Confronting Your Weaknesses

No man can be a master at everything in the world.  Even things you’re good at can suffer in minor areas.  Naturally, people want to do things they are good at, an oftentimes hide their weak points.  This applies in many areas of your life.  Recently I’ve been focusing on weak points in my physique that lag behind other areas.  I see these parts that need to be fixed, and I hate them. I realized in order to change it, I have to make it happen through hard work, but initially confronting them is often the hardest part.  Today, I’ll go over how I have been confronting weaknesses in all areas of my life, and the change it can bring to anyone looking to improve.

The more I train and study bodybuilding, I realize that the guys doing it staring in the mirror aren’t vain. (some may be but hear me out) These guys are looking for weakness.  Looking for small underdeveloped areas of their bodies they need to fix.   I have noticed these areas in my short time and while my entire physique needs to improve, there are certain, stubborn areas that need more attention than others.

This holds true in all parts of life.  A true sign of someone being mature and more importantly real with themselves is when they can admit that they don’t know something or aren’t proficient in it.   Nothing drives me crazy as that guy that claims to be the greatest fucking example of a given topic.  These guys are those “one up” guys or ones that make outlandish claims they can’t backup.  Don’t be this guy.

I’m not saying you cant be an expert on one or even multiple things.  By all means I will not knock someone who knows their shit.  All I’m saying is that you have to be real with yourself and recognize the times when you are not the authority and how to improve.


I’ll put myself out there on this one.  Fresh out of tech school I was placed into a job on my last day of school.  It was a whole different situation dealing with a real job, a boss, and a user base compared to my “perfect scenario” I had done in my labs in school.  I knew that it was either time to try and fake it and royally screw things up, or to accept that I had to hit the books and more importantly, understand just how things worked in the real world.  Somethings I was naturally just good at or understood.  Jumping in can be a great way to learn, but a few times I had to admit to my boss that I had no clue how to do “x.”

Being real with myself and my boss helped me though.  Admitting I didn’t know how to do something meant I wasn’t held responsible for it, thus I wasn’t set up to fail.  Granted there are things you should jump right into, but a production environment for a company is not one.

As I remained at that job, the things I knew I just knew, and the things I was shitty at, I busted my ass to learn.  It payed off and now I have a nice new job that pays well with less of the “busy” work.


Just like in the gym, any area you’re lacking in can be trained.  Things like this typically take time.  If you have small biceps, you cant gain 4 inches on them in one day.  The same goes with other things in life.  If you want to learn a new technology you’ve never used before; you’re going to have to mess up and break it a few times before you know exactly how it works.

Even in social interaction, if you’re timid, you have to force yourself to talk to people.  You’ll come across as awkward and weird, but each time it should get easier.  Use your failures as feedback, because that is how we learn.


The key take away here is being real.  Looking at yourself and saying “I need to get my shit together” is something people have a hard time with.  People like to do the same things and are afraid of coming across as vulnerable.    If you’re going to make progress, you need a starting point, and until you recognize that you may be the absolute worst at something, you’ll never progress.  We all gotta start somewhere, the key is to make sure you recognize just how hard it may be to get what you want, but you will make it if you focus your efforts.

-J. Nyx


Author: Jnyx

Fitness addict, DIY guru, tech nerd, member of Memesters Local 419.