Making Time for Yourself

Last Sunday I decided to break up the usual homebody routine and decided to hit one of my good buddies up.  We met up, shot the shit, and really just chilled.  I was having a good time and a breather from being Dad and husband all the time felt great, but you see guys who never leave the side of their wives and kids, or worst case, they are “forbidden” to have time for themselves.  These guys always have a defeated, dead  look on their faces. Today go over why you should schedule solitary time and time with your guy friends away from the family.

Granted we are the captains of the ships we call our families and a ship without a captain is destined to sink.  To spend too much time away will cause a breakdown with your wife and kids.  This isn’t what I’m proposing here.

There are numerous reasons why you need time away from the family here and there.  Let’s go over some reasons why.

Time Off

Not having to think about every member of your family for a few hours is a relief.  If you’re familiar with the content here, you’ll know that we give it our all when it comes to being the best fathers and husbands we can be.  You can collect your thoughts, think about the future and just enjoy doing something for yourself.  This is important for your mental state and overall mood.

Events with Friends

You have to spend time with your guy friends.  These should be your trusted group of guys.  If you’re going though some shit, these are the guys you go to.  The way I built this group is though shared activities and events.  Whether it’s hitting the shooting range, a game of billiards, grabbing a few drinks, or even just cruising around squad deep on a Sunday afternoon.  You can really have fun if you plan something really fun.  Play a sport, ride ATVs, or hitting up an amusement park can be a great time with your buds.

Even if your group isn’t that big, it doesn’t matter.  You need to start chillin with your bros.  They need it as much as you do.

Catching Up on Things

Got that book you want to finish? Got a personal project you’ve been neglecting?  Making time to do what you want allows for you to get the things you typically put on the back burner done.  I’m studying for a technical certificate and I set aside an hour each Saturday just to sit quietly and absorb the info.Completing things you want to do instead of things you’re obligated to do makes you feel great.

Dealing With Backlash or Time

One thing I hear from guys who I try to explain this topic to is that either their wives will give them shit, or they’re too busy too have downtime. I can get extreme examples, but overall I feel like this is bullshit.

First, as a man you shouldn’t need permission to do anything from anyone.  I don’t think many of you here seek permission, but I had to state it.  If you’re providing and protecting your family as well as guiding them and engaging in their lives, then no one can say shit if you take off for a few hours.  If your wife gives you a hard time, tell her that you’re going and you deserve to. Don’t explain it, just confirm it.  Give some warning, but tell, don’t ask your wife you’re going to do whatever it is you plan to do.

Second, if you evaluate what you’ve spending time on, you can definitely make positive changes.  An hour of reading or learning a new skill is time better spent then vegging on the couch, but if vegging on the couch is your ideal, be my guest.  I like filling my free time with projects typically. Building things (woodworking, welding, masonry etc) I find soothing.


As a guy you need time away from the family.  Letting your wife know in advance is a good idea, but not 100% necessary.  Use your time to connect with friends or improve yourself. Drop a comment below with some suggestions.

J. Nyx

Author: Jnyx

Fitness addict, DIY guru, tech nerd, member of Memesters Local 419.

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  1. I recall reading a comment that a man has 3 roles or demeanors in life that he must maintain simultaneously. One for his family, one for his professional life and the last is his private one which the other two should never meet nor mix. The private one is where you can drop your guard, hit the gym, read chosen literature that interests you, pursue your hobbies or discussions with like minded people, interact with random delinquents online (cough, cough), etc…

    I would agree with this perception. You need to make the time for private persuits or you will begin compiling resentment against others for consuming all of your time– and it would be your fault for letting them.

    1. I’ve always strode to make those three different roles as similar as possible – I’m basically the same asshole at home, work, with friends and/or on the line.

      1. Not I, my wife and kids would not believe it if they read all the stuff I wrote on here. You probably have more integrity in your approach, but I can have toilet humor without it spewing from my wife also.

        1. Wellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll there are limits of course – there are always some subjects and behaviors one simply has to keep segregated. And no, I would not want The Girl developing or even feigning my enthusiasm for raunch either.

          Its funny, sometimes she gets down thinking she’s not ‘as fun’ as my Asshole Friends, not as witty, etc. I always have to remind her that I’d NEVER want that in a wife; that’s what Asshole Friends are for.

          1. Yup, nothing is a bigger turnoff than a crass woman that lights her farts on fire to be “one of the guys”

            1. Exactly, you want her to be a woman and your wife, and your asshole buddy to light his farts on fire for the lulz. You need both these people in your life at separate times for separate things.

                    1. An old band from the 60s called “The Doors” had a lead singer who sang a hit “Come on Baby Light My Fire.” A small pun, but not at your expense– some of old guys would get it though.

  2. I use my free time to see how many times I can jerkoff to completion in one day. My record was 25 times in a 36 hour period (give or take, heh).
    Also, I like to sit and peel potatoes really slowly.
    Like really zen out and peel some mother fucking potatoes. (Not to eat, just to peel)

    1. Heh, come over here kid, learn something. You never know, you might have to cook for 20 guys someday. You see, you start out with a little bit of oil. Then you fry in some garlic. Then you throw in some potatoes, potato paste and you fry it. You make sure it doesn’t stick. You get it to a boil, you shove in all your sausages and meatballs, heh? Add a little bit of wine, and a little bit of sugar, and that’s my trick.

    2. 25 ties in 36 hours?
      Jeez, why don’t you scrape up a few hundred $$$ a month and treat yourself to a female every now and then?

      Forgive my crude suggestion, I’m one of those “random delinquents” @disqus_zul4rz2p30:disqus is referring too…and a pretty bad influence as well.

      1. You’re like that dirty old uncle that people act disturbed by, but secretly nobody wants him to change.

  3. Seems like good advice.

    No family here, so not applicable to me, but I can say my father was absolutely guilty of: “To spend too much time away will cause a breakdown with your wife and kids. This isn’t what I’m proposing here.”

    Not so much with his wife though. I don’t blame him for keeping clear of the queen of the witches. Just wish he could have thought to get me out of there as well.

  4. Hey I don’t speak Tennessee. What is “cruising around squad deep on a Sunday afternoon”? It sounds like it might involve a gay bathhouse. 😉

          1. Now listen to me, you smooth-talking son-of-a-bitch! Let me lay it on the
            line for you – The world don’t end at 10th avenue! I don’t
            care how many of you Franco-Kraut-Guinea grease ball gumbahs come out
            of the woodwork!

    1. Sorry let me translate my Philly vernacular:

      driving to no set destination with multiple acquaintances all driving their cars in a formation on the first day of the week for leisure

      1. I’ve honestly never heard that term before either, nor that activity come to think of it. Closest I can think of, and it’s really not that close, is the weekend Cruising events up and down the same long road through a small town where all the teens would get in their cars and go one way up the street, then turn around and go the other way. Meanwhile on the sidewalks a bajillion teens would be out either watching the cars go back and forth, or standing around parked cars either looking at the engines, or trying to pick up girls. Seemed exciting at age 17, looking back though, man, we had to have been bored out of our minds.

        1. “..we had to have been bored out of our minds.”

          What else was there? Though some of the best times in HS were the road parties in the middle of no where. The house parties tended to get out of hand.

          1. Yeah, it really was just that boring. The last cruising I did was in Texas when I was station in San Angelo, back in the mid 1980’s, when I was 18. Picked up one *fine* little Texas chick who was every kind of hot and who gushed over my (then semi-kinda-new) ’83 Mustang 5.0 liter. That was one great summer.

      2. LOL. I didn’t know either and thought you were refering to “cruzing”— not in the Thales sense of the word involving Turkish bath houses. As in riding in a car with your friends on a Saturday night checking out girls doing the same on some main throroughfare. (Which I thought died in the 80s.)

  5. “First, as a man you shouldn’t need permission to do anything from anyone.”

    Man that paragraph jogged some bad memories of my marriage. Arguments, circa 2012, about how *exactly* she wanted me to state that I was going out some night without her. “Well, how the fuck do you want me to phrase it?” I remember saying. “I sure as hell am not asking your permission.” She never could define the problem. Looking back, I can see that she just wanted to cause a stink, because control control control.

    Welp, by 2014 she’d decided she didn’t want to try to control me any longer, and walked out. I won the battle, lost the war. In fact, that’s a good analogy. My marriage was a bit like Vietnam: a war that shouldn’t have ever been fought in the first place.

  6. I have a lot of barely friends who have succumbed to this. Catering to wifey’s every whim. Hardly ever see em anymore.

      1. A friend of mine once asked me what I thought about a mutual friend taking back his cheating wife (she did several times more and they divorced over time) and all I could say was, “he’s a slave to his dick.”

        No self-respect what-so-ever.

        1. Hell, my dick has more self respect than to accept that situation. It’s fine to want a woman to have in the sack, but if she’s whoring out to your buddies, then find another woman and move on. Way too many pathetic little dweeb “men” out there these days.

          1. She wasn’t fucking his friends– and I was directly told by said cuck she hated me— but her girlfriends were lining up fuck buddies for her when her husband was travelling on business. Eventually she went on holiday to Turkey with a girlfriend (that was ho-rror story on stilts) which was the last straw.

            1. Guess I shouldn’t have said “buddies”. I’ll amend that to “other men”.

        2. When they want to be taken back they ask you to be fair with them. Galt — how can you be fair to animals? Galt — for Crissakes, listen — They are fucking spics — they fucking niggers — and they do infidelity in their, in their Grandmother’s neighborhoods. And everything with them is dick– dick! Minga — junk dope! And they leave the family to last. Now he should want to run his family without his cheating wife on his, and I want those Rosato brothers dead!

          (assuming she fucked both Tony and Carmine)

            1. You don’t have to, apparently the comments section here will give you a scene by scene look at every single episode of the series, as well as the Godfather. I’ve already detailed my view on this yesterday so I’ll let it be at that.

              1. Midnight Run? how about that? quotable movie, something new…old Coen Bros flicks? Miller’s Crossing anyone?

                  1. The Brooklyn Banker. recent flick, surprisingly good. ticks all your boxes for watching: italians, brooklyn, the mob, Paul Sorvino

              1. La mia famiglia non mangia qui; non mangia a Las Vegas – e non mangia a Miami – con HYMAN ROTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Knew a neighbor like that, once upon a time. Had a wife who started out rather gorgeous when they were young and new to the neighborhood. He started catering to her every whim and her attitude grew incrementally worse over the years. Eventually sold his guns at her command and spent his “free time” in the back yard doing various projects for her (they were for her, he was pretty clear that he’d never do those kinds of things of his own volition). He became such a brow beaten little bitch boy that she ended up going out on weekends without him. Saw her in a bar once, surrounded by guys, laughing it up, having a grand ol’ time. Needless to say, she left him and, as I’m told, cheated on him. Serves the fucker right, if you ask me, no freaking spine at all.

        1. Once in a while I’d chide him about selling the guns, but it never really registered so I let him be.

      1. “Eventually sold his guns at her command..”

        My brother did that after he got married and he never regained the meager respect I once had for him. I told him I hope he never has to experience a home invasion or car jacking.

        1. Those kinds of guys are the worst. Usually it’s with a resigned “Oh well, need to keep the peace, it really isn’t important to me”. Ask what they’ll do during a home invasion “I have a baseball bat”….yeah great junior, that will really help when the guy starts shooting at you. Idjits.

          1. I cant understand giving them up. Buying a gun safe and bedside gun lock box should end all the arguments on that front.

            1. They know that, it’s always pointed out. They sold their balls and basically can’t defend their position, so they wallow in “happy wife, happy life” and other delusions.

              1. My guns are a deal breaker. Relatively unfettered access to modern small arms is what sets us apart from most of the rest of the world. My wife knows how strongly I feel about this and the idea of asking “her permission” to buy, sell, trade or train in firearms is a non-starter. This, along with some other points of contention over the years, is who I am. She knew this when she married me. I have had to remind her of that on more than one occasion and that I will not change for her or anyone else.

                1. That’s how you do it. Up front and “this line will not cross” from the beginning and then holding fast to it.

                  1. There are crucial things that you dont realize get permanently decided in the first months of cohabitation. It is essential to be clear about your expectations at this time.
                    (which side of the bed, kids vs no kids, ‘time alone’, heroine habit, etc)

                2. “Relatively unfettered access to modern small arms is what sets us apart from most of the rest of the world”

                  Agree 100%. The anti-gun politicians in Washington and elsewhere damn the 2nd amendment and think every day on how to get it repealed. This is what sets us apart from the countries in Europe.

                  1. I believe in America. America has made my fortune. And I raised my daughter
                    in the American fashion. I gave her freedom, but — I taught
                    her never to dishonor her family.

                  2. I won’t say it’ll never happen, but they won’t repeal the 2nd amendment in our lifetime. America has a different spirit than that of Europe. I don’t necessarily mean that in a degrading way, but we value our freedoms much more that our counterparts over the sea and are much more willing to fight back.

                    1. 30 years ago, if you had told people that fags would be getting married and Bruce Jenner would be a woman, people would have said you were insane.

                    2. Somebody did, but then Victoria Principal woke up, Bobby was in the shower, and it was all a dream.

                    3. Not a woman, the only cells in his body that doesn’t have a Y chromosome are half his sperm cells.

                    4. even 15 years ago.
                      Its all planned out. you can watch vids of hillary and O from a mere 10 yrs ago saying illegal immigration is a problem and gay marriage wasnt even on the radar.

                    5. Yup. The german lead poltical twats both mentioned that the retirement age will NOT be raised. The fact they bring it up, as no one else did, is simply preparing people for when the do raise the retirement age in the near future. Conditioning isn’t just for hair.

                    6. That and Americans purchased over 100 million firearms during the Obama presidency alone.
                      Yippee ya yeah MFs.

              2. This girl has no family — nobody knows that she was married to him. It’ll be as if she never existed.

                All that’s left is our friendship.

                1. See? Nothing there really applies. I know you’re doing it to rib me. Just kinda, you know, unoriginal at this point (in general, not at you in specific).

                  1. GOJ, you’re like my older brother, and I love you. But don’t ever take sides against the Family again. Ever.

          2. I pulled a prank on the pant-wearing wife and the rest of the Family this summer. I brought back a pack of cigarette gum from Europe (still have it in some places) and was sitting in the backyard with a few others. My 6 year old nephew approached and I asked if he wanted to play a prank (he was all in). His mom was coming out of the house just as I offered her son a “cigarette” and pulled out a lighter and starting lighting it for him.

            Her and a few other of the women folk lost their shit for a minute. LOL.

          3. Like the little grade school kid keeps the peace by giving his lunch money. I don’t think it is a fruitful endeavor.

    2. You should have said: You gonna come along with me in
      these things I have to do — or what. Because if not you can take your wife, your family, and your mistress —
      and move ’em all to Las Vegas.

    3. I blame Spice Girls for indoctrinating the girls of yesteryear that are now wives and girlfriends.

    4. To keep things regularly peaceful, promise a lot of things to your wife but rarely deliver or make half promises. The point is women love liars and half-truth tellers. ok. Don’t listen to me, I’m divorced.

      1. NO! If you want to keep the peace the traffic in drugs will be permitted, but controlled — and @cheeseburgercheeseburger:disqus will give up protection in the East — and there will be the peace.

        1. But that aside let me say that I swear on the soul of @The Champion:disqus

          grandchildren that I will not be the one to break the peace that we have made here today…

        1. the half truths do kind of work. I’ve done that to excite women and those promises seem to make them giddy for a few weeks to a few months depending on the promise.

        2. Most people who lose big salvage their egos by pretending to be experts to others. Listening to them is a dangerous pit. I don’t want to hear career advice from homeless people.

            1. I had two grandfathers who both were married over 60 years….marriages that eventually ended in their deaths….every word of advice they gave me about women, now that I am older, seems exactly true. If I was wiser when I was younger I would have looked at their stable and happy marriages and heeded every word they said instead of having to realize it was all true later on in life. Conversely, everyone i’ve ever known who couldn’t keep a family together seems to have a boat load of advice on a topic they have already proved themselves lacking at.

              1. they also lived in a different time; different people. My now deceased father’s advice would not work today because he was a provider. He was tempted into having affairs a few times as he told my mother about women who would come onto him, but never once cheated as he was always home, everyday, every night..My mother loved him unconditionally. On the other hand, I was tempted into affairs and relished in them because I had no choice. Different time different mentality.

                1. I hear that a lot, but from what I can tell every bit of advice they gave me was good. I don’t know. I certainly am not relationship/marriage expert. But I can tell you that the things they warned me against were all correct and the actions they advised would have saved me a lot of headaches.

                  1. I bet they would also tell you children are wonderful and men are obligated to have children and a family. Maybe I am over-reaching here but men of that time enjoyed having and raising kids as much as sex.

                    1. I am one to shy away from the concept of a manifest responsibility. Sure, if we decided to take on the responsibility, we need to follow through. But there is nothing wrong with not signing up in the first place.

                    2. Agreed wholeheartedly. We’ve spoke about this before. There are ups and downs to either path but if you are going to take one you have to take your mind and eyes off the other.

                      Hawthorne’s quote: “No man, for any considerable period, can wear one
                      face to himself and another to the multitude, without finally getting
                      bewildered as to which may be the true” rings especially true now in the days of the internet where it is easy to try to fantasy play one life while trying to live the other. It never works.

                      Yes, there is no responsibility on which choice to make, only that you keep true to the commitments you do make.

                      That said, I guess my original point was that I rarely, if ever, have heard from women about how i OUGHT to have a wife and family….however, from the “men” on ROK I would hear it frequently.

                    3. My point is, advice is generational. As a father, I would not tell people to have children at all unless they really want them. My parents would find that statement appalling and near heresy. the drawback is you leave everything you earned behind to the vultures which may not be an issue for you.For me, leaving a legacy behind is important, at least the positive things I’ve contributed.

                    4. Yes, exactly. Discounting advice because the giver failed a task is foolish if you discount it without context. Even basic business practice recognizes this, you always do a post-mortem on projects that didn’t meet expectations in order to size up what went wrong so as to learn what to do and what not to do the next time. It’s just common sense.

                      For example.

                      You need to sail from the Atlantic to the Pacific when departing from Florida. The old timers, back in the way back 1960’s, would go through the Panama Canal. They can give you every kind of advice on how to get to the canal, how to transverse it, how much it costs and what to expect on the other side.

                      The canal is filled in with dirt in the year 1990. You can no longer go across it. Asking
                      grand-dad how to go from the Atlantic to the Pacific will yield no practical advice, although he can tell you beautiful stories of the great times he had crossing the Panama Canal, back in the day.

                      So you ask their advice, and it no longer has any relevance at all, right? Who do you ask instead? Well personally, I’m going to talk to the guys who both made it and didn’t make it around the tippy-bottom of South America. Find out from those who made it what passages worked for them and how they managed to avoid the dangers, and find out from those who didn’t what passages were treacherous and capsized them.

                    5. essentially that’s what franchises do. You pay for the franchisor’s knowledge and mistakes (their brand) because what they did to make it to the pinnacle of business success required both and it was no easy hill to climb.

                    6. Yes, precisely. It’s just common sense and daily practice in a lot of areas of life.

                    7. We are all individuals with different aims and goals. I would encourage men who want to start a Family, but would also warn them that pool of good wives is very small. They might not find one and it’s better to be alone than with an awful wife, so they should keep that in mind.

                2. Yep, the times, they are a changing. It’s pretty easy to stay married when you have to legally show cause for divorce which is pretty hard to do except for a few very concrete things (infidelity, habitual drunkenness, etc). There’s a lot to admire about the past, but always keep in mind that when you have no choice but to do good, then you can’t be accounted as having agency to choose to do good. A guy from the 1950’s will give great advice on how to smooth over arguments that, today, would result in insta-divorce, naturally. Put him *in* today’s time frame though, and it would be a whole other story as his wife flipped him the bird and walked out.

                  Normally I’ll at least consider the advice of somebody who has been through the wringer and seen the pitfalls and did the missteps and tells you what to avoid if you can. In fact, it seems rather logical to take the experience of others into consideration, at least somewhat, and make your own judgements from there.

                  1. Only wisdom I follow is: “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me”. That bit of wisdom puts the onus on you, the decision maker. When marriage was fail safe , it was not a gamble. Today it is no different than placing your life savings on the craps table .

              2. “…everyone i’ve ever known who couldn’t keep a family together seems to have a boat load of advice on a topic they have already proved themselves lacking at.”

                And they insist on giving it! The post-wall divorced chicks esepecially.

              3. ” If I was wiser when I was younger I would have looked at their stable
                and happy marriages and heeded every word they said instead of having to
                realize it was all true later on in life”

                Not sure I agree – wisdom one gains themselves (regardless of timeframe) is more solid than wisdom observed second-hand.

                1. real estate again. Basically I am wishing that I had my current hard earned wisdom when I was 13 so I would have better heard what was being said to me. Obviously as impossible as saying “if i was wiser in the 80’s and took a bunch of easy to come by loans and bough most of 2nd street between avenues A-D….”

            1. Ah, but you should actually listen to them. Do everything the opposite of what they advise.

            1. I would imagine that there is a lot of hobo knowledge that a good hobo could teach you that would be helpful if you ever became a hobo. I am going to hedge on not needing that. No one can be a master of everything.

              1. I was surprised how much a few layers of newspaper help you stay warm if you use it for padding under your sleeping bag.

          1. The best advice I can give anyone is: “Don’t listen to jack shit that I have to say.”

            1. I have a sentimental weakness for my you, and I spoil you as you can

              You talk when you should listen.

      2. In the end, it doesn’t matter one way or the other whether the woman leaves or doesn’t. Use whatever strategy works for your current goals at the time.

    5. Same here, although I’ve also chosen to scale back how much I see them. I have a buddy I’ve known for about 15 years that’s been dating a single mom in her 30’s with kids that are more han half our age. I quit tying to guide him towards the red pill some time ago but last year he was talking about the “wifey” and told me she’s not a good mom or even a good girlfriend. All I could do was just nod my head and keep my mouth shut. Since then, I rarely make the effort to call or hang out with him.

          1. Now I forgive him — can’t you forgive @cheeseburgercheeseburger:disqus —
            he’s so sweet and helpless without you

    1. your daily haiti status has been interrupted to bring you this breaking news: bacon is still bad for you

      1. I don’t have a Shithole Detector 9000 like Thales has. Also, he gives a much more thorough analysis during his daily status. I am not the expert he is. You can clearly see the how he crosses his T’s and dots his i’s.

          1. That reminds me of an interesting fact. If you rearrange the letters in ‘Ainigmaris Thales’, you can spell “Haiti maligner ass”.

          2. don’t self reflect too much , it will wreak havoc on your mind and waste away your body. Go back to being the bottom of a drawing board.

        1. I don’t want to see him at the hotels — I don’t want him near my house — when he sees our
          mother I want to know a day in advance, so I won’t be there — you understand.

          1. What if they mixed the Godfather and Scarface? “Point your finger at Fredo and say good night to the bad guy!”

              1. I believe this mixed referencing is gonna destroy us in the years to come. I mean, it’s not like shit-posting or trolling, or even porn – which is something that most people want nowadays, and is forbidden to them by the pezzonovante of their office IT department.
                Even the commenters that’ve helped us in the past with shit-posting and other things are gonna refuse to help us when in comes to mixed referencing.
                And I believed that — then — and I believe that now.

                1. There was this kid I grew up with — he was younger than me. Sorta looked up to me — you know. We did
                  our first work together — trolled our way out of the street. Things were funny, we made the most of it.
                  During ROK– we trolled the stormfags — laughed a ton– @jak too. As much as anyone,
                  I shit posted with him — and trolled with him him. Later on he had an idea — to troll a website based on solid advice for men with traditional values using mixed referencing. That kid’s name was Nihilistic Potato — and the website he trolled with mixed references was A Kings Castle.
                  This was a great man — a man of vision and guts. And there isn’t even a Featured Comment– or a ton of upvotes– or a line about him in the about page! Someone put a bullet through his eye. No one knows banned him– when I
                  heard it, I wasn’t angry; I knew Potato– I knew he was head-strong, talking loud, saying stupid things. So
                  when he turned up banned– I let it go. And I said to myself, this is the business we’ve chosen — I didn’t ask
                  who gave the banning– because it had nothing to do with trolling!

                2. Times have changed. It’s not like the old days when we can do anything we want. A refusal is not the act of a friend. If bem had all the memes and shitposts from the internet, then he must share them, or let others use them. He must let us draw water from the well. Certainly, he can present a bill for such services. After all, we’re not communists.

                  1. I also don’t believe in mixed referencing. For years I paid my people extra so they

                    wouldn’t do that kind of business. —
                    But somebody comes to them and says, “I have ‘ScarFace’, I have ‘A Bronx Tale’; if you make a GF reference I can follow it for a laugh
                    So they can’t resist.
                    I want to control it as a business, to keep it respectable
                    I don’t want it on AKC — I don’t want it read by @disqus_e5hyuZuRQ6:disqus
                    That’s an infamia.
                    On my internert, we would keep the traffic in the pale people — the stormcucks.
                    They’re animals anyway, so let them lose their souls…

                    1. Then we are agreed. The application of mixed referencing will be permitted, but controlled and @ghostofjefferson:disqus will give up policing of this forum and there will be peace.

                    2. Nobody policing anything hoss, just making comments. I’m assuming you’re making a reference there too, but for the life of me I don’t know what it is?

                      On the plus side, if post count is all that matters, I guess we’re winning.

                    3. But I must have strict assurance from @GhostOfJefferson ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ:disqus as time goes by and his position becomes stronger, will he attempt any individual

                    4. As much as I hate to agree with anyone who isn’t me, I submit there should be some informal agreement on the number of times someone can repeat the same quote within a 24 hour period. Because posting the same thing 19 times a day is annoying as fuck.

  7. This is one area in my life that I know I need to improve. Moving around as much as I have in the past made it difficult to create friendships outside work or direct family. During the week, I have only a few time slots to do what I want. Work and honeydo’s keep me tied for the most part. If those are not going on, church related responsibilities or taking the wife out, or playing with the kids…blah blah blah…

    How to create a group of friends when you are new to an area with little time?

    1. Why don’t you try They have a lot of different groups based on interests that you can join

      1. I did that when I was brand new to rock climbing, so I could learn from people enough to not kill my kids. Most of those groups are a 90 minute drive to Salt Lake.

    2. It’s funny Jim, but I don’t necessarily see that as a detriment which may be a failing on my part, but at the very least is probably particular to me. I don’t maintain any real life friendships…i mean there are lots of people I know and am friendly with, but I don’t have guys I hang out with. I would far rather stay at home and have some drinks and listen to music by myself or go to a bar and sit in a corner and quietly people watch.

      Because of this, in the past, women have had an easy go with that kind of stuff. There simply aren’t friends to tell me they don’t like or they don’t want to see. When I’ve needed down time I’ve simply said “i’m staying in to chill out” or “I am going out for dinner myself just to relax” and no one has ever really had an issue with that.

      The idea of having a group of close friends who all gets together for a “guys night” or shit like that never appealed to me. I think it is why I like the internet so much. I can chat with buddies and stay home.

      1. That is true, I suppose I could be just coveting some vision I have in my head of the guys night out that really doesn’t exist, especially here in Mormondom. I just think of the times back in high school and in my early 20’s when going out to cause mayhem was just a natural part of the weekend. Seeing my high school buddies now, and they are doing about the same as me.

        1. It is funny, but I do the same thing. It is so easy to think back 25 years and smile and think about all those amazing and fun times you had. Sure, some of them were amazing and fun, but a lot of them get better with time. Like paul simon said “if you took all the girls i knew when i was single, and brought them all together for one night, I know they’d never match my sweet imagination. Everything looks worse in black and white.”

          I think one of the reasons for people missing out on life and being depressed has to do with trying to live in another time. If you are too focused on the wonders and glory of the past you wil miss the wonders and glory of the present. Many times in my mid 20’s I was so focused on the future that I missed out on a lot of things and then, again, in my early 30’s I was so focused on things from the past I missed out.

          I’m not saying we should be dogs or morons and live only for today, but I do try to think about how awesome today is as opposed to how awesome yesterday was or how great tomorrow may be.

          1. I’m late to the discussion again, but just last night I had an incident that brought this kind of thing into focus. A buddy and I were hanging out at a bar chatting over a coupe of beers after not having seen each other in a couple of months, and this chick walks in that looked familiar. She sat at the table next to us and during lulls in the conversation over the next ten minutes or so, I kept glancing over to try to place her. Finally, I realized it was a girl I banged a couple of times in college well over 20 years ago. I couldn’t immediately place her because she had gotten a nose job
            (shame too, I had always thought her nose was distinctive in a sexy way). I finally placed her when I heard her
            voice. She was still attractive for a girl her age, but definitely past her prime. No ring, and she had that look like her life since our last fling was the stereotypical manosphere cautionary tale abut the carousel rider – as but one tell, she had developed a very slight, but noticeable (to me) facial tick that’s hard to describe, but seemed just a little . . . off. Like she had gone crazy fro being smashed into a headboard and then unceremoniously ditched too many times.

            She was hanging out with another chick, and I don’t think she ever noticed me (to be fair, I look a lot different than I did back then, as I’m about 40lbs of muscle heavier and with much longer hair on top of the natural aging that 20+ years brings), which was just as well. She left before me, and I never said a word to her.

            I had a few wild times with this girl back in the day. A handful of times over the years, I have thought back on her when something reminded me of her and wondered where she ended up. I guess there is a tendency as you age to think nostalgically about that kind of stuff. I never really expected to know, and just kind of had this fanciful pleasure of imagining what she must be up to and where her life took her. And then, out of the blue, I saw her. And I had to wonder no more. And there was no real mystery in it. She hadn’t aged like fine wine (my wife is hotter), she wasnlt independetly wealthy and doing something cool. She was doing the same normal shit as me – grabbing a beer with a friend. And from all indications, she seemed to be living the typical bitter, past-her-prime, early-40’s pussyhatter existence of so many other women. There are no more glory days with her.

            I refocused on my buddy and enjoyed talking shit about leftists and other things going on in our lives. And the present moment, talking to a dude that I actually give a shit about, was great.

      2. That’s something that’s begun to resonate with me. I maintain friendships with quality people, but none of them so much as live in my state. I see them occasionally and there is always something to catch up on.

        I work 10hrs a day, workout, make dinner and then go to bed on weekdays. Saturday/Sunday are consumed by errands and hobbies.
        But I feel strangely at peace with this. I have little drama in my life and I know that I have friends I can contact if I choose.

        1. Exactly the same. To be honest, I don’t think it is “strangely at peace” it is just “at piece”

          There is nothing sadder than a guy who is over 40 running around like a dickhead pretending he is in his 20’s. This is something to be mocked. All that has happened here is that you have grown up. You have matured. You went from boyhood to adolescence and from adolescence you grew to be a man.

          Watching a grown man try to recapture his youth is pretty much the most pathetic thing in the world which is why so many jokes exist about the midlife crisis men.

          Eventually we have to grow up and let another generation be young and full of cum while we tend to our responsibilities. Stages on life’s way and all

    3. “How to create a group of friends when you are new to an area with little time?”

      Join a club. Golf, AmVets, KoC, Lions, Moose Lodge, Masons, Eagles, etc…anything that gets you out of the house for a night a week.

      1. I am tossing around the idea of a bowling club, even though I am around 130-150. I looked at Eagles, it was just old retired couples drinking. Not my idea of a great time.

        1. Join a team that is there for the same reason you are.

          “I looked at Eagles, it was just old retired couples drinking.”

          That is exactly what it is. Plus a some gambling.

              1. Old man Roth would never come here, but Johnny Ola knows these places like the
                back of his hand. Now watch him — he’s gonna break a cracker with it.

        1. Iattcku, Iattacku.. What have I ever done to make you treat me so

          Had you come to me in friendship, then this scum that ruined movie would be suffering this very day. And that by chance if an honest man such as yourself should make enemies, then they would become my enemies.

          And then they would fear you.

              1. And well he should.
                You could tell he wasn’t into it – he was far closer to Col. Frank Slade than Michael Corleone, hoo-ahhing all over the shop….

            1. I agree, which is a huge reason action flicks are leaving me flat. A video game with better graphics is still a video game.

              1. During the final chase scene something went wrong(guy who went flying off truck head over heels, looks fake actually); he got a compound leg fracture. Miller was gonna delete that snippet and the stuntman was like “fuck that! leave it in!”

                1. Yeah, that movie was made on such a shoestring budget, it is full of stories like that. Using real bikers to play the biker gang, etc.

                2. Love that movie. The fact they almost killed a stunt man makes it so much better. I’ll take those action scenes over the cgi crap they put out today.

              2. The super hero movies are really getting to be just CGI video games on the big screen. The Toby McGuire Spiderman movies started the trend, with Spiderman being pretty much 100% CGI as soon as Toby put on the mask. Now, they just stick the actors face into totally CGI’ed costumes and settings in all those movies.

                    1. I dunno, but since 90% of this stuff seems to be coming true, Im starting to think most scifi writers of note were fed their plotlines by certain people…

                    2. The way shit like this keeps turning out… it makes Alex Jones seem like a fucking genius.

                    3. seems like the dystopian faction has been proven to be correct, not the anarcho-capitalist cyberpunks guys…

                    4. History ain’t over. And we’re nowhere near the end game yet.

        1. I love the Twilight Zone, as creepy as it is now, I bet it really freaked people out back then.

  8. I am an ambivert (a mix between extravert and introvert) so I like both company and being alone. It’s a balance. If I am alone too much than I lose one important dimension. If I am with other people for too long, I often feel that I need my own time. I like the Internet, like the manosphere and even social media to some extent, but I would never replace such things completely with real life encounters. I truly like to get off the fucking phone/PC and talk to my friends, girlfriend, parents, sisteer and others.

    1. I used to be extremely extroverted as a teenager, but have become increasingly introverted as I age. I still enjoy the company of others, but I don’t get bounce-off-the-walls excited with the thought of going to hang out with someone.

      1. A normal transition once kids enter the equation. They take up a lot of cycles that used to be devoted to hanging out with friends and other people related activities.

        1. Even without kids, the enjoyment of House and Home, as well as the ‘me-time’ described in the article simply become more attractive. The ‘hanging out’ of one’s youth becomes less stimulating.

          1. I think that’s a function of what kind of personality you are and not necessarily applicable in all situations. Extroverts will be extroverts, introverts will be introverts.

              1. You really are a self-centered bastard, you know that. No wonder you are a meme master. It’s “ME” two times in a row!

                1. And he stood Godfather to our baby — that lousy self-centered bastard. Want to know how many men he had trolled with You? Read the memes– read the memes!

      2. It could be worse. I was introverted as a teen, and have become increasingly introverted as I age. Just emerging from my cave every other week to re-supply is a life threatening situation.

    2. You remind me of when we were kids the Compari’s used to visit one another and there was this man – he would never talk; he would just sit there all night and not say a word. So they says to him, “Compari, don’t you talk? How come you don’t say anything?” He says, “What am I going to say? That my wife two times me.” So she says, “Shut up, you’re always talking.” But in Italian, it sounds much nicer.

  9. Daily Update: Haiti begins the morning as a shithole, and remains a shithole all day today, with a high chance of being a shithole tomorrow. Long term forecast suggests ongoing shitholery.

    1. Thanks for the update live from the ground, Thales. We’ll check back with you for regular updates on new developments in Haiti.
      In other news, 4 cats were stuck in a tree, but the reason will surprise you. Stay tuned after this commercial break.

      1. I’m actually nowhere near Haiti. Too much AIDS. The Shithole-A-Tron 9000 has a direct satellite uplink to monitor Haiti’s shithole status.

        1. Dammit Thales! How many times have I told you that the viewers don’t know you’re standing in front of a green screen?! I swear if you weren’t my nephew, I’d have booted you out on your ass months ago!

    2. I heard you got the new shitholometer 9000, quite the upgrade from the 5000 model. How is it working for you?

      1. Excellent. The vacuum tubes are quite an improvement over the old water-cooled turbines. This new-fangled punch-card system is taking some getting used to, but its seems much more efficient.

    3. Needs more Conan pics.
      Or pics of Haiti’s wonderful sewage canals.
      Really drives the point home.
      Plus I’m fairly certain bem can’t read.

  10. In my younger days even though I spent a lot of time by myself, I still would run somebody down to talk to them. Now as I get older I find myself running away from people who want to talk. I enjoy the little solitude I get.
    Growing up in the boondocks, I started driving around by myself when I was about 11-12 in old army Jeep or a 70 Chevy pickup that didn’t have spot that wasn’t dented, I was supposed to be doing farm work but a lot of it was just riding. There’s not much that I find more relaxing than riding around on roads with no traffic.

    1. Hard find one of this jeeps these days. I know a guy who has an old willy Jeep and asked if he was interested in selling (he’s pushing 70) and told me to “get in line. I get asked that at least once a month”

      1. Old school Jeeps are amazing pieces of machinery. I was out recently looking for a winter vehicle and priced out new Jeeps. That shit is stupid expensive and I’m betting nowhere near the can-do quality of old school Jeeps.

        1. Perfect moment in engineering where a machine is no more complex than it needs to be.
          And Kilinger tried to eat one.

            1. It’s funny that MASH was ultra-lefty when it was on air, but these days the leftists would freak out about it and call it Alt-Right.

          1. There was an article I read that compared the simplicity of Soviet design to that of Germany in WWII. The Russians tried to make it all about function and doing it as easy as possible. The German tank was filled with 500 bells and whistles.

            Relevancy to the topic, the original Jeep was the most perfect example of this function over form design, which in itself, is a form

            1. Germans strove for perfect, when ‘functional’ would have been plenty.
              Of note, the Jeep design was STOLEN from the Bantam Co. of Pennsylvania

            2. That’s Germans for you. On the other hand, I’d much rather have a Mauser in my hands than a Mosin-Nagant 91/30 (and I admire the 91/30 for its durability and reliability). Some things bells and whistles are a detriment, but on other things, it’s always good to have a highly tuned, perfectly engineered item in your hands that does the job every time. It’s always a toss up depending on what you’re talking about.

                1. Which is the whole “toss up” thing I’m talking about. And not to put too fine a point on it, but those Panzers kicked some serious Russian (and Brit, and American) ass during that conflict, it’s not like they were all sitting in garrison waiting for a decombobulation spring for proper compartment in the gergenschencklscheitnickoffer. Later in the war when logistics and production became a problem for Germany then yeah, Russian any day of the week.

                  For infantry level firearms and squad level weapons I’d take German over Russian in most (not all) cases (for the time period) and American over German in most (not all) cases. The French can keep their shit for proper surrender on demand, of course.

                  1. The russians and americans produced a whole lot more tanks which won the war but i would still rather be sitting in a panther or tiger then those death traps.

                    1. Actually Russian factories *were* getting bombed at the time. The plant where one of my daughter’s rifles was manufactured in was just miles from the front lines at one point. Credit where it’s due, those fuckers were either fearless or suicidal, or knowing Russians, a mixture of both.

                    2. Some. But they did pretty much pick up and move a vast amount of their industry east of the Urals. Fukkin ants, they….

                    3. Having political officers at your back with heavily armed NKVD ensure you carry out any assigned tasks.

                    4. Late war American tanks weren’t bad at all, although in the beginning, just like our aircraft, they were sorely lacking.

                    5. Yeah the pershing was a good design though not many saw combat. The up gunned shermans atleast stood a chance but still under armoured and had a high silhouette.

                    6. No question, agreed. I’m a big fan of German military equipment from the period. They didn’t almost take over Europe and Russia nearly single handedly by using only modestly functional equipment, they rode on the wings of their, at that time period, high tech and nearly won the war before it began. Russia, as always, is damned lucky that Father Winter is on its payroll, and that commanders of other nations always seem to forget that fact.

                    7. They did have some awesomely engineered geared. But they bogged down in the mud and cold of winter. Delaying barbarossa 6 weeks becasue of mussolinis botched invasion of greece is what prolly lost them the war.

                    8. Plenty of fuckups in Barbarossa. Splitting off units from Army Group Center to support the south army invastion of Ukraine kept them from entering Moscow, little cold weather gear, intelligence failure of enemy assessment of strength, logistics, etc…

                    9. I assume thats a movie quote but i prolly had some distant relatives working in german factories.

              1. The 98 Mauser can barely be improved on to this day. It is the quintessential bolt action rifle. The 03 Springfield was a copy of it. Imitation being the sincerest form of flattery…patent infringements aside.

                1. I last saw one on consignment sale over at Cabela’s about two years ago and am still kicking myself in the ass that I didn’t buy it at the time.

                  1. The U.S. government ended up paying a quarter of a million dollars to Mauser Werke for patent infringements.

            3. I read a lot of the Tiger tanks were destroyed by their own crews because of mechanical break downs (particullary the transmission) and not wanting to leave it to the enemy.

        2. The old ones were almost unstoppable. There’s no telling how many pine trees we pushed over with it making our own roads.

        1. I learned how to drive stick in one. The army still had them when I came in and got to have alot of fun in them until the HUMVEEs were phased in.

            1. Yep, three speed with a two stick transfer case. Ours had a half dollar sized hole in the passenger side floorboard from a twelve gauge shotgun that when getting out while quail hunting the trigger snagged on a seat spring.

                    1. One thing about rabbits is they breed like rabbits. They multiply until they catch up with the food supply. If you shoot one, another will take it’s place. Shooting one provides a meal for hawks, coyotes or buzzards. No harm done.

                    2. makes for lazy hawks and coyotes.
                      A coyote will NEVER learn to build a rocket-propelled Roadrunner trap if he gets his meals so easily.

                    3. You guys didn’t get to do anything… didn’t get to paint graffiti on the high school like the big city kids and no midnight rabbit shining trips like the country kids:) I guess y’all did get to watch rasslin on Saturday afternoon though.

                    4. For the life of me I never understood the burbs. I can see the rural life as appealing and I am a city boy in my heart but why someone would want to live in some shitty midpoint just never made no sense.

                    5. Same, I could live in an apartment in the middle of everything instead of the burbs where the only thing to do is commute.

                    6. At this point the only draw the suburbs still hold for me is the idea of a little more room and a little more insulation from assholes. The price though, at least in this region would be an hour+ commute and property taxes very likely in the 5 digit range.

                    7. It depends on where you are. From your view, yeah, that would suck. When I lived in the ‘burbs it was 20 minutes north of smack-dab in the middle of Columbus, which is a lot further than you’d think once you hit 71 north out of Cbus. So you’re close to all the major things you’d want from a city (big stores, entertainment, minorities puking on the street at 2am, etc) without having to live in it. The countryside/rural area was literally outside of the borders of the ‘burb as well. Plus a lot of entertainment and nice places to go popped up around the area as well. I guess if I had only the big city/north east coast experience to go on, I’d hate it too. But around here, eh, it’s not so bad and we had one of the best public schools in the nation. The parts that I didn’t like was obviously having neighbors you could see directly out of your kitchen window, and the dumb ass crowded roads at rush hour. Otherwise, eh, it’s not as bad as people make it out to be.

                    8. “minorities puking on the street at 2am” That was actually listed as a pro on the MLS sheet!

                      But you’re right. Its different with the larger, older cities where you can be an hour or more out of the city center and still be in fairly dense, often shitty environs.

                    9. Yes, that’s right. The problem is that this is all lost in translation. The east coast and Cali folks extrapolate the ‘burbs across the nation to their limited experience with the shitty Conformity Corners, 2 hour commute, 10,000 in property tax hell holes that they drive by. Hence how we get bullshit like Edward Scissorhands and other assorted ‘slams’ on the ‘burbs that everybody with no experience in them outside of aforementioned places chortles up their sleeves about. My area, and some here have been there, is quite nice, clean, lots to do, nice pleasant people and while there is some duplication of facades on houses, is nowhere near as conformity as most think.

                      The big city burbs I can imagine would be nightmares. Not because big city, but because they did pop up first and do more or less match the stereotype, or so I’m led to believe.

                    10. The older burbs around the big cities are nice, and often out of reach for that reason. Though some of those went to crap (for any number of reasons), they were generally designed a little more sensibly with more finely built houses. But as they stretched further and further out, developments became larger and a little more bottom-line foscued, THEN you get the Scissorhandian Nightmare of treeless, townless, vastly paved monotony.

                    11. Well, well done!!!!
                      And Flushing Meadows/Corona Park was the Valley of Ashes.
                      Just for that I’m going to share my Gatsby Experience Map!

                    12. The funniest part of that book that no one ever gets is randomly deciding to go from Sands Point to New York on 25A.

                      You think it is a pain in the hole now? Try taking fucking northern blvd from rich hicks, through poor hicks, into queens and finally into the city

                    13. And yet I bet it was still FASTER back then. Sure, the cars only did 35 mph, but there were probably only a half dozen lights and 18 other cars!

                    14. I can’t even imagine such a thing as you mention in your last sentence. Honestly, that would be awful. Since midwest and western cities like Cbus are far less centralized and far less compact, the suburbs tended to be further out (after the 1970’s) into their own proper villages/cities. Places like New Albany, and Dublin and Westerville and Worthington and the Polaris area north of Columbus are “cities/towns” in their own right, with all amenities close by, and more trees than you can shake a stick at (so to speak). It’s kind of a different vision of things I think. Instead of everybody trekking into Megopolis every morning and coming home each night, some go into the city but many work locally in the town/village or in a nearby town/village and have a short commute at best. The furthest place I’ve worked from my original home was 25 minutes in normal rush hour traffic, since I moved there in 1998. It’s just a different way of doing things that I think most have no idea about if they’ve never seen it.

                      All this being said, you can find the “old” original burbs still within the city limits, in places like Hilltop, but they have been overrun by minorities and are still considered basically the city. Exception for Bexley, which is a rich folk island in the middle of Cbus.

                    15. “”cities/towns” in their own right” That helps. And once upon a time, NY, Philly, Boston, etc were like that. But then demand caused them to fill in all the voids between the towns and you wind up with basically sprawl.
                      And once that’s filled in they struck out even further. Now we’re into the 80s and we have, an hour or more out, exactly what I described. What’s idiotic still is that a lot of these places are NOT cheap – I cant image the mind that chooses to commute 3hrs a day to and from their mortgage which they only get to see in the dark.

                    16. Funny, his justification was having a nice place for his kid to grow up but like all suburban girls she was getting double stuffed and licking assholes by the time she was 15 in the, still unpaid for, furnished basement while her father was in that 3 hour commute

                    17. *some conditions may apply

                      The funny thing about the promiscuity in the city is that the real degenerates are the suburbanites and transplants from other parts of the country. They get to town and go full Caligula over here. It is like they graduate some state school from wherever, maybe do a business degree or whatnot, get here in there early 20’s and immediately join the roman orgy. The girls who grew up here are promiscuous by religious standards, but no where near the same league as the transplants

                    18. These places here are pretty righteous about keeping Cbus “amenities” out and keeping Cbus city council/rules out of their communities. You want water, you go with the county (or even local) water, you want police you go with the local sheriff or set up your own small cop shop, you want trash pickup, it’s private. I’m wagering that there were lessons learned from the old school cities.

                    19. I’ve tried to peg the cutoff on where “east coast” stops and midwest begins. It’s somewhere in western PA but I’m not quite sure where.

                    20. Its kinda weird because the area between Philly and Pitt is calle Pennsyltucky. Very rural, conservative etc, though I’d say that once you get past Pitt is where I consider the border of the midwest

                    21. Up here it’s bustling, and given our huge bike lane push the last ten years, if you have a bicycle you’re just a few minutes ride to any given kind of entertainment or food that you want. You want to blow $200 on a righteous steak, you can do so and pedal back home and be none the worse for wear. Not that I recommend doing so, that would be weird.

                    22. If I had to reconstruct my foolish parent’s thought process, I’d say they chose to flee to the burbs for a few somewhat sound reasons. First, owning anything in the city would have been impossible for them even back then,
                      and rent is for sukkers. Second they were growing tired of having the car windows smashed every other day, sodedicated parking for maybe even TWO vehicles was a draw. ‘For the kids’, as misguided as it was included leaving a place that seemed very
                      much on decline and giving them a place to dig holes and play in the dirt.
                      AND you’re 20 minutes from the ocean.

                      For a lot of people the choice is the oft-repeated fallacy of trying to ‘have it all’. People want the payscale and opportunities of the city, while having more room than would otherwise be affordable. And the commute becomes the negotiation.

                    23. I mean sure, that all makes perfect sense to me…..but why choose something like Levittown when you can go to a place like Marlboro NY. While further in terms of miles, your train commute will be the same amount of time as the drive (prob shorter some days) and you can actually be in a nice rural area which is served with excellent public schools and has a strong sense of community?

                      Every positive you mention here, and they are positives, are available in very nice places with similar or better commutes without having the superimposed cookie cutter suburb bullshit.

                    24. I would think nanny state contributes a lot to that. Women vote in these laws “for the children” which means all they can do cheap and fun is get into drugs and watch porn.

                    25. Drugs and porn are fine as long as you don’t climb that tree and NEVER run with a pointed stick.

                    26. There was this hot spring public swimming pool about a mile from where I grew up. My sister and I would walk through the fields and go swimming there during the summer. Then when I was in middle school, the environmentalists came down because the sewer system drained into a cow pasture, which they deemed a wetland. Shut down the only real source of entertainment for the nearby town of 300 or so people. So many similar stories about overbearing bureaucrats.

                    27. We used to go swimming in a cold spring called “ The Wash Hole”. Out of town guy bought the place turned into a hunting plantation hence

                    28. That is pretty common as well, we inherited this 5 acre campground from my grandpa. For years, we had a sign on it that read “JOHNSON BOY SCOUT CAMPGROUND” and pretty much let anyone use it. Over time, more and more people started trashing the place, leaving garbage, and being a nuisance. It got bad enough that we replaced the signs with a “NO TRESPASSING” and stretched a cable across the entrance with a lock. Sucks how inconsiderate people can ruin it. Maybe we will reopen in time.

                    29. Speaking of climbing a tree…..One morning I get a knock on the door from the police. He said he got a report from a neighbor of us being negligent parents because my daughter was climbing a tree in our back yard, IN HER JAMMIES! Where was she when he knocked on the door? eating a bowl of cereal at the table.

                    30. It wasn’t quite that bad. Where I lived anyways was as if you put your thumb on the outter boroughs and kind of smeared them eastward. There was plenty of trouble to be found, but the critical difference was you had to look for it. For the city yute the trouble was simply omnipresent.
                      BUT you’re always an hour or more away from anything different.

                    1. Drive along fence line in the summer and rabbits would run straight along side the road, instead of vearing off into the meadow. One guy drives and the other leans out of the passenger seat with a baseball bat.

                    2. Its’ starting to look like we have a similar problem in my neighborhood. Have had 2 mailboxes found broken and on the ground within a week’s time. My guess is some kids are using the bunny polo technique.
                      Reminds me of a story of one guy who got sick of this happening to him so he put something like rebar or a thick wood post inside his plastic mailbox. Looked unassuming and weak, but when the hoodlums drove by and took a swing at it, the bat bounced back, breaking the punk’s wrist along with one of the car’s windows.

                    3. I love it. My FIL did the exact same thing, constructing an unbeatable mail box. Be warned however that Federal Law mandates that they be ‘break away’ so what you describe doesn’t happen.
                      Hoodlum would have a nice lawsuit if he had a brain.

                  1. fuk yeah. Got a little bit in. My friend worked at a landfill and we took the truck stump-jumpin a few times. Stinky fun. Before that we’d mess around with dirtibikes in the ‘woods’ from time to time.
                    We tried….

            1. Nice low center of gravity, clunky as fuck. Rugged, but way big. I was only there for the intro of Gen1 though, so likely it’s a whole new vehicle these days.

            2. I like the way the army is replacing the humvee with basically an armored pick-up truck. That’s Murica as fuck.

                1. Whats wrong with the f35 not like they spent a trillion dollars on a plane that cant out dogfight an f15.

                  1. I like the super high-tech plane launchers on the aircraft carriers that can’t actually launch planes.

                    1. They are really cool from a electrical engineering stand point. So what if it doesnt always launch the plane correctly

                    2. Plus, they cost the taxpayers a fuckton of money that went to a whole bunch of defense contractors.

                    3. haha, i always laugh when i think of this. Back when Dances with Wolves was popular my sister had a school dance that she didn’t have a date for. She was being all bitchy and i said somehting to the effect of “chill out Dances with Nobody…it’ll be fine”

                  2. Having firsthand experience with the F-35, I would caution everyone to take the media detractors with a grain of salt…it’s a complex jet whose development process can’t easily be compared with previous aircraft.
                    But yeah, it is hella expensive….

                    1. My buddy was working on the replacement engine for it at GE until they shut the replacement engine program down.

                2. Im no expert on cars, but my mechanic is amazed at how the jeep with the four drs and removable canopy retains its resale value…

                3. You can buy an old, busted Humvee nowadays for a few grand. By the time you get it fixed all the way up, you’re around $16k. We have a lot with surplus Humvees at my base. They look like hell. Take a look when you’re in the area.

                  1. Sometimes you see two people who have a really special connection…. a bond, a trust that goes beyond mere love. That’s the kind of connection you have to have with some whore if you are going to trust her to suck your cock while you are firing a gun.

                    1. by the look of that guy, the thing that is most important is that he has a huge gut to shield her head from tobacco juice or teeth that might be falling out of his head while she sucks off his 2 inch pecker

            3. Driving them through small towns towns was a pain in the ass. In Germany one of the guys in my platoon clocked an old woman in the head with his side mirror and knocked her off her bicycle. (Didn’t stop, but she must have been ok since she got up and shook her fist at us.)

              The humvees I deployed with were pre OIF, so basically an AK47 round would easily punch through it. We had to sandbag the floor against anti-personnel mines and went through 2 fuel filters because of the sand.

              Saying that and having to practically live out of it for 6 months– it was overall a good vehicle. At least I didn’t have to worry about rolling it at high speed like a jeep and it protected you from the elements for the most part.

              1. Reminds of a story told to me by a Korea Vet, he said when he was there the Koreans heated their homes and cooked with wood heat. When they cut a tree for firewood they would save every twig. They didn’t bother cutting the smaller diameter pieces short, they just wrapped it all in a bundle to be carried on their back and they would walk alongside the road with these bundles of firewood sticking out 7-8 feet on each side. His Jeep driver found great sport in swerving close enough to them to catch the end of the bundle spinning them off into the ditch.

            4. The Humvee was stable and generally adequate for transportation. However, it was never well armored enough for the environments it actually faced combat in.

              Therefore, it’s been replaced with the MRAP, which is super intimidating and extremely safe but difficult to drive. It’s just a massive, heavily-armored SUV.

          1. I’m so sorry. I must have misunderstood the fact that you replied to my comment to mean that you were REPLYING TO WHAT I POSTED. Dickweed

    1. Paging Mr Murdoc. Requesting your best guess on who our intruder is.
      If you get it right, you might have to change your name to Sherlock.

      1. Haven’t been able to spend enough time on it to get to a best guess. A few recent hits came up Quintus Curtius, (and he probably abandoned ROK, probably fits better here anyway) but the persona is too far off for any confidence.

              1. It’s not that, it’s just my priorities are fucked up. I need to make more time for internet shenanigans and spend less time being productive.

  11. Trump invited mayors of sanctuary cities to the white house; most refused. Hilarious if he has them arrested on the spot once they cross the threshold

          1. I dont think our current roster is gonna help us win the pennant. I think we should trade you back to rok for @spicynujac , some cash, and a weekend pass for 4 to the Valley Stream Mall
            Im not the GM, its @[email protected]_aHyDBkvUW5:disqus ‘s call

            1. I enjoy watching football in the afternoon, one of the things I enjoy about this country; baseball, too. I’ve loved baseball ever since Arnold Rothstein fixed the World Series in 1919.

              1. A man becomes preeminent, he’s expected to have enthusiasms. Enthusiasms, enthusiasms… What are mine? What draws my admiration? What is that which gives me joy? Baseball!

            1. I find it funny that the male mime is obviously disgusted but the female mime is less disgusted and more interested/aroused. AWALT.

        1. Somebody mark this day on a fucking calendar — the day I did the wise thing and Jim did the dumbass thing.

          1. Nonsense, you invested in a Shithole-a-tron 9000. I have a feeling this will be a lucrative industry as more and more liberal shitholes are creeping up everywhere.

            1. Unfortunately, there is zero profit to be made in the Shithole-A-Tron industry. All supply, no demand.

    1. that pic alone makes me want to vomit in Haiti. that ensemble is a sure way to further the gay agenda

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