Bible Benefits: An Agnostic’s Review of Bibical Teachings

I am not a Christian.  I don’t go to church and I probably never will.  I’m not a full blown neck beard atheist and I guess if I had to lable myself it would be an agnostic.  All that said, recently I’ve found myself having a more open mind on religion.  There are valuable lessons to be learned and traditional ways of thinking  cannot be ignored.  Today I’ll insights I’ve found in the good book and how I feel they apply.  This is truly an outsiders point of view, but I respect everyone’s religious views.  I intend on this to be a loose series and review of the Bible.  I’ll write about my insights as I read on.

I read the Bible here and there. Picking it up for a few pages then putting it down for weeks, but I do keep coming back.  The thing that reeled me initially was the story of Adam and Eve. Not just the story, but the truthful lessons it teaches about marital roles and responsibilities.

Around the same time I was reading the tale, I found this photo on Instagram.

It really resonated with me while reading about Adam and Eve.  The tale is one that holds true to this day.

When left without a patriarchal male leading a family, the whole thing goes to shit.  Just like Eve giving in to the temptation of eating the forbidden fruit, I find a woman will give in to temptations much easier than men. Satan, in my assessment, is that weak will that women tend to give into.

It’s common red pill knowledge that women want a strong confident leader of a man.  If you’re not, they either ignore you completely, or do everything in their power to destroy you or replace you.

On a less extreme point of view, I see that my own wife looks to me to keep her on track.  One way is through health and diet.  If I’m on point 100%, no junk food or alcohol, she doesn’t seem to want those things as much.  If I say fuck it, let’s get Burger King, she’s all for it, I believe because I’m making it “okay” for her to indulge.

Another is through our finances.  If you don’t keep a watchful eye, I’ve found women will spend money uncontrollably.  I budget and allocate funds where needed.  Making sure we are saving and spending wisely.


If you let your wife lead you, you’ll end up like Adam.  Completely fucked and it will hit you like a freight train.  You have to assume the role of an ultimate leader, which to me means what you’re doing may not always be fun or spontaneous.  We’re men, we’re not here to be fun, we’re here to conquer.


I’ll wrap up here, but I felt compelled to share my insights.  I am really connecting with the Bible and will share my views and interpretation as I move on.  As someone who has never read it until now, I’m liking what I am reading. Not sure where I stand yet, but I’ll continue on.  If you have anything to add or other literature, please let me know.



-J. Nyx


Author: Jnyx

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