Don’t Skip Cardio Day

Weightlifting and Bodybuilding are pushed on many sites, including this one.  Every guy should be doing some sort of physical exercise where you are moving weights.  One aspect of fitness that is often pushed to the back burner is the cardio game.   WB Fitness has us doing 60 minutes daily now, and I have gone from someone who loathed the sight of a treadmill to someone who actually looks forward to it.  Today I’ll list the benefits of doing cardio, but I’ll really focus on how I went from a guy who just lifted weights, to one who does 60+ minutes of cardio after a tough lifting session.

I find that when it comes to exercise, people tend to stick to one form or the other.  Either that only do cardio, or only do weights.  People in both camps tend to make excuses as to why the only do one of those but I’ve found a way to love both.

After 1.5 hours of weights I’ve been doing 60 minutes of cardio each day.  We are well into our cut phase and are trying to drop fat as much as possible before we really ramp up the intensity for sun’s out guns out season.

Yet, I was not always so willing to do cardio.  I hate running and the stationary bike is boring and doesn’t burn enough calories.  I settled in on doing the stair climber and eliptical machine.  Even still I had to make myself do it at first.


I set goals at first and increased them as I went along. At first 10 minutes on the stair climber was brutal.  I kept working towards it and now I’m up to 60 minutes.  For the elliptical I set calorie goals.  I fluctuated the resistance and my pace depending on how quickly I wanted to reach that goal.

In my opinion, you should start slow.  Set a 5 or 10 minute goal.  Don’t go killing yourself trying to do 10mph at full resistance.  Work your way up until you pass your goals, then increase the intensity.

One thing I do when doing cardio to stop myself from staring at the timer or calories burbt is to read or watch Netflix while doing cardio.  You get into a rhythm and you don’t even notice that the time is flying by.  Music helps too.


Fat loss: You can’t out train a shitty diet, but you can help set that caloric deficit and still be able to hit macros.  60 minutes gives me enough of a deficit to still hit protein goals, but still be under my TDEE to lose fat.

Health: Not too long ago, I’d get winded climbing stairs or doing yard work.  I’ve definitely noticed a change in my ability to do tasks with ease.  Not only that, but next to quitting smoking, this is the best thing I’ve done to improve my breathing.

Mental: Just like moving thousands of pounds of weight first thing in the morning makes you feel like a beast, going 5-8 miles on the elliptical triggers that positive feedback loop in the brain.  You’re doing something good for you and it keeps you in good spirits all day.


If you guys are the type skipping cardio, you’re really missing out.  Remember you don’t want to start our going 100% out of the gate, but you can really surprised yourself at how fast you can get in the groove.  The benefits are endless, so what are you waiting for?


-J. Nyx

Author: Jnyx

Fitness addict, DIY guru, tech nerd, member of Memesters Local 419.