Destruction of Doubt

We all hit that point when doing something where doubt begins to kick in.  Whether you’re trying to get that next rep at the gym, trying to get something done at work, or when mid-project on something of leisure, there can be that time when everything is telling you to just give up, take the easy path, and do something easy, or worse, never start at all.  Recently I discovered that this voice inside you is typically wrong, and you’re capable of much more than you think.  Today I’ll go over some scenarios where just giving it that extra 1% more effort can pay off.  

Why Do We Doubt Ourselves?

People can go online and claim to be the most alpha son of a bitch in the world, capable of any task, but despite these keyboard alphas, real guys face or have faced a doubt in themselves at least once in life. I’ve found that doubt comes in two forms: pre-task and mid-task.

Pre-task doubt comes from you questioning your ability to complete a task.  9/10 times the real culprit here is fear of failure.  Many times people will hype some task or obligation up in their heads before it even starts.  They fear ridicule or judgement from others if they fail.  This is something you have to crush.  You never know the outcome of something unless you start somewhere.  Also, when you do eventually fail at something, you learn from those mistakes and can apply them in the future.  When someone compliments me on some overwhelming task, I like to say to myself in a joking but honest matter, that I fucked this up many times before I learned how to do it correctly. Get out of your own head and just start.

Mid-task doubt is a bit of a different beast.  They always say that the first step is the hardest, and as we learned about above, just getting started can be what makes or breaks you.  Mid-task doubt comes around when you’re faced with something extremely difficult.  You had the balls to jump in and start, but at some point during the process, you’re faced with a seemingly impossible task.  You stand there, questioning why you even took on this responsibility in the first place, and your mind wants you to take the path of least resistance and give up.  This is what separates the proverbial “men from the boys” if you will.

Sticking it out through the bullshit builds character.  Not only that, it shows that you can handle your shit when things get crazy.  The key here is focusing on the goal.  Sometimes you have to go back to square one and evaluate all the progress you’ve made thus far.  Sometimes, you have to start over completely.  This isn’t bad either, as you tend to pay more attention when you go back through a second time.


When to Quit

Doubting yourself and fearing failure are different from knowing when to quit.  Only a fool continues on a task that isn’t giving him anywhere.   I’ve found in my life that the examples above (pre/mid task doubt) come about when you’re faced with something that you either signed up for, are expected to accomplish, or its a personal goal you have set for yourself.  (Not-always the case, but most of the time.)

When you realize that you’re getting nowhere fast, its typically a task you’ve been given by another person.  Once again, not always the case, but typically it’s someone delegating you some task they themselves can’t/won’t do.

Whatever the source, a good way to measure whether you are wasting your time is to use the tips above. Realize you have to get your ass moving to make any progress at all, and get reevaluate your plans or methods used if you hit a snag.  I’ve you’re holding up your end of things and carrying out what is expected of you and it is a useless cause, then you’re typically in a position to leave it in the dust.


There can be a time when we doubt our own abilities due to fear or facing a monumental task in front of us.  If you stick with it and tough it out, you can definitely surprise yourself with what you’re capable of.  The truth is, once you take something on, you have to commit to it 100% in order to see if its worth it or not.  If you feel like you’re spinning your wheels, then use the steps above to see if you need to realign or dismiss it as useless.

-J. Nyx

Author: Jnyx

Fitness addict, DIY guru, tech nerd, member of Memesters Local 419.

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      1. Ewwww! If I encountered a gash with discharge that looked like that second pic I’d run away as fast as I could!

      1. Well, since We Are The World (and the Children), does that mean that we’re made of Kratom? Because that would be pretty cool.

    1. Definitely an intoxicant. But very stupid to regulate this. More people are gonna get hurt sucking on Tide Pods this year than taking Kratom over the last 10 years.

      1. At some people, you just have to let the stupid people fucking die. If you are going to suck on a Tide Pod, you deserve what you get.

        1. What you get is your digestive tract shriveled up like a dried out booger from the water and fats all getting flushed and dissolved. Bad way to die.

      2. The did the same thing to ephreda. That shit was legitimately awesome. Great for energy, weight loss, asthma. But some dumbass baseball player takes a whole bottle and strokes out and they ban it.

  1. Excellent advice. I’d only add that you should develop the wisdom to discern what you can do and change, from what cannot be done or changed. Many people end up beating their heads against the wall trying to change things that cannot be changed.

    1. “Many people end up beating their heads against the wall trying to change things that cannot be changed.”

      Once you learn to accept that and let go, life gets alot easier and much more enjoyable. Age brings wisdom for most men, so you can spot stupidity/ trouble (women, SJWs, time vampirers, moochers, etc..) coming before it comes within arms length and walk around it without so much as a glance.

      1. The most frustrating thing is trying to teacher younger people this, which itself is basically pointless, so I’ve given up even trying (see original point I was making). Everybody has to learn this lesson through hard experience.

        1. I would agree on that. Early on in my internet blogging career (back when I had my own picture up), I was much more preachy, trying to change liberal’s minds. Now I just poke fun at them or ignore. Doing this now is so much more enjoyable.

          1. Thing is – you can only positively influence people you’re close to, in discreet, smaller groups. Broadcasting wisdom to the anonymous masses is a waste of time.

        2. Yup. I understand now when I think about my grandfather, and men of his generation, would be standing around at a wedding or big celebration in silence. No matter what the topic or event, they wouldn’t say anything, but they had that slight smirk and knowing look in their eye.

          I get it now.

            1. Not bad for men if they take care of themselves, and may all here slide gracefully into it without to much pain or suffering, but to take GoJs point about accepting what cannot be changed– when you acknowledge your own immortality and accept that your end will happen and “it’s ok “– you’e liberated from fear and actually get deeper enjoyment out of life.

              Edit: I won’t alter my above post, but I meant “mortality.” I think G-d has other plans for us, but we all croak and shed the mortal coil.

        3. I respect those rare guys who it turns out all the answers at, say, age twenty. Back then it felt like they were from another planet but now it’s clear they were just more mature than the rest of us.

      1. Right, I saw that. I meant learning to tell *before* you start, I wasn’t clear there, sorry.

  2. Black Panther 100% fresh on rotten tomaters. Higher score than Godfather 1 or 2…or Casablanca…or

    1. I’m so tired of all of this blatant racism, not to mention movies becoming nothing more than putting comic books on the screen. I’ve no desire, at all, to patronize modern Hollywood. Which is no surprise, I’ve said it before, but they’re really turning up the crank on their smug hatred. Fuck “Black Panther”, and fuck Hollywood.

          1. Not angry, I’ve just learned the lesson to never go full retard.

            1. I looked at that Simple Jack trailer last night, looked like a “Everyone is beautiful” propaganda piece pushed by leftists. In other words, you are a bigot if you aren’t a handicap in one form or another. Am I right?

              1. I think you arent fully caffeinated yet. that is a fake trailer for a movie that will never get made lol

                1. I want you to go to Hollywood tonight; I want you to talk to these…. movie bigshots, and settle this business for Jim Johnson. Now, if there’s nothing else, I’d like to go back to J.nyx’s article.

              2. No. Simple Jack was a fake movie that was making fun of a main character in Tropic Thunder. It was meant to be over the top stupid. Watch Tropic Thunder, then you’ll get it (seriously, it’s funny as hell).

                  1. and thats a good thing! if anyone doubted you didnt have a tv, that comment proves it!

                  2. Dude, this movie is like (going to look it up) 10 years old. You can watch it on Netflix or Hulu I’d bet.

                    1. Nah, unless it is something that is VERY strongly recommended by guys I trust, I won’t waste my time. I have learned that lesson too many times.

                    2. I really liked the movie, that’s all I’m saying. I suspect you’d find it funny too. Or maybe not. We have similar humor so I can’t see you not laughing at it.

          2. over 65 reviews are in- nobody thinks this movie is “meh”? Nothing will top Dark Knight

            1. Any criticism will be put down as racism. And even disregarding that, you know how the SJW’s love to preen and pat themselves on the back over how “tolerant” they are.

              Look, I haven’t seen the movie, don’t intend to, and maybe it’s good. But from what I recall of the 70’s Blacksploitation crap in movies and comics, I wouldn’t hedge my bets on it being Oscar worthy.

                1. In the sense of looking back and getting a chuckle, yeah, but the main point of Blacksploitation flicks wasn’t to be laughed at, originally anyway.

                1. Yep. You better either praise the hell out of it no matter how bad it is, or you better shut up. Those are your options.

              1. I respected blacks more when they were pimps and dope dealers. They were the first off-the-grid crypto alpha dark triads back then. Now they wear nerd glasses and protest every fat black kid on Prozac that gets arrested by the cops.

                  1. If Roosh was truly dark triad, he would don one of those Iranian General get-ups, wear some aviators and threaten random countries with some virus bomb or hack banks.

                1. I’ve seen the trailers, which alone were revolting, so I’ll be sitting this one out.

                  The trailers practically scream “WE WUZ KANGZ” in your face. No thanks.

                  1. I saw one trailer and it looked pretty hokey; subpar to the other Marvel movies. To me, it looked like it should’ve been a lower budget TV series and not some Hollywood blockbuster.

                    1. Honestly, it just looked like a movie that wasn’t made for me as its audience, and if the reviews are correct, than that is true.

                    2. Yep, it’s targeted squarely at the 13% of America who are not “us”. Which is fine. But I have no interest in watching it or even pretending that I want to.

                      THAT BEING SAID….at least it isn’t more cultural appropriation. Meaning, at least they didn’t turn Spiderman into a black kid and pretend it was original.

                    3. Not only that, but I’ve already seem the black extremists coming out on Twitter telling whites to essentially get to the back of the bus on watching this movie. It’s a “black movie” so the blacks should get dibs on it.
                      I’ll do them one better. I won’t watch it at all. That’s another $50 the movie won’t make and there’s quite a few other guys that feel the same way.

                    4. I don’t know that it is targeted so much at people with black skin as it is targeted at people who buy into “blackness” as some kind of special, intrinsically oppressed but innately “cool” thing. People who want to believe some special mystique about “blackness” and “diversity” as a concept.

                    5. But that’s how black panther always been it’s nothing new. It’s just that most of you guys haven’t heard of the character until now. Like I said above black panther is an old comic book character. The same with the whole city of wakanda

                    6. Yeah, I know. I remember all the Wakanda and Vibranium shit from back in the day, reading comic books. The fucking African Atlantis and everything.

                    7. @[email protected]:disqus There was a bar on 9th in the 40s called the Wakamba or the Magnificent Wakamba- memba? Nothing but pimps and hos hung out there. was like a time warp back to the 70s

                    8. And as always, imagine if the table was turned.

                      White Lightning, the super hero who makes it a point to have White Pride, in a movie set in a world where Whites were the super master race intelligent overlords, intended and targeted ONLY to white people, with whites on Twitter screaming at minorities “Stay away, this is ours!”

                      Yeah, that would go over great.

                    9. A world where white people do great things and change the world for the better?

                      Sounds like the history channel.

                    10. Loved Modern Marvels. Tales of the Gun was also fun. And for laughs, Drunk History.

                    11. Heh, yeah, I know. I meant in the “really played up on the screen in a way that made it clear and obvious”.

                    12. It’s a “black movie” so the blacks should get dibs on it.

                      They can have it. There is no part of black culture I want to experience.

                    13. I doubt I will see it, either. What really turned me off was when I heard some reviewer suggest it might be worthy for Oscar consideration. That means it is really going to suck.

                    14. The reviewer was just virtue signaling. At some point I have no doubt that reviews will come in suggesting that watching the movie will cure Haitians of AIDS and other such outlandish claims.

                    15. That reminds me of a pet peeve I have:
                      Every movie, and I do mean EVERY movie, always has something to the effect of “The Best Movie in X Genre of the Year!”
                      Who dafuq are you to make such a claim? If I go see your best comedy of the year and don’t crack a smile, are you going to give me my money back?

                    16. There are no theaters in the hood.
                      Soooo, coming to a theater near you: the hood!.
                      Get ready for loud music, low pants, shitty attitudes, stolen merchandise, graffiti and vandalism, lets not forget robbery, and possibly rape and murder.
                      Don’t go near any theater playing this movie.

                    17. “Get ready for loud music, low pants, shitty attitudes, stolen merchandise, graffiti and vandalism, lets not forget robbery, and possibly rape and murder.”
                      Both On Screen AND in the theater!!!!

                    18. I haven’t looked at Indie films in a long time, they were getting really bad and pretentious, but it’s getting to the point that if I want to actually see a movie that was intended for an audience over the age of 8, that’s where I’ll need to look again.

                2. Yeah, i am wondering how many people who are shitting on this movie have actually seen it or if they are all just talking out of their asses. I am guessing the later. Seems to be a common theme.

                    1. Everybody here is actually one person. I thought you (I) knew that already?

              1. Nothing stacks up against The Money Pit. good rule of thumb: watch any comedy that is less than 50% approved, bc that means its actually funny

            2. The dark knight script reads like a B student’s notes from an intro to philosophy class with a newly minted PhD who thinks angsty readings of Nietzsche are cool

                1. Always have to take things in the context of the time and circumstance in which they were created. Dark Knight Rises (I know it was the second of the series) surfaced when all of the Occupy Wall Street shit was being spewed in the public square, and it took direct aim at those SJW’s and mercilessly ridiculed them. Which was fun. Was it the single best flick ever created? No. But for it’s time and purpose, a solid movie.

                  DK original, yeah, The Joker was immortalized by it. Fun film.

                  1. I’d prefer no topical or “current events” commentary in my action films, thank you very much, whether its left or right leaning. You want to have an over-arching theme of some fundamental human truth, fine. But modern politics? I go to the movies to get away from that shit.

                    1. Generally yeah. At the time the SJW’s were getting super obnoxious so it was fun seeing them ruffed up a bit. Besides, Batman, just like Dirty Harry movies, has always been said to have “fascist overtones” and has always been something most Leftists look down on, so fuck it. But yeah, usually it’s best to avoid real life politics altogether.

                    2. This is always my question in zombie movies. There is 0.0% chance that, lacking an airborne virus that permeates the entire atmosphere, that humanity loses that battle. Fuck, I’d pay good cash money to be airdropped onto an island of zombies, armed with a flame thrower, a Tommygun, a Remington 700, a samurai sword (a real one) and enough ammo to keep me running for a weekend. Would be great fun.

                    3. Why do you think zombie movies always take place after the world ends. Even with running zombies our military and civilians would dispose of them quickly

                    4. Here is the thing that bugs me about every single zombie movie ever made: the “real” threat is never the actual zombies. The “real” threat always turns out to be other humans. Fuck that, they’re fucking undead brain-eating zombies.

                    5. Well yea the undead are really dumb and the only advantage they have are their numbers and fearlessness.

                    6. Every good zombie novel I’ve read/listened to follows an overall story arc.
                      First, the zombies are the biggest threat with occasional spats with other humans.
                      Next, there’s a lull as the group settles in somewhere and begins rebuilding.
                      Finally, other humans become the larger threat while zombies are cleared out and become more of a nuisance.

                    7. Yep, always the exact same thing. It’s like if, halfway through Jaws, they got bored with fighting the 2-ton great white and decided to start beating each other up over the Knicks game from last week.

                    8. While fairly predictable, if executed properly, it transitions the story towards setting up the future for humanity. Can’t be fighting endless hordes of zombies forever.

                    9. In my experience, they are the reason for the world ending, except the very first ones that came out in the 60’s I think? Walking Dead, the entire premise is that mankind perished to zombies right (granted, it’s not a movie, but still). Zombieland, the same. I Am Legend, same.

                      Another thing that gets me about zombie flicks is how everybody is short on supplies and ammo. In fucking the united States, where, last check, every other house has five guns and hundreds if not thousands of rounds of ammo. Shit, if you hole up in a WalMart you are going to be fucking Lord Emperor of zombie world. But somehow, in the movies/television shows, people are scrounging around for one or two bullets and have to drive beat up cars (because apparently auto dealerships all went up in flames?). Just ridiculous.

                    10. The other thing is the absolute lack of creativity shown by the characters in zombie movies. Give me and a couple of my friends a week of sitting around with absolutely nothing to do, and we will build some serious A-Team MacGyver anti-zombie defenses that will seriously impair the local zombie population. The Walking Dead jackasses have been stumbling around in the woods for like 3 years and they still haven’t figured out to put some steel bracers around their forearms? None of them have made a fucking spear? There’s not one single 80s panel van converted in armored rolling tank of zombie destruction?

                    11. Walking dead is too busy being pc especially the comics where it seems like every other character is gay

                    12. It’s still on? Stopped watching “The Talking Dead” around season 4. Just couldn’t stay interested.

                    13. First season was fantastic, second was ok-ish, but it turned into a PC soap opera pretty quickly.

                    14. Seriously they couldnt mount one .50 on an armored vehicle. Did every military vehicle get burned?

                    15. (1) Find a big hole.
                      (2) Put a bunch of metal stakes and bear traps in the bottom.
                      (3) Hang a solar-powered MP3 player blasting out metal music.
                      (4) Watch every zombie within hearing range fall into hole.
                      (5) Add gasoline
                      (6) Ignite
                      (7) Cook marshmellows and sleep soundly.
                      (8) Repeat

                    16. Makes too much sense lets just let the have the zombies follow us back to our camp. Or hey check out this new compound lets walk right in and not wait a couple days a watch them.

                    17. Make a dozen similar traps at a good distance surrounding your base camp. What the fuck else do you have to do, bake some cookies for the 65 year old lesbian shut -in cat lady next door?

                    18. Why dig a hole? Find a nice quarry and block off the road access point down into it. Put a klaxon in the middle of it, broadcast loudly as you note, and let millions pile in. Run one firebomb drop every month or so and in a year you own the world free and clear.

                    19. See there, solid thinking. Motherfuckers keep trying to figure out how to kill one zombie while we’re over here mass-murdering the fuckers.

                    20. Right? Humvees (real ones) should be everywhere, and they have the mounts built right in. There would be entire warehouses filled with surplus ammo and weaponry. Shit, in Walking Dead they even make a point of showing you perfectly serviceable tanks parked in the street, because somehow zombies can get through tanks without breaching the thick armor. None of it makes a lick of sense.

                    21. They even raid a military camp and only take the med supplies. Nobody thinks to go back and get all the food, weapons, vehicles, and body armor

                    22. Shit, raid a sporting goods store, for fuck’s sake. Get a baseball bat and some shin guards to put on your forearms.

                    23. Me, one Cabela’s store, and two days and I’m loaded up for bear and for the next few years when I pull out of there with my M1 Abrams towing a huge trailer of supplies.

                    24. But even if you have literally zero supplies. If you are somehow stuck in the middle of nowhere with no hardware stores, no sporting goods places, nothing… all you have is time. You have literally nothing else to do but find food and make up ways to defend yourself. Cut down all the trees around your camp so you can see them coming. Dig a ditch around it. Use the tree limbs to make spears, wooden stakes to put in your moat. Make a bow and some arrows — you won’t hit shit at first but you got plenty of time to practice. Wrap a bundle of sticks around your arms so if a zombie attacks you, you put a piece of oak in its mouth instead of your neck. Make a fucking wooden shield so you can just push the stupid thing away and then run, for fuck’s sake.

                    25. Plus a shitload of abandoned cars to take fuel from. It boggles the mind.
                      In Metro 2033 people live in metro and sewage tunnels and are perfectly fine, 3ven from mutants.

                    26. The really should not be using guns at all, except as a last resort, as it attracts more zombies and other evil humans. But yeah, mount a .50 on something in case one of those hordes stumbles along. In the meantime, stick some big knives on the end of long sticks so you can stab zombies in the head from 4 feet away and kill them quickly and quietly. Duh.

                    27. The guns and heavy equipment to take care of other humans that awlays manage to ass rape them

                    28. See? That’s Walking Dead kind of thinking there dude. Use guns, just put silencers on them. After the zombies take over I hear that the need to petition the Federal government for permission to buy silencers kind of goes away. Shit, a nice little Ruger 22/45 Lite with a nice comfy silencer will keep you ahead of the curve for most of your life, given how easy carrying around cases of .22LR is.

                    29. Oh don’t be pedantic, you know I mean suppressor (or “can” if you prefer). A .22LR with a suppressor makes almost no noise, outside of the cycling of the action. Almost none, not “none”, you can hear it still but not enough to need hearing protection by any measure. A suppressed .308 makes a hydraulic sounding noise, but nothing that’s going to carry for miles around.

                    30. You have a point, but I was just thinking of being in a quick and dirty situation on the road. I don’t know anyone with a silencer and I don’t know how to make a silencer, so I don’t think of them as being particularly handy.
                      And, to be honest, I wouldn’t even want to waste the ammo if I had a silencer. Give me a machete and a baseball bat, and I’ll take out all the zombies I want. I’ll keep the gun on my hip just in case I get swarmed or in case some other fuck with a gun shows up to try to take my shit.

                    31. I can think of three gun stores within a 10 mile radius of where I’m sitting right now that have display cases full of suppressors. It’s a “thing” here I guess, people with them at the range are not uncommon.

                      The melee route yeah, but also consider that in real life, melee takes a lot more energy than simply shooting, which is something else these series never deal with. If you’re walking around all day swinging an axe you are going to be *fucking exhausted* as well as really, really hungry. It’s always a trade off in “real life”. You get LaQuansha samurai queen chopping the living fuck out of everything with her sword, but never see her eat more than a few handfuls of sunflower seeds. I call bullshit on that. But then, I call bullshit on these movies/shows in general, so, heh…

                    32. Agreed. Combat is taxing. You’re not going to mill around killing zombies with an axe or bat every day, eat a couple cans of cold beans and be able to truck on for very long.

                    33. Yeah, there always seems to be some necessary stupidity in many zombie novels. I’ve lost count of the situations where the group is trapped somewhere with zombies surrounding them and they make some daring escape plan only to lose some of the members of their team.
                      Never mind the fact that they were under siege, but otherwise safe. The zombies can’t get in so why not take your time? Make some long spears, get some heavy blocks and kill the zombies from an elevated position until it’s safe to stroll on out.
                      Never happens like this. Never.

                    34. I think something like that happened in world war z where these students held down a school and killed over 1000 zombies. I’m talking about the book not that terrible movie

                    35. Glenn did put on some cop body armor, the kevlar kind, that included leg and arm guards, for a little while. Then it got taken and it never occurred to him or anybody else to go fetch some more.

                    36. Yet another problem with any ongoing series. If they find a solution to a problem in Episode 7 of Season 1, it never occurs to anyone to use the same solution to the same problem in Episode 3 of Season 2.

                    37. Then they waste their ammo “practicing”.
                      And where are all the 22lr rifles at?
                      That’s all it would take.

                    38. It’s gotta be as cold as they come — impossible to trace, so I wont worry about prints, (g)F and I want a special tape on the trigger, and the butt.

                    39. Depends on the quality of work that the author decides to put into it. I’ve listened to some audiobook novels that handle this quite realistically, going so far as to detail how long stored gas will last if left untreated.

                    40. These are all good points, but the only thing weighing against this is that you have probably never seen what a WalMart looks like a day before a hurricane is supposed to hit. Shit gets absolutely cleared out in a hurry. I think you might end up being in more danger running to the Cabelas during a zombie apocalypse than just staying home, because people are going to be shotgunning each other to death in the parking lot over the last pair of thermal long-johns in the middle of the summer. That’s the one thing most of these zombie movies gets right — the absolute chaos that would break out, and how shit-crazy people would go. Motherfuckers panicked from a zombie outbreak will make Black Friday at the mall look like a Sunday picnic at church.

                    41. Those supplies have to end up somewhere. Ok, so now they’re in people’s homes instead of WalMart.

                      The big mistake these movies all make is the timeline assumptions. If TEOTWAWKI happens slow, with zombies, then there is no panic and we win without it ever becoming a problem. If it happens fast, then there’s no possible way, at all, that all of the logistical supplies can be consumed up. None. You will get your run on the stores, yes, but given the speed at which these things are reputed to happen in these flicks, they wouldn’t have time to consume even 10% of their surplus before being killed or turned into a zombie. What the creators do is create a world with a slow drain set of problems (cars all have no fuel, stores have no food, homes are all barren, like you’d expect after a nuclear war where the bulk of the population dies off over a few years instead of a month) with a “quick death” assumption that is the only way that zombies could amass numbers enough to challenge humanity to begin with. It is so logically laughably inconsistent that I can’t believe people take it seriously. In a “fast conversion” situation, you and I would be walking around without need of even having to carry a backpack, food and ammo would be everywhere.

                    42. All depends on the zombie type. Slow, dumb zombies? Absolutely. Mop them up in an afternoon.
                      Fast zombies with maybe a modicum of intelligence? We….might be fucked.

                    43. Nope, I don’t buy “we might be fucked” in either scenario. Fast or slow zombies, we sit on rooftops and snipe for fun, and this is assuming that somehow the entire military is neutralized which, last check, they have tanks and flame throwers neither of which care about zombie velocity, so…

                    44. Which is correct, that’s what they do. Our military suddenly all graduated from Star Wars Storm Trooper Combat Training which means that they can’t hit shit no matter how often they fire, and their armor can be penetrated by a sharp stick.

                    45. Sheeeeeet. All you’d need is a ruger 1022 and a backpack of magazines and ammo.
                      That’s if they’re the slow dumb zombies who can’t open a door.
                      The fast ferocious ones wpuld be a problem. But with machine guns, air power and explosives we should be able to win

                1. Performances and scenery and costumes and the general look and feel of the movie were awesome all around….the story is just regurgitated intro to philosophy though.

                  1. Never really cared about the story. I just watched the film over and over again just for The Joker.

                    1. I’d love to see a Director’s Cut where they peal out a lot of the love interest bullshit and add in more Joker.

                    2. That whole trilogy couldn’t find one banginable lead woman. They should just have made the two Russians that Bruce shows up to the restaurant with the leads.

                    3. I literally cannot express in words how highly I agree with this statement. I would upvote this 8 million times if I could.

                    4. Look, I’m not saying I would kick Anne Hathaway out of bed — especially since she’s apparently pretty enthusiastic about taking it up the ass — but the fact that the only thing you can come back with is “Anne Hathaway” really kind of makes his point all the more.

                    5. That I came back with a bangable woman lead makes the point that there weren’t any bangable women leads in any of the movies?

                      Ok, now I’m lost…

                    6. She’s IRL bangable. But she’s barely movie hot. It’s like going to a nice steak restaurant and getting served a hamburger and fries from McDonalds. Yeah, McD’s fries are good, but I’m here for a fucking steak, okay?

                    7. She looked great in that skin tight catwoman suit and when she dressed up for that dance she was stunning, dufuq? Did we see two different movies?

                    8. I do not know sir. Thales says Alicia Silverstone though. Both hotties.

                    9. Yeah, watch all three movies and it seems like Nolan put out a casting call that read “Dumpy woman who might be a 6 if she lost weight and had a personality sought to play FUCKING BATMAN’s love interest”

                    1. Some people find pride in starting form the bottom. Others are more extreme. They want to start at the bottom, dig a hole and then work their way out.

                      In retrospect, on a more serious note, I have mixed feelings about my studies in philosophy. On one hand, I tried to make a career out of philosophy which was stupid and a huge waste of time. On the other hand I learned things and ways of thinking which makes me unique in my field and thus more valuable.

                      I am pretty happy with how everything turned out so I don’t want to Monday morning quaterback and say what I could have done differently. I have no complaints with life so yeah, no changes. Still, I would recomend most people to avoid doing collegiate philosphy. Most people aren’t cracked up for it and it just winds up a waste of time… of the people who are able to do it well, a large percentage will find out that the biz is pretty fucking shitty anyway

                    2. “Still, I would recommend most people to avoid doing collegiate philosphy. Most people aren’t cracked up for it ” Interesting. I’d like to revisit this.

                      “They want to start at the bottom, dig a hole and then work their way out.” HA – welcome to MY career!

      1. Black panther is a pretty old comic book character. He isn’t some new sjw character like lady thor or black teen girl iron man

        1. Oh, I know. Some other guy, I forget his name, black dude with a yellow lightning bolt on his chest, came from that era of comics too. To be just straight up honest, I’m really tired of comic book movies in general. Fortunately I have the ability to a) not go to the theater and b) watch other movies that are more aligned with my tastes.

          1. I can understand that m. Comic book movies have been having subpar plots and they butcher the characters especially Dr. Doom

        2. If the SJW types really honestly wanted to promote black superheros —
          which is not actually their goal, but if they did — they would have made Black Panther like Blade. Blade was a bad-ass motherfucker. He was black, but it wasn’t the central feature of his character. The central feature of his character was being a bad-ass motherfucker. He went up against a bunch of even white vampire dudes and killed them all in horrible ways, and saved himself a nice piece of black pie.

          Back when Blade was in the theater, you had tens of thousands of little white honkies cheering that black-as-night motherfucker as he chopped a bunch of white dudes into pieces. No one cared that he was black, it was just a good movie and a whole lot of fun. Lots of little white rednecks in Blade costumes that Halloween. Boom — popular black superhero.

          But this Black Panther shit is going to backfire on them, because they are making it all about blackness, being black, the black struggle, etc. There are about 147 people who care about that shit, and they all already have huge hard-ons for blackness. Everyone else is either not going to care, or get pissed off about it.

          1. Black panther is a bad mofo. The main premise of the movie is that he is fighting someone over his kingdom. Don’t let the pc reviewers and the sjw people that watch the movie represent it

            1. The advertising campaign is clearly pushing the super special blackness aspect of it. All these (paid) reviewers wouldn’t be pushing that angle if it wasn’t part of the marketing campaign.

          2. Blade was badass as fuck, great flick. Upvote by 100 if I could.

                1. Blade II wasn’t that bad. The tired trope of having to team up with the bad guys to fight an even worse new menace was stale as fuck, but it was still a decent action flick. III was a fucking abomination, though.

                  1. Speaking of sequelitis I actually liked the fiest underworld movie but man it went downhill after that. The same with the resident evil movies

    2. SJW movies started with Chariots of Fire. To this day, they play that stupid song when some fruitcake supposedly faces adversity.

      1. That movie sukked ass….I dont care what anyone says.
        Played the Theme in band in 4th grade. Also sukked….

    3. I haven’t seen the thing yet… But I’m more than open to the possibility of Black Panther being better than Godfather III.

        1. Watching Vincent mack down on his cousin was key to normalizing weird thoughts in young men

      1. Rotten Tomatoes used to be pretty decent if you just went by the average person reviews, but as it has gotten more popular, even those get skewed.

    4. The only saving grace to this is that people rating it have, ostensibly, seen the movie. I am sure Black Panther has far fewer comments and that the people who went to see it were all looking forward to it. Everyone has seen Casablanca. There are bound to be a few morons who didn’t like it over the bajillion reviews they got.

      As for The Godfather I — I — I never know no Godfather.I got my own family, Cheesburger. I don’t know nothin’ about that.. Oh — I was in the Olive Oil business with his father but that was a long
      time ago that’s all.

  3. Kersey refuses to quit until everyone loves a Haitian and he’s committed 100% to fight everyone on this board

      1. I’ve been the catch-all shield of his ire for a while, but I suspect that eventually he’ll move on. You’re welcome to his silliness, in a way it’s actually kind of fun.

                1. Later on in the evening we’re all invited to the comments section, to bring in the New article. After
                  it’s over – they’re gonna take me home in a military car — alone — for my protection. Before I reach my
                  hotel, I’ll be assassinated.

                  1. If only our Generals watched the GF during Vietnam and after 9/11.

                    “I saw a strange thing today. Some rebels were being arrested. One of them pulled the pin on a grenade. He took himself and the captain of the command with him. Now, soldiers are paid to fight; the rebels aren’t.”
                    “What does that tell you?”
                    “It means they could win.””

          1. God damn senator was not happy with a Cuban mulatto , he wanted an African-American Ginger.

    1. Fortunately, he thinks we’re all the same person using 150 different alters, so all he has to do is turn one of us.

              1. I doubt the continued widespread applicability of tin in an world of increasingly specialized alloys.

      1. There’s only one way you could be 100% certain abkut that.
        You’re his butt buddy.
        Its ok
        Everyone knows.

        1. You should start at square one and take that first step in order to comprehend what is a doubt.

  4. “They fear ridicule or judgement from others if they fail.”

    Do people actually feel this way? This type of fear is a totally alien concept to me.

            1. Now listen to me, you smooth-talking son-of-a-bitch! Let me lay it on the line for you and your boss, whoever he is. You need to get back to the business of Godfathering! I don’t care how many — butthurt sensitive WOP greaseball gumbahs come out of the woodwork!

    1. especially at work. Some people freeze on making decisions that will result in a problem. I welcome problems, because it means you are getting shit done.

        1. No. To claim that you never experienced fear of ridicule or judgement from others (even if you dismissed/worked past it!) is total poppycock.

    2. Depends on what is going on in life. When you are winning and confidence is high, it is easy to shrug off the judgement of others. But when your plans don’t work out and you are full of doubt, it can be easy to fall prey to fear of ridicule.

  5. We often give up and throw in the towel right before we reach our goal. As the old saying goes, anything worth having is worth working for. And the more valuable the prize, the more work will be required, along with tenacity. It’s easy to struggle to achieve a goal, get near the end and say to yourself “This is too hard.” What we should be telling our self is “I’ve made it this far and I am not going to quit now!”

    This point was brought home to me over ten years ago when testing for my current job. I reached a point in the practical portion of the test where I was required to program equipment I had no prior experience with. After sitting down and looking through the software I had that little voice inside my head telling me “You’re done. Might as well quit now before you embarrass yourself.”

    But I took stock of the situation, looked at my available resources and said “No! Most people quit within inches of their goal. I can do this!” I picked up the manual, read the pertinent parts and wrote the program. In fact, I gave the examiner more than he asked for and his response was “If you can figure all that shit out, you know what you’re doing.” He ended the test right there and I got the job.

    If I had listened to that first defeatist voice I would have walked away from a six figure job for want of reading a software manual for thirty minutes. Unless you know beyond a reasonable doubt that the project is a total exercise in futility, don’t give up. That last little push may be all it takes to get you over the finish line.

    1. I always enjoy your comments Boothe, I was the same way going through engineering school, about ready to quit just at the hardest part. From persevering through, it made my entire life much easier.

  6. I’ve found that doubt comes in two forms: pre-task and mid-task.

    No post-task doubt? Seriously, it eats me alive some days.

      1. I’m thinking more like “That was a little too easy. No way I did that right. I’m probably a charlatan and don’t realize it, but soon everyone else will.”

        1. I wouldn’t take that bet on a dare. I suspect that you’re entirely correct. And he’ll wait a few days to post so he can say he “went back home”. At no point will we see a FL provider IP from him.

      1. He’d probably love to get cucked by Meeks. And Mrs. Kersey is a black Haitian who probably weights about tree-fiddy.

        1. I wouldn’t take that bet.

          It’s likely one of those things that defies expectations. Mrs. Kersey is going to turn out to be (as if we could ever learn) one of the better looking Haitian chicks, trim, fit, and level headed. It’s just the way these things work.

          1. I agree, and look at him pulling love game on the billionaire. Using love game on a chick that is infatuated with you is the best way to cheat and get away with it scot-free.

        1. Meeks should be a permanent featured writer on ROK. In fact, Roosh should take out a loan to pay him. Instant ROK traffic right there, The guy has run more game in 1 year than all of us have, put together, in 20.

          1. Game? He’s a nice looking guy with a criminal record. Not a whole lot of game needed once you have that under your belt. Put him in another body with a plain face and I’d bet you a dollar to a doughnut he would strike out with fair consistency.

            1. but today’s female has made him a modern day Cassanova , again by today’s standards. Take him back to the 1950s-60s and he would be rotting in a slum and would be laughed at compared to the likes of Robert Redford. Unfortunately, Meeks has game in 2018.

              1. Oh, I know that, surely. But I consider Game an active thing, not a set of lucky circumstances.

                1. He went from gang member to loving father and boyfriend of a billionaire. He’s playing the heiress beautifully .

                  1. I think you’re missing my point. I’m not stating that he doesn’t have it made and that he can’t walk out and find any chick he wanted. But I don’t account that to Game so much as circumstance. He’s nice looking, a thug, and got social media fame, so it’s a slam dunk. His post above sounds almost whimpering beta to me, to be honest. Now I don’t follow the guy so maybe he’s dispensing top rate Game in real life, but from what little I know, he’s a circumstantial “alpha”, not a practiced Game aficionado.

                    1. I see what you are saying. I think the “whimpering beta” is all part of his game. He is putting on a good front for his new girl and her family while fucking the heiress like a thug. He left his much hotter wife after making it big in modelling, and thus $$, so if he really were a beta he wouldn’t have had the balls to do that. I think he is putting on an act and doing it successfully, IMO.

                    2. That’s what I think too. He’s a criminal, he doesn’t need to act tough or alpha. But he definitely smart to turn his life around and play the beta to his billionaire wife. That’s ducking impressive. Even so called “alphas” can’t do that.

                    3. he knows he can get as much tail as he wants, he has 1 mil followers, mostly women. He wants the money so he’s putting on an act.

                    4. “Acting” any way is usually a sign that you are failing in some way. Guys who act “tough” or “alpha” or “smart” or “cultured” or anything really do that because they are NOT those things. When you are smart or tough you don’t have to act smart or tough. One thing I have learned in my time here on the manosphere is that the second someone postures it is a clear sign that they are a chump.

                      People often talk about virtue signaling here and virtue signaling is a real issue. However, so is education signaling, wisdom signaling, toughness signaling, alpha signaling.

                      Anyone who is interested in telling you how alpha they are or shitting on someone else by calling them a beta is basically the manosphere version of a guy with a black friend that he parades out to show just how enlightened he is.

                    5. That was always something that annoyed me in the manosphere when someone would present an actual life problem you would see the “well if you were an alpha you wouldnt have that problem”.

                    6. That is a seriously big problem. As is the jealous shitting on successful people as “beta cucks” or whatever. It all stinks of weakness and is really dangerous. The problem with the keyboard alphas out there is somewhere there are people who are really trying to do something with their life, to break out of a rut or to succeed in some way they couldn’t before and if they fall into the trap of listening to a keyboard alpha who is actually a massive failure they can be dragged by the nose down a dangerous road while looking for genuine help.

                    7. Agreed, 100%. It a form of purity spiraling, where people that can be helped ask for help, and instead get scorn. It’s antithetical to the values of improvement, knowledge sharing, and brotherhood that the Manosphere is supposed to represent.

                    8. more and more i think the manosphere is way too over represented in the i’m a total loser who is going to be a tough guy on the internet because it helps to keep me from crying category

                    9. I hate to say it, but I get that vibe more and more. But I feel like this is a recent turn of events… like last 12mo. What’s the deal?

                      Bet it’s those repressed know-it-all MGTOWs…

                    10. i’m a total loser who is going to be a tough guy on the internet

                      Not sure about the “why” of this. I suspect not many people actually sit there and admit to themselves that they are losers and therefore make a conscious decision to be an asshole.

                      Rather, I think such people simply have an over-inflated image of themselves. Without substance behind the image, though, it manifests as asshole-ism. There’s nothing else (for example, competence) for them to present.

                      Even the ancients knew pride and envy as cardinal sins. We seem to be slipping as a civilization in teaching our young such values.

                    11. I doubt it is a conscious decision. I think it is more like what is called reaction formation. The innate reaction to just how pathetic their situation is causes a defense mechanism where they see themselves as amazing in order not to face the bleak reality. I don’t think it is done with bad intention, but dangerous nonetheless.

                      With advice taking, as with everything else, before you buy you should probably do your research.

                    12. I think that when a guy starts exaggerating and bullshitting, it balloons. Pretty soon, he is playing a character in a fiction that only barely has contact with his real life.

                    13. And eventually he is telling people about how he was a SEAL and how many tours he did in “the Sandbox”.

                    14. I think that is a serious problem in the manosphere, especially by guys who think they can just say “Red Pill” and “Game” a few times in a pamphlet and boom sell a million copies like a get rich quick scheme.

                      But I also think there are a lot of guys out there doing really great work that is really helping people. Guys like Rollo, etc., have taken Game from a set of bad pick up lines to something almost like a philosophy, or at least a viewpoint to better understand the world. For guys who grow up without a father figure who is clued in as to how things really work, the Red Pill can be the difference between a pretty dismal life and a chance at something better.

                    15. YES. Like telling a drowning person “see if you were on land like ME you wouldn’t have to worry about thist like that….”

                    16. for a long time I hated guys like Meeks. I had a best friend like that; robbed an army surplus store owned by Vietnam Vets and pulled 10X more ass than my college studying ass did. It took me years to realize that it was plain old envy and jealousy.

                    17. self-reflection is a tough pill to swallow but once you do it, you can break out of ruts much easier and deal with failures.

                    18. It is all jealousy. Always. There simply is no good reason to hate another person and their success.

                      Whether it is high school nerds who make fun of jocks or poor people who bag on the wealthy or guys for whom 90% of their experience with the opposite sex comes from whacking off to their computer screen hating on guys like Meeks who could walk into most men’s house and pull out his dick and watch the dudes wife drop to her knees in front of him.

                      The thing about jealousy is that it only makes it worse. It only lowers your value. It only makes you weaker and weaker until you are basically just gollum.

                    19. Thanks. I actualy do have something about it coming down the way about guys who will give up on their work outs and diets, eat like shit and then call fit people “lucky”

                    20. Not jealously so much as resentment. Subtly different. Jealously would have no problem with him getting what he wanted through villainy, whereas resentment is where you’re pissed for having done things correctly and still gotten nowhere.

                    21. Nothing to hate about him at all. I was just questioning the wisdom of “contacting him to write for ROK”. My point being, while he has it made, I doubt he’d have much practical “Game” advice to give guys who are not male model criminals. How this turned into “dissing him” is anybody’s guess.

                    22. I use hate as a form of figurative speech; for emphasis. I do think anyone actually hates the guy other than his victims. I think he has plenty of practical game. Again he went from thug to owning the runway in the modelling world; not an easy feat and he has actual results with women; his 1st wife, billionaire, and followers. He could talk about how he pulled women from his criminal days to now. That would raise the credibility of ROK game articles instead of some cheesy Troy Francis articles and pics of porn stars he’s pulling off on the streets.

                    23. However, so is education signaling, wisdom signaling, toughness signaling, alpha signaling.

                      This is exactly why I never use my turn signals when driving. I don’t have a pathetic need for my actions to be recognized.

                    24. I think he is playing the part of a trophy wife to a provider husband. probably still getting strange on the side, but knows where his easy life comes from, so he plays along.

                    25. That’s more or less where I think he’s at too. I don’t begrudge him that, good for him, hell if I could marry a billionaire chick and she wanted me to coo on all lovey dovey, fuck it, I’m in.

          2. Not sure the guy could be bothered to write. Roosh would have to dispatch Matt Forney or another of his regulars to take discretion while Meeks shot the shit.

            I’d totally read that.

    1. those alerts are wonderful. we got a text alert for a tsunami in midtown manhattan a few days ago(really)

    1. We met. It was a sad moment in both of our lives. I show up at the restaurant, where they had a “No Colored Folk Permitted” sign posted, and walkded inside. There he was, laying in a semi-upright position in one of those hospital beds with wheels on it, a manservant at his side (Haitian, I asked…), iv in his arm, mask over his face supplying him oxygen, he breathing labored and shallow. My heart felt instant pity for him, and I tried to reach out and shake hands, but he slowly, ever so slowly pulled out a single shot black powder pistol that looked to be from the 1690’s.

      “Jig’s up,” he said, and for a second I thought he was indicating that he had the drop on me, but turns out he was speaking to the Haitian, which I thought was very racist considering his circumstance.

      He tried to pull the trigger on the pistol but his condition had him so weak due to low white cell count that he couldn’t quite make it and ended up muttering an almost silent “bang” as he dropped the pistol and drifted off to sleep.

      Later the wait staff came by and told his Haitian manservant to leave, pointing to the sign on the door. He quietly wheeled Kersey out of the establishment, the door creaking slightly as it closed on them both. I never saw him again.

      The veal at the place was good, but my sadness at what I’m assuming to be Kersey’s passing overshadowed any enjoyment I might have taken from the meal. I paid my tab, and walked quietly back to my car.

      1. you couldnt fight each other anyway as the manager insisted you used the designated in/out doors

        1. We went through this yesterday, sunshine. I don’t “show up” on demand to some interwebs dude who wants to apparently do violence. You’re the only one bucking for anything here, cupcake, I just happen to think that you’re insane and, honestly, kind of sadly pathetic.

                  1. Why do you waste your time in America. You obviously have good taste, liking football and all. Why spend your days in such a racist hell hole?

                    1. My parents homeland was also racist…against their own….I’ll take America and I love it here.

            1. Oh you crazy kid, you’re not Kersey! lol! How did I miss “Ghost”?!? You’d think of anybody here, I’d clue in on that first.

  7. As usual, the blowhard Ghost of Jeffeson, was proven to be notjhing more than someone who talks a big game but is yellow through and through. I’m sure he was unable to get his mommy to let him leave thje house and travel out of Appalachia to the big city, afraid of corruption by the wiles of loose women and homosexual men

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