to the park and shame fatties as they walked by(BUMPABUMPABUMPA)
            that was fun

    1. Oh how many times at high school i wanted to beat the shit out of the guy with the acoustic guitar at parties. But looking back it was a good strategy.

      1. I hated the party guitarists with a passion. I always thought they looked desperate and pitiful. My high school guitar strategy was to play songs out on the street with a buddy in areas with bars and coffee shops where people liked to hang out (especially effective with a friend playing, too). Eventually, we started bringing a Sharpie so girls could put their phone numbers on the dollar bills they dropped into our guitar cases as “tips.” Good times.

          1. Oh, the kinds of things that were allowed to go on in high schools other than the one I attended. Bringing a guitar to school! Ha! Do you know how absurd, surreal this sounds to me? We would have been suspended for even thinking about it!

            1. Guitars, firearms, every young man had a lock blade folding knife in a sheath on his belt, gun racks in trucks with shotguns in them.

              1. If, on the off chance bringing a guitar had been tolerated (which would automatically imply it was June and we were in snow-day make-up time) – and you set the guitar down and turned your back to pee, for example, it would have been stolen. You would eventually find it after hours in a hallway, but it would be in no less than twenty pieces.

                1. Yeah, when I went to school we had to bring notebooks and text books and pencils and stuff. They actually expected us to learn things. We left our toys at home.

            1. Actually not true any longer, it’s a “cool” instrument, which seems really weird when you think about it.

              1. Its crazy. I think of the dipshit antics my nephews not only get away with but PROSPER with…..all the kinds of things that would have kept us pummeled AND virginal back in our Day.

    2. Jammy,
      4) one needs to be quite proficient at the gat to play Issac Albaniz in the style of John Williams, 3rd year Jazz School will not cut the mustard.
      6) playing that old sh*t wont get you bugger all now days (loved PF since birth) as no young snatch knows that old crap
      8) being Murican or from the state of Tejas is a real bonus on that, but Elmore James will always be fantastic after 3 or 4 beers no matter who you are.

  4. If you can get him past the initial fagginess of it , ballroom dancing will pay dividends for him later in life.

    1. Not just ballroom dancing, but ALL dancing. Among my circle of friends, I’m known as “the white guy who dances”. There are a couple of wingwomen who voluntarily go out and tell new women about this reputation, preselling me. It’s the best advertising you’ll ever get.

      1. You do know that among black people, “white guy who dances” is code for “guy who does Elaine dancing” right? Heh.
        J/k. Yeah, dancing is a great skill but really hard for some guys to learn. It seems to come naturally to females for some reason, I guess because it’s basically moves of seduction which they are pre-programmed in with, mixed with a beat.

        1. Dude if your the white guy that is good at dancing you would be the coolest person in a black social circle.

          1. Can’t a guy just crack a joke this morning in peace? Geez.

    2. agreed. Before we married, my wife and I took a western swing class in college. It has been a joy to take her out to dinner/dancing since.

          1. Hiking also allows you the opportunity to fall off a cliff, sprayed by a skunk, step on a hornets nest (happened to a friend), etc…

              1. I’m a fall-off-a-cliff man, myself. Less of that primal fear thing, but still really tests the limits of your agility, both mental and physical.

            1. Reminds me of a close call I had when earning my Order of the Arrow membership in the BSA. We were at the Boxwell Reservation in Middle TN and were forced to spend the night on wood platforms that normally had tents during the camping season. Unfortunately for us, there were no tents so all we had were our sleeping bags.
              I woke up the morning of the Ordeal as they called it, and stuck my head out of my sleeping bag to see a skunk about 20-30 feet from me walking through the campgrounds.
              I quietly ducked my head back into my sleeping bag and pulled the top shut tight. The skunk went on his merry way…into another campground with another group sleeping there.
              About 2 minutes later, I hear a bunch of screams coming from their area. Poor suckers.

              1. Outside of roadkill, anytime I ran into “pepe la-pew” was to turn and run.

                The dog caught a tomato bath or two though.

              2. If any part of this story happened to me I would just hang myself. Living with the memory, even if it worked out ok, would just be too much. I salute you Jak.

            2. You’re being pretty pessimistic about this. Think of it as an opportunity for your wife to slip and fall off of a cliff while on the side of a mountain in the Smokies where she tumbles 4,000 feet to the ground below, leaving no way to determine any act of malice. I mean, you know, accidently and such.

          2. Giving your driving skills as detailed yesterday, I don’t think my chances are significantly reduced regarding getting hit by a moving object while out in nature.

          1. In seriousness, cross country skiing. Find a girl who is into that, and you found a girl that will stay in decent shape. Strenuous, but not competitively strenuous.

            1. I’ve wanted to try that, but sadly we don’t get enough snow to do this. At best, I’d be able to do this activity once a year.

              1. Depends on the year around here, I love to go out in the mountains on the weekends, but there are times I can just go around out in the fields.

            1. you a Boston man John???
              i used to love the NHL when i was a young fellow, loved loved loved “smokin” Joe Sakic & the Colorado Avalanche! (used to play inline hockey) if you understand anything about NZ culture anything other than Rugby union is frowned upon big time, let alone some weird sport from the US or Canada!

              1. I loved watching the 79′ Bruins go into the stands to stomp on fans. LOL. Thats old time hockey. I used to follow the Red Wings as a kid, but have warmed to the Columbus Blue Jackets. My niece in Texas went to see the Dallas match (she is a CBJ fan) recently and had a blast.

                I watch 6 nations when it is televised and I enjoy watching rugby—I know to many guys in SA, Oz and Eire not too, but it is rarely on TV.

                “..anything other than Rugby union is frowned upon big time”
                I was on south Island when the All Blacks lost to France in 2007. All of NZ acted as if they were in mourning. Bizarre to witness.

        1. I wish I could ice skate even with shit proficiency. I am way too old to learn now but I would love to be confident enough to toss on some skates and even just manage my way around the ice.

            1. For many things you are right. For things that involve shoes with either wheels or blades on them, no. If you don’t know how to do that shit by the time you are 21 the ship has sailed.

            1. Ha! Ya know there are precious few things I am genuinely afraid of bit roller skating / skiing / ice skating and, in general, things where my footing isn’t steady is one of them.

              Unlike certain mods here, I am also afraid of roller coasters

          1. Ah ok. Just had a friend in college that used to clean up with his ballroom dancing skills at formals and weddings.

    3. Agreed. Bring a girl interested as well or you might find yourself learning the steps with a hambeast or cougar.

          1. I liked mixing it up with strangers, hambeast or otherwise. Tells you how long I’d been married when I took the course…

    4. I cant dance worth a crap (unless drunk then im “ok” at it enough in a crowd to not look like a total fool).
      BUT. Put a guitar over my shoulders and I can strut and prance around onstage like a total showman.

  5. Woodworking was mentioned and I couldn’t help but think that in a way, it’s a great confidence booster. During my few years in woodshop in school, we had kids that were afraid of using band saws and table saws because they were afraid of getting too close to the blades of feared a kick back from the table saw. Once they conquered those fears, they created some pretty good pieces of work. Then there’s always the measuring aspect and having the confidence to accurately read a tape and making a proper cut.

    1. Hell, have them work at Lowe’s in the building materials dept over the summer. I cut many a board and plank down to size and got paid for it.

  6. Hunting.

    You learn a valuable skill, you learn respect for nature and the cycle of life. You learn that eating meat doesn’t mean you hate or care nothing for animals, and you truly understand the importance of keeping balance in the ecosystem far more than most of the virtue signallers with their windowledge gardens.

    1. Hunting is a skill requires many different skills. Most people think of hunting as just aiming a rifle and pulling a trigger, but there is so much more that you need to work out before and after that brief moment. You have to get to a spot – which requires hiking, camping, map reading, organization and logistics – that has animals – which requires knowing biology, reading animal sign, observation – and then take care of what you killed – hauling heavy pack loads, knife sharpening, butchering and meat preservation, and cooking. Plus many hunts involve dogs, horses, llamas, mules, etc. which is whole other set of skills. And you have to learn to pass your time without a cell phone or technology, just by staring at nature.

      On top of all that, the learning, self-discovery, self-reflection, and bonding that occurs on a hunt is obtainable in very few places that don’t require you being shot at by insurgents.

      1. I’ve yet to find the type of game to hunt that would require me to drag along Llamas. What the hell are you hunting, dawg, the Sherpas?

          1. The only use I’ve found for llamas is in opening credits, second only to moose.

              1. The administrators of this site have been sacked and the site’s them has been completed in an entirely different style at great expense and at the last minute

                1. No realli! She was Karving her initials on the møøse with the sharpened end of an interspace tøøthbrush given her by Svenge – her brother-in-law – an Oslo dentist and star of many Norwegian møvies: “The Høt Hands of an Oslo Dentist”, “Fillings of Passion”, “The Huge Mølars of Horst Nordfink

  7. Eating grapefruit is wonderful for everyone’s health. A simple and tasty way to improve your diet. You can eat grapefruit while playing chess or doing art.

    1. someone needs to breakup the fruit monopoly you seem to have around here. There’s got to be a cherry lurking around and she’s too afraid to speak up.

            1. It’s not Thales. I have proof. Well, evidence. Okay, circumstantial evidence. But it is pretty good.

                1. Then I say Stoic Nihilist is also Chip Baskets.

                  I have a whole dossier on it. I enjoyed playing detective and the shit talking and taking an irrational, irrelevant position that I absolutely know for certain what the hell is going on. But I don’t want to post it without knowing Stoic Chip Potato (g)Rapefruit Nihilist Baskets is going to be a good sport about it all. I don’t actually have a bone to pick here, it’s all in good fun.

                    1. The only time I remember mentioning eating grapefruit was when I was trying to hint at who I thought that Grapefruit dude was, although now I think I was wrong

                    2. Chip has never posted anywhere near as much as Gayfruit does. Thats the main reason I don’t think its Chip

                    3. Tangentially, in that the evidence suggests it is Mr. Baskets. It doesn’t directly say anything about you, one way or the other.

  8. So either you’re mad at your parents when you are young for having to take music lessons, or you’re mad at your parents when you are older for not having had to take music lessons.

      1. I got luggage. I got the hint.

        Hooker would have been tje better gift. It would have been an invaluable lesson as to what women want (resources/money) and their main utility outside of birthing children.

        1. a good friend of mine came home from his HS graduation party to find all his stuff out on his yard. He had to sleep in his car for a while, but he ended up running a construction outfit and is doing fairly well.

          1. I know a slew of similiar stories from my army days. One guy begged the recruiter to pick him at the graduation ceremony. His alcoholic parents threw him out and he was living under a bridge the last 2 months of HS and he missed eating meals.

        2. I wouldn’t take up a hobby just to get women. I’ve known guys who have spent years at the local honky-tonk drinking away and dancing. Sure they got laid here and there but little compared to the amount of time spent at the bar. Their careers suffered and a few of them still live with roommates in their 40s.

          1. Know a few guys like that. They are parked on the same bar stool they were sitting at 20 years ago. Not much of a life, but if thats their thing….

              1. I gave myself about three years of loserhood between HS and college. I think I talked about it in my “Choose your path” article. I enjoyed the experience, but got out once it started to get old.

                1. If I’m not productive, I get bored and antsy. I spent a few months on sabbatical three years back and it was way too long. Couldn’t wait to be productive again.

              2. I get you. People get comfortable and most prefer a routine. Like the guy who tells you he wishes he had “muscles like you.” Go to the gym. No secret. But that takes effort to change personal habits and routines.

      1. So I fall into the little to no musical ability category. It is a skill I wish I had, and one I plan to insist that my kids develop, at least to one step above a middle school music class.

        Can’t be mad at the folks, though. 😉 Neither one of them played an instrument, they didn’t recognize the value. They were never the type who gave a shit what I thought, it’s just the subject never really came up.

        1. nobody plays instruments anymore man! teach your kid to DJ on an iMac! no wax even needed! records are heavy

          1. You’re the guy responsible for removing cursive handwriting from public school curriculum, aren’t you?

            1. less cursive, more reenacting of gay weddings for 1st graders. I also doubled their juice box rations

        2. I bought a guitar a few years ago and strum on it on occasion. I learned the common chords and a couple popular progressions, but that is as far as I’ve taken it. It seems harder to learn now that I’m older.

          1. “It seems harder to learn now that I’m older.
            like fukkin EVERYTHING!
            now that I have the time and money my brain crapped out!

          2. turns out the dopamine production in the brain of children and adolescence helps a lot with things including doing new things. It is why everyone and there mother thinks “today’s music sucks and the music of my youth was so much better” which is basically saying “the music that gives me nostalgia to a point in life when my natural dopamine production was off the chart makes me happier than the music today”

              1. ha. Which is exactly what 20 year olds today will say about music in 20 years and is exactly what our parents said about music we liked 20 years ago. All music kinda sucks. It is more of a matter of what you like.

                1. That’s only because our parents were smarter than us. And their parents smarter than them. In essence: we’re all getting dumb. 😀

              2. There are standards to music, and while it may not and should not be based on nostalgia, don’t give up the idea that there is good and bad art, including music. Some art appeals to some and not others, that’s not what I’m referencing of course. More along the lines of “artists” who make utterly meaningless, soulless drivel for a quick buck that “socialites” run around patting themselves on their own backs for “understanding” because they’re so “deep and intellectual”. It’s many times just a scam. And I don’t begrudge the “artist” for pulling it for a quick buck, but it’s still a scam that relies on the human ego to validate itself in front of others by signaling understanding even when none can be had.

        3. My parents didn’t care about music either. I paid for the guitar lessons myself, age sixteen and seventeen.

                1. As we’re basically the same age, that means you were, at the time, driving a high mileage car whose mass displacement rivaled that of some of the smaller Navy frigates of that era.

                  What did your female deer do once it got to the car, btw?

                    1. 68 Plymouth Fury II. The car designed using the American engineering philosophy that you can put an engine in a brick and create a serviceable vehicle out of it. A similar theory was used to design the F-4 Phantom.

                    2. Yeah, it’s a pretty famous saying regarding the F-4, because basically, it’s true.

                    3. he ended up a Brigadier General didnt he???

                      but he was fantastic, go on jewtube and look up “Reaching for the skies – fighters pt 1” and just listen to Robin Olds tell it like it is, one American i would loved to listen to regarding WW2.

                      his description of what makes a fighter pilot is poetry & what he says of the P51 is magic.
                      the muisc based around A minor that Robin Olds talks over when he describes Fighter Pilots is so patriotic i can see why the USA loves fighting so much (hell it makes me want to be a Yank so i can invade some unfortunate camel jockeys)

                    4. i have watched a few docos on the Vietnam war, pilots who flew Phantoms said its very much like flying a ‘truck’

                1. I think you mean the 3,000 rubles. Even if you could persuade Grushenka to marry you, you would still be bound to repay the 3,000 rubles you owe Katerina first.

  9. A good list Jak…

    Still, those children of the corn kids on the top scare the bejesus out of me.

    I just got a laugh imagining this article if my father wrote it.

    3 activities every boy should be involved in
    Shutting the fuck up
    Shutting the fuck up or else
    Taking a backhand stoically.

    1. One on the left looks like he’s attempting some gang signs. Highly suspect, the lot of them!

  10. Leather crafting is a great hobby for a young man. I don’t mean he spends his life buying idiot, pre-cut, pre-hole punched kits that he sews together with plastic “sinew” and then gives to dad for father’s day. I mean the kind where you buy an entire half side of a cow in leather, draw up your own patterns, cut your own leather, draw your intended design for it by hand, carve your design onto the piece with your knife and other tools, punch your own holes and either saddle stitch it with waxed thread or use dyed, worked rawhide cord.

    Doing a simple lined holster for a standard six shooter will inform you immediately that this is a man’s craft. Hand cutting leather can be quite difficult for the thicker ounce weight leathers, and your hands will feel like they are going to fall off once you get done scribing, cutting and tooling a decent sized piece of work with a detailed decorative piece of artwork. And hole punching, aye yay yay, ouch. Women avoid hard work like the plague and I’ve yet to see a chick last more than a month into the hobby before she throws up her hand and quits or moves into “braiding, because that’s leather work, right, tee hee”.

  11. All this stuff is really great and it is a great thing for the whelps to know. Multiple avocations will round a young man. That said, if I was ever stuck with raising some womb turd I think I would make sure that my priority list of what I taught them had to do with how to make money, how to manipulate systems, grow capital and be ruthless when it comes to knowing who number one is.

    Kid can play all the soccer and do all the hiking and music playing he wants….right after he is independently wealthy. The rest of these hobbies are great in his down time, but I have seen kids whose parents focus too heavily on play time and most of those kids wind up waiting the tables of better men.

    1. You’re right, but these articles are geared towards recreational activities. What you’ve described would fall under studies.

          1. When I was 3, I learned that the wingtip of a toy plane could unlock most of the doors in my house.
            True story….

      1. I’d beg to differ. Try teaching a 5 year old about navigating a system that heavily relies on strong social skills, teamwork, collusion, as well as a strong disposition to compete and win, as well as cooperation without him first having developed these skills at the entry level with sports or hobbies. Good luck with that.

      2. FALSE
        the things you list are essential to mental development, which will make the lad better adept at identifying and stepping on the aforementioned throats.

        1. Oh I’m not saying these activities won’t help with overall physical, mental, and emotional development, but none of them, besides maybe the Scouts will really help with making money directly.
          These activities are more of the foundation to build a strong, smart, creative, and adaptable individual who can THEN learn to make bukoo bucks.

      1. Don’t be insane…..i’d teach him to never get caught.

        Seriously though, parents seem reluctant to teach their kids to step on or over others in the pursuit of success, money and power. You can be the best basket weaver in the fucking world but if you are shining my shoes it doesn’t mean dick.

        Like Jak said below, sure, it is important to have hobbies and recreational activities and that is what this article is geared towards. But if your kid grows up thinking anything other than success is even remotely important in a real way they are fucked.

        I don’t care how well the janitor plays guitar and, on a similar token, I don’t care at all what Warren Buffet does in his leisure time.

        1. seems to me that the most wealthy also make the dumbest mistakes when it comes to women. Like the badass, shoot to kill Houston attorney, who brought over the single mom to his house and she tore up his $300K paintings. We got managers in my company who stepped on people and treated people like shit, kissed ass to get the top positions and $200K+ salaries. They don’t last long because they didn’t focus on learning how to run a business or actually work on their people skills.

          1. part of education needs to be money before honey…sure. Part of it, I am sure, is ego. They get to a point where they don’t believe they can fail. I don’t knwo. Being stupid with women seems to be a universal thing. The only difference is that when the rich and powerful fuck up it makes the news. Plenty of loser nobodies totally fuck up with women too.

            1. I prefer to fuck over people who deserve it, like women and blacks, they are just animals, let them lose their souls.

              1. I wouldn’t suggest fucking anyone over for no reason. That said, keep your eye on what’s important….yourself and your success. If someone gets trod underfoot while you make your climb to the top that isn’t your problem.

                It makes no difference what a man does for a living to me.

    2. “How to make money, how to manipulate systems, grow capital and be ruthless when it comes to knowing who number one is.” – YES. I cannot agree more with this statement!

    3. Well let me clue you in, pal. The ice is melting right underneath your feet. Did you think you could’ve gotten this far this fast with anyone else, huh? That you’d be out there dicking someone like Darien? Naw… you’d still be cold calling widows and dentists tryin’ to sell ’em 20 shares of some dog shit stock. I took you in.

  12. Without doubt, (g)Rapefruit is someone we have conversed with in the past. Please refer to (g)Rapefruit talking with and about knowing Bob Smith:

    So, can we identify him? I present the following for your consideration.

    “He’ll” for ‘Hell’

    Chip Baskets:




    This next example is using “groce” for ‘gross’. I’ll suggest Chip Baskets is the only person on the planet with this particular idiosyncrasy of misspelling gross ‘groce’.

    Chip Baskets:



    Style: using short fairly short sentences, one sentence per line. (There are numerous examples like this.)


    Chip Baskets:

    Omitting a particular apostrophe, rendering you’re as youre


    Chip Baskets:





    And finally, Chip Baskets last previous post on AKC:
    Immediately following, (g)Rapefruit & Co. appeared. Chip Baskets has been absent. I suggest this is not a coincidence.

    The sticking my fingers in my ears and singing loudly conclusion: Chip Baskets is a fruit. But he’s our fruit. (Or, Thales is imitating Chip in an obvious attempt to something something.)

    1. Or, Thales is imitating Chip in an obvious attempt to something something

      That doesn’t sound like something Thales would do. Thales is too lazy to something something.

    2. The amount of work it took just to put this post together deserves some sort of fruity award.

      1. I collected them as they happened, once I noticed a pattern. I only had to go back to find the you’re/youre example. It was more work getting the formatting correct for a disqus post, honestly.

        1. So…you’re like saving these conversations in case of nuclear holocaust or something? You know, just to show the kids that shitporting was the norm before the rockets hit!?

            1. I think there’s something more sinister about M34. I think that’s his strategy to survival as some sort of priest or living God among his rubble dwelling oogedee boogedee tribe!
              “…@disqus_e5hyuZuRQ6:disqus page 45, Never pay for broads, just give them monopoly money and bounce!”

              1. You may be on to something here! M34 is some ~470 parsecs out. Could he be an actual alien signal from beyond!?? Now where did I leave my trusty tinfoil hat??? We’ll all need one so he can’t read our minds!! 🙂

          1. Ha, no, just copying links. (g)Rapefruit has the power to delete his account, or the individual posts, and completely erase all evidence.

            1. Oh, I haven’t read all the links you posted above. I thought they were screen grabs from when ROK had disqus.

              1. No, they’re live links to real comments. Although I think some of them predate Disqus dumping ROK, apparently ROK did have a copy and imported legacy stuff into the new (shitty) system. I found myself there, even though I never commented on his current system.

              1. Bem, youre gay and you suck.
                Jk. Youre alright, I don’t care what everyone else says.

    3. Speaking of Uncle Bob, anybody heard from him recently? Briefly checked the comments on the -other- place but it’s full of Stormfront people. 😀

    4. Just scrolled through the IP addresses and I can confirm that Chip Baskets and (g)rapefruit are the same guy. IP’s match perfectly.

      1. Nah. That was the easy part.

        For example, copy the following line into Google:
        “groce” “chip baskets” site:returnofkings.com

        It takes all of ten seconds between identifying an oddball word worth searching to, in this case, actually finding an example of Chip having used it.

    5. You suck.
      (Ftr, I was never any other fruits or potatoes.)
      Why the fuck do you care so much?
      Can’t anybody have a little fun that doesnt involve quoting the godfather?
      Youre kind of a little bitch.
      I hope you go to he’ll and satan rapes you so violently your anoos prolapses down to your ankles.
      Go suck a bowl of groce Haitian aids dicks, faggot.

      1. Before this gets completely out of hand, I would like to point out a post I made early this morning.


        I have a whole dossier on it. I enjoyed playing detective and the shit talking and taking an irrational, irrelevant position that I absolutely know for certain what the hell is going on. But I don’t want to post it without knowing Stoic Chip Potato (g)Rapefruit Nihilist Baskets is going to be a good sport about it all. I don’t actually have a bone to pick here, it’s all in good fun.

          1. Eh, as the conversation evolved, I got caught up in the moment and took a guess that you wouldn’t get bent out of shape. I guessed wrong. Just wanted you to know that it wasn’t with any malicious intent.

            1. Eh? That’s all you got ?
              Why the fuck did you care in the first place?
              The fuck does it matter what name I used to use?
              Snitchbitch, get life or die of Haitian. Aids, faggot.

              1. Dude, it honestly wasn’t personal. So we know your first alias and your alternate troll alias. Big deal. Nobody really cares. I think you’ll get over it.

                Hell, think about every time Kersey makes a new alias, and how quickly he gets discovered. The speculation was rampant. It was only a matter of time.


                Think about that for a second. OF COURSE I thought it was a joke account. Was I supposed to realize you really identified with it on a deep personal level?

                1. “Nobody really cares”
                  Says the bitch who spent weeks accusing and researching and posting your findings.
                  Motherfucker, YOU really cared.
                  Otherwise, you wouldnt have put in any effort.
                  If I were impersonating a grapefruit, I would’ve never typed because grapefruits dont have hands, you fucking idiot!
                  My name was just grapefruit. I wasn’t impersonating one.
                  Youre a snitchbitch faggot with nothing better to do than obsess over what name someone used to use.
                  Youre a bitch. Youve probably always been a bitch and will always be a bitch.
                  I hope kersey fills your shithole with aids, you faggot.

                  1. Well, if it makes you feel better, I promise to not tell anyone if I think I notice your next incarnation.

                    1. You could act like a man and not give me this “nobody cared” half ass backtracking bullshit.
                      YOU REALLY CARED!.
                      Why? Who knows.
                      Fuck off.

    1. I love the face JP makes when he is talking to someone he knows is way too stupid to comprehend the shit he is saying.

  13. I agree that learning at least rudimentary “art” is a great idea. A man should be able to produce a legible sketch of something that he needs to build or have made. I realize that many folks have little artistic talent, but any boy can learn the basics of perspective, composition and shading. Plus, in this day and age of CAD and Photoshop, being able to draw and write in cursive are becoming rare skills.

    Chess is definitely something every young man should learn. My parents did not see the importance of it. To them games were a waste of time. Fortunately, my insane Marxist lesbian aunt did believe that playing chess was an important skill and made it a point to teach me how to play when I was quite young. I was never really that good at it, but it definitely helped me with thinking ahead.

    I really do wish my parents had made me learn to play the piano. I have very little musical talent, but I can touch type pretty well so I am pretty sure I could have picked it up through repetition and rote memorization.

    But ultimately I have to agree with WB that you really need to teach your son a strong work ethic, how to manage and amass money and how to defend himself both physically and in business first.

    1. “… teach your son a strong work ethic, how to manage and amass money and how to defend himself both physically and in business first.”

      That should be a fathers duty to his son by mostly setting the example. No matter where a fathers personal station is in life, showing initative, discipline and hussle will ensure opportunities arrive. Your son will remember and rever you for it.

      My daughters play the piano. My oldest is doing a duet, her on the piano and guy on the violin, in front of a couple of hundred of people next month. She practices everyday and is pretty nervous about it and all I say is, “no worries. You’ll knock em dead.” Wife can play the piano really well too. I am a bit surprised considering the weakness of the females nature, but my girls mastery of the piano is a bit of wonder (and pride) for me.

      I never learned a musical insterment, nor would I say I have a personal knack for it, but I have experiecne with weapons and a capacity for physical violence. We all have our talents in the end.

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