Way of the Warlord: Phase 8

This week we continue with our Way of the Warlord program here at A Kings Castle.  This is designed to be an interactive physical, mental, and martial arts program where the authors of the site give out a two week challenge to the readers to better ourselves and become better men.

Phase 7 Complete:

Physical: Do a workout you’ve never done before

I continued using new machines and lifts at the end of my program workouts to see what worked for me.  Love the cable machine and it is my favorite after free weights.

Mental:  Listen and Pace Yourself

Did more of this. I had a big presentation to give the higher ups at work and I remembered to stay calm, clear and concise in my speech.  Worked because it seemed to be well received.

Martial:  Hone Your Focus

I took some extra time to focus on my surroundings as I was out and about this past week.  There were a couple instances where I got  a weird vibe from some people hanging around where my car was parked.  One was seated in his car and was watching people go in and out and the other guy got a little to close to my car as I was loading up my stuff.  Ultimately, nothing came of these instances but if trouble was lurking around, I’m glad I was on alert.

Phase 8 Homework

Physical: Incorporate Power Training 

I’m reading Arnold’s Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding and in it he has a part that includes how to include Power Training in your workouts.  Power training is something bodybuilders can do to switch things up to shock the body and muscles into working harder and providing you with more muscle mass.  Power-training includes doing:

  • Supersets
  • 21’s
  • Progressive Workload
  • Negative Reps
  • Drop Sets

There are more that you can look up.  This week I’m going to work on doing more 21’s and my Negative reps.

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Mental: Cut The Bullshit

Everyone lies to themselves about something.  Whether you say you can quit smoking any time or that you’re finally going to start saving money, there are things everyone says they’re going to do, but not things they actually are committed to doing or not doing.   This week, I’m going to cut the bullshit and focus on removing things from my life that have no value or purpose.  People, habits, activities, etc.  If they don’t make me stronger, richer, or just better overall  I’m at the point where I just want to cut some of the mental fat that I have hanging around.


Building on last week’s challenge, as you walk past people on the street, begin identifying any area on them that may be hiding a knife or gun.  Keep an eye out for baggy clothing and bags.  Again, this is just an exercise to help sharpen your mind.


As always, leave your notes and goals in the comments.  Cheer your brothers on and hold each other accountable.  We’ll review Phase 7 next Friday.

Phase 8 Check-In Friday 2/9

-A King’s Castle


Author: Jnyx

Fitness addict, DIY guru, tech nerd, member of Memesters Local 419.

478 thoughts on “Way of the Warlord: Phase 8”

  1. “There were a couple instances where I got a weird vibe from some people hanging around where my car was parked.”

    Always listen your gut instinct. If you cannot leave due to circumstances, turn and watch them. Make it obvious you are intentionally looking at them. They eventually understand they are no longer concealed nor unsuspecting. They dope out their options are either to stay, move on or confront you. From my own experience is that they leave.

    1. Seconded. As someone who’s lived in sketchy areas of several major cities — both in the U.S. and abroad — it’s all about that eye contact. Being tall helps a lot too. With both of those factors, you can stop a lot of shit before it even starts. I’ve never been robbed or even harassed, not once.

      1. I have never been arrested or indicted for any crime what-so-ever. That no proof linking me
        to any criminal conspiracy whether it is called “Mafia” or “Cosa Nostra” or whatever other name you wish to give has ever been made public.

          1. the Godfather parodies are fucking hilarious especially after everyone started getting angry

            1. Not angry. Kind of frustrated for a while, but now it’s just like dealing with little kids in any other area of life. You ignore their little games and you get on with life.

            2. They’re taking this very personal, dckhead. This is business and they’re taking this very, very personal.

              1. I know you’re “quoting”, but nah. Again, was frustrated at first, but if the site owners are fine with letting a very small number of people come in and shit all over everything without regard to the site’s mission or the other posters here, well, then that’s how it is and I’m surely not of the mind to take things personal on behalf of others who simply do not care if their work is pissed on. They allow it, then so be it, I have a Block feature if it gets to be too much (always temporary until little kids find new toys to play with).

                1. Its like the Walking Dead, except once you contract the virus, you start wearing pinkie rings bc you think you are capo in the Luchese Family.
                  that would be a funny skit btw

                    1. let bem bite you then. after you turn, you will spend a lot of time biting your fist and beating up normies with metal trash cans

                  1. No, not you. You play along but you also tend to make some decent posts “OT” from the GF trolling. But if you spent a day or three only doing it, then I’ll tend to gloss over your posts without even bothering to read them after a while. Usually I’ve come to just ignore the entire posts of certain people who show no interest in helping this site and are here for the personal amusement they get from shitting on the work of others, automatically, so Block is rarely called for. Once in a while everybody makes a decent post, even accidentally, so I like to keep options open.

                    This is probably my last post on the topic for today, but just wanted to clear the air a bit on my own actions. Lots of people snicker and think “He r mad, hur hur” when somebody even bothers to say “Really, guys?” and I’m not one to encourage children being naughty on the playground.

                    1. No, I don’t want to hear anything. There are things between trolls and women that will not change. Things that have been the same for thousands of years.

                    2. It’s something that’s unholy and evil. I didn’t want your explanations, Champ – I
                      wouldn’t bring another one of you trolls into this world. Its an abortion
                      Champ – because this mustall end.

                      I know now that it’s over, I knew it then — there would be no way Champ — no way you could ever forgive me. Not with this Quoting thing
                      that’s been going on for 2000 posts!

          2. played out? I play YOU out – you dont play ME out.
            I made my bones when you were still doing fundraising for Al Gore

      2. Eye contact and physical presentation go a long, long way to stopping people from harassing you in real life, without question. Being almost 6’4″ myself (officially, 6’3.59″, thank you very much), when I’m out and about and wearing my boots I’m pretty much the tallest guy on the block in any given place. Add in not walking around in submissive stance like 99.9% of people do, and the sea of humanity parts for your passing. The few troublemakers or potential troublemakers generally leave you alone as well, and normally revert to a submissive eyes down, shoulders hunched posture when passing. In public areas like bars, standing straight, shoulders back, confident and making solid eye contact keeps even the most belligerent drunk at bay most of the time (up to a certain point anyway).

        1. It won’t keep the professionals away — if the pros target you, there’s not much anybody can do. But stance, height, and eye contact deters the average opportunistic criminal.

          1. Not a lot of that kind of thing around these parts I guess. Or if there is, they don’t hang where I do. The people I have to worry about mostly are drunk bikers, which in and of itself is not a big deal, unless they’re wearing certain colors and then it can become potentially pretty hairy. But inner city stuff, eh, I really don’t venture into Cbus much as far as bars go so that’s really not on my radar most of the time (the pros I mean).

          2. Get rid of those Hillary pamphlets –
            Come ‘ere… Put your hand in your pocket like you have a gun. You’ll be
            You’ll be okay…

            1. Hey, listen, I want somebody good and I mean very good to plant that

              gun. I don’t want @jammyjaybird:disqus coming out of that toilet with just
              his dick in his hands, alright?

          1. Since the fairly cute chick doctor made a point of including that during my last physical I can’t let it go. It is now a part of “Who I Am” ™.

                    1. We tried to use Finches for measurement in the past, but they vary in size too much to be reliable for more precise work.

      3. Consider yourself super lucky, as well as smart and situationally aware. I ran my ass off away from 2 mugging attempts from my days living in Chicago. I may have told this story before, but on the second one I was running toward the most well lighted area I could find– the El tracks. I hit my shin on the steel guard rail jumping through the ditch under the tracks and nearly broke my leg. I still have a misshapen bump on my shin from that (rubbing it tenderly as I type). Must have splintered the bone a little. I still think I was lucky!

        1. My mother taught me a lot about situational awareness, because she’s had to work some really sketchy neighborhoods in her life. She counts heads, looks for escape routes, assesses body language, etc.

        2. What part of Chicago? I was always annoyed about the agressive street husslers running up on tourists, but I never spent time south of interstate 55 (for good reason).

            1. Damn. I liked visiting Chicago, but their stringent gun control laws and penalties always made me leave the pistol at home. When I weighed up the odds going to Cleveland or Detroit… I brought the iron.

      4. True. Eye contact and a placid expression. I actually stand full frontal, no side glance or over the shoulder, at them so there is no mistake that I am looking at them. If you have experience with violence, it also tends to give off a vibe that most will want to avoid.

          1. Ha. Consider it a rare talent. I had a colleague like that– even the guys in my station wanted to kick his ass when he smirked at them. He once sat next to a guy, looked at him without saying a word and within seconds the guy went ape shit and lunged at him.
            He was actually all right, but had that obnoxious frat boy look.

      1. (g)Rapefruit a great man — a man of vision and
        guts. And there isn’t even a plaque — or a signpost — or a statue of him on thsi site!
        Someone outted him as Chip Baskets. No one knows who gave the order — when I heard it, I wasn’t angry; I knew (g)Rapefruit — I knew he was acidic, talking loud, saying stupid things. So when he turned up outted I let it go. And I said to myself, this is the business we’ve chosen!
        I didn’t ask who gave the order because it had nothing to do with business!

          1. AHA! I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT!


            He’s a goddamn, commie-loving, Trump-supporting, Putin-kissing Russian Spy!

      1. They will take it how they take most things, as you said not sitting down, but rather slowly crossing the street in a diagonal line into traffic while holding their pants “up”.

  2. “Everyone lies to themselves about something. Whether you say you can quit smoking any time…”

    That’s the truth.
    Been drinking way more than usual over the past year. 2017 was a shit year for me.
    Gotta cut it out. Sleeping worse than ever. I used to only drink “hard” on the weekends. The only plus is that I drink the cheap crap so not a financial drain.
    At least I still have the motivation to do my b.s. exercises.
    Almost 5:20 now…time to do the pushups…

    1. I had to cut back on drinking too. I honestly feel better. I wake up feeling so rested and ready for for the day when I don’t drink the night before

      1. I did the same. Plus the kids waking you up at 6am on a saturday is not nearly as bad when you are not hungover.

        1. Looks like somebody hasn’t discovered the magic of duct tape yet.

        1. Yeah but you probably buy the good stuff. I drink the cheap crap in the gallon jugs like Clemenza. I imagine his brand was ck barbarone like my grandma. They don’t make that anymore so I drink Carlo Rossi instead.

          1. I drink decent stuff, especially when I am working out because I drink so infrequently, but come christmas time you best fuckin’ believe I have the jug o’ Rossi out (along with the homemade grappa)

    2. Maybe try the “bs excercises” at night? It will delay when you go to bed, but I find if you’re physically shot, the sleep comes easier.

      1. Shot at night. Would never have the energy. Especially after getting home late from gues where. Which is at least 2 nights during the week. Though I do hit the Chinese place on my lunch hour occasionally.

        1. But, anyway, Signor Slim, my advice is final, and I wish to congratulate you on your new business, and I know you’ll do very well; and good luck to you as long as your interests don’t conflict with my interests.

          Thank you.

    3. My theory is that the vast majority of people are sorely deficient in three very basic things: (1) sleep, (2) hydration and (3) sunlight. I see so many people taking all kinds of pills, supplements, going to therapy, doing all kinds of different shit, but its clear they are getting enough sleep, not drinking enough water, and spending all their time indoors and getting no sunlight. You focus on those three basic things, you’ll see shit start to improve more than you’d think.

      1. You’re spot on here Thales. Sleep, obviously important. Most people drink nothing but sodas and sugary drinks and alcohol.

        Sunlight though, I agree 100%. I honestly feel different when I spend a good hour or more in direct sunlight.

        1. Me too. Unfortunately winter time in Ohio is the most dreary place in the world to be if you like sunlight. We get our nice days here or there, but 80% of the time it seems like it’s overcast heavily, even when the day’s prediction is “partly cloudy, or sunny!” I try to take D supplements during winters.

      2. Yep. Lacking in all 3. Get sun on weekends in nice weather but that’s about it. 10 he workday plus 130 min a day commute doesn’T help.

          1. At least a year, WB. Listen – um – I’ll square it with @jnyx, uh – you know,
            your not seeing him before you leave; and uh, I’ll get a message to those girlfriends, when I
            think the time is right.

            1. “you would have the worst halloween ever – based simply on the dearth of people who would even ‘get it’…..”

  3. ” There were a couple instances where I got a weird vibe from some people hanging around where my car was parked.”

    Eh — what’s this — Get outta here; it’s a private party, go on! What’s is it? Hey, it’s my sister’s wedding Goddamn FBI don’t respect nothing

          1. I know you’re not in the muscle-end of the family, Iattacku, so I don’t want
            you to be scared. I want you to help WB Fitness, and I want you to help

    1. I’m not worried about anyone on the street mang. I grew up in the hood I know how it works. Jak writes the martial arts posts.

  4. Cutting out the bullshit is a worthy pursuit, especially if the bullshit involves one’s own procrastination. I will procrastinate sometimes and it bugs me when I realize it. The things I say I want to do I’ll end up eventually doing, but sometimes I kind of lolligag a bit in the execution, and that really needs to be tamped down.

    1. if you are like me, once you actually do start the project or task, you start becoming so immersed in it that you can’t stop. This past Saturday I was installing knobs on kitchen cabinets. Well, I had 30 doors and 15 drawers to drill holes in. I did not get started until 3 PM and I did not finish until 11 PM. I mistakenly thought it would only take a few hours so I procrastinated. What happened was that the drawers had a backing 1/2″ piece of frame behind the actually drawer face so the total thickness was 1″ and screws that came with the knobs were 3/4″. I had to bore out 3/8″ holes 1/2″ deep so I could drill a 3/32″ hole for the actual screw. For each drawer, it was a 3 step process. Moral of the story, never underestimate the timing of a task and never procrastinate, but once I started, it was game on.

      1. Once I start I’m fine, actually, in fact I kind of go full focus to the point of excluding everything else. The last set of saddlebags I made for my motorcycle I spent two weekends in the basement workshop, nearly 12+ hours each day, and didn’t even realize I was down there that long until I’d head back upstairs at like 9pm.

        1. making your own saddlebags; nice. Now that is pretty cool. There is this area of Dallas called the heritage society where they built a mini frontier village where there are blacksmiths, tanner or curriers, and textiles in full operation. One can take classes in spinning actual sheep wool, making leather, or making a sword .

      2. Sounds a lot like a project I did where I built a separate room in my finished garage. Thought it’d take a couple weekends tops, but it took me nearly a month of working on it 2-3 hours every night after work. Not even sure what specifically made the project take so long, but it just dragged on and on.

        1. In your case I don’t know, but I’ve found that when I only have an hour or two every couple of days to do a semi-major task it always takes WAAAAYYYY longer than if I spent an entire weekend dedicated to only that task. It’s like you have to refocus, gather up tools materials, etc. every single day for an hour or two, which in the end adds up to a lot of additional minutes on the clock, where if you do it once for the weekend you’re focusing only on the task at hand. Or something like that.

              1. Harbor Frieght or GTFO.

                This isn’t as bad anymore, but when we bought our house, my father in law showed up with a station wagon full of ancient, broken, half-assed, home-made leftovers from when he built his house 40 years prior.
                That’s how I learned the value of buying proper shit.

                1. Most things Harbor Freight are worthy of nothing more then being mocked, but I have found they do indeed have a place in our lives.

                  I bought a hammer drill from them once, and do not regret it. You see, I was not able to afford a quality hammer drill (though honestly this was more a mental than a financial problem). I checked Home Depot rental, then checked Harbor Freight. Turns out the BUYING the Harbor Freight one was cheaper than RENTING the HD one. If it got me through the one job I needed it for, I come out ahead.

                  It worked, and I still have it. The only drawback is that it tends to get hotter than a human can reasonably withstand holding during excessive normal use.

                  1. it’s like buying tents. If you know you will only use it once, buy the cheapest one. You can pitch it in the trash instead of in the ground after you are done and you don’t have to worry about cleaning up the cum stains if you (g)rape someone.

                    1. This kind of thing is *everywhere* at Sturgis. Beginning of the event all these nice new tents pop up as far as the eye can see, by the last day it’s like this giant deserted city of abandoned tents. You get to the point where you want to start carrying a crossbow and calling out “Car-uuuuul!” while searching for life.

          1. Eh, I’ll just take the cop out route and blame it on the womenfolk. Always around when you don’t need them and never around when you do.
            “How’s it going honey? What’cha doing? Need any help?”
            (Me balancing precariously on a step ladder trying to drill pilot holes) “No…shoo!”
            (Me doing something else where I’m precariously balanced holding something big and can’t move) “Honey? HONEY?! I need that box of screws NOW! HELLLLOOOOOOO?!”

        2. I want to build a second story deck on my back patio with a spiral staircase going up to it. I have to plan this very carefully because once you drill in concrete anchors , there’s no getting them out.

            1. I volunteered at Habitat for Humanity for about 8 months where they taught me framing and anchoring, drywall, roofing.

                    1. Government charity, yes. Church charity, its about 50/50. Local community charity, not so much.

                    2. Huge amount of embezzlement goes on and I learned to loathe the pricks who work at NGOs. I would agee that Christian charities tend to do some good work.

                    1. I’ve heard some questions raised about the effectiveness of H4H but would still volunteer simply to learn the skills needed to build a house. Everyone wins.

                    2. I knew a guy who signed up for a weekend with them. They spent the weekend working on the home of one of HABITAT’S LOCAL DIRECTOR.

                    3. This certainly raises a couple of questions.
                      1. Could the local director be accurately considered a part of humanity?
                      2. Did he or did he not possess a habitat?

                    1. Im just surprised they have bricks.
                      Probably given to them by Spanish govt.
                      Bricks now have aids.

                  1. We should start a collection to buy a ton of land in Haiti. Fix it up nice, jettison the locals. It cpuld be a decent place.

                    1. Naturally.
                      Were gonna need some serious hazmat cleanup before that place is livable for humans again, but it can be done.

                    2. That two million in a bag in you room. I’m going in to take a nap. When I wake, if the money’s on the table, I’ll know I have a partner — if it’s not, I’ll know I don’t.

          1. Sounds like a sweet project. I am going to replace a glass sunroom with a real framed in room and reroof my house this spring prior to selling it. Then im going to buy a smaller house where i will have to do the same kind of shit. Isnt divorce fun?

            1. yes sir. I am going to the Texas hill country with my girlfriend. She wanted to rent a cabin for $300 for 2 nights. Instead I bought a $40 tent. I told her you can stay with me in the tent or I am going alone. What are you going to do about it? Break up with a 44 year old man who doesn’t care anymore?

                  1. Yeah i am not looking forward to dating again. Trying to take this kind of advice and not fall into the same traps i have before.

                    1. it’s hard to not be polite or “nice” anymore. Parental Guidance is Not Suggested anymore.

                    2. Looks like that domain is dormant. Thanks ill try and look up his name and see what i can find.

                    3. I don’t know how long you have been out of dating, but it has changed very drastically in a short time. I’d advise you to only date girls who are willing to do what you want to do on a date, and don’t fall into the trap of thinking you have to date a certain way or something.

                      Keep the abundance mentality — be ruthless about nexting bitches that don’t fit into your life.

                      My personal rule is that I dump any chick that I date longer than 6 months, no matter how good things are going. I don’t ever want to get into an LTR again or anything close to it. It’s not even worth it.

                    4. Basically since college over 10 years ago. I went right from LTR with a girl from college to a relationship with my soon to be exwife who i met at work. So yeah its been a while and honestly didnt have that much experience in it to begin with.

                    5. “My personal rule is that I dump any chick that I date longer than 6 months..”

                      Thats a good rule. When I was dating, I would have several plates spinning and it wasn’t uncommon to spend Friday night at one chicks place, get up Saturday morning, go home, clean up and be banging another one that evening. Literally “coming” and going.

                    6. “Yeah i am not looking forward to dating again.”

                      Don’t envy you. Once you flush the fatties and single moms, the pool is small and even those will have some sort of emotional or financial baggage.

                    7. You have to enter into it knowing that they are all broke once you get to a certain age. You look for the kind of broken/baggage that you can disregard or you don’t care about much, but that’s about the best you’re going to do. Finding a virginal, decent woman is pretty much out of the question unless you troll Amish communities and try to get an arranged marriage set up via the father of an 18 year old Amish chick.

                      They are all broken.

                    8. True, but being a guy who is 35, above average Looks/build, no debt, steady job and looking for a girl between 25-34 with no kids, debt or issues is a bit challenging I found. I am sure it’s a hell of alot worse now than it was 10 years ago.

                    9. Depends on where you are looking, what you have to offer and your general personality.

                      It is out there but you have to put out a serious bit to get and retain it and, more than that, if you are lazy, or a chump, or bitter or living in a fantasy world it won’t work.

                      Plenty of quality women out there. Problem most guys find, as far as I can see it, is that they want quality men who are willing to put in an effort not suckers who have an inflated sense of self

                    10. Yeah, it is what it is. As long as you keep your expectations in check though, and understand that unless you’re dating 18 year olds that you’re going to have women who are broken in some way or another, then the world is your oyster if you’re a guy above 35.

                    11. Hmm mostly Mennonite near me but i have yet to see a mennonite girl that is not slim and cute in those cotton dresses.

                    12. and entering my mid-40s there is no way in hell I want to start a family over again, so it’s best to find hot sluts or former sluts and have short relationships with them or rip off young dumb sluts on Sugar daddy sites. that’s what I’ve been relegated to.

                    13. I was never one to turn away a girl that was slightly overweight. Those also used to have self esteem issues which helped. Now it seems any girl thats not a whale thinks they are hot shit and im sure some the whales think that too. I see too many decent looking guys in their 20s with some large chicks. That cant be a good sign of the dating market.

                    14. Dudes might have esteem issues if they date fat chicks, but each environment varies. Don’t know personally but noth sexes tell me the dating market is rough.

                    15. Thats a good possibility especially since how boys are raised today. Its a shame that they dont know better.

  5. OT: 40% of all US births are to single moms, a 700% increase since 1960.

    This rise is one of the primary causes of the decline of Western Civilization.

    1. dont worry, only a few more years til the reset. every major civilization lasted only about 100 years after deciding to liberate their women…2020

      1. I’m ready. I’m building a v8 Interceptor in my garage. Installed an extra pair of over-sized gas tanks last week. Still looking for a supercharger for it.

          1. Nah, I’m turning the Shithole-A-Tron into a giant juicing machine, and then I’m gonna make me a whole lot of hamster juice. I think it’s gonna be big in Haiti.

        1. JD Unwin I think, wrote a book about his findings back in the ’30s. there are clips about it on u tube

        1. Do you even realize you are encouraging me?
          Every time I post an awesome grapefruit gif, I’m rewarded with nice bouncy melons.
          Life is good

        2. She’s just cute as a button. I love an innocent looking girl with a not so innocent looking body, bouncing up and down while giggling. My kryptonite (as are redheads).

          1. This is why women are lazy. They put in no effort, grow boobs overnight, and suddenly they’re getting all this attention.

            I do love boobies tho

            1. If i was swooning over her FB it would be a problem. Ill equate this to checking out a hot chick as she walks by you and your buddies.

              1. It wasn’t an indictment against you, or anyone here. I was just making a point as to why girls are generally lazy. Everything is handed to them

                    1. Yeah. Usually unimportant, but in this case, its what you put into Google to find more pics of her tits.

                    2. I did it at lunch, then my mom called me wondering what time she should pick up my son, so I didn’t finish.

                    3. I have been good for 5 months but i havent gotten laid either. I am worried that once i get laid again i am going to want to.

                    4. rip off whores on SA. I got some fake money you can borrow. I miss scamming especially when I was so fucking horny.

                    5. Yeah thought about that but i truely suck at lying. And seems fucking whores can be a addiction as well.

                    6. I felt like shit for paying when I did pay. I felt like I won when I ripped them off. It’s a war, unfortunately.

                    7. I know it’s tough, especially if you have a conscience. It’s very tough and it takes time, sometimes, a long time to see people for what they really are.

                    8. I have to put my self first in these new situations. I have been doing everything i can for my family so its hard to switch to switch gears and only care about myself. But i really dont want to get fucked over again so i need to acknowledge it and work on it

                    9. I am pretending like I give a damn about her post wall slut ass, so yes I do have one, but it will be short lived. She’s had more cock than this place.

                    10. I think its Taylor. Or maybe Casey. I’m like 75% sure that her first or last name is either Taylor or Casey.

  6. “Mental: Cut The Bullshit” – absolutely Jynx. It’s amazing how much more productive you’ll become. While you’re removing things that have no value or purpose, find ways to enhance other areas of your life… Surround yourself with fun, positive people – happiness is contagious and sharing laughter with others helps you see the good things in life!

    1. I had a friend who I used to eat lunch with everyday. We talked about women and made fun of the titty dancers that we tipped in change. Now the guy is angry all of the time and delusional thinking he can find the love of his life over 35+ hag who will support his hobbies. I am glad we stopped hanging out but we had some good times; too bad.

    1. Chip isn’t Pabst. First, I believe (Jak can confirm) that his IP is utterly different than Pabst (?) and his word usage, syntax, idiosyncrasies are entirely distinct from Pabst’s.

          1. I still think there is a high chance Chip Baskets is Pabst, especially with this latest shameful dispray of sperging. He’s even including a ton of Simpsons shits.

                    1. She doesn’t doesn’t seem to have a problem keeping her mouth open. Probably has plenty of practice.

                    2. I’ve noticed that lots of hot chicks seem to have the fivehead. Wonder what’s up with that.

                    3. to be honest, haven’t even looked at her picture. with all the fucking sperging going on here, i had to turn on the ‘block images’ extension.

                    4. It was only temporary while I had others behind me. You did just get a name from me two minutes ago, after all, which necessarily means I am no longer blocking images.

      1. I don’t know Pabst’s IP so I can’t confirm that part, but Murdoc and I confirmed (g)rapefruit is chip a week or two ago.

        1. I know he’s chip. I mean that he doesn’t strike me as Pabst in the least.

        2. you guys set aside any cash for keyword buys on search engines? maybe get some new blood up in here?

          1. Maybe in the future. We’re not profitable enough yet to be throwing money around. Plus, I have no idea how to even approach that.

            1. you can learn it yourself. you can cap daily spending so you dont spend all your $$ faster than you want

      1. I really didn’t want to upvote that post, but it was pretty good. Original, almost made me laugh. 7/10.

            1. you definitely have a unique skill set. not a badass one like Neeson in Taken, but still

  7. Let’s take a vote… which is worse, GrapeFruit trolling or GodFather trolling? GF vs. GF.

        1. If the Dem’s were smart they would stop talking about “muh Russia” and just hire trolls to post this gif all over the internet. great way to short circuit the conversation

          1. If the Dems were smart, they’d find that girl, put her in a bikini and run her for President. I’d vote for her early and often.

      1. Weren’t you paying attention?
        The hamsters fucked up so he killed them . he’s gotta find a new way to power the machine.
        Geebus man, keep up!

        1. I believe Thales has a backup Abaqus he can fumble through to figure it out, albeit, a little slower than usua.

            1. It would be much better if they were hot chicks with big titties, though. Why can’t we get a troll obsessed with posting gifs of hot chicks with big titties? Why do we got to get the weirdo obsessed with grapefruit?

              1. we have all surf’ed for porn, but who can honestly say they have surf’ed for the Godfather or Fruits?

                1. I’m just saying, if they have to junk up every comment section with a bunch of gifs, why can’t they be hot chicks with bouncing titty gifs? Is that so wrong?

  8. OT: The Dow is dropping like a dead hooker in the Hudson River. Keep hearing rumors that it is an orchestrated drop, though.

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