Way of the Warlord: Phase 11 Update

This week we continue with our Way of the Warlord program here at A Kings Castle.  This is designed to be an interactive physical, mental, and martial arts program where the authors of the site give out a two week challenge to the readers to better ourselves and become better men.

Phase 11 Update

Phase 11 Homework

Physical: Up That Cardio Game

Really looking to drop body fat in the next 70 days so I upped the cardio again.   Now I’m doing a full hour each day.  Its paying off as I just measured yesterday and Im down to 14.87% bodyfat from 15.36.  I’ll just continue this moving forward throughout the spring.

Mental:  Avoiding Distraction

Killed the notifications and havent been around much in my group chats or in the comment section (sorry bros got work to do and shieet.)  I’ll keep this going for a while until I can spare some free time


Now we’re really going to begin testing how well you know your form inside and out. For this phase’s challenge, you are going to do your form from end to beginning starting at the very last move and progressing to the very first.

This is a tricky challenge. Don’t be afraid to dissect the form into pieces and tackle it a few moves at a time until you can do the entire thing.



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Phase 11 check in next Friday 3/30

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