Mentally Ruthless, Maximum Result

Yesterday I read what was probably the most important article WB Fitness has posted on is site to date.  It is all about your mindset when going into the gym.   You have to be psyched up to get in there and kill the weights.  That got me thinking about how a defeatist attitude and not psyching yourself up for things is a sure way to end in failure. 

For much of my life especially the past few years I had the way of thinking that most people do.  They realize that most of the things in life you have to do are things you probably don’t want to do, but you have to do them anyway.   While I feel there is validity to that statement, it is kind of self defeating.  Lets take the gym for example.  I don’t always feel like waking up at 3:45 am and moving over 10,000 lbs total over the course of three hours.  If I approach this in a “well you just have to do it” frame of mind, I find that I don’t make that connection needed to really push myself.

Rather than have that attitude, I spring out of bed and from the second my feet touch the floor, its on.  Its game time.  I start thinking about what I’m going to do that day.  I drive to the gym blasting metalcore and transferring the music to my headphones when I walk in.  I own the floor.  There may be others there bigger or stronger, but to me, fuck them, its my time there.  When I am there, work, family even leisure things are all out the window.

Other Applications

This tactic works in other areas of your life as well.  Maybe not exactly the same steps, but getting yourself amped to do something has proven to be something I need  to do.

I had a pitch to management about a very expensive new piece of hardware that I knew we needed.  Prior to the meeting, I walked a lap around the outside of the building.  Every time I though of a question they would ask, I had though out a well detailed, authentic reason to backup my recommendation.  I walked in like I was the one making the decision, and they just had questions.  I got what I needed without much questioning and was calm but assertive during the meeting.

Even with your wife and kids you have to be the rabble-rouser.  When I’m taking a trip with the family somewhere fun, I get everyone’s spirits up.  This trip and time together is going to be fucking awesome and everyone better know it.  Its is one of the times you lead by example.  I show that I have something planned that I enjoy, and they themselves naturally want to enjoy it with me.  Its a win-win for the whole family and even the simplest of activities can seem like a spectacular event.


Failure is always something that can happen.  No matter how psyched up you are, there will be a time when you fail.  This is okay, and there is a bonus to it.  When you fail, that sting of defeat is something you need to use on your next attempt.  Let that pain and disgust in yourself piss you off and get you determined to kick some major ass next time.


Going into any challenge without first getting yourself there mentally is a bad thing.  You should have faith in yourself and your abilities.  Don’t accept defeat before you even attempt to win.  Yet another take away from Arnold’s book I read was when he was young and told himself that he’d be the greatest bodybuilder in the world.  He was mentally there long before he was physically there.

-J. Nyx

Author: Jnyx

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