Way of the Warlord: Phase 8 Update

This week we continue with our Way of the Warlord program here at A Kings Castle.  This is designed to be an interactive physical, mental, and martial arts program where the authors of the site give out a two week challenge to the readers to better ourselves and become better men.

Phase 8 Update:

Physical: Incorporate Power Training 

I’m reading Arnold’s Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding and in it he has a part that includes how to include Power Training in your workouts.  Power training is something bodybuilders can do to switch things up to shock the body and muscles into working harder and providing you with more muscle mass.  Power-training includes doing:

  • Supersets
  • 21’s
  • Progressive Workload
  • Negative Reps
  • Drop Sets

This week I did more 21s than I usually do and some negative reps.  I can feel different parts of my muscles being worked. I’ll continue and add in drop sets.

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Mental: Cut The Bullshit

Everyone lies to themselves about something.  Whether you say you can quit smoking any time or that you’re finally going to start saving money, there are things everyone says they’re going to do, but not things they actually are committed to doing or not doing.   This week, I’ve been eating cleaner and focusing on my nutrition.  Also, I’ve evaluated things and removed some of the time wasting activities at home.


Building on last week’s challenge, as you walk past people on the street, begin identifying any area on them that may be hiding a knife or gun.  Keep an eye out for baggy clothing and bags.  Again, this is just an exercise to help sharpen your mind.


As always, leave your notes and goals in the comments.  Cheer your brothers on and hold each other accountable.  We’ll review Phase 7 next Friday.

Phase 9 Starts Friday 2/16

-A King’s Castle


Author: Jnyx

Fitness addict, DIY guru, tech nerd, member of Memesters Local 419.