A New Way To Support AKC

In the ongoing effort to find ways to support A King’s Castle without annoying our readers, we are going to be experimenting with using a cryptominer on our site. The best part is that there are going to be no annoying ads and you have to do absolutely nothing besides read our site and comment! The cryptominer will use some of your spare CPU power to mine Monero in the background. Just by having our site open you will help us out tremendously. We have it throttled back so it shouldn’t slow down your computer, but if it causes any problems just click the stop button for the miner on the right sidebar.

We will be running the miner for the next month or so and evaluating how much it will help to support our monthly hosting costs. If you run into any issues with the miner, please let us know via the Contact button at the top of the page. Also please let us know your thoughts in the comments section below (besides the usual shitposting).

Note: This cryptominer will not affect the security of your computer nor will it mine any of your personal information.  Your computers are simply giving the cryptominer extra horsepower.