3 More Basic Rules of Sparring


Last week I posted an article on some of the fundamentals of sparring.  While these basic rules were primarily geared towards sparring, and to a lesser extent self-defense, some of my followers on Twitter saw real-life lessons outside of martial arts that these rules applied to.

Due to the warm reception to that article (and the fact that I can talk about martial arts ad nauseam), I decided to compile another short list of basic sparring rules. 

While these rules aren’t part of the official, original set, they are still some valuable rules that I’ve picked up during my martial arts journey and have served me well.  These rules are going to focus on the abundance mindset…with a martial arts twist of course.  Let’s begin.

Rule#1 – It Is Better To Give Than Receive

We martial artists are generous people.  We’re always ready to help others learn or lead groups.  The same can be said for sparring.  We love being generous with our kicks and punches.

You kick us once, thanks!  Here’s two kicks in return!

Giving more than you take provides a few benefits during a sparring session.  If you’re executing the lion’s share of the attacks, then your opponent must waste precious time defending against your attacks instead of mounting an offensive of his own.  In the red pill world, it’s akin to pulling them into your frame.

Rule#2 – Don’t Turn Down a Free Gift

For a brief stint, I competed in Taekwondo Point Sparring which is essentially a game of tag.  I didn’t enjoy this style of sparring as much as the full-contact format of Olympic Style Sparring, but it did provide me with the valuable lesson of not turning down a free gift.

Whenever your opponent makes a mistake and leaves themselves open, they’re giving you a gift, a wide opening with a “Hit Me!” sign and lots of arrows pointing towards the exposed striking point.

karate kid

It would be incredibly rude of you not to take that free gift, would it not?  Accept the gifts they give you with a smile.

Rule#3 – When In Doubt, Give, Then Give Some More

Finally, we make it to Rule#3.  This rule seems pretty simple on the surface, but it’s easy for stress to send you into a case of analysis paralysis.  New students often fret over what technique they should do during a sparring session and wind up doing nearly nothing.

The same can be true for advanced students when the pressure is on.  During my early black belt years when I was still competing, I often suffered this problem, scrutinizing my every move only to end up doing nearly nothing during a sparring match.

When in doubt, do something, anything, then do something else.  The mere act of moving, breaks both your physical and mental inertia and allows subsequent techniques to flow easier.

So give.  Give some more.  Give early and give often.  Like I said, we martial artists are generous people.


Author: Jak

Jak, married and father of three, seeks to help the Red-Pill Community take its next step past the petty cynicism and ineffectual anger. While he recognizes that men are significantly handicapped by the modern legal system and culture, he doesn't accept that traditional marriage is untenable in today's social climate. Rather, men must be willing to adapt to this new world by implementing new tactics and approaches to maintaining a balance of power. Jak is here to provide you with these lessons.

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  1. the 76ers actually won a game last night, so I feared this would be another open thread today

  2. Rule 4: Say a hail mary:

    You know when I was your age — I went out to sparring with all my brothers — and my father — and
    everybody. And I was, I was the only one who landed a kick. Nobody else could land one except me.
    You know how I did it? Every time I went to kick someone I said a Hail Mary — and every time I said a
    Hail Mary I landed that kick. You believe that? It’s true — that’s the secret. You wanna try it when we go out
    on the dojo?

    1. When I was first starting in TKD, I tried that pose for shit and giggles. By far it’s the dumbest thing I’ve seen. Perhaps someone more knowledgeable knows the benefits of it, but as I see it, there are many big disadvantages to this….technique?
      1) Only standing on 1 leg = weak support. Easy to be knocked over.
      2) Can’t execute any powerful or fast techniques from this position.
      The list goes on…

    2. a friend of mine who wrestled in high school would circle the mat on the out of bounds ring and taunt his opponent by talking shit and chewing gum. When the opponent come at him he would just dodge the single leg or upper body clench until he was warned for stalling. Sometimes he would wait 2 periods (4 min) before even wrestling his opponent especially if he knew the other guy was ranked higher. Back then there was no points scored for pushing your opponent out of bounds so it didn’t matter if the other guy got the move in out of bounds or not. The best part of this strategy was the dumbfounded looks he would get by both the ref and his opponent .

  3. “We martial artists are generous people” we love giving out ass whuppins.
    Haha jk.

        1. No, sorry, they really are just for ladies. Freaking sugar drinks with a splash of alcohol in them are strictly for chicks. And this isn’t some macho posturing, the original idea behind making these kind of mixed drinks was to appeal to the female demographic.

              1. Well, the house (and barn) parties in my 80s youth, the lads drank beer and the girls drank wine coolers.

                What killed off wine coolers and kept it only an 80s phenomenon? Congress (democrats) in 1991 raised excise taxes on wine from $0.17/gallon to $1.07/gallon and crashed the industry.

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                    4. It was .99 cents a can in ’94 when I got outta HS. still .99. Maybe BernieBro economics can work!

                    5. There used to be this run-down former 7/11 that became a liquor store not too far from where I went to high school. They’d have “specials” every day, which was basically whatever old ass crap they were trying to get rid of because it was a year past its expiration date or something. You and 2 or 3 of your friends could get a nice buzz for about the cost of a Happy Meal, and that counted having to split it with Clarence (or whichever ancient homeless black dude you got to buy for you).

                2. Wait, wine coolers aren’t around anymore? What do you do to get the womenfolk drunk anymore? Back in the day it was a six pack of good beer then a case of cheap beer or a bottle of whiskey for the guys, wine coolers for the girls.

                  I’ve been sober for too long.

                    1. There is this ’50’s song by the Andrews Sisters “Rum and Coca Cola”, basically talking about whoring it up with the military on leave. Fairly crass for that time.

                  1. They have what amounts to wine coolers, but in bottled form now. They super sugared up wine with pretty little labels. Don’t remember the name, but just looking at them you know who they’re marketing to.

                  1. Heh. As I matured I do enjoy a nice bottle of wine on occassion. Usually with a meal. In fact, I split a bottle of a nice Italian chianti on Sunday night when the wife made pasta.

                    1. Wine is perfectly legit. Sugaring it up, tossing in raspberries and adding bubbles, no.

                    2. I noticed that is a fad these days of wineries popping up and fat, middle-aged women “wine tasting.”

                      I will stick to beer and the occassional bottle with a meal.

                    3. Worse than that are all the bullshit “micro-brew” beers now. Fucking “Climbing Monkey” and “Red Mountain Hyena”.

                    4. No, now those, I like. Variety in beer, if they are the ones making it, is fantastic to me. I like trying new things like that.

                    5. If they’re adding stupid shit to it, then yeah I’m with you. But if they’re making original styles that have existed for centuries? I’m all about that.

                    6. But then if you stumble upon one you like, you can never find it again, AND you sound like an assclown asking for it!

                    7. Meh. I don’t mind them, but I live in a country with +1400 brewries that is smaller than California. Funny thing is, I prefer Czech beer.

                    8. That’s been a fad for a while now. At least ten years, give or take. Real wineries, where they actually grow the grapes and bottle for a wide market (or at least, for a state wide market) are fantastic though.

                      I love a good dry red with dinner (red meat), and the occasional white Pinot Grigio as an aperitif.

          1. I rather enjoy giving dudes a hard time for drinking fruity and or sweet alcoholic beverages, I tell them the same thing, they make that stuff so girls can drink too.

            1. Invariably you’ll hear from their likely lipstick coated lips “Well, I’m secure enough in my masculinity that I don’t have to conform to your ideas!”, a phrase that is used 10 out of 10 times by men acting like gays and/or women who want to pretend that they’re not acting like gays and/or women.

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                  “Well Mr. High and Mighty, I’m secure enough in my masculinity that becoming bisexual and letting my wife’s boyfriend fuck me up the ass isn’t a big deal!”

                    1. Eh, I’ve been hearing a lot of this excuse lately, especially the last couple of years. It’s one of those “grind my gears” things I guess.

          1. You ain’t been putting one of those up there? Maybe I just didn’t get the joke, I know it isn’t funny when you have to explain it…

      1. Bitch is willing to take a cigar in the cooch, there’s no telling what other nasty shit you could get her to do.

        1. Thales, we live in a world where 2nd base is a rim job now. There are no limits for anyone, anywhere, ever. She was a forerunner though, i’ll give her that.

          1. Maybe I should rephrase. Bitch took a cigar in her cooch, at work, sober, in a hallway next to the Oval Office.

            1. and in the 90’s. Fair point. To get shit like that in the 90’s you had to be at a college part and talk to the girls who grew up with sheltered lives, good parents, small community and were away for the first time.

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                    EDIT: Just googled. UGH. That would be rough.

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                    2. The look in their eyes when they realized you were really going to make them wear the bag, though… that is priceless.

                2. When it comes to high ranking females in government, I generally default to Swedish princesses.

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              2. You know, now that I think about it…. she admitted to the cigar thing, in the hallway, in the 90s, sober, etc. Imagine what she actually did if she admitted to that.

          2. So, if second base these days is a rim shot, what do you do when you drop her off at home? No goodbye kiss cause Scope don’t do miracles.

            1. Rim jobs, ugh, another import from the gay community. I predict that in 5 years, max, that women pegging guys in the ass with strap ons will be totally acceptable and “masculine” and not just the fringe thing it is today.

              In reality most girls aren’t that bad, but if you work in a cancer hospital and all you deal with are cancer patients it can become easy over time to think that everybody has or is going to get cancer.

              1. Some day folks are going to have to learn that there’s some shit that just ought not be done.

                1. But you see URC, you’re just not secure enough in your masculinity to embrace gay sex practices. You’ll know you’re totally secure in your masculinity when you’re attending gay bathhouses and taking it up the poop shoot from a train of ten guys, and you can then chide men who won’t do that as “fags” who are “insecure”.


                  Such a childish psychological ploy, but it works on so many “men”.

                  1. I know I’m secure enough in my masculinity that any dude who’s not a doctor that tries to touch any of my sexual areas or any dude (including the doctor) that tries to touch me with or attempts to get me to touch his nether regions is going to have one helluva fight on his hands.

                1. I chose that intentionally since there seems to be a push now to normalize that. It’s not surprising to see this kind of thing.

                2. I thought Jez was one of those site shut down as a result of Hulk Hogan winning that civil suit???
                  Comments are nuts- “If you were secure in your sexuality, you’d let your gf use a strap on” etc…

                  1. If you were secure in your sexuality

                    Yep. Cheap psychology that works on simple and/or self-absorbed minds. Unfortunately it works far too well most of the time.

                    1. Too much blood. Will ruin your wood chipper. I’m telling you, you need three things to properly dispose of a body:
                      (1) Chicken wire.
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                      Boom. Done.

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                      Group of hungry hogs will take care of it too.

                1. I’m beginning to think that Pabst’s Insane Sperg Syndrome (PISS) is contagious, and spreading. First Chip Grapefruit, and now DCA.

                  Gentlemen, we must find a cure before it is too late.

                  1. he was talking baseball, totally related. Grapefruit is awesome, I can’t go on another day without a grapefruit post.

              1. I ain’t going to kiss one on the mouth either if she licked my butt. Man, there’s some shit folks just shouldn’t do just because they shouldn’t.

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          1. Nah, Bill Clinton had zero game. That bastard was Governor and then President, and he’s raping ugly skanks and getting BJs for fat chicks. Kennedy was fucking Mariyln Monroe, for fuck’s sake. I mean, so was everyone else, but you get my point.

            1. I wonder about that. He was very charismatic and he polled high with women (no pun intended), and seemed to be the sociopath-narcissit smooth talker. I’m betting he had plenty of game, he just had awful taste in women.

              1. I saw an interview one time with an Arkansas State Trooper that had been on his security detail that Bill was one of those guys you couldn’t take your eyes off of if there were women around because he literally(Hitler) couldn’t control himself.

                1. Sounds like your typical sociopath-narcissit pussy hound (think of the kind that Roosh tended to encourage before he became Mr. Holy Man). I’ve read a bit about his dalliances and the people involved, and yeah, he seemed to have very little impulse control.

                  1. Roosh is the first Dark Triad turned Christian now with a stuffed animal as his best friend.

                2. Yeah, I think he was one of those guys that had a lot of social charm and persuasion, but either didn’t know how to (or wouldn’t) apply it to chicks. I’ve known guys like that, guys who could sweet talk a woman into anything business or political, but as soon as he saw a chick as something he wanted to fuck, he was like a bear clawing at a fish in a stream.

                3. There was a former SS agent saying the same thing about once they installed the track at the WH so Bubba could go jogging. He would run to the back gate where women were waiting to get his autograph and give him their phone number. He and Hillary were entering a rear entrance at a hotel in NYC once when Bill started chatting up a chick and Hillary screamed out “you can’t f*ck her here Bill.”

                  He was an unleashed poon hound with Peyronie’s disease.

            2. President is like being a rock star, ain’t gotta have no game.
              If us peons has been going around doing what Slick Willie was doing we wouldn’t even be out on parole yet.

          1. I’m aware of her skillset, I’m just not into thick chicks. Now drop twenty pounds off of her “in her prime” and I’m betting she would have looked half way decent.

  4. How do these discussions degrade from martial arts sparring to whether or not Monica Lewinski was bangable?

          1. Chelsea Clinton, because I’d make her yell “I did not have sex with that woman” while she was cumming.

            1. If you get a blow job from her, does that count as anal sex?

              1. how about the girl from the movie Precious? if FDR offered to make you Sec of the Interior, would you do it?

                  1. I’ve actually found using the “my cock is racist” thing to be totally acceptable when talking to chicks these days.

                    “Well, what about XYZ black girl, do you think she’s pretty?”
                    “Honey, while objectively she has nice features, she’s not my cup of tea”
                    “Well, I’m not racist….”
                    “Yeah, me neither, I don’t give a crap what race somebody is, but my cock is a card carrying Nazi KKK member, so…”
                    “tee hee!”

                    1. I absolutely stole it, but I didn’t remember from whom I got it, so, well, there you go.

                    2. I fucking patented that shit. “My cock is a card-carrying member of the KKK” since 1994. Check the US Trademark Office.

                    3. Its weird out there. I have overheard convos about how straight men have no right to reject trans women. trial balloons dropped on lefty sites, shortly thereafter becomes part of the “conversation”

                    4. Best retort I find is full macho flash “Says you, I’ll reject who I want” and then moving on in the conversation. Not that I hear the “accept trans” thing, ever, but I think we’ve all heard girls giving guys grief for not liking fatties.

                  2. she was in an all-too-graphic sex scene on the tv show Empire. I think that singlehandedly killed the fat acceptance movement. giant broad ontop of a skinny guy

                    1. I was gonna post the clip then thought better of it. horrifying. shes gotta be 300 lbs, moaning and whatnot

            1. I know little about her, are you suggesting that she’s from Haiti?

                1. I don’t buy into the “pre-Britney” scale thing, although I find Spears extremely hot in her day. That said, Lauper isn’t awful, I mean you wouldn’t have to sneak her out of the door the next morning with a coat over your head so you weren’t recognized by your neighbors. Nothing to brag about, but not terrible either.

                    1. Wasn’t steel the one that got to hook up with that sexy sleepy looking French chick? Lucky muddafukka

                    2. Sophie Marceau was who I was thinking of, had to google it to come up with a name.

                    3. how about an over the hill bond woman? seeing what monica bellucci looks like now was just sad.

                    4. Bond Grandma, on the other hand, she’s perfectly qualified for.

                    5. Would still bang Monica Bellucci. She deserves two academy awards for that anal rape scene.

                    6. You’d have to really have a thing for Wesley Snipes/thin black men, to be into her. Gross.

                1. Eh, I know little about her, except that the few times I’ve heard her sing traditional and/or classical music that she had a voice that angels would envy. Such a waste of her talent, doing bubble gum pop BUT….she made a lot of dough at it so who am I to judge?

                  1. I had no idea she could sing, I would have thought her spare time would have been spent chunking spears or wrestling hippos or something.

                    1. Oh, damn I hate when that happens. So that black chick probably really is a spear chunker then.

          2. I’m thinking, this could take a while because I really don’t want to screw it up…

          3. After careful consideration, Racheal Maddow, I have no idea why but, I would make her scream out obscenities in Portuguese.

                1. This is actually true. It was shocking to me the first time I saw her “this is what she looked like when she was young” picture. Girl totally self destructed.

    1. How did things ever get so far? I don’t know. It was so — unfortunate — so unnecessary. Clinton got a blowjob from Monica — and most everyone got a blowjob from Monica. We’re quits. And if Clinton agrees, then I’m willing to — let things go on the way they were before…

    2. Well, it’s an easy path.

      Tae Kwon Do!
      Man, I’d so use TKD to fend off advances from that southern Pig Woman!
      No man, I thought she was ok plus she gives beej’s!
      Screw that noise!

      1. I bet she could eat an ear of corn through a screen door though, she got them big gums.

        1. And she’d be happy to have the corn, too. Few things are better than a bitch who is actually grateful to swallow your load.

  5. Good article jak. I think it would be good to do an article on which martial arts is more practice for real fights and which ones are just for martial arts purpose

  6. To GhostofJeffersonDavis
    Ready for tomorrow? Good.
    May I just remind you: 2pm at Subres Grill car park, near the entrance. If you are not there by 2:10pm I will assume you were scared to turn up. So better be on time.
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    See you tomorrow.

      1. Be great if Kersey shows up there, tomorrow. He can post to us from a booth at the deli.

        1. Nice thing is that Jak would be able to verify the general whereabouts of the IP address. I doubt that he’ll post, because he’s not really going there, he’s just huffing and puffing on the interwebs playing Mr. Tough Guy for his own personal amusement (or therapy).

          1. Well I’m no IP expert so I’m not entirely sure how and when IP addresses would change, but Kersey’s IP address from today is still the same except for the last 3 digits so, unless I’m missing something, he’s still across the pond.

      1. Is that what you are? You have to look for a mate somewhere else. No-one is interested here. Except maybe GOJ or Lolknee.

  7. To GhostofJeffersonDavis
    Ready for tomorrow? Good.
    May I just
    remind you: 2pm at Subres Grill car park, near the entrance. If you are
    not there by 2:10pm I will assume you were scared to turn up. So better
    be on time.
    May I also politely remind you (for your own sake) that
    your Ohio permit (if you have one) won’t be valid in Florida. And
    carrying an unlicensed firearm in Florida would land you in jail.
    same applies to drugs: you will have to endure without your stuff in
    Miami…so leave the meth/weed or whatever you use at home. You guessed
    it, possession of those, even for “personal use” would get you in
    trouble. You may find that cops in Miami actually do their job and are
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    Plus I don’t really want
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    See you tomorrow.

    Answered in separate text because Kersey is a coward who deletes his comments with regularity.

    Reminder for what? I never accepted your invitation to drop my entire life, buy a sorely overpriced ticket to Florida at the last minute, to meet with you in a place where you apparently want to try and get the law on me.

    There is no such thing as a “licensed firearm” in Florida, by the way, you door knob. This isn’t the slave republic of Britain.

    And my CHL is valid in Florida, the states have reciprocity and have for a long, long time. Jeez, it’s like you post random words for effect without any basis in reality.

    What is your obsession with me, Susy? Do you literally have no life?

    You’re free to visit Ohio, or not, your call, I really don’t care.

    1. Ghost,
      You challenged me…I have the right to name the time and location. I am not meeting you in “Shitsville, Ohio”. You have to come to Miami, if you insist on meeting.
      Are you a chicken to meet someone …in your own country?
      You are a keyboard-warrior, nothing else.

      1. Um, no I didn’t, hockey puck. You’ve gotten so many things wrong about me so consistently that I’m fairly convinced that you either have a true memory problem, or that you are trolling. A third possibility, like for real, is that you are mental.

        I not only don’t insist on meeting, I never have. You’re posting one giant testament to a logical fallacy and I don’t think that you’re bright enough or sane enough to understand.

    2. if someone is going to make a threat of physical violence, he, or in this case, she, should make the effort to initiate it and come attack you.

      1. I still don’t get where I challenged him, duel or otherwise. I think he’s confusing me with Jak when Jak kinda sorta did the “you want some, come get some” thing. He seems to confuse me with at least 3-4 other people on a semi-regular basis.

        1. Jak challenged me. I told him to come to London, UK if he wanted to talk. Just like you he chickened out. (Or couldn’t afford the ticket to Europe…or never bothered applying for a passport, like many rednecks never do anyway)

          1. And again, I never challenged you to anything regarding fisticuffs or duels you dim witted dingus. I am and have been on the record now for years as advocating not getting into fights with others, and to even only carry a firearm as a weapon of last resort that you use only if you cannot get away from a confrontation. You are literally insane, bro. Or a really long game troll, which, eh, is fine too.

              1. Will you be arriving a Columbus early or late?

                You really have no grasp on reality do you, skippy? I’m going long game troll here with Jak now too. Nobody could possibly be as stupid as you intentionally, lacking either a mental illness or personality disorder. I mean I know that low white blood cell counts can be…..oh wait….

                1. Columbus, eh? The town which most famous resident is the “Tourette’s guy”?No
                  No, Ghost…it’s 2pm in Magic City. Miami, Florida, that is.

                  1. Well you have fun then. Since I A) have never challenged you to a fight or violence and B) never accepted your childish “Meet me in Flori-duh” thing then I think you’re really going to be disappointed when you show up at your Racist Restaurant and I’m not there.

                    I mean seriously, step back and ask yourself if you’d buy an airline ticket at the last minute, at a very high premium, disrupt your life, use up vacation days at work, to go to a place with a belligerent cunt who mis-attributes things to you that you never said and who is quite likely not only mentally unbalanced, but also a carrier of the HIV (which is where you get the AIDS from)?

                    In any event, you’re in the States, if you want to be all violent so bad, then the onus is on you to meet me, not vice versa. I’m content to avoid being arrested, thank you very much.

                    1. And speak of the devil, his sniveling little posts are all deleted. What a pussy. My guess is that he’s sitting in a little padded room somewhere outside of Islington right now, yelling at the computer screen, just moments before his evening meds take effect.

                    2. You know, come to think of it, we never see you and him in the same room together at the same time…

                    3. Eeen Soveeeyet Roosha, you don’t have AIDS, AIDS has you!

                    4. I like to imagine him sitting in an EconoLodge across the parking lot from the diner, looking down at the place… waiting.

                    5. To be a coward one would have to back away from a fight one started. Which I haven’t done since I don’t challenge people to fights on the interwebs.

                      Or one can delete his posts to avoid accountability, which you have done. Heh.

                    6. “Which I haven’t done since I don’t challenge people to fights on the interwebs.”
                      But we’re still having a sparring match whenever you drive through my area right?

                    7. Oh, friendly sparring, no question. That’s not the same thing in any way to Mr. Kersey-board warrior and his dueling fetish though.

                    8. Upon arrival in Miami, you are to report to a notorious Turkish bathhouse for further instructions. Your contact’s name is “Fabio.”

                    9. Just going by the Yelp reviews. They may not be actually racist but since they have that reputation I don’t want to take a chance and ruin my own spotless record. I get where you wouldn’t care though, given your racist leanings.

                    1. Some say 85% of men in rural Mississippi get at least on of their prayers answered.
                      That is when their sisters got their periods…

                    2. No, you aren’t. You consistently post racist comments, and are also obsessed with race. You’re fooling nobody, Nigel.

                    3. You can tell it’s working but how bothered he seems to be. Hint: Challenge him to a duel next. That’ll show him.

                    4. Woke = post awake. Which is funny because as I recall, the Nazis like for real all about “Wake up!” in their propaganda. The Left really never changes.

                    5. I was tempted in the past to detail the history of the Democratic party and their racist leanings from pre-civil war to current times. Would be interesting to tie this in to socialist/communist/Marxist nations from around the world and how they operate.

                    6. Look up Liberal Fascism (a book). Been done, in detail, quite well actually. They no longer have any excuse to fall back on. And this is why we love the Information Age.

                1. Oh wow, its the fake punisher guy, posting the same cartoon pic of the punisher shooting some alien thing in the crotch, the same pic he has posted like 10 times before. Wow, so original and so awesome. A picture really is worth 1000 words. I can’t wait for more of the same, over and over again. Yay.

          2. Patently wrong. I’ve explicitly stated on multiple occasions that I wouldn’t challenge you, but if you challenged me, I wouldn’t refuse said challenge.

                  1. You should challenge two people at once, so that you can say that you were in a dual duel.

        2. I’ve had a few women tell me that when a man acts emotional around other men that it means he has a man-crush . Maybe there’s something to women-splaining.

          1. There may be some truth to that. I’m not of the mind to acquire AIDS though, so he should probably focus on somebody else.

    3. I tried to reply to Kersey, but he deleted his account already. I’m sure he is still reading this.

      “Dude, you are letting this keyboard warrior stuff get to you. Maybe you
      should see if you can get into a bowling league or something and forget
      about us.”

                1. I would have had to open another tab in my browser, and google search for a solid 10 minutes. GF just knows this shit. Come on man, give him some credit.

      1. It is my favorite show hands down. Interesting time of history, great dialogs, great actors. It teaches many things about power, politics, relations etc. And because it was in 2007 you don’t see stupid SJW themes. Too bad it lasted only 2 seasons because of production cost.

  8. The day was going so well. Some great discussions. Low incidence of GF and GF. Then the comment section got AIDS and died. RIP.

    1. Yes because saying whether or not you’d bang Lewinsky and why not to kiss girls after they’ve licked ass is highly intellectual discussions.

    2. Actually, I lost track, but think we were talking about cannibalizing Cyndi Lauper and/or Monica Lewinsky?

      1. I would cannibalize Cyndi Lauper before I would cannibalize Monica Lewinsky… but I would burn the fuck out of that shit in the hopes of cooking off all the STDs.

      1. At least a day, WB. Listen – um – I’ll square it with The Champ, uh – you know, my not godfathering up this shit – and uh, I’ll get a message to grapefruit, when I think the time is right.

        1. You talk about at least a day– is a day gonna bring your godfathering back to you? Or my godfathering to me? I forgo the godfathering of this article — But I have selfish reasons. Thursday’s article — will be ripe for godfathering, — because of this sensitivity business. All right — and I have to make arrangements to troll that article– enjoying all the rancor. But I’m a superstitious man — and if some unlucky accident should befall you– if you should accidentally delete your meme folder — or if you — should remain sick another day — or if your computer which has the godfather scripts should get struck by a bolt of lightening — then I’m going to blame some of the people in this room. And that, I do not forgive. But — that aside — let me say that I swear — on the souls of my grandchildren — that I will not be the one to break the peace that we have made here today…

  9. This whole replying to posts that are deleted is annoying. Kersey, why do you do this? We have everything you wrote on record,

    1. Jim…you claim you have six kids, yet spend your day online.
      Claim to be an elder in LDS (Mormon) Church…yet your comments (this comment comment section in general) is full of obscenity and racism.
      Surely your church is agains all of those, right?

            1. He said

              Your weakness is aids riddled little boys? I feel sorry for you.

              I wanted to tell him: THAT’S IT! That’s the right spirit! Keep doing this!

                    1. With beginners to the humor realm, one has to ensure never to set the bar too high with regard to expectations.

                  1. Q/A jokes are a good start. Here is one you can put in your toolbox….

                    Q: Why did Kersey cross the road?
                    A: Because he has AIDS.

                    1. Q: Why couldn’t the baby Jesus be born in Utah?
                      A: Because they couldn’t find 3 wise men or a virgin.

        1. I have a sentimental weakness for my children, and I spoil them as you can see; they talk when they should listen. But, anyway, Signor Johnson, my no is final, and I wish to congratulate you on your new business, and I know you’ll do very well; and good luck to you — as best as your interests don’t conflict with my interests. Thank you.

            1. Thank you, but godfather quotes are always genius. A few minor set backs have forced a slow down, but fear not….full godfather onslaught to resume shortly.

              1. that farce Kersey played with your sister could not fool a Corleone. Come on. Don’t be afraid, Kersey; you think I’d make Kersey’s gay lover a widow?

    2. Just part of his long troll game. I pegged him during his last appearance. He’s not serious about anything he’s posting here. He’s just doing it for the lulz.

      1. I pegged him during his last appearance.

        Oh God, man, you’re into that kind of thing? What, I’m not secure enough in my masculinity to peg other dudes, now?

    1. Should have kept your mouth shut like most of us and now you would still be alive!
      Damn you Haiti AIDS!
      RIP JumpenJive!

  10. ‘ Tis indeed better to give than to receive. Whether on the mat or on the sidewalk, taking the fight to your opponent and keeping them on the defensive is sound strategy. If you can use the element of surprise to strike first so much the better. The key is, once you have stunned your opponent or at least have them off balance, continue the attack relentlessly until they are down.

    The mistake I made in actual fisticuffs when I was younger was to land a couple of good licks, then pause to survey the damage. You have to train yourself not to do this. A clear indicator of success (this doesn’t necessarily apply to sparring) is that your opponent is down and not getting back up. You can make that determination pretty quickly. If he (or she) still seems to have some fight left in them, then you had better be ready to finish the job. Indecisive and wishy-washy can get you killed.

    1. I typically pull back after I finish executing a series of attacks, but that’s strictly in sparring and for a few reasons:
      1) There’s rules regarding what areas I can punch and kick.
      2) I’m not trying to kill/maim the other person.
      3) The sparring sessions last a lot longer than a fight would so if I went all out, I’d be gassed way before the sparring was over.

      1. Oh I completely understand. But in my mind practicing martial arts and sparring are preparing for the real fight (may it never come). And one thing I have learned over the years is that how you train is how you will respond when the shit gets real.

    2. Something a friend tipped me off too once you have an opponent down in the street — stomp on his hands then continue kicking him in the head. They go fetal position everytime.

      1. At that point though, you begin flirting with legal issues, primarily where self-defense becomes assault. At best, I would prescribe 1 kick to them while they’re down before running away. If you stand there kicking them relentlessly, the cops will throw you in the clink as well. Plus, there isn’t much need to hit them multiple times at that point. If they’re already on the ground, one good kick to the head, gut, or knee and they won’t be catching up to you after you take off.

    3. Just make sure you don’t receive AIDS. You’ll end up like me or my friend Jacob Marley, cursed to wander the world in search of peace

          1. To become like beat, you must eat like bear!

            I’m not entirely familiar with the time period, but I don’t think that 1950’s Beatnik culture required consuming bear or any other particular food.

  11. Kersey, instead of doing an open street, illegal duel like you proposed, how about taking something from this article, and challenge whoever to a sparring match? You might get a better reception. I know there are amateur sparring sessions available where you could show off your skills and perhaps gain some status in a legitimate competition in a safe manner. Even though I have never taken any martial arts, I think it would be fun to have a go at it. What do you think?

    1. parking lot karate fight with full karate gear on! black belts and 80s hair do held up by headband is a must otherwise why bother!

        1. Also,must make noise when sweeping, preferably an original one. Ha-ya doesn’t just cut it anymore.

          1. I wonder how much the dues were for Cobra Kai. I mean, they probably weren’t the ONLY karate school. Were they on the pricier side? Were they cheaper and took mostly misfits? Who handled the accounting. Like I just don’t see John Kreese sitting down at the end of the month and reconciling the books. Looking at income from student dues versus overhead. Making sure to report the income. Trying to get students to buy shit. And what about other stuff. Like did John Kreese go, now and then, to the pizza place and get like 10 large pies and a bunch of sodas maybe when some kid got a promotion?

            I mean, sweet the leg and show no mercy is good and well, but there is a practical side to running a business like this. Thank god it was the 80’s. I imagine his yelp reviews would have been terrible.

            1. Johnny doesn’t train at no cut rate dojo, buddy. I mean, did you see his hair. Cobra Kai was the best there was. I can tell you that based on the awesomeness of Johnny’s hair alone.

              1. I will accept that the dojo was top of the food chain based on the evidence of johnny’s hair. I still want to know who handled taxes, licensing, insurance and all the other business aspects of owning the dojo and what the pizza party policy was. I mean, it wasn’t in new york but I imagine other places have things that resemble pizza that they buy for parties with kids.

                1. John Kreese’s brother-in-law Earl handled taxes, licensing and insurance. Sensai Kreese ran the other business (marketing, etc.). Mrs, Kreese (a hot little zipperhead he brought back from ‘Nam) kept everything clean and sewed the patches on the karate robes. Mrs. Kreese, however, was firmly against pizza parties, and Sensai Kreese agreed that pizza parties were for pussies. Pizza is earned, not won.

                    1. There is literally no possible way that Sensai Kreese does not have a zipperhead wife from ‘Nam. Literally no possible way. He also more than likely has an ex-wife who was the high school prom queen and/or head of the cheerleader squad.

                    2. He beats her frequently and she hates him but she stays with him because she knows he has congenital heart disease and if she just takes her beatings for a few more years she can cash in on his life insurance policy set up by his brother and then move to Vegas and play the slots for the rest of her life

                    3. Yes, yes, but one detail you have to adjust: Sensai Kreese has a heart like a horse, thank you very much. All the man eats is steak, eggs and pussy. But his three packs a day habit means lung cancer in the next 5-10 years. She lights every single cigarette he smokes, no matter how bloody and bruised she is, telling herself its just another nail in his coffin.

                    4. you are correct. Good team work on this one. I imagine, btw, that Mrs. Kreese, the Vietnamese wife, looks and dresses exactly like Rosie from Rosie’s Bar in MASH

                    5. I also imagine the part of Sensai Kreese’s brother-in-law Earl would be played by the Principal from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

                    6. Now, I propose we remake the sequels to both Karate Kid and the Lost Boys as one movie: Karate Boys. Daniel’s mom gets transferred to Santa Clara and has to move, dragging Danny to a new high school in a new town. His first day of school he’s surprised to discover that Mr. Miyagi is the school’s new janitor… Mr. Miyagi just can’t quit Daniel-san. Danny has trouble fitting in at school again, and finds himself getting picked on by the local bullies. But then he comes across the Brothers Frog, vampire hunters and comic book collectors extraordinare. As Danny’s new love interest struggles to break free from the vampire bully gang, Miyagi trains the Brothers Frog in karate while the Brothers Frog teach Danny and Miyagi about hunting vampires. The whole movie ends in a karate-kicking, vampire-staking showdown of epic proportions.

                    7. Ok, but does Miagi ass rape the Coreys while Kiefer Sutherland ass rapes daniel son or does Kiefer just ass rape the coreys, daniel, miagi, the brothers frog and Saint Clara.

                    8. Well, I mean, none of that stuff happens on screen, but I’m sure there will be all kinds of ass raping behind the scenes.

                    9. What’s even funnier to me is that it was actually Charlie Sheen assraping everyone in Lucas.

                    10. best ep: Latka somehow gets a pound of blow thinking its sugar. starts making cookies (he aspires to become Famous Amos). Everyone loves his cookies. They all realize there is ye-yo in his stuff. Too late, Latka is a coke whore. While he is going into withdrawal, THE ACTUAL FAMOUS AMOS drops down into the studio on a hook, telling him to snap out of it.
                      you will never ever ever ever see a broadcast as insane as this one again

            2. I’m sure he intimidated the students into buying whatever extra crap he was selling.
              He also probably bullied a Hebrew nerd into doing his books for free.

        1. Don’t trust any old man who likes watching young boys wax off.

          1. After david carradine died in a thailand hotel as a result to auto erotic asphyxiation I wrote a series of Haiku to honor him and thought you might enjoy. One of them mentions Miagi which is why this is only slightly off topic

            Tight, grasshopper like
            Fishing boat in hurricane
            Bloodless Nirvana

            Bankok has hookers
            Emergency Rope Cutters
            Hope you finished up

            Looked like suicide
            Just wait ’til they find gerbil
            Bride kills Bill scott-free

            Pai Mei teaches how
            To Flick more than goatee. Go
            Blind without plucked eye

            Grasshopper must learn
            Take Pebble quickly from palm
            Watch out for the hair

            Always walking earth
            Can make a man quite weary
            Need to Just hang out

            You should live through that
            Chuck Norris could last a year
            Your kung-fu is weak

            Visit Thai hotels
            When at the end of your rope
            Blacklight is a must

            Tough to find hooker
            Thai yellowbook.com sucks
            Guess I’ll get a rope

            A great master dead
            Asphyxia comes too quick
            Why not David Blaine

            Master Morita
            Never taught final lesson
            Survive waxing off

            Noble master dies
            Kung-Fu grip intact
            Heston mere novice

    1. “A rescue train pulled up next to the crippled Acela and took the passengers to Philadelphia”

      Great….train crashes, but don’t worry. We are going to take you to the heart of a riot.

              1. Nah, they speak french in Haiti and Haitian food is actually good. Detroit is just some shithole in america.

                Haiti beats detroit hands down. In fact, if you are rich you can go to Haiti and have a woderful time. If you are rich you can go to detroit and just be in detroit.

                  1. well, no, of course not. But if you had to pick I think Haiti would be the move. I have limited the number of places I am willing to leave new york for down to 3.

                    1. No, if I was forced, at gunpoint, to choose between going to Haiti and going to Detroit, I’d take the bullet, because why procrastinate.

                    2. You’re better off going through Detroit. It does suck but they’re starting to re-build, plus you can legally carry a gun there, so anybody comes up and tries to infect you with AIDS and you can shoot him. Haiti has like three gated places for tourists where they hire private security to keep the evil out, including government goon evil. Plus you automatically contract AIDS upon arriving at their airport. Yeah, no….

                    3. Am I the only one who watched this damn movie? “Never go full retard!” ring a bell?

  12. As a public service, I went ahead and temporarily infected myself with Super Ukrainian AIDS. As I lay here dying in agony, I experienced a vision – a visitor – who called himself FutureKersey. He informed me that in about 20 hours time, he would return and post the following message:

    To GhostOfRedneckTrailerTrash:
    I was waiting at the Subres Haiti Grill (their Mud Cakes are to DIE for) and you were a no-show. You failed to realize that I would complain about this on the internet, and now everybody knows you are not a real man and probably got arrested by the PD for carrying meth without a license. I’m still sitting here drinking a special cocktail, waiting to see if you really show up. I’m superior in every way, with my wife and my kids, and I’m not a pathetic loser because I know Hatian Jiu Jitsu which is why you didn’t show up. Also you are squatting in a damp trailer in some low rent trailer park because you can’t afford electricity after buying all that meth. So have a taste of your own medicine: Yee-haw!

    It went on like this for another hour, but I stopped listening.

    1. Man, is he stupid or what? You don’t have to license Meth here in Ohio. Geesh. Stupid English.

        1. Thank goodness you forgot to include Missour….er…never mind.

      1. With martial valor, if one becomes like a revengeful ghost and shows great determination, though his head is cut off, he should not die.

                1. I may be wasting away, but at least I’m in Margaritaville.

                    1. I heard it from a very reliable source that those who kill themselves become public servants for the dead.

            1. Simple Jack. Duh.

              But it’s ok Jim, because you ma ma ma make me happy.

  13. OT: Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’: A Dazzling, Superpowered Love Letter to Black People

    At its core, Coogler’s film feels like a love letter to every black person who will step into the movie theater to see it, be they be of American or African descent. It is a film that honors the history of black bodies on our entire continent, from the kingdoms they built, to the bondage they were shackled in, to the world that has treated them with cruelty at every possible turn.


    Wow, that sounds like that’s gonna be a really great movie.

        1. The blacks around here do for the most part. They are usually military, or military families, which means ambition.

      1. And if the movie doesn’t do better at the box office than every other Marvel movie ever… its all the fault of racist white people.

        1. Never saw any if it, but read their comics as a kid. l heard they went full SJW and only have themselves to blame.

          1. Full SJW? Nonsense. Thor is a woman and Iron Man is a black teenaged girl. That’s nothing.

            If they went full SJW, Superman would be a lesbian midget queer tranny half-black half-Mexicans pedophile into bestiality in a wheelchair with a rainbow cape, and Batman would be LGBTQAAKKSSPRSTUV+.

            1. Good luck with that business model.

              I read that most action films that make money target adolescent hetero men. Young me aspire to be the hero/anti-hero to land the girl and glory. That seems to be universal formula.

        2. Don’t worry, churches , etc are buying out theaters, school kids are being bussed in to see it, buses paid by taxpayers .

    1. I tend to ignore these “ journalist”. I think the movie looks pretty cool so far. I hope the plot is good

    2. so spiderman….awkward teenager + radio active spider equals bad ass crime fighter bad with girls
      Superman…..baby of krypton raised by people with good morals….super powers strong moral compass
      batman…parents killed, dark knight vigilante billionaire
      Black Panther: honoring the history of black bodies onour entire continent from the kingdoms they built, to the bondage they were shackled in, to the world that has treated them with cruelty at every turn.

      Is his struggle that against interesting and relateable plot?

        1. Im totally bummed at the last season of XFiles- 4 eps, 3 get a dig in at our orange emperor

          1. That’s why I quit bothering to watch Law & Order 17 years ago. Every episode, its always the Republican who did it. Not worth watching the show if you spot the Republican in the first 5 minutes and know he’s the villain. Not that I’m defending Republicans, I’m just saying its boring as fuck when the big “twist” ending is always the same.

        2. Gotham already took that cringy award with the penguin running for mayor using the slogan “Make Gotham Great Again.” I’m not even joking…

        1. That bitch is fucking delusional. Like schizophrenic hallucinations and shit. First she thought she was black, now she thinks she’s Bo Derek.

      1. The fact that we let people like that wander around freely says a lot about our society.
        Also that the naacp apparently didn’t look into her history at all is hilarious.

    3. If it’s not a blockbuster it’s because racist whitey doesn’t want to see a black empowerment movie.

    4. Speaking of wakanda, how is Haiti doing this week? Still shitholesque?
      Or do theys be kangz n sheeeet wif theys fly in pyramids?

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