Way of the Warlord: Phase 7

This week we continue with our Way of the Warlord program here at A Kings Castle.  This is designed to be an interactive physical, mental, and martial arts program where the authors of the site give out a two week challenge to the readers to better ourselves and become better men

Phase 6 Complete:

Physical: Select your favorite lift, but lower weight to one you can get 4×12 on.

I reported in last week that I got 4×20 on two lifts.   Today I did a full body run down of 4×20 at the end of my workout with about 30 second pauses between.  I’m tired but the pump is amazing.

Mental: Try to have a positive outlook on things you may usually may not.  If you feel yourself thinking negatively, check yourself and get back to equilibrium.

I had a coworker comment on how calm I stay when shit is hitting the fan.  Obviously you don’t need someone else’s praise but it worked with what I was trying to accomplish.

Phase 7 Challenge

Physical: Do a workout you’ve never done before

Prior to getting out of my cold ass yard with a power lifting setup into a nice gym, I never had the chance to do cable face pulls.   My shoulders and traps are an area I am definitely focusing on building this year and these are becoming one of my favorite lifts.

For homework, try something you’ve never done.  Don’t be a dickhead (con artist) and try to move a ton of weight.  Even it its some machine you’ve never used, just try it out.  See what works and what doesn’t.

Mental:  Listen and Pace Yourself

Every red pill site in the world tells you to be confident and speak up in conversation, and this one is no different.  What I mean here is something I’ve recently started doing more.  In conversation, I’ve found people tend to want to be the first one to blurt something out given a silent pause.   For some, a pause in conversation gets them mentally uneasy.

This week, when in conversation, stop and listen to what the other people are saying, and then formulate your answer or questions in a calm but firm way.  Try to do this in all conversation you’re having.


As always, leave your notes and goals in the comments.  Cheer your brothers on and hold each other accountable.  We’ll review Phase 7 next Friday.

Phase 7 Check In Friday 1/26

Author: Jnyx

Fitness addict, DIY guru, tech nerd, member of Memesters Local 419.

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  1. Have a 54 year old limo driver suck me off underwater in a hot tub after complaining to me how her husband of 20 years doesn’t appreciate her anymore. #goals

    1. She should give fellatio to her husband and he would appreciate her more. But that would be to logical for her to dope out.

      1. “I don’t feel like sex with him anymore! He is a great husband but I don’t think we need to focus on this aspect any more! Why doesn’t he appreciate me any more?!?”

        The female “mind” is truly a convoluted little mobius loop of un-reason, leading nowhere.

        1. the post wall slut I’m banging now posts PETA videos on Fakbook with a boo-hoo face in the comments section yet in passing talks about the abortion she had from her high school sweetheart who left her at Planned Parenthood with the bill .

          1. PETA chicks are nuts. One I knew besmirched a Russian woman wearing a fur coat in my presence. Two years later her husband divorced her because she was having guys run a trian on her.

            1. My experience with PETA chicks is that, while they may not eat meat, they sure swallow the bone.

          2. The channeling of affection towards brute animals in lieu of human beings is something that has been going on for a while now. I remember first hearing that kind of attitude from a few Germans I knew back in the late 1980’s and it’s seem to have spread across the web in that time. Human life means nothing to these monsters, but by golly you harm a hair on that poor baby seal’s head and they will bring down fire and brimstone.

              1. I don’t support it at all, whatsoever. I will never support a mindset that thinks murdering defenseless babies in the womb is a good thing. Regardless of the animal transference part, first had to come the hatred of one’s own species through, I’m guessing, a lot of self hatred.

              2. How many baby seals you ever see. I would bet you, you name the stakes, that given any 4 week period where the number of baby seals you encountered was equal to or greater than the number of humans you would fucking despise baby seals.

            1. Most PETA types are hypocrites. They not only support mass abortion but actively encourage it but god forbid a rabid bitch gives birth in a ditch.
              Mentally unstable!

              1. I’d love to get into an argument against a PETA feminist:
                “Do you believe animals are equal to humans?”
                “And you also believe all men are animals?”
                “So by your own logic, we’re equal! Cool! Now STFU.”

                1. I’m for abortion in case of rape or if the baby will come out disabled and such but not in favour of industrial scale baby scrambling.

            1. I have my moments. I get plenty of training mocking songs and making new lyrics, by having to listen to the same cartoon songs over and over again. The joys of children.
              Don’t even get me started on the Let It Go song from Frozen.

                    1. Its funny how some distance

                      Makes bem seem small

                      And the memes that once controlled me

                      Cant get to me at all

                    2. Don’t let Bem in, Don’t let Bem see
                      Be the good troll you always had to be
                      Conceal tha feelz, don’t let him know
                      He’s been out-troooolllled!

              1. “Don’t even get me started on the Let It Go song from Frozen.”

                Don’t worry, not being an 8 year old girl I do not know the songs from frozen.

    1. How was this discovered? quite a change from greasy potato chips to vitamin C within a few short months.

      1. apparently you can use google to search a site plus a screenname plus keywords…that engine gets creepier every day

          1. If I’m not mistaken, doxxing is revealing real life information, not saying “Hey, you’re running two accounts!”

            1. is it? fuck… I need to buy the Millennial Encyclopedia Britannica collection this year so I can keep up with the youngsters..

              1. faceboook now has a sweet search function allowing you to see every post you have ever liked. most have no idea it exists. people have lost their jobs bc of this tool

                    1. skinny jean fags trying to elevate the significance of their job. What a dumb fucking title.

          2. Just to be super-clear about this, I’ve not a single personal detail on anyone, nor do I wish to have such information, nor would I ever post such.

              1. I waved to you when you were exiting the Adult Video Store, but you probably didn’t hear me with that ski mask and trench coat you were wearing .

        1. Actually, since I’m a disqus mod for this site, I can look at the IP addresses for each poster here. Doesn’t matter if you delete your comments, they’re all archived. All I had to do was scroll through and match the IP address of good ole chippy boy and (g)rapefruit.
          Now, to ease the concerns of some of the readers. I have no intention of posting IP addresses and doxxing people. The closest thing to doxxing I’ll be doing is tying together fake accounts and who the real users are like in this case: (g)rapefruit = chip baskets.

          1. Fake accounts? Not here.
            “Who the real users are” aka doxxing.
            Super bitchmade move.
            Wtf does it matter to you which account i used previously?
            You really suck for doing this.
            I hope kersey rapes you and gives you aids.
            So if I make a new account , are you going to be a snitchbitch again?

          2. Well that just makes me want to login from weirdo IP addresses just to have fun. 😀

            Doxxing is pretty hard though if you don’t have a web presence. I guess I was paranoid early in life because Google can’t even find me. Even with an IP, internationally it’s tough too. Here they cycle the IP every day it seems like. (Especially when I need to have the same IP, guaranteed it changes RIGHT then! :-D) What’s more bonkers is the IP address points to a city on the other end of nowhere that I’m not even near. 😀 Ah, Italia!

        2. The name is just another search term, nothing special about it. The ability to filter results to a specific site, gosh, as far as I remember it’s been there since inception, around 20 years now.

    1. having a flashback of flying out of that place while i lived in Brooklyn. took forever to get there and back. flying cabs woulda been a great option

      1. I ‘member getting a Good Deal on a flight from VA to Newark. It took twice as long to get from Newark to LI.

      2. I out processed at of Ft. Dix and they dumped my ass at Newark at 0300 in the morning. Wasn’t a soul in the whole terminal till after 0500.

  2. “Don’t be a dickhead (con artist) and try to move a ton of weight.” – that’s why she’s called “tons of fun”

      1. because I blackmailed Jynx. You’re next pal. I saw you swapping wife beaters with Lolknee. GAY AF.

  3. “This week, when in conversation, stop and listen to what the other
    people are saying, and then formulate your answer or questions in a calm
    but firm way. Try to do this in all conversation you’re having.”]

    Is it me of does no one under 30 know how to do this?

    1. people under 30 prefer communicating with other adults electronically. the less human contact, the better. I had a coworker who would tell her underling what to do via instant message.
      they sat right next to each other

      1. They are truly becoming a creepy type of people. Avoiding all human contact, isolated and staring blankly into little screens in the palms of their hands, which in fact is only a slight bit removed from the world predicted by Demolition Man for this era (isolated, avoiding all human contact and singing “I Wanna Be An Oscar Meyer Wiener” to themselves).

        1. what’s even more strange are the 40+ somethings that mimic the behavior of millennials. When my ex-wife comes over to pick up my son , she’s staring down at her phone and eating some hip new yogurt she bought from Sprouts.

          1. memba calling a girl you liked and praying her dad didnt pick up? you had to have a backup plan just in case “d-d-did you guys order p-p-pizza? Im outside- oh sorry wrong num(click)

            1. My first real hs girlfriend had a tough as nails union boss for a dad. A time came when I kept hanging out with the daughter, largely so I could be around the old man and hear him talk. That experience has got to be rare as hell, anymore.

          2. Yeah, it’s a sad thing if you ask me. Was talking to somebody just recently and have noted that people are getting more and more touch phobic in public and even in private relationships. Not “everybody” of course, there are people who will shake your hand or people that like touching in a relationship beyond the minimum required for 5 minutes of sexual release before heading back to Farmville on Facebook, but it’s becoming really strangely antiseptic out there nowadays from what I’m starting to see. There just seemed to be a lot more back slapping, hand shaking and actually paying attention to those in your general vicinity than there is now.

            And conversational skills above “snarking the latest fad”? Impossible almost.

            1. yeah, a guy cant even pat someone on the back at the urinals without getting his ass kicked these days…er, I mean, uh, that’s what I heard…

              1. awww that brings me back to being a total asshole in high school.

                There was nothing quite like when you got that just right and the other kids pants were all wet

                1. I was a skinnier guy so whenever I wanted to fight , I had to act so insane and threaten such violence that the other guy got disturbed and wanted to avoid fighting me. My famous pre-fight lines included: “I’ll fuck you in the ear if I kick your ass” , “I’ll jack off on your face” , “I’m so fucking crazy that your mother won’t be able to identify you.” “Prepare for both of us to die mofo”

                    1. I seriously think we need bullies. They are essential for men. Because of a 6th grade bully, I joined wrestling and without wrestling, I would have been a lazy pot smoking, cheetos eating, stinky sock smelling lazy fat fuck. thank you for bullying me WB!

                    2. Yes, bullies are integral to pack dynamic hierarchies for social animals, of which we (and canines) belong. The great thing about bullies is that most of the time they get their ass eventually handed to them, and the person being bullied earns some self respect. Even lacking some crucial payback, they might instead go your route and pick up that they need to improve their life appropriately (the victim). But there’s nothing more satisfying, I’d say, than shoving your fist down a bullies throat and choking him from the inside. I think most of us have sat with buddies and talked about that moment when we stood up to the bully and put him down, while reminiscing.

                    3. and for years he gets shamed for losing to a “lesser” or “weaker” man which is a fate far worse than the bullied (victim) has to endure.

                    4. The guy that bullied me was in 4th grade. We were both taller than normal at that age. Dude used his advantage to start pushing kids around, I didn’t as I was instead more focused on cutting up in class and goofing off because I was bored. Eventually he loses interest in the non-challenging “fights” he was doing and decided he’d go for the other big fish in the pond, and aims his crap at me. We get into many playground scuffles over a few weeks as he’d do hit and run type attacks (fucking coward), and I’d try to tackle him when coming in from recess. The principle eventually sat us down and said that we were going to go for a few rounds with boxing gloves on to get it out of our system and when that was over, we were going to leave each other alone. Mano a mano, no ambush tactics, just straight out punching. He folded like a cheap lawn chair in a hurricane and declined the…opportunity…to back up his bullshit. He never bothered me after that, in fact during high school we kinda sorta ended up getting along passably well.

                      Last time I saw him was the late 1990’s. Here’s a GenX’er dude, delivering pizza to my door, my age, long past the time when grown men can justify being a pizza delivery guy. He didn’t grow much after maybe 10th grade but I did. He looked so small and pathetic. I gave him a 5 buck tip. Heh.

                    5. “The principle eventually sat us down and said that we were going to go for a few rounds with boxing gloves ” – should be included as a requirement per the Dept of Education and the student handbook. Make it legit; everyone gets a fair shake and nobody has any lingering hatred that leads to Columbine style shootings.

                    6. It wasn’t the school yard bullies I was concerned about (plenty of fisticuffs, but when you display you can fight back, the bullies usually look for easier pray), it was the neighborhood ones I hated. Like the types who go away to juvi for a few weeks or months and would suddenly resurface. Most of them are dead or in prison these days, but you didn’t need to be an oracle to foretell that.

                  1. Reminds me of the one Happy Days episode with Archie(?) took Judo and tried to throw a bully when he was taking off his jacket only to wind up throwing his jacket.
                    He recovered similar to your approach, by going completely bonkers and scaring off the bully that way.

            2. Kardashian apps were downloaded at a rate of 1 million per week while over 20 million complaints were sent to Apple concerning automatic Amber Alerts.

            1. Texas, age 12…child pretty much gets to decide which parent he or she wants to live with. In the years leading up to that point, he was with me 24/7 and on weekends while I paid her child support. I flipped the script on her when she got that surprise visit from the constable and had little or no time to react. We settled, with me getting , pretty much full custody and she pays about $8000 per year in child support to me now.

              1. So what does she actually do things with your son when she gets him for the weekend or is it a pick him up then let him do his own thing

                1. she had little to no involvement other than buying him expensive clothes thinking that is what a mother does. I take him to school, feed him, take him to club soccer practices, take him to club soccer games, go watch his high school soccer games , play soccer with him in the adult leagues, and drive him around.

        2. Well Cory savage did say this world is becoming more anti physical where people substitute physical relationships with the virtual.

          1. I’m inclined to believe that he may be onto something here.

        3. You know… I could go for … oh two weeks or so sometimes in California and never have a chat with another human in person.

          Was having a chat (in person) about the differences between there and Italy just today in fact. California: took me 15 years of going to the same place to get on a name-to-name basis. I stop by a place here twice and I know the: owner, most of the staff, and if there are any single females in the family. 😀

      2. I prefer communicating with other adults electronically. I don’t even like talking to people on the phone. If someone calls me, I let it go to voicemail, and then text them. Because fuck them.

        1. I’m pretty much to the point now that hearing the phone ring induces a sense of dread, especially when it’s family. There’s something I need to know where a text message would not suffice? That can only mean someone in the family died.

          1. Pretty much anything that would induce someone to call me on the phone is something I don’t want to hear or deal with.

      3. In corporate that is absolutely necessary. Talking to people doesn’t leave a paper trail. Even if I have an in person conversation I follow up with emails reiterating the points. It isn’t about lack of interpersonal skills for all (for some, sure, but that’s always been the case especially with weirdo computer nerds who live their life inside a web of bullshit and don’t know how to exist in a real world) but more about CYA.

        If I ever make a decision, comment or claim I want it in writing. If someone ever says anything to me I want a record of it.

        Someone just telling you something doesn’t mean shit. We, of all people, here should know that he said she said rarely ends well for us and a paper trail is always important

        1. I wish it was different, but you are right. The CYA thing is more important than ever. Trust the word of no-one working in an organisational capacity.

          1. That is just the way it is now a days and anyone in even a semi professional position knows it, whether they want to admit it or not. As for millennial, the real clownish hipsters that you see on the news being dickheads like the occupy people, or the really flaky hipsters in the “community” are intolerable, but that is nothing new. the 50’s had beatnicks and annoying protesters too, just not the internet to make them so visible once you left the places where they were.

            The vast majority of millennial that i see in a professional atmosphere….the ones that are well educated, from decent families and out in the world staking their claim, are really great. They have an intuitive understanding of technology that you can’t teach, they are focused on success and money and they are eager to learn.

            The problem people often have with milenials is the same problem they have with most things–zero real world experience and a lot of free time to dick around reading echo chamber websites that throw up inflammatory bullshit to give losers something to care about.

              1. What happened to your was business — I have much respect for you– but your– your thinking is old fashioned. You must understand why I have to do this

              2. I think stereotypes have a basis in reality at least to some extent. Meeting with the children of the Masters of the Universe will give one the impression that they are all competent, hard driven men out to conquer the world, because that’s how they were brought up. But 99% of the rest of Millenials don’t fall into that category and they display a rather common array of traits that lay outside of the traditional cultural norms. Yes, Hipsters are the edge where everybody agrees that they’re douchebags, but even non-hipsters generally are far less driven and more prone to “oh well” type mindsets than previous generations.

                Fortunately Genz/GenZyklon coming up behind them are starting out very hard right wing, so there is hope.

            1. You know I find myself doing this too but for entirely different reasons. It’s not that I need to document everything I say, I’m not in corporate. Rather it’s: I forgot WHAT I said!

              Having a reminder is quite nice. Sometimes I come up with excellent ideas! Good thing there’s a record of it!! 🙂

          2. CYA is very true, and it is good for that. There’s a difference between that though, and having a “conversation” about nothing whatsoever or gossiping over IM with a person sitting right next to you.

        2. well, sure, but Im talking more along the lines of typing out “hey did you call th client back?” rather than turning around and asking the person

          1. I get it. And then when someone else asks them and they say you never followed up its your word versus theirs. There are no small battles, just winners and losers.

            There is nothing that I say, not even the most trivial shit, at work to someone that there isn’t a paper trail to prove it.

            If I see someone in the hall and say “hey did you call the client back” and they say, for instance, “no, i am going to do that when I get back to my desk” the first thing i will do when I get to my desk is send an email that says “It was nice talking to you just now. Thank you for letting me know you are going to call the client back today”

  4. OT
    Cali is now #1 with the most peeps living at/below the poverty level- 1 in 5
    heres a loverly vid of the homeless camps not far from Angel’s Stadium

      1. yep all the homeless(and alligators) live underground in nyc.
        nyc has the most homeless they have ever had before right now- think its around 50,000

          1. he has struck deals with failing hotels to pack homeless in em at 2 and 3 times the going nightly rate. In middle/former middle class hoods no less. and we all get to pay for it. more corporate welfare masquerading as charity

            1. a few more years and this asshole will be gone. With any luck we will get a nice law and order guy like Rudy. This is totally absurd at this point. It would take less than a year to put 80% of the problems in this city down.

              1. I think its progressive mayors forever.
                one of the hotels (holiday inn express i think) was in maspeth or glendale- why would you put a hotel there? no matter, another gov contract bails out some corporation

                    1. ALl I knew about maspeth was one big irish bar but i don’t remember the name, the bowling alley with the sketch maze behind it and a pool hal which may or may not have been called La Que

                    1. hyperbole of course but if you bought a 3 family in Astoria 20 years ago you would be retired. If you bought one in Maspeth now you would still be living there and going to work. Forget about if you bought it in Hell’s Kitchen

                    2. I dunno about retired, but yeah that’s what- about 1.3, maybe 1.5 million today? probably $330k 20 years ago…

                    3. yousure? two fam by parents sold for $850. but that was 2 yrs ago. may have to check zillow later

                    4. In astoria? That would be a steal depending on where in astoria. Anywhere off of broadway between 31st and steinway that is a bargain at half the price. Between 31st and 21st the prices are lower unless youget down to 23rd ave where they are going back up.

                      I am not super fluid in queens but looking at zillow now i don’t see anything under 1.2 and that 1.2 is kinda towards the projects

                    5. My dikhead father just unloaded his parents’ 2-family in Correge Point for $875.
                      His parents paid $12k……

                    6. 1950s?
                      I know a house on the parents block is on sale, dont know the house number, but as i scroll over where it should be all houses(attached btw) a re valued north of $700k.
                      insane. these houses were built in the early ’50s…

                    7. I met an old couple not too long ago that bought their 3 bed 2 bath apartment on park in the 80’sin 1970 for 100k.

                      Ok, so that is no SMALL amount of money. Adjusted for inflation it is about 650. However, they are selling and moving to Florida. Asking price is 11m. That’s not a bad return on investment.

                    8. friend of a friend would occasionally host parties at his parents 3 story brownstone off 5th in the village- they bought it for less than $100k in the late 70s- how much is that now? 10MM?

                    9. hes an only child, so good for him that corksucker.
                      I think they were handing out low interest loans to anyone with a pulse back then with the stomach to stay in certain hoods for at least 5 years

                    10. If you were smart and picked up a nice corner joint and Extel decided to come around and buy you out to build a high rise you’d do even better.

                      The way I see it, if I bought a 3 family for about 300 K 20 years ago (when I was 25) I could have lived in one unit and rented the others — probably for enough to cover the mortgage so with that and tax exemptions I’d be living rent free. I could unload that now for 1.5 million and put 80% down on a 2 bed 2 bath in turtle bay today. My mortgage would be peanuts and when I was 60 I could sell that fucker for 5. ALong with the money saved living for basically peanuts for 15 years I could dick off and spend the rest of my life in the sun.

                      Hindsight….fuckin’ A. I should have known from the start that NYC wasn’t geting bigger so it was only going to skyrocket in value

                    11. I know you don’t believe Philly’s a real place in America, but my little house has increased in value by 900%.
                      Talk about hindsight (though it wont bring your boy back to you), I shoulda bought the whole damned block when I had a chance.

        1. But as long as we can pretend that they don’t exist because they’re out of sight, and we have armed Gestapo searching everybody at random without a warrant, we can pretend that it’s a living paradise on earth! Because reasons!

    1. That’s why the entire city of San Francisco smells like an open sewer. People literally shitting in the street like its fucking India or something.

      1. was it you(or someone else on this site) who posted a pooping map of that city? it was like a mapquest screenshot overlayed with poop emojis…

        1. No, but I think that map was a response to a previous rant of mine about how much San Francisco smells like shit and piss after I had to go there for a business trip. The place was a fucking cesspool. Plus, all the fags. It was like Walking Dead but with fags.

          1. Imagine what the streets looked like in the mid 80s with all those Kaposis Sarcoma and thin wasted out queers looked like walking the streets like actual zombies.

      2. This is not an exaggeration. I was there not long ago, and the guy I was walking with stepped in a human shitloaf right in front of fucking City Hall.

        I just assume he now has hepatitis or AIDS.

        1. Have you talked to him lately? He may already be dead. That San Fran AIDS is a subset of Ukrainian AIDS. Pretty fast acting.

          1. The apes in Congo think that shit ain’t even a flesh wound. They said to bring that shit on and “not in my house” when Kersey threatened to fuck apes in the ass.

      1. I have said this for freaking years. If I was homeless here in NYC on april 1st i would just start shuffling south. By october i would be in a less harsh climate. By feb I’d prob be in the keys. It’s not like i have anything else to do. Just keep walking south

        1. Not that hard to be a tramp given their limited level of responsibility. Even easier to hop on a freight train and then wake up in some desert like Arizona! Don’t like it hop on another train to Florida and bathe in the sea!
          Saw a dude freezing his bollocks off in a car park 2 days ago and told him to beg for a day and buy a plane ticket to the south of Spain. For £25 quid he can like not die this winter.
          Fuck I’d be a top tier tramp if i ever become one!

        2. I have yet to meet someone willing to answer that question since 1998. I lived in Minneapolis for 2 years and they had homeless . I do not care how much mouthwash and and Mickeys you drink, you’re fucking cold.

      2. Hawaii is littered with homeless, they are an utter plague there. But for sound reasons, that whole “no winter” thing is a big draw, or I’m more inclined to believe since I doubt homeless folks are buying airplane tickets to there (you know, being homeless implies being poor), provides a good incentive to not get back up and on with life if you can instead bask in the sunshine on the beach with government food coming in every now and then to feed you.

        1. Maybe Hawaii is a favoured destination for hobo retirement like ya know, beg hard for 15 years then buy a plane ticker then retire in hobo paradise.
          All those years of rummaging through the bins for bits of big macs and smoking wet cigarette butts must pay off in the end.

  5. Daily Update…. According to my calculations, Haiti is still a shithole. Next update tomorrow.

      1. Absolutely, Send me your social security number and your checking account number, and I’ll set that up for you.

    1. Andersen Cooper begs to differ because he gets his butthole love box filled with Haiti man-creme there.
      “Cooper, who visits Haiti often, applauded the comedian’s plan and offered his own travel guide.

      “It’s the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, but a country can be poor economically and rich in culture and rich in the strength of the people and rich in so many different ways,” Cooper said. “And Haiti is in that way among the richest countries I’ve ever been to. The Haitian people are incredibly strong, carry themselves with such dignity,…”

      1. Anderson Cooper’s visits to Haiti have actually been factored into my calculations as to why Haiti is a shithole. It’s a highly advanced algorithm.

            1. think you gave my eyeballs a hernia.

              -you are an asshole(e.g., see above)
              *source: murdoc34 2018

              1. so 87 yearsago, there was one new nation. today, there are no new nations. how hard was that to decipher?

          1. Nope, Kersey blocked me so he can’t see me, unless he comes back with one of his fake alters.

    1. I wonder how many times I would have to search for Pat Benetar before i pings that list. I could just sit home on the pr0n site and search it over and over again.

    2. Depraved stuff, most of that list. Way too incest-based for my comfort.

            1. Nah, in the south, your 2nd cousin will show you her tits in real life, no internet necessary.

      1. yep. apparently “step dad” is becoming a thing too. but the ladies today are very lady-like

        1. Is that list only for dudes?
          I read somewhere that women search for domination and total rough stuff.

      1. I don’t know why people search for Asian, Chinese and Korean. Do you really need to be specific? I haven’t been able to tell chink a from chink b ever

        1. Right? I mean maybe you can tell their faces apart if you are some kind of expert, but how the fuck do you tell their pussies apart? Like Chinese pussies are slanted a little less than Koreans or some shit?

        1. As far as I know, it’s a video game. If its also slang for some kind of sex act, I don’t want to know what it is

        2. A video game by Blizzard, the same people who made World of Warcraft. How you make porn from that is anybody’s guess, but worse, why would it rate so high on the list?!? How fucking far do we have left before we reach the end of this bottomless pit?

          1. I’m pretty sure that “hentai” hitting #1 is one of the seven signs of the apocalypse.

              1. Yeah, the good stuff, like cheerleaders, big tits, threesomes, all seem to have fallen out of favor and been replaced by what I can only conjecture is some kind of guided cultural steering towards utter depravity.

                  1. a local pol in my state has been trying for years to get them to stop dumping fluoride into the water…

                1. Yeah, the good stuff, like cheerleaders […] have fallen out of favor

                  That list says ‘cheerleaders’ is up 366 positions over last year. Something concerning cheerleaders must have happened during the year, but I’m struggling to imagine what it might have been.

                    1. This reminds me of a client, AS Solar in Germany, I insisted on pronouncing their name as one full word.

                    1. Depends. When you see it, did your first thought go to Young Frankenstein, and then to the 19 year old Terri Garr being told she has nice knockers and her purring “Zank you” in that sexy voice she had? Because if you thought of that, then it’s perfectly natural to be turned on.

                    2. I can’t see the young Teri Garr without visualizing her present day transformation into Gardula the Hutt.

                    3. This is why we don’t google previously hot girls from our youth. Let that be a lesson to you. Her in YF though, wow, total knockout.

            1. I still don’t really know what that is, because I make it a policy to never, ever look up sex fetish terms on the interwebs for information. Nothing good comes from doing that, and many times you end up projectile vomiting on your screen, which is messy. And it wouldn’t surprise me if projectile vomiting was also a fetish.

                1. So either the Japanese are the majority of porn consumers in the world, or we’re really going down a strange, dark path.

                2. Someone told me that porn is illegal in japan. Like you can’t show actual genitals or even tits of humans which is why they have become so creative on the cartoon shit. I don’t know if it is true or not, but it would explain some things.

                  1. There is some truth to that. They also have japanese porn movies where they blur out the cock and pussy, and then the zipperheads who get addicted to porn can’t get up from real pussy because it isn’t all blurry and shit.

                    1. data is so easy to mine these days and there are sensors for all kinds of stupid shit. there’s data now in cars about how many times you hit the A/C button and the average temperature you set the climate control at. They will configure future remote starts based on how dry and how warm you want your car to be when you’re not in it but planning on being in it before you get in it…yeah…

                    2. That’s true of all porn actually, it can cause psychological impotence. You wack to porn all day and your mind comes to see it as “true” sex and physical sex becomes “unnatural” and thus your brain re-wires accordingly. People are destroying even the most pleasurable of things in the pursuit of atomism.

                    3. that happened to me a while back, started watching too much, and thought I needed a girlfriend change instead of cutting out the porn.

                    4. As long as they can still buy used panties out of a vending machine and sniff them whilst on the train, it’s all good.

            2. do I want to know what hentai is? I thought that was when white chicks got those temporary tattooes on their hands

              1. When I first saw the term I thought it meant the really hairy pussy thing, but I think that’s called something else.

          2. Overwatch? Probably because the game is played mostly by huge lonely dorks (the one dude I know who plays it is) and some of the characters are somewhat sexualized. There ya go.

          1. I remember my brother’s best friend showing off the horse-fucking-girl-in-barn video and us laughing. This is no joke anymore.

    3. It is an addiction, the plain jane sex doesnt do it for the regular users anymore, so they have to go for the “step mom”???!?

  6. Had to attend a going away today for work. Got seated with some of the crustiest folks in my shop. I tried to get them talking and succeeded with one, learned about his studies, his work, travels, his wife’s job, his retirement plan. You name it.
    Then he got to the end of his story, clammed up and there was silence at the table. No one else bothered.

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