Way of the Warlord: Phase 9

This week we continue with our Way of the Warlord program here at A Kings Castle.  This is designed to be an interactive physical, mental, and martial arts program where the authors of the site give out a two week challenge to the readers to better ourselves and become better men.

Phase 8 Complete:

Phase 8 Homework

Physical: Incorporate Power Training

I really focused on time under tension.  Doing super slow sets and contracting the muscle while lifting.  Kills your muscles and you feel each and every rep.  I’ll continue to use these methods to change things up.

Mental: Cut the Bullshit

I fucked up this week and drank Wednesday night.  I felt absolutely horrible and it affected my lifts.  I’m going to be very strict going forward about alcohol consumption.

Phase 9 Homework

Physical: Focus on Weak Points

 As I continue reading Arnold’s book, I’m learning that bodybuilding doesn’t have one cookie cutter way to get you jacked.  Everyone’s body is different, so everyone must train differently to get results.  I personally have a hard time growing traps and biceps.   Rather than accept fate, I realize I have to prioritize these areas.  At the end of each workout I’m going to add in an alternating (per day) bicep/trap workout.  I want you to focus on your weak points and blast them the fuck out over the course of the following two weeks.

Mental: Set a Realistic Goal

Mine is a physical one but yours can be anything really.  Set a realistic goal means set something you can actually attain.   My goal is to lower my bodyfat to around 12-15% by July.  Im going to kill it hard over the next few months.

Yours could be to lose weight, save more money, learn a new skill. Set a date and keep to it.

Martial: Take a Class

Time to go out and begin conquering the world, gentlemen.  Go find a nearby martial arts school and participate in at least once class.  It can be any style.

Typically martial arts schools will allow you to participate in a class to help you determine if this is something you’re really interested in pursuing.  If the instructor tries to make you sign a contract with them without allowing you to participate in one class, either move on and find another school or offer them a nominal cash amount to just participate in a single class (typically $10-$20).



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Phase 9 Check In next Firday 3/2

Author: Jnyx

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