Open Thread: Day Off Edition

The Eagles won the super bowl last night and while I’m not typically infatuated with pro sports, there is an energy that everyone seems to be feeling in the area today.  I didn’t participate in much of the anarchy going on last night following the win but I have to admit that this city is fucking crazy.

-J. Nyx

Author: Jnyx

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    1. Thing is, after all this passes, Philly fans will still be total jerkwipes. Probably even worse.

          1. Good, because I eat the Greek whipped version on my toast sprinkled with red peppers and salt.

            1. Technically it comes from Europe, although the first mass produced product came from New York.

              Greek whipped cream cheese? Never heard of that. Need to look it up.

      1. dont wear a Mets cap to a Phillies game. Dont wear a Jets jersey to an Eagles game. Ill leave it at that

          1. “Why you wearin red- you a Niners fan? YOU THINK YOURE BETTER N ME, DONT YA?!?!?”

            1. My dad used to go to the vet for the giants – eagles games. As a giants fan he would just wear black as he saw way too many giants fans get attacked at that stadium.

      2. Who would notice the change?

        I visited Philly in 2007 when I did a layover to see an old friend. He picked me up at the airport and we went into the city to see the sites. As we drove around I noticed the .357 magnum tucked in the seat, but after a few blocks I understood why.

          1. Heh. Guns don’t bother me none and he was an old friend who just did a couple of tours in the sandbox, so that wasn’t the issue…it was the neighborhoods that made you pack one.

            Parts of Philly would give Detroit a run for it’s money.

              1. I don’t know what part of Phili it was, but we drove all over so I am using a bit of wide brush. We did stop and have some eats and beers and people were all right in general.

                I liked going to Chicago occassionally for a weekend, but bad sides to that town were always present.

                1. Most of the north must be pretty depressing these days. I left in 2001 right when steel, auto, and aerospace (post-9/11) jobs were dwindling.

                  1. “I left in 2001 right when steel, auto, and aerospace (post-9/11) jobs were dwindling.”

                    Alot of that going around. Especially after the 2009 crash.

        1. You just know motherfuckers are driving from miles around to get in on the post-game “celebration”

            1. Nah, no one actually leaves in Philadelphia. It’s not even a real place. We’ve conclusively established that already.

                1. Murdoc, is your head full of fuck? There is no streaking at AKC, okay? None. Zero. Zip. Nada.

  1. you dummies finally gonna get around to erecting a statue for Joe Frazier? you know, a REAL hometown boxing cham-peen?

      1. hmm, do you erect a statue “to” or “for” someone? am I the dummy? doesnt look right

  2. Took the family down to Topaz Mountain in central Utah this weekend to see my brother. Weirdly warm weather this year, we were at 6000 ft and didn’t hardly freeze that night. Cool place….there were little sparkles on the ground, and you would go pick up these topaz crystals. If you were lucky, a person could find some real gemstones, I wasn’t so lucky.

    1. see any ROK writers looking for a fertile Amish girl who was once a pornstar and can cook a filet mignon?

      1. I hear there are some prude-ho-babe’s along the north slope of Alaska. I never ventured that far to find out.

      2. Ex pornstar, come on now d_c_a, you know the ROK writer will be whining to her all the time things like, “but honey, you did ATM in all those films, why don’t you ever even give me a BJ?”, lol

    1. Not sure why people get an ego boost when their team wins or why they get depressed otherwise. It’s not like they themselves accomplished anything.

      1. To them, they did win. They personally won the game.

        BIRG: Basking in Reflected Glory
        CORF: Cutting off Reflected Failure

        Victory and loss. BIRG and CORF.

      2. Just shooting from the hip but I think it has a lot to do with our more primitive tribal wiring. Rooting for (having a vested psychological interest in) the “home team” of warriors to keep your feeble ass from being made a slave by a rival tribe seems pretty logical.

      1. PAOK sets everything on fire whether the win, lose and, on occasion, even if there is no game. PAOK fans are, as far as I can tell, the most psychotic sports fans in the world.

        1. they haven’t done much in the UEFA champions league the past few years but they do have a respectable history .

            1. I never understood the fan noise much myself. I can only imagine many “crazy” fans have small penis syndrome or lead really boring lives with fat wives.

        2. Nothing compared to the Argentine fans or South America as a whole. Crazy tickets die like a bunch every time an important game takes place.

                    1. I ploughed my best friend’s sister; he still does not know 10 years later. When I got into an argument with him I thought about throwing that in his face out of spite, but I didn’t .

                    2. she’s gained about 40 lbs in 10 years, face is okay but body WAS perfect. Really want a pic?

                    3. I’d have to doctor up the pic so it couldn’t be image searched. too much work. She is a blond from Kansas where the father was too bust racing his dirt car while she was getting railed by drug dealers.

                    4. Art, where do you live, live fucking Australia or something? Why are you posting shit in the middle of the night?

          1. If I was an owner of Chelsea, Manu , Man City, Arsenal, or Liverpool last season ,I would have fired all the managers and players after Leicester City not only won the BPL but made the semi finals of the UEFA cup losing to Atletico madrid 2-1.

            1. lol Leicester was just a one season wonder and nothing else. Look at it now, straggles in the bottom half of the table.
              Bringing in a manager and 200 mill worth of players just to destroy the team dynamic by firing the manager is really bad business.
              Also, man city will never get past the quarter finals of the Champions League no matter how much they spend.

              1. Leicester is in the top half, #8 this year. The whole team is 1/8th the cost of one ManU transfer.

                1. They’re only 2 lost game away from the bottom half at 35pt with the following 3 on 31pts.
                  They’ll end up like they did last year, mark my word.

              1. I bet a lot of Philly hotels had deuces dropped in the corners of their lifts. animales

      2. Not really! Man U fans behave because still have to catch their flights back to Korea, New Delhi and Calcutta and Dublin and the odd flight to Adrica.

    2. I find the chaos hilarious. People doing stupid, regrettable things over a football game. There was a video of a guy surfing on top of a police van.

    3. Were people eating horse shit? I didn’t see that at all. Who is the guy that starts that? Bob is lighting a trash can on fire, Will is smashing windows, Tom and Jim are rocking a car over onto its side, and all of a sudden Tony starts eating horse shit….

      1. There was a video going around on twitter of a dude in a green jersey eating horse poop in front of 50 people!

              1. This is the kind of thing that will outlive us all.

                Before it was “Philly fans boo Santa”. Now …

                1. Can you imagine being the guy waking up with a massive hangover and realising that there is video of you eating horseshit all over the internet

                    1. The sad thing is i think you are right about that. He could walk into any philly bar and people would buy him beer.

            1. Sure, soon as those Fuckers quit with godfather crap.

              …even then I might do it sometimes just to fuck with you. What kind of slow ass machine you running? Is everything of yours hamster powered?

              1. I have no control over the Godfather crap. I am politely, respectfully requesting you ease back on the 40,000 GIFs per thread. Post all the pics and bullshit grapefruit comments you want. I merely request that you keep the GIFs to some reasonable number.

                  1. That’s my current working theory. That or someone who just has the same sperg-brain-disease that Pabst has, except a mildly less pronounced case.

  3. I have a sentimental weakness Philadelphians, and I spoil them as you can see; they riot when they should go home. But, anyway, people hurt or arrested in riots, my facepalm is final, and I wish to congratulate you on your win, and I know you’ll do very poorly; and good luck to you — as best as your interests don’t conflict with my interests. Thank you.

    1. If only there was some fruit juice that was high in Vitamin C, along with other vitamins and minerals, to help him recover from his over-consumption of beer.

    2. HA

      I did have a few drinks but I was up so late/having people over late lead to an open thread. The whole city took off today after turning it into a 3rd world shithole last night.

        1. Like you ever watched the sportsball bowl. All you did was tune in at half-time with some Jergens and a box of Kleenex to rub one out to Justin Timberlake.

            1. I was kind of hoping Britney Spears would show up halfway through, looking all crazy with a bald head, and hit him with a frying pan or some shit, and then start yelling #MeToo! That would have been awesome.

                1. Would that not have been awesome? Then Cristina Aguilar comes out of nowhere and gives Britney an RKO?

                    1. Bruh, they need to put me in charge of the halftime show. I would sort some shit out. I’d get all of those fucks from Friends in there, get them all hopped up on meth and coke, then give them all chainsaws and flamethrowers, and start reading out all their old comments shit-talking each other behind their backs. Who doesn’t want to see Ross chainsaw Phoebe to death while that brunette skank lights Joey on fire?

                    2. Without ever having seen an episode, I conceived the greatest finale to that series:
                      One of them gets a positive from an AIDS test – everyone looks at one another nervously, fade to black.
                      Gold. Better then the Sopranos.

              1. The fuck else is there to do at halftime. Although, in my defense, I didn’t cum until Prince showed up.

      1. If its good enough for bo jackson and deion sanders its good enough for bem. I actually miss athletes speaking in the third person

          1. If bem plays two sports, then yeah. actually, I think that was the prerequisite for being allowed to talk like that, I cant tthink of anyone else who pulled that

            1. Pretty sure anyone who gets high huffing their own farts also refers to themselves in the 3rd person.

  4. I only tuned in to watch the commercials and the JT halftime show, now I feel so…. enlightened.

      1. Child sacrifice, zombie apocalypse or ripping out my own butt hair with vice grips would have been better. The really amazing thing is that evidently enough people like him that he’s done this before and they invited him back?

          1. Plus, he fucked Britney. Got to respect him for that. Him and the 15k other guys that fucked Britney.

            1. That is the true 1%. There should be an occupy Britney movement. We are the 99% of people who haven’t fucked Brittney. Im going to zuccotti park to demand access that that vadge.

              1. I’m in. I think fucking Britney Spears should be guaranteed by the Constitution. Or at least Jamie Lynn Spears.

              2. I don’t know about 2018 Britney but I would have worn blisters on 1999 Britney’s coochiecoo.

                1. It’s always Prime Britney. That’s a given. Pretty much the first and only rule of the AKC comment section is that “in her prime” is always understood.

                    1. There’s no misunderstandings.

                      Although I’d still bang 2018 Britney. I can close my eyes and picture her well enough in her prime to make it worth it. Plus, when I tell people I banged Britney Spears, only fags will say “Yeah, but when?” Everyone else will just buy me a Coors Light.

                    2. I remember her first music video back in the day and I kind of felt guilty about the things I wanted to do to her back then. Now I realize it had all probably been done long before that video came out.

                    3. Probably didn’t help that he first music video was her dressed up like a slutty Catholic School girl, shoving her tits and ass in the camera, singing about begging some dude to fuck her “one more time”.

                    4. I would done it one more time as many times as necessary, and by now I would have gotten over feeling guilty about it and everybody could be buying me Bud Lights.

                    5. Even 2018 Britney would be better than Coors Light. Coors Light is like sex in a boat, it’s fuken near water.

                    6. I’d drink Coors Light before I’d drink Dos Aquis, which is basically the bottled piss of drunk Mexicans.

                    7. The foreign cheap beer fairy does not appreciate your disparaging comments, for Christmas you will get a mug with a hole in the bottom.

                    8. I’d drink a Dos Aquis if Benecio bought it for me. Personality goes a long way, and I bet that dude has some great stories.

                2. Britney was the first hot woman in the world. All women prior to Britney are retroactively reduced to a scale that only goes up to 7.5. I would bang the breaks off of 2075 Britney.

                    1. I suppose dckhead and JnJ would also like to write articles on the sky being blue, the grass being green, and how 2+2=4.

                    2. Right. A whole series on fundamental truths like “Gravity Makes Shit Fall” and “Fire Makes Shit Hot”

                    3. Nah, just leave them alone. Eventually they’ll start arguing about which is the real Muslim, and then they’ll blow each other up.

                  1. Whoa, whoa, whoa…. let’s not get crazy here. You saying Prime Cindy Crawford is a 7.5? Erika Eleniak? Heather Locklear?

                    1. yes. all of them
                      At most any woman before Brit is a 7.5

                      It is a new world Thales. Cindy at her best doesn’t even stack up to most instagram thots.

                    2. I have to disagree. I do not like to even look at my current “girlfriend” without a MAC force field and a fake tan.

                    3. I dunno, those 90s supermodels raised the bar. knew so many young girls who got into bulimia and plastic surgery because of them

                    4. Agree to disagree here too…and I LOVE fucking cindy. Still, I just can’t see them in the same leauge and most of the models from the 80’s don’t even seem to be the same species.

                    5. Nah, you’re putting too many points into intangibles. Pure physical form to physical form, there is no way Britney is 2.5 points over Cindy.

                    6. I would also step on Cindy to get to Britney. But again, the intangibles count for a lot there. If you covered their faces and didn’t know who they were, and then stood them next to each other buck naked, there is no way you would rate them 2.5 points apart.

                    7. I might go 4 points based only on body.

                      The way I see all models, actresses whatever prior to Britney is like ancient civilizations. Britney was like Rome. Rome was amazing and impressive and had a mighty army. I mean, modern day fucking Yemen would crush them because, ya know, fighter jets and tanks and machine guns and shit, but that doesn’t mean Rome wasn’t a great civilization.

                      Like Rome, Cindy was probably the hottest woman in the world….judging in a pre-britney world….but put her against prime britney and it would be like sending an ace phalanx group with their locking shields up against a fucking First Armored Tank Division.

                    8. Someone mark this day in the history books. This is really and truly amazing. After all this time, we have finally discovered it. Honestly, I would never have believe it existed, if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes.

                      WB actually has a one-itis, and its Britney Spears.

                    9. If ever there was someone close it would be here. For full oneitis she wold have to stay 1999 Britney forever. This is why I don’t believe in a scale that goes up to 10. 10 is a theoretical construct. It doesn’t exist. A 10 is perfect. Perfection implies non-changing and, well, in every way, perfect. Even if a woman did manage to be absolutely perfect in every way for a short period of time, there is no way it would last. the 1-10 scale ends at 9.5 with 10 being the unicorn towards which we strive.

                    10. and back then, those models didn’t have deviated septums by age 15 from taking cumshots up the nose, and vaginal wrinkles from injecting cocaine in their vaginas.

                    11. Heather Locklear was a goddess and the first actual true “hot” to hit the scenes. Her and Cindy Crawford were pioneers.

                    12. Totally forgot Pam Anderson. Was Pam pre or post Britney? Pam was wicked ass hot before Tommy Lee ruined her, ruined her.

                    1. Tattoos, strange piercings, stomach rolls and weird hair colors are too prominent in a post Britney world.

                    2. I don’t get out much these days and don’t do women chasing anymore however I do observe, when I see an attractive young lady the first thing I look at is her kids ( if she has any) non mixed?Check. No fucked up hair color? Check? No tats visible? Check. No visible piercings where they shouldn’t be?Check. Appropriately dressed?Check. After that my first thought is usually, damn! You don’t see that very often anymore.

            2. prolly her first too. talk about the ultimate alpha widow. her spirit died when she was 18

              1. I’d bet every dime I own twice over that she was well into double digits by the time she got to him.

            1. I wouldn’t have admitted to watching it….. sounds like it is filled with homersexhul overtones.

          2. I have to give him credit I suppose, he does do something right, I can’t stand him but I’ve never been invited to be the entertainment at the SB halftime show. ( I still think his music sucks though, and think that not only would he put somebody’s peter in his mouth but he would suck it too)

        1. I have no idea how it works. Also, along with politicians, the athletes themselves and everyone in the service industry, I like to term the performers “carneys”

          Can’t remember who here used it first, but I have stuck to it religiously since.

          1. Honest injun, as a yoot, my Irish grandfather ran away and joined a carnival.
            Carneyism is in my blood.
            There’s carneys and there’s marks.
            That’s it

    1. You really expect people to click on that with no explanation? Not even a clue of what the fuck it is?

    1. If I had that dudes money, I would be sitting on a beach having tanned women bring me drinks with umbrellas in them instead of throwing a ball in a frozen wasteland.

      1. He can quit today and would have enough money to live comfortably and hire a high end hooker daily until the grave.

              1. Nice when she was young, but I fished on line an saw some current photos of her. She is no doubt of German roots. Didn’t even have to look her wiki page up.

        1. He’s already got one of those. It’s about time to trade her in for a newer model though.

            1. Aw hell, that dudes been playing pro ball since the dark ages, one Brazilian underwear model ain’t gonna break him.

              1. That sounds suspiciously like something someone who hasn’t been through a actual divorce would say. Bitch starts talking about “half” and suddenly sleeping on the couch and getting secret blow jobs from a side piece doesn’t seem so bad.

                1. No, haven’t been through a divorce. However if I was worth tens of millions or more and was ready to trade off my old Brazilian underwear model for a newer one, I would be like, “ here’s a check, gtfo bitch”. Then I would happily take the 50 mil I got left, then, make like a horse turd and hit the trail.

      2. Yeah, but to be the kind of guy that can make that much money in the NFL, you have to be the kind of guy that can’t just go sit on a beach with hot chicks and drink umbrella drinks for the rest of your life.

  5. I say that, from now on, the Sportsball Bowl Halftime Show should be real-life Celebrity Grudge Match.

    For the inaugural edition next year, I say we pack the cast of Saved By The Bell into a cage, pump them full of meth, and give them knives and baseball bats, and tell them whoever survives gets to be the next James Bond.

      1. Nah, if I wanted to watch a bunch of crackheads slaughter each other for no reason, I’d just go to Detroit.

          1. This is the Sportsball Bowl Halftime Show. It has to be special. I can make bums fight to the death in the alley down the street with just a 40-oz and $20.

              1. Granted that might be kind of fun. But bums are highly difficult to motivate. And they rarely perform well, even under pressure. They are just as likely to decide to go take a dump on the 50 yard line than try to kill each other, even if a life time supply of crack is on the line.

              2. A daycare center here got shut down for operating something rather similar to that…..prizes scaled back though

                1. Now a daycare center… that might be interesting. Giving chainsaws and flamethrowers to 4 and 5 year olds might just work as a Halftime Show.

              3. Now you’re thinkin.
                And of course a camera crew to follow them around when they chose the million dollar crack pile.
                How quickly will they be robbed, killed, etc.
                I’m entertained already.

                    1. I am not pabst. Swear on your life.
                      Don’t compare me to peewee Herman and those gifs dont get posted.
                      Its like you don’t understand that insults will result in lovely gifs that most people enjoy.

                    2. You’re just begging for more.
                      First you call me peewee Herman, then pabst, now you want me to die.
                      So what you’re really saying is , you want more grapefruit gifs

          2. If you have bum wars, then the gays are going to want in on it and ruin it for everyone.

              1. Hard to argue with that. Can’t even enjoy the small miracles of nature now because it’s associated with sausage smoking.
                “Oh man, would you look at the gorgeous rainbow up in the sky.”
                “Hur! Hur! Ya fag!”

                1. That’s the ghettoization of straights you’re observing. They’re confining straight “interests” to a very, very narrow spectrum in order to atomize us. Whether this is by intent or accident is irrelevant.

              2. I was going to post Culture Clubs “Do you really want to hurt me?” and say something like “Even music?” but that is too faggy to even make fun of.

                    1. Ah. Homosexuals are easy to spot, but I never cared to understand their culture. Sounds confusing and looks unhealthy.

                    2. Willingly giving and taking it in the ass can be perfectly heterosexual with the right frame of mind…..or so I’m told.

    1. […] tell them whoever survives gets to be the next James Bond.

      So long as this is just something we tell them, and not actually true.

          1. No way. Elizabeth Berkeley would be scalping fucks like a maniac with dreams of being the first female James Bond. She’d kick Screech in the nuts so hard, it’d shatter both his femurs and send radiating fractures up his spine, paralyzing him completely for the rest of his life… all 27 seconds of it, until Elizabeth Berkeley put his limp body in the “I’m so excited” sleeper hold and convulsed him to death.

            1. Yeah gotta agree with you here. Jesse Spanno for the win. As soon as that meth hits her system she will run through Zack and Kelly like shit through a goose and maul Slater. I assume in that time Lisa will have beheaded Screech for trying to hit her with the dirty sanchez.leaving only Lisa and Jesse. But Jesse, with her power of being so excited, will win this handily.

              1. I can’t really argue with that. Although, I think old Slater might surprise us, especially now that he has gotten in touch with his Mexican heritage. Give him a machete, and his dreams of being the first Mexican James Bond (“Yimmie Bonchez”) might power him to a good showing. Either way, I think it would be a damn fine Halftime Show.

                    1. The real question is whether or not we throw Mr. Belding in there. That could be the game changer.

                    2. I’m pretty sure old Belding naughty-touched one or two of those chicks, so I’m willing to bet they’d get the brunt of their initial #MeToo rage. You know Zach taped Ms. Bliss on set, and she’s pretty still full-on Alpha Widow for him. So she’d go all Glenn Close on Slater while Zach broke Screech in half. Then after Jessi and the black one finished gelding Mr. Belding, it would be two on two. If the meth has started to wear off by then, Zach might just take Jessi down while Bliss finished off the black one. Then Zach would shank the old bag in the kidney, and we’d have justice in the world once again: a white heterosexual male James Bond.

                    3. This is, oddly enough, exactly as I see it. It would require the meth wearing off though. I really don’t know how long meth works, but if Jesse is still so excited she will be the next james bond.

                    4. So it basically comes down to how much of a fight can Belding put up before he gets his gelding. I think if we explain to him that the fate of the Patriarchy rests in his hands, he’ll be able to give us enough time to put a dent in the Meth. I mean, that bitch burned through those caffeine pills in 2-3 minutes, tops. Meth will be nothing for her.

                    5. I think you are right. The Belding Gelding is the key. If he bitches out and gets gelded quick Jesse might still have enough Stamina left. If not, it looks like it will be Zach unless Miss Bliss somehow shanks him from behind or, worse, marries him. I would rather have a Mexicans bond than a married one.

                    6. Oh, solid point. I had not considered the surprise mid-Thunderdome marriage. That could ruin everything.

                    7. If I could draw anything more than stick figures, I would draw this all out as a cartoon and make a million billion bucks.

                    8. So if the Inaugural Sportsball Bowl Halftime Thunderdome Show is the cast of Saved By The Bell, what do we do for an encore? East Coast rappers versus West Coast rappers?

                    9. I think hair metal bands might be good. Like Poison versus Warrant, Def Leppard versus Whitesnake. They are just as likely to attack their own band members as each other.

    1. I’m so tempted to go spam the comment section with posts about your man-crush on Justin Timberlake….

        1. Yeah, that’s a very reasonable statement, but it’s definitely not how I’d spin it in the comments.

                    1. I don’t discriminate in who I kill. Men, women, children. Young, old, fat, thin. I kill them all.

      1. People afraid to run with the big dogs will always put down the big cities. It is the same pathology as nurses who all think they are just as capable as the doctors only paid less. Sorry hun, go take someones temperature, get me a coffee and give me a beej.

  6. Saw 12 Strong today, making it the first time I’ve seen a movie since Dunkirk six months ago.

    Noticed that literally every ad for a movie was a badass female doing superhuman feats. They even have a movie coming out called Annihilation which is about a team of tough girl “biologists” taking on a supernatural threat with guns and shit. I really wanted to laugh, it was so pathetic and forced. There are no more normal, believable movies anymore.

    Also noted that during 12 Strong, one of the characters was a very token-feeling black guy, but I figured he must have really existed in the event. The credits very briefly showed the real team. He didn’t exist, he was just there for “Muh diversity”. Figures.

    1. Over the last few years Hollywood has bandied about every excuse in the book as to why movie theater attendance continues to drop including blaming it on theaters themselves. They just can’t seem to grasp the fact that people don’t want to go to the movies to see Hollywood’s political BS, they want to be entertained, if people want politics they can watch the news. Attendance keeps going down because they keep making movies that suck. I don’t go to the movies for diversity or yougogurlism, I want to see something cool.

      1. Grasp that?????? They can’t even admit to the fact that 75 inch televisions you can by for a monthly instalment plan around 30 bucks make the idea of going to the theater and hearing other people chew popcorn totally irrelevant… think they will admit to something bigger like what you say or the fact that movies have just been sucking?

        1. They’re still coasting on the assumption that people crave the “movie theater experience”. What they don’t see is that for most people the idea of being trapped in a consumption ward with 200 dikheads yelling at the screen and eating stale $9 popcorn isn’t really the “experience” they bargained for…

          1. But I do wonder if they count “receipts” as only theatre, or do they also include after market viewing (Netflix, DVD/Blueray sales, etc) as well as merchandising? Serious question, I have literally no clue at all about this industry outside of “they only make crap now”. If all facets are down and not just theatre ticket sales that points to a wider flaw in their industry I’d think.

    2. “He didn’t exist, he was just there for “Muh diversity”.”

      If you walk by a ranger or SF battalion, you could count the number of black men on one hand. A few years ago, Department of the Army was putting pressure on SF to drop the swim requirement to help faciliitate “diversity” and were told to drop dead. Diversity in the military, police and fire departments gets people killed.

        1. They have too. The guy who told me about the “swim issue” was a retired green beret. I asked him, “so what happens when team has their first live river crossing?” Exactly. Keep the swamp dwellers and REMFs out of the combat arms camp. They have no idea what they are talking about and should have no say on standards and requirements.

        1. Equal opportunity is fine, but I haven’t heard anyone say EO in decades. The feminists and other competing special interest groups realized they couldn’t compete on a “fair playing field”, so enforced quotas and lowered standards it is.
          I know of a few incidents were the female officer could not handle the situation which ended up getting people (mostly men) killed. The media might mention what happened, but never the “how and why” it fell out that way. With intent. Die-versity.

      1. What’s funny to me about that is that blacks are said to be bad at swimming because “superhuman low body fat awesomeness!” but when looking at white SF individuals in the peak of their training, they all seem to be really low body fat too, because, you know, SF training and missions. I check out professional swimmers and if you can find 5% body fat on one, you’ve found a fatty. So….I don’t get this whole “blacks can’t swim” thing. Just an observation and question in passing, if you will.

        1. I think it is a cultural thing. To be able to swim like that takes a comfort in the water that can be only learned through hundreds of hours of outdoor recreation. The only time I see black kids in the water is when they are adopted by whites.

          1. Has to be. I just keep hearing the “super low body fat awesomeness!” as the reason, but it never made sense even on its face to me. Plus, you know, hordes of fat black kids exist and shun swimming too, so like you said, culture.

            1. In scouts, I had this black kid in my troop. His parents had some medical issue and didn’t have their own children, so they adopted him. He would swim just as well as the others his age.

            2. That is so stupid its funny. Definitely cultural thing. You never see blacks at the beach, pool, or waterpark. There are some black families at my kids swim lessons but they are high income blacks.

              1. This really has me curious then, why their collective culture seems to avoid water at all costs? What was the thing that started that (being serious, not baiting for racist trolling)? Widely shared cultural beliefs always have some root.

                1. I have no idea. Why dont you go into the hood and ask around? Sounds like good research project lol

                  1. Yeah, that will happen. In reality it’s a shame that you can’t ask questions about this kind of thing without being called a racist. I’m genuinely curious though.

                    1. That would be a question for WB Fitness or Bem. How many blacks are in the athletic clubs, or in their pools?

                    2. No, I mean whites. If the inner city is why they avoid it (no lakes, etc) then wouldn’t that also apply to white people who live in the deep parts of the city?

                    3. its not really the location its more of the culture. remember when i told you that the black culture is self hating. Alot of activities, such as swimming for exercise, is seen as more of a white person activity. So odds are if you are an inner city black who goes and swims for exercise and/or competitively you could be made fun of. Though that mentality is dying over time.

                    4. aha!
                      Actually I remember now, a black chick I was trying to bone in high school once told me “we don’t do that” (talking about swimming at the beach, not boning), like it was some kind of policy.
                      I think what you say has as much bearing as access to facilities.

                    5. I am curious if there will be any Tiger Woods in the swimming world. No doubt if any pop up, the media will rally around them.

                    6. I admired Woods’ skill when he was in his prime, and the media fawning on him made sense outside of any consideration of race, because he was so damned talented. But they still, to this day, follow him around like a herd of puppies and he’s gotten to the point where I think even I can beat his score on the greens. It’s really become pathetic.

                    7. McIllroy is what I’m tempted to say, but that’s probably not right (although, it may be?). Yeah, it’s like boxing these days. Once the Russians/Slavs came to dominate the sport in the 1990’s coverage basically ceased and you had to go pay for view on most fights, the networks no longer really carried them nor cared.

                    8. I was just now reading a BBC article that more or less points that out as well. How weird. I do hope that this mentality is dying though, this is a melting pot and if we’re supposed to accept other cultures it would be fair to expect people from other cultures to share ours as well without the “makes you whitey” thing.

                    9. Well yea. Why do you think alot of black people that make it out the hood into the suburbs dont want to associate with the hood any more. The hood is self hating a tries to keep black people stuck there. If any black boy decides to take his education seriously he could be seen as “acting white.” The same goes with playing “white sports” such as lacross, hocky, competitive swimming, etc. Well i guess its not surprise with the self hate considering that since the 80s(probably earlier) most black people grew up in single mother household which we all know is a nightmare.

                    10. Welfare and the resulting single motherhood are what caused it, IMO. Go to a white trash trailer park, and you will find the same sort of issues.

                    11. Although the violent crime is nowhere near as bad, even in deep Appalachia which can give the worst ghetto’s in America a run for their money when it comes to poverty stricken issues.

                    12. I got that when I started going to school, and then especially when I started going to church. Those people I hung out with are still the same, like that Bob Seger song.

                    13. i think the war on drugs also played a large hand. Notice how the black community suddenly got cracked out in the 80s.

                    14. Throughout the decades growing up, I never saw the war on drugs as what it is. Broken homes from the crackdown creating more druggies.

                    15. That mindset is so toxic I can’t even begin to understand it. I’ve heard everything you’ve mentioned before, many times, and it still confuses me. “Acting white” in most cases, except sports, guarantees that you have a high probability of evading major crime in your lifetime, that you will be able to feed yourself and your family and that you will not be at the mercy of the awful social-welfare system. How this can be framed as ‘bad’ is just anybody’s guess. Plus, one can do things that make white people successful and retain many unique aspects of one’s own culture, so it’s not “selling out” in any real sense, any more than learning English when you migrate here from Estonia means that you have to reject your entire Estonian heritage.

                    16. No kidding, like crabs in a bucket, they pull on each other to keep themselves in that pot of misery.

                    17. Count me out – I grew up in the ‘burbs where a lot of people had pools and the ocean was 25 minutes away. I grew gills by the time I was 7.
                      But I’ve heard the ‘black people don’t swim’ legend all my life, and despite the general demographics of the region, one did see very few at the beach.

                    18. I don’t think it’s a legend, it seems to be pretty true in the general sense, with exceptions of course. And from what little I’ve observed, it seems to cut across economic class as well, so I’m not sure I trust the “it’s an inner city” thing much. In any event, it’s just a curiosity to me, not a lot more.

        2. I’ve never heard of that one before. I think it has to do with the fact that outside of pool parties and events that involve a pool there is no point in being in the water. Blacks dont swim for recreation l

          1. I’ve heard it many times, even from black people. Maybe that’s just an excuse around my stomping ground? Being in water, as in swimming, is an amazing form of exercise actually and hits every single part of your body, it’s the ultimate “cardio”, and burns over 3000 calories an hour, so I’d say that there’s a point, at least for athletic conditioning. Plus, when you get down to it, any form of recreational exercise has no real utilitarian value outside of the act of getting fit (if you’re not using it to boost muscles for an actual job you do I mean).

            1. yea probably i never heard that excuse of why blacks cant swim. I think its what jim says its more of a cultural thing. Black culture(mainly inner city black culture) sees no point in swimming for an exercise. The same logic applies to sports outside of football and basketball.

        3. It comes with practice like anything else. Before I went to the SFAS course, they did send a training guide and stated up front that you will need to pass a PT and a 50 meter swim test in full boots and BDUs the first day. About 2-3 dozen guys didn’t make it.

        4. I’ve heard that “black superhuman bone density/no body fat” business too. Except I’ve seen plenty of morbidly obese black people to know that’s crap.

    3. Hollywood is no different than the New York Times. Their message is ruining the product. On top of that, they are consolidating at an alarming rate, destroying any diversity of thought. Movies are so predictable.

    4. I used to proudly be able to say “Last one I went to was The Revenant, but alas, I did go see It last fall so I had to reset the clock, dang it. And yes, every single trailer was some stupid Grrrl Pwrrrrr/Minority Superhuman fest. As you say, it feels *very* forced, to the point of being really uncomfortable to watch.

  7. Wow… I will never understand the fanaticism for the sports. When your team loses, you lose nothing. You will keep working at your 9-5 job in your cubicle next day too. I think it is a form of escapism.

    1. It IS a form of escapism. For those brief hours, fat losers wearing another man’s jersey can feel like they’re part of a team and that they’re taking part in a national event. Never mind the fact that their wives still won’t fuck them afterwards and the people playing despise them.

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