Mastering Your Roles in Life

Last week I posted an article about making time for yourself.  Long time commenter John Galt posted a comment about separating your roles in life and making sure they don’t interfere with each other.  This got me thinking and really got home with me. Today I’ll expand on John’s initial 3, but I came up with even more roles that are important.


I recall reading a comment that a man has 3 roles or demeanors in life that he must maintain simultaneously. One for his family, one for his professional life and the last is his private one which the other two should never meet nor mix -John Galt

I couldn’t agree more.  Since I wrote a whole article on making time for yourself, I won’t repeat it here.  One point I’ll elaborate on is separating your personal time from your professional and family time.  Really, none of these should interfere with the other if you can help it. This time should be for you.  To relax, do what you want to do on your terms.


This is one role many of you seem to know well.  You’re the man of your family so you must lead.  I like to think of a family like the crew of a ship, to which you are the captain.  Where you lead your family is in your hands.  How they turn out is up to you.

What I’ll stress here is actually making time to be with your family.  Work and other obligations can take up a bulk of your time so making time to do things with the family is important.  Remember to leave your other roles at the doorstep when you come home. Don’t bring work stress into your home.  They need to know you’re strong and can handle shit, even if you are having a difficult time.


On the other side of things, don’t bring home stress to the office.  I try to have a neutral or even joking behavior at work.  Bringing stress to your team at work fucks with the dynamic.  Listen, work sucks and no one wants to be there, but we need to be so just get in and do what you have to do.  In keeping with the theme of this article, don’t think co-workers are friends.  Do not give away every piece of your life, and more importantly, don’t give an opinion on something or someone to a co-worker.  Remember anything you say can be used against you.  Try to avoid the gossip and bullshit.

Other Roles

John’s three roles are solid but I thought of other roles I have in my life that I need to keep on point and separate from each other.

Alpha Male of Extended Family

I’m 30, 3 kids and in a good career and I provide for my wife and kids.  Another role I have been given is the lead man in my extended family.  I’m more successful than both my parents career wise.  I make more money than everyone else in my family, and I’m the only person to have a higher education (when it mattered luckily) degree.

I have two younger brothers that I am a role model for.  My father is getting older and basically passed the reigns of leading our whole family to me. All of my family members look to me to lead our family to better things. A role I embrace proudly.  Take note though, that I won’t let extended family take advantage, nor will I help someone who refused to help themselves, blood or not.

A Mentor to my Friends

A man should build himself up by the sweat of his own brow, but being a good friend when your buddy needs it is something in itself. Two of my best friends relied on me in times of need.  One got abandoned by his family due to extreme circumstances, and  the other got divorce raped.  Both these guys needed a friend to talk to. Someone that would tell them like it is.  Both these guys have thanked me many times for this.


As a successful man running a family, you will be put into many roles.  You need to know when to be what guy that role needs. I look at things differently at work than I do at home.  It’s important to know who you are, but being able to shift your plans when necessary is of value to you. Also, be sure to separate these roles as best you can.


-J. Nyx

Author: Jnyx

Fitness addict, DIY guru, tech nerd, member of Memesters Local 419.

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    1. Yeah, having a shit childhood means either you continue the same path, and lead your family into the same mess, or you realize how NOT to raise a family and do it the right way.

      1. In my case it meant not having a family at all. Not entirely my choice as the females were not exactly breaking down my door, but even if they did, pretty sure I would have avoided marriage/kids anyway.

          1. There’s something good to be said about realizing one’s limitations and living accordingly.

            1. I know mine, but as stated above, it was pretty evident to me early on in my life that I had been eliminated from the gene pool.

      2. Good on you. You’re the Hero of the group, as the oldest child is wont to be. Problem is, Heroes tend to also carry with them a dark self-sabotaging streak.

        1. I think that’s a conceit that Hollywood has tried to build into us, and to some extent, normal culture as well. Don’t know if it’s really true or not though.

          1. But I want everyone here to know — there’s not gonna be no trouble from THIS potato! Dckhead’, a porta!

    1. I remember when “No Fat Chicks” was a thing. Flags, shirts, the whole nine yards. The mid to late 1980’s. You’d set up a party in the park or on the lake or whatever, post the flag and not only did it keep landwhales away, young thin girls would show up all giggly and ready to have a great time. It was truly a different time, almost a different universe entirely.

      1. I remember when fat chicks would beg to get railed by a guy, any guy and we are not talking obese women either, ones that were around 15-25 lbs overweight. In fact, when any of my friends in high school railed a “fat” chick he would claim that she got him drunk, essentially crying “reverse date rape” . Now the fat chicks, 50+ lbs overweight, are modelling for Victoria’s Secret.

        1. I remember that too. Also, at least on beaches during spring break, chicks would rate guys who walked by with the whole competition style “signs”, on occasion. Pretty girls even.

          1. I remember when I would walk down the hallway and the girls, even if they did not like you, but at least ,knew you, would at say “Hi” out of politeness.

      2. Times have changed. It’s not like the Old Days — when we could say whatever we
        want, but getting fat is not the act of a human being.

        If @GhostOfJefferson ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ has all the ‘No Fat Chicks’ signs,then he must share them, or let us others use them. He must let us draw the water from the well.

        Certainly he can present a bill for such services;

        after all — we are not Communists.

                1. I never saw the Godfather spend time with Godwife or whoever gave birth to the abomination named Michael Corleone

        1. I also don’t believe in fat chicks. For years I paid my people extra so they wouldn’t fuck that kinda business. Somebody comes to them and says, “i have drinks; if you drink down 10 or 12 of them this 3 begins to look like an 8.” So they can’t resist. I want to control it as a business, to keep it respectable. I don’t want it in public — I don’t want people to take them on dates! That’s an infamnia. In my city we would keep the traffic of fatties in the dark people — the colored. They’re animals anyway, so let them lose their souls

        2. Derivative, repetitive from the last two weeks, a rehash of sorts; gonna give it a 2/10.

          I wish I still had at least one flag like that, it was really fun. Between that and the “Party Naked” stuff, that era was a great time.

          1. Fair enough. Not my best work. I KNOW I’ve seen those bumper stickers, but can’t remember the last time. But we sure suffered a feminist backlash in the early 90s. All that flannel and chunky footgear….

            1. They seemed to disappear overnight, along with the Franky Says, and the Party Naked stuff. Not “faded over time”, like almost overnight. Yeah, it no question had to do with the early 1990’s bullshit feminist crap.

                1. A study should be conducted on how many of the people who proudly displayed these wound up married to fat chicks, married to women who became fat or just wound up turning into the male version of crazy cat ladies. My guess is somewhere between 101-109%. Really need top men on this……top….men

                  1. definitely. The back of the sign should read “just give me a 30 rack of Beast ice and i will dive face first into those fat titties”

                    1. Nah. The guys of the time doing that were just normal 80’s guys. No doubt some married down to fatties or eventual fatties, but most just married normal women who were, I’m assuming, at the time quite attractive. It was a mindset of not accepting nasty girls, after all.

              1. hahahahah “Franky Says”……I knew a guy who had a shirt laid out the same way that read “who gives a SHIT what Frankie says” (with shit being the big word).

          2. Young people don’t respect anything anymore. Times are changing for the worse. This place has become too dangerous for you. I don’t think you’re safe here. I want you to move to a safe space in Breitbart, right now…subita, eh?

      3. Me and some friends actually had a running joke a long time ago where I owned my own country called Jakoria. The national anthem was:
        “All hail Jakooorrriiaaaa…
        No fat chicks!”

  1. “My father is getting older and basically passed the reigns of leading our whole family to me.”

    I knew that Cynic was going to have to go through all this. And Jak– well — Jak was — well — But I never — I never wanted this for you. I work my whole life, I don’t apologize, to take care of my family. And I refused — to be a fool — dancing on the string, held by all those — bigshots. I don’t apologize — that’s my life — but I thought that — that when it was your time — that — that you would be the one to hold the strings. Senator – Jnyx. Governor – Jnyx, or something…

      1. You talk about quotas– are quotas gonna bring your son back to you? Or my boy to me? I forgo the vengeance of my quotes– But I have selfish reasons. My most recent quote — is waiting for moderation — because of this humorlessness business. All right — and I have to make arrangements to get it published here safely — cleared of all these false charges. But I’m a superstitious man — and if some unlucky accident should befall that quote– if he should get edited by moderator — or if it– should hang in moderation purgatory forever — or if he’s struck by a bolt of lightning — then I’m going to blame some of the people on this site. And that, I do not forgive.

    1. CBCB, you’re my older brother and I love you. But don’t ever take sides against the Family again. Ever.

          1. I wish I was Professor X, cuz I’d be telepathically commanding the person in the cube next to you to strangle ya

              1. Young people don’t respect The Godfather anymore. Times are changing for the worse — Eh — This place has become too dangerous for you — I don’t think you’re safe here. I want you to move to a villa near Siracusa, right now — Subita, eh?

                    1. Vikings chick. You can never go wrong posting pics of pretty chicks who play on the show Vikings. Well done.

                    2. Damn skippy there is. Ragnar’s son’s woman was a looker too if I recall.

            1. You don’t have to remember — just do as I say. We’re putting a call into your office — explain that you’ll be there tomorrow afternoon — you decided to spend the night at Bem’s house watching weekend at bernie’s– as his guest.

          1. Thales, you keep feedin my quality posts to your trolls, and Im gonna kick ya til youre DEAD

        1. Yeah i have never watched the hole thing. I remember it being on tv once when i was kid but my dad changed the channel and said something to the effect that we are from german decent not Italian, with a couple italian derogatories thrown in there.

          1. Yeah, never watched more than 10 minutes either, I guess it starts too slow to captivate my interest.
            As for the whole german>italian decent thing, well….you’re about to trigger a lot of spaghetti people with that statement.

  2. All right the new rule is everyone gets one Godfather quote per article . Nothing more unless you want to feel the taste of my
    mighty ban hammer mjonir

        1. Yep. The site’s mission be damned. I just gloss over them now, it’s derivative, uncreative and boring. Movie quotes are great, but only one movie 24/7, yawn.

            1. At first I was wondering why you were doing this, but now I get it.

            1. It’s better than calling it what I’m actually thinking. More respectful actually.

    1. Bravely bold Sir Lattacku
      Rode forth from AKC
      He was not afraid to ban
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      And the site all hacked and mangled
      Brave Sir Lattacku…

  3. What is best in life? To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of their women!

          1. Veggies are good for your health. As are other fruits.
            Its best to avoid potatoes for the most part. Starchy crap that’s bad for you.

    1. So much stupidity in that tweet. If your body is that size and shape, you’re not living your “best life” and are deluding yourself.

  4. Compartmentalizing one’s life is the way to go. I’ve never understood the men who open up a business with their wives. It seems like a fast track to divorce.

        1. Can’t do it, Murdoc.
          See I understand the concept of the finger-trap. If no one would have fought it, this Project would have just died out with our waning attention spans. But people started to piss and moan, and well, here we are.
          This is Kersey 101.

          1. Bem- Bem, Bem, Bem, Bem, Bem– I wanna be reasonable
            with you. Now, why don’t you stay with us – with the family. You can live
            here on AKC with your quotes from the godfather. You won’t be deprived of anything and
            you can have everything you want. Now — I don’t know this Murdoc– I
            don’t know what he quotes– I don’t know what he lives on. Now why don’t
            you tell him that stopping is our of the question, and you don’t want
            to see him try to tell you not to quote the godfather anymore. Now he’ll understand, believe me.

                  1. Hey, it’s no worse than constant repetition of the same boring lame lines from the Godfather, over and over and over again, derailing any chance of discussing the content of the article. Six one way, half dozen the other.

                    1. Why should he? The goal of the Godfather stuff went from light fun into a deliberate attempt to derail any chance of discussion. It’s a site for married men and fathers, yet married men and fathers don’t seem to get much of a chance to make a point among the countless, endless Godfather posts that overwhelm the comments section. Some of us have tried to keep the discussion about the article alive or at least bring up points related to it, and get shut down pretty quickly with, of course, Godfather quotes with, yes, contextual editing.

                      I like what Thales is doing. It’s forcing the question of this entire thing to the forefront. Which is more important? Raw post count or at least some chance of relevant discussion? Lots of fun off topic is great, but when it’s the same thing over and over again it’s pretty clear that some parties are just here to amuse themselves by trolling the thread past any ability to keep a discussion alive.

                    2. My experiences post-divorce, post-PUA and this site has made me realize one thing: Anything other than traditional marriage and traditional family is just temporary and an exercise in futility & frustration. I used to believe the grass was greener on the “single & mingle” side. The “highs’ from pulling strange ass to the “lows” of being without & lonely; It’s all bullshit. A man is truly happy only with a good wife and good kids. I say this as a divorced man. Keep posting, I hope you don’t leave.

                    3. Oh, I’m not going anywhere. I think that Thale’s demonstration today is going to make this a real topic that will need to be dealt with. I hope anyway. Besides, you try to be original, it wasn’t really about all the single/no-kids types, didn’t mean for it to come across that way.

                      Agreed on what you said before “don’t leave” btw. That being said, being single&mingle beats being married to a basket case wife.

                    4. Do everything you can to keep it alive man. Sometimes everything you do may not be enough, but it should never be said that you were the one who didn’t put in 100%.

                    5. “Loyalty and purity are rare commodities”……….

                      That, my friend, is why I followed the path I did. That is why I live like I do. That is why I have six kids. That is why I have been writing articles as of lately.

                      “Do not go gentile into that good night” – Dylan Thomas

                    6. If you (or any of you) are willing to do me the favor, I’m struggling with something right now and might be in need of some calibration. I want examples of something in your relationship that you dislike, but overlook because it’s not worth the trouble. Could be something she does, or asks you to do, or…

                    7. Hmmmm……

                      Talking over others was always something that bugged me. Her family all do it to each other, so it’s a learned behavior, but when having guests over she’d let them get halfway through a sentence and then start talking, which always bugged me (and the guests many times). It wasn’t malicious, it was just how she was raised. Also, increasing volume, which I think is a trait of all women when they get in groups.

                    8. I think this is somewhat common. It doesn’t bother me if I’m not in the conversation, but it really gets me if I’m the one being talked over and it takes my wife’s attention away from me. To the point that I’ve felt compelled to point out to my wife I find it rude when she does this. But maybe I overestimate the importance of what I think I was saying. I’ll never understand out how she knew that ahead of time, however.

                    9. Even if you’re not saying anything that important, I really think it’s always rude to constantly interrupt people mid sentence with your own views. It’s one thing if it’s a heated debate and you’re getting into some kind of rumble-conversation, but when it’s about any and every topic and it happens to everybody she talks to, it’s just plain rude.

                      End of the day though, yeah, you let it slide because the good outweighs the frustration most of the time.

                    10. My wife’s family (the women mainly) can be rather… theatrical…. with situations. My mother-in-law is so freakin’ over the top with everything and it bleeds through in my wife from time to time. Her family also gets a persecution complex if someone sets them straight.

                      Thankfully she doesn’t want to be like her mom, so I’ll call her out on it as needed. That would probably be my main peeve with her., but the good outweighs the bad.

                      She always supports my decisions in front of others, including her family. She may disagree in private, but never in public

                    11. persecution complex

                      Ooh. That could be tricky to deal with. It’s like there’s no way they could possibly be wrong about anything.

                      I think I get a very mild variant of this. Sometimes I’m told my mind isn’t very flexible when I want to do something a certain way, but ten minutes later I see something being done a completely unnecessary way that is obviously only satisfying her rigidness. I avoid pointing these out, despite their frequency.

                    12. Her offering to help me with some kind of man project, then weeks later in conversation saying she did the task, bugged me a lot too, but fortunately I nipped that in the bud after seeing it a couple of times. She’d come hold up a frame to a shed, so that I could nail everything down, etc and that would be it, but two weeks later “Well, when I was out building the shed, I XYZ….”

                      Eventually I stopped letting her “help” altogether and when she asked why I told her point blank that I wasn’t fond of that little trait so I’d rather do it myself, heh.

                    13. sounds like youre gonna have a Clark Griswold moment(“Hallelujah! mmmm Holy shit!” proceeds to pound some egg nog)

                    14. Booze might have a role in the eventual resolution.

                      I’m being asked to spend money on something I don’t wish to spend money on. I dislike it either way, but find I’d have less of a problem if she would just go buy it herself instead of insisting I do it.

                    15. ah, Im outta yer element Donny.
                      The guys I still talk to who arent divorced still wind up doing 75-80% of everything related to the homestead- eg the wives now do not work yet he still goes food shopping, get the oil changed at the dealership even though she coulda easily done this while he was at work.
                      if you wanna send a message:

                    16. This sounds like something that should go in the forum simply because it’ll be easier to track this conversation in the future and not have to dig through a bunch of irrelevant comments.

                    17. Jak….Jak……
                      What have I ever done to make you treat me so disrespectfully? Had you come to me in friendship, then this scum that ruined this comments section would
                      be suffering this very day. And that by chance if an honest man such as yourself should make enemies, then they would become my enemies.

                      And then they would fear you.

                    18. My wife and her family’s perfectionism and solid work ethic used to piss me off to no end until I realized it was ME who was fukked up. Gotta say I’ve learned a lot over the years about committing to things and seeing them through.

                    19. Lots of little annoyances, the way she does laundry and leaves half-folded piles in the front room, or waits until I go to bed before she starts her journal writing, or drags her feet when we go out as a family….If it is little, I just ignore completely, if something noticeable, I may make a joke about it, but nothing malicious. Only if it is irritating enough, will I say something frankly or fix it myself.

                      Got to make sure you are giving 9 positive comments for every negative.

                    20. journal writing? please tell me she dots her I’s with lil hearts (just kidding mrs johnson)

                    21. Something that always drove me nuts is when she wanted to do a project. She would start it, ask for my help, then i would wind up finishing it.

                    22. That would be hard to overlook though, for me. It’s basically letting your wife just come up with the ideas, but you do all the implementing? Chances are it’s probably nothing you are interested in..

                    23. “It’s basically letting your wife just come up with the ideas, but you do all the implementing?”
                      I get this a lot….
                      I’m lazier, so whaddayagonna do?

                    24. Typically it was garden stuff that i would have gotten to eventually or hanging shelves and that kind of shit.

                      Oh for things to overlook.. Yeah you dont want advice from me on that. I let shit get far to bad before starting saying something and by then it was to late.

                    25. I’m in the other direction, and and trying to loosen up a bit. I’ve been starting to let all kinds of things go, but sometimes it seems absurd. Thus looking for the aforementioned “calibration”.

                    26. They are like children and will keep testing your limits. Prolly better to be more conservative and not let to much slide.

                    27. “Do not go gentile into that good night” – Dylan Thomas

                      Wow (((Jim))), I’m worried now. Heh.

                    28. I think this is all 100% true. But as a divorced man, I don’t plan to ever get married again. I actively take steps to ensure I’ll never get married again. Because marriage in this day and age is just too big of a risk. The upside is very high, but its literally one in a million. And the downside is absolute fucking misery.

                    29. That’s just good, simple good planning on your part. Without explicitly wanting to raise kids in a stable environment, there’s no use at all to getting married, especially once you get past a certain age. Nothing to gain, everything to lose. If you really like a girl then live together for a while (check local laws regarding common law marriage before doing so, such that you don’t end up accidentally married).

                    30. I break up with any girl I am dating after 6 months. Don’t care how much I like her. Once 6 months rolls around, she’s gone.

                    31. Don’t know if I have the ability to do that, yet anyway. If I like a girl and she gives me no reason to hit eject, I don’t, although after 6 months is when the real personality bleeds out, or so it’s said, so it wouldn’t be hard to tell her to hit the road when, come the 6 month mark, she starts bitching at you for something trivial she never cared about before either. But just out of the blue if she’s still acting like a sweetheart, I don’t know if I could do that honestly.

                    32. I wish it worked the first time for me too but I’m not naive enough to do it again . I enjoy my solitude and freedom too much these days .

                    33. You goddamn commenters really make me laugh – I do you a favor and pioneer a new kind of humor with @WB Fitness:disqus and @The Champion when you’re having a bad time, and then you try to push me out!

                    34. What thales is doing is equivalent to trump calling countries shitholes.
                      Like you said, it forces us to acknowledge the non sense.

                    35. What @Ainigmaris Thales:disqus is doing is like pouring a can of garbage over your family to tell them to clean up their act.

                    36. Troll a troll? I just assumed you were joining in only doing it with yet another take on it. Whatever it is Thales, keep it up! Fantastic work you are doing here.

                    37. ….and there’s no limit to where we can go from here. This kind of

                      website knows how to help trolling…to encourage it. The topics here are
                      bigger and more relevant than anything on ROK and we can
                      thank our friends in the comments section which has put up half of the bandwidth
                      with the Telegram groups on a quote for quote basis and has relaxed restrictions on trolling.

                      What I am saying now is we have what we have always needed — real
                      partnership with a website.

        1. But — that aside — let me say that I swear — on the souls of my
          grandchildren — that I will not be the one to break the peace that we have
          made here today…

                1. I hoped that we would come here and reason together. And as a reasonable man
                  I’m willing to do whatever’s necessary to — find a peaceful
                  solution to these problems…

  5. Keep in mind that the role of being out with the buddies should be present, but also your lowest on the totem pole. Do it, go out with your buddies and have fun, but your responsibility to your family always comes first, which includes your professional life. I’m all about hanging out with the bros, but only after my responsibilities otherwise are fulfilled.

  6. There was this kid I grew up with — he was younger than me. Sorta looked up to me — you know. We did our first work trolling together — worked our way out of the street. Things were funny, we made the most of it. During hypersensitivity — we ran quotes into political websites– made a lulzing. As much as anyone,I loved him — and trusted him. Later on he had an idea — to just start contextually quoting the godfather ad nauseum. That kid’s name was @disqus_tj7gjZttfg:disqus — and the troling he invented was Godfather Trolling. This was a great man — a man of vision and guts. And there isn’t even a plaque — or a signpost — or a statue of him on this website! Someone posted a bunch butt hurt whiny complaints on board. No one knows who gave the order — when I heard it, I wasn’t angry; I knew Bem– I knew he was head-strong, quoting the Godfather, saying stupid things. So when he turned up chastised– I let it go. And I said to myself, this is the business we’ve chosen — I didn’t ask who gave the order — because it had nothing to do with business!

    1. This made me laugh for 10 minutes straight while I was on the phone with my boss…”Someone posted a bunch butt hurt whiny complaints on board. No one knows who gave the order “

    2. The two million quotes, in a bag in your room. I’m going in to take a nap. when I wake, if the quotes are on line, I’ll know I have a partner.
      If it’s not, I’ll know I don’t.

  7. I think one of the most important points the author makes is not bailing out family members who won’t take responsibility for their own lives or letting them take advantage of you. You have to know where assistance ends and enabling begins. My dad was brutally clear that if I got myself into a jam (such as criminal conduct) my ass would sit in jail. Consequently I was pretty careful what I did, since I knew there was no safety net.

    This goes back to the basic principle my mother impressed on me when I was quite young: Most people will take advantage of you if you will let them. This includes family; even immediate family. It is up to us as leaders to ensure that we delegate and follow up so that everyone under our protection pulls their share of the load. Idle people have time to get into trouble. If we focus our families on positive and constructive things, they will feel a great deal of satisfaction from their accomplishments. Everyone involved will be happier.

    But if we don’t show an interest and keep them engaged, don’t be surprised if they wander off and get into trouble. I’m confident that many (not all, to be sure) divorces and the attendant difficulties the children experience in the aftermath are due to the father’s / husband’s failure to lead. First and foremost we have to be strong leaders and ensure that our families face enough adversity that they are strengthened. Making things easy may seem like the thing to do out of love, but I have seen the results of this and it ain’t pretty.

    1. If anything immediate family is sometimes the first that will take advantage of your good efforts. Saw it happen first hand. It sucks, but it is what it is.

    2. “My dad was brutally clear that if I got myself into a jam (such as
      criminal conduct) my ass would sit in jail. Consequently I was pretty
      careful what I did, since I knew there was no safety net.”
      Amen. And while I don’t remember ever being specifically told this, the understanding was crystal clear from Day One.
      And of course everything else you said is on the money too.

      1. I was told in no uncertain terms that if I felt old enough to have sex and get a girl pregnant, I was old enough to live on my own and support myself.

                1. Young bem: “me and whathis name’s going out to pick up girls!”
                  Pa bem: “you two dorks couldn’t pick up the toilet seat!”

                  EVERYone’s a fukkin comedian….

      1. “Don Corleone, I am honoured and grateful that you have invited me to your home today on the day of your daughters wedding… and I hope that their first child, be a masculine child.” … L-o-uca Brasi

  8. @Jnyx
    I wouldn’t disagree with your splicing into further sub-set of roles as the circumstances will dictate which one applies. I’m the oldest sibilng and due to unpleasant recent circumstances, I’ve become the patriarch for my extended family as well. You become the old man so subtly that it suprises you (I’ve got +15 years on you, trust me).

  9. I am in agreement with GOJ in his comments below regarding the proliferation of sad attempts at humor overtaking the purpose of this forum. For the most part we do not get the crazies or Travis Bickles (BEM and Aig Thal excluded) of the world. I’d wager the majority of us are white collar WASPs at a good place in our lives. I’d suggest to the editors/proprietors of this site to include more points of conversation as opposed to the generic soliloqies of self improvement imo. I understand the limitations of such a site but it is important to get the divergent thinking started. Even don corleone read the newspaper…

    A bizzaro gem I came upon from CNN

      1. I see lol. I must have missed that. I figured it’d be one of those articles that gets buried after the 4 am cycle starts. It’s amazing to see the stuff on the msm that gets that treatment.

    1. Bizarre is right. But hey, if liberals can justify their putting up with their wife’s infidelity, more power to them

    2. in my judgment ,you’ll continue to get those Godfather quotes, because I don’t believe that the mods well
      ever pull out of Godfather Trolling– not as long as we have over one billion comments invested in this website.

      1. This site’s had godfather quoters for the last fifty
        years — it’s in their blood, believe me, I know. I’ve been coming here since
        2016. We were running molasses out of ROK when you were a baby — the
        trucks, owned by your father.

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